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The Adventure of Adventureness

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    And now, enjoy, if you will, the final chapter of the Random of Randomness. Chapter 1 of the Epic of Epicness can be expected before the week is done.

    Chapter 39: The Ghetsis Of Ghetsisness
    Ghetsis pressed another button on his hideous robes with his free hand, and an epic yet ominous tune began to play. Ghetsis then threw his Poké Ball. "Cofagrigus, go!" he shouted.

    In a flash of light, the Cofagrigus that Ghetsis had captured many chapters ago materialized. It floated in midair, grinning its maniacal grin.

    In response, Jack threw the Net Ball. "Stunfisk, I choose you!" he called.

    In a flash of light, Jack's Stunfisk appeared. Ghetsis cackled at this.

    "Ahahahaha! A Stunfisk?! A fine jest, boy." Then he noticed Jack's face. His expression clearly said that he meant business. "You're serious," Ghetsis murmured.

    "As a ham," Jack replied. "Stunfisk, Curse!"

    "Cofagrigus, Shadow Ball!" Ghetsis ordered.

    Cofagrigus formed a black sphere between its four hands and let it fly towards Stunfisk, whose body had taken on a red aura. Stunfisk skidded back from the force of the Shadow Ball, but seemed largely unaffected.

    "Good," Jack grinned. "Now use Stone Edge."

    "Fiiiisk!" bellowed Stunfisk as a ring of energy materialized above it. The glowing energy then faded away, revealing a ring of sharp stones. The rocks then shot forward, flying right at the Coffin Pokémon.

    "Protect!" snarled Ghetsis. Immediately, a transparent blue bubble took shape around Cofagrigus, and the stones bounced off harmlessly.

    "Stunfisk, try your Sludge Wave attack!" Jack ordered.

    "Cofagrigus, Hyper Beam!" Ghetsis exclaimed.

    As a tidal wave of sludge rose up behind Stunfisk, Cofagrigus fired a beam of red energy from its mouth. Quickly, Jack held out the Net Ball, recalling Stunfisk. The Hyper Beam blasted a hole in the floor instead as the Sludge Wave crashed down on Cofagrigus.

    "Go! Venusaur!" Jack called, throwing an ordinary Poké Ball. In a flash of light, the Seed Pokémon emerged, and landed on the floor, glaring at Cofagrigus.

    "Hyper Beam once more!" ordered Ghetsis.

    "Use Frenzy Plant!" Jack called.

    "Saur!" exclaimed Venusaur as it reared up and stomped the floor with its front legs. Almost immediately, four massive, brown, spike-coated vines shot up out of the floor, and began slamming Cofagrigus repeatedly.

    "Co! Fa!" groaned Cofagrigus between the beatings.

    "Get moving, I said, you useless lump!" growled Ghetsis. "I said Hyper Beam, now use Hyper Beam!

    "...grigus..." Cofagrigus moaned in response as Frenzy Plant let up. It then unleashed another Hyper Beam attack from its mouth. Jack yelled for Venusaur to dodge it, but given that it had to recharge after using Frenzy Plant. The attack collided with Venusaur head-on, sending it skidding backwards. Once the attack was done, Venusaur stomped forward again.

    "About time, you lazy ghost," snapped Ghetsis.

    "It had just used Hyper Beam," Jack said. "It had to recharge. Venusaur, now, Sludge attack!"

    "Venusaur!" called Venusaur as it opened its mouth wide and let loose a huge stream of sludge. On Ghetsis's order, Cofagrigus was able to use Protect to block the attack.

    "And now, use your Vine Whip!" Jack called.

    In spite of Roy and the narrator's protests, Venusaur sprouted around twenty vines from beneath the leaves on its back, and struck Cofagrigus with them. The Coffin Pokémon fell to the floor, unconscious.

    "You stupid idiot, sir!" the narrator hissed. "Don't you remember Shauntal's Cofagrigus? Mummy!"

    "Chill out," Jack replied as Ghetsis withdrew Cofagrigus, then took another Poké Ball out. "I have a feeling Mummy will come in handy more than Overgrow."

    Ghetsis then threw the Poké Ball. "Seismitoad, go!" he shouted. In a flash of light, an extremely odd-looking Pokémon appeared. It stood on two legs, and its entire blue body was covered in massive warts, including two above its red eyes.

    "Seismitoad, the Vibration Pokémon, and the evolved form of Palpitoad," stated Jack's Pokédex. "Seismitoad makes its fists vibrate to give its punches more power. It can reduce a boulder to gravel with a single punch."

    "You may be a criminal mastermind," Jack called, "But you suck as a Pokémon trainer. Seismitoad are extremely weak to Grass moves, and I have a Venusaur here. Venusaur, give Seismitoad a taste of your Razor Leaf attack!"

    "Saur!" replied Venusaur as dozens of razor-sharp leaves zoomed forth from its back foliage.

    "Seismitoad, Rain Dance!" Ghetsis commanded.

    "Toad!" groaned Seismitoad as it was pummeled by the Razor Leaf attack, each leaf seeming to do more damage than the last. Once the arboreal onslaught had ended, Seismitoad, barely able to stand, did a feeble little jig. A black cloud formed near the ceiling, and suddenly, it began to rain in the throne room.

    "...ok, so you made it rain," Jack said. "Big deal. Finish it, Venusaur. Razor Leaf."

    "Flail attack! Now!" Ghetsis ordered. With astonishing speed, Seismitoad ran out of the path of the Razor Leaf attack, leapt up, began thrashing around wildly, and landed on Venusaur.

    "Venusaur saur!" exclaimed Venusaur as Seismitoad attacked relentlessly with Flail.

    "I suck as a trainer, do I?" sneered Ghetsis. "Seismitoad's Swift Swim increases its Speed in the rain, and Flail is more powerful if Seismitoad is badly hurt. I was counting on that Razor Leaf attack, you know."

    "Maybe," said Jack as Seismitoad got off of Venusaur. "But you forgot one thing. Venusaur's now got the Mummy ability. And Seismitoad was all over Venusaur just now. Which means you can kiss Swift Swim goodbye! Venusaur, finish it! Sludge!"

    "Dodge and use Sludge Wave!" ordered Ghetsis. Seismitoad dove to its right, barely evading the stream of gunk Venusaur just fired from its mouth. Seismitoad's eyes then glowed a bright purple, and a tidal wave of sludge rose behind it. Before Venusaur could react, the wave crashed down on it. Once the sludge had settled, Jack could see that Venusaur had fainted.

