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The Adventure of Adventureness

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. SerenadeSP

    SerenadeSP My Loyal Feraligatr

    Glad I made an input into this story :D

  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Terribly sorry about the delay. I should have the next chapter up maybe by tomorrow.

    And don't worry, this won't turn out to be another 10-month wait.
  3. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Chapter 28: In Spite Of What He May Have Said In The Last Two Or Three Chapter Titles, Jack Is Simply Awful. He Is Unfit To Be A Human Being And Is An Absolute Disgrace To The Species-

    HEY! What The HELL Are You Doing?!

    Oh, Hello, Jack. I'm Just Doing The Chapter Title, As Is My Job.

    Yeah, But You're Ripping On Me In The Process! It's Bad Enough I Gotta Try To Sleep With A Farting Narrator In The Next Tent, And Now I Have You Waking Me Up By Ripping On Me In A Chapter Title?!?!

    And Who Says I Can't?

    My Fists! They Say You Can't!

    Are You Saying You Want A Piece Of Me?

    No, My Fists Literally Sprouted Mouths And Told Me That You Can't Use Chapter Titles To Rip On The Protagonist- YES, I Am Saying I Want A Piece Of You!

    Oh, It Is ON! Arbok, GO!

    Weezing, Destroy! Hey, Narrator! Get Your Butt Out Of That Tent And Narrate This Battle!

    Jack, It's The Middle Of The Night! You Know, Some People Actually Use That Time To Sleep!

    Oh, Blah, Blah, Blah, Your Needs. Your Constant Farting Is Keeping Me Up! If I Can't Sleep, Neither Can You! Start Narrating!

    Even If I Could, I Wouldn't. You Know I Can't Narrate Chapter Titles!

    No, You Know What, Jack? I'll Narrate, Said The Incredibly Handsome Chapter Title Guy. Wait, What? Where Are The Quotation Marks?!

    They Don't Show Up In Chapter Titles, And All The Words Get Capitalized, Said The Narrator. Stop Trying To Narrate, Already! Just Stop The Damn Chapter Title! I'll Narrate Your Stinking Battle, If It's What It Takes To Get A Decent Night's Slee-

    Now, I Say, Wait One Minute!

    Miror B., I'm Sorry, Did Jack And The Chapter Title Guy Wake You Up?

    No, You Did, When You Were *****ing About How You Can't Get Any Sleep. Ironic, Is It Not?

    Okay, Stop, Stop, STOP! Stop The Chapter Title Already, It's Driving Me Insane!

    "There," snapped the chapter title guy. "Is that better?!"

    "Not particularly," said the narrator.

    "You guys seem grumpy," said Miror B. "Can I sell you guys some-"

    "NO!" snapped Jack, the narrator, and the chapter title guy simultaneously.

    "Alright, alright," said Miror B. "I'll just have a bit of coffee, then I'll join in the battle. We'll make it a double battle."

    "You just want an excuse to play your battle music, don't you?" asked Jack.

    "Doesn't everybody?" replied Miror B., as he pulled out of his afro a gigantic table, a personal computer, complete with mouse, keyboard, monitor, and wireless router, a coffee maker, a ceramic mug with the words "Born 2 Boogie" printed on it, and a generator. He plugged the coffee maker and computer into the generator, and after a few minutes poured himself some coffee. As he drank it, he used the computer to access YouTube; specifically, a certain video.

    "What the HELL?!" demanded the chapter title guy.

    "Let the music play!" declared Miror B.

    As Miror B. sent out one of his Ludicolo, the chapter title guy pulled out a second Poké Ball.

    "Alright, then, you want a double battle, you got it! So I herd you liek... Mudkip! Go!"

    In a flash of light, a small blue Pokémon materialized. It sported a large fin on the top of its head, and small orange spikey things on the sides of its mouth. The narrator then began shuffling through his Pokémon cards, and pulled one out.

    "Does he do this all the time?" demanded the chapter title guy.

    "Unfortunately, yes," said Jack.

    "Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive fin on its head to take radar readings off its surroundings. So I herd you liek them," read the narrator. Then he blinked and reread the last line. "'So I herd you liek them'?! What the hell is that doing on one of my cards?!"

    "To be fair," said Jack, "It is a rather popular meme."

    "Arbok, use Glare! Mudkip, Water Pulse!"

    Arbok's eyes glowed yellow and it began to stare at Ludicolo, as Mudkip fired off a watery orb towards Weezing.

    "Ludicolo," sang Miror B., clearly happy to be hearing his own battle music again, "Use ThunderPunch!"

    "Weezing, use your SmokeScreen on Arbok, go!" called Jack.

    Ludicolo aimed a punch with an electrified fist, and smashed it into the Water Pulse before it hit Weezing. Meanwhile, Weezing floated upwards, avoiding Arbok's gaze, and belched out a large quantity of smoke. It surrounded Arbok, completely nullifying its Glare attack and obscuring its vision.

    In the meantime, the Water Pulse was flying back at Mudkip, now electrified from the ThunderPunch.

    "Mudkip, dodge it! Arbok, Poison Tail!"

    Mudkip deftly rolled clear of the electrified Water Pulse, while Arbok lunged forwards and made to smash into Ludicolo with its tail, which was now glowing purple.

    "Quick, Ludicolo, do a Seismic Toss!" called Miror B. "And why am I wearing this oh-so-hideous suit?" In one swift motion, he ripped the entire suit off. Jack made to avert his eyes, before he realized that Miror B. had been wearing his gold-sequined outfit underneath the whole time.

    Meanwhile, Ludicolo had grabbed hold of Arbok, and was swinging it around. It then sent it flying, straight towards Mudkip.

    "No! Mudkip! Get out of the way and use your Sludge attack!" called the chapter title guy. Mudkip made to avoid Arbok, but was plowed into the ground.

    Arbok's head popped up out of the ground, its eyes replaced with spirals.

    "Arbok is unable to battle!" declared the narrator. Then, a blue glow emanated from the hole in the ground Mudkip had been used to dig.

    "You're in trouble now," the chapter title guy grinned evilly.

    "Is it evolving?" asked Jack.

    "No," said the chapter title guy, "It's ability is activated!"

    Jack shot a questioning look at the narrator, who in response consulted Mudkip's card.

    "Mudkip's ability: Torrent. When its health is low, Mudkip recieves a boost in power to its Water-type attacks."

    "Normally, yes," said the chapter title guy. "But my little guy is something out of the ordinary. When MY Mudkip activates Torrent, it recieves a massive boost in power, and can even use moves that its kind can't even learn! Mudkip, come on up!"

    In response, Mudkip smashed its way out of the hole. Its entire body was bathed in an intense blue aura, and its eyes glowed bright blue.

    "Oh, we're screwed," squeaked Jack.

    "More than you know," sneered the chapter title guy. "Mudkip, Volt Tackle!"

    "MUUUUUUUUUUUD!" roared the Mud Fish Pokémon, as it began dashing straight for Ludicolo, who had stopped dancing and had assumed an expression that very clearly said, "Oh, ****." Mudkip's aura-cloaked body began crackling with electricity. It slammed into Ludicolo hard, and sent it flying.

    "No, Ludicolo!" screamed the narrator, as Ludicolo hit the ground and moved no more. The narrator held out the Poké Ball and called "Ludicolo, return!" The red beam emerged and hit Ludicolo, but did not convert it to energy.

    "Oh, NO!" gasped Miror B., as the music stopped.

    "You killed his Ludicolo!" exclaimed Jack.

    "So?!" sneered the chapter title guy. "When you're trying to take over the internet, what's the death of one Pokémon?"


    "Mudkip has murdered its opponent and is disqualified from the match!" snapped the narrator angrily. "How dare you!"

    Meanwhile, Jack had taken out his other five Poké Balls (well, four Poké Balls and a Great Ball) and threw them. "All Pokémon attack at once!" he roared. In flashes of light, Primeape, Sunkern, Riolu, Rayquaza, and Magikarp appeared.

