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Thais's Agora

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by thaislex, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    the rules:
    1) All serebii Trade rules apply here.
    2) Please do not offer me any hacks. RNGing and clones are fine
    3) Be polite
    4) Use proper English please.
    5) No is an acceptable answer if i do not find your trade acceptable. Please don't take it personally.
    6) i am all for fair trades, if its not on my want list but you feel you have something of equal value, feel free to make me an offer.
    7) no i don't want your level 2 patrat for my legendary. please only give me serious offers.
    8)if i accidently trade you a hack i will trade you back what ever pokemon you offered for it and i will immediately take it off my shop

    What i have::

    lvl 7, timid, flawless, UT

    lvl.31, Serious, random encountered, UT

    lvl 42, Bashful, UT, good ivs

    Gyarados (jpn)
    lvl 30, Modest, UT

    Cresselia (jpn) [i believe is legit. though is caught in master ball]
    lvl 55, Hasty

    lvl1, Bashful, UT

    lvl27, Brave, near flawless ivs, UT

    lvl 47, Jolly, UT

    lvl65, Brave, UT

    lvl 75, Sassy, UT, flawless ivs (rnged for myself)
    lvl88, naughty, UT (jpn)

    Carvanha (jpn)
    lvl 35, Bold, good ivs, UT

    Unused zoruark event entei (jpn)
    lvl 30, Adamant, UT

    lvl 9, Careful, barely touched, decent ivs

    lvl 55, adamant, good ivs (ask for evs)

    lvl45, timid, flawless UT

    lvl1, hardy, UT

    lvl 12, docile

    lvl53, naughty, good ivs (as for evs)

    lvl 47, Careful, decent ivs UT

    lvl 34, hastey, decent ivs (ask for evs)

    lvl1, serious, flawless ivs, UT

    lvl 1, impish, flawless ivs, UT
    lvl1, quiet, flawless Ivs, UT

    lvl1, Hardy, infiltrator, flawless ivs, UT
    lvl1, Rash, prankster, near flawless ivs, barely trained

    lvl42, modest, UT, good ivs.

    lvl1, every nature, UT nearflawless-flawless ivs depending on nature

    Shiny faraway island mew(jpn)
    Lvl 30, adamant, near flawless, UT

    Shiny froslass
    Lv 69, timid, fully eved in spatk and speed, Flawless

    shiny Flareon
    lvl 1, lonely, UT

    wishmaker Jirachi
    lvl5 timid, UT

    Korean shiny grovyle
    Lvl 28, naughty, good evs

    Shiny mewtwo
    Lvl 70, timid, near flawless, UT

    ruins Giratina (shiny!)
    lvl1, timid, flawless, UT

    Shiny Kyogre (jpn)
    Lvl 70, lonely, UT

    sing pikachu
    lvl30, hardy, UT

    DW Togekiss (german)
    lvl10, modest, UT

    shiny wishmaker Jirachi
    lvl5 timid, UT

    gamestop jirachi
    lvl5, adamant, flawless, UT

    johto ruins Giratina (shiny!)
    lvl1, timid, flawless, UT

    Oblivia Deoxys
    Lvl 50, Jolly, flawless, UT

    FAL2010 Mew Event(jpn)
    Lv5, hardy, UT

    Game-stop Deoxys
    Lvl50, naïve, flawless, UT

    FEB2012 Mewtwo
    Lvl70, naughty, UT

    SPR2012 Reshiram
    Lvl100, rash, UT

    Winter2011 Celebi (zoruark already met)
    Lvl50, Quiet, UT

    Nobunagas Ambition Shiny Rayquaza
    Lvl 70, Lonely, UT

    V-create Rayquaza
    Lv 100, modest, UT

    Ana pikachu
    lvl 50, Jolly, UT

    Unused zoruark event entei (jpn)[shiny]
    lvl 30, Adamant, UT

    Korean event raquaza
    lvl 70, rash, UT [origninally met in Sinnoh]

    member card Darkrai
    lvl 50, hasty, UT, Flawless

    Negaiboshi Jirachi
    lvl 5, Careful, UT

    Pikachu colored pichu
    lvl 30, jolly, UT

    DW event mamoswine (US)
    lvl 34, Brave, UT

    DW event Flareon (US)
    lvl10, mild, UT

    Wish maker Jirachi (US)
    Lvl 5, Gentle, UT

    Spring2012 Zekrom (US)
    Lvl 100, Naive, good ivs, UT

    Ruins Dialga (shiny)
    lvl1, modest, flawless, UT

    Winter 2011[used] Celebi
    Lvl 50, Sassy, UT

    DW Arceus (US)
    Lvl 100, Mild, UT

    DW event Banette (US)
    Lvl 37, gentle, UT

    Liberty Island Victini
    Lvl 80, Relaxed, Good ivs (ask for evs)

    Movie14 Victini
    Lvl 50, rash, UT

    Feb2012 Mewtwo
    Lvl 70, gentle, good ivs, UT

    Aurora ticket Deoxys (both jpn)
    Lv100 (attack form), docile, ask for evs and move set
    Lvl 100 (defense form), bold, ask for evs and move set

