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Th@t Guy's Pokemon Depot

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Th@t GUY, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter


    First off some rules(PLEASE READ)
    1. All SPPF rules apply

    2. Absolutely NO HACKS. RNG's and clones are accepted. If I
    receive i will want my pokes back

    3. Be polite to myself and other members. No trolling, flaming, spamming or
    any of that stuff

    4. Please use proper English, if not you will be ignored

    5. No ridiculous trades EXP: My shiny Rayquaza for your Caterpie

    6. Do not PM or VM offers, you will be ignored


    8. If you want a pokemon cloned check to see if I have it and include how many copies you want and the payment

    9. Have fun and hopfully we can trade!

    Jap: Japanese
    Kor: Korean
    Lv: What level a pokemon is.
    UT: Untrained/Untouched.
    BT: Barely trained/touched. Has gained some exp but has not gained a level,
    T: Trained/Touched. Has gained Levels.
    FL: Flawless.
    M: Male.
    F: Female.
    NNed: Nicknamed.
    Blue: Shiny.


    DW Altaria
    TRU Regigas
    TRU Darkrai
    TRU Manaphy
    Pokecenter Shaymin
    Toys "R" Us Shaymin
    Oblivia Darkrai
    Alamos Darkrai
    Ash's Scraggy
    Cilian's Pansage
    Iris's Axew
    Shiny Ageto Celebi
    Korean Carlita's Hydeigon
    Korean Janita's Golurk
    Ev'ed Sun team
    Trade for Evolution pokes


    All Regi's

    Any shinies and events i don't have
    DW starters
    EV'ed pokes

    Scraftyscrafty: Good friend and trader. Check out his trade shop
    Jeremy Z Dragon Tamer: Good friend and trader. Check out his trade shop
    Lucarimew2: Artist, did my userbars.Check out his art shop
    -Gigashark-: Artist, Made the banner

    Weaviledarkrai: trolling

    Now for my Pokes

    Milos Island Thundurus Lv. 70, UT, JAP
    Milos Island Tornadus Lv. 70, UT, JAP
    VGC09 Milotic Lv. 50, UT
    Saikyou Milotic Lv. 50, UT, JAP
    Saikyou Salamence Lv. 50, UT, JAP
    Saikyou Dragonite Lv. 50, UT,JAP
    ING Croagunk Lv. 10, UT
    Pokemon Fan Book Mamoswine Lv. 34, UT
    DW Rayquaza Lv. 50, UT, KOR
    Shiny Scizor Lv. 1, UT, FL
    Shiny Piplup Lv. 1, UT, FL
    Gamestp Deoxys Lv. 50, UT
    SPACE C Deoxys Lv. 70, UT
    NOK Deoxys Lv. 50, UT, KOR
    NOK Jirachi Lv. 5, UT, KOR
    TRU Shaymin Lv. 50, UT
    Oblivia Shaymin Lv. 30, UT
    Oblivia Heatran Lv. 50, BT
    ANA Darkrai Lv. 50, UT, JAP
    WORLD11 Scrafty Lv. 50, UT

    004. Charmander M, Lv. 1, UT
    007. Squirtle M, Lv. 1, UT
    011. Metapod M, Lv. 48, UT
    016. Pidgey M, Lv. 15,UT
    028. Sandslash M, Lv. 26, T
    043. Oddish M, Lv. 6, UT
    056. Mankey F, Lv. 48, UT
    058. Growlithe M, Lv. 22, UT
    060. Poliwag F, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    092. Gastly M, Lv. 1, UT,FL
    105. Marowak M, Lv. 47,UT
    108. Lickitung F, lv.49,UT
    114. Tangela F, Lv. 47, UT
    116. Horsea M, Lv. 1, UT
    122. Mr. Mime M, Lv.30, UT
    123. Scyther M, Lv. 52, UT
    124. Jynx F, Lv. 22, UT
    127. Pinsir F, Lv. 60, UT
    131. Lapris M, Lv. 1, UT
    132. Ditto Lv. 34, UT
    133. Eevee F, Lv. 1, UT, DW
    142. Aerodactyl F, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    144. Articuno Lv. 50, UT
    145. Zapdos Lv. 50,UT
    146. Moltres Lv. 50,UT
    147. Dratini F, Lv. 15, UT
    150. Mewtwo Lv.70, UT

