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That one thing you just hate...

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
I know we all hate our original/old/early fics and want to throw them out the window and off a cliff. We all have those fic ideas that never took off. (Or at least most of us.)

But what about current fics that are liked and actually worked out well? Sure, you may be fond your current fics, but are there any aspects of them that you just want to stab with something pointy? :p

Feel free to share....

With my fic, It'd be how horribly unoriginal it is when it all pans down to the underlying plot. Sure, the approach I took at it worked, but when it all boils down, my fic is about Legendaries, trainers, and Team Rocket hybrids.

The only saving grace is how I managed to dump a bucketload of realism on top of it, shove fifty pounds of character development into the Legendaries, and tie the hybrids into the Mewtwo plot.

Another thing I hate is how badly my Prologue sucks. It drives readers away, I just know it. ><

*Brings out a bucket and throws two cents into it.*



Binky-boo! <3
I hate how any succesful idea I've had so far is just me copying Lili-chan's work. =P Oh, and the fact that I've completely gotten Mewtwo's character wrong so far, and it'll be tough fixing it. Oh well.


Team Rocket's rockin
I don't like how I often start a fic and that scrap it when I get a new idea. Then it happens again (although I've finally clinged to an idea for a while now).

There are more problems I have, but I can't quite remember at the moment...

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
I hate how carefully structured my chaptered fic is.

You may think that's a good thing (and on some level it is) but truly revising my earlier chapters is impossible since they've become very unflexible. Let's say, as an example only, that I wanted to add in a scene where Misty starts to tap-dance with an Ursaring but I wouldn't be able to do that because all the 3 years I spent on this would go to waste since it'd change the scene sompletely. I also hate how I outlined every single chapter on my journal - almost no space to add some new things...

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
Blue-chan said:
I hate how any succesful idea I've had so far is just me copying Lili-chan's work. =P Oh, and the fact that I've completely gotten Mewtwo's character wrong so far, and it'll be tough fixing it. Oh well.
Lol, I liked Mewtwo's personality. ^^
Blue Pokemon Master said:
I don't like how I often start a fic and that scrap it when I get a new idea. Then it happens again (although I've finally clinged to an idea for a while now).
Well, that's not really what I meant...I meant like with a good fic (like your Pokemon War, for example) where there's just something about it that keeps poking you, y'know?



Fire boy
I'll be talkin about my world saviors story even though I only posted one chapter.

Things I hate about my story... Most of the people don't like my description and say it's lackin (Which it is a lil bit.) so I guess that's one thing. Another thing MIGHT be the repetitiveness in this first saga of the story as Whit and Darryl travel.

But the things I love about is that it's original, well have several colorful characters, a lotta fights, sagas, drama, adventure, and etc.

I hope it turns out as good as I dream it would be.
The Skull of the Cubone.....IMO, it was a decent idea, but I was fledgling writer at the time, and I basically killed the poor thing. Now, I'm a lot more experienced, and at least Hoenn's Legacy is getting some recognition. The Skull of the Cubone had two regulars in its time, and any professional author who read it rated it average at best. Still, it was my first Fic, so I suppose I can't just delete it......Meh, I hope I do the sequel some justice ._.

The 8th Champion

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
I just remembered yet another thing that sucks about my story.

The first chapter is the most boring thing to ever grace fanfiction.

Are you an insomniac? Just read that chapter to cure it. Are you feeling insecure about your own fic? Just read it to boost your own ego. I just know people fled from my fic (the original and the revised version) by just reading the opening scenes. And honestly, I wouldn't blame them. >_<

It almost makes me want to rewrite it...again!


The one thing I utterly despise about Love and Loyalty is the prolouge. I might have to rewrite it, as it draws away readers. Seriosuly, I'm sure that's why people don't read it. ;__;


Lost but Seeking
Meh, I hate how all of the depressing stuff in my main 'fic is starting to spiral out of control. It makes me be mean to my main character, and it's going to end up getting much worse before it gets better.

It's been planned to happen that way, but I think readers are getting tired of it.

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
.. I want to kill With the Wind at My Back at the moment.. I wrote it in 03'04, with one chapter actually written this year. As in.. two months ago. But all the chapters before that really, really don't show my true writing calibre.

