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The #1 Pokemon

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ok This Time were going to have All the pokemon face eachother too decide who's the #1 Pokemon and also I'll need help, so if there's anybody that wants to help, Just say so.
Ok first up is ;198; vs ;283;

Surskit Def. Murkrow

Natu Def. Poliwag

Skitty Def. Omanyte

Spoink Def. Drowzee

Kabuto Def. Magnemite

Porygon Def. Stantler

Grumpig Def. Smergle

Kingdra Def. Magcargo

Zapdos Def. Mewtwo

Piloswine Def. Jynx

Heracross Def. Jolteon

Phanpy Def. Feebas

Dusclops Def. Slaking

Zangoose Def. Electabuzz

Ninetails Def. Blaziken

Lotad Def. Lileep

Aipom Def. Hoppip

Celebi Def. Jirachi

Manertric Def. Togetic

Shuppet Def. Qwifish

Teddiursa Def. Ditto

Combusken Def. Crawdaunt

Espeon Def. Flygon

Cynadaquil Def. Wingull

Wurmple Def. Koffing

Voltrob Def. Weedle

Misdrevas Def. Belduim

Mods: AshMistyTogetic,Phizzle,Blood Vampire,Tysploion Dude

u may vote once a Hour

Note:Please Go to the Last page for the Current Face-off
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This will be intresting and long. Anyway, I vote Surskit. Pokemon who can float on water rule!


Belgian Waffles!!!
Surskit, murkrow annoys me.


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Murkrow needs some love.

Amaisan Axis

Jade Star Trainer
I vote Murkrow.

AMT, I'll help you out with this face-off if you want.


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New day, new vote for Surskit. Like I said, floating on water Pokemon dominate!
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