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Terrible Drivers

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A few days ago, I was driving home and getting ready to change lanes when out of nowhere this guy in front of me decides to do the same thing. He didn't have his turn signal on, and for a few moments we're both driving in the middle of the road, trying to pass each other before I decided to slow down. I was lucky that I didn't end up in a wreck really. o_O

I really hate people who don't indicate, it's such a simple thing to do and can make such a difference when changing lanes or waiting at a roundabout. I always wonder if people who don't signal get annoyed at other people who don't signal, yet refuse to do so themselves. You could say it DRIVES me crazy! (sorry...)


Speed Kills
When I go visit my parental figures in the mountains of north carolina, I always am amazed at how bad the tourists drive.

You literally have people stopping in the passing lane of a 4 lane highway to get out of their cars and take pictures of the scenery, when there are shops all over the place with parking lots...I'm still not sure how there have not been any deaths in relation to these incidents...:confused:


I know a woman who's a pretty bad driver. Now, she's not like cutting people of, but she's prone to making MANY people carsick by going super fast for about 5 seconds, then immediately slowing down, and repeating this process the whole way. I can't ride around with her at all.

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A few weeks ago, I saw a guy go speeding around a corner after it rained. He slid and completely turned his car around in the process. He then proceeded to panic and nearly backed into a nearby ditch...


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Those people who tailgate you when YOU are already going like 10 miles over the speed limit.


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My mum. She keeps wrecking the car, yet she won't let dad and I smoke in there. Pssht.

In addition to that, all the rednecks in my hometown in their giant, rednecky trucks (you know the kind? With the big wheels and the extra lights at the top?). They never use turn signals (which is awesome when you're walking in excessive heat/cold or rain. I could have gone ages ago if I knew you were turning), speed up when they see someone who would like to cross, get pissy when you pass them (when they're going all of 10 mph), and take up multiple parking spaces. I often wonder how people like that even get licenses in the first place.

EDIT: Reading through some of these made me remember. A couple of years ago, my dad and I were driving home from uni together (he and I both attend university). We look over and what should we see? Someone eating an entire pizza by themselves while driving down a busy Lexington* road. I've seen many eat burgers, but at least you can hold a burger in one hand and drive with the other. This ******* was driving with their knees and double-dogging the pizza slices. Ugh.

(*Lexington is a very, very large metropolis in my home state...and no one pays any attention whatsoever on the roads there. It's especially nuts during the World Equestrian Games. Everyone has their head up a horse's ***.)
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Those people who tailgate you when YOU are already going like 10 miles over the speed limit.
This. Those cancerous little tail-biters deserve to fester in their own impatience, shame on all of them. :l

People and their blindingly bright headlights make night driving a pain.

And bicyclists who take the pleasure of riding in the middle of your lane, when their own lane is sufficiently large. I consider them to be bad drivers.


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Well, the other day I was a terrible driver myself. I unknowingly turned the wrong way onto a one-way street. And this was in the middle of downtown, on a weekend. Cue several drivers honking their horns at me.

On the flip side, I once was driving behind someone who slowed way down on a residential street. They pulled toward the right side of the street (without signaling), so I assumed they were going to turn right onto the upcoming street. I swerved around them to the left, only to have them honk at me as I passed because they wanted to turn left. Well how was I supposed to know?


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This evening I had the joy of a guy tailgating me. This was despite me following a slow driver already, so there was no way I was going to speed up even if I could. =| It's one of the more annoying cases, I feel, along with watching a guy go through the roundabout only to not be using the indicator when they were meant to. (Or alternatively, not use it when they should...)


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I hate those people who honk at you for no reason! Me and my friend were sitting at a stop sign when a jerk pulls up behind us and starts honking at us when there was still traffic going by in front of us. That moron then drove off the road and passed us and drove straight into traffic making 3-4 cars hit the brakes hard.


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Yesterday I was taking my Driver's Licence Road Test, and I failed the test because I was terrible in the eyes of the examiner. I don't admit the fact that I'm so terrible, because he failed me immediately for such stupid reason of "the vehicle roll back for an inch"!!!!

Now that I feel like really wanted to complain, not about the examiner, but the whole driving test standard and the point scoring system of my country!!!!! The testing system is just so stupid, that it needs the driver to follow the instruction in the textbook WORD BY WORD, even the sequence of looking at the mirror first then start the engine then changing gear then release hand brake must be follow WITHOUT A MISTAKE!! If you mess the sequence of the procedure, you'll get penalized.
Then when you are on the road, observation to 360" around your vehicle (Yes!! 360" around you, so not just looking at the mirror, but you also need the turn your head 180" to look at the blind spot) is what you need to do 90% of the time, or else again you'll get penalized for the test. MAN!!! Why should I took 90% of my attention away from what is important on the road!? And why must I turn my neck as well!? If I took so much time to observe my back, what about the front!? I'll get crash at the front, not the back!