    152. Chikorita M, Lv. 1, UT
    155. Cyndaquil M, Lv. 1, UT
    158. Totodile M, Lv.1, UT
    163. Hoothoot F, Lv. 12, UT
    181. Ampharos M, Lv. 58,T
    185. Sudowoodo F, Lv. 20, UT
    187. Hoppip F, Lv. 20, UT
    191. Sunkern M, Lv. 47, UT
    194. Wooper M, Lv. 1, UT
    201. Unknown ? Lv. 25, UT
    206. Dunsparce F, Lv. 48, UT
    207. Gligar F, Lv. 50, UT
    214. Heracross M, Lv. 50, UT
    221. Piloswine F, Lv. 62, UT
    227. Skarmory F, Lv. 1, UT
    231. Phanphy F, Lv. 20, UT
    234. Stantler F, Lv. 15, UT
    235. Smeargle M, Lv. 18, UT, NN'ed
    241. Milktank F, Lv. 15, UT
    247. Pupitar M, Lv. 58, UT
    249. Lugia Lv.70, UT
    250. Ho-Oh Lv. 45, UT

    252. Treecko M, Lv. 1, UT
    255. Torchic M, Lv. 1, UT
    258. Mudkip M, Lv. 1, UT
    264. Linoone F, Lv. 62, T, NN'ed
    277. Swellow F, Lv. 47, UT
    278. Wingull M, Lv. 13, UT
    292. Shedinja Lv. 20, T
    302. Saleye M, Lv.49, UT
    318. Carvanha F, Lv. 1, UT
    330. Flygon M, Lv. 45, T, JAP
    333. Swablu F, Lv. 27, UT
    334. Altaria M, lv. 49, UT
    335. Zangoose F, Lv. 48, UT
    336. Selviper M, Lv. 58, UT
    349. Feebas M, Lv. 1, UT
    355. Duskull M, Lv. 1, UT
    361. Snorunt F, Lv. 33, UT
    380. Latias F, Lv. 40, UT
    382. Kyogre Lv. 50, UT
    383. Groudon Lv. 50, UT
    Lv. 70, UT, JAP
    384. Rayquaza Lv. 70, BT
    Lv. 100, EV'ed
    Lv. 50, UT

    390. Chimchar M, Lv. 1, UT
    396. Starly M, Lv. 4, UT
    401 Kricketot F, Lv. 10, UT
    408. Cranidos M, Lv. 20,UT
    418. Buizel F, Lv. 38, UT
    421. Cherrim F, Lv. 48, UT
    426. Driftblim F, Lv. 49, UT
    427. Buneary M, Lv. 11, UT
    447. Riolu M, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    453. Croagunk F, Lv. 1, UT
    479. Rotom Lv. 20, UT
    480. Uxie Lv. 50, UT
    481. Mespirit Lv. 50, UT
    482. Azelf Lv. 50, UT
    483. Dialga Lv. 70,UT
    Lv. 47, UT
    484. Palkia Lv. 70, UT
    485. Heatran F, Lv. 50, UT
    486. Regigigas Lv. 1, UT
    487. Giratina Lv. 100, T
    Lv. 47, UT
    488. Cresselia F, lv. 50, UT
    489. Phione Lv. 6, T

    495. Snivy M, Lv. 1, UT
    498. Tepig F, Lv. 1,UT, KOR
    M, Lv. 1, UT,
    501. Oshawott M, Lv. 1, UT
    505. Watchdog M, Lv. 27, UT
    507. Herdier F, Lv. 33, UT
    510. Liepard M, Lv. 33, UT
    522. Blitzle M, Lv. 9, UT
    524. Roggenrola F, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    527. Woobat F, Lv. 10, UT
    529. Drilbur M, Lv. 12, UT
    536. Palitoad M, Lv. 31,UT
    540. Sewaddle F, lv. 14, UT
    543. Venipede F, Lv. 16, UT
    551. Sandile M, Lv. 17, UT
    554. Darumaka F, Lv. 20, UT
    557. Dwebble F, Lv. 22, UT
    559. Scraggy F, Lv. 20, UT
    561. Sigilyph F, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    562. Yamsk M, Lv. 20, UT
    566. Archen M, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    569. Garbodor M, Lv. 36, UT
    570. Zorua M, Lv. 1, UT
    572. Minccino F, Lv. 32, UT
    580. Ducklett F, Lv. 24, UT
    582. Vanillite F, Lv. 20, UT
    588. Karrablast F, Lv. 49, UT
    595. Joltik M, Lv. 27, UT
    597. Ferroseed F, Lv. 25, UT
    602. Tynamo F, Lv. 27, UT
    607. Litwick M, Lv. 26, UT
    611. Fraxure F, Lv. 40, UT
    618. Stunfisk F, Lv. 31, UT
    619. Meinfoo F, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    621. Druddigon F, Lv. 36, UT
    622. Golett Lv. 31, UT
    626. Bouffalant F, Lv. 40, UT
    631. Heatmor M, Lv. 1, UT, FL
    638. Cobalion Lv. 42, UT
    640. Virizion Lv. 42, UT
    642. Thundurus M, Lv. 40, UT
    646. Kyurem Lv. 75, UT, FL

