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The Activists (Sign ups)


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I back baby, well, sort of. Thought I'd come back with my typical and scare everyone half silly! Ready for the crazy? Because you better be! If I simply must rate this RPG,I'll go with PG-13.

The Activists​
“It was years ago we came here… How long has it been? I can’t remember today… Maybe it’ll come back tomorrow. I should start from the beginning, where it all started. Before that day we even came here…

Many years ago, people and Pokémon lived in harmony. Pokémon would help people work, be their pets, and even fight alongside them. There were these things, called Pokeballs, which people could use to hold the Pokémon. They would then let them out when they needed them. Many children went on journeys to become Pokémon masters. This required them to fight their Pokémon in things called Gyms. After they beat all the gyms and obtained the badges from the Gym leaders, they would move on to the Elite Four. If you could beat them, you became a Pokémon master. But there was a problem with this. Pokémon were being used. People were hurting them. When they would battle them, sometimes, the Pokémon would just faint, they would die. Soon, it became more popular to fight the battles to the death. Pokémon would follow their master’s orders and then, they would die.

After several years, it had become too violent. Pokémon were dying everywhere. Several species went extinct. We lived in this time period. We saw the violence, how Pokémon were no longer considered worth anything. We watched countless Pokémon die. When we watched the leader of our city catch the legendary Celebi and make it fight in battles until it dropped dead, we decided what to do. A group of us got together, 50 men and women. We prayed to Dialga, the god of time, to send us back in time to help us stop the Pokémon slaughter. Dialga heard us, and soon we were all back in time, to when battling was just starting to get too violent. We took up arms and fought against Pokémon battles. We placed our men in the government, held rallies; everything we could possibly do was done. Soon, we got a law passed to make Pokémon battling illegal. They closed the gyms and arena, trainers who revolted were arrested, many even killed. Gym leaders were left on the streets of their towns. We built new towns, leaving the old Gym towns in ruins. They became run down. The only town that still remained was Celadon. Things seemed to be great, but they went wrong.

Our leader became the president, but he lost his mind. He became so wrapped up in protecting the Pokémon he passed more laws. Soon, he was no longer protecting the Pokémon, but doing just the thing we had come to try to prevent, killing them. He made a few laws that were to be followed at all costs.

1. Pokémon can be kept as pets, but only Pokémon that have never evolved but still have the ability to evolve. If the Pokémon evolves while being kept by a human, it must be put to rest.
2. Pokeballs are inhuman and cruel. They should be burnt on sight.
3. Training and battling Pokémon is illegal. Doing either will result in execution of the Pokémon and its trainer.
4. Any wild Pokémon that comes into the city and attacks a human will be killed on sight.
5. Having a Pokémon with the intentions to use it for anything other than a pet is prohibited.
6. Pokémon are wild creatures. Leave it that way.

He became so corrupt he wanted the Pokémon to die. We didn’t want this. We never wanted this. The laws didn’t stop some people though. There was a particular group that became angered at the mere idea of battles becoming illegal, and only became angrier at the idea of being unable to own Pokémon. This team was known as Rocket, a group that used to be criminals. They used to steal Pokémon and technology with many different plans, but with the passing of the new laws, Rocket lost most of their members. Their leader, Giovanni, devised a plan. In Saffron city, he built an underground fighting arena. It allowed his Rocket members to keep battling their Pokémon. Soon, many people had joined his illegal arena, and they expanded it. Saffron became one giant illegal operation for Pokémon fighting. The police would try to stop it, but when they figured something out, Rocket would send out a Headsman to kill them. Rocket was popular for what they did, and many outsiders joined in to fight their Pokémon.

Saffron city’s underground ring had three different competitions. One was the arena, and the first thing built. This was where Pokémon battles took place. The arena had a small wall around it to protect the people who came to watch the fights. It was stained with the blood of Pokémon who fought to the death in it. The second was the Contest ring. It allowed people to show off their Pokémon to a panel of three judges by showing how cool, smart, etc. they were. Of course, the contests also had Pokémon show off their moves. Lastly was the race course. This was a place were Pokémon ran, swam, or flew through the course to see who was the fastest. Of course, it was never just a race; many Pokémon would be killed by other racers who attacked them to get ahead. That wasn’t unfair though. It was never unfair. There was profit if you wanted even just to watch. There was a betting pool in the corner were you could give money to say who you thought would win. If they won, you would get a good bit back, if they lost, you’d get nothing. It was hard to win, but worth it if you did.

Rocket was also the best source for getting a Pokémon. There were breeders out there who you could get baby Pokémon from as pets, sure, but Rocket had much better. Rocket could give you a Pokémon bred to fight, race, or show off. You just had to ask one of their men and they’d suggest a breeder for you. Not only did the breeders breed Pokémon, they also would catch you one if you wanted the challenge. No law abiding citizen would buy from a Rocket breeder though, not if they liked to live. There was a problem with Rocket, only one. If you were linked to Rocket, in any way, you would be executed on sight. That was the police’s way of handling Rocket. To kill anyone who worked for them or even knew them. Rocket backfired though. If you worked for the police and Rocket caught you, you would be killed in a much more painful way. This is why guns were made. So the police could fight Rocket without Pokémon. Guns spread worldwide. They helped a lot, and only aiding in killing Pokémon.

This may not interest you… In fact, it probably doesn’t. After all, you love the ring, you love your Pokémon. Why would you listen to the Activists? Listen because we need your help… Listen because your Pokémon need your help. We screwed up. And now, Pokémon are dying for it. We need you to get rid of the Government… We need you to kill all of them. And Rocket’s the only one who will do it.”

Basically, here’s what’s going on. A group of people called the Activists came from a past where Pokémon were becoming extinct to the present. They got some laws passed that made it illegal to fight Pokémon. After awhile, it got out of control and the people and Pokémon could no longer interact. Rocket decided to go against it and build an underground Pokémon fighting operation. You play an illegal Pokémon trainer. You work for or are somehow related to Rocket. You live in Saffron City, which is run down and dark all the time. The streets are almost always empty, except for the police. One day, you will be contacted by Rocket for the Activists, who want your help, but that day hasn’t come quite yet. It will be your job to take out the government to fix the mess the Activists caused. This means you have to team up with the very people you’ve been fighting with in the ring. Can you stand it?

The arena is the area where Pokémon battles are held. The battles are usually very bloody, and often to the death. There is a small wall around the arena in order to protect the onlookers. Only one on one battles are allowed, in which the master and Pokémon both enter the arena and the master give occasional commands. It is preferred the master let the Pokémon fight by itself more than giving commands though. There are two different arenas, one that allows Pokémon from league 1-3 another which is only for league 4 Pokémon.

Contest Ring:
The Contest Ring is where Pokémon participate in contests. The contest consists of three rounds. The first round is where the judges look at the Pokémon and decide how well kept they are. The next round is where the Pokémon show off their attacks. The last round is where the Pokémon show off by combining moves to create displays. Usually, the master gives commands to the Pokémon the whole contest. There is a cage around the ring to protect the onlookers. As with the arena, there are two different rings, one for leagues 1-3 the other for league 4.

Race Courses:
The Race course is where Pokémon participate in races. The races can get rather violent; with many Pokémon attack each other during the race in order to win. There are seven different courses. One of them is the small water course, where smaller swimming Pokémon race. This course is only a mile long. The next is the large water course, where large swimming Pokémon who are ridden by their masters race. This course is 4 miles long. The next course is the flying course, where flying Pokémon race. It is 5 miles long and open to both small and large Pokémon. Next is the small ground race course, this is a 1 and a half mile long race for small land moving Pokémon. Next is the large ground race course, it is for Pokémon that ridden by their trainers and move on land. It reaches 4 miles long. Next is the multi-terrain course, which allows all Pokémon and their trainers. It has both water and land of several different kinds and is 6 miles long. Lastly is the tiny course. This is for Pokémon of tiny size that move though what looks like 2 foot tall hamster mazes.