I could say the driving test of my country has the most difficult standard among the whole world. Not only need you to follow the maneuver sequences so deadly and mechanically, and that the "immediate failing action" contains something that are so stupid that almost everyone can execute such action at least 5 times during the test. What I saw on the local forum, almost every single driver complains that they never ever pass the driver's licence test the first time. The average amount of trials that needs to be done in order to pass the test was like 3~4 times for the ones that took lessons from official driving school, and like 8~10 times for the ones that learn on their own. And you know what? I found out that the driving test standard, scoring method, every single rules in the test was not altered for a single word within the 25 years time!

If you follow exactly the "passing driving method" set up by this Department of Traffic of my country, in that case change yourself rather into an automatic driving system, drive your vehicle just like a machine! But is that ever possible!? because we are human, not machine! So by faithfully following this "passing driving method", I was always so irritated because now I took 90% of my mind of thinking what is the next maneuver action that must be done, with only 10% attention used to focus on the road. Then, for that remaining 10% focus, I mus~t then took 90% to focus on the surrounding. That means overall I only have 1% attention left to focus on the road in front of me. During my driving lesson, especially my road test lesson, I was bump into the vehicle in front of me for several times, because I took too much attention to the right and left and back, but not to the front.

Whenever I was driving in this mechanical "passing driving method" specifically learned for the test, I was always so irritated because that is not my driving style! So that's why I personally have another driving method that is not learned from the driving school, but from my father. I feel much more comfortable in driving in the method taught by my father, at least I had not yet bump into any vehicle yet whenever my body and my mindset is shifted into "my personal drving method".

Heck!! I can't complain enough about this stupid driving test standard of my current country, and that test I took yesterday was already my 3rd test!! My father obtained his licence from his home country where he pass his driving test just by the first trial, regardless that his home country has much much much denser traffic then here! And two of my other relatives that had migrated to USA had also already obtained their driver's licence with just one test trial. When the hell can I pass my test in this country!!? What I want is just a valid driver's licence to proof I have sufficient ability to driving safely on the road, why the hell the DoT make the test so difficult!!!?

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One thing that really bothers me is when someone drives right on my tail, thinking I'll go faster. Like no. It annoys me if I'm on a street or something that has two lanes and they insist to drive right behind me when there's an empty lane right next to you.

Some idiot today didn't signal when he turned and that really annoyed me.


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Tailgaters, man. I usually go 5-10 mph over speed limit and that's it, too many cops around to go faster. But then you get these super impatient people driving right up behind you. They never honk, they just follow you super close. People are always in a rush to get somewhere, and I just think it'd be easier if they left earlier when they had more time instead of procrastinating.

Also, buses. People where I live really don't seem to understand how to drive around a bus. I see people cutting in front of buses and then slowing down for whatever reason, making the 5-ton metal bus monster have to slow down too, and buses definitely don't slow down as fast as cars. People won't learn until they get into an accident, it seems.

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When I was in Los Angeles, California I saw the worst drivers ever; not only did they not use turning signals, they tailgated other people and barreled through red lights and stop signs... all while on the cellphone! One time I a lady eating a big, hot bowl of noodles while driving with her knees. This is why I advocate for cars that drive themselves since most people shouldn't be driving...


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Left lane drivers who're doing UNDER the posted speed limit.

Left lane drivers who match the speed of the driver (usually an 18 wheeler or big-rig of some sort), inthe next lane for several miles.

People who don't use their signals.

Drivers who have a car length or 2 gap in between them and the driver in front of them who, for some for some reason, are not able to move up enough for the driver behind themto move into the turning lane.
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Some people that overtook me just because I am a learner driver. They zoomed in the lane I was driving in just barely in front of my vehicle. If I don't slow in time I would have crashed them.


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Going back home from work, two motorcycles cut me off they start slowing down to like 20 mph, I try to pass them but they're both in the middle of the 2 lanes and they start doing wheelies and doing other stupid tricks. This lasted for like 5 minutes, I've never been so pissed off driving.


Ah man....drivers down here should burst into flames spontaneously.
Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but when it comes to driving, I swear, it's like Mankeys trying to fly Ash's Charizard back in Johto.
Back in the US, I had my run ins with bad drivers, but I can honestly tell you now, I kinda miss them. I took them for granted.
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