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That's Just Swellow! (356)


The PokeRinger contest was terrible. It didn't help that it starred the personality devoid Tailow either.


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I loved this episode and the whole competition. I really thought it was an interesting concept and how Tailow took the spotlight and evolved at the end. I'm always enthusiastic about episodes like this were competitions are implemented.
When we first saw that Shane kid, I was thinking "nice hair, weirdo!" than I realized his Swablu had the exact same thing on it's head.
Then I felt guilty. :(

Glad Ash's Taillow evolved in to Swellow. :)

Lord Trollbias

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PokéRinger are always epic. Swellow straight up turned into Bird Jesus upon evolution.
Good episode I liked. Awesome for James and Ash to make it to the Finals. Glad to see Tailow evolve. Hopefully it has personality. I also liked the prize for the tournament, citizenship in the town.

Mrs. Oreo

Well seeing Ash's Taillow get screentime was a good thing especially since he evolved, which I thought was way overdue any ways ha ha. I was surprised by how good James was at Pokeringer however. ^^


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I loved the Pokeringer competition.I was surprised to see James being very good at it.Wanted him to win.It was cool to see Tailow finnaly evolving into swellow. ^^


Meh, Pokeringer wasn't so special and I only liked that James was finally competent at something lol. Too bad he used Dustox, which wasn't even his.


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It bugged me that Ash looked away from Swellow when it came back after winning. Dude, it's right in front of you.
I liked James calling May by her name and Meowth being this really mean pokemon-person.
James finally excelling at something was refreshing + Ash's Taillow's evolution into Swellow should have happened ages ago, but better late than never.
Nice to see that James actually made it to the finals, even beating the COTD. And his conversation with Meowth by way of flag-language was hilarious. Then, Meowth took James's part in reciting the motto, just like he took Jessie's in an earlier AG episode.


I liked this episode. I knew about Taillow evolving a long time ago, but it was still pretty good. I was kind of pissed that James lost. I knew he was going to, but he should have won that. Once again, Ash wins a tournament that he enters at the last minute. How does he do it? But May's face when she lost was priceless.


This episode made me realize how underused Satoshi's Subame was in the Houen saga, although that changed during PokeRinger. I loved seeing Kojirou excel at PokeRinger too, especially how Dokucale outmatched Haruka's Agehunt, which I think was the only time that happened in Advanced Generation. Ohsubame was great also.