Training Ground:
The training course is just an area that works as a gym. It has different equipment that can be used to help you Pokémon get better at what they do. There is also a small sparring ring for practice battles.

Bunny Courses:
Bunny courses are pretty much a playground. They have itty bitty courses for league zero Pokémon, or babies. It has things like a large hamster wheels, tiny punching bags, and baths. This is supposed to get you baby Pokémon ready for the real rings.

Headsmen: (Only three playable. Samples are required to reserve. Two spots remaining.)
The Headsmen are the bounty hunters for Rocket. When someone doesn’t pay their bills, or tries to tell authorities where secret Rocket bases are, Headsmen are sent out to “take care” of them. Headsmen are rocket officials, grunts, who normally spend their time in battles. They only get called for a job every now and then, so they need to find ways to entertain themselves. The difference between a headsman and a fighter is simple; Headsmen have less Pokémon and more power. Where a Fighter has a group of 4-6 Pokémon that they commonly sell and trade, Headsmen have a group of 1-4 Pokémon that they don’t lose. Most Pokémon a headsman owns are at least on 2nd league.

The Breeders do as their names suggest. They breed Pokémon to sell to Fighters and Headsman. Of course, they also get the pick of the litter when they want to participate in the rings themselves. They have some of the stronger Pokémon, because they get what they want. Most Breeders work under Rocket, seeing that it’s hard to not get caught when you work individually. This sometimes leads the Breeders to get hunted down by Headsmen, but it is much safer to work under Rocket none the less. Breeders have 2-6 Pokémon and are the only trainers allowed to have League 0 Pokémon. Breeders are usually very close to one or two of their Pokémon.


The Fighters are the most individual Rockets. Many of them don’t even work for Rocket. They come to the ring daily and fight their Pokémon. Sometimes they lose, sometimes they win, but it doesn’t really matter to them. They want to train their Pokémon to be strong enough to get a higher level job, or maybe they like the sport. They sometimes care nothing for their Pokémon and use them as tools; but many are like the old trainers, who care greatly for their Pokémon. They have 1-6 Pokémon, though having very few is unlikely, since they could die in the ring.

League 0:
League zero Pokémon are just children. They are babies that cannot fight in the ring. Fighters and Headsman are not allowed to have these Pokémon because of their young age. They are usually trained, though only with small leveled courses called “bunny courses”.
League 1:
League one Pokémon are the freshman of the arena. They aren’t the best fighters out there, in fact, they brand new. Some of them aren’t brand new, but just have trouble with becoming strong enough to go to the next league. League one Pokémon are usually incapable of using more than just physical attacks.
League 2:
League two Pokémon are the sophomores of the arena. They aren’t exactly powerful, but they are pretty strong. Many prodigy Pokémon skip the first League and come straight to League two. Most are experienced fighters that learned what to do from when they were first leaguers. They can use both physical attacks and weaker elemental attacks.
League 3:
League three Pokémon are the juniors of the arena. They are considered rather powerful forces. These are usually used by Headsmen with greater numbers of Pokémon. They are considered the most experienced fighters allowed in the usual ring. They can use any kind of attack.
League 4: (None of your Pokémon can come from this League.)
League four Pokémon are the seniors of the arena. These are only the most powerful Pokémon. They are not allowed in the usual arena, because it would be consider unfair to use one of them against any other league. Legendaries fall under this category. They can use any kind of attack.

Sign up form:

Name: (Simple right?)
Age: (Older than 16)
Gender: (Also simple, right?)
Job: (Breeder, Headsman, or Fighter)
Specialty: (What you’re particularly good at. For example, a breeder may be best at breeding water type eggs.)
Description: (longer is better. You have to give me at least a paragraph, preferably two.)
Personality: (Try to describe it best you can. At least a paragraph, also preferably two.)
History: (How did you get into your situation with Rocket? What was your childhood like? Yet again, paragraph, more likely to be accepted with two.)
Equipment: (If you want to make it with Rocket, you need to have something to protect yourself from the police, other than your Pokémon. Guns, knives, just make sure you can carry it.)
Pet: (A pet is a Pokémon that remains outside of its pokeball at all times. It appears to be the trainers pet. It has to be one of the permitted Pokémon to keep in the house. You can only have one. Please list its name and species, then put the actual sign up for it in the Pokémon section.)
Other: (This is where you put anything you wanted to mention above. Such as fears, quirks, so on.)


Name: (I prefer your Pokémon has a name, but it’s not required.)
Gender: (Simple enough)
Age: (Age it acts, not literally.)
Species: (Simple)
League: (1, 2, or 3)
Description: (The Pokémon of this time are likely to look darker. It also will have qualities bred into it to make it better in the ring. Note, I said bred in. That means no wings on an Eevee. Lastly, Shiny Pokémon are more likely found than they used to be. So you may have one or two if you want them.)
Personality: (How does it act?)
History: (How did you get it? Has anything interesting happened while you had it?)
Other: (Anything else you want to say?)
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Can I reserve a Headswoman?


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Ah, sorry, here it is: From: Digimon: The Chronomacy:

A trio of Digimon walked along the side of a small terraced hill; and two of them seemed Hades-bent on arguing the ethicality of eating DigiCores. The third watched on in with amusement, or as much amusement as one who did not want to have emotions could have. Mostly the trio got along fine, but the Dorugreymon and the Tyilinmon had always had disputes from the first time they met. The Ghoulmon Black couldn’t care less about what they argued about, but she had to make sure it didn’t compromise the group’s safety.

A ferocious growl erupted from behind them and a pack of Dobermon, with a Cerberumon at the helm, obviously the pack’s leader. It looked slightly beaten, and more than slightly wet, as if it had jumped into rapids, though the water around this area was scarce. The Dobermon looked as if they could do with a win, but the trio was not particularly ready to give them a win.

“Asher. Ylva. Do you want to continue fighting and I fight the pack by myself, or do you, Ylva, want to have a go at them?” Akakios, the Ghoulmon Black, asked of the Dorugreymon, Ylva, without really mentioning Asher, theTyilinmon, as he was useless in a fight, with all of his not wanting to kill. Akakios had no qualms about killing or anything really. As long as it benefited her somehow, she would do it, except for the rare moment where Asher would stop her from killing “innocents” because of his morals. Akakios viewed morals as notions that held back Digimon from their full potential; as such she abandoned them for power.

“Hades, yes, I do want their DigiCores, if that is what you mean,” responded the Dorugreymon, and who suddenly stopped biting Asher, who was trying to bite her back. “I would take certain pleasure from ripping their DigiCores from their bodies,” she said in the direction of the pack. Turning from Asher she reared up to her full height, with the bell tied around her neck ringing. Glancing from Dobermon to Dobermon until her eyes caught sight of the Cerberumon, who was charging at the group, saliva dripping from its maw, with glowing yellow eyes on its shoulder heads.

“Die!” shouted the Cerberumon as he reached a couple of feet away from Ylva, who smiled and bared her teeth. “Emerald Blaze!” it shouted and opened its main mouth, accumulating roaring emerald-green flames.

Ylva reacted quickly be sliding into her Kyukimon form, which could beat most of the other fastest Digimon in speed, but it was lacking in defense and attack. “Mega Twister!” Stepping towards the green flame, then out of its range and then she appeared above the Cerberumon, blocking the sunlight from reaching its face. A slash of one of her scythes brought a premature end to the Cerberumon’s life, but it did not revert into a cloud of data before Ylva had grabbed its DigiCore, a sphere of sickly-green. She brought the DigiCore to her mouth and bit down, blood dripping from the places where she bit down, the blood trickling down onto her main body. With a gulp she swallowed the rest of the DigiCore, the whole of it gone.

