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Alrighty. Time to get to work.

First of all, the character design is very nice. A cold, heartless headsman is just the kind of thing expected in Rocket. So the character is just fine. I also thank you on the detail of the weaponry.

The only problem I have is a very small one. I would like to keep you Pokemon's overall league points to about 8. Do you think you could drop two of the threes to twos, or one of them to a one? The choice of how you redistribute the points is yours. Pending until the small error is fixed.


I can deal with 16. Please PM me your questions from now on. I don't want the forum to look silly. Also, don't forget your sample.
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no worries. I'm working on it right now, and I'm almost done. But yea, i'll keep a reserve just in case. So... here's the Sample for now. Here is a post from a Dragon Quest RP i a a part of in another forum.

Kenshin began to run away, back to the Sorceress's base. No matter how much he wanted to see Lily, he would not be able to bear the sight on Lily face when she finds out that her guardian became an assassin, getting paid to kill people. His memories began to flash back.

*about to begin flashback*

Suddenly, Wiz came out from a tree branch, hopping with Kenshin, as he ran. "Hiya Ken! How's it going?"

"Quiet Wiz! I'm about to have a flashback." Yelled Kenshin, and Wiz quieted, and kept running.

*flashback from here*
It was 10 years before today. Lily's mother was out taking a walk with the royal guards at a forest, when they saw a boy with ripped clothes sitting down, leaning on a tree. The guards pulled out heir weapons and pointed them at the boy, for he was not an elf. He had human-like ears, but he had... wings on his back! Lily's mother told the guards to drop their weapons. This boy had pure white wings and pure aura, showing he was not evil. The boy looked up at the queen, who smiled at him. For the boy, this amazed him, so far, every creature he met treated hm as an outcast, a freak. The queen sent a guard to fetch some food, water, and new clothes for the boy, who then began to introduce himself. He began to speak. "My name is Kenshin, an angel who was born six years ago, and have not fully matured yet. However, I lost my halo a week ago, and could not get back into heaven. I thank you for the food and water, but I must be on my way. My halo must be found, or I will never find anyone who will accept me."

The boy got up, and bowed. He began to walk away, however, the queen stopped him. She said, "wait, why don't you come to the castle with us elves? Although I am not sure many will accept you for who you are just yet, but they will if they think you are an elf."

Kenshin's eyes widened, as the queen pulled out fake elf ears. "These were confiscated from a human spy many years ago. When humans and elves were enemies. So, do you wish to come with us?"

Kenshin stared at the ears blankly for a minute, then he smiled and nodded. The queen put the fake ears on him, which were quite fitting. It was hardly recognisable that he wasn't elven. Only problem left was the wings, but the new clothes could hide the wings easily.

They began to walk back to the castle, when a Komodo gone crazy from anger attacked. The guards pulled out their weapons to defend their queen, when Kenshin jumped in front of the guards, pulling a few small feathers out. He threw them at the monster, when the feathers became as sharp as metal, and flew into the Komodo's feet, immobilazing it. Next was It's powerful tail. Kenshin pulled out two medium-sized feathers, which turned into blades, and stabbed the tail into the ground. Last was finishing it. Lastly, Kenshin pulled out a large feather, which became like a sword, only shaped and looked like an overgrown feather. Kenshin slashed at the Komodo, cutting it with a few slashes. He jumped up with a finishing stroke, finishing the Komodo. When he landed, he fell to his knee and began to pray. "May God protect you in heaven above."

Astounded, the guards and the queen looked at Kenshin, when the queen began to talk. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

Kenshin answered, after finishing his prayer and getting up. "I am an Angel. I am born with such powers, or otherwise I would not be able to protect the people in heaven from Satan and his demons."

The queen looked at him for a minute, and snapped. "I know the right job for you."

When they got back to the castle, the queen's order surprised Kenshin. The order was quite simple, and was more of a request than an order. This order was the following. "Become my youngest daughter Princess Lily's friend, but secretly, you will be her bodyguard. You must keep her safe, and out of trouble. Same for the other kids in the city as well. Do you agree to this request?"

Kenshin smiled, and nodded.
*end of flashback*

"And so, that was how I became to know Lily-hime." Said Kenshin. Wiz turned into Kenshin, and began to clap. Then, Wiz noticed that they were already at the base. The copycat turned back into the rabbit, and had a "how?" face. Kenshin smiled. "That is the power of the flashback."

"Okay... now give me a flashback of when you joined this organisation." Said Wiz. when he saw Kenshin's "maybe-next-time" face. The two began to walk to Kenshin's friends' graves, where they prayed. Tears dripped from Kenshin's face, and a new flashback started after he mumbled. "Why did I answer to that mission?"

*new flashback*
"Hello Kenshin." Said the sorceress, walking into Kenshin's room. He smiled, when the sorceress began to talk again, pulling out a picture of a human.. "There is a new mission for you, from me directly. This human is named Geno, and he is searching for the same Gems we are looking for."

Kenshin pulled out his assassin's gear, and he sat down. "Where is this 'Geno'?"

Hesitantly, the sorceress answered. "He is going to the place of your memories, the Elven Castle."

This news made Kenshin jump up from his seat, and he growled. "I refuse! There will be no bloodshed from a human that I caused in that castle!"

The sorceress sighed. "Kenshin, if you do not get rid of this one, then your beloved castle will be stained with ELVEN blood. Along with your only living friend from that time, Princess Lily."

That got Kenshin attention. He walked out of the room, into the secret changing chamber, then came out with his assassination gear on. "I accept. I will lure the human out, and kill him outside of the castle."

The sorceress smiled, and walked out of the room.
*flashback end*

yea... this character enjoyed breaking the 4rth wall.
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Hmm.... I don't like all of the flashbacking in this post. You don't flashback every post after all. Also, I don't like the way you formatted it, the flashback that is. There's also quite a bit of dialogue... I don't think I can reserve with this.


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well sorry. the people in that RP asked me to do a post with flashbacks, since they wanted to find out more about the character's past. here, let me post another one, WITHOUT flashbacks.

Kenshin knew the way to the throne room from the outside, and that the royal family went there when they had a visitor. Who knew this information from when he worked at the castle would be useful? He grinded his teeth. Since that day, ten years ago, everything changed. Today was that day's anniversary, and he had to protect the people who took him in when he fell to earth when he was attacked by the devil, unable to get back to heaven? After saving the royal family, he would need to head to his friends' graves, and pray for their safety in heaven above.

Soon, Kenshin was at the back of the castle, still on a tree. With a feather, he slashed the words "Get out of the castle this way" into the tree. He heard the demon from before, yelling some comment, but Ken was too busy to listen. Kenshin pulled out four small feathers, turned them as sharp as blades, and threw them at one of the big windows. With his voice disguised, he yelled, "My God, my Father! Let my attack not be a bother! Hear my cry! Give me the power to protect those who should not die!"

When the feathers hit the windows one at a time, the window began to crack more and more. Each feather hit each corner, cracking it. Kenshin threw a final feather, and jumped down the tree. He pulled out one of his big feathers, turned it into a blade, and cast Buff, Oomph, and Pitfall. Soon, there was a hole in the ground in front of his, and his blade became stronger and more durable, seeing as how it's a part of his body. Kenshin slashed the tree down, making it fall into the hole he made. Falling into the hole, the tree fell over towards the castle, and broke the window. His feather began de-metalised, and he began to run away, hoping that Geno would get away from Lily-hime and her family, the next time he attacked.
otherwise, here's a pokemon one.

Kenshin sent out Honchkrow, and began to fly to the mountain where Mary fell. The mountain’s forest is home to many Nidokings and Nidoqueens! A second of time could change Mary’s fate. He found Mary’s Fearow, next to Mary on the ground, covered in bruises. He screamed. “MARY!”

Horrified, Kenshin jumped off of Honchkrow, and landed next to Mary. However, on the way down he broke his left arm, and twisted his left ankle. The thing is, there was no time for that. He ran towards Mary, and looked at her wounds. She was completely battered from that horde of Beedrill! Honchkrow came down, and Kenshin put her on top of Honchkrow, with the help of the big bird. He grabbed Mary’s Heal Ball, put Fearow back into it, and took off for the city. The bird pokemon made a sound that seemed sad. Kenshin shook his head and talked, even though tears dripped down his cheeks. “It’s okay Honchkrow. She will make it. She has to.”

Suddenly, the Beedrills from before came back with more friends. Mary can’t take much of this, and Honchkrow is getting tired as well! Kenshin pulled out two Dusk Balls, and threw them. “Weavile! Krawdaunt! Come out and use the Frozen Earth Combo!”

A Weavile and a Krawdaunt came out of the Dusk Balls, and Crawdaunt used two Water Pulses to the center of the Beedrills, which hit eachother and exploded with Water. Then, Krawdaunt shot a Hydro Pump, while Weavile used Ice Beam. Soon, there was a giant piece of ice, linking the Beedrills. Kenshin pulled out three dusk balls. “Weavile! Krawdaunt! Come back, and come out! Umbreon!”

Weavile and Krawdaunt went back into their Dusk Balls, while the last Dusk Ball opened, sending out the Umbreon. It looked at Kenshin and smiled, who smiled back. “Welcome back, old friend. Now, Shadow Tackle!”
Umbreon began a Shadow Ball, and then ran right into it, tackling a Beedrill. The Beedrill broke out of the ice, and fell off, causing the ice to lose strength, and fall to the ground slowly. Kenshin fell to his knees after Umbreon jumped on Honchkrow, and fainted.