    "Primeape, use Thunder! Sunkern, Razor Leaf! Riolu, Focus Blast! Rayquaza, Flamethrower! Magikarp... Uh... Cheer them on?"

    "Destroy them all, Mudkip! Use Blast Burn!"

    "MUUUUUUUUD!" snarled Mudkip, as it created a massive fiery explosion all around it.

    Before Jack could even try to return his Pokémon, a Ludicolo suddenly pushed them all out of the way.

    "Gah-wha- Ludicolo? It's ALIVE?!" exclaimed Jack.

    "And better than ever!" grinned Miror B., as he clicked the button to restart the music. "Ludicolo, Skill Swap!"

    Ludicolo's eyes glowed white, and a white orb of energy emerged from it. At the same time, another white orb emerged from Mudkip. The orbs flew across the battlefield, and each was absorbed into the other Pokémon. Immediately, Mudkip's blue aura faded.

    "Oh, crap..." muttered the chapter title guy. "...But how is that possible?! Ludicolo can't learn Skill Swap!"

    "Mine can!" declared Miror B. "I used a plot device to bring it back to life and teach it Skill Swap. On the downside, it no longer can use Hydro Pump."

    The chapter title guy gulped and exchanged glances with his Mudkip. Jack, the narrator, and all of Jack's Pokémon were glaring at the chapter title guy. Even Rayquaza knew that this wasn't the time to go wild. Then, Magikarp flopped forward, and began to glow!

    "It's evolving!" gasped Jack.

    Indeed, as the light cleared, a gargantuan blue sea serpant stood in Magikarp's place.

    "Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon, and the evolved form of Magikarp," the narrator read off a card. "Gyarados rampages through places during times of war and leaves destruction in its wake. It has scales as tough as steel."

    "Gyarados, Rayquaza, Weezing, triple Hyper Beam!" called Jack. The three Pokémon fired off beams of pure destructive energy. They plowed into Mudkip, who plowed into the chapter title guy, who was sent flying.

    "Looks like the chapter title guy is blasting off agaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiin!" screamed the chapter title guy as he faded into the distance.

    "MUUUUUUUUDKIIIIIIIIP!" added his Mudkip.

    As Jack returned his Pokémon to their Poké Balls, and Miror B. recalled his Ludicolo, the narrator noticed something.

    "Miror B.!"


    "You're not wearing that cheap suit anymore!"

    "Why, you're right!" exclaimed Miror B.

    "Quick," said Jack, "Do you have the urge to sell us any gas-powered office supplies, kitchen utensils, or wooden Probopass carvings?"

    "No, no, and ew," said Miror B.

    "He's cured!" gasped the narrator.

    "It must have been the music," said Jack.

    At that moment, the trio noticed that the sun was starting to rise.

    "Well, one other good thing came out of that battle," said the narrator. "I'm not tired anymore!"

    As Miror B. began packing the tents, the computer, the coffee maker, the table, and the generator back in his afro, Jack looked out in the direction the chapter title guy had flown.

    "He's got to be stopped, at all costs," said Jack. "I mean, I may be a jerk, but even I wouldn't kill a Pokémon and think nothing of it!"

    "I'm with you," said the narrator. "Missingno. Master can wait, this is much more important."

    As soon as Miror B. finished packing, the trio headed down the road, in the direction the chapter title guy had flown. Then, quite suddenly, the narrator stopped farting.

    "Oh, yes!" exclaimed the narrator. Then he let out a hiccup. And another. And another.

    "Oh, -hic!- no..." hiccupped the narrator, as Jack and Miror B. roared with laughter.

    End of Chapter 28.

    *The chapter title guy is revealed to own an Arbok and a Mudkip.
    *The Chapter Title Guy's Mudkip is revealed to be able to use all sorts of unusual attacks if its Torrent ability activates.
    *One of Miror B.'s Ludicolo dies, but is brought back to life, learns Skill Swap, and is no longer able to use Hydro Pump.
    *Jack's Magikarp evolves into Gyarados.
    *Jack's Weezing is revealed to know Hyper Beam.
    *Jack's Gyarados learns Hyper Beam.
    *The narrator's constant flatulence stops.
    *The narrator begins hiccupping constantly.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  4. SerenadeSP

    SerenadeSP My Loyal Feraligatr

    Don't worry about delays, I haven't been on alot recently.

    The whole chapter title sequence was amazing but this is best part.

    Gotta love Miror B. Is any of that on sale?

    It had to be done. XD
    Am I the only one who doesn't like this meme that much?

    Jack XD looks like the pop-up infection wore off.

    That's one hacked Mudkip 0.o I knew the chapter-title guy couldn't be trusted.

    The last part needed to be quoted XD

    Is that really a downside considering the upside? XD

    Is the chapter title guy more powerfully than the author? Only time will tell. (Hey, maybe I could narrate, I'll definally be better than Jack. XD)
  5. JolteonsRAWR

    JolteonsRAWR Abuses Her OC's. C:

    You know, those chapter titles are getting really nutty.

    You heard right. /purr

    So, Rayquaza listens to Jack now? Or is he just thrilled to destroy something? XD

    Uhck, my gut hurts.. This is possibly THE funniest pokemon fanfic ever. Liek, srsly.

    FF-- GIVE ME A GRAMMAR MISTAKE! :C /lifefail
  6. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    No, I'm sure there's someone who doesn't like it.... Somewhere.... On some planet....

    Miror B.'s battle music can work miracles.

    Never trust the guy who does the chapter titles.

    Actually I had meant to put Hydro Pump. That was a mistake, that particular Ludicolo doesn't know Water Gun.

    More powerful than ME?! Well, maybe. Wait and see.

    Now that it's revealed that the chapter title guy is a psychotic madman intent on world domination, I think we can expect even nuttier chapter titles.

    Rayquaza will only listen to Jack if he's telling it to use Hyper Beam. It just loves using that move.

    Thanks, I try.

    Sorry, I'm pretty good with my grammar. Chances are, any grammar errors you find in this story will be intentional. Usually you'll find them whenever and wherever Jack narrates.

    Chapter 29: Since The Chapter Title Guy Revealed Himself To Be A Psychotic Nutcase Bent On World Domination He Has Stopped Doing Chapter Titles, As That Would Give Away His Position To Us. Just As Well, He Smells Like Crap.

    Jack- HIC! Oh, No, Will You- HIC! Stop This Damn Chapter- HIC! Title Already?! I Want To- HIC! Get Going!

    When I'm Good And Ready! Now, Jack, On The Other Hand, Is The Pinnacle Of Perfection, The Awesome Of Awesomeness, And The Epitome Of Handsomeness, Bravery, And Really Good Looks.

    Oh,-HIC! Brother, Said The Narrator, Rolling His Eyes.

    What Was That? Did You Just Try To Narrate That Last Line?


    Well, What The Hell?

    I Was Trying To Convey The- HIC! Fact That I Was Rolling My Eyes.

    You're Sick, You Know That?

    Well, At Least I Don't Complement Myself In The Friggin' Chapter Titles!

    Says The Guy Who Tries To Pick Up Ladies With His Narration!

    That Was ONE TIME!

    Twice, And You Know It!

    Uh, Fellas, Maybe We Should End This Chapter Title And Get Moving.

    Yeah, Jack, Miror B.'s Right. Isn't The Chapter Title Guy The More Pressing Issue Here?

    "I.... Yeah, you're right," said Jack, ending the- HIC! chapter title.

    And with that, Jack, the hiccuping narrator, and Miror B. all began down the-HIC! dirt path before them, going in the same-HIC! direction in which the chapter title guy had flown. About an hour of-HIC! nondescript scenery later, they came across a startling sight. A Pokémon Trainer and his brown, spike-covered Pokémon lay on the ground, struggling to-HIC! get up.

    "Zigzagoon, the- HIC! TinyRaccoon Pokémon," read the narrator. "Zigza-HIC! Ahem. Zigza-HIC! Zigzagoon restlessly wanders everywhere at all-HIC! times. It does so because it is very-HIC! curious. It becomes interested in anything that it-HIC! happens to see."