The pack of now-leaderless Dobermon watched in horrified shock, too paralyzed to do anything but stand there. That was the worst decision for them as Ylva was ready for more DigiCores, so standing there like they wanted her to take their DigiCores was monumentally idiotic. Their fate was going to be the same as the Cerberumon’s, no matter that they were numerous, unless one of them took the lead and attacked. One of the braver and more stable of the Dobermon, and cried out, “X-Evolution! Dobermon X!”

Ylva’s eyes opened wide and she smiled a feral smile, a sadistic smile. ‘This going to be very fun, its DigiCore must be more…substantial then the Cerberumon’s for it has the X-Antibody.

Yes…eat the DigiCores…’ a voice resounded in her mind, encouraging her to wolf down their DigiCores. ‘Yes…eat!’ the voice commanded of Ylva, who was all too happy to oblige.

Mega twister!” A flash of light shimmered along the length of Ylva’s scythes, then seemed to rest in her eyes. A light step towards the Dobermon, with her hair streaming behind her, the light shining off her scythes, set off the main body of “Mega Twister”, a three stage/strike attack. The first strike was always going to have to be a kill or a hit or she would have to trigger it again, the second was to take out the remaining most powerful enemy and the third would take out the weaker bunch. The ash upon the ground did not stir when Ylva’s feet touched it, but a moment afterwards it swirled upwards. A flash of light and the life of the Dobermon X was gone; leaving Ylva standing there with another sphere of sickly green. This DigiCore soon disappeared into her mouth, as the Cerberumon’s had done.

Mega Twister!” shouted Ylva and her scythes shone when a rare beam of sunlight hit them, and they stayed shining even when the sun hid behind the clouds again. A light step forward brought her to the main body of the Dobermon pack. The whistle of her scythes through the air alerted the Dobermon that she was going to attack, but by that time Ylva had bent down on one knee and swept out her other. Her scythe-arms were stretched out like her feet then she twirled around, letting the scythes became a blur of light. The scythes parted the Dobermon pack in half, and even the fastest of the Dobermon couldn’t move fast enough. The unlucky ones got their heads cleaved in half and the luckier ones just had their throats slit. Just as quickly Ylva picked up their DigiCores and they dissolved into clouds of data.

By shoving the DigiCores into her mouth, the Dorugreymon managed not to notice Asher’s look of horror; the same look he always had on his face whenever Ylva ate DigiCores. The blood on the ground where the Dobermon met their doom soon congealed and turned a rusty red, the color that stained the ground wherever the group went. And it wasn’t just from them, though the ground always had new stains if there was somebody else living and they passed by. Killing was the only reason that Ylva kept on living, anything else was worthless. Without the chance to kill she would presumably kill herself, but for the voice of Dexmon, who was on her side – at least for the DigiCore eating and killing part of her life; it just didn’t matter to her one way or another, her life, to her, was worthless and Dexmon only “helped” because it wanted the DigiCores.

A sound of metal meeting something that didn’t sound like metal reached the trio’s ears, and Ylva whipped her head towards the sound, blood dripping from her chin and a half-eaten DigiCore between her paws. With a quick gulp she downed the rest of the DigiCore and wiped her chin with the back of her paw then reverted to Dorugreymon, the form she was most comfortable in. A quiet cough from Akakios alerted Ylva to the main Situation at hand, which was-what Digimon had made that sound, yet it had to be more than one as one would be hard pressed to make such a noise by themselves.

“Who’s that?” asked Asher while tilting his head sideways and shaking his wings out. “Anyways, should we go and see what it is? If the Digimon is not hostile, what are you going to do, Ylva?”

“Whatever, I am just going to kill them, whether they are not hostile, which they are, judging from the amount of noise they are making. It seems like -from here- that their DigiCores are rather delicious-smelling, but we will not be able to tell unless we get closer, which may or may not be intelligent, should they be Megas. Nevertheless we should approach, and see what happens. You can Digivolve and so can Akakios, and I can deal with them on my own, even against a Mega, so no worries – most of them are weaklings for the most part,” Ylva said calmly to the rest of the trio, as if she hadn’t being wolfing down DigiCores the moment before. She began stepping as lightly as a Dorugreymon could towards the general direction from which the noise had come from.

The Ghoulmon Black and the Tyilinmon soon followed in her footsteps, each being as quiet as possible, to avoid making a large commotion. They reached the crest of the hill and looked over, but the fight seemed to be over already, and the participants engaged in a conversation that could be taken a pleasant conversation, but it was a conversation about death and Chronos, both of which most Digimon did not like to talk about. There were a few that didn’t mind talking about death, but those were few and far between-hopefully (Or is it “thankfully”?). A third Digimon slithered over to the talking Digimon (not Akakios’s group, the other one) and called out to them. Ylva sighed and looked on in disdain, a thing that Akakios couldn’t catch onto and Asher was to oblivious to.

Suddenly, Ylva couldn’t take the annoyance of waiting to eat their DigiCores, but there were two Megas and two Ultimates, though she was arrogant enough to push that aside and look at the DigiCores only. It didn’t help that Dexmon was goading her on and she was still hungry. The group had not had much of a substantial meal since that time that they robbed a store in Troy and killed most of the people in the town. Actually Ylva came to the really small, off-the-maps town in order for some DigiCores. The regular food just so happened to be one of Asher’s rare good ideas. Anyways, Ylva charged down to the trio and lone Digimon, who weren’t doing anything of significance at that time.

“Give me your DigiCores right now and you won’t have to suffer (that much)!” Ylva roared at the other group. Asher looked quite surprised; Ylva could usually hold herself off until she could launch a surprised attack, but Akakios just looked bored. Akakios rushed down the hill as fast as her legs boosted with her wings could carry her. The lagging Tyilinmon soon realized that he was the last one left on the opposite side of the hill from the other Digimon and let out a surprised squeak, then rushed off towards the rest of the trio with astonishing speed.

“Ylva didn’t really mean that! I’m sorry, she’s just impulsive and…she meant that as a joke!” Asher shouted to the other Digimon before they could attack Ylva, but under his breath he whispered to Ylva, “Did you really mean that?” It was a rhetorical question, but nevertheless he felt compelled to ask it, as Digicore eating went against his morals; but so did what the group did most of the time…murder, stealing and DigiCore eating. As much as he wanted to prevent that, he was too weak to change the girls’ objectives.

Ylva gave an incredulous look at Asher, snorted and roared again to the other Digimon, “I mean it! Don’t listen to this son-of-a-b****. D*mn it! Too late! Metal Meteor!” A large iron ball created by energy gathered in front of Ylva’s maws and continued expanding until it was as big as Ylva herself and probably twice as heavy. The ornaments on her wings of metal clinked together, a gleam of light ran down the length of the blade on her nose and she roared loader than she had before. The iron ball was launched with enough force to make sure it didn’t drop to the ground, rather it traveled at the speed that Ylva could run at her fastest. It was aimed at the trio of Digimon, particularly for the Gaioumon, as some of her lightest attacks would bounce off his heavy armor like rain.

Akakios concentrated and sent some power into the palms of her hands, then clenched them into fists that seemed like cages for the sickening green light that glowed from within them. Asher seemed to not do anything but watch, but his muscles were tight and he was ready to bolt at the first sign of danger.


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Though the sample is indeed rather long, it is also rather dialogue heavy and consists of three characters. I cannot accept it because of these two facts. Feel free to post another sample.

