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That's Just Swellow! (356)

Ashy Boy

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Great debut episode for Swellow. The only thing I couldn't stand was that cocky cowboy-esque trainer who lost to Ash in the first round.

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
If you were a player of the games and had guides(like I did), you'd know that Volbeat can use electric attacks. I liked how James was so clever, but in the end Ash won by using his new Swellow to get the ring on the post. Only thing was that the dubbers said "Use Wing!"

I want to take a photo of that picture of Ash at the end and put it on my (phantom) website. :D


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Wow, this was a great episode. I was rooting for James though.


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minor crobat appearance 10/10 lol
well anyway episode was nothing special and nothing really bad 7/10


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About Trainer's Choice, they showed that Seviper evolves from Arbok.

That wasn't this episode. That was A Fan with a Plan.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. The PokeRinger tournament was a unique event, and having James compete in it and actually get second place was nice to see. I also like how they showed off Taillow's Guts ability again by having it withstand Volbeat's Thunder.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already, but did anybody notice that Shane's hair looks just like Swablu's antennas?
This was a nice episode. I loved Tailows loyalty to Ash as it went in that twister thing just to win. Then it evolved, and it was mad cool.


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I never wanted James to win so I'm glad he didn't. I mean at least Ash tried with the whole tornado thing and James was too full of himself to actually make me care about him, so I'm glad Ash won the contest.

I liked this episode because Taillow evolved into Swellow. And while I really don't care for Swellow in general I take exception to Ash's.
Aw... I really wanted May to win, because Ash gets the spotlight in everything. But I'm happy James got to do things this episode.

My one real gripe with this episode was the title. The dubbers practically spoiled the episode by revealing the main event so early.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I liked this episode too, mostly because Swellow is a favorite Pokemon of mine (Next to Pidgeot). I felt sorry for James though and laughed when he threw the flag at Meowth, how is it when Jessie wants to do her contest honestly none of them tries to steal Pokemon but when James does they don't let him do it properly (Meowth hasn't gotten that chance before either like in the Johto series when he wanted to play fair in the hot air balloon contest)


the pokeringer tournament was great.

James was very strong with Dustox. he almost won the tournament.

But the biggest event was of course Swellow.



Shiny Flygon
James did a nice work with Jessie's Dustox. He didn't win , but no one can ever forget his good tournament. Swellow won especially because of its speed.


Man of Mystery
I love how James is always skilled in the most obscure things lol.

But this episode was pretty good, I'm glad Taillow evolved.

Good episode.


This was one of my favorite Advanced Challenge episodes since it featured Taillow's evolution at the end. We got to see a new type of competition that wasn't in the games in this episode too; the PokéRinger competition which was made especially for Pokemon who could fly. The COTD was able to convince Ash and May to enter the competiton which got things started; he looked a lot like his Swablu haha. Ash's Taillow versus that other guy's Volbeat was a pretty intense battle since Volbeat could use Electric attacks but Taillow pulled through and won. May versus James was sort of surprising since James actually won with Dustox. Meowth dressed as a Wingull was so funny though! That last battle was really good since we got to see James actually push Ash and Taillow to their limit. Taillow evolved in time to win the round which was a little too convenient, but still better than nothing. I loved how original this episode was, so it gets a 8/10.


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This episode was good. It was cool to see a PokeRinger competition for the 1st time. It was great to see Tailow finally evolve into Swellow. I'm glad Ash won the competition with Swellow surviving the winds/tornado and finishing the win. It was cool to see James enter the competition as well.