    "What happened here?!" demanded-HIC! Miror B.

    "Well," said the-HIC!" trainer, "This guy that looked like you," as he pointed at Jack, "except he didn't have those muscles, he came by, and challenged me to a battle."

    "First, he sent out a Scizor, and my Zigzagoon defeated it with a Thunderbolt attack. Then he sent out an Arbok, and Zigzagoon beat it silly with Headbutt and Icy Wind. Then he sent out his Mudkip. Zigzagoon hit it with one Thunderbolt and I thought it was over. Then Mudkip activated Torrent, or so the trainer said. Then the Mudkip began destroying my Zigzagoon, using moves it can't even learn! Egg Bomb, SonicBoom, Volt Tackle... Then, it launched a massive Fire Blast right at us, and we wound up like this."

    "Oh my," said Miror-HIC! B., as he-HIC! reached into-HIC! HIC! HIC! HIC! His-HIC! HIC HIC HIC!"

    "Shall I take over the narrating for now?" HIC HIC HIC ask-HIC HIC HIC HIC HIC asked HIC HIC Jack HIC HIC.


    "The narrator nodded," said Jack, taking over the narration," I assume that means yes."

    The narrator nodded once again, now hiccupping uncontrollably, completely incapable of speech. Anyway, Miror B. reached into his afro, saying "I think I may have something in here that can help you," and he pulled out two capsules of medicine Jack recognized as Burn Heals. He then took them and sprayed them, one at the trainer, and another at his Zigzagoon. Immediately their burns vanished. The trainer climbed to his feet and shook Miror B.'s hand.

    "I can't thank you guys enough- Oh? Zigzagoon, what is it?"

    For Zigzagoon had begun pawing at its trainer's leg, something in it's mouth.

    "Zigzagoon has the Pickup ability," explained the trainer. "He's always finding items on the ground." He then reached down, and Zigzagoon dropped a spherical red-and-white object into his hand.

    "A Poké Ball?" asked Miror B.

    "An empty one, you think?" asked Jack.

    "What else could it be?" shrugged the trainer.

    In response, Miror B. grabbed the ball, pulled a weird-looking scanner device out of his afro, and held it up to the Poké Ball.

    "Oh, my!" gasped Miror B. "Poké Ball status: Registered, but empty. Species: Mudkip. Ability: Torrent!"

    "MUDKIP?!" gasped Jack. "Not that same one?!" Miror B. kept reading.

    "Status: OK, but low on HP. Torrent activated. Moves: Water Pulse, Sludge, Tackle, Headbutt, Volt Tackle, Blast Burn, Egg Bomb, SonicBoom, Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Hyper Beam, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, Rock Wrecker, Sheer Cold, Dragon Rage, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force, Dark Void, Seed Flare, Magma Storm, Recover, Judgement."

    Jack's jaw hit the ground. "WHAT?!" he exclaimed.

    "J-j-j-judgement?!" stammered the Zigzagoon trainer. "Isn't that, like, the move that that Arceus thing does?"

    "The very same," said Miror B. "This is very bad. We have to get moving!"

    With that, the trio ran down the road. About half an hour later, they came across another trainer on the ground, next to his Voltorb. Both Pokémon and trainer were fast asleep.

    "This isn't right," said Jack. Miror B. meanwhile took what appeared to be a cross between a flute and a Poké Ball out of his afro. He then began playing a tune on the Poké Flute, and the two woke up instantly.

    "Wha-what happened?!" gasped the trainer. "I was just training my Voltorb here, when suddenly this kid goes by with this blue glowing thing, he's saying stuff about world domination, and then he sees us, and last thing I remember, he yells, 'Mudkip, they heard us! Use Dark Void!'"

    "Did you see which way he went?" asked Jack. The trainer in response stared at him as if he was stupid, which he most assuredly was not.

    "Alright, alright, stupid question," muttered Jack. "Let's go!" he added. Miror B. stuffed the Poké Flute back into his afro, and he and the narrator took off after Jack, who was already running.

    After about fifteen minutes, Jack stopped.

    "This is insane!" he declared. "We need a faster way to travel if we're ever gonna catch up to that guy!"

    "I have just the thing," said Miror B., as he pulled three large bicycles out of his afro.

    Jack stared at him, opened his mouth, then decided that now was not the time for comments. The trio mounted their bikes, and took off down the dirt path.

    End of Chapter 29. Anyone who's reading this and not commenting, all comments are appreciated. That means yours too.

    *The Chapter Title Guy's Mudkip is revealed to know Blast Burn, Egg Bomb, Sonicboom, Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Hyper Beam, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, Rock Wrecker, Sheer Cold, Dragon Rage, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force, Dark Void, Seed Flare, Magma Storm, Recover, and Judgement.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  7. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Chapter 30: Jack Is Great And- Woah, Wait, This Is The Thirtieth Chapter?! This Is A Freakin' Milestone In This Story! The Big 3-0!

    Hic! Hic! Hic!

    OK, Narrator, That Hiccupping Is Getting Really Annoying.

    I'll Handle It Jack.

    Hi- OW! Miror B., What The Hell Did You Hit Me For- Hey! My Hiccups! They're Gone!


    But It Looks Like Your Nonstop Flatulence Is Back.

    I Might Have Known... Now Jack, Stop This Chapter Title Immediately!

    Make Me, Why Don't You?! This Is The Thirtieth Chapter, A Real Milestone! We Ought To Do Something Spectacular! And What Could Be Better Than An Extravagantly Long Chapter Title?

    I Can Think Of Several Things, Actually. Making Multiple References To The Number Thirty In The Chapter, For One Thing. Or Maybe Killing Off The Protagonist.

    Ha, Ha, Very Funny. You're Just Jealous Because I Am The King Of Cool, The Awesome Of Awesomeness, And You-

    OK, That's Another Thing. The Awesome Of Awesomeness?! What The Hell Is That Even Supposed To Be?!

    I Am Awesome, That's What It Means.

    You Are Nonsensical, That's What I Mean.

    Alright, Narrator, I Have Had Enough Of This!

    Guys, Guys, Guys! Have You Both Forgotten What We're Supposed To Be Doing?!

    Yeah, Kind Of.

    Does Biking After The Former Chapter Title Guy To Stop Him From Using His Impossibly Powerful Mudkip To Take Over The World Mean Nothing To You?!

    "Miror B.'s right," said Jack, finally stopping the chapter title.

    "Oh, thank Arceus!" sighed the narrator, who was glad to finally be able to wrap their dialogue in quotation marks where it belonged.

    With that, the trio continued biking. Within several minutes, a large city appeared over the horizon.

    "Look at that huge city!" gasped Miror B. "Do you think the chapter title guy's been there?"

    At that moment, one of the buildings went up in flames. The residents' terrified shrieks echoed all around. Another skyscraper fell to the ground.

    "I think he IS there!" exclaimed Jack. Presently, they picked up the pace of their peddling and promptly pelted towards the perilous predicament-

    "Oh, my Arceus!" groaned Jack. "What the HELL was that?!"

    "Just a little fun with words," said the narrator. Jack slapped him.

    As the trio arrived at the city, they saw much wanton destruction unfolding. Many skyscrapers were ablaze. Immediately, Miror B. pulled four Poké Balls out of his afro, and threw them all at once.

    "All of you, Hydro Pump now!" called Miror B. Three of the Ludicolo that appeared began spraying massive streams of water in every direction. The fourth one instead coughed.

    "Oh, I forgot," murmured Miror B. "You can't use Hydro Pump anymore."

    "I got this," said Jack, throwing a Poké Ball. "Gyarados, help them out! Use your own Hydro Pump!" In a flash of light, Gyarados appeared, roared loudly, and blasted the nearest burning building with water, extinguishing it instantly. Pleased with this, Jack's mood quickly changed as he heard a voice from behind the trio call out.

    "We meet again! Mudkip, give them a proper greeting by way of a Volt Tackle!"
    End Chapter 30-

    "Wait, wait, wait," said Jack. "We didn't do anything special to commemorate Chapter 30! It wasn't even that long!"