Sophie S.:

I would prefer you just post a nice sample, so I don't have to dig through the RPG.


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Actually cancel that. I have too much homework and baseball games. Sorry.


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you -had- to put it at over 16? damn, there goes my plot idea. *rips up a sheet of paper* This reminds me of Pokemon Apokelypse. Youtube it, it matches this perfectly.

Sophie S.

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ok. I hope this is okay:

The young teen smiled softly as she neared the stand, but she gritted against the harsh sun peeking through her cloak, and the wind wasn't helping either since she was riding Rustle against the current. "W-whoa, easy there boy. Rustle, try to get us down safely," she asked calmly, the bird pokemon trilling in understanding as he maneuvered expertly downwards. She jumped from her friend before he landed himself, and brushed off the sand that stuck to her cloak as she made her way to the stand, or what she liked to call OS. As she entered the old train station, she smiled brightly and waved at the owner of the place, who just nodded back,returning the smile with a smirk. "I take that it went well Sophie?" he asked as he tended to a customer.

"Same old, same old," she said with a sigh, sitting in one of the stools at the bar, Rustle staying in the shade outside while he cleaned his feathers. "The shadow Pokemon are increasing, and Cipher keeps on with whatever evil deeds they are doing," she murmured, perking up when the man brought her the 'usual,' drinking up with a satisfied sigh at the end. She knew she could trust him since he had mentioned that he was neutral to her when she first came to the stand. "Just rest and take a breather. You flew all the way from Phenac City Right?" he asked as he cleaned a glass.

She just nodded, finishing her drink and smiling when he refilled it once more. "There is no other place to get good lemonade like this," she said softly with a smile. "No problem. Say, did you need anything? You know that I sell stuff that you can't find anywhere else," he mentioned, earning a sigh from the teen. "Actually, not at the moment," she said as she took out her notebook from her bag, turning it on and going online. "Good thing I charged it in Phenac," she said to herself as she entered the Kids Grid website.


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Oh my, I'd never seen this before, but you're right, it does have quite a similarity!

Sophie S.:

A little dialogue heavy, but I think it is acceptable. I'll reserve you a spot.


Alvion Region it is!
hang on, do we PM you the descriptions?
if not...

Name: Legna James "Shadow Thunder" Krad

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Job: Fighter

Specialty: His specialty is a ruethless physical attacker.

Description: Legna is a man of middle skin complextion (Light Tan) with no facial hair to match his longer spiked black hair, he stands about 5'11 and weighs one hundred and forty-two pounds, he has a scar on his lower Cheekbone where he was attacked by the police in a night time run-in. Legna wears a jet black tee-shirt, jet black Jeans and a cap sporting team rockets emblem, he prefers to be called Shadow Thunder due to his good stealth and agility. He also has a scar going up his arm from his wrist to mid point between his elbow due to another scuffle between two officers.

Personality: Legna's personality is more on the dark side of humor, although he rather stays alone and out of the sights of other people. He tends to cut down his victims verbally and mentally before striking, hoping they would leave him alone. He tends to have aggresive thoughts towards anyone who tries to befriend him, therefore, leaving himself out of group plans.

History:Legna was originally a fighter pilot who deflected away from the Kanto Government when he was assigned to "Put down" a group of migrating Wailord, refusing to do so, he was attacked by his wingmen, who he shot down with little effort, he crash landed into the ruins of the Saffron city gym when running out of fuel, he escaped with minor injury before getting into a fight with police officers.He turned to team rocket when he realized he had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

Equipment: Desert Eagle (Gun):
Reason: it was the only item on him when he crashed.

Pet: Alakazam


Name: Mindripper

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Species: Alakazam

League: 3

Description: Mindripper (Alakazam) is shiny with scars all over his body from battles in the arena, most notcably the scar that extends from his left shoulder to his right leg, gained from a battle with a Scyther in which Mindripper gained his nickname, by actually frying the Scyther's brain. Instead of being just Psychic, he is believed by Legna to be part Dark.

Personality: Mindripper acts rather affectionatly towards Legna and very viscious towards other people of higher ranks than him, Mindripper and Legna normally can tell what each other are thinking (Besides the fact that Alakazam can do that.) by thier expressions, which almost never change.

History: Legna got Mindripper when it was just an Abra, when some of the officers went to shoot it because it was asleep right inside town borders, one of the officers stabbed Legna when he picked Mindripper up after shooting and killing two of the officers.

is that good?
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Oh, I know, It's just personal preference, that's all. You see, I notice that all players have an easy time writing dialogue, but sometimes, just because a player can write dialogue, it doesn't mean the can describe action or correctly describe a memory. Therefore, when I ask for samples, I often look past dialogue in hopes of finding good description and and such. As I said, personal preference, it's a habit.

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it's okay, since i also like posts that have more actions than dialogue as well. Well, I'm not going to post anymore until I post the sign up okay?


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Sophie S.:

That's fine.


Ah~! Terribly sorry, I read it before I saw the sign up, alright then...

Starting with the description...

Over all, it's far to short for my tastes. Perhaps you could describe the outfit in more detail, or more about his body structure? As for the personality, it also needs more length. I just can't get a good enough feel for the character without more. The History also needs more length... I like length...

Ok, now my small rant, you cannot have a pokemon as a pet that is fully evolved, such as Alakazam. In order to keep the pokemon in the pet section, it has to be completely unevolved, in which case, you would have an Abra. Therefore, you cannot do that...

I like that you added some scars to Mindripper, but I'm not so keen on the part Dark type attribute, as it eliminates weakness.

Denied, for now. You have three chances left.


Alright, here's is my sign up... You can look to it as a sort of guide line, but I won't make you write as much as I did, promise.

Name: Myr Stihl (Pronounced: Murr Still)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Job: Fighter
Specialty: Arena
Description: Myr stands at 5’2’’. She knows she short, and hates it, but she isn’t about to start complaining about it to everyone who picks on her. She just takes the blows by letting Dante but pies in their faces. She is a relatively skinny girl, weighing approximately 90 lbs. Her height and weight being so low are probably due to her immune deficiency. Her whole body is rather thin when you look at her. Her face is sharp, with a somewhat pointed nose and sharp cheekbones. Her eyebrows are thin and her eyelids are almost never fully open. They have bags under them that just don’t seem to go away, these aren’t too severe, but noticeable none the less. Her eyes are a bright green that stands out against her skin and hair. Her skin is average, somewhere between tan and pale. Her hair is rather short, barely reaching past her ears. It has obviously been dyed, seeing that it is a bright bluish purple. It is very smooth and soft. She never straightens it, but it is still board straight. Her nails are almost always painted the same green that her eyes are.

When it comes to clothes, Myr only wears one outfit. That outfit is her Rocket uniform. It starts with a black hat. As an undershirt she has on a short sleeved white turtle neck. The neck comes up a little too far, so it is pushed down and wrinkled. Over this turtle neck she wears a black cut off rocket jacket. This is cut right under her chest in a V upward. The sleeves come down to her wrists. There is of course, a red R on the front of the jacket. She wears long white gloves that come up to about two inches below her elbow. She shoves the jacket inside of these. Her pants are just simple black sweats with two red Rs sewn on the thighs. They have front and back pockets which she keeps her knife in. Her gun is keep in the back of her pants and is covered by the turtle neck. The legs of these pants are shoved in her boots. Her boots are white and shiny most of the time. They get dirty when she walks in the dirt of course. Overall, the outfit is pretty much the generic Rocket Grunt uniform. She wears it because she’s proud of Rocket, and wants to show it. The only parts of the outfit that aren’t typical Rocket is a red choker with an R hanging off of it. There is also the small pair of glasses that she puts on to read.

