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Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Arceus Master, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye


    Welcome to The Graphics Club. While previous clubs created by Azure Wolf and §Suicune§ did not last, I hope for this one to.This club is dedicated to those who spend their time creating computer graphics to improve their art skills. In this club, we create different banners, avatars, and userbars, and then show them to the other members to recieve comments and constructive criticism to help us improve for our future graphics. While everyone has their own style, you can show your style and improve on it. We will also have banner competitions where your banner skills can really come into use.If you think my first post is bad, such as the setup of it or anything else that you don't like, just tell me, give me suggestions, and I'll do what I can.

    [•]Club Rules[•]
    ~All SPPf Rules Apply
    ~To join, you must have any kind of graphics program with image editting effects (in other words, anything BUT Paint)
    ~No bashing any graphics of a member; Constructive Criticism is allowed
    ~To join, you must also be able to create either a banner, avatar, or a userbar which must be decent in terms of image effects
    ~This club is for graphic artwork and nothing more
    ~Respect the rank you are sorted in; your rank determines your skill level
    ~Any extremely large images must be only click able links
    ~No one line posters
    ~Type in proper grammar and language
    ~Use the form below when joining

    [•]Joining Form[•]

    §-Image Editing Program:
    §-How long you've been creating graphics:
    §-Your skill level opinion:
    §-Shop Owned:
    §-Three Examples:
    [•]Basic Details on Joining Form[•]

    §-Image Editing Program: What graphics program you use: Gimp; Photoshop; Paint.Net
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: From the time you started, how long have you been making graphics: One year, two months, seven weeks.
    §-Your skill level opinion: Where you think you are among skill levels: See below for details
    §-Shop Owned: Do you own a shop here on SPPf and attend to your requesters?
    §-Three Examples: Show some examples of your graphic artwork that you've made (make it recent)

    [•]Skill Levels[•]

    1-4: Poor
    5-6: Decent
    7-8: Skilled
    9-10: Talented

    -Arceus Master|Owner
    ______________Club Staff
    -Azure Wolf|Talented
    ______________Talented Members
    ______________Skilled Members
    -Mr. Yoshi|Decent
    -Angelic Pika|Decent
    -Lil Crickee|Decent
    -Miken Park|Decent
    ______________Decent Members
    -Phoenix Fire|Poor
    ______________Poor Members

    [•]Graphic Extras[•]
    -Digital Media Section-This is the forum on SPPf where you can create threads to show your graphics and get C & C for them.
    -Graphics Tutorial Thread-Courtesy of Azure Wolf, you can learn to create banners already made to help other members practice their graphic skills. Members may also summit their own tutorials in this thread.
    -DeviantArt-This is a great sight where you can find brushes for image editing programs such as Photoshop and GIMP. Just type in what brushes you're looking for, click on the catagory below the brush and once you've found a brush that you like, look for the download button on the left side of the screen to download the brush to your image editing program's brush folder (or where ever you save your brushes)


    Last edited: Sep 19, 2008
  2. Pokemon Trainer 619

    Pokemon Trainer 619 Pokemon Trainer 619

    I would like to join. i am an amatuer graphic artist. could i be one of the club staff? i will show my work later.
  3. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    This club again? Hn, I guess I'm joining.

    §-Image Editing Program: Photoshop CS2
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: I dunno, really, but I opened my first shop (not really nice one) on October.
    §-Your skill level opinion: 5-6: Decent, I guess.
    §-Shop Owned: d e a d l y embrace [icon shop]
    §-Three Examples:
    Most recent ones, not my best... ):
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2008
  4. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye

    Pokemon Trainer 619: No, you will not be allowed to join since you have failed to fill out a simple form I took my time to create. If you come back later and fill in the form, then you may be allowed to join.
    Mr. Yoshi: Congrats on being the first member. And yes, the club is back. Azure Wolf created one back in July of last year but no one knew about it so it was locked and §Suicune§'s club died because nobody posted in it after a while so I'd thought I'd make one for graphic makers to gather and talk even though there is a social group. Spriters are all too common in SPPf and graphic makers need some place to gather and share our artwork. So, yeah. You get the point, right?
    Anyway, after a few more members join, I'll start us off with a topic.
    Co-leaders are selected by me depending on how helpful and deticative a member is to the club so that goes for all members who wish to be a co-owner. If you ask, you will not recieve so keep that in mind.
  5. Pokemon Trainer 619

    Pokemon Trainer 619 Pokemon Trainer 619

    I use paint.
    I have been doing it for 1 month.
    Skill Level- 5 to 6
    No shops owned.