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Name: Kenshin "Fallen Angel" Min
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Job: Headsman
Specialty: Getting people to tell him what he wants to know by any means, and finding out what other people or pokemon want.
Description: Kenshin has black hair and eyes. Although he wears the uniform, due to washing it wish his black clothes, they have been stained darker than usual. A lot of times, he will be sleeping inside a tree. He is pretty tall for his age, but he hates measuring how tall exactly. On his back is a backpack so small and oddly colored that it is practically invisible unless it is full. Wings, Kenshin's Murkrow, enjoys being in there, and the backpack has holes on the side, for Wings's wings. Lastly, he usually has his guitar case covering his backpack, which is unseeable most of the time anyway. He has glasses on sometimes, when he is trying to make a point, trying to disguise himself, trying to look innocent, so on.

Personality: Kenshin's personality is strange. Usually, he will be hyper and unable to control himself. When like this, he loves battles, and tends to watch people's battles for fun. However, he can be very calm and collected, and enjoys sleeping in quiet places, like up in a tree. He loves nature, and hates things that wreck it. Despite his nickname, he enjoys helping people that need something. The reason for his nickname is a twisted way for this. When he helps people, he makes Wings come out in his backpack, spreading out his wings. When like this, Kenshin looks like an angel. However, since he wears dark colors, people see him as a "fallen". However, he is shy when talking to girls, and he tries to avoid any kind of talk about relationships. Also, being a ninja, he loves black or shiny objects. He is not one of the don't-care-about-pokemon people, but he enjoys battling. Sparring matches against his own pokemon keeps him fit, but he is friends with every one of his pokemon, and cares deeply for them. Even though he agrees that pokemon should be treated more gently, he also agrees that pokemon matches should be allowed. In his battles, he NEVER finishes off his enemy. The only time he finishes his enmy is by accident, or if they are mistreating other pokemon. Lastly, he gets EXTREMELY angry if he see poke-cruelty.

History: In truth, Kenshin came from a long line of ninjas. Even though ninjas are now almost completely gone, Kenshin is one of the few to continue their training. However, due to these trainings acquiring him to live in a forest, with no other humans other than him and his family, he was raised in a hidden part of the forest in Fortree City. This is probably the cause for his girl shyness. During his time in the forest, he had ninja lessons, and music lessons of sorts. He has always enjoyed his music lessons, much more than his ninja lessons. One day, Kenshin's friend, Slash the Sneasel came when they were both young, and took interest in his training. Since then, Slash kept coming to take part in Kenshin's training.

On his seventh birthday, his grandmother got Kenshin an egg, made by Kenshin’s grandfather’s Honchkrow. His family was not affected by the law back then, for they were unknown to most people. However, this being his first pokemon, they decided to teach him how to fight with a pokemon properly. A few days later, the egg hatched into a healthy Murkrow. He named this pokemon Wings, and Kenshin cared for it greatly until it fully grew, when it evolved. Kenshin soon found out about the law of evolutions being banned, and he was outraged. He told this to Slash and Nya from the forest, and got the Dusk Balls that were hidden with the family. The pokemon agreed that part of this was not right, since they all loved to battle. He joined Kenshin, and the group went and joined Rocket.

Equipment: Microphone, Guitar, Glasses, Smoke Bombs, Black ninja gear, and Kunai knives. LOTS of Kunai knives.
Pet: N/A
Other: Although Kenshin and his pokemon are young, they were trained in the ninja way, so they are stronger than their age suggests.

Name: Wings
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Species: Honchkrow
League: 3
Description: Wings' feathers are not dark blue, they are completely black. This pokemon is also bigger than most Honchkrows, due to Kenshin's workouts.

Personality: Wings is basically exactly like Kenshin. Usually, he will be hyper and unable to control himself. When like this, he loves battles, and tends to watch people's battles for fun. However, he can be very calm and collected, and enjoys sleeping in quiet places, like up in a tree. He loves nature, and hates things that wreck it. Despite his nickname, he enjoys helping people that need something. Also, being a Honchkrow, he loves Black items, but even more so, shiny things. Wings always enjoy flying, and sometimes gives people rides. He has a knack for finding out when somebody needs cheering up. However, he is impatiant. VERY impatiant.

History: Wings was hatched from an egg owned by Kenshin, given for his birthday. Ever since Wings was born, Kenshin thought of the bird pokemon as an equal, and never as a pet or a servant like most of the other humans did. Kenshin's parents gave Wings the same training as Kenshin and Slash. Wings look up to Slash like a brother, and tends to treat Kenshin and Slash with immense care.
Other: Not Really (NR)

Name: Nya
Gender: Girl
Age: 8
Species: Umbreon
League: 2
Description: Nya looks pretty much exactly like every other Umbreon does, but is smaller than usual due to her age. This Moonlight pokemon is faster and stronger than her size shows.
Personality: Nya, being the youngest and the only female of the group, the rest of the group always cares for her, trying to protect her. However, Nya is also the prankster of the group, and is always annoyed by how the others always try to protect her instead of themselves, even though she feels the same way about the rest of the group.
History: When Kenshin was out for a walk with Wings and Slash, Kenshin found an Umbreon next to it, almost killed by humans who follow the law. Although Kenshin did all he could to protect the Umbreon, it was not enough. The only thing he could do was raise the egg, which hatched almost instantly. Her sound seemed like "nya", so that's what the group named her. Once she was ready to evolve, Kenshin decided to make her evolve into her parent who died, into an Unbreon.
Other: She is the only female in the group, and she is also the youngest.

Name: Slash
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Weavile
League: 3
Description: A basic Weavile, exept for that one white cross-like pattern of fur on his chest.
Personality: Slash is a battle lover. He enjoys fighting, but cares deeply for the rest of the group. This pokemon is the oldest of the group other than Kenshin. One bad habit is that he is bad with anger. Still, he protects the rest of the group with great care.
History: Slash was once a Sneasel, who thrived to get stronger due to a loss against a Blaziken. While searching for a way to get stronger, Slash met Kenshin, practicing ninja arts. Slash attacked, but Kenshin was stronger, and subdued the pokemon. This facinated Slash, and decided to train under him, when he found out that the human was in training as well. Before, Slash used to just attack around, without any kidn of form at all, but ever since then, Slash found a true way to get stronger.
Other: NR

Name: Chopper
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Kirikizan
League: 2
Description: The supposedly red parts of Chopper's body is black instead. Otherwise, there is almost nothing different than another Kirikizan.
Personality: Chopper is very diligent when it comes to protecting Kenshin and his team, although he isn't as strong as Wings and Slash. Still, Chopper tries his best to protect the others, and always tries to get stronger. Slash and Chopper are good friends, and are also sparring partners.
History: Chopper used to be Kenshin's father's Kirikizan, coming from a long line of Kirikizans. However, Chopper was never nicknamed, until Kenshin got him for protection. Being a ninja, he is fast and powerful, but Kenshin has trained his other pokemon to be more powerful. Chopper is basically Nya's bodyguard.
Other: NR


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Okay, here we go. I'll start with Kenshin.

First things first, Length. I need much more on your description, seeing that you don't describe the uniform at all. I could think it was any kind of uniform. Even if we all know what it looks like, describe it. Add more detail, like skin tone or facial features. It will make it longer and give a better picture of the character. What does the line with him sitting in trees have to do with the description?

Also, in the description paragraph, you say that Wings is a Murkrow that rides in Kenshin's small backpack. Later, you state Wings in a Honchkrow. Now, I'm not sure which you are planning on keeping, but a Honchkrow, which stands at approximately 3 feet tall, would not fit in a small backpack. Which somewhat ruins the fallen angel idea all together. Also, why would it be comfortable for Wings to stick his wings outside of his backpack? It sounds rather uncomfortable to me.. "Unseeable" is not a word.

The personality sounds a little ramble-y and is a little confusing to read. The word "However" is overused in this, and is out of place many times. Please don't caps lock your words to suggest stress. I understand them without them being fully capitalized.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this "ninja" thing. It's not that I don't like ninjas, its just that I'm not so sure how it fits. Him being one of the very last ones is rather cliche. I would rather you leave out the ninja part, just because its kinda fishy. I also am curious to why he became a headsman. It seems very strange that he would just magically become one without sucking up or working very hard. It would be hard for Kenshin's family to remain "unknown" with the government as tough as they are. They would probably figure it out somehow.

Lastly, I would suggest a gun. In fact, I would highly suggest a gun. A 16 year old ninja with kunai knivese would not be able to beat a police officer with a Thompson (Tommy Gun). It's just not logical. He would have to be rather amazing to pull it off.

Now, onto Kenshin's Pokemon.

Why is Wings the only Pokemon with spacing in it? It needs more length, in the description at the very least. I may know what a Honchkrow/Murkrow looks like, but I still want more description. Same goes for all of the Pokemon. Please put "Female" in place of "Girl" in Nya's Gender section. A little more length on the personality for Slash and Chopper for sure. On Chopper, why did he turn black on the red? There's no explanation for this... I could understand if it were a mutation or some sort of genetic screw up, but just there for no appearent reason, that makes no sense. I can stand a somewhat darker shade of red, but black is ridiculous. In the age section, does Nya act like an 8-year-old? Wings doesn't seem to act like he's 9. That section is for how old they act, not how old they are. Knock down the leagues a bit, to make it equal eight all together. To avoid overpowered.

All together, Lot's of revision. Denied. You have two more chances.


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Oops, sorry. I used one of my old SUs, and my sidekick messed it up. AGAIN. Well, last time it deleted my entire SU, so it's better than that time. I'll fix it tomorrow, with my COMPUTER, so my sidekick doesn't mess it up again.



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W/e. Doesn't matter yet.


