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The Adventure of Adventureness

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Fire Angel

    Fire Angel Crazy Person

    Woah. I'm gone for two weeks, I come back, and then the fic is finished. I don't even know how many chapters I missed. Five or something. Anyway. I'll just review this last chapter because doing anything else would take forever.

    I did love Miror B.'s Pokedex's narration, though. That was quite funny.

    Took me a second to figure that out, too. Very clever. I totally forgot about the incantation and all of that.

    I also wasn't expecting Dean to be evil. Somehow, you managed to make us think that a BAD Egg would be an ally. And then he wasn't.

    And then he became a sacrifice for a crazy Beedrill.

    Which actually manages to make sense.

    ...That poor man. That is a horrible name.

    Jack's reaction there was about the same as mine.

    And I honestly have to say, I was hoping that Cheeseball would come to the Internet with them. Oh well. We've got the narrator back!

    And at that exact phrase, I realized that I actually missed the narrator. Glad he's back.

    There are no words for this. Just when I thought that things couldn't get weirder... They always do.

    I bow to your immense skills. *bows and applauds* You continue to blow my mind.

    Looking forward to the Random of Randomness!
  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Charles Goodshow. President of the Pokemon league. Mentioned at least three times over the course of the last few chapters.

    The same one he took out later to recall Beedrill.

    Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

    Thanks. I'm not sure if any of you were expecting that.

    Not a bad twist, right?

    Eh, he lives with it.

    Cheeseball might not have made his last appearance. I haven't decided.

    I think we all missed the narrator.

    There's a lesson in that. Never think that things can't get any weirder.


    Look forward no further, here is chapter 1!

    Chapter 1: Another Hairy Situation
    For the first forty minutes of his fall, Jack could see nothing but a vast sky of red and white. Then he decided to turn around, and could see the ground coming up fast. Quickly, he threw a Poké Ball and yelled, "LUCARIO, MAGNET RISE!" in all caps. In a flash of light, Lucario appeared, and spread a yellow aura to Jack, Roy, and the narrator, and they drifted safely to the ground.

    "Where are we?" wondered Roy.

    Just then, Jack heard a beeping from his backpack. After a few seconds, he remembered that he still had Miror B.'s walkie talkie. He dug it out, and spoke into it; "Hello?"

    "Jack, do you read me?" asked Miror B.

    "Loud and clear," replied Jack. "Where the hell are we?"

    "You're in my afro."

    "I might have known," said Jack.

    "OK, where exactly in my afro are you? What do you see?" asked Miror B.

    Jack looked around. "Uh, a massive grassy field. We appear to be in the middle of nowher- oh, wait, there's a warehouse like, three feet away from us. Damn, this thing's huge!"

    "OK," said Miror B. "You're at the central storage unit. Good."

    "Well, wait, what about you?" asked Jack. "Are our author, the Chapter Title Guy, and the giant fighting robot still chasing you?"

    "I managed to shake them," said Miror B.

    "OK, excellent! Yank us out!" exclaimed Jack.

    "No, try to understand," said Miror B., "You guys have an opportunity here. Listen, go in there and go out the back door. You'll be near an ocean. Go out onto the pier and wait for the ship to arrive. The captain is a friend of mine, he'll take you to the Unova region."

    "Wait," said Jack. "The entire Unova region is in your afro?!"

    "Yep," said Miror B. "See, that's why I was confused as to how Jessie, James, and Meowth got to Unova without my knowledge. I would notice if the three of them dove into my afro, wouldn't you think?"

    "Makes sense... relatively," said Jack, as he was still trying to work past the fact that there was an entire region in Miror B.'s afro. "But why do you want us to go to Unova?"

    "Unova is filled with rare Pokémon," said Miror B. "You guys can add stuff to your teams and train them up. Give us some better odds in the battles to come, you know? Plus, Unova has gyms and a Pokémon League. You can train your Pokémon with those."

    "OK, I guess that's not a bad idea," shrugged Jack."

    "Let's get going, then," said the sexy, awesome, and as a hint for the ladies, single narrator. He reached for the door, but was impeded by Toxicroak's Cross Chop. Jack sighed, rolled his eyes, stepped over the narrator, and opened the door himself.

    "Does this happen often?" asked Roy.

    "You get used to it," said Jack as he looked around inside the warehouse. There were rows of shelves all over. The shelf they were facing right now held Poké Balls with labels in front of each one. There were four Ludicolo labels, one that said "Lombre", one for Bouffalant, one for Maractus, and one for Snorlax. There was also an unlabeled ball, which Jack supposed contained Beedrill.