    "That's true," said the narrator.

    "I could moon everybody," suggested Jack.

    "For a character of a non-illustrated story to moon other people would require me to give them all a disturbingly detailed description of your butt," said the narrator, "And quite frankly, I would sooner go blind than even be able to give such a description. Not to mention, I don't think our readers feel like vomiting all over their computers."

    Jack opened his mouth, then closed it, deciding against an argument.
    NOW end Chapter 30.

    *Jack's Gyarados is revealed to know Hydro Pump.
    *The trio meets up with the Chapter Title Guy again.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  8. Neo Duality

    Neo Duality Banned

    Very mediocre sense of humor. Improve or stop trying to funny-up your chapters.
  9. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Chapter 31: DIE!!!

    "EVERYBODY GET OUT OF THE WAY!" screamed Jack. For coming straight at them was the chapter title guy's Mudkip, cloaked in electricity, roaring isanely... Turning into transparent red energy?

    Jack turned to the narrator. "Did you say, 'turning into transparent red energy'?"

    "Yeah, look!" exclaimed the narrator. Jack looked back at Mudkip, just in time to see the red energy traveling in the form of a narrow beam towards Miror B. Jack and the narrator followed it with their eyes, watching it go into the Poké Ball Miror B. held.

    "Well, that was easy," said Jack. The chapter title guy, however, was not pleased at all.

    "I'm not pleased at all!" screamed the chapter title guy. "How dare you steal my Mudkip?!"

    "Oh, do quit your whining," snapped Miror B. "We don't take kindly to plots of world domination!"

    "Are you kidding me?" demanded the chapter title guy. "You're one to talk, Cipher Admin Miror B.!"

    "I've given up that way of life," replied Miror B. "As should you! Now I give you one warning. Leave now and never come back, or we will force you out!"

    "Hah! You and what army?" sneered the chapter title guy. In response, the narrator silently pointed behind the chapter title guy. He turned around and saw that what appeared to be every resident of the city they were in, upon realizing that they were no longer in danger from the chapter title guy's Mudkip, sent out their own Pokémon. A large crowd of Pokémon stood before the chapter title guy, and they were all glaring at him. Meanwhile, the narrator took out his stack of Pokémon cards and didn't even bother to shuffle, so large was the variety of Pokémon before him.

    "Azumarill, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon, and the evolved form of Marill. Azumarill's hearing is extremely acute. It rolls up its ears when it swims to prevent water getting in them. Muk, the Sludge Pokémon, and the evolved form of Grimer. Muk-MMMPH!"

    Mmmph mmph mmph- ugh. As I was saying, the narrator stopped talking at that moment as Jack grabbed a roll of duct tape out of Miror B.'s afro and stuck a strip of the stuff over the narrator's mouth.

    "Quiet, you," said Jack. "This is gonna be good."

    "Everybody, return your Pokémon at once!" demanded the chapter title guy. "I rule this city now, don't forget!"

    "You lost your sinister hold over us when you lost your Mudkip!" called the Azumarill's trainer. "Azumarill! Aqua Tail now!" The other trainers joined in eagerly.

    "Muk, Gunk Shot!"

    "Torchic, DynamicPunch!"

    "Tentacruel, Sludge Bomb!"

    "Zubat, Wing Attack!"

    "Abra, Iron Tail!"

    "Lickitung, Headbutt!"

    "Gible, Dragon Pulse!"

    "Seviper, Poison Tail!"

    "Carnivine, Vine Whip!"

    "Sudowoodo, Hammer Arm!"

    "Piplup, BubbleBeam!"

    "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

    Feebly, the chapter title guy grabbed two Poké Balls off his belt, and threw them. In twin flashes of light, Scizor and Arbok appeared. However, upon seeing the angry mob before them, the two Pokémon passed out immediately. Quickly, he turned to Jack, the narrator, and Miror B.

    "Guys, please help me!"

    "Give us one good reason, scumbag," snarled Jack.

    "If you help me escape unharmed I promise never to plot world domination again!"

    "OR to try to take over the internet," said the narrator.

    "Yes, yes, that too!" sobbed the chapter title guy.

    "Alright," said Jack, "But how do we stop these guys?" Seemingly in response, one of Jack's Poké Balls opened up, unleashing its contents. Riolu appeared before Jack, and just stood there for several minutes. Gradually, the angry mob quieted down, returned their Pokémon, and walked away.

    "Holy crap, Riolu!" exclaimed Jack. "How did you DO that?!"

    "Easy," replied Riolu, via telepathy. "I telepathically posed as each person's conscience, and told them that the chapter title guy's apology was sincere and to find it in their hearts to forgive him."

    "And they bought that?" inquired Miror B., eyebrows raised.

    "Of course they did," Riolu telepathically responded. "This guy is reformed. He's giving off a massive aura of sincere remorse."

    Now sobbing uncontrollably, the chapter title guy hugged Riolu. Riolu shot Jack a glance and a telepathic message; "Jack, this is creepy. Please get me back in my Poké Ball!"

    Jack obediently returned Riolu, upon which point the chapter title guy stopped crying so uncontrollably, and stood up.

    "I can't thank you guys enough," he said. "You saved my life. I don't even know why I wanted to take over the internet in the first place!"

    "Speaking of the internet," came a voice, "How would you like to buy your own personal gas-powered laptop?!"

    "Uh-oh," said Jack. "Impromptu sales pitch? Extremely useless product? That can only mean one thing- there's a pop-up around here!"

    "Wrong as usual, brainless," the voice replied. "Try multiple pop-ups!" And then, quite suddenly, an army of balding men in cheap suits appeared all around them. Standing right in front of Jack, the narrator, Miror B., and the chapter title guy, was none other than the head of the Pop-Up Association.

    "YOU!" snarled Jack, Miror B., and the narrator all at once.
    End chapter 31.

    *The Chapter Title Guy renounces his evil ways.
    *The head of the Pop-Up Association returns.
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  10. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Remember, people, I appreciate any non-spam replies and reviews.

    Chapter 32: Who?
    Jack turned to the chapter title guy and stared. "What do you mean, 'who?'? HIM!" And he pointed at the head of the Pop-Up Association.

    "And he is...?" inquired the chapter title guy. Jack facepalmed.

    "The head of the Pop-Up Association!" exclaimed Jack, Miror B., and the narrator simultaneously.

    "Oh, alright, I got it," said the chapter title guy. "And that's bad because...?"

    "Ahem," interrupted the head of the Pop-Up Association, "Perhaps your friend there needs to be given a good reason as to why this is bad. Everyone, start your sales-"

    "NO!" screamed Jack. "Anything but that! Last time I almost bought something!"

    "Did you?" smiled the head of the Pop-Up Association. "That's good, that's very good. It means our techniques are working!"

    "OK, I have heard enough!" declared the chapter title guy, grabbing a Poké Ball off his belt. "If you want to sell us stuff, you're gonna have to go through Mudkip!" And he threw the ball, apparently forgetting that Miror B. currently held the ball in question. Instead, this Poké Ball burst open to reveal an oddly shaped, dark orange insect. Its eyes had no pupils at all, making it give off sort of a creepy, undead vibe. On its back was an enormous red mushroom with various orange dots. Predictably, the narrator flipped through his Pokémon cards, and pulled one of them out.

    "Parasect, the Mushroom Pokémon, and the evolved form of Paras," he read. "Parasect nests in damp, dark places. This is not its own preference, but the preference of the mushroom that has taken over the bug host."

    "So, basically, Parasect's just a dead Paras that's being zombified by a gigantic mushroom?" asked Jack.

    "Yeah, it sounds kind of really creepy when you put it like that," conceded the chapter title guy. "And where's my Mudkip?!"

    "Oh, here you go," said Miror B., handing the Poké Ball to the chapter title guy.

    "Thanks," said the chapter title guy. "Parasect, now, Spore attack!"

