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that1chick's Special Ball Shop -- Trading 100+ Pokemon

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by that1chick, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    that1chick's Special Ball Shop -- Trading 150+ Pokemon

    Welcome to my Special Poke ball Shop! Trading over 150 different Pokémon in different Special Poke balls! Everything is bred ON DEMAND.

    UPDATE!: Shop has been reopened as of 05/24/2017!! Still looking for Special Ball Pokémon. Egg Moves, Nature, and IV breeding is by request only

    PokeBank: I do not have very many Special Ball Pokémon from previous generations. Will accept offers for Dream/Fast/Friend/Heavy/Level/Love/Lure/Moon Ball Pokémon that I don't have listed


    ◊ Love Ball - Timid (Encore)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Timid

    ◊ Moon Ball - Jolly (Feint Attack, Baton Pass, Play Rough)

    ◊ Love Ball - Timid (Mist, Mirror Coat, Pain Split, Tickle)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Hasty (Mirror Coat, Refresh, Pain Split)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Modest
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Impish (Mirror Coat, Refresh)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Adamant (Iron Tail)
    ◊ Fast Ball - HA Adamant (Iron Tail)
    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Adamant (Iron Tail)
    ◊ Level Ball - Jolly (Reversal, Counter, Iron Tail)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Hardy (Hydro Pump, Twister, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Bold (Dragon Dance)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Timid (Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump)
    ◊ Level Ball - Jolly (Hydro Pump, Thrash, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Hasty (Dragon Dance)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Jolly (Endure, Hydro Pump, Dragon dance, Fire Fang)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Jolly
    ◊ Level Ball - Relaxed

    ◊ Love Ball - Modest (Giga Drain, Synthesis, Weather ball, Acid Spray)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Jolly (Play Rough, Synthesis)
    ◊ Love Ball - Jolly (Play Rough, Synthesis)

    ◊ Love Ball - Jolly (Ice Fang, Poison Fang)
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Jolly (Water Pulse, Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Rage)

    ◊ Love Ball - Jolly (Fake Out, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Mild
    ◊ Fast ball - HA Adamant (Hydro Pump, Psychic Fangs)
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Jolly (Psychic Fangs, Thrash, Double-Edge, Ancient Power)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Adamant (Psychic Fangs)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Quiet
    ◊ Level Ball - Gentle
    ◊ Love Ball - Calm

    ◊ Beast Ball - Serious

    ◊ Beast Ball - Docile (Body Slam, Grassy Terrain, Heal Pulse)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Calm (Leech Seed)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Careful (Leech Seed)
    ◊ Level Ball - Relaxed (Leech Seed)
    ◊ Love Ball - Gentle (Leech Seed)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Bold (Leech Seed, Leaf Storm, Grass Whistle)

    ◊ Lure Ball - Modest (Soak)

    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Calm (Wish, Metronome, Aromatherapy) (parent has perfect IV spread)
    ◊ Love Ball - Brave (Aromatherapy, Wish)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Calm

    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Calm
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Calm

    ◊ Love Ball - HA Calm (Head Smash, Curse, Icicle Spear, Liquidation)
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Modest (Head Smash, Curse, Icicle Spear, Liquidation)

    ◊ Dream Ball - Impish (Memento)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Mild (Grass Whistle, Encore)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant (Amnesia, Endeavor, Superpower, Wide Guard)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Jolly (Amnesia, Endeavor, Superpower, Wide Guard)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Adamant (Iron Head, Belly Drum, Chip Away)
    ◊ Level Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Adamant (Iron Head, Perish Song)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Hardy
    ◊ Fast Ball - Timid (Moonblast, Speed Swap, Baton Pass)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Timid (Moonblast, Skill Swap)
    ◊ Level Ball - Sassy