Changed to a 1-2-2-3 spread, to make it clear that Mismagius is her main Pokémon.


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acctually, my style of RPing isn't suited to these kind of RPs. I'll resign.


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Sorry to hear.


Alright everyone. I have managed to finish my sign up. So yeah, here it is!

Name: Myr Stihl (Pronounced: Murr Still)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Job: Fighter
Specialty: Arena

Description: Myr stands at 5’2’’. She knows she short, and hates it, but she isn’t about to start complaining about it to everyone who picks on her. She just takes the blows by letting Dante but pies in their faces. She is a relatively skinny girl, weighing approximately 90 lbs. Her height and weight being so low are probably due to her immune deficiency. Her whole body is rather thin when you look at her. Her face is sharp, with a somewhat pointed nose and sharp cheekbones. Her eyebrows are thin and her eyelids are almost never fully open. They have bags under them that just don’t seem to go away, these aren’t too severe, but noticeable none the less. Her eyes are a bright green that stands out against her skin and hair. Her skin is average, somewhere between tan and pale. Her hair is rather short, barely reaching past her ears. It has obviously been dyed, seeing that it is a bright bluish purple. It is very smooth and soft. She never straightens it, but it is still board straight. Her nails are almost always painted the same green that her eyes are.

When it comes to clothes, Myr only wears one outfit. That outfit is her Rocket uniform. It starts with a black hat. As an undershirt she has on a short sleeved white turtle neck. The neck comes up a little too far, so it is pushed down and wrinkled. Over this turtle neck she wears a black cut off rocket jacket. This is cut right under her chest in a V upward. The sleeves come down to her wrists. There is of course, a red R on the front of the jacket. She wears long white gloves that come up to about two inches below her elbow. She shoves the jacket inside of these. Her pants are just simple black sweats with two red Rs sewn on the thighs.. They have front and back pockets which she keeps her knife in. Her gun is keep in the back of her pants and is covered by the turtle neck. The legs of these pants are shoved in her boots. Her boots are white and shiny most of the time. They get dirty when she walks in the dirt of course. Overall, the outfit is pretty much the generic Rocket Grunt uniform. She wears it because she’s proud of Rocket, and wants to show it. The only part of the outfit that aren’t typical Rocket is a red choker with an R hanging off of it. There is also the small pair of glasses that she puts on to read.

Personality: Myr is a very strange girl. She is actually a very sly girl, who enjoys tricks and pranks. She is always tricking her opponents into feeling sorry for her by using her sickness, and then suddenly turning around and beating them up. She knows that she’s sick, so she uses the disease as a trick. Sometimes, she will so that she is tricky and sly when she plots. This is something she enjoys doing, but doesn’t do it in front of people. She’s afraid that they will judge her and think she’s evil if she does. She is somewhat evil, but not extremely evil. She wants people to like her, or at least wants their Pokémon to. She’s never really been a people person; she prefers to talk to their Pokémon instead. She likes to sit around and watch them play with each other.

When Myr is faking, she acts like a little girl. She will sway from side to side, twirl her hair, act ditzy when it comes down to it. She does everything she can to make others happy. She likes to walk up and hug people, even though she doesn’t like them. She’ll smile and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. She’ll do anything to her supposed enemies that make them feel happy. It makes them feel confused. After she makes an enemy like her enough, by being cute and sweet, she does as she usually does; she turns around and betrays them. She claims she would never pull the same thing on a friend, but most people think they can’t trust that. After all, once you get used to doing something, it’s awfully hard to stop doing it. This makes many people avoid her, if her illness didn’t deter you enough at the start.

Myr is ashamed of her illness more than anything else. She will refuse anyone who asks to help her. She could be on the ground, coughing up blood, and she would refuse to let anyone help her. Then, Mikami would walk up and help her stand. She would walk off proudly before passing out two steps later. It’s a pride thing; one that really needs to be fixed. Mikami often encourages other trainers to help her by pushing them toward her. Myr turns them away no matter what though. She doesn’t want to be different from anyone else.

History: Myr was born in Celadon City. She was unlucky enough to be born with an immune deficiency disorder. As a little girl, she was so sick, that her mother and father became upset. Her mother wanted her to be able to go out and play just like the other children when she got older, so her father came up with a plan. He went out and bought her a pet Shinx, which he gave her on her second birthday. The Shinx was named Mikami, and she loved it more than anything. When she was five, she would ride the somewhat large Shinx around. Her parents were glad that the little Pokémon could help. There was a small problem though; she had to take the Shinx everywhere, just in case. It went to school with her, and protected her from the bullies on the playground. Unfortunately, this kept her from having any real friends. The only friend she had was Mikami. Her parents wanted her to make more friends, but they never really succeeded in this.

On her 14th birthday, Myr was out collecting berries to help her mom make the cake. They were attacked by a wild Pokémon. Mikami killed the Pokémon, and evolved in the process. When Myr returned home, her parents saw the Luxio and devised a plan. They told their daughter to have Mikami put down, not only because it was against the law, but because they wanted their daughter to make more friends. Myr threw a tantrum and ran out of the house, followed by Mikami. Her parents thought she would come back, but they were wrong. She ran away for good. She somehow ended up in Saffron City, where she met Rocket. One of the men in Rocket took her in and treated her like a daughter. He raised her, which she allowed when she realized that she could keep Mikami this way. She grew to love her foster father, more than her real parents. She even calls him dad, not her real father.

When she turned 16, Myr got into the Arena. She began fighting Mikami in league 1 battles. Soon, Mikami had evolved. She was so proud of herself, that she never thought of the issue, Mikami might die. When he moved into League two, Mikami got into a serious fight. He managed to win, but was cut under his eye so seriously it wouldn’t heal without a scar. That was when Myr saw the problem. Mikami was her only source of income, and without him, she would be in debt. That was when she bought Dante, her Abra. From then on out, things just went without any interesting events.

Equipment: Myr has a Colt 45 pistol that she keeps in the back of her pants. It holds seven rounds. There is also a “pocket knife” in her left pocket. She calls this Stiletto a pocket knife, but it’s not exactly small. Lastly, she normally has a pair of brass knuckles in her back pocket.
Pet: Dante, Abra
Other: Myr has an immune deficiency disorder. It’s rather serious. It makes her rather weak. She can’t run around for a long time.

Name: Mikami
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Species: Luxray
League: 3

Description: Mikami stands at 4’8’’, just a little taller than the usual Luxray. He is very muscular and tough, despite being beaten in the arena several times. His front and back legs are thin enough to increase his speed while not taking off of his strength. His claws have been extended out to the point that they can be seen, even when they are retracted. His teeth are long and sharp, but stained a little, which makes him a bad choice for contests. His mane is very fluffed up, to the point it looks a little sharp even. The fur on his shoulders and hind legs is rather spiked up as well. His ears a slightly more pointed than a usual Luxray’s, but still circular. His mane and extends up his back, leaving a V like shape on his stomach before continuing on his hind legs. It stops on his hind legs when it his knee. It also covers his tails and arms. It is missing from his ears and face, only covering his forehead and upper part of his snout. Lastly, it covers his front arms, leaving only the very backs of his lower legs uncovered. Where there is no mane, the fur is dark blue, almost navy. It is very thin and coarse, not soft like the mane. There are three bands of yellow fur connecting the mane on his front lower legs. His eyes are piercing red with yellow pupils are irises. There’s a furless scar found under his left eye from where he was attack as a Shinx. Lastly, there is a hangman’s noose around his neck that works as his collar. It is properly tied with thirteen loops.

Personality: Mikami is extremely loyal. He is always following orders, and if he doesn’t listen, it’s to protect his trainer. He has been with Myr since she was two and refuses to leave her, no matter the circumstances. His mind is always set on making her happy and protecting her, which means there have been several “instances” where he has done something bad. He is very violent and not afraid to take out someone who hurts his master. He isn’t exactly proud, but he knows good and he can frighten opponents easily.

History: Mikami has been with Myr since she was two years old. She would play with him and no one cared, because, at that point, he was just a Shinx. Her parents bought Mikami to protect Myr, because of her disorder. They wanted her to be able to live a normal life style, while still being protected. So Mikami was like their savior. He had to fight off a few bullies every now and then, but never really got into a serious fight. On Myr’s 14th birthday, she was walking through the forest to pick some berries to help her mom cook the cake. Mikami, as usual, was right beside her. They were attacked by a wild Pidgey. Pidgey wasn’t considered tough, but to a frail girl like Myr, it was a very bad thing. Mikami, who was still only a small Shinx, attack the bird, eventually killing it. This scared little Myr, especially when she saw her beloved Mikami become surrounded in light. He evolved in a Luxio, which was an Illegal Pokémon. She couldn’t keep him as a pet anymore, in fact, when she got home, her parents told her to have him put down. She threw a tantrum and refused to put down her only friend. This led her to run away with her Pokémon in hand. She ended up in Saffron city, where one of Rocket’s higher ups found her; they told her she could keep Mikami. Since then, Mikami has evolved and proved to be an extremely wanted competitor in the arena. Myr is proud of him, and he still protects her from anything that comes her way.

Other: Myr tied the hangman’s noose around Mikami’s neck when she came to Rocket as a little girl. It is used to identify him and to make him appear dead if he has to hide. Mikami knows he doesn’t truly appear dead, but still wears the noose to make Myr happy.

Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Abra
League: 1

Description: Dante stands at 2’10’’ on his back legs that is. He usually stands on all fours and moves somewhat like a cat. His hands have three fingers on them, one thumb and two regular fingers. These have lines that show where the joints separate each part. His elbows are also lined to separate his upper and lower arm, the lower part ends in a somewhat sharp point. The armor on his chest and shoulders is very smooth and thick, like leather. His back legs also have lines where the knees are and the knee comes up in a point on the front. He has three toes, on that looks like a thumb or due claw and two that are spaced just a little from each other. His tail is very long and furry, very similar to that of a fox. His fur, unlike a normal Abra, is pale gold, almost tan. The armor on his chest and shoulders is light brown as well is a small stripe on his very fluffy tail. His muzzle is very light tan, also the inside of its ears. He has a brown glove on his right hand, which stops right past his wrist and mid-joint on each of his fingers. There are two green rings on his right back foot. One is on his thumb and the other is one the outer finger. There is a red ribbon around his neck that has a green gem surrounded by silver. He also has a metal guard on his left foot; these are attached by leather straps. There is a leather ring is around the base of his tail and another closer to the tip of his tail. These are both just simple brown leather. Lastly, there are three piercings in each of his ears. Two are simple, green studs; the third is a silver loop.

Personality: Dante is a very strange Abra. When Myr bought him from the breeder, she thought she was being scammed, strangely enough, the breeder thought he was scamming her. Luckily, Dante had his own plans. He was awake from the moment Myr picked him up. Even though his eyes were closed. He likes to be expressive and show off, because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. He only sleeps at night, and that’s only in the bed with Myr. He is spoiled, very spoiled. He doesn’t like being left alone, and hates being battled even more. Every time Myr mentions the arena with him around, he makes continues to yell, “Neeeh!” until Myr takes back the comment. He refuses to leave her side, no matter the situation. He isn’t very strong, but he loves his master, and is willing to fight for her. He even took on his master’s tricky ways. He has his own evil plots. He grins like a Sableye. It makes him look very creepy.

History: Dante belonged to a very shady breeder before he was given t o Myr. Myr went to the breeder after she saw Mikami lose a battle. She realized she might need to get another Pokémon at that point. So she went to the breeder, who suggested she buy Dante. Myr was very suspicious, because Abras did nothing but sit, sleep, and teleport. She didn’t really want to take him, but the breeder said he would offer her a good price. She knew he would be useless, seeing that his coloration made him less dazzling to contests, he was too asleep to race, and he was also too asleep to fight. None the less, she took the deal with the intention of using Dante as bait for training Mikami. Strangely enough though, when she got outside, Dante looked up at her and yawned. It hopped down and began to walk beside her. She soon trained him to walk on all fours and decked him out with lots of shiny things. Dante has become quite good at contests and small sized races since then.

Other: Dante has an obsession with spoons. This may be because he misses his parents, but Myr seems to think it’s because he wants to eat yogurt with them. He also likes yogurt.

Name: Capone
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Species: Nidoking
League: 1

Description: Capone stands at 5’1’’, quite a bit larger than the usual Nidoking. He has a long extending from in between his eyes and a small spike extending from his forehead. These are both useful in attacking. He has long ears that have rough points coming off of them, much like a normal Nidoking, only a little bit sharper. His back bottom teeth just from his lower jaw and are a good two inches long. His eyes are a sharp red with white irises. This appears very strange, and is a reaction to a blow he took to the face in a fight long ago. His back is lined with spikes that stick up like a shield. His arms are spiked on the shoulders and elbows as well. He only has four claws with no thumb on his left hand, where his right has all five fingers. His back legs are spiked at the knees and hips as well as the backs of the upper legs a little. He has three claws on both of his back feet. His tails is thick and heavy, though without a single spike. He could easily use it as a club though. His body is covered with very severe scars from when Myr bought him. There are at least five on his chest, one over his eye, three on his left arm, two on his right arm, two on his right leg, one on his left leg, and five on his tail. This is how many Myr managed to count. Theses scars are all a lighter tan-ish red. Capone’s chest and stomach are pure white with a defined chest and abs. The rest of his body is a very dark purple, with a bit of navy mixed in. He often walks on all fours, as that’s how Myr trained him to move.

Personality: Capone is a very powerful Pokémon. He is very angry at his current state, and how he is unable to fight as well as he used to be able to. He is often known to writhe in pain from his injuries, and this makes him upset. When he is hurting, he crawls up in a ball and stares at Myr. He hates being called a weakling, since he used to be pretty good, until he was given to Myr. Then he was always hurting and needing treatment. He doesn’t blame her, but he does get angry at her very quickly. He is known to even attempt attacking her when he gets too mad. He has learned the hard way that he should never do this though, seeing that he often gets hit by Mikami when he tries. Capone is considered the leader of Myr’s Pokémon despite his condition. He likes to make tricky plans.

History: Myr got Capone about a year ago when she traded a Bidoof to get him. She thought she was getting an amazing deal until she realized Capone had been critically injured in the last battle he was in and would be able to fight for about three months. She also had to get him fixed up, which cost her more money than she actually had. She ended up going into debt for about a month over Capone, and actually feared a Headsman would come after her. Luckily, she managed to pay it off and trained Capone a good bit. He’s a little stronger now, but is still a bit affected by the injuries her took that year ago. This is why Myr refuses to allow him to fight in the arena enough to go to league 2.

Other: Capone hates Bidoofs.

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Frealigatr
League: 1

Description: Vinnie looks pretty typical for a Frealigatr. He stands at 7’9’’ with a thick skin and strong jaw. He has three red fins protruding from the top of his head. The usual very circular jaw shape was bred out of him, leaving him with a somewhat more lean appearance that helps him reach small places with his jaws. His teeth are all very long and pointed, many of them jutting from his mouth when it’s closed. His eyes are slit and thin, giving him a dark look. His neck and stomach have grown thin and somewhat less muscular. His back legs are very strong though. His front arms are a little longer than a normal Frealigatr. His tail is very long, much longer than the usual. There are three fins extending from it as well. His back has three larger fins coming off of it. His entire body is light blue, except for the fins, which are red, and his lower jaw, which is yellow. There is also a strange V like pattern on his stomach that is yellow. His eyes are the same yellow as his stomach and lower jaw. His body has several bumps on it that are slightly darker blue than the rest of his body, such as a pocket like shape on his thigh and several lines on his arms. Vinnie stands like a raptor, on his hind legs with his arms pulled close to his body. He sometimes walks on all fours as well.

Personality: Vinnie is very cowardly for a Frealigatr. He has a tendency to hide behind other Pokémon and cower down at the mere sight of fights. The only time he’s useful in battle is when he goes into a blind rage. He then will thrash around and attack anything that gets in his way. This is actually what Myr thinks makes him afraid. The fact that he is afraid to hurt others is the trouble. He doesn’t want to hurt his master or anything really. He doesn’t think when he’s angry, so he doesn’t want to get angry. This is why he loves the races. He doesn’t have to get hurt in the races. He is a very friendly Pokémon when he’s not scared. He will follow you around like a lost puppy and smile at you when you talk to him. He looks intimidating, but is too friendly and cute to be evil.

History: Vinnie was bought from a local breeder. She only got him about a month ago, so he is stuck in League one. He has very little history other than being bred by a local rocket and raised in a cage. He was trained enough only to evolve, and is therefore quite a newbie to fighting. He’s pretty good with physical moves because of this. Myr is not very attached to him yet, but loves him none the less because he is such a big Pokémon.

Other: Vinnie is somewhat a coward. He is okay in the ring, but prefers the races.

Name: Razor
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Shiny Raichu
League: 1

Description: Razor is rather small for a Raichu, even when he agrees to stand on his back feet. His face is a little thinner than a usual Raichu, which takes away from the chubby look and adds to the ratty look. His paws are all very thin and cute, with little claws extending for each finger. His tail is rather long and thin with a lightning bolt shape on the very end. His ears are very oddly shaped with swirls at the bottom. His fur is a very dark orange, almost red in the shadows. His eyes are red as well; this is a mutation from the shiny. His paws and tail are all dark brown. The outsides of his ears are the same dark brown. The insides of his ears are light tan, as well as the lightning bolt on the end of his tail and the circles on his cheeks. The right side of his face has been burnt very severely. The fur is very thin and dark brown, where the skin is very dark tan. The burn, like almost all burns, still hurts to the touch and sometimes even without it. The burn makes it look as though Razor is a tough guy, but this isn’t true. Razor looks like a roughed up rat, not exactly cute. He walks on all fours, just like most of Myr’s Pokémon.

Personality: Razor is a very spazzy Pokémon. He likes to run about and chase his tail, other Pokémon, the wind, anything that happens to exist, he will chase. He likes to run around, which often leads him to fall down. This is because he is such a clumsy Pokémon. He trips over his tail. When he isn’t spazzing over something, he will sit by Myr and smile. He likes to be sweet after all. He is friendly to all of the humans, excluding the master of the Flareon that burnt his face. He is also running up to humans and rubbing against them. He wants them to pet him and scratch his ears. Many get frightened by his burnt face though. In the very few cases Razor gets mad; he will jump up and raise his fur high. He hisses, a little like a cat, but more like a rat. His eyes look angry, and he bears what little fangs he has. He doesn’t do this often enough for it to really matter though.

History: Very shortly after Myr came to Rocket, her foster father gave her a pet Pikachu to care for. She rejected the gift, clamming that she didn’t like how cute it was. Her foster father evolved it into a Raichu for her and she immediately took it in. Her foster claimed that Pikachu was one of the most powerful Pokémon that ever lived. He told her ridiculous stories about how when he was in Rocket, he had tried to catch a Pikachu many times. She decided that she would make him happy and took the Raichu. She put it in the ring without an ounce of training, and it was hit by a very powerful Flamethrower attack. It critically burnt the side of Razor’s face. The fur is very singed and the skin is even worse. Myr felt so bad, that she took Razor off the arena for several years and just kept him as a pet. She just put him back in the ring a year ago.