    Thick, orange clouds of spores blasted out in all directions from under Parasect's mushroom. The chapter title guy clamped his mouth shut and held his nose. Getting the hint, Jack, the narrator, and Miror B. all followed suit. Within seconds, several pop-ups fell over, asleep. Not long after, about twenty more were out. Soon, the pop-ups were dropping like Flygons. Finally, once all the pop-ups, including the head of the Pop-Up Association, were down, Parasect stopped the Spore attack, and everyone could breathe again.

    "Hey, narrator," said Jack.


    "I want to talk to you about something in the last paragraph."

    "And what would that be?"

    "Well, it's the phrase, 'dropping like Flygons'. Now, I know you intended it as a Pokémon-ified version of the actual phrase 'dropping like flies', but really, your version is just a bunch of nonsense."

    "Nonsense? NONSENSE!?" squawked the narrator. "Who the hell are you to criticize my awesome narration skills, Mr. Improper Grammar?!" At that point, at the phrase "awesome narration skills", Toxicroak burst free of its Poké Ball, and tried to Cross Chop the narrator. However, the narrator was in a towering rage by now. He grabbed Toxicroak by the arms and threw it into the ground.

    "And another thing!" roared the narrator. "You're ALWAYS putting down my habit of reading off of Pokémon cards when we see a new Pokémon!"

    "Oh yeah? Well-" started Jack. However, at that instant, Riolu burst out of its ball, and pushed Jack to the ground.

    "Owww... Riolu, what the-" Jack began; then he saw exactly what the. Parasect had lunged towards Jack, and had attempted a Slash attack.

    "Parasect!" gasped the chapter title guy. "How dare you!"

    Riolu then spoke with telepathy; this time, they all could hear it. "Parasect wasn't to blame. The mushroom on its back forced it to do so; it disliked the excessive noise."

    Meanwhile, Parasect was muttering angrily, seemingly to itself.

    "Parasect is arguing with its mushroom," Riolu explained. "Parasect was saying 'look what you did! You almost made me kill that boy!' And the mushroom is replying 'you fool! If only you hadn't hesitated, he'd be dead by now!' Parasect is replying 'how the hell can you be so cruel?! You may have taken over my body, but I will not just let you commit murder!' And the mushroom is saying 'it's not a question of what you'll allow. Not anymore. Kill that boy or suffer my wrath!'" Parasect struggled, but everyone could see that the mushroom's orders was taking its toll. Parasect slowly turned around, although it clearly didn't want to.

    "Riolu, do something!" said Jack.

    "Don't worry," Riolu said telepathically. "I have a plan." And with that, Riolu began to glow! Jack, the narrator (who had mercifully calmed down), Miror B., and the chapter title guy all looked on in awe as Riolu began to grow, changing shape. When the glow subsided, it looked much the same, except it was taller, its ears were pointier, it had yellow fur and a big, silvery spike on its chest, and each of its front paws sported another silvery spike.

    "Lucario, the Aura Pokémon, and the evolved form of Riolu," read the narrator. "Lucario can read the thoughts and movements of any living beings nearby by sensing their aura."

    Lucario and Jack exchanged grins. Then, Lucario closed its eyes and began to focus. Immediately, Parasect unleashed a Spore attack. Then, as Lucario focused even more, the spores turned around and flew back onto Parasect. The Mushroom Pokémon fell asleep in seconds.

    "A Psychic attack," murmured Miror B. in awe.

    "Parasect, return!" called the chapter title guy, holding out the Poké Ball. Instantly, Parasect was brought back into its ball. At that time, Jack returned Lucario to its own Poké Ball. At that moment, however, the head of the Pop-Up Association woke up. Quickly looking around, he snapped his fingers once. Immediately, all the other pop-ups woke up and continued to surround the gang.

    "OK, then, where were we?" sneered the head of the Pop-Up Association.

    "I believe you were at the point where you were going to let us go free and forget this ever happened," replied Jack.

    "NO!" snarled the head. "Nice try, though, I respect that. No, we were going to start our sales pitches!"

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" wailed Jack, the narrator, Miror B., and the chapter title guy.
    End chapter 32. Again, I appreciate all replies and reviews.

    *The Chapter Title Guy is revealed to own a Parasect.
    *Jack's Riolu evolves into Lucario.
    *Jack's Lucario learns Psychic.
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  11. ~Platinum~

    ~Platinum~ <- Caught it!

    I like the story. It's really funny and wacky, even for Pokemon. The characters are interesting and the Pokemon have unique qualities and personalities.

    However, I'll review this and be a critic if that makes you happy.

    First off, the chapters seem to be a little short. At the start of the fic the chapters were longer and more detailed than the last few entries you've made. You've had a lot of opportunities to increase the length of chapters and stories with some of the situations your characters have gotten in, but you've skipped these opportunities by using easy ways to solve the situation such as plot devices or Miror B.'s afro. I wouldn't mind you using up a chapter or increasing that chapter's length to have JacknCo. get out of a situation the hard way.

    Also the quality of the story seems to have gone down a bit. It's still really funny, but the story seems to have lost some strong points it had in the beginning. Some examples of this would be the chapter length as stated above, the story details, the situations the characters are getting into, the amount of time it takes to handle a certain situation, etc. The Chapter Title Guy for example, well how long did it take Jack to defeat him? A few paragraphs. So much potential with that Mudkip and yet in a few paragraphs he's defeated and Jack's new friend. And what was the reason the Chapter Title Guy wanted to rule the world in the first place? If you read the first few chapters and the last few chapters, well there's a decrease in quality.

    The character's themselves seem to have changed without any noticable reason for a change in personality. In the first chapter, Jack was cursing, attempting to beat you up, and showing clear anger management problems. He now curses a lot less, hasn't really gotten mad at anyone, and is actually helping people by stopping the Chapter Title Guy when his original purpose was simply to beat you up. I haven't seen any reason for why he would be nicer, unless he's been going to anger management classes between posts. Also the narrator has changed too. He's been complimenting himself a lot less (I actually smiled when Toxicroak attempted to Cross Chop him in the last chapter). I guess this could be the result of his near death experience, but he knows Toxicroak won't kill him anymore.

    Perhaps the thing that bothers me most is that the story no longer has a plot. The original plot of the story was that Jack goes on an adventure to punch your face in while you make life a nightmare for him. Well, Jack defeated you and the story was supposed to end. But you decided to continue the story, and upon continuing it, failed to give it a new plot. Sure the narrator was being held captive, but how long did it take to rescue him? Now the story is basically Jack finds a problem, Jack spends a few chapters solving the problem, Jack encounters a new problem. No real plot there.

    Now don't get me wrong, I like the story. It's funny and every chapter gets a laugh out of me. But it would be a bit more enjoyable if it was longer so I could laugh more, had a plot so I could try to figure out what wacky thing you'll have Jack do, that character's personalities were consistant or had a reason for a personality change, and details! The quality of the story has gone down over time. Now it's your story and you can do whatever you want with it, but I think the readers would appreciate it and maybe have more things to reply to if you brought the chapter length and quality back up.

    Looking forward to the next chapter. The pop-ups are probably one of the story's funniest parts.
  12. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I actually already noticed this, and I've been working on the next chapter, which will be quite a bit longer. I've been getting a little lazy with that lately, I admit.

    Also true, but not entirely. I have plans for the chapter title guy. All is not as it seems.

    The narrator does in fact exercise more caution when it comes to complimenting himself. Dying will do that to a person. He knows Toxicroak restricts itself to Cross Chop, but he's still in fear of the possibility of Toxicroak temporarily forgetting its promise and switching back to Poison Jab. Also, although it hasn't really been stated too obviously, Jack and the narrator now have a sort of friendship going, which is part of the reason Jack's temper is improving. Also, Jack kind of stopped wanting to kill me since I explained to him that I really wrote him into an epic story.

    The narrator's problem isn't exactly over yet. Don't forget, ever since they escaped from jail, they've basically been on the run from me. And rest assured, they can't elude me forever. In fact, the next chapter does address some of these issues.

    You're absolutely right. I'm already working on the chapter length.

    I'm actually fine-tuning the next chapter, I should be editing it into this post shortly.