    "Wow," said Roy as he looked at another shelf. "This shelf is filled with old chainsaw parts!"

    "This one appears to contain gallon-sized cans of hairspray," murmured the narrator.

    "OK," said Jack, "We're not going to get anywhere just looking at what Miror B. has in his afro. Let's just get going."

    And get going they did. They made their way towards the back of the building, occasionally glancing to their left or right to look down the aisles. The narrator spotted the catapult that Miror B. used to help them break into prison. Roy spotted the folding chairs, altar, and organ used when his Pokédex got married. And Jack spotted the table, computer, generator, wireless router, and coffee mug that Miror B. pulled out of his afro in the middle of the night when he joined Jack in battling the Chapter Title Guy.

    After half an hour of walking past shelves of assorted crap, which included fishing rods, rolls of duct tape, and what appeared to be a collection of old doorknobs, the trio finally arrived at the back of the building, and stood in front of a steel door.

    "Here goes," said Jack as he pushed on the door. However, it didn't open. Jack pushed again. And again the door didn't open.

    "Uh, sir?" said the narrator.

    "QUIET!" snarled Jack in all caps.

    "Yes, but sir-"


    "Look at the sign on the door!" shouted Jack's Pokédex before Jack could interrupt. Jack looked up and saw a sign attached to the door, with a single four-letter word in large, red letters;


    "It's Cerulean Gym all over again," groaned Jack as he pulled on the door handle.

    "What?" asked Roy.

    "Nothing, nothing," said Jack as he walked through the door. They were on a small beach, with a vast sea before them. To their left, a wooden pier stood over the water. Jack led Roy and the narrator onto said pier, and there they stood, waiting.

    And waiting.

    And waiting.


    "I swear to Arceus," snarled Jack, "If you go 'and waiting' one more time, I will douse you in steak sauce and feed you to a school of hungry Carvanha!"


    After almost an hour of waiting, Roy pointed to a point on the horizon and exclaimed, "Look!" Jack and the narrator looked at where Roy was pointing. Sure enough, they could see a ship coming their way.
    End of Chapter 1.

    *It is revealed that the Unova region is located in Miror B.'s afro.
    *Jack, Roy, and the narrator decide to travel through Unova.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  3. Nice title.
    Should have an S on the end of unconcious.

    BUt awesome chapter anyway.


    So they're not the first ones to fall into his afro then?

    But Jack, didn't you know?

    the first rule of traveling with Miror. B. is that EVERYTHING is in his afro.


    Oh, and I've also determined that he has an antigravity machine in there, so people can take normally heavy objects out with the minimal amount of effort. explaining how Jack (while he is abnormally strong) to just pull the giant catapult out of his afro. and to stop Unova from completely crushing him to death.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2011
  4. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Of course. I expected Miror B. to have Unova in there. Great chapter. A little short, but at least you got it in! Another 3 chapters already! Lol Cerulean City
  5. Resident evil

    Resident evil Some Guy

    I was right. Miror B. has the entire Unova region in his afro. This chapter was just awesome. of awesomeness.

    Anyway, 5 out of 5, blah, blah, blah, at this rate I`ll have to reply to 2 or three more chapters before the day is out. Not that I have any complaints of course.

    -Resident evil ;448;
  6. Hikaru 2000

    Hikaru 2000 Lugia's No.1 fan

    god im in histerics. great chapters and i realised that when Team rocket said they came from the unova region someone said that miror b. has the region in his afro. We have a mind readerr here!
  7. chanseychansey77

    chanseychansey77 Elite Trainer

    Great... When I've been playing Black I've just been trekking around in Miror B.'s 'fro... These chapters were fantastic... I never suspected Dean (but now I wonder why)...

    If they're going to the Unova region, will N and Team Plasma be there?.. If so, I hope you portray N well and Ghetsis every bit as evil as he is...

    THE NARRATOR'S BACK! And you celebrated his comeback by referenced your own dang chapters! And then having them dive into Miror B.'s 'fro... I'm surprised they hit ground.

    I will now state something I felt I should've a long time ago: This Fiction is so Awesome of Awesomeness of Awesomenessness that it should be stickied at the top of the Fan Fiction section as an example to all aspiring to comedy.
  8. floracat

    floracat Give me your food.

    Oh my freaking god.


    Ok, now that I'm done ranting, let me say this. I can already tell that Random of Randomness is going to be awesome. Oh wow, that was a totally awesome ending. Oh holy cow. Missingno. Master you have out done yourself!!!!