To put it plainly, the first five chapters of With the Wind at My Back suck. Not horribly, but enough to make me want to burn it.. I don't understand why I thought I should post it here when it really.. isn't. It was good for me during 2003 and 2004.. but now.. no. Doesn't reflect my writing capabilities.

I think people who read that before any new fiction might be drawn away by anything new I write.. and that saddens me.. but meh, life goes on.


I have ideas planned out, but I rarely finish any of my chapter fics. As for my one-shots, the thing I hate is that you can't really develop the character. 'My Happy Ending' was my first try at a one-shot, but it had a sappy ending. I now am writing one-shots due to halloween, and most likely, my next chaptered fic, may come in December. The one thing I hate is every time I start on a fic, in the end, I never finish it. Only for my one-shots.


Just me
I don't really hate much about the plot of The Quest for the Legends, amazingly enough. All the nonsense that was in the original is being tied up and the thing is that that is the best thing ever to happen to the fic, since pretty much the entirety of the current plot is based on loose ends from earlier in the fic. What I really did hate (stuff like the book of legendaries, Hogia, etc.) is all being removed in the newest revision. I would hate Molzapart simply for the stupidity of being a legendary fusion, but I love all my characters... The main plot is also being hinted at near the beginning in the new revision, so even though it's not actually in as early as it could be, it's not as bad as it used to be.

I guess the main thing I hate is how I can never get it right and always feel the need to change something before more people read it.


I used to love my original Dust to Deceit, back when I began, but now, with age and maturity over back then, I begin to realize how awful and how awful I butchered the English language, just to sound deep and poetic. Now, fortunately, there's a such thing as revisions, which makes me feel much better about my work.


Well-Known Member
I'm a newb writer(not so new in reality, but I'm still new compared to you), and I often red through my fics and I think "OMG did I write that only four months ago?" It shocks me. Compare the prologue to NL, NH to chapter 4, and you'll have trouble believing it's the same fic. I worry that my fics will be cut, but I then think that it may be a chance to restart. I'll keep the plots the same if it happens, but I'll redo the chapters with my new skills. I really hate how dull my first chapter of NL, NH was. It also doesn't help my plot changed as I went along, so sometimes you may read parts that don't fit. If I ever get round to it(Or suffer big time writers block), I may just redo the chapters.


Johto Champion
I don't think my current 'fic is that good, but what I don't like:

It feels like three stories in one, currently, which it isn't...

I need to develop the characters. I mean, okay, so I've only got the prologue out so far, but still.

But I do need people to critique. I need to be critiqued...blah...

I also hate that, in a few weeks, I'll revise the 'fic again.


Irredeemable Nerd
*steals all the money from Chibi's bucket*

*counts it*

crap, only two cents!

well, I don't really have a problem with my fics, except that they're ALL basically backstory for my ultimate fic Time of the Titans. and there is just SO MUCH backstory!

look at Hell Hath no Fury: An Ice Queen's SAga. that's what...155 or so pages in MS Word? And that's just the prologue to the Engaran Wars Trilogy!!!

Multiply HHNF times three, add in another couple prologues, one shots, spin-offs, whatever...


I hate myself for making so complex a background. over eighty Pokemon made up so far with many more on the way, at least 20 teams, more than 6 made up countries...

all with complex backgrounds (for about 30 of the Pokes. 15-18-20 of the Pokes, the Titans [one of about four made up types], merited their own fic...)

*tosses Chibi's two cents back into the bucket*

EDIT: *goes back to work on Operation Celebi*

*notices the nifty new quick editing thing*



Team Rocket's rockin
Chibi Pika said:
Well, that's not really what I meant...I meant like with a good fic (like your Pokemon War, for example) where there's just something about it that keeps poking you, y'know?
Yeah, I thought I was answering the wrong way. Let's see, Pokemon War... well, obviously, description. That's probably the one thing I got the most experience out of from that fic. Seriously, the first chapter had practically no description, whatsoever. I'm still not amazing at describing things, but I'm a whole lot better than I was back then. I'll probably rewrite that fic someday. ^^