Other: Razor is deathly afraid of flames due to his experience with Flamethrower.

Name: Mickey
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Species: Rhydon
League: 1

Description: Mickey is a pretty typical Rhydon. He stands at 6’10’’ without his horn. The horn that sprouts from his nose is very long; add at least two inches to his overall height. It has lines going around it that make it appear to be a drill. It can spin, but doesn’t unless using horn drill. His entire body is made of stone with different bumps and spikes coming off of it. His neck is lined, just like his horn. His eyebrows have three spikes coming off the top of them. His bottom jaw has three spikes coming off at the very base, where the neck is connected. His back is lined with spikes. He has a stone like vest over his chest, which stops a little above his stomach. His stomach and chest under the vest are lined like his neck. His legs are a little longer than a usual Rhydon, just like his arms. His tail is long and lined. His entire body is dark grey, with the lined parts just a little lighter. His eyes glow a vicious red. He is the only of Myr’s Pokémon that walks on two feet normally. He walks on all fours when he is forced.

Personality: Mickey is one big baby. He gets mad at someone and he throws a tantrum. He gets upset, so he throws a tantrum. This seems to be his way to solve everything. Every now and then he will sit down and just watch people like a small child. He gets the big adorable bubbly eyes and makes curious faces. He is really a child at heart. He wants people to pet him and he wants them to scratch his belly. It’s almost as though he doesn’t realize he could flatten someone by laying on them. The only person that Mickey isn’t nice to is his owner, Myr, and her Abra, Dante. He can’t forgive them for playing tricks on him all those years ago. So he likes to pout and about it and snort when Myr gives him orders.

History: Mickey is the only Pokémon Myr can claim she caught herself. One day, when she was wandering town with Dante, she came across the wild Rhydon. It was in a blind rage at this point, and she thought she was going to have to run from the creature to make it out alive. Dante had other plans. The teleporting Pokémon flashed around Mickey until he got so mad he rammed straight into a wall. This went on until Mickey passed out. Myr used her only pokeball to catch Mickey. She was so proud of herself, that she lost the pokeball for a month… When she found it again, she went to show her foster father and the rest of Rocket. This lead to the destruction of her room. Mickey destroyed her bed, dresser, and window. This is why Myr sleeps on the floor. To punish Mickey, Myr has been training him rigorously, but refusing to allow him a real fight. She claims he’s not good enough for the ring yet.

Other: Mickey and Myr don’t get along. Mickey secretly dreams of trampling Dante as well.
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Here's my sample, its kinda bad, but it was written late at night. I'll fix it up if need be.

Tonight was the night. This man had been stirring up trouble for quite some time, and the Rockets were tired of it. So they got him to end him. It was not a prospect Roderick really enjoyed. It paid well, no doubt, but that didn’t mean he liked killing others. He just did it. Tonight however, he was going to have to do it once more. Perhaps this guy could be convinced otherwise. Sometimes it just involved beating them so badly they gave in, but he had a feeling this guy wouldn’t be that kind. Normally those were the kind who were late on bills.

Not the kind that were stirring up trouble with the government. This guy seemed to be the latter. He was probably going to rat the whole thing out to the government, and not realize that they changed safe houses periodically. It was pointless to try and do it like that, as most of the population at some point was battling Pokémon. Heck If they tried to legitimately kill everyone who had fought Pokémon, they would probably be forced to kill an eight of their population. That would not ever end well for the government.

Cleaning his gun a bit more, a lovely piece of work it was too, he inspected the device one last time. Everything was in order, clean, and not broken. That was important, as he hated to have his gun be dirty; or worse broken. It would do him no good. His Pokémon might be able to deal with him, but a quiet killing, or beating up as he hoped he might still get away with, would be best. To that end, he took another thing, and screwed it on the gun. A silencer, a useful thing indeed, considering his gun wasn’t fast enough to create a sonic boom, and would keep anyone from knowing about the hit for just a bit longer.

This went onto a holster around his waist. As well did a very practical, blunt object. It was a sap, and he used it occasionally as well. It wasn’t nearly as useful as a gun, but hey, that was how things went. Strapping that onto his side as well, he shrugged slightly, rolling his shoulders. He was getting himself ready for this. He knew what was coming, but he didn’t have to like or enjoy killing others.

Even if this one would be particularly fun. A bleak smile worked across his face. As far as killings went, this guy was high on his list. He seemed to be a Pokémon abuser. Those guys deserved this in his book. Might be finally able to do something. With that, he grabbed his few Pokémon, and headed out the door, making sure to keep the pokeballs hidden, so no one could see where they were concealed. They were his secret weapon after all.


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Oh my! You didn't have to write one greywolf! This is just fine though. Spot reserved!

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Aaaaand here it is. I've been listening to Sweet Caroline on repeat since beginning to write this sign-up... her personality is a bit rushed and I don't feel like I got it quiiiiiite right, but hopefully it'll be acceptable. :)

Name: Caroline “Carrie” McBrillon
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Job: Breeder
Specialty: Fire-type breeding, with a touch of dark and/or fighting.

Description: Carrie stands at a relatively average height for a woman, around five foot five. She has long, curly dark hair that cascades down to her mid-back. She usually keeps it pinned back in a pair of french braided pig-tails. She usually wears a variety of dark colors. She dislikes the Rocket Uniform, so she doesn’t wear it, however she likes to wear dark colors to blend in with the others and their uniforms. She’s usually in a dark navy blue or purple. She very rarely wears any colors, but when she does, it has a tendency to bring out that rosy tone of her normally pale skin. Carrie almost always wears dark jeans, and over top of those she has the same pair of dark boots. They hold her knife, and make a trademark clacking noise when she walks.

Carrie usually has a few whispy bangs that hang down over her eyes. Her eyes are a vivid icy green, and they tend to stand out a little bit due to her thick, dark lashes. Along the bridge of her nose and her cheeks are a few very faint freckles remaining from her childhood. Overall her face is a natural sort of pale, not the pale induced by make-up. Carrie barely wears any make-up, occasionally indulging in a little bit of eyeliner or eye shadow when she wants to feel pretty. Her eyebrows are a little bit too bushy, and she has been known to get comments about how they look like caterpillars, but she simply doesn’t care.

Carrie is a sweet, overly compassionate girl. She enjoys what she does, and she enjoys helping out people by selling them Pokemon for a relatively low price. Carrie believes that you can find joy in whatever you do, and that you can always make it better. Her seering optimism and accepting nature often chase people away. No one wants to spend much time with the “Positive Polly”. Carrie pretends on the surface that she doesn’t mind, but she does crave friendship, especially since her former partner Andrew rejected her. She misses him greatly and shies away from anything that reminds her of him... especially the song Sweet Caroline. It was “their song”. Due to the heavy burden and loss she carries on her chest, Carrie has become a little bit obsessive compulsive. She performs several rituals every morning, such as putting on exactly five strokes of mascara on each eye, and chanting little inspirational quotes to herself.

Carrie has developed a bit of an inferiority complex since her stint with the government. She is very sensitive about her obessive compulsive traits, and especially the nervous ticks she has developed since Andrew. She bites her nails down to tiny nubs, and hides them behind her back so no one can see them. She is often seen grabbing at the edges of her shirt or twiddling her fingers, but she always hides these from people as soon as she notices that they’re watching. She has an extreme fear of people judging her because of her past, and often gets very upset whenever anyone mentions it.

Carrie hides her insecurities fairly well, in her opinion. She spends most of her time smiling and acting like everything in Carrie land is all wonderful and great. She often delves into her work whenever she’s upset (which is most of the time) so she has a wonderful work ethic and pace. She hides under her work, preferring to be known as cheerful Carrie the breeder than “that moody chick that used to work for the government”. One thing that she did bring with her from her position is her extremely good sense of observation. The investigative position she held absolutely drilled observation skills into her. Due to this she is a fairly good people reader and can often tell when she’s being lied to.

Carrie grew up in the Sinnoh region with her mother and father and younger sister. It was a generally peaceful, typical childhood. She had a pet Torchic, was forced to take piano lessons, do dance, the whole nine yards. Her mother was a flute professor at the local college, and so Carrie was forced into flute lessons, but she never fell in love with flute the way her mother had. Music was a little bit dull and boring to Carrie. She had a different passion: Pokemon. She was fascinated by things like moves and fur colors, and all sorts of things. Carrie took human biology and tried to apply it to Pokemon. After a series of AP Biology classes in high school, and a stint in college as a biology major, Carrie followed the advice of her government loving mother. She applied for an investigative position with the government.

As a young “investigative agent” she was paired with a great team and a great partner, who just so happened to be into her. They gave her a gun and a fancy badge. But then Carrie went out on her first investigation, where she was told to put down a Houndoom. She’d been unable to do it. She released the Houndoom to the wild and afterwards wrote a faked report saying that she’d killed it. But after she got over the initial horror of putting down a Pokemon, an idea started to blossom. What if she could save these Pokemon? Since she was the junior field agent, she was made to do all of the “dirty work” and no one was there to watch her. She started smuggling the doomed Pokemon out, at first releasing them to the wild, then keeping them, and eventually beginning to use them to breed new Pokemon. Carrie was absolutely fascinated by them.

In the end, she ended up falling hard for her strictly by-the-book partner Andrew. It wasn’t uncommon for members of the teams to fall for, and even marry their partners or colleagues, but for Carrie and Andrew it was unusual. She fell for him, despite her intense fear that he’d find out what she’d been doing with all the Pokemon. And he did. Instead of arresting her, knowing that she would be locked away in jail forever, with no money due to the very recent death of her mother, he let her go on one condition: that she leave the region and never come back. He never wanted to see her again.