    EDIT: Well, that didn't take long, here it is!

    Chapter 33: The Thirty Third Chapter.

    Jack turned and looked at the chapter title guy. "What the HELL was that?!" he asked.

    "What was what?" asked the chapter title guy.

    "The chapter title!" said Jack. "'The Thirty Third Chapter'?! What kind of a chapter title do you call that?!"

    "I panicked, OK?! You try thinking of good chapter titles when you're surrounded by balding men in cheap suits trying to sell you stuff!"

    "He makes a good point, Jack-" started Miror B.

    "SHUT UP!" roared Jack. At this point, Jack realized that it had been quite a few chapters since he had blown up at anyone like this. He had forgotten just how good it felt.

    "Um, guys?" said the narrator. "I don't mean to interrupt, but we're surrounded by balding men in cheap suits trying to sell us stuff!"

    "Now then," said the head of the Pop-Up Association. "Jack, we've met before, haven't we?"

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," grumbled Jack. "We all know that we've met before. What do you guys want?!"

    "What we always want," sneered the head of the Pop-Up Association. "To sell you guys stuff. And to teach you proper respect for pop-ups. But that's not all. Miror B.?"

    "Yo?" answered Miror B.

    "Come forward and join your fellow pop-ups!" smiled the head of the PUA. Then he frowned. "Hey!" he snapped at the narrator. "I did not authorize that abbreviation!"

    "Well, what do you expect?" retorted the narrator. "I can't address you as 'the head of the Pop-Up Association' every frickin' time! It's too long!"

    "Also," said Miror B., "I'm no longer a pop-up. I'm cured."

    "You WHAT?!" roared a pop-up.

    "Hey, wait a second," said Jack, suddenly. He turned to face the head of the PUA.

    "I still don't approve!" roared the aforementioned person.

    "Hey, narrator, stop calling him that," said Jack. "Because that's not what he is!"

    The narrator, Miror B., and the chapter title guy all turned to face Jack, each of them wearing a look of surprise on their faces.

    "Yeah, this guy ain't a pop-up," said Jack. "It's been what, six, seven minutes now, and he hasn't tried to sell us a thing!"

    "Well, you kept interrupting me," snapped the guy that the narrator now isn't sure what to call.

    "Never stopped me," said Miror B. "When I was a pop-up, I would want to sell the most useless stuff at the most inappropriate times, and I would just blurt the stuff out, regardless of what was going on at the time."

    Silence. Then, the man began to grin.

    "Well, you got me," said the man. "I am not the head of the Pop-Up Association. But, I am-" and he reached behind him, and pulled on a zipper. Jack did a double take upon seeing who was climbing out of the disguise.

    "-Missingno. Master!" he finished.

    "Oh, poopy," squeaked the narrator.

    "Narrator, I believe we have some unfinished business," sneered Missingno. Master. He snapped his fingers, and immediately, both author and narrator vanished.

    "I guess I'll have to narrate now," said Jack, taking up teh narration.

    "Well, this sucks," said Miror B.

    "I swear," said Jack, "It's things like this that make me want to change my mind about not killing Missingno. Master."

    "Killing? You want to talk about killing? Well, buy the new onion-flavored chain saw from Onion Bros, fine distributor of completely useless crap- Mmph! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!"

    For at the sound of the sales pitch, Jack had picked up the offending pop-up, squeezed him into a ball, walked a couple of yards away, and rolled him at his comrades like a bowling ball. Pop-ups flew every which way. Almost instantly, the pop-ups started teleporting away.

    "Nice," grinned Miror B.

    "So," said Jack, "I think we should rescue the narrator. To be honest, narration isn't easy, we need him around."

    "You care about him, don't you, Jack?" asked Miror B.

    "Not in the slightest," responded Jack, as calmly as he could while slapping Miror B. in the face. "I just don't want to have to constantly do the narration. You, the chapter title guy, you coming with us?"

    "No," said the chapter title guy. "I think I'll stay here and try to repair the damage. Miror B., can I have my Mudkip back?"

    "Oh, I gave it back to you already, in the previous chapter," answered Miror B.

    "In that case," said the chapter title guy, "I think I'll stay here and try to cause more damage."

    "WHAT?!" roared Jack.

    "But... you... but..." spluttered Miror B.

    "Yeah, I was faking sorrow," grinned the chapter title guy. "I wish to take over the internet, and a little angry mob ain't gonna stop me!"

    "But why?" asked Miror B.

    "It's simple, really," said the chapter title guy. "I do chapter titles for great fanfiction all across the internet. But do I ever get credit for it? For the multitudes of witty and fantastic chapter titles you read in fanfics everywhere? No! I wish to change that. When I take over the internet, I will blackmail great fanfiction authors across the globe into writing me into their stories! Finally, I will get the credit, the recognition, and the admiration that I so rightly deserve!"

    "You're a raving lunatic!" gasped Jack. "I mean, witty and fantastic chapter titles?! You titled this chapter 'The Thirty Third Chapter'!"

    "Wait a minute," said Miror B. "Jack, Riolu said that the chapter title guy was showing real remorse!" At this point, Lucario exploded out of its Poké Ball.

    "Oh, he was showing remorse, all right," Lucario said telepathically. "Remorse for the fact that he had dropped Mudkip's Poké Ball! He wasn't sorry about this at all! I blame myself for not recognizing it sooner."

    "Don't beat yourself up, Lucario," said Jack. "Beat up the chapter title guy instead! Come on, use Close Combat, I'll join you!" With that, Jack and Lucario both ran at the chapter title guy, each of them ready to punch the jerk's face in.

    "Lay one fist on me and I call out Mudkip, and its Torrent ability is still active!" called the chapter title guy. Jack and Lucario stopped in their tracks.

    "Better," the chapter title guy grinned evilly, as he backed up a considerable distance. "No, you know what? I'll call out Mudkip anyway. He needs the exercise." And he threw the Poké Ball. "Mudkip, Rock Wrecker!" he called.

    In a flash of light, the chapter title guy's berserk Mudkip appeared, and immediately fired off a massive boulder. The boulder was so huge, Jack could not fathom where it could possibly have come from.

    Lucario sprang into action immediately. It held its front paws together, forming a blue sphere of energy, which it then fired at the boulder. Upon making contact, the boulder exploded into a million bits of gravel.

    "Lucario, use your Aura Sphere again!" called Jack, realizing immediately that it had to be that move.

    "Mudkip, now, Sheer Cold!"

    Mudkip opened its mouth wide, and a freezing blast of ice and snow exploded out of it. The Aura Sphere stopped in its tracks, now resembling a snowball.

    "Now use Hydro Cannon!"

    Mudkip roared inhumanly as it launched a massive stream of water from its mouth. Jack, Lucario, and Miror B. were sent flying high into the sky.

    "Jack," said Miror B. "You know what we have to do now."

    "Oh, come on!" groaned Jack. "I didn't like it the first time, I won't like it now."

    "It's practically expected of us," said Miror B. "It's like a running gag."

    "Fine," muttered Jack. "Let's get this over with." And he and Miror B. took deep breaths and shouted,


    "WOBBUFFET!" Lucario chimed in telepathically.



    On the outskirts of Cyber Town, anyone looking into the sky would have seen a muscular ten year old with an attitude problem, a grown man with an unrealistically huge afro, and a Lucario, all flying through the sky. Check that, flying towards them. Towards the ground. The hard groun- "Lucario, Magnet Rise!"

    Lucario took on a yellow aura, and the the trio slowly decended towards the ground.

    "Hey, look!" exclaimed Miror B. as Jack returned Lucario to its Poké Ball. "We're on the outskirts of Cyber Town! How convenient."

    "That's what I said," snapped Jack. "Don't you read my narration?!"

    Ignoring this, the ignorant Miror B. continued to speak. "Well, then, let's save the narrator!"

    The two of them walked into Cyber Town, looking for the jail. Within minutes of walking, they found it.

    "Jack, could you have been any less descriptive?" asked Miror B.

    "See, this is why we need to rescue the narrator," said Jack. "He's good at this description crap. Now give me a plot device."