    ◊ Fast Ball - Modest (Double Kick)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Hasty (Flare Blitz, Double Kick)
    ◊ Level Ball - Brave (Flare Blitz, Double Kick, Extrasensory)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Calm (Dragon Rage, Assurance)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Timid (Dragon Rage, Assurance)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant (Aurora Beam, Stockpile, Spit Up)
    ◊ Fast Ball - Jolly
    ◊ Friend Ball - Jolly (Power Split, Aurora Beam, Stockpile, Spit Up)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Spit Up, Stockpile)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Jolly (Power Split, Aurora Beam, Stockpile, Spit Up)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Careful
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Level Ball - Quirky
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Lure Ball - Sassy

    ◊ Beast Ball - Jolly
    ◊ Level Ball - Jolly

    ◊ Beast Ball - Quiet
    ◊ Level Ball - Bold (Hurricane)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Modest

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Jolly (Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet)
    ◊ Fast Ball - HA Jolly (Mist, Haze, Aqua Jet)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Timid (Dragon Dance)
    ◊ Level Ball - Docile
    ◊ Lure Ball - Careful (Dragon Rush)

    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Modest (Weather Ball, Memento, Hypnosis, Destiny Bond)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Hardy
    ◊ Dream Ball - HA Modest (Wish)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Modest (Stored Power, Yawn, Curse, Wish)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Modest (Wish, Yawn, Charm, Stored Power)
    ◊ Level Ball - Calm (Curse, Yawn, Wish, Stored Power)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Modest (Wish, Charm, Yawn, Stored Power)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Adamant (Yawn, Wish, Curse)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Modest (Stored Power, Wish, Yawn)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Lonely (Wish, Stored Power, Yawn, Curse)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Brave
    ◊ Level Ball - Adamant

    ◊ Fast Ball - HA Timid (Charm, Baton Pass)
    ◊ Love Ball - Calm (Roost, Shock Wave, Charm, Speed Swap)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Bold (Haze, Brine, Dragon Pulse, Mirror Coat)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Modest (Dragon Pulse, Mirror Coat, Haze, Captivate)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Bold (Dragon Pulse) Mirror Coat, Haze, Hypnosis)

    ◊ Level Ball - HA Adamant (Tailwind, Quick Guard)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Adamant (Weather Ball, Giga Drain, Aromatherapy, Leaf Storm)

    ◊ Beast Ball: Timid (Perish Song)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Adamant (Curse, Wide Guard, Block, Magnet Rise)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Jolly (Outrage, Iron Head)
    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Jolly (Outrage, Iron Head)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Jolly (Outrage, Iron Head)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Modest (Aqua Tail, Mud Sport, Hydro Pump, Signal Beam)
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Modest (Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Mud Sport, Signal Beam)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Modest (Iron Tail, Acid Armor)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Bashful
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Modest (Endure)
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Modest (Endure)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Serious
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Careful (Shadow Sneak, Curse, Clear Smog)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Curse, Shadow Sneak)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant (Double-Edge, Close Combat, Crunch, Flare Blitz)
    ◊ Fast Ball - Timid (Heat Wave, Double-Edge, Morning Sun, Burn Up)
    ◊ Level Ball - Impish (Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Morning Sun)
    ◊ Love Ball - Rash (Morning Sun)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Modest (Mud Shot)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Hardy (Electroweb, Mud Shot, Endure)
    ◊ Level Ball - Modest (Mud Shot, Endure)
    ◊ Love Ball - Calm

    ◊ Beast Ball - Timid (Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Quiet (Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond)
    ◊ Level Ball - Quiet (Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond, Wide Guard)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Modest (Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Modest (Outrage, Dragon Breath)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Modest (Dragon Breath)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Bold

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Jolly
    ◊ Friend Ball - Modest
    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Serious (Reversal, Counter, Dragon Breath)
    ◊ Level Ball - Adamant (Counter, Reversal, Dragon Breath)
    ◊ Love Ball - Calm

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Impish
    ◊ Dream Ball - Adamant (Perfect IV Spread)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Naive
    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Jolly