    XD Zapdos (w/ metal sound)
    Lvl 51, rash, ask for evs and ivs [is for competitive play]

    DW lucario (nn)
    lvl10, mild, UT

    lvl10, adamant, UT

    shiny VGC12 Larvitar
    lvl5, Adamant, 30 iv in attack, UT

    DW Blaziken
    lvl 100, adamant, flawless (ask for evs)

    DW Rayquaza
    Lvl 50, Hasty, UT

    DW Chimchar
    lvl10, adamant, 29/31/23/29/19/27 IVs, UT

    fall2010 Mew (US)
    lvl 5, timid, Flawless, UT

    DW Piplup
    lvl 10, rash, 28/31/25/20/22/22 IVs, UT
    Lvl50, calm, near flawless, UT

    Lvl 1, Bold, flawless, UT

    lvl 35, Jolly, (flawless in two stats) good ivs, UT {has the move tailwind!}
    anything with out the DW infront of it means it has the ability but isn’t in a dream ball
    DW Togekiss (german)
    lvl10, modest, UT

    DW Piplup
    lvl 10, rash, 28/31/25/20/22/22 IVs, UT

    DW lucario (nn)
    lvl10, mild, UT

    lvl10, adamant, UT

    DW Chimchar
    lvl10, adamant, 29/31/23/29/19/27 IVs, UT

    DW Arceus (US) [with proof]
    Lvl 100, Mild, UT

    DW event Banette (US) [with proof]
    Lvl 37, gentle, UT

    DW event Flareon (US) [with proof]
    lvl10, mild, UT

    shiny Carvanha
    Lv1, Adamant, flawless, Female
    DW Blaziken
    lvl 100, adamant, flawless (ask for evs)

    Dw poregon (korean)
    Lvl10, sassy, near-flawless UT

    Dw torchic
    Lvl10, Jolly, flawless, UT

    DW poregon (korean)
    Lvl10, sassy, near-flawless UT

    DW Mamoswine (is nicknamed)(US)
    Lvl 34, Brave, UT

    DW Rayquaza
    Lvl 50, Hasty, UT

    shiny Lapras
    lvl1, Adamant, Flawless UT

    Shiny Dratini
    Lvl1, jolly, Flawless, UT, Female

    Lvl 1, jolly, UT (flawless in two stats)

    Lvl 1, Docile, UT
    Lvl 1, bashful, UT (flawless in three stats), Female

    Shiny Pichu
    Lvl1, jolly, flawless, UT

    Lvl 11, modest, UT (flawless in two stats) Female
    Lvl1, relaxed, UT (flawless in two stats) Female, (nicknamed)
    [many dw males for eevee, simply ask]

    Lvl35, relaxed, UT
    Lvl35, Naïve, UT Female

    Poliwag (jap I think)
    Lvl1, Quircky, UT (flawless in two stats) Female

    Dw crogunk
    Lvl 10, Mild, UT

    Vulpix (jpn I think)
    Lvl 17, brave, good ivs, UT Female

    DW Lickitung
    Lvl16, Naughty, UT Female

    DW Ledyba
    Lvl10, lonely, UT Female

    Lvl1, hardy, UT Female
    What i want
    1. year of the dragon pokemon
    2. DW ditto
    3. a good-flawless ived chikorita
    4. actual Poke-cafe pokemon (In dream ball)
    5. strongest pokemon events

    1. any event i don't have
    2. any flawless pokemon
    3. shineys i don't have
    4. legendaries that are interesting (ivs, evs, nature,moveset)
    5. Dw events or poke cafe pokemon still in dream balls
    6. egg move males

    My Ratios:
    * a shiny for my shiny
    *a flawless for my shiny
    *a dw for my shiny
    *two or more GOOD dream worlds for my flawless shiny (i reserve right to say what makes it good)
    * an event for my event UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED
    *Multiple flawless for my event (i reserve the right to say how many it would take to make the trade fair, i am all for FAIR.)
    *two of my events for your shiny event (depends on event )

    My services (things i do that i also offer in this shop other then just trading for pokemon)
    1.I can clone. if you wish to have any of your pokemon cloned just give me a pm. All i ask in return is to keep a clone for myself.
    2. I can breed any flawless-near flawless pokemon with my flawless ditto ^_^. if you have any requests feel free to post them here but i may ask for a pokemon to breed it with if i do not have one myself. Please be patient.
    3. I can ev train your pokemon with feathers. I may ask for an worth while pokemon in return for a complete ev train as it took a while to get my supplies up that high.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2012
  2. Blue Raja

    Blue Raja 1000+ Triples wins!

    kyurem for my DW flwlss shiny carvanha or CMT for other offers

    i also would like to commision this pokemon_
    i am seeking
    drillbur or excadrill with these characteristics-
    Ability-SAND FORCE
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  3. joffice

    joffice Overwhelmed

    I'm interested in the Shiny Ranger Manaphy and Shiny Kyurem.

    You can choose any 3 Pokes from my shop for those two if you're interested.
  4. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    @Blue raja- Alright that sounds awesome though since i did do a lot of work for it can you maybe throw in another poke as well? and can i know the lvl, original trainer, nature and whether its female or not? ^_^. okay will do. can i ask what you would be willing to trade for the drillbur?

