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The Adventures of Super Pichu

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by lokitheodd, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Guest

    ;384; You know that pokemon has it's heros, mainly Ash Ketchup, and his gang of trusted followers/groupies. You've all heard of Giglar man, the super hero who's actually a middle aged man who nimbly runs around in a rubber Giglar suit. And of tough guy Guy from Ore and his bug eyed girl friend who sees dead people...

    But in the crazed world of Hoen, Kanto, Johto, and Ore, the pokemon need a real pokemon to watch over them and save the day.

    That pokemon, is Super Pichu. ;172;

    Super Pichu is not exactly humor based, like most comics on this board, and has a plot. I use a wacked out method of combining hand drawn art (Call them, Anime Cut scenes if you will), with over world sprites, and other odd methods. I've only done a little so far, but enjoy.

    Part One
    Part two
    Part three

    Chapter One, Twenty Months of Searching Down the Toliet...
    Cast of Poke and People

    To the Day care

    It's a Cadoozie

    Univited Guests

    Gloria Estefan?

    Bite you

    Lunch Time for Two

    Newest Episode: Lunch Time for Two

    Okay, Okay, it's not much, I know, but I'll be updating often. So, more will come soon! P.S. This chapter was inspired by someone I saw here at the forums. Someone who was looking for a Shiny Febass. To whom ever it may concern: Peace out dude, you inspire me, cause I'm looking for a difficult shiny too ( ;384; Rawr) And I really hope you find it, dude.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 16, 2005
  2. Joe Vega #4

    Joe Vega #4 RAWR.

    Comic looks good so far, and is the shiny Feebas a good or bad thing? By the way, nice job misspelling Ash's name. I hate him. And the name's Gligar Man, not Giligar Man. Good luck with your comic.
  3. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Guest

    Thank you for your good wishes and for pointing out my mistake.

    And, A shiny Febass is a good thing, or maybe not, considering how hunting for a shiny sucks the life out of you. At least, I find it a good thing. (So does Team Aqua...)
  4. lone_wolf816

    lone_wolf816 Guest

    This is pretty interesting but some of the backgrounds suck. Also you have some spelling errors and the are we there yet joke ... was not funny>_< The sprites are ok and the plot is different... I think.

    ;197;- Lone Wolf
  5. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Guest

    Hm. Personally I like the backgrounds, but if you say so, I'll tone it down a bit.

    Yes, I know that 'joke' is so old, but I just couldn't help it -.-

    My plot... is weird, I assure you.
    But thanks for your critique.
  6. The Sponge

    The Sponge DISCO INFERNO!

    Last edited: Sep 24, 2005
  7. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Guest

    (Is squealling to herself) Sponge_Monkiez likes my comic! Sponge_Monkiez, author of Duskypuff's grim life and other fabulous works likes my comic! Hooyee hooyee!

    Anyhoo, (Regains herself) thanks for your comment, I'll update with pride!;172;
  8. The Sponge

    The Sponge DISCO INFERNO!

    Aw Thanks...But Im Not THAT Sacred...I Just Like Making Comics...Plus I Have Made A Few Comics I Regret Making...But I Really Do Like Super Pichu! Make Another Soon...Please?
  9. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Guest

    Yes yes, thou is right, oh one who brings reason to this otherwise unreasonable board.

    I do apologize for my outbreak, and I do respect and enjoy every critizism whether is be good or bad about my comic.
    It's just that, I've been a big fan of Sponge_Monkiez's work even before I've joined the board and being complemented by him is like a newbie author being complemented by their favourite author. Which is pretty much what this situation is.

    So thanks to all those who enjoy my comic. I realy like it when you post encouraging comments or helpful critizism. Loki out.

  10. The Sponge

    The Sponge DISCO INFERNO!

    Yeay! New Episode!!..Run Pichu! Make More Now!
  11. lokitheodd

    lokitheodd Guest

    I'm sorry I haven't been updating in a while, but with school, neo-nazis, Deidra, Vergil, Kadaj, Glen and the Accursed Black Rayquaza being a pain in the *** I haven't had time to really get to work on anything much. But...

    Anyway, thank you for your continued support. I'll get right on it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2005
  12. The Sponge

    The Sponge DISCO INFERNO!

    When Can We Expect An Update?
  13. Sunyanma

    Sunyanma Candy-Pop

    Ha! x3 This comic is funny. Write more!

    ;249-d; Sunyanma ;249-d;
  14. pichu_gal_4_eva

    pichu_gal_4_eva Beginning Trainer

    Its good keep it up
  15. kinglerking

    kinglerking <-OMGWTFBBQKFC?!

    this quite funny actually, you should make more
  16. Mew Master

    Mew Master WHY CAN'T I BRAWL!!!

    it is a great comic and i like the text bubbles i give a perrfect 10/10
  17. Hikari Tenshi

    Hikari Tenshi erghh... hungry...

    Wow, great comic! Is this your first? If it is, it seems like you have made comics your whole life. I can't wait to see more, anyway.
  18. This is a good comic! I hope you update soon!
  19. Davidiwz

    Davidiwz New Member

    Hey, im trying to get the comics because it taking me to imageshock, can you fix the links please? :(

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