    "Go easy," said Miror B., as he pulled a small metal cube out of his afro, "I'm running out. I only have one more after this."

    Ignoring him, Jack pressed the button. Immediately, a wooden signpost sprung up out of the grass of the jail's front lawn. On the signpost was a large piece of wood, on which the following words were written.

    "To rescue the narrator, please insert the eight Gym Badges of the Kanto region." Below these words were eight small slots, each of them shaped rather oddly.

    "The eight gym badges of- you gotta be kidding me," said Jack. "How the hell am I going to get the eight Gym Badges of Kanto?!"

    As if in response, a big hole opened up in the ground next to the sign.

    "I should have guessed," muttered Jack. "Now we gotta travel through Kanto, don't we?"

    "Actually, Jack," said Miror B., "I think I'll stay here and try to find another way to rescue the narrator. I'll let you know if I get him out."

    "But how are you gonna let me know-" began Jack. "...You have a set of walkie talkies in that afro, don't you?"

    In response, Miror B. pulled a pair of walkie talkies out of his afro and handed one to Jack. Jack rolled his eyes, then turned to face the hole.

    "Well," said Jack, "here goes nothing!" And he jumped into the hole.

    End Chapter 33.

    Oh, and since the only person on the PM list never responded to my last PM, I assume that SerenadeSP no longer wants to be informed via PM of new chapters.

    *Missingno. Master is revealed to have impersonated the Head of the Pop-Up Association.
    *Missingno. Master re-arrests the narrator.
    *The Chapter Title Guy reveals that he is still evil.
    *Jack's Lucario is revealed to know Close Combat and Aura Sphere.
    *Jack goes to Kanto to try and save the narrator.
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  13. ~Platinum~

    ~Platinum~ <- Caught it!

    This is much better. It's longer, more detailed, and has a new plot. Plots where the character goes to challenges gyms and get gym badges are a little overdone, but considering the craziness of the story and that Jack is getting the gym badges to rescue the narrator instead of taking on the Pokemon league, I probably won't mind. :)

    You and the Chapter Title Guy are probably going to make Jack's gym battles a living nightmare aren't you? Hehehe, this is going to fun to read.

    Your last chapter was very good and very funny. I could only spot one error:

    How could you have turned that pop-up into a bowling ball if you just teleported away with the narrator? I think you meant to say Jack turned that pop-up into a bowling ball.

    Nice chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
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  14. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Jack certainly won't have it easy in the gyms. They do have to be a bit harder, especially in the beginning, as most beginning trainers don't have a Primeape, Gyarados, Weezing, and Lucario at their disposal.

    Agh, how did I miss that? I changed it, although leaving it in would work well with Jack's ineptitude for narration.

  15. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    Can't contribute much but I've scanned over it a lot since the beginning and ever since I'd become dedicated. Not sure why I never posted here but now I am; I really love all the humor and little plots you have going for every chapter, and after reading the most recent chapter I figured it's about time I let you know you've got another faithful reader. Keep up the good work, can't wait to read more. ^^
  16. SerenadeSP

    SerenadeSP My Loyal Feraligatr

    That's not true, I've been busy with school/other stuff and I've only been able to come on here in short 5 minute bursts. Sorry about that >_<


    Well that's a loophole if I've ever seen one.

    Get him some water!

    Congrats on the milestone Missingno. Master.

    Thank you narrator for saving us the mess.

    Holy ****, that has to be the shortest chapter title we've seen since the chapter Jack scared off the Chapter Title guy.

    Hahaha gotta love those Pop-Ups.

    I don't think we've ever seen the narrator get this angry. This is getting good. (and Toxicroak is back, hooray!)

    I always thought of the mushroom possessing Parasect in a way, but dual personality works better in this case. Good idea.

    Laziness at its best.


    I do agree with Platinum, the story is better now than it has been recently. The length of the battles does help alot, it makes things more exciting.

    At least he's using quotations correctly this time.

    Now Jack has to go on a badge-quest? Normally I would consider this cliche, but like Platinum said, the craziness of this story will certainly make this journey dramatically different from most other badge-quests.

    Good work Missingno. Master, I'll try to keep up while school's in session.
  17. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    The Awesome of Awesomeness

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great regret to inform you that I shall no longer be writing "The Adventure of Adventureness". I will instead be starting on its sequal, "The Awesome of Awesomeness", and will be posting it right in this thread! Aside from the title change and the resetting of the chapter numbers, it won't really have changed too much. And so, without further ado, Chapter 1!

    Chapter 1: How Is Anyone Supposed To Come Up With A Stupid Chapter Title While Falling A Hundred Miles Per Hour Down A Stupid, Stinking Portal?!

    This is Jack, the oddly muscular 10-year old boy falling down the portal. He is falling down the portal to the Kanto region so he can earn all eight badges so as to rescue the narrator from this story's prequel. He-"OOOF!"

    For at that moment, Jack had landed on a dirt path, and took a moment to reflect upon how much it really sucks to be interrupted when you're doing your own narration. Grumbling, Jack picked himself up and looked around. He appeared to be in a small town. And when he says "small", this place was downright puny. It resembled a clearing in a forest more than a town. There were two identical houses just north of him, beyond which was a grassy, overgrown pathway. Jack supposed that this led him out of town. As he picked himself up, and made for the path, he heard a voice behind him.

    "Hey! Wait! Don't go out!"

    Jack turned around and saw a really old dude running up to him. He had grey hair and was wearing a lab coat.

    "It's dangerous!" he said to Jack upon catching up with him. "Wild Pokémon live in tall grass! You'll need your own Pokémon for your protection!"

    "But I already have a Weezing-"

    "I got it!" exclaimed the man, who didn't seem to be listening to Jack. "Follow me!"

    The man turned and began walking away. He took a few steps, turned around, looked to see Jack still standing there, and yelled, "I said, FOLLOW ME!"

    "Alright, alright, geez!" snapped Jack, as he made to follow this crazy person, reassured by the fact that all he had to do was make one wrong move and he'd get a taste of Weezing's Flamethrower. The man led Jack past the houses, towards a brick building Jack hadn't noticed before. The two of them entered.

    The front half of the building was lined with bookcases. Two or three scientists were sitting around reading books. Jack caught a few of the titles of the books; 'The Total Loser's Guide To Being Professor Oak's Aide', by Professor Oak, 'Standing Around And Doing Nothing Except Talking To Anyone Who Approaches You For Dummies', by Ennpee Cee, and 'Obtaining Grossly Underleveled Evolved Pokémon For Fun And Profit', by Akshun Reeplae. Pausing to snicker at these rather humorous volumes, Jack followed the man into the back room of the building, which rather resembled a small laboratory. To his left there was a PC, and a strange machine. To his right, more bookcases, and a table, containing three Poké Balls, each of them accompanied by handwritten labels.

    "Hello there!" exclaimed the man. "My name is Professor Oak. Welcome! Now then, are you a boy or a girl?"

    Jack looked at Professor Oak as if he was stupid. Professor Oak returned this look with one of complete and utter cluelessness. After ten minutes of this, Jack realized that an answer was the only way this old fart was ever going to continue.

    "A boy," he sighed.

    "Excellent!" exclaimed Professor Oak, as he indicated a brown-haired boy next to him. Jack hadn't noticed him earlier. The boy's hair was long and spiked up, and he wore a black shirt.

    "Now then," continued Oak, "This is my grandson... uh... um... uh, what was his name again?"

    "Gramps, it's me, Blue!" muttered the kid. Ignoring him completely, Professor Oak turned to Jack.

    "You wouldn't happen to know what my grandson's name is, would you?"

    "Oh, crap," muttered Blue. "Last time Gramps did this, he would up calling me 'El Farto' for three months!"

    "When was that?" Jack whispered back.

    "Three months ago."

    A grin slowly spread across Jack's face. "Professor Oak, sir, I know your grandson's name," he said.

    "Oh, no," muttered Blue.

    "And what is it?" asked Professor Oak, sounding mildly excited.

    "Don't you dare!"