With a broken heart and a shiny government badge, Carrie took off and escaped to Kanto, where she currently raises and breeds Pokemon for Team Rocket. They were a bit hesitant to accept her, but seeing that she had overall knowledge of how the government worked (and a government issued badge and gun) they allowed her to join.

Equipment: Carrie carries a knife in her boot. She can slide it out easily and stealthily. She also carries a generic government-issue handgun... she doesn’t know the type, however she’s a decent shot. She prefers to use her knife.

Pet: Ember the Chimchar

Other: She detests the song Sweet Caroline.

Name: Ember
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Species: Chimchar
League: 0

Description: Ember is a tiny creature, standing at only one foot three inches tall. She was bred for agility and speed, hence her tiny size. She has silky orange fur that is a bit longer than a normal Chimchar’s. Her face is a light yellow that’s almost white, with red rings around her big green eyes. She has a small burning flame on her tail end that goes up to about her mid-back.

Personality: Ember is a happy little soul. She acts like a little kid, often hanging off of Carrie’s shoulder and chattering incessantly into Carrie’s ear, despite the fact that Carrie can’t understand a word she’s saying. She has a burning, intense curiosity, which is always causing her to wander off and find trouble. Whenever Ember does encounter trouble, she usually starts to tear up and cry. She’s a very sensitive little monkey.

Carrie traded a young Torchic for Ember around a month ago. Ember is Carrie’s newest Pokemon, so not much has happened since she joined Carrie and her team. Ember is currently in training for the races and for battles, where she’ll hopefully be able to evade anything thrown at her.

Other: Ember treats Sophia as her older sister, so she’s often seen following the Blaziken around and chattering about her “Mommy Carrie”.

Name: Galway
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Species: Chatot
League: 1

Description: Galway is a tiny parrot-like Pokemon. He has a dark black head shaped like an eighth note. On this head are his squinty little eyes and his beak, always set in a sort of frown of disapproval. HIs feathers are faded and old, the blues, greens, and yellows just not as bright as they used to be. The ring of white feathers around his neck are dirty and worn. They flop down farther than a usual Chatot’s do. His little metronome tail is always flopped and down. It never keeps the beat like it used to.

Personality: Galway is an angry, unhappy Pokemon. He still mourns the loss of his “mother”, who was Carrie’s mother too. He views Carrie as a pesty little sister and won’t follow her orders in battle, or really ever. He is both loud and proud, always singing and shrieking at inappropriate times just to spite Carrie. Underneath all of his vibrato though, he is just a lost, bitter little Pokemon who lost his mother and trainer.

History: Galway was Carrie’s mother, Lucy’s pet. He lived with her from when she was about twenty-five until the day she died. Lucy left Galway to Carrie, knowing that Carrie would always take care of her misguided pet.

Other: His favorite song to sing is, ironically, Sweet Caroline. He “speaks” English, but only in song form. He also doesn’t battle. He’s too disobedient for that.

Name: Sophia
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Blaziken
League: 3

Description: Sophie stands at about 6’5”, which is a bit taller than your average Blaziken. She has a very muscular build, since she was bred for strength. She is covered in dark red, almost maroon feathers that cover most of her body. Her feet are covered in mustard yellow feathers. Beneath her fluffy feathers are sharp claws, which she also has on her scaly, scarred arms. Her big blue eyes are a bit cloudy from injuries occuring in battle.

Personality: Sophia is fiercly loyal to Carrie. She never disobeys an order in battle, since she believes that Carrie is always right. She follows Carrie around and believes that she can do no wrong. Sohphia would do absolutely anything for her trainer if she believed it was in Carrie’s best interest. She has a fiery temper, which she uses to her advantage in battle. If anyone bad-mouths Carrie (especially if its Galway), she’ll spit a good flamethrower at them.

History: Carrie obtained Sophia as a small girl. As a Torchic, Sophia was Carrie’s pet. She often brought Sophie along to crime scenes, to show her different things that she’d learned about biology and crimes. After fleeing to Kanto, Carrie started battling Sophia, allowing her to evolve first to a Combusken, and then to a Blaziken.

Other: Sophia is Carrie’s main battling and breeding Pokemon. She has produced many good Torchics, bred for both strength and speed.

Name: Yankee
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Species: Shiny Rapidash
League: 2

Description: Yankee is simply a very large horse. He stands at about five foot seven, roughly the same height as Carrie. He has a soft yellow body, so light that it’s almost white in coloration. He has two large ears a-top of his head, along with a long, ponty horn. His entire body is covered in streaming silver flames, most of them working to form his mane and his tail. There are also some flames down by his dark black hooves. He is often seen in a flame-retardant gray saddle, since Carrie enjoys riding Yankee around the race track when no one’s around to see her.

Personality: Yankee is a flighty sort of Pokemon. He loves to run, and can’t stay in one place for a very log time. He has been known to crack under pressure, more often than not because he is afraid and insecure. He has trouble battling and he got to League two simply by luck. Yankee has trouble doing a lot of things, due to his insecurity. He lives to please Carrie and often tries to beat out her other Pokemon for attention. This often fails though, since Yankee’s “plans” are always quickly laid and poorly planned. Yankee just doesn’t have the patience for simple planning. He prefers to just go. He is after all, a race horse.

Yankee was the first Pokemon that Carrie obtained in Kanto. She found him as a young Ponyta in the wild, and chose to catch him using a forbidden Pokeball. However, Carrie was a bit insecure about training, which led to several insecurities in Yankee’s technique. She put him in the ring, but soon after discovered that his true talent lay in racing. She trained him up so that he would evolve and be faster.

Other: Yankee is fast... like really fast. Rapidash run at over a hundred miles per hour.

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Hmm. Very nice Mayhem. I'm liking this. The fact that she used to work for the government will make her rather suspicious to others. Her pokemon are all nice as well, though maybe just a hair short. Though fights against water types may cause some trouble. Character is nice.



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herp derp this beastly thing is finally done *scuttles away because she needs sleep*

Name: Vivian Rouge

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Job: Breeder

Specialty: The Dragon and Water 1 (more reptilian/mammalian water-types) egg groups. She usually refers to them as “Dragon and Class 1 Water”.

Description: Vivian is a striking young lady; her frame is thin and wiry, not particularly strong looking in the slightest. However, she doesn’t look like she’d blow over in a breeze. She is well shaped, but not enough so to really catch eyes in a crowded room. However, her height is rather eye-catching, as she stands just under six feet tall. She has sand-toned skin, which seems rather pale but due to the strong olive undertones actually gives her a healthy look. Perhaps the most amazing thing about her appearance is her hair—Vivian suffers from premature gray hair, though it has not yet grayed entirely. Instead, it is the salt-and-pepper shades of gray that many elderly women who had dark hair when they were younger suffer from. She actually finds the look quite intriguing, which is why she doesn’t dye her hair back to black. It will be completely gray/white in the next few years, though she might start dying it then. Since it looks pretty neat, Vivian has let her hair grow past her shoulder-blades, making it quite long. It flows pleasantly.

Vivian has a smoothly structured face with an ovular shape. Her features are not too prominent, but seem to fit together seamlessly. In particular, her eyes are lax and hazel-brown. She is quite a fan of ear piercings (though she doesn’t like them anywhere else on her face), and so she wears many different ones including three in each lobe and two in each side of her cartilage. Each earring is usually minimalist and gold (silver would blend in with her hair), so that she doesn’t look ridiculous with so many holes in her ears. She also almost always wears makeup, heavy enough to be noticed but not heavy enough to make people think wow, that girl has a lot of makeup on.

As clothes go, Vivian is (to some surprise) not a fan of looking too fancy. Still, she believes in looking good. Her shirts usually have long sleeves (to cover the scars on her arms) and flow lightly over her body, not hugging anywhere but not making her look like a sack of potatoes (after all, the fabric is pretty thin). She prefers dark colors because her hair is rather light; bright colors are not as professional, so she is often just wearing black or white. Some of her clothes have a bright red ‘R’ stitched into the front, though of course, she can’t wear those all the time. As pants go, Vivian likes to keep it simple, wearing tight black jeans or fitted navy ones. She likes sneakers because her feet tend to get cold and she doesn’t like to paint her toenails. Generally, Vivian is equipped with some amount of fine jewelry (because her father buys her things) and a prominent gun holster, just to show that she’s not fooling around.

Personality: Vivian is a quiet, cold girl with frozen eyes and little expression. She is usually withdrawn, except upon the subject of Pokémon and breeding—she will be quite adamant to talk about these sorts of topics. One might deduce, then, that she isn’t shy; she just doesn’t have anything to say. The world has not been kind to her, just as it has not been kind to Pokémon, which is part of what draws her to breed them and preserve them for the future. She will declare, if asked, that she does it for the money, but she really does it out of a fascination for the shapes and forms of the creatures she breeds, and out of a desire to preserve them and share them with the world. Then again, that does not make her kind. A harsh life has made her equally harsh and at times violent, even to those she cares about. She has few human friends because she is not willing to open up to other human beings.

Of course, Vivian may have come through the rough, but she grew up well. This lends to a love of perfection and high standards, though she has a clear disdain of high society with all its lace and trim. She just likes for things to be as good as they can be, and tends to scoff at low-quality items. This prejudice was bred into her legitimately, and she does little to fix it. After all, she doesn’t really make human friends easily, and only humans worry about such things. Then again, saying she makes Pokémon friends easily is quite a stretch… she only has three that she calls friends in any sense, and she still regards them more like pets or trusted servants. She is well-read and fairly intelligent, and hungrily seeks out books about Pokémon from years past and history books in general. She is something of a history buff.

