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that1chick's Special Ball Shop -- Trading 100+ Pokemon

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by that1chick, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. raymart92

    raymart92 New Member

    hi im interested in your female friendball eevee with em ivs doesn't matter, would you like my heavyball swinub with em??
  2. that1chick

    that1chick Pokemon Breeder

    Sorry for the late reply. IF you're still interested I am interested in trading. I can breed tonight and trade for Friday.

    Is it alright if it's male? I don't have any bred yet, but it'd be quicker to get a male.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2017
  3. Jayownsyourface

    Jayownsyourface Flexin' & Finessin'

    Interested in the following:

    Moon ball bagon
    Moon ball Cubone
    Level ball growlithe
    Heavy ball Jangmo-mo
    Heavy ball sandshrew
    Friend ball stuffull
    Heavy ball vanillite

    I still have all my apricorn balls excent lure so if you want some one specifically I'll see what I can do

    I have the following

    Level ball Jangmo-mo ....with egg moves
    Lure ball Jangmo-mo.... with egg moves
    Moon ball Sneasle
    Level ball sandile
    Beast ball feebas

    Lots of premier, quick, luxury etc

    And plenty of bottle caps
  4. kingcasper

    kingcasper New Member

    Need a Mareanie (regenerator) low level and any plain ditto.. can ya help?
  5. tenshijin

    tenshijin New Member

    ill give you a power anklet for a rough skin garchomp. or whatever else you want. I have lots of bred pokes, but none were done with specific balls.
  6. DUSKIT10

    DUSKIT10 New Member

    I can trade you a h/a Chespin for one of your h/a riolu

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