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The Adventures of the U.S.S. Pokeship (Pokeshippers fic, PG13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by PokeProphet, May 15, 2005.


Did you like 'The adventures of the U.S.S. Pokeship' so far?

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  2. Yes, I liked it.

  3. Didn't like it, didn't dislike it either.

  4. I didn't like it.

  5. My eyes! My eyes! Get this fic deleted now!!!

  6. Meatloaf!

  1. PokeProphet

    PokeProphet Still believing!

    Background story:

    These are the adventures of the U.S.S. Pokeship. Adventures that started out with just a signature. My signature.

    Well, let’s start with the very beginning. My name is PokeProphet, and I am a Pokeshipper. I named myself PokeProphet because of the little stories I told in my signature. Stories called ‘The Pokemon Prophecies’. In those stories, I told about how much I love Pokeshipping , and how it would in the end ‘prevail over all opposing ships’.

    Hey, what can I say? Militant shippers need a hobby too.

    However, the idea of the Pokemon Prophecies got stale, and I wanted to try something new. Somewhere I picked up the idea of creating a kind of Startrek Scene, replacing the crew with various Pokeshippers I met on the Pokeshipping general discussion. After some thinking, it came out like this;

    The reactions of the other Pokeshippers where overwhelming. Well, okay, not overwhelming, but they were positive, which was progress in my case. All the people in it liked the idea and Flygonboy69, a friend from the Leagueshipping thread, even created a spin off:

    However, nobody reacted as enthusiastic as Kojho. He suggested making a second part, to tell whatever happened to the U.S.S. Pokeship, and wrote a chapter on it all by himself. Needless to say, I was honoured.

    Two days later, I got a PM from Water Spirit. She told me, and some other Pokeshippers, to write a fanfic about us Pokeshippers, instead of the usual stuff about Pokeshipping. This idea gave me the inspiration to work out my signature, and the chapter created by Kojho, into a fic. This fic.

    I’m gonna try making it a kind of ‘Star Trek’ parody, replacing the crew with the Pokeshippers and the different parts of the galaxy with parts of this forum. It’s also going to be a ‘switching-author-fic’ meaning Kojho and I are each gonna write a chapter by the turn. In the first chapters, every character in the story will be a Pokeshipper. If you find yourself in the story while you really don’t want to be, PM me and I’ll remove your name from the story. Off course, some bad guys are going to appear in the story as it furthers, but I’m going to ask their permission first.

    Before we start, I’d like to thank Kojho, Water Spirit, and all other people appearing in the story for helping me with it and giving me the inspiration to write it. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

    Chapter one

    Captain’s log, stardate 125.534. We’ve just re-entered the conflict zone of the Serebii forums. We’ve been gone for about a month, after Dragonmaster13 had that little cola accident, that warped us right trough seven quadrants. Although it feels good to be home, I can clearly see the crew is tensed.
    PokeProphet: Keep your eyes open people. We don’t want to be getting stuck in an altoshipping fanfic or something.
    gladdecease: Don’t worry captain. I’ve just completed a long-range sensor check. No enemy ships in a million mile radius. I guess we’re safe, as long as DM13 can keep his glass of cola straight that is.
    Dragonmaster13: Very funny.
    General Solcray: Actually, being stuck in the alternative anime sections gave me a whole new perspective on things. I think I’m gonna watch Sailor Moon from now on. That show really has a high artistical value.
    Pokeplayer984: That, and beautiful teenage girls jumping around in short skirts,
    General Solcray: *sweatdrops* Heheh…
    gladdecease: *Sigh*
    PokeProphet: How are the warp systems doing?
    Pokeplayer984: It’s a bit overheated. But it’s doing fine, considering the long distance we’ve gone so far.
    PokeProphet: Weapon systems?
    Dragonmaster13: Ready to kick hiny!
    gladdecease: Hiny?
    Dragonmaster13: I’ll get censored if I say ***.
    PokeProphet: Well, guess we’re fine then.
    gladdecease: Looks like we spoke to soon, captain. Enemy ships on 500.000 miles and closing! Warp 5!
    PokeProphet: I don’t want to get stuck in another flamewar just yet! Can we outrun them?
    Pokeplayer984: Negative! Like I said, the engine is overheated. Going to warp 5 now could blow us all to pieces.
    PokeProphet: Any idea’s what kind of ships we’re talking about?
    gladdecease: All the kinds that really don’t like us captain. I sense about five ships.
    PokeProphet: Hail them!
    General Solcray: No response.
    gladdecease: Enemy is raising shields and charging weapons captain. They’re on screen now.
    Dragonmaster13: Well, looks like we can give those hints we found in the Hoso’s a try. How ‘bout it, captain?
    Dragonmaster13: Captain?
    PokeProphet: Are the Pokeshipping hints loaded?
    Dragonmaster13: Yes captain!
    PokeProphet: Okay then. Fire at will!
    Dragonmaster13: Captain! Our hints have no effect on the other shippers!
    PokeProphet: What the...? gladdecease, report!
    gladdecease: They appear to have some thick shield of ignorance around their heads! Our hints can't get through!
    Pokeplayer984: Enemy fire!!! They're shooting irrational arguments and wild theories at us!
    General Solcray: Flamers on decks 6, 7, 8 and 9!
    PokeProphet: Brace yourselves people. This is going to be bad!
    Is this the end of the U.S.S. Pokeship? Will our heroes become slaves for the other ships? Join us next time for the answers! Same Pokeshipping time, same Pokeshipping channel.
  2. Water Spirit