Vivian has a clear distaste for government and politics—after all, they stole away her father, after death had already stolen her mother. It isn’t the Activists she hates, per say, it’s the government itself. Though, she isn’t really an active anarchist. She would just much rather have the world free of things that steal fathers from their children and prevent beautiful Pokémon from beings shown to the world. So long as she can sneak around with her own operation, she is content not to worry about it; however, she has no insane delusions of safety. She carries plenty of weaponry to protect herself, not to mention some very dangerous weapons indeed… her Pokémon, kept in the best Pokeballs she can get her hands on. She knows it’s illegal, but she rarely leaves home without at least one extra Pokémon. Legality doesn’t concern her, because after all, she is a silent anarchist.

History: Vivian was born to a rather rich family with a loving mother and a social-climbing dad. She was a happy enough child, living in the blissful world of mansions and dinner parties where nothing is wrong with the world and crime doesn’t exist. When Vivi (as her mom and dad called her) was twelve years old, her mother was set to have a son—and Vivian would finally have a little brother. She was excited about it… unfortunately, while bearing her child prematurely, Mrs. Rouge began to hemorrhage and died shortly after childbirth. The child died within the day from complications due to premature birth.

Needless to say, Vivi was crushed. She didn’t let anyone call her Vivi anymore, only Vivian. Miss Vivian, to the servants. She was young and unable to deal with such grief, which led her to become hardened and sad. She realized she didn’t really have friends, only the people her dad paid to be around, or the people whose parents told them to be her friend. And none of them wanted to comfort her but the servants. The happy young Vivian grew into a sour woman in a short timeframe…

All the while, Mr. Rouge was working his way into the political scene of the day. However, without being tied up with either the Activists or Rocket, it was almost impossible to get ahead of the game. At the time, the family lived in Vermillion City, near enough to both Saffron and Celadon. In the end, though, it would be Rocket who offered the meek man the money to campaign, provided that he cover all aspects of Rocket activity under his jurisdiction and paid them back as was needed; after all, he had inherited plenty of money, and had no fear of giving it away. For this, he was given an immense amount of mysterious public support, garnered by Rocket and money, and by those means a high position in the political world.

Unfortunately, this only took him farther away from Vivian. When she turned fifteen, he gave her a gift: her first Pokémon, an adorable pet creature called an Eevee. By this time he had already stopped being around as often as he always had, leaving Vivian lonesome. Rena, as she named the Eevee, was the first sentient being who truly wanted to be Vivian’s friend, in her eyes at least (the servants, as she saw it, were getting paid.). And so a strong bond was formed between a tiny catlike creature and a lonely teenage girl…

But the damage was done. Vivian was already a rather grief-ridden individual; while Rena’s presence made her seem better, she was still lonely. And the scars on her wrists would never heal; the desire to open new ones would never go away. It is because of this that Vivian is never seen without long sleeves. Still, she started to warm up to the world again after receiving Rena—and more importantly, she learned that she loved to take care of Pokémon. Vivian pampered and cared for her newfound friend like a doting mother; she found something fascinating about her musculature and shape, her soft fur and extreme desire to be petted.

A few years later, when Vivian was seventeen and almost done with school, she had her first encounter with Rocket. A few members (not headsmen but rather similar) came to her mansion demanding to see her father. Having never encountered such people, Vivian was somewhat frightened, but she led them to her father nonetheless. Listening to what they had to say piqued her interest; knowing that her father would go to work early in the morning and not miss her, she followed the men back to Saffron City, carrying Rena in her arms.

That was Vivian’s first experience with the arena. She watched as Pokémon fought violently, destroying each other and winning fame for their trainers. She was captivated by it—but not by the fighting. No, it was the blood, the flow of muscles, and the way that these creatures fought that drew her in. Brown eyes wide, she watched several battles that night. For many nights to come, she returned to that same ring to see the Pokémon and watch the contests, as well as the battles. It was no surprise that one night, someone noticed her keen observation of a contest. A man in his late thirties dressed in a shabby suit approached her as she eyed the participants in a contest of beauty. He asked her which Pokémon she thought would win, and why; he asked what it was that made her think that. Vivian calmly watched, then explained why the Arcanine was clearly superior to the other competitors—the flow of its fur, the perfect symmetry of its muscles. The man seemed satisfied with her answer, and quizzed her on the next few rounds of contests…

At the end of competition for the night, the man introduced himself as Sal, a breeder. He saw Vivian’s potential—her discerning eye for the details which make one Pokémon superior to the next. That and her careful hold on her pet caught his eye. For this reason, he asked to train her in the ways of being a breeder; of course, Vivian accepted. She started straying from home more and more, though her father didn’t say anything to her directly, and the servants only watched with worried eyes. Sal showed Vivian the ropes, though she bought some land to set up a breeding operation on her own, from her dad’s deep pockets. He tested her in strange ways, such as giving her a shiny Feebas to care for. In the end, however, she learned well, and Sal cut her loose (though Vivian still pays him some of her profits) to trade in the rings on her own.

Over time, Vivian has made well (though she doesn’t really need the money)—well enough to build up a fairly-sized operation with several different species. She’s learned the tricks of the trade and the way to go about breeding in general. Of course, she has three Pokémon that are more than just breeders—her Milotic, her Gyarados, and her dear Rena. Vivian purchased Freya from a young fighter for a fairly well-bred Charmander, and since then they’ve been very close in the ring. However, she doesn’t tend to get attached to her Pokémon, even though she pampers all of her stock. She simply isn’t interested in adding more to her team (though Thor has been around for a while now).

Equipment: Vivian doesn’t play games with her safety. She carries a six-shot automatic revolver at her left hip in a holster; this gun is always loaded and easily accessible. However, in the unlikely event that she can’t use it, she keeps a knife inside her pants. There is a semi-automatic derringer on her left ankle, but she doesn’t talk about that. If Vivi draws her guns, something is up. She doesn’t play.

Pet: Eevee (Rena), but sometimes she hauls around a random baby Pokémon (Aure, Xiu, or another) because they like it. In the rings, she’ll usually have several babies with her at any given time, trying to sell them or what have you.

Vivian has a lot of different Pokémon at her breeding operation, though she rarely has more than one female of the same species. She also has three Ditto, which mind you are very rare since you can’t breed them proper. Of course, she doesn’t tend to have those kinds with her. She’s always willing to bring in new genes by paying other fighters to let her breed their Pokémon, or trading her babies for new stock.

To date, Vivian’s stock is: Milotic (male, shiny), Charizard (female, shiny), Dragonair (one male, one female), Garchomp (female), Jiheddo (male, shiny), Seadra (male), Sealo (female), Abagoora (male), Mantine (female), Lapras (female), and Feraligatr (male), plus three Ditto. Vivian finds females preferable to keep around because they don’t require a Ditto to produce same-species offspring, but she’s not complaining.

Pokemon 1
Name: Callias

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Species: Milotic

League: 3

Description: Callias is clearly excellent breeding stock—his body is long, perfectly shaped and muscled. He has the shape of a typical Milotic, a serpentine body around 20’ long and thick as a small tree. However, he is clearly unusual—he is shiny. He has flowing, perfectly in-tact antennae of a pale, silvery shade of blue; the smaller and thinner of his antennae, however, are warm pink. His large scales, which begin just below his body’s midpoint, are primarily golden, though there are a few that are warm pink instead. The fan of scales at the end of his tail is mostly gold with warm pink ovals inside. His eyes are large, diffident, and take on a deep red color. He has very few scars since he sheds his skin periodically and generally doesn’t battle as often as many other Pokémon—as such, he only has fairly large scars remaining. There is one along his left cheek, one along his lower stomach, and a few chinks in his scales, for instance. He keeps himself looking pristine and clean.

Personality: Callias can be summed up in one world: diva-licious. He is a perfectly prissy little creature, never wanting to get his scales dirty. When he’s attacked, he comes back with equal, vengeful force; how dare they attack him, after all! He is aware of his high pedigree and is more than happy to flaunt it to the world. There is very little he has much care for except his trainer, which is more of an obligation than an actual sense of liking. He and Freya seem relatively close; he likes her company well enough. Generally, Callias is very snobby and somewhat flirtatious for a Pokémon; he loves to show off and bring others into his little world. As long as he wins at everything, life is good. Granted he doesn’t lose often, but when he does, he will throw a temper tantrum. He’s a prissy man wrapped up in looking his best and impressing everyone. No one should ever get in his way, because he is clearly the best. Oh, and don’t touch his antennae—he loves them more than life itself.

History: As a sort of practical joke, Vivian’s breeding mentor Sal gave her a shiny Feebas as a gift for her to start off with, apparently from great stock. However, it was a stupid purple fish. But Vivian knew her mentor had to have some sort of plan with this; that, or it was just a test of her dedication. And so she pampered the fish, taking care of it and trying to make it good enough for contests (after all who fights with a stupid purple fish). After many months of wondering why her mentor would put her up to such a terrible thing, Vivian found out just what happens when you treat a Feebas nicely. Callias became a grand creature and (clearly) perfect breeding stock: a shiny Milotic. Sal thought it was by far the funniest thing to see the look on his pupil’s face when the fish evolved, and that was also when he declared her learned enough to start her own breeding program. Since then, Callias has become a close if somewhat symbolic friend to Vivian, and one of her most prized breeders. Showing him off in the arena tends to increase her sales, too.