    MICHINA Arceus Lv. 100, UT, JAP
    TRU Arceus Lv. 100, UT, JAP
    Movie 9 Arceus Lv. 100, UT, JAP
    Member's Card Darkrai Lv. 100, UT
    NOK Darkrai Lv. 50, UT, KOR
    Oak's Letter Shaymin Lv. 30, UT
    PKTOPIA Magmortar F, Lv. 50, UT
    PKTOPIA Electivire M, Lv. 50, UT
    PKTOPIA Pikachu F, Lv. 10, UT
    AAA Pikachu F, Lv. 30, UT, JAP
    Ash's Pikachu M, Lv. 50, UT
    Ash's Scraggy M, Lv. 1, UT, JAP
    Distant Land Moltres Lv. 50, UT
    Trade for evolution Karrablast F, Lv. 30, UT, JAP
    DW Togekiss M, Lv. 10, UT
    Pokecenter Snivy M, Lv. 5, UT, JAP
    VCG10 Eevee M, Lv. 50, UT
    GAMESTP Suicune Lv. 30, UT
    GAMESTP Raikou Lv. 30, UT
    GAMESTP Entei Lv. 30, UT
    Navel Rock Lugia Lv. 70, UT
    Navel Rock Ho-Oh Lv. 70, UT
    Liberty Ticket Victini Lv. 15, UT, JAP
    Lv. 15, UT, NN'ed
    Movie 14 Victini Lv. 50, UT, JAP
    Lv. 50, UT
    Pokesmash Mewtwo Lv. 70, UT, JAP
    FAL2010 Mew Lv. 5, UT
    Battle Series Arcanine M, Lv. 50, UT, KOR
    10 ANIV Celebi Lv. 70, UT
    NOK Rayquaza Lv. 70, UT, KOR
    WISHMKR Jirachi Lv. 5, UT
    Lv. 5, UT
    Satoshi's Reshiram Lv. 100, UT, JAP
    Satoshi's Zekrom Lv. 100, UT, JAP
    Carlita's Hydreigon M, Lv.70, UT, JAP
    Janita's Golurk Lv. 70, UT, JAP
    Shokotan Tropius F, Lv. 53, UT, JAP

    Deleting EV's
    Teaching moves
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2012
  2. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Post reserved.
  3. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Post reserved.
  4. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    now open !
  5. FIRST POST!!!

    Hey dude! Congrats on the awesome shop!!

    I'm intersted in your HVR2011 Darkrai, got a DW Rayquaza that I can trade for. Also, can I get some info on your shiny Riolu? Is it the one with EMs?

    EDIT: I don't think Member's Card Darkrai is supposed to be Lv.100.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  6. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Ok is it UT?
  7. It's Lv.50. Which means it is :)
    Btw I also have a shiny Larvesta
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  8. BlizzardFireblaze

    BlizzardFireblaze Ibedrinkin2much4sure

    Can I get natures on:

    HVR2011 Darkrai
    NOK Darkrai
    NOK Rayquaza
    FAL2010 Mew
    10ANIV Celebi and
    TRU Arceus

  9. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Ok I'll take it :)
  10. Perfecto. Let me know when you wanna trade ;)
  11. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    HVR2011 Darkrai is hasty
    NOK Darkrai is modest
    NOK Rayquaza is rash
    FAL2010 Mew is timid
    10Aniv Celebi is bold
    TRU Arceus is hardy
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  12. BlizzardFireblaze

    BlizzardFireblaze Ibedrinkin2much4sure

    I'll trade you DW Croagunk and DW Mamoswine for NOK Darkrai?
  13. CaptainGarchomp

    CaptainGarchomp Events&ShiniesTrader


    I have a Korean NOK Rayquaza ,Would you be interested in it?

    Feel free to ask me for any other events that you want,because i might have them.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  14. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Ok when do you want to trade?
  15. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    Yes im interested, see anything you want for it?
  16. BlizzardFireblaze

    BlizzardFireblaze Ibedrinkin2much4sure

    Can you do it now?
  17. CaptainGarchomp

    CaptainGarchomp Events&ShiniesTrader

    Im really sorry,My Shiny Hydreigon's actually a Pokemon Movie 11 Japanese one,sorry for the confusion,I have a Satoshi's Reshiram and an NOK Rayquaza,a pokemon movie 11 victini,would you still be interested??
  18. Th@t GUY

    Th@t GUY Event Hunter

    I can in about 10 min?
  19. BlizzardFireblaze

    BlizzardFireblaze Ibedrinkin2much4sure

    ok thats fine with me
  20. Two QQ, is your pokesmash Mewtwo flawless and is your DW Togekiss Jeremy's?

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