    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant (Play Rough, Sing, Wish, Charm)
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant (Sing, Wish, Play Rough, Charm)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Careful (Wish, Sing, Play Rough, Charm)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Modest
    ◊ Lure Ball - Quiet (Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Refresh)

    ◊ Level Ball - Calm

    ◊ Level Ball - Jolly (After You, Psychic Fangs, Pursuit, Yawn)
    ◊ Love Ball - Hardy

    ◊ Moon Ball - Modest

    ◊ Dream Ball - HA Naughty

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Adamant (Close Combat, Quick Guard, Bullet Punch, Thunder Punch)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Naive
    ◊ Lure Ball - Jolly

    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Modest

    ◊ Beast Ball - Rash
    ◊ Friend Ball - Serious
    ◊ Level Ball - HA Bold
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Bold
    ◊ Lure Ball - Careful (Swallow, Spit Up, Stockpile, Haze)
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Bold (Swallow, Stockpile, Haze)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Bold

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant (Belly Drum, Body Slam, Aqua Jet)
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant (Aqua Jet)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Timid (Hypnosis, Covet, Foul Play, Parting Shot)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Lax
    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant
    ◊ Love Ball - Jolly (Destiny Bond, Curse)
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant (Destiny Bond, Curse, Nightmare)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Jolly (Destiny Bond, Curse)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Modest (Green)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant (Green)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Jolly (Violet)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Jolly (Indigo)
    ◊ Level Ball - Impish (Blue)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Careful (Indigo)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Violet)

    ◊ Moon Ball - Timid (Curse, Imprison, Destiny Bond, Spite)

    ◊ Love Ball - HA Bold

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Adamant (Body Slam, Mud Bomb, Magnitude, Close Combat)
    ◊ Level Ball - Adamant (Body Slam, Mud Bomb, Magnitude, Close Combat)
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant (Body Slam, Mud Bomb, Magnitude, Close Combat)

    ◊ Dream Ball - Rash

    ◊ Love Ball - Modest (Psychic Terrain, Wonder Room, Extrasensory)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Sassy (Psychic Terrain, Wonder Room, Extrasensory)

    ◊ Love Ball - Modest (Pluck, Tailwind, Safeguard, Captivate)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Modest (Pluck, Tailwind, Safeguard, Captivate)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Lonely (Brine)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Hasty (Brine)

    ◊ Level Ball - Jolly (Iron Head, Quick Guard, Seismic Toss, Quick Attack)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Iron Head, Quick Guard, Seismic Toss, Quick Attack)

    ◊ Level Ball - HA Adamant
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Adamant (Me First, Quick Guard, Power Trip, Storm Throw)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Me First, Quick Guard, Power Trip, Storm Throw)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Modest
    ◊ Love Ball - Timid

    ◊ Beast Ball - Lax HA (Grudge, Bestow, Imprison, Venom Drench)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Careful (Encore, Bestow, Fake Out, Present)
    ◊ Fast Ball - Timid (Electric Terrain, Charge)
    ◊ Level Ball - Timid (Charge, Electric Terrain)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Modest
    ◊ Fast Ball - HA Adamant
    ◊ Level Ball - Timid

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Impish

    ◊ Friend Ball - Jolly (Haze, Bubble Beam, Encore)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Lax

    ◊ Lure Ball - Timid
    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Modest (Yawn, Encore, Hypnosis)

    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Adamant
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Bold (Endure, Tickle, Bestow, Venom Drench)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Bold (Bullet Punch)
    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Modest (Counter)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Adamant (Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick, Crunch)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Jolly (Vacuum Wae, Bullet Punch)
    ◊ Level Ball - Quiet (Bullet Punch)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, High Jump Kick, Crunch)