    But you're still evil for trying to execute the narrator. Are we going to learn his name?
  9. chanseychansey77

    chanseychansey77 Elite Trainer

    Here's what I think will happen within the Random of Randomness: They have to find Miror B. within his own Afro so that they can dive in the Afro within the Afro. They continue this pattern until they reach the Afroid, a void that consumes all that is of Fan Fiction and prevents it from reentering that world, and must trick MissingNo. Master and his minions into falling into it so that they may never again bother Jack and the rest.
  10. UltimatePokemonExpert

    UltimatePokemonExpert Experienced Trainer

    Wow, I'm at school for a day and you put out three chapters? The battle music was awesome, I hope the Kanto Gym Leaders, Cheeseball, and of course, Mr.Psychic, all show up again. Glad the narrarators back. Can Mirror B. fall in his own afro? Also, since Jack hit on a lot of the girls from the Kanto region, I'd love to see how he reacts when he sees girls like Skyla, haha. It'll be hilarious, of hilariousness. Dude, I have to say, you are the best author I have ever seen, you deserve an award! Thank you for being awesome! Will they go to Jhoto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh? So may questions! Great chapters, keep up the good work and please upload more soon.
  11. chanseychansey77

    chanseychansey77 Elite Trainer

    ^Miror B. said they were to go to Unova, to catch rare Pokemon.
  12. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    ... Dude, it's not Inception.

    I wonder if this will be the end of a glorious trilogy. But I'm disappointed that Miror B. obviously won't be making much of an appearance... Unless we have a few flashes to him escaping the wrath of Missingno. Master or something.
  13. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    This story will probably be the last one in the series. As for Miror B., I haven't ruled out devoting a chapter or two to his attempts to escape me...
  14. AceTrainerAlex

    AceTrainerAlex 4th Gen. Clan Leader

    Just read every chapter! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Keep on writing plz! Can I be on the PM list?
    My favorite character is Mr. Psyshock-
    "THAT'S MR. PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" called Mr. Psychic from my DS across the counter.
    Or 'in a flash of light'- arghh, oof....
    The only problem I found is that every time Arbok used Gunk Shot you said 'from its gaping maw' every time.

  15. Only probably?
    Does that mean, possibly, that we will find out the whole of the backstories of the characters?

    *immediatly hallucinates the Narrator in the Unwitten Fanfiction Character Clinic*
    *thinks again when he realizes that the narrator hadn't obtained Croagunk at that point*
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  16. ninetails012

    ninetails012 teh wild card

    random of randomness woo!
    and a whole backstories kinda thing would be cool. cant wait to see the next chapter.
  17. AceTrainerAlex

    AceTrainerAlex 4th Gen. Clan Leader

    I can't wait 4 the Random of Randomness.
  18. matthew1996

    matthew1996 Active Member

    One big LOL at all of it <3
  19. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Alright, people, it's coming to that time of year again. Finals are coming. I'll be spending more time than I'd like to be spending studying, which means chapters will be few and far between, I'm afraid. That said, I had enough time to work on this one, so here's Chapter 2!

    Chapter 2: Captain Follicle and Mr. Mohawk
    Now that the ship was closer, Jack could see that it was one of those old-style ships with the sails and the rigging. As it approached the pier, one of the crewmembers threw out an anchor, bringing the ship to a halt. Then, a tall man in a tricorn hat approached the side of the ship facing the pier, and let down a rope ladder.

    "And who might you three be?" he called down.

    "I'm Jack," said Jack. "This is Roy, and this is the narrator. We were sent by Miror B. to travel to Unova."

    "Miror B., you say?" replied the man. "He's a good friend of mine. I've caught several Pokémon in Unova for him. Come aboard, lads!"

    Jack began to climb up the rope ladder, with Roy and the narrator following.

    "Welcome aboard!" exclaimed the man as the narrator finished climbing and stood beside Jack. "This is me ship, the Bad Hair Day! She's a beaut. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Captain Follicle." Just then, another man in shorts and a striped shirt walked up to Captain Follicle. This man had a shaved head except for a single stripe down the middle.

    "Captain, we should set sail. Who are these?"

    "Mr. Mohawk, this is Jack, Roy, and the narrator. They're friends of Miror B.'s, and they've requested passage to Unova. Lads, allow me to introduce me first mate, Mr. Mohawk."

    "So yer goin' to Unova, are ya?" asked Mr. Mohawk. "Ye best get comfy, it's a long voyage. It'll take us all night to get to Unova."

    "All right," said Roy. "Where can we stay for the night?"

    "I'll be at the helm all night," said Captain Follicle, pointing at a door , "so take me cabin for the night."