    @okay i'll look into it
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  5. Hey I saw you posted in my shop about the V-Create Rayquaza. Could I get the Negaiboshi Jirachi for it instead? :)
  6. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    @scraftyscrafty-answered you in your shop
  7. joffice

    joffice Overwhelmed

    Yeah that's fine I'd trade those 3 for the 2 is asked for if you want to. It's no problem at all :D
  8. shinydragonairgirl

    shinydragonairgirl shiny hunter

    hey, i have a dw abra that's on your wants list and will be getting a dw feebas soon from someone, i'd be interested in a timid shiny eevee or ana pikachu
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  9. ric

    ric New Member

    Hey I'm interested in ur hayley mew, ana pikachu, and dw flareon..I got year of dragon swablu and horsea and sprng reshiram if ur interested
  10. Stylinson

    Stylinson Well-Known Member

    im interested in your Aurora ticket Deoxys'. Can i get the IVs+EVs for them both? as well as Negaiboshi Jirachi?
    I have(listing everything i have... not sure if you have them or not): UT Befriend a Pokemon Umbreon(English and Korean), UT Pokepark Mew, 3 different UT Liberty Ticket Victinis, UT Movie14 Victini, UT SMR2010 Jirachi, UT PKTOPIA Electrivire, UT WIN2011 Celebi, UT Shiny SPACE C Deoxys, UT VGC09 Milotic, UT PALCITY Lucario, UT Daisuki Club Metagross, and an UT Shiny Faraway Island Mew and Jap Movie Zekrom.
  11. shinytactics14

    shinytactics14 Stay frosty

    i am interested in your shiny litwick or shiny zebstrika, i will trade you a shiny UT lax petilil for one of those.

    please contact by PM
  12. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Quee <3


    member card Darkrai
    lvl 50, hasty, UT, Flawless

    Hayley's mew
    lvl 50, Naive, UT, near flawless

    Negaiboshi Jirachi
    lvl 5, Careful, UT


    DW shiny abra hatched and trained, evs wiped, lv.10, and near flawless hp fire 70(magic guard)
    DW shiny alakazam EV'd in 252 Sp.attack 252 speed, and 4 hp lv.100
    DW near flawless torchic JP jolly lv.10 untrained(speed boost)
    DW blaziken near flawless adament JP EV'd in 252 attack 252 speed and 4 hp lv.100(speed boostiken)
    DW Sharpedo modest eggmove : ancient power lv.100 EV'd 252 sp.atk 252 speed and 4 attack (speed boost)

    Do I get a free Zorua w/ this btw? :D
  13. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    @lavaburst14- i can give you one of those three for your near flawless dw torchic. Sorry working on ratios but rather have an event for an event when dealing with this. I was also already offered an abra and sharpedo =( sorry. lol Yes you do. as you would be one of the firsts to trade, you will get a shiny one ^_^. If you are willing to put somethign in your sig to advertise the ocupation on my shop i will bump it up to one of my flawless shineys <(^^,)>

    @hillyzac i am not sure about the exact ivs but i know that for sp.def and attack for the defense form is in the 20-30 range. the evs are a mere 4evs in health.
    for the jirachi the ivs are hp:4 df:27 at:25 spatk:31 spdef:19 spe:22 As these are some of my rarer pokemon i may as for a more than one to one ratio for these two. would that be alright with you?
    @shinydragon girl- i would be very interested in both ^_^ though i don't think i can give an event for dw pokes. would you like to have the shiny eevee and maybe look at another one of my shines/flawless for the other?
    @shinytactics- it is a flawless litwick with a benificial nature. i am sorry to say i need you to either add another pokemon or change your offer.
    @ric- alright. i already have a spring resharam though, can i have your two year of the dragons? can i know their nature? and if they're UT?
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  14. shinydragonairgirl

    shinydragonairgirl shiny hunter

    no problem could i get the eevee and the snorunt please,i haven't got the feebas yet so can't trade yet, can i pm you when i have
  15. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    alright its a deal ^_^ oh would you mind puting something in your sig to help advertise my shop? i will bump up your shiny zorua give away to a flawless shiny if you do =D
  16. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Hey do you have a DW bold eevee with good IV's? (in def, sp.def and hp mostly)
  17. Stylinson

    Stylinson Well-Known Member

    Eh, I think I'll just go with the Jirachi. I was thinking the Deoxys' were EV trained since they are lvl 100. But yeah, i was prepared to trade more than one for them. Which ones would you like for the Jirachi?
  18. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    @ Toxicated92-yes i do, i can give you a near flawless with that nature with 31 in def spdef and attack. what would you be willing to trade for it?
    @Hillyzac- if you would like one ev trained i do offer that as a service i do. would you still be interested in them if i did that for you? for the jirachi would like the faraway island mew if it is legit. can i know the ivs on it?
  19. Toxicated92

    Toxicated92 Water Expert

    Hell yeh :D have a look at my trade shop and me know what you want :D
    Also could you pm with your reply :D cheers
  20. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    by any chance can i pick up that chimchar in return? :D

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