    "Damn it!" Jack snapped as he withdrew Venusaur.

    "Success!" exclaimed Ghetsis. "I have now disposed of your one and only Grass-type!"

    "Oh, I wouldn't say that just yet," Jack smirked, as he threw an Ultra Ball. "Amoonguss! Go!"

    In a flash of light, Jack's Amoonguss appeared, and faced Seismitoad.

    "Jack..." muttered Misty. "Amoonguss only knows Poison moves, I thought."

    "I only had it use Poison moves," Jack corrected her. "Amoonguss, Giga Drain!"

    "Moonguss!" exclaimed Amoonguss as its Poké Ball shields glowed a bright green. At the same time, beads of green energy emerged from Seismitoad's body, and were absorbed into Amoonguss's. Seismitoad slumped to the floor, unconscious.

    "Gah!" Ghetsis spat as he withdrew Seismitoad. "This is ridiculous! I am a better trainer than the likes of you, and I intend to prove it!" And he threw another Poké Ball. "Bouffalant, destroy!"

    In a flash of light, a Bouffalant appeared. As Miror B. owned one, Jack knew the species well.

    "Amoonguss, PoisonPowder now!" Jack ordered.

    "Bouffalant, Head Charge!" Ghetsis commanded.

    Amoonguss unleashed a cloud of purple dust as Bouffalant charged forward, its afro glowing red. It rammed Amoonguss with great force, sending it slamming into Jack, but the PoisonPowder had clearly taken effect; Bouffalant's forehead was tinted with purple, and it groaned in pain.

    "You got this, Amoonguss," Jack grunted as he put Amoonguss back down on the floor. "Use Venoshock!"

    "Amoooooong!" bellowed Amoonguss as it unleashed a bolt of purple electricity. Bouffalant screamed almost comically as its body lit up with purple voltage, its poisoning increasing the damage.

    "Head Charge again!" ordered Ghetsis. Bouffalant, with a great effort, charged forward again, and struck Amoonguss with its red, glowing afro. Amoonguss crashed to the floor and ceased to move. At the same time, however, Bouffalant also fell to the floor; Jack couldn't tell if it was the poisoning or the Head Charge recoil that finished it. Jack and Ghetsis withdrew their Pokémon simultaneously, then threw new Poké Balls (Jack's was a Great Ball).

    "Primeape, go!" Jack called.

    "I choose Bisharp!" shouted Ghetsis.

    In twin flashes of light, Jack's Primeape appeared, and so did a Bisharp. The two adversaries glared at each other.

    "Primeape, Close Combat now!" Jack ordered.

    "Bisharp, Psycho Cut!" commanded Ghetsis.

    Primeape and Bisharp ran at each other, Bisharp's blades glowing pink. It then slashed at the air, and a pink blade of psychic power flew forward, hitting Primeape right in the face. Primeape was knocked back, but it got right back up and continued, except now its eyes glowed red, and a thick red aura cloaked its entire body.

    "I love it when this happens," smirked Jack. "Psycho Cut scored a critical hit, and activated Anger Point! Primeape, do it!"

    Primeape snarled in response, and began punching, kicking, and headbutting Bisharp with all its might. Within seconds, Bisharp was thrown across the room, where it clanged to the floor at Ghetsis's feet, many of its blades dented.

    "Bisharp, return," scowled Ghetsis as he readied another Poké Ball. "Eelektross! Go!"

    In a flash of light, a large eel-like Pokémon appeared. It stood on two fin-like feet, and had a pair of arms, each ending in an odd clawed appendage. Its large mouth was tipped with several teeth. Upon seeing Jack, it winked.

    "...Jack?" his Pokédex said. "Would you hold my speaker to your ear for a second?" Jack obliged, and the Pokédex whispered something to him. Jack's eyes widened as he brought his Pokédex away from his ear.

    "Are you sure?"

    "Have I ever not been right?" asked the Pokédex.

    "Ooh! Ooh! Patrick Star, the SpongeBob episode "Grandma's Kisses"! exclaimed Bianca.

    "Right," replied Roy, impressed.

    "Primeape, hold fire," Jack called, for Primeape was about to run at Eelektross.

    "Ahaha!" cackled Ghetsis. "Whatever you're waiting for won't help you! Eelektross! Wild Charge!"

    Eelektross, however, shook its head and crossed its arms.

    "Heh, heh," chuckled Roy. "Looks like your Eelektross needs a little lesson in obedience!"

    "It's not mine," scowled Ghetsis. "I borrowed it from a Plasma Grunt. Who will, of course, pay for saddling me with such an unresponsive Pokémon."

    "Oh, will I?" came a voice from above them. Jack looked up and saw a ceiling tile slide out of place. Then, a rope fell through the hole, followed by none other than Ralph. Swiftly, he reached over and grabbed Eelektross's Poké Ball from Ghetsis's hand, then dashed off to a wall. There, he held out the Poké Ball and recalled Eelektross.

    "What?! Ralph, you low-down traitor!" roared Ghetsis. "How dare you?!"

    "Oh, because you're so much more honorable than me?" retorted Ralph. "I knew you were planning to take these guys down if need be, and they treated me better than you ever did. So I told Eelektross to obey your every order unless it involved battling any of these guys before I loaned it to you."

    "Ralph..." began Jack, but Ralph held up a hand to stop him.

    "It's the least I can do," Ralph stated. "Just destroy this creep."

    "With pleasure," grinned Jack. Ghetsis, however, now sported a grin even wider than Jack's.

    "See, it doesn't matter that Eelektross doesn't obey me," smirked Ghetsis as he withdrew an Ultra Ball from his robes. "For I have saved my best for last! My ultimate warrior!" he bellowed as he heaved the Ultra Ball. "Hydreigon! Destroy!"

    In a flash of light, a large three-headed dragon materialized. It hovered in midair on six thin wings, and roared loudly with its middle head.

    "Hydreigon, the Brutal Pokémon, and the evolved form of Zweilous," said Roy's Pokédex. "Hydreigon travels the skies on its six wings. Anything that moves, it perceives as a foe, causing it to attack."

