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The 2013 Spring Friendly (Official Singles Wi-Fi Tournament Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'Nintendo Formats' started by jstinftw!, May 3, 2013.


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  1. Mario C

    Mario C Member

    My Iron Fist Conkeldurr has been wrecking shop this tournament. Up to 1647 rating. A lot better than I was the last tournament. And just beat someone in the 1700s so hopefully moving up.
  2. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    Best to get the losing streak out of the way with this meaningless tournament ^_^

    But this just goes to show how unpredictable battles really can be
  3. MSK

    MSK Well-Known Member

    Lol yeah I wish I could. Only problem is I seem to have a bad losing streak during every tournament :( I can see myself breezing the Swiss rounds and the hitting my losing streak as soon as the KO rounds start!!
  4. old man

    old man On Guard!!!

    Folk you have to understand that people will use hacks if they can get them past the filter. Folks will use what ever they have to win. That's the bottome line. They want to win at any cost. So what does that mean for you.... Plan your team really really well. Bred to get the IV's you want & max out your ev spreads, then play with your team till you know what they can do.
  5. MSK

    MSK Well-Known Member

    If only I was a mathematical genius and could remember every Base Stat, SE move etc then I'd win all the time lol
  6. ludiloco

    ludiloco Well-Known Member

    Lol I always play with my Laptop on the Smogon stats page.
  7. MSK

    MSK Well-Known Member

    Lol, yeah I've had the Serebii pokedex open at times, but you have to be quick. Only thing is you can't have that at VGC so I need to learn :)

    EDIT: Still following the bad pattern, win 2 rating goes up a little, lose 1 against lower rank rating drops further than last time :(
    I peaked at 1693 now I'm down to 1618, I doubt I'll get back up to 1650 by end of the evening at this rate.
    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  8. old man

    old man On Guard!!!

    Sounds like you may have a focus problem..... Like me I play distracted ALOT. So don't beat down yourself so hard :)
  9. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    Meh, it's only a game, you win some, you lose some. Even the higher ranked players will lose to lower ranked ones. I actually enjoy the lower ranked, they come up with the most unique stuff possible
  10. ludiloco

    ludiloco Well-Known Member

    Well for me this is over, today i played my last 5 matches to reach a total of 40 battles, with the last one being a respectful forfeit of my opponent (with no disconections at all).

    My rating reached 1650 (10 points higher than last tournament), too bad many of the matches I actually got ended up in disconnections then I could've got a higher rating.

    Now one question: can I unlock my battle box now and free all my pokemon? or do I have to wait until the tourney ends to do it?
  11. MSK

    MSK Well-Known Member

    OH MY GOD!!!! I am furious
    Just came up against IsraVGC for the 2nd time, he was at 1998 this time. I was prepared for him this time and after a close battle I won 1-0 and what does the **** do RQ's.
    That was my ranking saver and it's gone because he couldn't take a loss, like I did to him earlier. I want to hunt him down and kick him in the face!!!! lol

    Well that's it I'm quitting now, got to 1655 again and I'm not risking any more so here are my final results:

    W - 61
    L - 33
    RQ - 5
    DC - 3

    MARKELL - Georgia USA
    VaWaHi - Finland (Tried to RQ but left it to late and it came back on and result went through so tough luck cheater)
    Boah - Chile (Tried to RQ but left it to late and it came back on and result went through so tough luck cheater)
    Panda - Mexico (RQ'd on the first move!! What a douche bag)
    Ethan - Florida USA (RQ'd on first move as my Genesect U-Turn'd his Tyranitar)
    SATUROS - No location (RQ'd on 2nd turn after his Rock Slide didn't KO my Thundurus)
    IsraVGC - Mexico (**** **** ****, beat him and he RQ after I took loss from him earlier, absolute scum bag and he was at 1998)

    Benji - No location (DC'd on team selection screen)
    PedroW - Brazil Ceara (DC'd on Match-Up screen)
    Vale - No location (They beat me and right at the last moment they DC'd it came back on and I was hoping they'd get the win but it went back to the blue screen. Gutted for them)
    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  12. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    I wasn't really looking for a high ranking in this tournament... I'm really not that good in 3 on 3 matches. Too much probability to where I begin to over think it :p

    But I did have an epiphany of sort... I figured out exactly what my battle style will be from here on out in tournaments
  13. joej m

    joej m Club Double Trouble


    Outrage from MD

    1959 rating after 100 battles, junior/senior division

    Record: 97(Win)-3(Loss)-13(RQer's)



    Most Used Pokemon: Kyurem-White
    Least Used Member: Thundurus-Therian
    Most KO's: Volcarona

    This tourney was the most fun I have had in one of these for quite a few reasons:
    1. In the first 3 days, there was not many RQ's, probably due to the little amount of pressure to do well, because there were no points involved.
    2. I completely CRUSHED Drizzleboy12 when i battled him :p (who I believe got more points than me in the end unless he lost a battle)
    3. I scored so well
    4. No VGC format is a great break from the high level competitiveness of VGC
    5. I really worked on my team on pure predictions of what the "metagame" would be like, and it only loosed me 3 out of 100 battles

    Can't wait for the results :D

    PS When looking for the results for me (if you want to), my PGL name is JOEJdoesVGC (it would be in juniors/seniors division)
    Last edited: May 20, 2013
  14. Darkendra

    Darkendra Leader of Dark Shade

    Oh wow I finally found the thread! Well I have no idea how many wins or losses I have but I have at least 80 battles so far in the Master Rank! I do however hate the fact it's a single battle format. It just reeks of not enough teamwork. :p
  15. Arcaninety1

    Arcaninety1 Member

    Finished at ~1670-1680. About 100 better than in the April International Challenge.