Myr is a very strange girl. She is actually a very sly girl, who enjoys tricks and pranks. She is always tricking her opponents into feeling sorry for her by using her sickness, and then suddenly turning around and beating them up. She knows that she’s sick, so she uses the disease as a trick. Sometimes, she will so that she is tricky and sly when she plots. This is something she enjoys doing, but doesn’t do it in front of people. She’s afraid that they will judge her and think she’s evil if she does. She is somewhat evil, but not extremely evil. She wants people to like her, or at least wants their Pokémon to. She’s never really been a people person; she prefers to talk to their Pokémon instead. She likes to sit around and watch them play with each other.

When Myr is faking, she acts like a little girl. She will sway from side to side, twirl her hair, act ditzy when it comes down to it. She does everything she can to make others happy. She likes to walk up and hug people, even though she doesn’t like them. She’ll smile and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. She’ll do anything to her supposed enemies that makes them feel happy. It makes them feel confused. After she makes an enemy like her enough, by being cute and sweet, she does as she usually does; she turns around and betrays them. She claims she would never pull the same thing on a friend, but most people think they can’t trust that. After all, once you get used to doing something, it’s awfully hard to stop doing it. This makes many people avoid her, if her illness didn’t deter you enough at the start.

Myr is ashamed of her illness more than anything else. She will refuse anyone who asks to help her. She could be on the ground, coughing up blood, and she would refuse to let anyone help her. Then, Mikami would walk up and help her stand. She would walk off proudly before passing out two steps later. It’s a pride thing; one that really needs to be fixed. Mikami often encourages other trainers to help her by pushing them toward her. Myr turns them away no matter what though. She doesn’t want to be different from anyone else.

History: Myr was born in Celadon City. She was unlucky enough to be born with an immune deficiency disorder. As a little girl, she was so sick, that her mother and father became upset. Her mother wanted her to be able to go out and play just like the other children when she got older, so her father came up with a plan. He went out and bought her a pet Shinx, which he gave her on her second birthday. The Shinx was named Mikami, and she loved it more than anything. When she was five, she would ride the somewhat large Shinx around. Her parents were glad that the little Pokémon could help. There was a small problem though; she had to take the Shinx everywhere, just in case. It went to school with her, and protected her from the bullies on the playground. Unfortunately, this kept her from having any real friends. The only friend she had was Mikami. Her parents wanted her to make more friends, but they never really succeeded in this.

On her 14th birthday, Myr was out collecting berries to help her mom make the cake. They were attacked by a wild Pokémon. Mikami killed the Pokémon, and evolved in the process. When Myr returned home, her parents saw the Luxio and devised a plan. They told their daughter to have Mikami put down, not only because it was against the law, but because they wanted their daughter to make more friends. Myr threw a tantrum and ran out of the house, followed by Mikami. Her parents thought she would come back, but they were wrong. She ran away for good. She somehow ended up in Saffron City, where she met Rocket. One of the men in Rocket took her in and treated her like a daughter. He raised her, which she allowed when she realized that she could keep Mikami this way. She grew to love her foster father, more than her real parents. She even calls him dad, not her real father.

When she turned 16, Myr got into the Arena. She began fighting Mikami in league 1 battles. Soon, Mikami had evolved. She was so proud of herself, that she never thought of the issue, Mikami might die. When he moved into League two, Mikami got into a serious fight. He managed to win, but was cut under his eye so seriously it wouldn’t heal without a scar. That was when Myr saw the problem. Mikami was her only source of income, and without him, she would be in debt. That was when she bought Dante, her Abra. From then on out, things just went without any interesting events.
Equipment: Myr has a Colt 45 pistol that she keeps in the back of her pants. It holds seven rounds. There is also a “pocket knife” in her left pocket. She calls this Stiletto a pocket knife, but it’s not exactly small. Lastly, she normally has a pair of brass knuckles in her back pocket.
Pet: Dante, Abra
Other: Myr has an immune deficiency disorder. It’s rather serious. It makes her rather weak. She can’t run around for a long time.

Name: Mikami
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Species: Luxray
League: 3
Description: Mikami stands at 4’8’’, just a little taller than the usual Luxray. He is very muscular and tough, despite being beaten in the arena several times. His front and back legs are thin enough to increase his speed while not taking off of his strength. His claws have been extended out to the point that they can be seen, even when they are retracted. His teeth are long and sharp, but stained a little, which makes him a bad choice for contests. His mane is very fluffed up, to the point it looks a little sharp even. The fur on his shoulders and hind legs is rather spiked up as well. His ears a slightly more pointed than a usual Luxray’s, but still circular. His mane and extends up his back, leaving a V like shape on his stomach before continuing on his hind legs. It stops on his hind legs when it his knee. It also covers his tails and arms. It is missing from his ears and face, only covering his forehead and upper part of his snout. Lastly, it covers his front arms, leaving only the very backs of his lower legs uncovered. Where there is no mane, the fur is dark blue, almost navy. It is very thin and coarse, not soft like the mane. There are three bands of yellow fur connecting the mane on his front lower legs. His eyes are piercing red with yellow pupils are irises. There’s a furless scar found under his left eye from where he was attack in the arena. Lastly, there is a hangman’s noose around his neck that works as his collar. It is properly tied with thirteen loops.

Personality: Mikami is extremely loyal. He is always following orders, and if he doesn’t listen, it’s to protect his trainer. He has been with Myr since she was two and refuses to leave her, no matter the circumstances. His mind is always set on making her happy and protecting her, which means there have been several “instances” where he has done something bad. He is very violent and not afraid to take out someone who hurts his master. He isn’t exactly proud, but he knows good and he can frighten opponents easily.

History: Mikami has been with Myr since she was two years old. She would play with him and no one cared, because, at that point, he was just a Shinx. Her parents bought Mikami to protect Myr, because of her disorder. They wanted her to be able to live a normal life style, while still being protected. So Mikami was like their savior. He had to fight off a few bullies every now and then, but never really got into a serious fight. On Myr’s 14th birthday, she was walking through the forest to pick some berries to help her mom cook the cake. Mikami, as usual, was right beside her. They were attacked by a wild Pidgey. Pidgey wasn’t considered tough, but to a frail girl like Myr, it was a very bad thing. Mikami, who was still only a small Shinx, attack the bird, eventually killing it. This scared little Myr, especially when she saw her beloved Mikami become surrounded in light. He evolved in a Luxio, which was an Illegal Pokémon. She couldn’t keep him as a pet anymore, in fact, when she got home, her parents told her to have him put down. She threw a tantrum and refused to put down her only friend. This led her to run away with her Pokémon in hand. She ended up in Saffron city, where one of Rocket’s higher ups found her; they told her she could keep Mikami. Since then, Mikami has evolved and proved to be an extremely wanted competitor in the arena. Myr is proud of him, and he still protects her from anything that comes her way.
Other: Myr tied the hangman’s noose around Mikami’s neck when she came to Rocket as a little girl. It is used to identify him and to make him appear dead if he has to hide. Mikami knows he doesn’t truly appear dead, but still wears the noose to make Myr happy.

Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Abra
League: 1
Description: Dante stands at 2’10’’ on his back legs that is. He usually stands on all fours and moves somewhat like a cat. His hands have three fingers on them, one thumb and two regular fingers. These have lines that show where the joints separate each part. His elbows are also lined to separate his upper and lower arm, the lower part ends in a somewhat sharp point. The armor on his chest and shoulders is very smooth and thick, like leather. His back legs also have lines where the knees are and the knee comes up in a point on the front. He has three toes, on that looks like a thumb or due claw and two that are spaced just a little from each other. His tail is very long and furry, very similar to that of a fox. His fur, unlike a normal Abra, is pale gold, almost tan. The armor on his chest and shoulders is light brown as well is a small stripe on his very fluffy tail. His muzzle is very light tan, also the inside of its ears. He has a brown glove on his right hand, which stops right past his wrist and mid-joint on each of his fingers. There are two green rings on his right back foot. One is on his thumb and the other is one the outer finger. There is a red ribbon around his neck that has a green gem surrounded by silver. He also has a metal guard on his left foot; these are attached by leather straps. There is a leather ring is around the base of his tail and another closer to the tip of his tail. These are both just simple brown leather. Lastly, there are three piercings in each of his ears. Two are simple, green studs; the third is a silver loop.

Personality: Dante is a very strange Abra. When Myr bought him from the breeder, she thought she was being scammed, strangely enough, the breeder thought he was scamming her. Luckily, Dante had his own plans. He was awake from the moment Myr picked him up. Even though his eyes were closed. He likes to be expressive and show off, because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. He only sleeps at night, and that’s only in the bed with Myr. He is spoiled, very spoiled. He doesn’t like being left alone, and hates being battled even more. Every time Myr mentions the arena with him around, he makes continues to yell, “Neeeh!” until Myr takes back the comment. He refuses to leave her side, no matter the situation. He isn’t very strong, but he loves his master, and is willing to fight for her. He even took on his master’s tricky ways. He has his own evil plots. He grins like a Sableye. It makes him look very creepy.

History: Dante belonged to a very shady breeder before he was given t o Myr. Myr went to the breeder after she saw Mikami lose a battle. She realized she might need to get another Pokémon at that point. So she went to the breeder, who suggested she buy Dante. Myr was very suspicious, because Abras did nothing but sit, sleep, and teleport. She didn’t really want to take him, but the breeder said he would offer her a good price. She knew he would be useless, seeing that his coloration made him less dazzling to contests, he was too asleep to race, and he was also too asleep to fight. None the less, she took the deal with the intention of using Dante as bait for training Mikami. Strangely enough though, when she got outside, Dante looked up at her and yawned. It hopped down and began to walk beside her. She soon trained him to walk on all fours and decked him out with lots of shiny things. Dante has become quite good at contests and small sized races since then.
Other: Dante has an obsession with spoons. This may be because he misses his parents, but Myr seems to think it’s because he wants to eat yogurt with them. He also likes yogurt.

Name: Capone
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Species: Nidoking
League: 1
Description: Capone stands at 5’1’’, quite a bit larger than the usual Nidoking. He has a long extending from in between his eyes and a small spike extending from his forehead. These are both useful in attacking. He has long ears that have rough points coming off of them, much like a normal Nidoking, only a little bit sharper. His back bottom teeth just from his lower jaw and are a good two inches long. His eyes are a sharp red with white irises. This appears very strange, and is a reaction to a blow he took to the face in a fight long ago. His back is lined with spikes that stick up like a shield. His arms are spiked on the shoulders and elbows as well. He only has four claws with no thumb on his left hand, where his right has all five fingers. His back legs are spiked at the knees and hips as well as the backs of the upper legs a little. He has three claws on both of his back feet. His tails is thick and heavy, though without a single spike. He could easily use it as a club though. His body is covered with very severe scars from when Myr bought him. There are at least five on his chest, one over his eye, three on his left arm, two on his right arm, two on his right leg, one on his left leg, and five on his tail. This is how many Myr managed to count. Theses scars are all a lighter tan-ish red. Capone’s chest and stomach are pure white with a defined chest and abs. The rest of his body is a very dark purple, with a bit of navy mixed in. He often walks on all fours, as that’s how Myr trained him to move.

Personality: Capone is a very powerful Pokémon. He is very angry at his current state, and how he is unable to fight as well as he used to be able to. He is often known to writhe in pain from his injuries, and this makes him upset. When he is hurting, he crawls up in a ball and stares at Myr. He hates being called a weakling, since he used to be pretty good, until he was given to Myr. Then he was always hurting and needing treatment. He doesn’t blame her, but he does get angry at her very quickly. He is known to even attempt attacking her when he gets too mad. He has learned the hard way that he should never do this though, seeing that he often gets hit by Mikami when he tries. Capone is considered the leader of Myr’s Pokémon despite his condition. He likes to make tricky plans.

History: Myr got Capone about a year ago when she traded a Bidoof to get him. She thought she was getting an amazing deal until she realized Capone had been critically injured in the last battle he was in and would be able to fight for about three months. She also had to get him fixed up, which cost her more money than she actually had. She ended up going into debt for about a month over Capone, and actually feared a Headsman would come after her. Luckily, she managed to pay it off and trained Capone a good bit. He’s a little stronger now, but is still a bit affected by the injuries her took that year ago. This is why Myr refuses to allow him to fight in the arena enough to go to league 2.
Other: Capone hates Bidoofs.

Name: Vinnie
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Frealigatr
League: 1
Description: Vinnie looks pretty typical for a Frealigatr. He stands at 7’9’’ with a thick skin and strong jaw. He has three red fins protruding from the top of his head. The usual very circular jaw shape was bred out of him, leaving him with a somewhat more lean appearance that helps him reach small places with his jaws. His teeth are all very long and pointed, many of them jutting from his mouth when it’s closed. His eyes are slit and thin, giving him a dark look. His neck and stomach have grown thin and somewhat less muscular. His back legs are very strong though. His front arms are a little longer than a normal Frealigatr. His tail is very long, much longer than the usual. There are three fins extending from it as well. His back has three larger fins coming off of it. His entire body is light blue, except for the fins, which are red, and his lower jaw, which is yellow. There is also a strange V like pattern on his stomach that is yellow. His eyes are the same yellow as his stomach and lower jaw. His body has several bumps on it that are slightly darker blue than the rest of his body, such as a pocket like shape on his thigh and several lines on his arms. Vinnie stands like a raptor, on his hind legs with his arms pulled close to his body. He sometimes walks on all fours as well.

Personality: Vinnie is very cowardly for a Frealigatr. He has a tendency to hide behind other Pokémon and cower down at the mere sight of fights. The only time he’s useful in battle is when he goes into a blind rage. He then will thrash around and attack anything that gets in his way. This is actually what Myr thinks makes him afraid. The fact that he is afraid to hurt others is the trouble. He doesn’t want to hurt his master or anything really. He doesn’t think when he’s angry, so he doesn’t want to get angry. This is why he loves the races. He doesn’t have to get hurt in the races. He is a very friendly Pokémon when he’s not scared. He will follow you around like a lost puppy and smile at you when you talk to him. He looks intimidating, but is too friendly and cute to be evil.

History: Vinnie was bought from a local breeder. She only got him about a month ago, so he is stuck in League one. He has very little history other than being bred by a local rocket and raised in a cage. He was trained enough only to evolve, and is therefore quite a newbie to fighting. He’s pretty good with physical moves because of this. Myr is not very attached to him yet, but loves him none the less because he is such a big Pokémon.
Other: Vinnie is somewhat a coward. He is okay in the ring, but prefers the races.

Name: Razor
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Shiny Raichu
League: 1
Description: Razor is rather small for a Raichu, even when he agrees to stand on his back feet. His face is a little thinner than a usual Raichu, which takes away from the chubby look and adds to the ratty look. His paws are all very thin and cute, with little claws extending for each finger. His tail is rather long and thin with a lightning bolt shape on the very end. His ears are very oddly shaped with swirls at the bottom. His fur is a very dark orange, almost red in the shadows. His eyes are red as well; this is a mutation from the shiny. His paws and tail are all dark brown. The outsides of his ears are the same dark brown. The insides of his ears are light tan, as well as the lightning bolt on the end of his tail and the circles on his cheeks. The right side of his face has been burnt very severely. The fur is very thin and dark brown, where the skin is very dark tan. The burn, like almost all burns, still hurts to the touch and sometimes even without it. The burn makes it look as though Razor is a tough guy, but this isn’t true. Razor looks like a roughed up rat, not exactly cute. He walks on all fours, just like most of Myr’s Pokémon.