    "A Dark-type, huh?" Jack murmured, reading the additional information the Pokédex displayed on its screen. "And oh look, Primeape's a Fighting-type. Better luck next time, Ghetsissy. Close Combat!"

    "Hydreigon, use your Dragon Pulse now!" commanded Ghetsis.

    Hydreigon roared, and fired off a blue orb of energy from its right head. The attack struck Primeape directly, sending it flying right into Jack and knocking him to the floor. Jack angrily threw Primeape off of him, only to discover that it was unconscious.

    "DAMN IT!" Jack roared in all capital letters as he held out the Great Ball, withdrawing Primeape. He then threw another Poké Ball. "Go, Omastar!" he shouted, reattaching the Great Ball to his belt.

    In a flash of light, Jack's Omastar appeared. It crashed to the floor, its tentacles twisting, clearly eager to fight.

    "Hydreigon, Focus Blast!" roared Ghetsis.

    "Omastar, Ice Beam!" Jack commanded.

    Hydreigon launched a slightly different blue orb, this one from its left head. Omastar launched a bright blue beam from its mouth, but the Focus Blast cut right through it and collided with its prehistoric target. Omastar rolled backwards, and stopped at Jack's feet, unconscious.

    "OH COME ON!" Jack exclaimed in all caps as he withdrew Omastar. Once Omastar's ball was back on his belt, Jack threw another Poké Ball. "Now, Emboar! Attack!"

    In a flash of light, Jack's Emboar appeared. It stomped the ground and grunted.

    "Emboar, Arm Thrust attack!" Jack ordered.

    "Hydreigon, Surf!" Ghetsis grinned.

    As Emboar ran at Hydreigon, the latter roared loudly, causing a tidal wave to rise up behind it and crash down onto Emboar. Jack seemed torn between surprised and furious as the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon washed up at his feet, unconscious.

    "THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!!" Jack bellowed in all caps as he withdrew Emboar. "You're supposed to suck!" Then, he took the Net Ball off his belt and sighed. "It's all up to you, now! Stunfisk!" Jack yelled as he threw the ball.

    In a flash of light, Jack's Stunfisk reappeared, and looked up at Hydreigon. Ghetsis busted out laughing.

    "You... You just have a Stunfisk left..." he gasped between fits of hysterical laughter. "And... and I got... my powerful... Hydreigon... Ah.. Ahem. Most amusing. But it's time to end it! Hydreigon, Focus Blast!"

    "Stunfisk, dodge it and use Curse!" Jack ordered.

    Stunfisk managed to flop off to its left, just barely evading the blue orb Hydreigon fired at it. Then, a red aura covered Stunfisk's body.

    "Heh," said Ghetsis. "Alright, playtime's over. Dragon Pulse now!"

    "Use Stone Edge!" Jack called.

    The Dragon Pulse struck Stunfisk directly. Jack groaned, thinking it was all over. He was surprised, however, to see Stunfisk leap up into the air, obviously still conscious, its tail fin glowing. Flapping its side fins rapidly, Stunfisk managed to stay airborne, and zipped forward, slamming its glowing tail fin into the surprised Hydreigon's belly. Hydreigon gave an agonizing roar and fell to the floor.

    "Stunfisk weawned Wevenge!" exclaimed the narrator's Pokédex.

    "Of course!" the narrator replied. "Revenge is a Fighting move that packs more of a punch if the user was just attacked!

    As Hydreigon struggled to get up, Stunfisk wasted no time launching the previously ordered Stone Edge. Hydreigon's roars gave way to whimpers as the stones pelted it relentlessly. With a final piteous moan, Hydreigon passed out.

    The music stopped.

    "NO!" Ghetsis roared as he withdrew Hydreigon. "This cannot be! I created Team Plasma with my own hands! I AM PERFECTION!"

    "YOU ARE CONCEITED," Jack replied, mocking Ghetsis in all caps. At that moment, the sound of breaking glass filled the room as Croagunk's Cross Chop finally broke through.

    "Perfection you are not," declared Looker. "Under arrest you are."

    "Just try it!" exclaimed Ghetsis, and he made a dash for the hole in the back wall that Zekrom created two chapters ago. However, he didn't get very far before lighting up with electricity, screaming like a girl, and falling to the floor, in that order.

    "Wha?" said Roy. Jack looked confused as well; then, after a closer look, he grinned.

    "Of course," Jack smiled. "Stunfisk sneaked its way around Ghetsis to stop him from escaping! Good job, Stunfisk!"

    "Stunfisk fisk," replied Stunfisk as Jack recalled it.

    Looker strolled over to the semiconscious Ghetsis, around whom a trio of men in black had now appeared.

    "Ghetsis! Are you alright?!" demanded Cilan.

    "Shouldn't've... come..." groaned Ghetsis. "International... Police..."

    As if on cue, Looker's strange music began to play.

    "A-HA!" exclaimed Looker as Karrablast swiftly lunged forward and struck down the trio's trio of Elgyem with a quick Fury Attack. "So, it is you, the leaders of the gym of Striaton, that are also as well the Shadow Triad!"

    "What?!" came a voice from the entrance of the room. Jack wheeled around to see Alder, accompanied by none other than Cheren. Jack and Cheren's eyes met briefly, then Jack turned to face Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad.

    "It's true," Jack stated. "Looker, I take it you'll want to arrest these guys as well?"

    "It will be the pleasure of me," replied Looker. "I will also want the N fellow to-"

    "Leave N be," Jack interrupted. "Ghetsis, as you heard, was the real mastermind behind Team Plasma. N was his unwitting pawn."

    "Very well" responded Looker. "I will allow the one known as N to go free. But the other six sages of the Team of Plasma, they have fled. I require assistance in rounding them up."

    "I can help you there," said Ralph. "I used to be a Team Plasma Grunt, I'm sorry to say, so maybe I can be of help. I'd like to give you all the information on Team Plasma I have."

    "Very good, very much so," nodded Looker. "Now, shall you accompany myself in the escorting outside of these Plasma Team slimeballs, yes?"

    "With pleasure," grinned Ralph.

    "I'll help," added Cheren.

    "And me," Alder stated. "But first. Jack, mind telling me exactly what happened here?
    "Holy mother of crap," Alder said weakly. "So let me get this straight. The Light Stone turned into Reshiram and you caught it."

    "Yep," said Jack.

    "And after you caught Reshiram, you defeated N and his Zekrom, not with Reshiram, but with your Weezing."