    "Thank you," said the narrator as Jack and Roy started off toward the back of the ship. They went through the door indicated by the captain, and found themselves in a wood-paneled room with a single bed and two mattresses stuffed carelessly underneath said bed.

    "So how do we decide who gets the bed?" asked the narrator.

    "So..." groaned the narrator as he winced in pain, laying on one of the mattresses. "'JAAAACK PAAAWNCH', was it?"

    "Yep," replied Roy. "He started with that back in Kanto. But I didn't know until now just how much it hurts."

    "Quit whining," said Jack from the bed. "I went easy on the two of you."

    "Suddenly I feel great sympathy for everything else Jack's ever 'JAAACK PAAWNCH'ed," groaned Roy.

    "Speaking of Kanto," said the narrator, "we have all night ahead of us, how about you guys tell me about what happened there?"

    "I'll do you one better," said Jack, as he handed his Pokédex to the narrator.

    "Yeah, just load up the web browser..." began the Pokédex.

    As the narrator began reading through The Awesome of Awesomeness, Roy turned to Jack.

    "Jack, we need to talk," he said.

    "What about?" groaned Jack sleepily. "I need rest."

    "Look," said Roy, "It's about Dean-"

    "For Arceus's sake, Roy, I already admitted I was wrong about the guy!"

    "That's kind of a big 'oops'," replied Roy. "I just... the only reason I didn't take that incantation and kill the thing myself is because you kept insisting that we could trust him. And look what he turned out to be. I... I trusted you, OK, Jack?! I trusted you, and you failed me."

    "Dude, you're acting like I caused the apocalypse," said Jack. "If you'll recall, who is the one who wound up killing Dean?"

    "You," muttered Roy.

    "And who is the one who took control of that Beepin and had it kill Giovanni and essentially destroy any chances of Project G of succeeding?"


    "And who-"

    "Alright, you've made your point!" exclaimed Roy.

    "Good," said Jack. "Look, Roy, I apologize for not listening to you about Dean, OK? But that's all over with! I think my actions in Chapter 40 more than made up for it, don't you?"

    Roy merely grunted.

    "Alright, now I need sleep," declared Jack, as he laid back down. Roy attempted to get to sleep as well as the narrator finished reading Chapter 40, put down Jack's Pokédex, and tried to sleep as well. However, Jack did not make this easy for them; the moment Jack fell asleep, the most thunderous snoring you will ever hear exploded forth from his mouth.

    "Make it stop! Make it stop!" sobbed the incredibly sexy narrator. Toxicroak burst forth from its Poké Ball, but Jack's snoring irritated it so much that it instead directed a Cross Chop at Jack.

    "zzzz-mph! Wha?! JAAAAACK PAAAAAWNCH!" Jack screamed in his sleep as he made a fist and slammed it into Toxicroak. As Toxicroak slammed into the wall and slumped to the floor, Jack rolled over and resumed his snoring. Roy and the narrator looked at Toxicroak, then exchanged glances. At that moment, they both decided against trying to wake Jack up themselves. Instead. Roy reached into his pocket and pulled out two pairs of earplugs he had swiped from central storage. Each earplug had a miniature model of Miror B.'s afro on the end. The narrator withdrew Toxicroak, then took a pair of earplugs from Roy and jammed them into his ears. Roy mirrored this action, and they both drifted off to sleep within minutes.

    Roy and the narrator were rudely awoken the next morning, courtesy of Jack's fists. As they slammed into the wall, the earplugs fell out of their ears.

    "No wonder I couldn't get you guys up!" exclaimed Jack. "What possessed you guys to wear those things?!"

    "Your snoring, sir," groaned the narrator. "It's awful!"

    "My snoring is not that bad," insisted Jack.

    "Captain Follicle wanted to keelhaul you!" exclaimed Roy.

    "OK, forget all that," said Jack. "Come out here and look!"

    Still groaning and wincing from being "JAAAAACK PAAAAWNCH"ed awake, Roy and the narrator followed Jack out on deck, where Jack stood pointing at what was unmistakably land.

    "There it is, me hearties," announced Captain Follicle. "The Unova region!"
    After saying their goodbyes and exiting the Bad Hair Day, Jack, Roy, and the narrator walked up the pier, past a sign which read "Welcome to Nuvema Town!", and into the town.

    Jack was reminded of Pallet Town. Nuvema Town contained but three houses and a large-ish building, all squeezed into what more closely resembled a forest clearing than a town.

    "OK," said Roy, "Now what?"