    "Now I remember!" exclaimed Oak triumphantly. "His name is Cheeseball!"

    Cheeseball buried his face in his hands.

    "Oh, and what's your name, son?" asked Oak.


    "All right then, Jack and Cheeseball. Pay close attention. Here on this table are three Pokémon."

    Jack and Cheeseball turned to look at the table containing the Poké Balls.

    "Ha ha!" Oak laughed for no reason at all. "They are inside the Poké Balls! When I was young, I was quite the hotshot trainer! But now in my old age, I only have three left. But I'll give one to each of you! Choose! Jack, you first!"

    Jack looked at the Poké Balls, reading the labels. "Bulbasaur", "Charmander", and "Squirtle".

    "Oh! Before I forget," said Oak suddenly, grabbing two red box-like objects off another table nearby, "Here are your Pokédexes... Pokédexen? No, Pokédexes. They automatically register information on Pokémon you see and catch. It's a high-tech encyclopedia!" Oak then handed one to Jack and another to Cheeseball. Jack opened his up and went through a short tutorial, which indicated how to look up Pokémon, how to turn on the option for the Pokédex to handle narration, and how to use the PC storage system. Oak turned around to examine his PC; he appeared to be engrossed in an email. Jack took this opportunity to transfer his entire team to PC storage, and to allow the Pokédex to narrate. He figured that if he was going to be forced to pick a starter Pokémon, he may as well try to start out fresh. For the time being, anyway.

    After about twenty or thirty seconds of semi-careful consideration, Jack picked up Bulbasaur's Poké Ball.

    "This Pokémon is really quite energetic!" exclaimed Oak without looking to see what Jack picked. Meanwhile, Cheeseball strolled over to the table.

    "Ah, I see you picked Bulbasaur! Well then, Charmander's the one for me!" declared Cheeseball, picking the Poké Ball labeled as such.

    Glad that this decision was over with, Jack made to leave.

    "Wait a second, Jack!" exclaimed Cheeseball. "We're gonna battle now! Come on!"

    Jack turned around, and threw the Poké Ball he had just gotten. "Bulbasaur, go!" he called. Sure enough, from the Poké Ball emerged a small, blue, four-legged creature, with a large plant bulb growing out of its back. Cheeseball sneered and threw his own Poké Ball.

    "Charmander, let's do it!" he called. However, the Pokémon that came from this Poké Ball was decidedly not Charmander. It was blue, and most of its body was in a round and sturdy brown shell.

    "A Squirtle?!" exclaimed Cheeseball. "But.. I..."

    "Yeah, I had a feeling you'd pull something like this," said Jack, "So when you and Oak were busy, I switched the labels for Charmander and Squirtle!"

    Jack then pulled out his Pokédex and aimed it at Squirtle.

    "Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon," the device droned. "At birth, a shell hardens over Squirtle's back. It powerfully sprays foam from its mouth. Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. A seed is planted on Bulbasaur's back at birth. The seed sprouts and grows with the Pokémon."

    "Why, you rotten, no-good..." grumbled Cheeseball. "OK, then! Squirtle, go! Ice Beam now!"

    In response, Squirtle sweatdropped and chuckled weakly.

    "You gotta be kidding me. Alright then, Squirtle, use Skull Bash."


    "Don't you know any moves yet?!" screamed Cheeseball. Squirtle nodded in response, turned around, and began wagging its tail uselessly.

    "Tail Whip. It know Tail Whip," Cheeseball muttered through gritted teeth. "That can't be right, it's gotta know something else." With that, Cheeseball flipped his Pokédex opened and looked up his Squirtle. "Oh! Well, then! How wrong I was! TACKLE and Tail Whip! Two moves! Oh, wow! Gramps, your Squirtle only knows Tackle and Tail Whip!"

    "Hey, Cheeseball," called Jack after checking his own Pokédex. "If it's any consolation, my Bulbasaur just knows Tackle and Growl! Bulbasaur, Tackle!"

    "Squirtle, use your own Tackle!"

    Bulbasaur and Squirtle charged at each other and collided. Each one hadn't taken that much damage.

    "Now, Bulbasaur, use-" However, Jack was interrupted by a strange pinging noise from his Pokédex. He looked down, and realized that another move had just been added to the list of moves his Bulbasaur had.

    "Bulbasaur, Sludge attack now!"

    Bulbasaur opened its mouth wide and unleashed a torrent of sludge. Squirtle was knocked out instantly by the impact.

    "WHAT?!" roared Cheeseball, as he returned Squirtle to its Poké Ball. "You said it only knew Tackle and Growl!"

    "It did!" laughed Jack, as he recalled Bulbasaur. "It must have just learned this move!"


    Jack was walking along Route 1. He had retrieved his entire team with the exception of Rayquaza from the PC. As he was bored, Jack took out his Pokédex and began looking through it.

    "Hello, Jack," the Pokédex droned. "I am Pokédex model three point three."

    "You talk?!" exclaimed Jack.

    "Affirmative," responded the Pokédex. "I am a highly complex marvel of science and engineering. I am an incredibly complicated machine. I am-"

    "-A little too boastful," finished Jack.

    "Oh, like you're one to talk?" retorted the Pokédex. "I've read Chapter 26 of your prequel."

    "Fair enough," shrugged Jack.

    Before long, Jack reached Viridian City. He knew it was called this because of the map function of his Pokédex. And the "Welcome to Viridian City!" sign posted at the end of Route 1 was kind of a dead giveaway. Jack took a moment to look at the city he was entering. All the buildings, the scenery- the Pokémon Gym! Almost instantly, Jack began running towards the Viridian Gym as fast as his feet would carry him. On the way, he shouted down an old fart who wouldn't let him pass, while his cute granddaughter apologized, explaining that her grandfather hadn't had his coffee yet.

    "'Viridian Gym is closed because its leader feels like it'?!" Jack read off of the sign he found on the gym's locked doors. "Oh, that's great, that is just great. How the HELL am I gonna earn all eight badges if the first gym is closed?!"

    Deciding that griping about it wasn't going to solve the problem, Jack began wandering off. He wound up exiting town to the west, past a sign that read "Route 22".

    "Hey! Jack!"

    Jack looked up, to see none other than Cheeseball standing before him.

    "Yeah, I'm gonna get my revenge for that last battle! And stop calling me Cheeseball!" roared Cheeseball. And he threw a Poké Ball. "Pidgey, go!"

    End Chapter 1.

    *Jack arrives in Pallet Town.
    *Jack meets Blue and "re-names" him "Cheeseball".
    *Jack deposits all of his Pokémon in PC storage.
    *Jack obtains a Bulbasaur.
    *Cheeseball obtains what he thinks is a Charmander, but turns out to be a Squirtle.
    *Jack's Bulbasaur learns Sludge.
    *Jack and Cheeseball obtain Pokédexes.
    *Jack's Pokédex starts narrating.
    *Jack withdraws all of his Pokémon minus Rayquaza from the PC.
    *Cheeseball catches a Pidgey.
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  18. SerenadeSP

    SerenadeSP My Loyal Feraligatr

    Well I can tell you right now that the Advent- erhrm... the Awesome of Awesmoeness blew most journey fics right out of the water. And it's only Chapter 1, great job!

    My favorite parts:

    So true

    Poor Blue. That's what happens when you get old.

    Oh before I continue quoting random funny sections of the first chapter, I'd like to point this out: Jack seemingly decides to battle Cheeseball/Blue for no apparant reason, he doesn't even hesitate.

    And I just had an idea that I'm going to tell you in a PM. It's up to you whether or not to use it.
  19. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer


    He had a reason- he wanted to see Cheeseball's reaction when he realized that he wound up picking the starter that had a disadvantage to Jack's Bulbasaur, rather than an advantage.

    It's a good idea, and I already had decided to implement at least part of it.
  20. Son_of_Shadows

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    ... Well, it beats my journey fic. Which I haven't updated in a year. Because I'm lazy- I mean busy... Great chapter, MM. You should probably consider changing the topic title... For obvious reasons.

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