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Terrible Drivers

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Why are all tailgaters driving Audi's and BMW's? Seems like almost all douchebags you meet on the roads (at least over here) drive either one of those two makes of cars.

I believe we've passed a law to make tailgating and hogging the middle lane (of a three lane motorway) illegal.


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Staten Island (and the rest of NYC really) has THE worst and biggest douchebag drivers you'll ever see in the USA.
It's unbelievable how people lack any consideration for others.
I just finished making a DashCam out of an old mobile phone just to catch them :D most the time i find its people on bikes causing issues though.


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I was in a Kroger (grocery store for you who don't know what that is) parking lot last Tuesday, and this douchebag, looked to be around his early-mid 20s (fat white guy with a flat billed cap) was in his truck in front of the store, he dropped someone off and then lowered his truck with his hydraulics and tried to speed off. His truck was dragging the ground and sparking, and the sound it made was horrible. Sound liked an A-10's gun mixed with a jackhammer. People in the parking lot were pointing and laughing.


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I guess it's safe to confess that I'm a terrible driver, but only because I'm still gaining confidence and getting the hang of it. Today, on my way to a mall that's a bit of a drive from my house, I turned right onto the wrong street, so at some point I had to make a u-turn back. Well, I finally found a street to make a legal u-turn, and bam. I did a screeching u-turn, enough for those going my direction to think I was either crazy, drifting, or in a hurry (or a combination of the three).
i got my learner's permit about a week ago and i've driven around six hours since then and i honestly can't believe the number of people who drive over the speed limit -- and significantly, not just five miles over.

six hours and there have been maybe one or two cars who have followed me at the proper distance instead of tailgating. either they turn off onto a different road after a while or they proceed to pass me, most of the time while there is a hill obstructing their view. luckily, i haven't had anyone pull out in front of me extremely slowly and force me to slam on the brakes (which drives me up the wall) but i'm sure that's coming eventually.

i was taught during drivers ed to look left, right, left, right when a light turned green before i went forward to make sure nobody was going to run the light and hit me in the side. this usually takes me two to three seconds. people will honk at me when i do this for not going forward quickly enough, but eventually someone is going to run a light and i will have the satisfaction of being right for once.

whenever i come up to a traffic light that i didn't see turn green, i take my foot off the gas and shadow the brake because if it turns yellow i want to have time to stop without the person behind me (who is usually tailgating) running right into my back. the other day, i was driving, and the person actually swerved around me (and almost into the car waiting at the right side of the intersection) because i was going too slowly. speed limit was 55 and i was doing maybe 45 for a brief few seconds.

basically a lot of things come down to 'why can't people just be patient'.


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So I backed into a tree in the woods -_- I was driving a car I wasn't use to so I didn't know the blind spots very well, there is barely a dent but that is going to bug me for a while

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Oh man I don't see myself as a bad driver (I'm still on my Learner License but I reckon I'm good enough to progress to my Restricted), but today I had such a blonde moment (no offense intended). So I roll up outside the Railway Station which is on like a main road, and I'm driving an auto and I stop to let my sister out, keeping my foot on the brake pedal. Then my brother in the passenger seat asks me "aren't you getting out too?". I didn't know I was meant to get out here too since I study at a different campus to my sister, but anyway I go to get out and forget that I only have the brake pedal down and not the handbrake. So since the car's auto it rolls forward slightly with me halfway out the car and my sister as well but trying to extract her back. So there's this scary moment when the car almost runs over her foot and she yells at me to stop. Fortunately I did but even so it was a pretty harrowing experience, given that I could have hurt her :/. Will definitely remember to apply the handbrake whenever letting someone out again.


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Well, I live in California, where apparently over half of the cars are not equipped with blinkers. It gets to the point where I actually say "Thank you" when I see a person signal when they're supposed to. My mum even has a bumper sticker on her car that says "I don't read minds... so signal, dammit!"

Another thing I've never been able to understand is why some drivers speed up when there's a red light just up ahead (and then stop really quickly once there). Sounds like a waste of gas to me.

And then there's the fact that most people don't know that you can drive in the bicycle lane just prior to making a right turn (as long as there are no bicycles in that lane of course). You won't believe how many times I've been driving along behind someone in the far right lane, only to have to nearly come to a stop as they make a really wide and slow turn, avoiding the bicycle lane like the plague. Bonus points if they do all that without signaling. Indeed, few things frustrate me more on the road than a driver hogging a lane and making other cars slow down behind them.

Then again, all this is coming from someone who is adamant about going just barely above the speed limit no matter what (agitating speeders and slow drivers alike), and who is also an avid traffic weaver.

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For the past weeks I have seen horrible drivers and its making me feel pissed off ;^;

Most of the ones I had encounters with is when Im going straight through an intersection. Its like they wait to turn at the last second when I am so close to passing through the section. I am like WTF >:C

Another one was when I was driving down the road and this white truck that is on the opposite lane on the far left suddenly makes a U-turn like in the movies. Just to change to the lane I was driving on. >_> I had to break abruptly so he could pick up speed and continue on <_< Silly people. Trying to cause accidents >:C


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Interesting thread.
I do not have the time to write down all the stories I have, but I can say one thing: Why do bad drivers always drive good cars? Like really, if you are going to own a Camry, treat it well....


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I mean there's obviously awful drivers everywhere. The problem in my town is that I live in a rich, upscale, suburban town full of business dads and soccer moms. So when I'm driving, the biggest thing that grinds my gears is how impatient my entire town is. Like seriously, everyone here thinks their life is the more important than everyone elses. I hate it. So I'm constantly having to deal with tailgating nd people passing me illegally and flipping me off, and cutting me off. I really hate it.

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I once heard a story, about a person whose Navigation system told him to go left. But there was a river there, despite that he still went left and drove into the river.

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I was almost run off the road by an 18-wheeler while trying to pull into Chick-Fil-A the other day...

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To be honest most of the time I'm more concerned at the fact I get pretty angry when I drive rather than other stupid drivers. If you want to see a new part of my personality just stick me behind a wheel and I will be the most ridiculously rude person ever.


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I hate it when people ride your rear, yet you are driving over the speed limit.
I've seen a girl texting while driving before, with a baby in the vehicle.
I have seen these so many times it is not even funny. Not only is is dangerous, it sets a bad example for the kids.
My terrible driver story: I had just finished my driving test when i was 16 and went inside the DMV to get my license. I came outside and watched as an elderly asian woman working on her license pulled her car into the lot and got too close to the right side of my car and basically wrecked the whole side of the car. I really felt sorry for the woman because she literally just finished her test and they failed her because of the incident, lol.

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A few days ago, I was driving home and getting ready to change lanes when out of nowhere this guy in front of me decides to do the same thing. He didn't have his turn signal on, and for a few moments we're both driving in the middle of the road, trying to pass each other before I decided to slow down. I was lucky that I didn't end up in a wreck really. o_O


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My terrible driver story: I had just finished my driving test when i was 16 and went inside the DMV to get my license. I came outside and watched as an elderly asian woman working on her license pulled her car into the lot and got too close to the right side of my car and basically wrecked the whole side of the car. I really felt sorry for the woman because she literally just finished her test and they failed her because of the incident, lol.

Those 3 make for a very bad driver combination lol.

Anyway, how about people who don't courtesy wave at all? I HATE those people. They could at least nod their head or something.


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People who cut you off when you are merging, I mean who the hell do they think they are?
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