Personality: Razor is a very spazzy Pokémon. He likes to run about and chase his tail, other Pokémon, the wind, anything that happens to exist, he will chase. He likes to run around, which often leads him to fall down. This is because he is such a clumsy Pokémon. He trips over his tail. When he isn’t spazzing over something, he will sit by Myr and smile. He likes to be sweet after all. He is friendly to all of the humans, excluding the master of the Flareon that burnt his face. He is also running up to humans and rubbing against them. He wants them to pet him and scratch his ears. Many get frightened by his burnt face though. In the very few cases Razor gets mad; he will jump up and raise his fur high. He hisses, a little like a cat, but more like a rat. His eyes look angry, and he bears what little fangs he has. He doesn’t do this often enough for it to really matter though.

History: Very shortly after Myr came to Rocket, her foster father gave her a pet Pikachu to care for. She rejected the gift, claiming that she didn’t like how cute it was. Her foster father evolved it into a Raichu for her and she immediately took it in. Her foster claimed that Pikachu was one of the most powerful Pokémon that ever lived. He told her ridiculous stories about how when he was in Rocket, he had tried to catch a Pikachu many times. She decided that she would make him happy and took the Raichu. She put it in the ring without an ounce of training, and it was hit by a very powerful Flamethrower attack. It critically burnt the side of Razor’s face. The fur is very singed and the skin is even worse. Myr felt so bad, that she took Razor off the arena for several years and just kept him as a pet. She just put him back in the ring a year ago.
Other: Razor is deathly afraid of flames due to his experience with Flamethrower.

Name: Mickey
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Species: Rhydon
League: 1
Description: Mickey is a pretty typical Rhydon. He stands at 6’10’’ without his horn. The horn that sprouts from his nose is very long; add at least two inches to his overall height. It has lines going around it that make it appear to be a drill. It can spin, but doesn’t unless using horn drill. His entire body is made of stone with different bumps and spikes coming off of it. His neck is lined, just like his horn. His eyebrows have three spikes coming off the top of them. His bottom jaw has three spikes coming off at the very base, where the neck is connected. His back is lined with spikes. He has a stone like vest over his chest, which stops a little above his stomach. His stomach and chest under the vest are lined like his neck. His legs are a little longer than a usual Rhydon, just like his arms. His tail is long and lined. His entire body is dark grey, with the lined parts just a little lighter. His eyes glow a vicious red. He is the only of Myr’s Pokémon that walks on two feet normally. He walks on all fours when he is forced.

Personality: Mickey is one big baby. He gets mad at someone and he throws a tantrum. He gets upset, so he throws a tantrum. This seems to be his way to solve everything. Every now and then he will sit down and just watch people like a small child. He gets the big adorable bubbly eyes and makes curious faces. He is really a child at heart. He wants people to pet him and he wants them to scratch his belly. It’s almost as though he doesn’t realize he could flatten someone by laying on them. The only person that Mickey isn’t nice to is his owner, Myr, and her Abra, Dante. He can’t forgive them for playing tricks on him all those years ago. So he likes to pout and about it and snort when Myr gives him orders.

History: Mickey is the only Pokémon Myr can claim she caught herself. One day, when she was wandering town with Dante, she came across the wild Rhydon. It was in a blind rage at this point, and she thought she was going to have to run from the creature to make it out alive. Dante had other plans. The teleporting Pokémon flashed around Mickey until he got so mad he rammed straight into a wall. This went on until Mickey passed out. Myr used her only pokeball to catch Mickey. She was so proud of herself, that she lost the pokeball for a month… When she found it again, she went to show her foster father and the rest of Rocket. This lead to the destruction of her room. Mickey destroyed her bed, dresser, and window. This is why Myr sleeps on the floor. To punish Mickey, Myr has been training him rigorously, but refusing to allow him a real fight. She claims he’s not good enough for the ring yet.
Other: Mickey and Myr don’t get along. Mickey secretly dreams of trampling Dante as well.
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Alvion Region it is!

Name: Legna James "Shadow Thunder" Krad

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Job: Fighter

Specialty: Arena and Race track.

Description: Legna is a man of middle skin complextion (Light Tan) with no facial hair to match his longer spiked black hair, which is never combed, his eyes are a deep brown With a lighter grey outline, and his teeth are arranged correctly. He has no freckles or any other sort of diffrences in his body. he stands about 5'11 and weighs one hundred and forty-two pounds, he has a scar on his lower Cheekbone where he was attacked by the police in a night time run-in. he prefers to be called Shadow Thunder due to his good stealth and agility. He also has a scar going up his arm from his wrist to mid point between his elbow due to another scuffle between two officers. He also has a couple of recent cuts on his chest from trying to wake his Abra up from a nightmare. Legna also has two pokeballs hanging off the hollister of his gun, which contain two of his Pokemon; Death and Megalith. Legna wears a jet black tee-shirt with his former ranks from the Airforce he was part of before he deflected and hid, he also wears jet black Jeans that are tattered and torn up and a cap sporting team rockets emblem that has the words "Go Hard or go Home" written on the back, He wears black to avoid run ins with police, but during the day he tries to dress out of his rocket uniform and tends to blend in by wearing a suit, but wears a hat to try and hide his facial features, due to the fact that he is wanted for multiple killings, including three of his own wingmen and his commander.

Personality: Legna's personality is more on the dark side of humor, although he rather stays alone and out of the sights of other people. He tends to cut down his victims verbally and mentally before striking, hoping they would leave him alone. He tends to have aggresive thoughts towards anyone who tries to befriend him, therefore, leaving himself out of group plans. He tends to have a problem with suicidal thoughts, in which he never actually tries. His affection towards his pet is very strong and he has even almost killed people due to thier comments about it, he is mentally scared from the death of his older brother due to execution by the Armed forces because of his brother battling with a Nidoran (Male). His living quarters tend to be black almost every time he gets a chance to paint it, normally he is calm when needed but can lose his temper extremely fast, depending on the situation. Legna is more careful with his tone and language around women due to the fact of his younger years of being taught manners, which obviously over time have erroded into an aggressive personality. When doing bisnuess, Legna always tries to weasel his way into either a higher position or a cheaper price for him to pay. He will occasionally smoke a cigerette when stressed and alone, a habit that started when his brother was executed.
He has a problem with hypocrites and tends to deal with them by force, often in life threatening situations (I.E having a knife or gun to thier throats), another problem he has is with his inability to actully have feelings for other people, the advantages for that is that almost no one can actully know for sure what he's thinking, except for his friends, who he had to leave behind upon deflecting. Legna is a Roman Catholic in religion.

