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the 3 legendary... dogs? cats?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by BoneBurry, Jul 9, 2008.


3 legendarie... dogs? beasts? cats? gerbils?

  1. dogs

    121 vote(s)
  2. cats

    56 vote(s)
  3. beasts

    112 vote(s)
  4. gerbils

    31 vote(s)
  5. something else?

    18 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. AuraWolf

    AuraWolf Neji and Tyki fan

    Maybe a mix beetween a male lion and a bear?
    But please can people get their animal facts right.One fact is that bears dont "roar" and i know in the old games of pokemon that the cats barked but in the new games like diamond etc they say they ROAR and from what i've heared only BIG CATS roar.
    But Raikou could easily be based on Raijuu. A japanese legend involving a animal made of lightning that can transforme into a TIGER. Entei could be a shishi (lion god) and Suicune could be a Wolf/Cheetah/Snow Leopard cross.
  2. maxx unlimited

    maxx unlimited <-Gender Undisclosed

    I say they are cats, because thats what they look like.
  3. Ayindree

    Ayindree Deviously deviant

    Dogs, that's what the Dex entries say, or at least the G/S/C ones. P:
  4. BoneBurry

    BoneBurry ¤¤ kyogre ¤¤

    yes, they do, but have you ever seen that standing in D/P games?
    non of us had or have or has ( my gramar sucks 0.o )
  5. Connor™

    Connor™ Showstopper

    well i think there almost certainly either dogs/ beats because theres no way you'd ever see a cat as beefy as entei or raikou (not counting lions) as tigers etc are sleeker like suicune who could just be an exception through and through as the other two are attacking pokemon and suicune is a defensive one and looks almost nothing ilke the others. well thats what i think anyways although im probably wrong -_-;
  6. Mrmagius

    Mrmagius ~Deity of Valleity~

    I always thought that they were more feline than canine, afterall I can see how oen could think that Suicune, and possibly even Entei, was a dog. But seriously, what the hell kind o' canine is Raikou supposed to be?!?
  7. antnie

    antnie <----- First Shiny

    They have more cat like features but I think they are called the legendary dogs.
  8. blackrose

    blackrose Well-Known Member

    i think most peopel refer to them as dogs, but i think it chould be beasts because they are a combination of dogs and cats.
  9. Char1016

    Char1016 Pokemon Communist

    Since they're pretty big it makes me call them beasts xD
  10. The Unknown Twinkie

    The Unknown Twinkie Lilligant is so cute

    They are dogs becuse they cant run like cats or others type of animals
  11. dark7days

    dark7days Member

    dogs, i believe that i read something or hearing the show calling them the three legendary dogs
  12. Evil Sonic

    Evil Sonic <-- Best Cat Pokemon

    I say beasts cause Entei and Raikou are dogs because they bark, but Suicune is a cheetah, because I checked Suicune's Pokedex entries and none said it barks.

    And a lot of Pokemon can Roar, like Zangoose and Persian. And they both are cat or cat-like Pokemon.
  13. Jdrawer

    Jdrawer ...

    They obviously dogs. Andy one who would call them cats beasts gerbils or something else is just saying that cause theyre simalar. Thats like calling a giraffe a beagle cause they're both quadrepeds.
  14. rukario590720

    rukario590720 Dont hate.Appreciate

    Suicune and Entei look like dogs but Raikou looks more like a tiger. So i think they're beasts
  15. Jerre

    Jerre Gogoat!

    They are most referred as dogs. But more with some Beast-like appereances.
  16. Dogs because they don't look cats.
  17. yiazmat

    yiazmat The ultimate terror

    legendary cats

    cats because entei = lion, raikou = tiger/leopard, suicune = puma.
  18. Mr.Palkia_7389

    Mr.Palkia_7389 Well-Known Member

    Cats don't roar do they. Shut up I know that Lions and tigers and big cats do.

    Rofl. Legendary Gerbil
  19. yiazmat

    yiazmat The ultimate terror

    Yes thats why I said they're cats not dogs :p
  20. Mew_Myuu

    Mew_Myuu Rikudou Sennin

    they are dogs. no argument as their official name is the Legendary Dogs
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