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That '70s Show Shippings!

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dazzles everybody!
Yep! You heard me right! That '70s Show! What is That '70s Show? Here's some stuff you need to know:

That '70s Show ran for 8 Season and 200 episodes. It followed the lives of Eric Forman, Donna Pinciotti, Steven Hyde (usually just called Hyde), Fez, Michael Kelso (usually just called Kelso), Jackie Burkhart, and Randy Pearson (only in Season 8). Over the series, there were many realtionships between the characters.

And that's what this Thread is about! Now... some rules you need to follow:

1) Follow SPPf's General Rules
2) Follow The Shippers Community Rules
3) No bashing whatsoever. If you don't like the show, or any of the couples, you have an option not to post here you know. Bashing will automatically get you reported to the Moderators.
4) Please stay on topic and don't Spam. I don't want to see members going: "I LIKE ERIC AND DONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Member List:

So now that it's said, how about we get started?

What is your favorite That '70s Show Couple?
Eric and Donna, and Kelso and Jackie.

-Eric and Donna knew eachother since they were kids. They interacted almost throughout the entire series, and they eventually got together. They were so cute together <3

-Kelso and Jackie. To me, they seemed so perfect together. Jackie always annoyed Kelso, but Kelso 'put up with it' and he still loved her anyway. (And besides, they're both morons! And morons belong together! XD)

Alright people, carry on! :)

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PYT. ♥ (:
you stole my next thread idea you meanie >_<

Heh, a That '70s Show Thread, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this. =D

What is your favorite That '70s Show couple?

  • Eric and Donna because they were just perfect for eachother. You may think it's because they were childhood friends (though that is part of the reason), but they had those on-and-off Shippy moments that helped them get together <3

  • Kelso and Jackie, they're just really cute together! <3


A r t i f i c e.
What is your favorite That '70s Show Couple?

Fez and his racecar bed. Now that's the only TRUE pairing in the whole thing.

However Eric and Donna, and Red and Kitty are great.

And Laurie x Anything with a pulse.


What is your favorite That '70s Show Couple?

Well, the obvious ones are Eric and Donna, Red and Kitty, Jackie and Hyde, Kelso and Brooke, and Fez and Laurie.

However, if I were to pick my top two never gonna happen pairings, I'd say Jackie and Eric, and Hyde and Donna. But they are not the couples that I wanted in the end.
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