History: Legna's Family was of a strong aristrocratic family with an older brother and a younger sister, named; Travis and Sidney. Before the election of the current president, they had owned most of the land outside of Cerulean city heading towards Lavender town, upon election, the govenment seized everything, calling it a "Illegal traing area for Pokemon." he was also a straight A student who attended Memorial High which was in Lavender Town (When it was still a decent town to live in...) and was on almost every sport there was, his sophomore year through graduation he led every team to region finals and won them, almost aways with a strong lead.
Legna ended up joining the Military and quickly climbed the ranks while being a fighter pilot belonging to the 9382nd Interceptor squadron known as the "Seviper Squadron" or also known as "The Imortal squadron" due to never losing a wingman or failing a mission, He deflected away from the Kanto Government when he was assigned to "Put down" a group of migrating Wailord outside of legal Kanto borders, refusing to do so, he was attacked by his wingmen (which one of them was his Brother in law, another His uncle), whom he shot and killed, along with the airborne warning and control system (AWACS for short) with little effort, he crash landed into the ruins of the Saffron city gym when running out of fuel from evading two other squads, he escaped with minor injury by bailing out and landed into a tree, he managed to stumble onto the pavement before getting into a fight with police officers because he refused to be taken into questioning on why he was out past the 9 PM curfew. He turned to team rocket when he realized he had nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. He ended up passing through initiation with flying colors by hijacking an armed car carring firearms and other weapons that were being sent out to the Sinnoh region to Kill Arceus at Mt. Cornet, and returning it to the HQ with casulties from the police at a high rate, also during the mission he rescued a young Abra that was about to be put down due to being wtihin town borders of Celadon City.
Before enlisting in the Air force, his Brother was killed by the police forces because of "Illegal use of a pokemon" in which both his brother and his pokemon were killed, the only reason he joined the armed forces was to further his acedemic future and planned on becoming a politician to end the cruel treatment of pokemon.

Equipment: Desert Eagle (Gun):
Reason: it was the only item on him when he crashed.

Pet: Abra


Name: Mindripper

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Species: Shiny Abra

League: 1

Description: Mindripper (Abra) is shiny with scars all over his body from battles in the arena, most notcably the scar that extends from his left shoulder to his right leg, gained from a battle with a Scyther in which Mindripper gained his nickname, by actually frying the Scyther's brain. He stands about 0'11, making him VERY small for his breed of pokemon, unlike most other Abra, he is very active most of the day.

Personality: Mindripper acts rather affectionatly towards Legna and very viscious towards other people of higher ranks than him, Mindripper normally can tell what Legna is thinking (Besides the fact that Abra can do that.) by his expressions, which almost never changes. He prefers to play than fight unless when it comes to it, he is a very aggressive psychic attacker, prefering to kill his threats than to let them walk away due to being scarred mentally because both his parents being killed when he recently hached.

History: Mindripper was born in the wild and both parents were killed due to being too close to town borders, a few months later, Legna got Mindripper when some of the officers went to shoot it because it was asleep right inside town borders, one of the officers stabbed Legna when he picked Mindripper up after shooting and killing two of the officers. After Mindripper trusted Legna enough (Which was rather quickly) to listen to him, Mindripper proved himself to be very effective with mental attacks, in which his first battle was almost his last when an opponents Scyther slashed him in the leg and dragged his claw all the way up to Mindripper's shoulderblade, luckly, since his father knew reover, he did too, Mindripper used it then used some psychic attack and killed the Scyther, unknown how until an autopsy showed that all the neurons in the scythers brain were rewired and overheated and the brain stem was removed from the brain. After a full reovery, Mindripper kept trying harder to be stronger and has even tried to allow Legna to evolve him, but Legna has told him it wasn't a good time for it.

Other: Legna and Mindripper can communicate Telopathicaly.


Name: Famine
Gender: Male

Age: 27

Species: Rapidash

League: 3

Description: Famine stands about 5'11 without his horn and was bred purely for speed, unlike a normal rapidash, it's mane and other flames are Blood red and his hair is a dark red, almost black. He has red eyes that are a little brighter than his flames. his horn on his head is about two inches longer than most Rapidash. he gained his name for two reasons; one for matching the identity of one of the four horsemen from the Cristian bible in which is the faith that Legna believes in, the other reason because during a race a ninjask cheapshot him by attacking him, in which Famine unleashed a fireball that incenerated the pokemon, and making Death finish first in that race.

Personality: Famine is rather perky despite his nickname, he enjoys to run but hates when it has to be in competition, on the same note, he hates battling but will even risk his own life to protect Mindripper in a battle that seems unfavorable to his ally. Famine stays very calm in times of peril and uses his looks to intimadate when in battle, in situations outside of battle he will stay beside Legna at all costs. Famine also hates violence and killing, even though sometimes he has to resort to that. He is very loving and affectionate towards Legna and has full trust in his trainer.

History: Famine was the first pokemon Legna bought from a breeder about two days after Mindripper was almost killed in a fight, at the point Famine was a ponyta and was the only one to walk upto Legna and nudge him as Legna got into the pen to pick out a pokemon, at first Legna was frozen in fear beacuse Famine and three other Ponyta all looked like the four horses of the apocolypse in coloration (Red, Pale, White, and black), when legna finally caught up with himself scurrying to get out of the pen, he looked back to see Famine following him steadily, Legna bought Famine for a cheap price after seeing that the Breeder was a former Military member herself. Famine grew quickly and evolved after finishing a race that he strained on winning against an Electrode and a Dodrio. Shortly after evolving, the breeder that sold Legna Famine if Legna would let her borrow Famine for a little while and that she would pay very well for letting her, in which Legna accepted and got Famine back a few weeks later, Famine is the father of two Black bodied and blue flamed Ponyta, one male and one female, named Blaze and Passion respectively. Famine ran a race with the two in the bunny courses becasue afterall, thet're only colts and had a close race with them, one of the trainers who had seen the race bought Passion for an outragious price which Legna almost rejected the offer of selling Famine's baby until she broke her leg and the trainer nursed her back to full health. Blaze reamins with the breeder and is also a being used for breeding when he evolves.


Name: Megalith

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Gigalith

League: 3

Description: Legna's Primary fighter, Megalith stands a 6'09 and was bred purely for battle, shown by her bulky stature that cuts her speed drastically, She has more crystal like spikes on her back than the average Gigalith and her legs are thicker to reduce shock and increase durability, Megalith earned her name in similarities to one of the main target that Legna had on one of his missions in a two day war where is target was to destroy a heavily fortifed nuclear missle launch pad that was almost impenetrable due to it was in a Monolith that raised out of the sea.

Personality: Megalith acts just like a sixteen year old human girl, despite the fact she is almost as old as Famine. Megalith also has a serious crush on Famine and will sometimes become aggressive to Legna if tries to seperate them, she likes to fight to try and win Famine's attention but she refuses to kill her opponents, no matter how vicious the battle may be. Megalith does not like contests and will try and charge the judges if she is put in one, it was proven when Legna put her into one and she tried trampling the crowd. Megalith will also force herself out of her pokeball to watch Famine perform in races and watch him in battles.

History: Legna bought Megalith when she was a Bouldore and she evolved when the transaction was complete, the breeder tried taking her back but was almost killed when he refused to pay for her, not much is known about her past before the purchase, but her first battle was a double battle, where she teamed up, and developed a crush with Death, the two easily defeated the opposing Exeggutor and Frolass, after the battle Legna tried to put her into her pokeball but she forced her way out and tried trampling her, she would have seceeded but Famine and Mindripper stopped her, Famine by ramming her to knock her off balance and Mindripper putting her in a hyponotic sleep. After that she still showed some aggresiveness towards Legna but she had learnt to respect him. Shortly after the ordeal Legna tried to see how well she fared in a contest when he was low on cash, obviously not going well when she attemped to trample the spectators and the judges. After Legna's other two pokemon setteled her down once again, Legna decided that she was too much to deal with, but he ended up having to keep her because no breeder would accept her, except the breeder that sold Death to Legna, in which the deal went through but the next day Legna woke up to Megalith asleep next to his bed. At that point Legna decided to keep her, only with less use than Mindripper and Famine.

other: Megalith doesn't like Mindripper and she also has a fear of the bug type.

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