    There i hope thats alright.
  6. Riversong

    Riversong Buggy down.

    I draw, and make userbars and banners. I haven't really tried much else yet, but I plan on branching out.

    §-Image Editing Program: Photoshop Elements 2.0
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: I started making graphics around December.
    §-Your skill level opinion: 5-6 maybe
    §-Shop Owned: None
    §-Three Examples: 123

    Everything in my sig is made by me, too.
  7. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye

    Pokemon Trainer 619: It appears that you are incapable of reading the first post. If you had, you'd find the form used to join and also, you'd find that if you use paint, you cannot join because paint is for spriting and is horrible when it comes to graphics. So unless you are able to get GIMP, Photoshop, or some other image editting program AND you learn how to read rules, you will not be able to join.
    Riversong: Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay here. I've seen your userbars and they're quite nice. How much similar to userbarmaker userbars, yours are just better. You also make good banners from what I've seen--2 banners. Anyway, feel free to post your work and some members (when/if they join) will C & C your graphics.

    I think we could use some banners or userbars to advertise for the club since we are a little dry on members even though we've only just opened.
    Anyway, to kick off the club and attract members, our first topic.

    What is it that attracts you to create graphics?
    I fail at spriting; I don't have the patience for it. I've seen excellant banners from some of the best on SPPf, Azure Wolf, Sammi, etc. and I love the artwork and style, the texture, the feel to the banner, it can be amazing and I've always said to myself, "Hey, I want to make that too." I've tried but I'm pretty limited since I only have GIMP (Still good though for people who can't afford Photoshop). From Paint, to Paint.Net, to GIMP, I'm still approving and discovering new ways to make a good banner.
  8. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    I would like to join.

    §-Image Editing Program: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: A month or two, I think.
    §-Your skill level opinion: 1-4
    §-Shop Owned: screaming symphony
    §-Three Examples: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    I'm in? Awesome.

    What is it that attracts you to create graphics?
    Heh, I tried to make banners because I saw other people do it here in SPPf, and I wanted to make one for myself [because I don't really like giving credit in my sig ><] and I ended up with a crappy, overbrushed, ugly banner. I wanted to try some more, so I opened my first shop. Well, I've improved a lot since then, so I decided to open another one. So here I am today.

    And welcome to the new members~
  10. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye

    Phoenix Fire: Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to answer topics and show us your work that you want us to C & C.
    Mr. Yoshi: Yep, you're in easy enough. Getting into clubs shouldn't be that hard if you can read rules which I find more than 90% can't. Some just avoid reading rules and do whatever the above person does. And yes, I'm not too fond of giving credit in my signature either. it usually gets in the way for me but I found something that helps: If you have several things made by more than one person, you create a banner and put all of the credits on there so that it's only one link to show and also, if you plan your signature out, it can fit better.

    I've updated with a new rule that I didn't forget to put in but that I never got around to putting in. It is simply, No One Line Posts but I don't think that should be a problem in this club. But it's to help ensure the club has no one line posts and gets closed.
  11. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    Newest work. Requested by PurpleMew. I have done this style a few times, and I wanted to do it on one of the requests. It came out pretty nice ^^ The text just ... sucks. It's pretty nice, ne?