    "And after N was defeated, Ghetsis came in, revealed that not only was he N's father, but he had manipulated N from the start and was the real mastermind behind Team Plasma."


    "And Team Plasma's real goal was to ensure that Ghetsis was the only person in Unova with Pokémon so he'd meet no resistance when taking over the region."


    "And that ex-Plasma Grunt, Ralph, loaned Ghetsis his Eelektross and told it to disobey him when battling you guys."


    "Wow," murmured Alder. "And the Striaton Gym Leaders... The Shadow Triad. I can't believe it."

    "Alder," said Looker, "I am thinking you may need to be having some words with these heroes and such. Myself, Ralph, and this Cheren person, we can be handling these sleazy lowlifes by ourselves. I bid you adieu."

    "Gesundheit," replied Jack.

    "HE WAS SPEAKING FRENCH!" roared Ghetsis in all caps as Looker, Ralph, and Cheren began shoving the four Team Plasma members towards the door, helped out by Karrablast, Croagunk, Eelektross, and Simisear. As they went out the door, the music stopped.

    "N," said Alder, "You've learned that Pokémon are not suffering by being with humans now, right?"

    N nodded. "I... In my youth, my fath... no. Ghetsis permitted me to only be around Pokémon that have been mistreated by humans. Young and naive as I was, I believed that all Pokémon were like those. I was touched by their plight, and vowed to separate Pokémon from humans. But now I see how foolish I was."

    "You weren't foolish," Roy stated. "You were mislead by that Ghetsis."

    "Yeah," said Jack. "N, why don't you come with us?"

    N smiled. "I appreciate the offer," he said, "But I need to go and do some thinking. I do my best thinking alone. We're not likely to see each other again."

    At these words, a flash of light burst forth from a Poké Ball on the narrator's belt, revealing his Liepard. It looked at N and meowed questioningly.

    "Liepard..." N muttered, looking at his former Pokémon. "You want to accompany me?"

    Liepard nodded, then turned and gave the narrator a sheepish, apologetic look.

    "It's fine," the narrator sighed, handing Liepard's Poké Ball to N.

    "Hold on," N said. "After what you guys have done for me, I can't just take Liepard like that. I insist on a fair trade. How about my Archeops for Liepard?"

    "Er... All right, then," the narrator responded. The narrator took out his C-Gear; Jack handed his own to N, and within seconds, the trade was completed.

    "Thank you," N said as he handed the C-Gear back to Jack. He then pressed a button on the Rubik's Cube-shaped machine on his belt, and his Poké Balls briefly glowed blue. He then took a Poké Ball off his belt and threw it towards the back of the room. In a flash of light, Zekrom appeared, hovering outside the window.

    "Farewell, N," Alder said.

    "And thank you, guys, for not letting me get arrested," N added as he climbed onto Zekrom's back. Immediately, Zekrom flew off into the distance.

    "Well," said Jack, "With that done, we all have business to take care of elsewhere. Alder, good to see you again-"

    "Hold up a second," Alder interrupted. "I have a favor to ask of you guys. See, what with Cilan, Chili, and Cress getting arrested, Striaton Gym is now without a leader. Jack, I would ask you to take their place, but you're already well-known across Unova as the person who tamed numerous legendary Pokémon, and not to mention you just defeated N and Zekrom. That's bound to scare off the challengers. So... Roy, would you consider being the-"

    "The leader of Striaton Gym? I accept!" Roy interrupted eagerly. He then turned to Jack. "You don't mind, do you, Jack?"

    "Not at all," Jack replied. "Between me beating you at the Indigo Plateau, and out of all of us, only me being able to get all eight badges, I think it's time you had your moment of glory."

    Roy grinned, then shook hands with Jack.

    "Excellent," said Alder. "Well, come on, Roy, I'll accompany you to-"

    "Wait!" exclaimed Bianca suddenly. "Where Roy goes, I go!"

    "I wouldn't have it any other way," replied Roy as he and Bianca embraced.

    What was left of the group bid farewell to Alder, Bianca, and the new Striaton Gym Leader, and-

    "WAIT!" exclaimed Jack's Pokédex. "What about my wife?!?!"

    "Oh... Yeah..." Roy frowned, taking out his Pokédex. "That would be a problem, wouldn't it?"

    "I have a suggestion," said Roy's Pokédex. "Why not give me to Misty? Provided, of course, she's still going to be traveling with Jack."

    "You bet I am!" Misty exclaimed.

    "That's settled then," said Alder, apparently still working through the concept of Pokédexes having spouses. Roy handed his Pokédex to Misty, and Alder led the young couple out the door.

    As if on cue, beeping sounded from within Jack's backpack. He dug out the walkie talkie and pressed the button. "Yeah, Miror B.?" he said.

    "Jack, I need you and your friends to get out of my hair now!" Miror B. exclaimed. "The Team Plasma business can wait, things are oh-so bad up here! I'm not sure how much longer I can run from all this, we need to fight!"

    "Good timing," Jack answered. "Team Plasma's finished, we were about to get going now. Oh, yeah, Roy and Bianca aren't with us, Roy's been appointed Striaton City's gym leader. Its former leaders were arrested."

    "Cilan, Chili, and Cress? Arrested?!" Miror B exclaimed incredulously. "Why?"

    "Long story," Jack responded. "We're moving now. Over."

    With that, the walkie talkie fell silent. Jack shoved it back into his bag, rearranged his team with his Pokédex, and threw a Poké Ball into the air. In a flash of light and a swirl of stars, Jack's shiny Rayquaza appeared, hovering out the window not unlike N's Zekrom. Jack climbed onto Rayquaza's back, and Misty and the narrator mimicked this action.

    "Let's get out of this hairdo, Rayquaza!" Jack exclaimed. Rayquaza roared in response, and began flying straight up, towards the red and white sky above them.
    End of Chapter 39.

