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TerraCott! A VGC team.

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by silverangel, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    Pokemon VGC team

    So this is essentially a VGC team made with whatever pokemon I felt like using at the time. Enjoy.

    Cotton Whimsicott @ Sitrus Berry
    Ability- Prankster
    Timid Nature. 252 HP, 4 def, 252 spd. 0 Atk IVs.
    Beat Up

    If there's anything not annoying about Whimsicott, it's the support it can provide. Protect is almost a must in the metagame where just about everything will attack you. Beat up is reserved for Terrakion, but it ensures Whimsicott won't be Taunt bait. Taunt is my best answer to Trick Room teams. Tailwind helps my team against Swift Swim and Chlorophyll abusers, allowing my team to level the playing field. 0 attack EVs ensure the minimum damage on Terrakion through Beat Up. Beat Up is the main reason why I chose this cotton puff over Tornadus, who sports better offenses and also has Tailwind.

    Geb the Terrakion @ Life Orb
    Ability- Justified
    Adamant Nature. 100 HP, 252 Atk, 156 spd.
    Rock Slide
    Close Combat
    Quick Attack

    Terrakion has a good ability, ensuring that a single stray Sucker Punch will result in a world of pain thanks to his sense of justice and honorable fighting style. Well, he won't be Sucker Punched, but he will get beaten up by Whimsicott, which will lead to him getting +4 in his Justified ability. That translates to LO boosted Rock Slide times three, over enough to nuke over half the metagame. How to tank it? Forget it, unless your name is Cobalion or Lucario, you're 1-2HKOed. Close Combat allows for better coverage, while Quick Attack allows me to nail opponents in Trick Room. Protect is for stalling and to take some hits directed at Terrakion.

    Gollum the Smeargle @ Focus Sash
    Ability- Own Tempo
    Jolly Nature. 252 HP, 4 Atk, 252 spd.
    Fake Out
    Follow Me

    Utility, mostly. Fake Out and Spore allows him to nail a pokemon, either flinching or making them sleep. Follow Me ensures that one of my Pokemon can attack freely, and Protect......is Protect.

    Snow the Abomasnow @ Occa Berry
    Ability- Snow Warning
    Quiet Nature. 252 HP, 4 def, 252 sp. Atk. 0 spd IVs.
    Giga Drain
    Ice Shard

    This guy is my answer to most weather teams, as there are no Pokemon who get a speed boost from Hail, just those who get evasion boosts, and Stallrein. Blizzard allows him to spam an attack at both opponents, nice to combo with Terrakion's Rock Slide or Latios's Surf. Giga Drain allows him to sap the opponent's HP if I have to, and Ice Shard is priority alongside Terrakion's Quick Attack. Protect is the same old, same old..... I have no idea what I'm doing with Occa Berry, though. 0 spd IVs allows my weather to get set up first if I need it. Although that isn't too important.

    Aria the Drifblim @ Flying Gem
    Ability- Unburden
    Adamant Nature. 252 HP, 100 Atk, 156 spd
    Destiny Bond

    Drifblim is actually quite good in this metagame. No Stealth Rocks means that she can switch in and tank hits if needed. A Flying Gem boosted Acrobatics will OHKO Hitmontop even after Intimidate, and Drifblim's attack stat allows for decent damage on other foes. Will-o-wisp cripples physical attackers, and Tailwind is sort of like back-up support if the team needs it. Finally, if she's about to go down, she can bring down an opponent with Destiny Bond. After the Unburden boost, that will happen quite a few times.

    Apollo the Latios @ Dragon Gem
    Ability- Levitate
    Modest Nature. 252 sp. Atk, 252 spd, 4 HP
    Draco Meteor

    This guy was originally just filler, but now I think he's more than that. A Dragon Gem-boosted Draco Meteor will hurt everything except steel types and Chansey/Blissey. Psyshock deals with the blobs, and Surf is mostly filler. You all should know what Protect does in the VGC metagame already, so I won't bother.