    A bit annoyed at some of my own mistakes though. If I could actually make any sort of sensible predictions I might have made it to 1700. Several times I sealed my own defeat in the first turn. Classic example:

    Turn 1: My Landorus-T vs Tyranitar. I go for Earthquake, opponent switches to Hydreigon and EQ is useless. I live the surf to take out Hydreigon with Hammer Arm, but with only about 23 health, Excadrill finishes me off with a Rock Slide and proceeds to sweep through my Hydreigon and Genesect.
  16. DarkS Umbreon

    DarkS Umbreon Eeveelutions 4eva!

    I did too. Through battling over and over, I've learnt what to do and what not to do in battle. Was my first tournament so I feel I did okay to stay around the 1500 mark with a team I liked, rather than a team I thought could win.
  17. Quantum1024

    Quantum1024 Flaming Death

    My competition run is over. On the whole, it was way better than my last two competition runs, and it was the only time I actually got more than 1600, better than my target of maintaining the baseline of 1500.

    Rating: 1607
    Ranking: 668

    Final stats
    Wins: 13 (incl. the win taken from the clutches of a ragequitter.)
    Losses: 4
    RQs: 2 (only 1 of them was a legit RQ. I managed to get 1 win recorded.)
    DCs: 1 (caused by my spotty connection. At least battle hasn't begun yet. Still got banned for 1 hour though.)

    Hall of Shame (RQers)
    JOSH - location not given - Seismitoad, Chandelure, Archeops, Cobalion, Conkeldurr, Mienshao
    JOSE - Andalusia, Spain - Starmie, Accelgor, Terrakion, Toxicroak, Weavile, Electivire

    Final assessment
    The team, while horrifyingly effective against the unaware (especially the Darmanitan-Mamoswine linchpin), falls to a single Pokemon: Terrakion. While it will lose a fight against Darmanitan or Mamoswine based on defenses, it is faster than either of them and could turn dust both of them with super effective attacks. The only way this will not occur is if Stone miss manages to not hit the Darmanitan, causing the Darmanitan to Superpower Terrakion to bits. I wouldn't count on that though. From personal observations, Terrakion is near impossible to wall. The only way to defeat a Terrakion or its Musketeer pals is to outspeed and overpower it with something even faster. Something like Jolteon or Espeon.

    I can't believe I hadn't got the hint after two unsuccessful runs, but I have to say it again: Hydreigon is really not my style of battling. Whatever Hydreigon covers has been covered by my Darmanitan-Mamoswine linchpin, and the space used for Hydreigon is better utilised for something even faster that outspeeds the main threats of the linchpin (Genesect and Terrakion).

    Mamoswine would need a different held item. The Liechi berry it held never seems to activate. Either it tanks a hit too weak to hit the pinch level, or it happens and then it gets taken out by priority.

    Also, I note that subversive methods (like entry hazards and status) are not very common in this match. In my battles, I note that no-one has used any switch-out moves (U-Turn/Volt Switch) or entry hazards (Spikes/Stealth Rock) against me: I was usually the only one with this kind of tactic (served me well nonetheless). It seems that people rely on Legendaries to get their wins more than skill (I look down on all users of Legendaries, choosing instead to use normal Pokemon), with the final tally being 12 out of 19 matches that use Legendaries.

    Of all the matches I have gone through, there was no evidence of any Choice items being used. Probably because I am packing a U-Turner or that Choice Band opponents were thoroughly dusted before they even got to use it.

    The success of my match this time around certainly made me wonder why I stopped using Darmanitan since Pokemon White or never used Ice-types since Generation 3. However, since I use a rain team for VGC, it seems that this team will have to be shelved until this autumn. In the meantime, I have to start learning which Pokemon to use in a rain team. Frogger and Mr. Pinap (Politoed and Ludicolo) will definitely be in, but I still have not decided on the other 4 Pokemon ever since the failure of my 1st Experimental Unit (Politoed, Ludicolo, Toxicroak, Volcarona, Galvantula, Metagross). Specific threats this time round are Thunderus-I, Cresselia and Swift Swim Kingdra.

    A final P.S.
    I have upgraded Zach's Battle Record Spreadsheet to take into account more items, like the detailed team profile of the opponent, the Pokemon used by the player during the actual battle, the final result (N-0 or 0-N, where N>0 and first number is player), and comments (ragequit? random musings?). The files are Excel templates and are different depending on what you are trying to record (Single? Double?).

    This is the file for single battle recording
    This is the file for double battle recording
    Last edited: May 23, 2013
  18. Galvazar

    Galvazar Member

    i feel i learned a lot from this tournament since i was unused to single battles since almost all tournaments are now doubles, but i feel i have found most of my desired team, but im still unsure of some pokes, i foun out bisharp to be a interesting pokemon, and i actually didnt use my kyurem white a lot at all
  19. joej m

    joej m Club Double Trouble

    Metagross and Azumarill and conkeldurr all OHKO with a gem/banded priority attack... plus they tank it nicely... yeah... and they also are all (azumarill a little less) are great at countering pokemon like kyurem with the right bulk, so they wouldn't have a single purpose of just taking out terrakion.
  20. hitoshura0

    hitoshura0 Well-Known Member

    The Tournament Rankings are in now. I finished number 102 in the Masters with a Rating of 1756. With one more rating point, I might have cracked top 100. Oh well. The 64 wins and 21losses isn't too bad. Sand duo was great and Scarfed Terrakion ate through tons of things, so I'm fairly impressed. Really needed a better Conkeldurr counter, though.
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