    *It is revealed that the other five Pokémon Jack rotated onto his team were Amoonguss, Venusaur, Omastar, Primeape, and Emboar.
    *Ghetsis's Cofagrigus is revealed to know Shadow Ball, Protect, and Hyper Beam.
    *Jack's Stunfisk is revealed to know Curse.
    *Jack's Venusaur is revealed to have Overgrow as its ability.
    *Ghetsis's Palpitoad is revealed to have evolved into Seismitoad and learned Rain Dance, Flail, Sludge Wave, and Drain Punch, and its ability is revealed to be Swift Swim.
    *Ghetsis is revealed to have caught a Bisharp, a Bouffalant, and a Hydreigon.
    *Ralph's Eelektrik is revealed to have evolved into an Eelektross.
    *It is revealed that Ralph loaned Eelektross to Ghetsis, but secretly gave it orders to turn on Ghetsis when it really mattered.
    *Ralph's Eelektross is revealed to have learned Wild Charge.
    *Ralph reclaims Eelektross.
    *Jack's Stunfisk learns Revenge.
    *Ghetsis attempts to flee, but is stopped by Jack's Stunfisk.
    *N leaves the castle on Zekrom.
    *Ghetsis, Cilan, Chili, and Cress get arrested by Looker.
    *The narrator trades Liepard for N's Archeops.
    *Alder offers Roy a position as Striaton Gym Leader, which he accepts.
    *Bianca agrees to accompany Roy to Striaton City.
    *Roy gives his Pokédex to Misty.
    *Roy and Bianca leave the group.
    *Jack rearranges his team to include Rayquaza.
  2. The Oncoming Storm

    The Oncoming Storm I went to jared

    Wow just wow. Someones going to have to replace Roy I mean really! Maybe chapter title guy. Anyways this chapter was WONDERFUL! UBERFISK for teh win. Memes aside I loved the way you had stunfisk beat that Hydriegon. Electric types be boss! CAn't wait for the Epic of Epicness that will be well the Epic of Epicness..... GoL!

    Ps can we get more about the girl pokedex in the epic of epicness because I feel she is a completely untapped comedic resource.
  3. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Stunfisk so strongth. Beating the infernal Hydreigon I had to stall for a Focus Blast miss with *grumble grumble*

    Shame to see Roy go, but he's moving up to bigger, brighter things, and he's with Bianca. So this is quite a fitting end for him. But this means we're back with Miror B. and his disco-tastic nature. I approve. Can they defeat the scourge of the pop-ups? Quick Jack, get Adblock Plus!
  4. DarknessInZero

    DarknessInZero <- Es mío! MÍO!

    Yup. Read it. Ahem, ahem.


    Um, sorry for that. Great chapter. Pure Epicness.
  5. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    The Chapter Title Guy joined the group only once, it barely lasted two chapters, and it was all a ruse to gain their trust and protection.

    Glad you like how Stunfisk beat Hydreigon. I had that ending planned out for a while, complete with Ghetsis stepping on Stunfisk while trying to escape.

    Wait and see.

    I know, right? I hated that Hydreigon with a passion. In Black version, I got lucky and Focus Blast missed Emboar, allowing it to OHKO with Low Sweep.

    OK. Here you go. Bear in mind that the length of this chapter will not be indicative of future chapters.

    Chapter 1: On The Web Again
    For two hours, Rayquaza flew up, up up... Until at last, they broke through the wall of hair, and the group found themselves out of Miror B.'s afro and back in the Internet.

    "Jack! Narrator! It is oh-so good to have you fellows back," exclaimed Miror B.

    "You missed out on a lot," replied Jack as he called Rayquaza back to its Poké Ball. "We call the narrator Yucky now."

    "STOP CALLING ME THAT!" exclaimed the narrator in all caps. Then, he looked around, and realized that they were not on the usual nondescript dirt road, nor in any sort of city, as far as he could tell. Instead, they all seemed to be in some sort of spacious underground cavern that was converted into a room.

    "Where the hell are we?" Jack asked, looking up at a disco ball that hung from the ceiling. Along the walls sat numerous devices that gave the cave the appearance of half living room, half military base. Along one wall sat a bunch of sophisticated-looking computer devices. On another wall was mounted a giant flat-screen TV. Jack knew it was a TV because there was a Wii hooked up to it. A refrigerator sat in the corner to the TV's left, and four extremely comfortable-looking recliners sat before the TV. Each recliner appeared to have cup holders built into the arms.

    "Welcome to the Miror Bunker," replied Miror B. "You see, Missingno. Master and that oh-so diabolical chapter title guy, they formed an alliance. And now Missingno. Master is assisting him in his attempts to take over the internet! In exchange, the chapter title guy has promised to make hunting us down and killing us his number one priority. I needed somewhere to hide, so my Pokémon kindly assisted me in carving out this groovy little hideout."

    "Which one?" the narrator asked.

    "Hmm? Yucky, what do you mean?"

    "Which one is his number one priority? The hunting or the killing? See, I would think the hunting would be the number one priority, because if he can't find us, he can't kill us. And don't call me that," added the studly narrator.

    As Toxicroak and Serperior burst free from their Poké Balls to assault their trainer, Miror B. turned to Misty. "Ah, and this must be the lovely Misty," he said. "The incredibly funky-fresh Miror B. at your service."

    "Skip it, Miror B.- she's taken," Jack warned him.


    "So anyway," groaned the narrator as he climbed to his feet and withdrew Serperior and Toxicroak, "What's our plan of action?"

    "Right now, nothing," answered Miror B. "I was waiting for all of you to show up before we began actual planning. Now, the Chapter Title Guy's been targeting large cities with his Mudkip. Cyber Town is now completely corrupted and under the total control of Missingno. Master. On the bright side, once the Dot Com Building was taken over, the staff all realized how corrupt the management, Missingno. Master, really was, and have joined our cause."

    "Including the receptionist?" asked the narrator hopefully.

    "She too. Until a pop-up turned her, anyway," Miror B. responded.

    "Damnation," sighed the narrator.

    "Which brings me to a decidedly not-so-funky-fresh point- the pop-ups," Miror B. continued. "They're spreading around the internet like wildfire. The head of the Pop-Up Organization's Cyber Town branch has joined forces with Missingno. Master, since there's no more Cyber Town. He's been setting pop-ups on the population of large cities and towns, not only to deliver sales pitches, but to turn them into pop-ups. Remember when I was turning into a pop-up?"

    "Vividly, unfortunately," Jack replied. "You almost lost your afro."

    Miror B. shuddered. "Kindly don't remind me. Anyway-"

    "Hold on- the receptionist is now a pop-up? So, she's bald?" asked the narrator.

    "Oh, no. Only the male pop-ups go bald," responded Miror B.

    "But doesn't your battle music cure pop-ups, turn them back into people?" Jack asked.