    Right now, I have a ranking of 1513 with this team. I'm wondering if anyone could still help me with it. Good advice would be welcomed in this team.
  2. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    Ok, I see the general idea of this team, and it looks like you have an idea of how doubles works, but I do see some glaring weaknesses. Firstly, this team is extremely heavy on offense, with little investment in bulk. Also, considering you rely on simply outspeeding the opponent, you are rather vulnerable to Trick Room. A Top + Latios can devastate this team without too much trouble since you don't have anything that can take a strong Dragon attack. On top of that, there is a huge Steel weakness as well. You don't have any pokemon that can check Metagross/Scizor, who hit your entire team for an OHKO or 2HKO.

    From where I stand, I feel that a Heatran could benefit your team. He can take dragon attacks (just watchout for Hydreigon), and scare away Metagross/Scizor. From my perspective, Smeargle doesn't seem to help your team out that much. Priority taunt shuts him down, and he is just too frail to live anything, so he may not even get out too many spores against more prepared players.

    Also, on Abomasnow, Occa Berry doesn't actually help out. You are better with Focus Sash, if you want to live an attack.
  3. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    So should I replace Smeargle with Heatran? That way I can take a Draco Meteor from Latios.

    I actually do have answers to Trick Room, as I have Protect on over half my team to stall it out, and Terrakion and Abomasnow have priority attacks to still go first. Whimsicott also has Taunt.

    Metagross gets burned too much by my Drifblim, so I haven't seen it do a lot of damage. Same case with Scizor.

    Okay, I'll think about using Heatran on my team.
  4. Atrocious

    Atrocious Well-Known Member

    TR abusers are pretty bulky so those unboosted priority moves will do pretty much nothing to them. Not even sure if TerraCott is a viable strategy anymore as any experienced VGC player will be ready to take it down immediately.
  5. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    I think TerraCott is still viable. For one, while Swift Swim and Chlorophyll abusers exist, I can use Tailwind while protecting with Terrakion so I can bypass that. After that, both Whimsicott and Terrakion outspeed almost all them weather abusers bar Jumpluff, who outspeeds Terrakion. Trick Room is, well, trickier. I usually just go for the Beat Up and Rock Slide, as the opponent will have to get up Trick Room last. After that, I can use a +4 LO boosted Quick Attack, which can do a lot of damage.

    Still, anyone know Trick Room counters?
  6. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hontoni

    TerraCott may be viable, but it's such an archaic playstyle that everyone pretty much knows how to play against it. But that's for you to decide, it may actually work in your favor. The VGC metagame has sort of started to fold in on itself, focusing on its standard teams and strategies that non-standard strategies do have better viability.

    That said, I think the biggest weakness on your team is Smeargle. Since we are limited to 4 Pokemon per battle, having a Pokemon that is virtually useless can be a huge problem. Smeargle is an extremely easy KO, and it handicaps you early on. You also have some trouble with Speed Control; you are more than capable of speeding yourself up, but what if that's not possible? What if you only need to slow one Pokemon down? Another problem I'm seeing is a glaring Fighting weakness; with Hitmontop being so common, it could easily just sweep through your team. Steel types like Metagross also seem to be a very easy counter to your team.

    For starters, I'd suggest replacing Smeargle with something a little bit more useful but still capable of performing the role you seem to want Smeargle in is Togekiss. Togekiss is capable of using Follow Me while still actually being able to survive the hit, has offensive presence, and has access to Thunder Wave, to aid you in your Speed Control. A set I'd suggest for your team is:

    Togekiss @ Sitrus Berry
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Bold Nature
    252 HP/152 Def/100 Sp.Attk
    - Air Slash
    - Thunder Wave
    - Follow Me
    - Fire Blast/Heat Wave