    ◊ Beast Ball: Adamant (Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch, Crush Claw)
    ◊ Heavy Ball: Gentle
    ◊ Level Ball: Jolly (Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Thrash, Sucker Punch)
    ◊ Moon Ball: HA Jolly (Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Thrash, Sucker Punch)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Adamant (Thrash, Sucker Punch, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang)

    ◊ Fast Ball - HA Lax
    ◊ Level Ball - Adamant (Heavy Slam)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Naughty (Skull Bash)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Careful (Recover, Sucker Punch, Imprison, Flatter)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Bold (Nasty Plot, Flatter, Trick, Recover)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Hasty
    ◊ Love Ball - Modest

    ◊ Beast Ball - Bold (Amnesia, Swallow, Spit Up, Stockpile)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Hasty (Stockpile, Destiny Bond)
    ◊ Level Ball - Bold
    ◊ Lure Ball - Bold (Amnesia, Swallow, Destiny Bond, Stockpile)

    ◊ Level Ball - HA Adamant (Pursuit, Beat Up, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Adamant (Night Slash, Amnesia, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Jolly (Curse, Icicle Crash, Night Slash, Metal Claw)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Jolly (Icicle Crash, Night Slash, Curse, Icicle Spear)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Jolly (Icicle Crash, Night Slash, Metal Claw)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Calm (Night Slash)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Timid (Night Slash)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Jolly (Me First)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Jolly (Icicle Spear, Rock Blast)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Impish (Bubble Beam, Avalanche, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast)

    ◊ Beast Ball - HA Rash (Mirror Coat, Curse, Counter, Clear Smog)
    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Modest (Mirror Coat, Stockpile, Yawn, Clear Smog)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Hasty (Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Night Slash)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant (Eerie Impulse)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Adamant (Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Eerie Impulse)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Jolly (Hammer Arm, Slash)

    ◊ Dream Ball - HA Quiet (Trick Room IVs)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Calm (Belch, Belly Drum)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Calm (Belch, Belly Drum)

    ◊ Moon Ball - Jolly (Icicle Crash, Fake Out, Pursuit, Throat Chop)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Naughty

    ◊ Love Ball - Timid (Disable, Avalanche, Hex, Weather Ball)

    ◊ Love Ball - Serious

    ◊ Friend Ball - Modest (Night Shade)
    ◊ Moon Ball - Mild (Night Shade)

    ◊ Fast Ball - Serious
    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant

    ◊ Level Ball - Relaxed (Roost)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Careful (Roost)

    ◊ Lure Ball - HA Timid

    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Adamant (Force Palm, Ice Punch, Stomping Tantrum)
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant (Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Wide Guard)
    ◊ Love Ball - Adamant (Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Force Palm, Stomping Tantrum)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant

    ◊ Beast Ball - Impish

    ◊ Level Ball - Jolly (Fissure, Stealth Rock, Icicle Spear, Freeze-Dry)

    ◊ Heavy Ball - HA Jolly

    ◊ Dream Ball - HA Adamant (Rapid Spin)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Bold (Thrash, Sucker Punch, Curse, Superpower)
    ◊ Beast Ball - Adamant (Heavy Slam, Sucker Punch, Endeavor, Superpower)
    ◊ Fast Ball - Naughty (Superpower)
    ◊ Level Ball - Adamant (Superpower)

    ◊ Fast Ball - Jolly (Fake Out, Encore, Wish, Reversal)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Timid
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Jolly (Wish, Encore, Fake Out, Reversal)
    ◊ Love Ball - Jolly (Fake Out, Reversal, Wish, Encore)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Relaxed (Future Sight)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Timid (Stored Power, Nasty Plot, Future Sight)
    ◊ Love Ball - Bold (Nasty Plot, Future Sight)

    ◊ Fast Ball - Quiet (Superpower, Clear Smog, Eruption, Yawn)
    ◊ Friend Ball - Adamant (Superpower, Eruption, Fissure)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Naughty
    ◊ Level Ball - Quiet (Eruption)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Jolly (Aqua Jet, Ancient Power, Dragon Dance, Metal Claw)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Adamant (Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Crunch)