    "It used to," sighed Miror B. "Unfortunately, they've been working with genetics and stuff, and were able to create a breed of pop-ups that are immune to the funky-fresh groove of my oh-so fantabulous battle music. Remember when we battled the pop-up at the Dot Com Building's Rooftop Colosseum?"

    "What of it?" asked Jack.

    "Remember I had my battle music blasting all through the battle? That pop-up was never cured. I never noticed it until recently, but I've since learned that he was an experiment in pop-up genetics. Apparently, they already knew my battle music could cure pop-ups."

    "Wow," murmured Jack. "This is heavy."

    "I know- hold up a second," Miror B. said as a loud ringing sound filled the Miror Bunker. Miror B. strolled over to a wall, and picked up a phone that appeared to be made out of a Miror B. figurine. "Yo? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-WHAT?! Well, thanks. Yes. Bye."

    "Who was that?" asked the narrator as Miror B. hung up the phone.

    "That was one of the Dot Com Building's former employees," replied Miror B. "I helped them escape the building, see, and in return they've promised to help me out in any way possible. Anyway, according to the latest reports, the Chapter Title Guy is planning to travel to Megabyteburg for some mayhem and destruction-"

    "Woah, woah, woah, hold it right there!" Jack interrupted. "Did you just say Megabyteburg?!"

    "I did indeed," replied Miror B.

    "The Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic is in Megabyteburg!" Jack exclaimed. "We gotta get over there right now and stop him!"

    "You're absolutely right, sir," added the narrator.

    "Ain't I always?" Jack replied.

    "Jack and I grew up at the Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic," the narrator explained to Miror B. "We can't let anything happen to that place."

    "I understand," nodded Miror B. "Let's move out!"

    "Misty, you coming?" Jack asked.

    "You know it," Misty responded as Miror B. opened up a large steel door in the side of the wall, exposing them to the outdoors.
    End of Chapter 1.

    *The group arrives in the internet.
    *Miror B. rejoins the group.
    *Miror B. reveals that Missingno. Master and the Chapter Title Guy are working together.
    *It is revealed that the entirety of Cyber Town is corrupt and under the full influence of Missingno. Master, but that the Dot Com Building's (now former) staff have all sided with Miror B.
    *The group learns that the Chapter Title Guy is headed towards Megabyteburg and the Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic to wreak havoc and set out to beat him there.
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    He shoulda brought an umbrella, it's gonna be raining Jacks, Narrators, Mistys, Biancas and Roys! Oh and yeah, yay Marshal paunch.

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    This is N we're talking about. Liepard was one of his first Pokémon, and I think that Ghetsis might have supplied him with most of the Pokémon he used in the final battle. N usually uses Pokémon he finds in the surrounding area.

    Don't mention it. And don't worry. Jack, Misty, Miror B., and the Pokédexes will be calling him Yucky enough for all of us.

    If I have a say in it (and as author, I daresay I do), it will be.

    Yep. Not in Chapter 2, though.

    That he did. But the group was getting a bit big. Five people, and Miror B. was gonna rejoin the group? No.

    He's only human, and Misty doesn't exactly look like a little kid, you know?

    And speaking of Chapter 2, you know how there are those times when I just have that right combination of spare time and inspiration? This is one of those times. Here's Chapter 2! Hopefully, the length makes up for the shortness that was Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2: Battle Begins At Home
    Once the group had filed out of the Miror Bunker, Miror B. slammed the door shut behind them. Jack looked back, but couldn't tell what part of the grassy hill was in actuality the door.

    "Nicely hidden," the narrator remarked.

    "Isn't it, though?" grinned Miror B. "Now let's ride!"

    "Ride? On wha- uh, Jack?" Misty said as Miror B. proceeded to pull three large bicycles out of his afro.

    "Let's get this over with now," Jack answered. "Rule number 1 of traveling with Miror B. It is in his afro. No exceptions. Besides, we just came out of that afro ourselves, and you're surprised to see a couple of bicycles getting pulled out of it?"

    "Good point," Misty admitted.

    "Sorry, fellas," said Miror B. "I only have the three."

    "Oh, that's not a problem," Jack answered. He then dug into his backpack and pulled out his own bicycle, which promptly grew to full size. "NOW, let's ride!"
    The group rode their bikes down that all-too-familiar nondescript dirt road for what seemed like hours. They rode past the nameless city that the Chapter Title Guy once terrorized, back in The Adventure of Adventureness, in that time frame where all of the chapters were abnormally short. Finally, they arrived at a metal archway with a large sign attached to the top. The sign read, in big, block, all-caps letters, "MEGABYTEBURG". On the side of the archway, Jack could see that someone had scrawled in permanent marker "Internet Explorer REALLY sux". Amid a cluster of skyscrapers, Jack could see a massive brick structure, taller than the Dot Com Building, though nowhere near as wide.

    "That's it right there," Jack stated, pointing at aforementioned brick building. "The Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic. We need to warn them."

    "Let's move," said Miror B. With that, they began pedaling once more, heading down the streets of Megabyteburg. Jack gazed around at the familiar buildings, and couldn't help but smile, being back in his hometown. The narrator felt the same way. Eventually, they arrived at the foot of the large brick building. A sign was posted in the small front lawn. It read "Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic and Narrator Academy". Beneath the large, official-looking lettering, a few words were scratched into the wood; "Peter was here. Jack is a loser."

    "Who's Peter?" asked Misty.

    "He used to work here," Jack answered. "He's my Primeape's original trainer, back when it was a Mankey, but it couldn't stand him. It's a long story."

    "Speaking of long stories," piped up Miror B., "I am ever so curious as to how your adventures in Unova went down."

    "You can read about it after we're done here," Jack snapped. "In the meantime, just picture the storyline of Pokémon Black Version, but throw in a few SpongeBob references here and there. That should hold you over."

    "The sad part is, he's right," added the narrator as they walked through the double doors and into a lobby not unlike that in the Dot Com Building. To the narrator's dismay, however, the receptionist here was easily three times his own age. Her hair was whiter than the bottom half of a Poké Ball, and her skin was more wrinkled than an old shirt that's been sitting at the bottom of a tightly packed suitcase for three years.

    "Welcome to the Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic and Narrator Academy," the woman croaked in a voice that Toxicroak would have been proud of. Then she looked up from her paperwork. "Please state your business- Jack? Is that you?"