Other: Callias has fathered many, many Pokémon, which Vivian has sold. Three of the Pokémon she carries with her right now (Thor, Xiu, and Aure) are his offspring… after all, he doesn’t mind, and he’s positively stunning stock in every way: he knows rare and powerful moves, has great presence, and is well-sized and strong.

Pokemon 2
Name: Freya

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Species: Gyarados

League: 2

Description: Freya is a frightening creature, occupying a length of just over twenty feet and the width of an oak tree. She has a rather textbook appearance for a Gyarados. Her belly-scales are noticeably darker than the Pokedex entry shows, and her headpiece is larger for the sake of looking more intimidating. Her remaining eye is bright, fiery red; her right eye, however, is pure white and crossed with scars. Indeed, Freya’s body is covered in scars, making her all the more frightening. She has slashed scars, puncture scars, bite marks, pretty much anything you can think of; some appear to have healed up, but many are deeply set (though her scales are thick and protect her from most actual damage). Her fins have chips taken out of them, but they heal rather nicely so the chips are small at any given time, though they are likely fresh as well. She is missing half of her left whisker as well. Luckily, her teeth grow in constantly like a shark’s, or she would be missing several teeth. All in all, she has a battle-hardened look to go with her personality.

Personality: Freya has lived fighting, and loves to do it. She is a battle-hardened warrior with amazing determination in the ring, as well as a taste for violence. She has no hard feelings about injuring her opponents and at times seems to enjoy doing so. She is a bit innocent; she loves to fight, and yet she knows very little about the world beyond the ring. She and Vivian have a special sort of bond due to their mutual tragedy and many battles together; after all, she would much rather battle than finicky Callias. Freya and Callias have a sort of love-hate relationship; she has no taste for Rena.

History: Freya was born struggling, and hasn’t stopped fighting since. Growing up as a young Magikarp in the ocean isn’t easy; you’re useless, unwanted, and unliked. But that suited young Freya when she could swim the seas peacefully, without being disturbed by any sort of trainer or enemy… until she was fished up by a fisherman’s boat and carted off to be kept in a fishtank by a young boy who didn’t really care for the fish at all. It was during this time, when her “trainer” treated her quite poorly and tried to feed her to the wilds, that she evolved. The boy was afraid at first, but he had already heard about Rocket through some of his friends. He left her in a small lake for a few days while he got a Pokeball, and reclaimed what was “rightfully his”. Freya was then used in the ring, as she would always be. She got most of her scars under her original trainer.

Occasionally, trainers wish to pay Vivian in trades, rather than with straight up cash. She’s ok with this when the Pokémon she gets in exchange is a good one, but in many cases, a mutt of the wrong egg group will not suffice. Fortunately for Freya’s old trainer, Vivian has a soft spot for big, serpentine water types. Though she was scarred and battled-hardened when they met, Freya was clearly a special case: a strong creature, and definitely worthy of being part of Vivian’s team. As such, she had no hard feelings about trading a Charmander for the great hulk (she theorizes that Freya’s last trainer just loves fire-types, or Charmanders, or something). She picked Freya up many years ago, and has rarely bred her since; after all, somehow these two just clicked, and Vivian wished to fight alongside her two great serpents rather than breeding the battered old girl. Since then, Freya has become a staple of Vivian’s team; they have great synch for some reason, and seem to fight together very well. She is the main battler on the team; this is good because Callias is a bit of a diva about battling…

Other: Freya is very rarely used for breeding because Magikarp are a major pain to try to raise so that you can sell them for anything. Besides, she’s more useful in the ring.

Pokemon 3
Name: Rena

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: Eevee

League: 1

Description: Rena has never been a creature of the arena, and this is apparent in her appearance. She is Vivian’s prized pet, not a battler or breeding stock. Her fur is meticulously cared for, giving her a silky smooth appearance. She has no scars or major markings, though she does wear a gold-embroidered collar to identify her as Vivian’s. The collar is mostly black leather with gold baubles on it and a small, stylish nametag reading “Rena—property of Vivian Rouge, do not touch”. Her big brown eyes tend to draw people in due to their unbearable cuteness. All in all, Rena is cute and well-groomed, but she doesn’t look like or act like she belongs in the arena at any point.

Personality: Rena is a very sweet creature, if a bit stuck-up. She is very affectionate to Vivian but clearly has a jealous streak—whenever Vivian pays more attention to one of her babies than she appears to pay to Rena, the little fox gets in a major tizzy, and pesters her master until she gets her due attention. She believes she is better than everyone else but will not compete with them, as she is very confident in her general betterness. She is skeptical of other trainers, mostly because she has watched battles in the ring. She doesn’t have much sense of sympathy for those who battle, though she understands it and appreciates powerful fighters. She is surprisingly mature.

History: Rena was a gift from Vivian’s father. Mr. Rouge decided that a pampered pet would be a good companion for young Vivian, especially because she was such a lonely child after her mother passed away. As such, he bought this pretty little critter for her 15th birthday… from a not-so-pretty source. By the time he was seeking out a pet for his daughter, Mr. Rouge was already very tied up in Rocket’s affairs. As such, he was basically forced to buy from a Rocket-affiliated breeder, though this likely turned out better-bred Pokémon anyhow. Grooming Rena and caring for her made Vivian realize how much she liked doing it, and how beautiful Pokémon could be… and it made her want to see more. Sometime later, Vivian herself became affiliated with Rocket, if in a more honorable way as a breeder. Rena has been riding along all the while, happily sitting on her dear Vivian’s head as she roams the arenas. Since they’ve been together so long, Vivian has a strong attachment to Rena.

Other: Rena has never fought in the arena because she is far too pampered by Vivian. She’s a league 1 by default because she’s not a baby, but… she would fail miserably if she were put up against other Pokémon, except maybe in contests. She adores strawberries.

Pokemon 4
Name: Thor

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Species: Gible

League: 2

Description: Thor looks like any old Gible you could imagine, except quite a bit larger. He’s a muscley—if not a bit fat—fellow, standing about three feet tall with an impressive weight of 67 pounds. His scales have the typical gray-blue color of his species, but they are positively lined with scars. Indeed, he’s a stocky fighter who goes in close range, which lends to him being completely covered in white and pink markings of various shapes and sizes, from various opponents. He is missing several chips of his fin, for instance, but other than that and a few teeth (which grow back constantly) he isn’t permanently maimed. He’s just scarred to hell and back, especially his red underbelly.

Personality: Thor is a violent young Pokémon, made that way from years in the ring. He’s a very physical fighter which causes him to take quite a bit of damage, but he doesn’t seem to mind; pain never fazes him, neither does harming others. He loves the battle and will fight to the bitter end, no matter what. He isn’t very mature and doesn’t take taunting, teasing, or nay-saying well; he also has an enduring sense of loyalty to his master, Vivian, but only because he fears her. She doesn’t joke around, after all. This has also made Thor very serious and stern, when he isn’t violent and forward.

History: Thor was a promising young fighter born in Vivian’s operation; his father is Callias the Milotic. Usually, Vivian will take her baby Pokémon to the ring to test them out and show them off; Thor showed great promise and managed to install himself as a regular fighter on her team. He loves to fight, clearly. Vivian is not opposed to selling him for the right price.

There’s really nothing special about him…

Pokemon 5
Name: Xiu

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Species: Dratini

League: 0

Description: Xiu is a perfectly textbook Dratini, to be frank. She has no scars or identifiable markings, but she wears a bright pink bow around where her neck might be (right under her head) when she’s out with Vivian.

Personality: Xiu is only a child, and this is clear. She has an insatiable desire to explore things, even if that doesn’t mean she’ll understand them at all. She can be a brat at times—this is usually corrected quickly by a rather stern Vivian. Even so, Xiu has much to learn, and the process takes time. She is pretty affectionate and completely naïve; in this case, that means that she doesn’t know that battling is dangerous. She simply thinks that’s what grown-ups do. She will cry if she’s hurt, which is also steadily working out of her system as she gets a little older and a little stronger. She enjoys the bunny courses greatly; Vivian knows that this means she has promise, once she gets a little more mature of course.

History: Xiu was only recently hatched on Vivian’s operation. She just happens to be tagging along right now because she likes to be carried by people. Vivian is trying to sell her.

Other: Xiu will make a good fighter, Vivian predicts.

Pokemon 6
Name: Aure

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Species: Spheal

League: 0

Description: Aure is a particularly fluffy ball of seal about the size of a beach ball. He is exceptionally soft with big, beady black eyes. He has no scars or distinguishable markings, because he’s just a baby.

Aure is even more of a child than Xiu, though less of a brat. He is innocent and sweet, with huge eyes betraying complete naivety and interest. He isn’t as curious as Xiu and can be rather fearful, but he enjoys the company of those who show him kindness. He loves the bunny courses but he isn’t quite as good at them as some of the other babies; practice makes perfect, of course. All in all, Aure can be skittish, but once you get past that, he’s extremely sweet. Battles don’t faze him because he’s grown up around them. He thinks Vivian is his mommy.

History: Aure is just a hatchling, much like Xiu. Vivian doesn’t need to keep him; he’s cute, but she’s rather intent on selling him for the right price. Money is the name of the game, after all.

Other: Vivian predicts that Aure is best for contests, but she is confident in his potential as a battler, too.


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Oh my. Alright then. Where to start? I love the Pokemon here, they all have great personalities and the idea of a prissy milotic is very nice. The history is very sad...

Overall, accepted.


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Alright everyone, I would really like a few more players before we start... But I can live with this number. I'll work on the first post and try to get it up soon.

Sorry on the delays on posting.