    Air Slash paired with Serene Grace is such a great combination. You'll flinch more often than not, plus it provides a way of dealing with Hitmontop and other Fighting types. Thunder Wave allows you to still have the ability to abuse Speed Control in the event Tailwind goes down, is not enough, or is prevented from going up. Follow Me because that's what Smeargle did, right? Also provides a very nice chance for its partner to set up, if you ever need to. And finally, Fire Blast or Heat Wave so that you have a way to deal with Steel Types. In a metagame where Dragons frequently blast of gem powered Draco Meteors, Steel types are almost a must. Because of this, you need a way of dealing with those Steel types, especially since Scizor and Metagross are so popular. Since you won't be investing quite as much into Sp.Attack, Fire Blast is an option because of the sheer power, although Heat Wave is nice because of spread, plus it's a bit more accurate.

    I'd take Sitrus off of Whimsi and put on a Mental Herb. If Whimsi gets Taunted, Whimsi is screwed. Beat Up sucks when it's not being used on Terakkion.

    I also strongly recommend a Steel type. I personally use Empoleon, and its Water/Steel typing has proven to be quite useful, although that is for you to decide. I can't really see where you'd switch something out for it.
  7. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    Just asking, shouldn't Togekiss run Protect so that it can screw up those attacking it? Other than that, great! Thanks.
  8. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hontoni

    Protect is a great move, and sometimes (as I run one), you find yourself wishing it had Protect. But then seeing someone send in a Steel type thinking it can wall your team, then watching it fall to a Fire Blast is more beneficial. Togekiss can take a beating, so the only problem in this scenario is if you face a Fake Outer, which is ok, since Togekiss is basically your utility fodder anyways, with the ability to actually do something outside of take hits. But if you find you need Protect, then play with it a bit, and see what you do/don't use.
  9. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's what I initially had in mind. Get in Heatran for Smeargle.

    I personally feel that depending on protect stall to take out TR is kind of a weak strategy. You can only Protect every other turn, which gives your opponents the perfect opportunity to take out your Pokemon. You want something that can tank hits, or even reverse the TR. Or possibly even both. And usually, the opponent is equip with Fake Out or Rage Powder or a combination of both on TR teams, so the initial taunt may not work too well.

    I also agree with jstinftw on the fact that you want some more speed control through Thunder Wave or Icy Wind.

    Also, I'm a little iffy on that Surf on Latios. Maybe replace that with Substitute to make Latios more threatening on the field?
  10. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    Bumping this team. I would like to know if there are more candidates that can take Smeargle's spot. I'm using jstinftw's Togekiss in the team, only that I never use it in a match, as Whimsicott/Terrakion/Latios/Drifblim already tear through a lot of stuff.

    Until I can find a pokemon that actually does a lot for the team, Smeargle will still be sitting in the team post.

    I have a rating of 1618 in VGC, is that good?
  11. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    Is the rating on random match up or PO/PS?

    And, is Heatran still a thought?

    Heatran @ Chople Berry
    Modest (+SpA, -Atk)
    Flash Fire
    252 HP / 36 Def / 20 SpA / 28 SpD / 172 Spe
    - Substitute
    - Protect
    - Heat Wave
    - Earth Power / Hidden Power[Grass] / Hidden Power[Ice]
    This is the Heatran I generally use. He is great at tanking hits and dishing out some damage. Chople Berry and the EV spread allow Heatran to get hit with a Fight Gem Close Combat from a Hitmontop, and still set up a Substitute. The 28 SpD EVs allow Heatran to live with over 50% HP after a Dragon Gem Draco Meteor, letting you set up 2 Substitutes. The 172 Spe EVs allow you to outspeed a Latios after Icy Wind, which is probably a little more unnecessary for your team since you prefer Thunder Wave. This is what I suggest using for now. And, I'll go ahead and find a better EV spread that'll fit for your team later. As for the moveset: a Heatran behind a substitute instantly becomes a pretty large threat. Many Pokemon that can check him like Gastrodon and Garchomp can generally be taken out with the proper Hidden Power and take a hit if he's behind the sub. I suggest running Earth Power if you can't manage to get the right hidden power, though.

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