    "Hey, Bertha," Jack replied. He then turned to the rest of the group. "This is Bertha, the receptionist here."

    "Oh, and you..." Bertha added, pointing at the narrator. "...Uh... What was your name again?"

    "It doesn't matter," the narrator replied. "Bertha, you know perfectly well I don't wish for other people to know my name."

    "Yeah, I was kidding you," Bertha replied, as she gave an odd giggle that sounded more like croaking and wheezing.

    "So yeah," said Jack, "see, here's the thing. We need to speak to the boss. It's extremely urgent."

    "Oh, who, Ed? He retired a few months ago. Samson took his place."

    "Still," Jack said, "We need to see him. Like I said, extremely urgent."

    "Go on up, same office as the old boss," Bertha stated, pointing an extremely wrinkly finger at an elevator. "13th floor, room 1313."

    After most of the group thanked Bertha, they walked towards the elevator.

    "I thought most buildings don't have thirteenth floors?" Misty said. "Bad luck and such?"

    "Apparently, this place was not built by superstitious architects," Jack shrugged as they arrived at the elevator. Miror B. pressed the button on the wall. Immediately, a dinging noise sounded, and the doors slid open, revealing a small elevator within. The group filed into said elevator, which proved to be extremely crowded, mainly because Miror B. had to stoop down so his afro could fit. Jack and Misty, who were pressed up against each other, didn't mind this one bit. After passing the fourth floor, the couple began to kiss.

    "Oh, do get a room, sir," groaned the narrator.
    After what seemed like years, the elevator finally reached the thirteenth floor, at which point Jack and Misty finally stopped kissing. Once out of the elevator, Jack slapped the narrator upside his head, presumably for his rather biased narration.

    "You're damn right that's what it was for," Jack snapped. "Misty is my girlfriend, and if we want to kiss, we will kiss. Now let's move. We have to warn Samson before-"

    At that moment, however, a colossal explosion rocked the building. Jack dashed to a nearby window and looked out, to see a skyscraper going up in flames, and an all-too-familiar character strolling down the street, his blue glowing Mudkip firing unrealistically large boulders out of its mouth at other buildings.

    "Before exactly that happens!" Jack exclaimed. "Let's move!"

    The group took off immediately, Jack at the lead. They ran down the hallway, nearly missing room 1313. Once they got there, Jack didn't bother with the doorknob, instead opting to "JAAAACK PAAAAWNCH" the door open.

    "Jack?!" exclaimed Samson, looking up from the papers on his desk in great surprise. "What brings you back here? And for that matter, why did you just break down my door?"

    "Samson, there's no time," Jack replied very quickly. "The Chapter Title Guy's gone rogue, and his Mudkip's destroying the town! I couldn't let him do anything to this place, so we had to come and warn you all!"

    "Was that what that explosion was just now?" Samson demanded.

    "Yes! Come ON!" Jack exclaimed, urging him out the door. Samson followed, and looked out the window. He saw a pile of rubble that was once a skyscraper before Mudkip hit it with Rock Wrecker, plus aforementioned Mudkip now plowing into another skyscraper with Volt Tackle.

    "Son of a *BLEEP*!" Samson yelled, Jack's Pokédex bleeping out his word of choice. "We gotta evacuate the building! We're no match for that Mudkip!"

    "I am," Miror B. piped up. "One of my Ludicolo can use Skill Swap, taking away Mudkip's Torrent."

    "I know," Samson replied. "He took precautions against that, from what I heard. He now has a Smeargle that supposedly knows every move in existence, including Skill Swap and Imprison!

    "That's bad," the narrator remarked. "Imprison makes it so Smeargle's opponents can't use any moves it knows."

    Samson, meanwhile, whipped a walkie talkie-esque device off his belt, held down a button, and yelled into it. His words sounded from speakers all over the building. "Attention, Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic staff, characters, narrators-in-training, and everyone else I didn't mention! Evacuate the building immediately! Use the back door ONLY! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is NOT a drill!"

    Pandemonium ensued. Screams were heard all over the thirteenth floor, as well as the floor below. Samson led the group to the stairs, where they leapt down the steps extremely quickly, not too far behind the insane mob of evacuees. However, once they passed the door to the first floor, Jack heard a soft cry of "Wy?"

    Jack stopped, wrenched the door open, and raced down the first floor corridor instead.

    "Jack!" yelled Miror B. "You stupid idiot! We're not on the ground floor yet!"

    "Hold on," Samson interrupted him. "That cry came from the Starter Pokémon containment room! The Wynaut was left behind!"

    "Come on!" Misty exclaimed. The rest of the group and Samson raced down the hall. They found Jack in a large room, a small blue Pokémon with arms for ears wrapped in his arms.

    "Wynaut, the Bright Pokémon," said Misty's Pokédex. "Wynaut uses its long ears to pick fruit. It is incapable of not smiling. If angered, it will slap the ground with its tail."

    "Samson," Jack said as they entered the room, "Where's Wynaut's Poké Ball?"

    "I have it here," Samson replied. "Nobody ever chose poor Wynaut here."

    "Wynaut?" asked Wynaut.

    "Nobody wanted one," Samson replied. "That Pichu went rather quickly, if memory serves. So did Sentret, for that matter.

    "That I know," Jack responded. "I've met the guy who picked Sentret. It's a Furret now, and doing fine."

    "Good to know," Samson stated. "Now can we get out of here?"

    "That'll have to be a no," came a voice from the doorway. Simultaneously, everyone wheeled around, to see a blond-haired version of Jack, minus the muscles. By his side stood a Mudkip. Its eyes were glowing blue, and a thick blue aura surrounded its body.

    "YOU!" Jack snarled in all caps.

    "Me," the Chapter Title Guy smirked. "I take it you saw some of my handiwork outside?"

    "'Handiwork' here having the meaning of 'terrorism'," the narrator muttered.

    "I'd watch that mouth if I were you," sneered the Chapter Title Guy. "Mudkip here can and will destroy all of you utterly on a moment's notice."

    "What did this place ever do to you?" Jack snapped.

    "It's nothing personal, Jack," came the response. "It's just good business."

    Misty snapped her fingers. "Cutler Beckett, Pirates of the Caribbean; At World's End!"

    "Right!" exclaimed Samson, apparently impressed.