    And just a question...
    -Mr. Yoshi|Newbie (Pending Skill Level)
    Will you be the one rating us to get our rank?
  12. Da14u.C

    Da14u.C La mort de Narcisse

    i would like to join please ~

    §-Image Editing Program: GIMP
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: 1 week :p
    §-Your skill level opinion: 3/10
    §-Shop Owned: none
    §-Three Examples:
    ~ Here

    *first time i am using GIMP (its so kewl :p )
    * also note i am colour blind
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2008
  13. Azure Wolf

    Azure Wolf Well-Known Member

    §-Image Editing Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3 ; Adobe Illustrator CS3
    §-How long you've been creating graphics: More than 2 years.
    §-Your skill level opinion: 7-8: Skilled.
    §-Shop Owned: None
    §-Three Examples:

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2008
  14. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye

    Mr. Yoshi: That's a nice avatar. Plain and simple. There isn't much to comment on so I'm going to leave it at that. And yes, I was going to seperate members based on my opinion of skill level but I decided to seperate them based on their own skill level opinion. I've sorted you all. There may come a time where I seperate a member based on both their opinion and if I think their opinion is wrong, then I'll group them in a catagory that I think they'll go in.
    Da14u.C: Sorry but you followed the form and failed to read the rules. No Paint graphics allowed. Your style is Paint-like so you're not allowed to join unless you get another program.
    Azure Wolf: Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to answer any topics and show your artwork to get C & C on.

    I made a thread in the Digital Media thread that can be seen here. I've gotten only one post from someone who I think doesn't have a clue but I made a banner that I would love to get some C & C on.
    It's a banner for the fan fic I'm working on that I'll post when the 22nd rolls around but I would love to get some C & C on it. Mainly the moon, the flygon, the grass, and the sky. Basicly the whole thing but I would like to know what I did right and wrong with it.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2008
  15. Da14u.C

    Da14u.C La mort de Narcisse

    do you have to pay for a new imaging program?
  16. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    Well, you've certainly improved a lot. I looked at your PhotoBucket album, and I saw a few of your older banners. And if you compare them to the ones you make now, wow. Now, for my attempt on the C+C... The Flygon is sorta :/-ish. A sprite on a banner never really ends up good. You can clearly see the pixels and stuff, plus, it ended up blurry. The yellow outline on the text isn't very nice, either. But I understand why you put it, I guess: to make the text visible. And I think there are too many floral brushes on the sides, and a bit too exposed at that. You [probably] could've used another Dragonite image, too; Arkeis is getting too used. Maybe a TCG image?


    @Da14u.C: You don't need to pay for GIMP. And prevent one liners, please ><
  17. Da14u.C

    Da14u.C La mort de Narcisse

    i am so sory for my one-liner, anyway i have edited my first post, though i have ot yet done examples from GIMP (i will do them when i have time....). now is it ok if i join?

    ;182; : just here to make sure it is not a one-liner

    da14u.c : thanks bellie :)

    ;182; : you are welcome :)

    EDIT: i have edited my examples in my first post
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2008
  18. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    Newest. Heh, Sprited Away. Loved that movie, just remembered it today, so here. Well, Shirota says it's too yellow, and I should've gotten a fleshy-yellow color, like a notebook. I'm actually happy I found that light texture thingy on PhotoBucket: I was looking for it ><

    @Da14u.C: Look for tutorials in DeviantArt or LiveJournal.
  19. Rikku

    Rikku you're so mean! :@:@

    §-Image Editing Program:GIMP
    §-How long you've been creating graphics:1 year?
    §-Your skill level opinion: 5-6 decent
    §-Shop Owned: I don't remember xD
    §-Three Examples:[​IMG]

    I'm not really good,so I need advice please.Oh and I love avril lavigne : DDD and I'm not good at fonts. ):
  20. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye

    Da14u.C: Don't spam using smilies. If you're going to be a member, just type out all of the information on banners you present and topics as well. If you have to, go into detail.
    Mr. Yoshi: I like the avatar but something just doesn't seem right to me. It could be the soft, yellow glows that if looked at, can hurt your eyes but I'm not sure. Nice avatar anyway.
    Rikku: Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to show your graphics to get some C & C on them.
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