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Tabby Catty

Courtney loves Ruby
I don't know about you, but it has an almost "so bad it's good" thing going on, at least to me... it's just so cheesy I can't help but crack up. Sort of like why I like Power Rangers even though it is the cheesiest show in the world.


thug life
You know you're pretty good for a 3rd grader ouo; ...also I see alot of potential in this. I hope you continue :)


halted development
Props to you, Blazeing Man. Best thing I've ever read, this should be mandatory education in schools.

Blazeing Man

proffesional artist
im back!!!!!!!
i made a comic that is not part of the main story but insted focusis on pikachu while he is traped in the team rockets headqaurters. also there is a new character named Mukkey the Muk and he will be the commidic releef soon and will be important.

i am sorry that i have not posted in a couple days but my dad yelled at me for getting a c in my english class spelling test. i do not understand spelling becuase some of the words are hard becuase they aren't in the books we reed like hairy potter and magical treehose. i dont think it will be importent to spell tho since my teachers always tell me how gifted i am and that im exelling ahead of the class.
anyway i was ground for a while but now i am not ground because i am not ground any more.

the big importent think i was working on erlier is stil being worked on but it is rely hard to do but it will be totelly worth it.
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Love. Honor. Truth
I haven't been active in the fan-comics community for a few years now. In terms of quality, you need to put more effort. When you resize sprites in paint, they look really pixel like. I think there's a way to resize them without doing it by the rectangular selection tool, but I don't remember how.

Your storyline is also too fast paced. I can hardly follow what's going on. It is also kind of cheesy to constantly put, "Will such and such to this? Find out next time on ________".

Lastly, your spelling and grammar do need work. I recommend typing the script up in a program with Spell Checker (such as Microsoft Word). You can see your errors that way.

I hope I wasn't harsh.

Blazeing Man

proffesional artist

yes i no this is amazing but it is actualy not the thing i have been working on for so many days.this is a speciel picture i made becasue i saw that the thread for this comic had over 2000 views.
i spelled views as viewz in the picture i thot it was funny.


halted development
Your latest entry was the best yet. Great work Blazeing Man!