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Test Your Might


Double Team Ownage!!
Listen up, everyone. I, Morien, am requesting a lvl 100 6 pokemon battle. I will accept any pokemon except for the D/P event pokemon Darkrai, Shaymin, or Arceus. feel free to bring anything else. No items, and only 1 of each pokemon.


BTW this is not the pokemon in my party. I have changed it a little.

also, this may be out of the topic, but can someone tell me what EV trained and Legit means? It always twists my brain when i see those terms.

1 more thing: I am also looking for a lvl 100 shiny palkia and lvl 100 shiny lucario. I really don't have much to offer, for I don't spend countless hours on the game looking for them. If you could be kind enough to sorta "Give them away", I can try to give you as good as an offer as I can. Perhaps pokemon you don't have on your dex?
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Double Team Ownage!!
ok, you have been added
i'll be waiting for you in the underground battle room in the pokemon center, in case you don't know where to go. also, please refrain from using stupid comments while battling, i will be able to hear you


New Member
wow that was awesome, thanx for a great battle i was so nervous i was trembling!!, thanx so much!

you know you would have won on the first fight!, but thanx for making it even with me! :)