    "Look," said Jack, "What will it take to get you to leave this place alone?"

    "Defeat me in a battle," replied the Chapter Title Guy. "One-on-one. You win, I leave this place alone and never set foot in this city again. I win... Well... Then I win."

    "You're on," snarled Jack.

    "Oh, yes, before I forget," the CTG said suddenly, before scowling at the narrator for the unapproved acronym. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small device that looked like a tiny remote control. He then pressed the only button on it; a circular button with an image of an X'd out Poké Ball.

    Jack took a Poké Ball off his belt and pressed the button to enlarge it, but nothing happened. "Reshiram, I choose- what the hell?!"

    "A little machine Missingno. Master cooked up for me," the Chapter Title Guy grinned. "When it's activated, no Poké Balls within a three mile radius can open."

    "Oh, you son of a-"

    "Jack, the rating!"


    "Oh, shoot," the CTG suddenly said, feigning disappointment. "It looks like you can't use your Pokémon, so you'll have to forfeit."

    "Naut!" exclaimed Wynaut suddenly. It wriggled out of Jack's arms and stood on the floor, facing Mudkip.

    "Wynaut, no!" exclaimed Samson.

    "Wynaut?" asked Wynaut.

    "You can get killed, that's Wynaut- I mean why not," Jack replied.

    Wynaut shook its head vigorously and looked Jack right in the face. After a minute, Jack seemed to understand. Wynaut wanted to defend the place it knew as home at any cost. Jack understood this because he felt the same way.

    "All right, then," Jack said. "Wynaut, go!"

    "Wynaut!" exclaimed Wynaut in response.

    "Heh," chuckled the Chapter Title Guy. "Easiest. Victory. Ever. Mudkip, use Roar of Time!"

    "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!" Mudkip roared in an unnaturally deep voice as an orb of blue energy gathered in its mouth. Then, a blast of blue and gray soundwaves exploded forth from its mouth.

    "Wynaut... Uh... Mirror Coat attack!" Jack stammered.

    Immediately, a shiny, metallic gleam came over Wynaut's entire body. It was as if Wynaut was just a big mirror. The soundwaves stopped short of Wynaut. Jack could see Wynaut struggling to keep its Mirror Coat up. Then, with a great effort, Wynaut managed to deflect the soundwaves. They made a u-turn in midair and struck Mudkip instead. The blue aura faded as Mudkip passed out.

    "You did it, Wynaut!" Jack exclaimed. Wynaut leapt into his arms, ecstatic about its victory. Scowling, the Chapter Title Guy deactivated his device and withdrew Mudkip.

    "You may win this time," he snarled. "And I may be as dishonest as Miror B.'s afro is huge, but nobody can say I don't keep my promises. We will meet again."

    And with that, he stomped out the door and down the hall.

    "I was a little nervous there for a moment," sighed Samson. "Well done, Wynaut!"

    "Wynaut Wy!" exclaimed Wynaut. Then, suddenly, a bright white light emanated from Wynaut's entire body! Jack hastened to place the glowing Wynaut on the floor, and stepped back to see it changing shape.

    "Wynaut's evolving!" exclaimed the narrator.

    "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" Jack retorted as the glow faded, revealing a Wobbuffet. It raised its right arm in a salute, opened its mouth (the lack of lipstick on which was sufficient to tell the narrator that it was a he), and gave a cry of "Woooobuffet!"

    "Wobbuffet, return," Samson said, holding out the Poké Ball. He then held the Poké Ball out to Jack.

    "Wha?" Jack asked in surprise.

    "Jack, you and Wynaut were a perfect team back there," Samson stated. "And it never got picked as a starter, nobody wanted anything that just knew Counter, Mirror Coat, Encore, Splash, and Charm. Wobbuffet is gonna be very happy with you, I guarantee it."

    Now grinning, Jack took the Poké Ball from Samson's hand, and it promptly disappeared.

    "PC storage," Miror B. explained to Samson. Jack hastened to rearrange his team, replacing Reshiram with Wobbuffet.

    "Hold up, Jack," said the narrator. "You're depositing Reshiram? Why?"

    "Wynaut?" Jack replied. "Seriously, though, I'm saving Reshiram for real emergencies."
    After the group had said their goodbyes, and after everyone who had evacuated was back inside, the group walked out of the Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic, and looked at the massive amount of wreckage that lay before them.

    "Wow," said a middle-aged man who was passing by. "It's really lucky that guy with the Mudkip only destroyed the abandoned skyscrapers, ain't it?"

    "They were all abandoned?" Jack asked in tones of great surprise.

    "Oh, sure! Ain't nobody set foot in them things in years." With that, the man continued walking.

    "Hmm," Jack murmured. "Isn't it odd, that the Chapter Title Guy would only destroy the uninhabited skyscrapers if he was hell-bent on destruction?"

    "Unless..." Miror B. added. "Unless... His goal wasn't destroying the town."

    "What would his goal have been, then?" inquired the narrator. "All it accomplished was getting us here and-"

    "Oh, no, no, no, they did not!" exclaimed Miror B. "I know what the big idea was! Everybody, to the Miror Bunker!" And prepare for battle!"

    Wasting no time, Jack threw a Poké Ball, and in a flash of light and a swirl of stars, his Shiny Rayquaza materialized. Taking the hint, the group followed Jack in climbing on Rayquaza's back.

    "Miror B., you tell Rayquaza where to go," Jack stated. "And then you can tell us what the big idea was."

    As Miror B. gave directions to Rayquaza, Jack and the narrator rearranged their teams.

    "Now, Jack," said Miror B. "Here's what it was. Their goal wasn't destroying the UFCC. It was luring us here. Flushing us out into the open! And I'll bet my luxurious and oh-so groovy afro that they had spies all over, looking to see where we'd come from. They could have infiltrated the Miror Bunker already!"

    "Fly faster, Rayquaza!" Jack exclaimed. Rayquaza roared in response and sped up, almost causing the narrator to fall off.
    End of Chapter 2.

    *The Chapter Title Guy is revealed to own a Smeargle.
    *The Chapter Title Guy infiltrates the Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic.
    *Jack teams up with the Wynaut that is offered as a starter Pokémon and manages to defeat the chapter title guy in a battle.
    *The Unwritten Fanfic Character Clinic's Wynaut evolves into Wobbuffet.
    *Samson gives Wobbuffet to Jack.
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