    ◊ Friend Ball - Jolly

    ◊ Beast Ball - Modest
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Careful
    ◊ Level Ball - Lax (Flail, Endure, Iron Defense)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Gentle

    ◊ Beast Ball - Gentle

    ◊ Heavy Ball - Naughty (Iron Defense, Autotomize, Magnet Rise, Ice Shard)

    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Mold (Roost, Foul Play)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Timid (Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Encore, Disable)
    ◊ Dream Ball - HA Timid (Hex) (Non-Alola Form)
    ◊ Friend Ball - HA Hasty (Moonblast, Extrasensory)
    ◊ Love Ball - HA Timid (Hypnosis, Freeze-Dry, Moonblast, Encore)
    ◊ Moon Ball - HA Timid (Moonblast, Encore, Freeze-Dry, Disable)

    ◊ Beast Ball - Timid (Aqua Jet)
    ◊ Fast Ball: Adamant (Metal Claw, Aqua Jet, Wide Guard, Spikes)
    ◊ Heavy Ball - Adamant (Wide Guard)
    ◊ Level Ball - Lax (Aqua Jet)
    ◊ Lure Ball - Adamant (Aqua Jet)

    ◊ Lure Ball - Bold (Twister, Wide Guard, Aqua Ring)

    ◊ Lure Ball - Modest
    ◊ Lure Ball - Quiet (Mist, Water Pulse, Muddy Water, Water Sport)


    Looking For other Special Ball Pokémon that I don't already have OR Pokémon with egg moves, their HA or better nature than what I presently have for trade

    Definitely willing to consider all offers. Initial offer and acceptance should be completed here -- trading details should be done via PM/IM
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
  2. RasenShuriken6

    RasenShuriken6 Well-Known Member

    Hey there!

    Could I offer you a HA lure ball Pyukumuku and HA friend ball Comfey for your HA love ball Goomy and HA fast ball Pikipek?
  3. ZeAfroGentleman

    ZeAfroGentleman New Member

    Hello, hello.

    I can offer you a Power Lens for your Timid Pichu. However, before we trade I have a quick question. What are the IVs on your Timid Pichu like? Is it 5IV with the IVs in the right places? Because if so, I'd happily take it off your hands for my extra Power Lens.

    Just saw that it said it would take some time since you had to breed it. Whoopsie me. Heh, sorry.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
  4. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Intrested in the following;

    1. Meowth - Heavy ball - Timid (Hypnosis, Covet, Foul Play Parting Shot)
    2. Goomy - Love ball - HA
    3. Sanshrew - Moon ball - HA
    4. Oranguru - Love ball

    Offering this list, most of them have several max ivs, including some perfect spreads and egg moves. ( you can pick 4 out of them :) )

    Snorlax - Beast ball - adamant - Thick fat
    Alola Diglet - Beast ball - Jolly - Sand force (HA)
    Alola Grimer - Beast ball - Adamant - Power of Alchemy (HA)
    Mareenie - Lure ball - Sassy/carefull, your pick - Regenerator (HA)
    Roggenrola - Beast ball - Brave - Weak Armor
    Drampa - Level ball - Bold - Berserk
    Sandygast - Heavy ball - Quiet - Sand Veil (HA)

    Hope there is anything you like :)
  5. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    You have a deal. I will have to breed the Pikipek, but I have both male and female of the Goomy available. I can only trade 1-3pm central time Wednesday-Friday or anytime Saturday.

    The one you're referring to is my Fast Ball Pichu and the parent has perfect IVs in HP/AT/DEF/SPA and very good in SPE. I don't see it being a problem to breed for the right IVs. I'll breed for the right IVs in exchange for the Power Lens.