    "Well," said the narrator, "I suggest we head to that large building up ahead. It seems to be Professor Juniper's Pokémon lab."

    "What makes you say that?" asked Jack.

    "Because of the sign in front which reads 'Professor Juniper's Pokémon lab'," replied the awesomely studly narrator.

    As Toxicroak emerged from its ball to Cross Chop its owner, Jack rolled his eyes and led the way towards the lab. He reached up to knock on the door when it suddenly swung wide open.

    "Oh, hi!" exclaimed the person who answered the door. Jack opened his mouth to answer, but as his eyes registered the fact that the person who answered the door was a cute woman, said answer never left his mouth. "Who are you?" she asked.

    "My name's Roy," said Roy. "Mr. Speechless here is Jack. And this is the narrator."

    "Nice to meet you three!" exclaimed the woman. "My name is Professor Juniper. Are you three beginning trainers?"

    "Ahem. No, actually," said Jack. "We're rather experienced."

    "Oh, well. Still, you're new to the region, aren't you? I'd like to give a Pokémon to each of you!"

    "We accept!" exclaimed Jack almost before Professor Juniper finished speaking. She chuckled.

    "That's cute. Come on in!"

    Jack, Roy, and the narrator followed her in. Simultaneously, Jack and Roy whipped out their Pokédexes and sent their entire teams to storage. The narrator took a small handheld machine out of his pocket and pressed a few buttons. Instantly, all Poké Balls vanished off of his belt.

    "It's a mobile Pokémon Storage System," explained the narrator.

    "First," said Professor Juniper, "I'll give you three new Pokédexes."

    "No need for that," said Jack's Pokédex. "I am Pokédex model three point three, and I have all the information Jack will need."

    "OK," said Professor Juniper. "Prove it."

    "Garbodor, the Trash Heap Pokémon, and the evolved form of Trubbish. It holds its foes with its left arm and spews poisonous gunk from its right arm. Darumaka, the Zen Charm Pokémon. Darumaka's droppings are hot, so in ancient times people would put them in their pockets to keep warm-"

    "Point taken," interrupted Professor Juniper. "How about you, Roy?"

    "No thanks," said Roy. "My Pokédex is married to Jack's Pokédex."

    Professor Juniper blinked. "...Ooookaaay," she said, clearly a little freaked out. "And you, the narrator?"

    In response, the narrator pulled out something Jack hadn't seen in over forty chapters; his stack of Pokémon cards. "I'm good, thanks," he said.

    "Well then," said Professor Juniper, "Here are your choices!" She then took three Poké Balls off of a nearby table and threw them into the air. In three bursts of light, a trio of small Pokémon appeared. One looked like a green serpent with stubby arms and legs, and an extremely smug demeanor. The second one was black and orange. It stood on four legs, was rather plump, and had a curly tail that ended in a red orb. The final one stood on two legs, and what appeared to be a seashell was attached to its stomach.

    "Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon," the narrator read off of a card. "Snivy lays in the sun, converting the sunlight into energy. It is extremely smug, and only respects intelligent trainers."

    "Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon," said Jack's Pokédex. "Tepig fires off embers from its snout. When it's unhealthy, it spews black smoke instead."

    "Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokémon," said Roy's Pokédex. "Oshawott lives in aquatic enviroments, and attacks and defends using the Scalchop on its stomach."

    "Make your choices," said Professor Juniper.

    "I want Tepig," said Jack almost immediately.

    "I'll take Snivy," said the narrator.

    "Oshawott for me!" declared Roy.

    Professor Juniper chuckled at how quickly they were able to make their decisions, then handed each of them a Poké Ball. Simultaneously, the trio used said Poké Balls to withdraw their chosen Pokémon.

    "So, are you three ready to go?" she asked.

    "Yeah," said Jack. Roy and the narrator nodded.

    "Alright then," she said. "The nearest Pokémon gym would be the one in Striaton City. Good luck!"

    As Roy and the narrator thanked her (Jack thanked her as well, albeit with slight difficulty), they began walking along a dirt path. The path was lined with trees and led out of town. A sign to their left informed the trio that they were headed to Route 1.
    End of Chapter 2.

    *The trio arrives in Unova.
    *The narrator reads The Awesome of Awesomeness.
    *Jack, the narrator, and Miror B. deposit all of their Pokémon into PC storage.
    *Jack obtains a Tepig.
    *Roy obtains an Oshawott.
    *The narrator obtains a Snivy.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  20. The Oncoming Storm

    The Oncoming Storm I went to jared

    meh this is one of those neccesary chaps that tge story needed. Still good though. thx for the pm.

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