    I'll trade for the Drampa (Level), HA Sandygast (Heavy), HA Diglett (Beast), and GA Grimer (Beast). I have to breed everything except the Oranguru. It is your call if you want me to pass down the egg moves I have on my Moon Ball Oranguru -- Psychic Terrain, Wonder Room and Extrasensory.
  6. ZeAfroGentleman

    ZeAfroGentleman New Member

    Breed me one with 5IV with the bad IV being Attack preferable and we have a deal. I'll give you my extra Power Lens for that. :)
  7. RasenShuriken6

    RasenShuriken6 Well-Known Member

    I'll take the female Goomy please. Tomorrow should be good to trade. I'm an hour ahead of you and I get home from work around 3. Will that be ok?
  8. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    I've got the following:

    Love Ball Stuffal, Adamant EM Wide Guard, Mega Kick, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch
    Moon Ball Solosis, EM Night Shade
    Moon Ball Gible, Jolly, HA, EM Outrage, Iron Head
    Level Ball Wimpod, EM Aqua Jet
    Level Ball Elekid
    Heavy Ball Goomy
    Fast Ball Roggenrola
    Friend Ball Bagon (might be able to breed Dragon Dance as an Egg move)
    Friend Ball Grubbin, EM Electroweb, Mudshot, Endure
    Beast Ball Bagon, EM Dragon Dance
    Beast Ball Rockruff (might be able to breed HA, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Thrash onto it)
    Beast Ball Magikarp
    Beast Ball Wimpod

    I'll need to breed these (might get a few more by tomorrow I'm doing a swap with one of my Apricorn ball collecting buddies). Let me know if you're interested in any and what natures you're after, I don't mind breeding for them.
  9. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    Will do, I will let you know when it is ready via PM.

    That works for me. Please let me know when you are ready via PM.

    Interested in the Solosis (Moon), HA Gible (Moon), Wimpod (Level), Elekid (Level), Goomy (Heavy), Roggenrola (Fast), Bagon (Friend), and Grubbin (Friend). Let me know what you would like in return.
  10. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    I'm interested in:

    Moon Ball Deino
    Heavy Ball Geodude HA
    Moon Ball Sneasel
    Moon Ball Bagon
    Friend Ball Gible
    Moon Ball Passimian
    Level Ball Turtonator
    Lure Ball Horsea

    Let me know if this is acceptable.
  11. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    This works for me. I will start breeding tonight. I can only trade between 1-3pm central time through Friday. Please PM me to make arrangements to trade.
  12. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    Cool, will do once they're done on my end. Do you care about Nature's, Gender's and IV's?
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
  13. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    If it's a good nature great, but it's not a big deal. I can breed for IVs myself so no need to breed for specific IVs.
  14. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Egg moves sounds great, thank you. Can you let me know when your finished in VM?
  15. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Hello. I can offer you a Quiet Torkoal (Drought and 0Spe IV) in Level Ball for a Modest Friend Ball Petilil. Are you interested?
  16. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    Definitely interested. I will breed tonight as I'm breeding in trade request order. I'm available all day tomorrow to trade and will be ready to trade then.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
  17. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    All right! My timezone is GMT. Send me a PM or VM once you finish so we can schedule the trade :)
  18. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Intrested in

    Moon ball ◊ Passimian - Adamant (Iron Head, Quick Guard, Seismic Toss, Quick Attack)


    Love ball Komala - Adamant - Play Rough, Sing, Charm, Wish.
  19. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Would you accept a Drampa trade?
    I offer a Quiet one on a Beast Ball for your Modest one on a Moon Ball.
  20. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    Sounds good to me. I'm working for the next five days so I'll only be able to trade between 1:30-3:00pm central time or after 12:30am central time. I stay up late so I can be available for longer at night.

    That works for me. I'm working for the next five days so I'll only be able to trade between 1:30-3:00pm central time or after 12:30am central time. I stay up late so I can be available for longer at night.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016

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