    Water Spirit ~*Animus Aquae*~

    XD I love it! This is defiantely a true master piece of creativity. What more can I say? Thank you for being very understanding and I'm honoured to have helped you with the idea for this. ^__^

    Keep it up! I'm looking forward to reading more!

    Take care

  3. PokeProphet

    PokeProphet Still believing!

    Okay, the first reaction and the first vote on my poll are in. Okay, Jo-jo voted 'Meatloaf!' on my poll, but what the heck. So far, so good.
  4. Cap D. Blue

    Cap D. Blue ボルトチェンジ

    :D I see you've put in my sarcasism. Is there a PM list for this? Sign me up! ;371;
  5. Jo-Jo

    Jo-Jo blows stuff uhup

    :D I just couldn't resist the opportunity to have a 100% vote on 'meatloaf'. Erm, but the fic is entertaining, too!
  6. gladdecease

    gladdecease Master Coordinator

    ^_^ Sorry, but 100% meatloaf is gone. I'd voted higher, but I'm afraid I didn't print it out.

    Slightly confused as to who I am. Do I have a radar system or some sort of telepathic power? In these parts, I can't tell:
    Anyway, I think it's funny. I'd like to see more soon.

    [spoil]But really, am I the only girl on board? I'm gonna need some backup, or I'll go mental. I'm no Misty, after all.[/spoil] ^_^

    And PM me at next chapter, please. Ja!
  7. Kojho

    Kojho Well-Known Member

    Here is chapter 2. I'm starting a PM list, so just ask.

    When we last left the gallant crew of the USS. Pokeship, they were in an intense battle, with multiple hull breaches. The battle continues…

    General Solcray: Captain, flamers on decks A, C, and E have joined forces and are advancing toward the main hint vault.

    PokeProphet: Send a squad, have Sergeants Melody and Stacee lead the way.

    General Solcray: Aye aye, Captain.

    The Captain turns to the gunnery officer.

    PokeProphet: Dragon Master13, keep up a defensive cloud of hint fire, we need more time!

    DM13: Aye, sir.

    Gladdecease: Captain, we’re running out of hints, we need a camo or some kind of visual from Misty.

    PokeProphet: Contact Fleet Command, request more ammunition.

    (Thundering boom, sounds of gunfire)

    Pokeprophets personal communicator rings.

    Melody: Captain, we need reinforcements. The advance shippers down here have been joined by Altoshippers, we’re outnumbered. Ser. Stacee is down with a shoulder wound! Requesting Backu-!

    The captain’s communicator blew up in his hand

    PokeProphet: This is bad. Any word on new hints Gladdecease?


    Gladdecease: Yes sir, apparently Misty has made a camo appearance. The hints are on the way. This should give us the edge we need.

    DM13: Captain, shields are down, we’re losing main power! Weapons offline!!

    PokeProphet: Get Commander Blacknite on the line, tell her and Commander Kojho to launch all fighter wings!

    Gladdecease: Aye sir!

    Down in the hanger bay.

    Blacknite: Comm. Kojho, we’ve just received word from the Captain, launch all star fighter squadrons!

    Kojho: On my way!

    Blacknite and Kojho rush to the fighters, faithful shippers behind them.

    In no time, 5 fighter squadrons are pouring out of the hanger, ready to make a last stand to defend the ailing USS. Pokeship.

    Blacknite: take the left flank Kojho, use all necessary force to take out the irrational argument missiles!

    Kojho: Aye, missile defense protocols online!

    Suddenly, a blinding flash, and a new ship enters the battle.

    PokeProphet: DM13, identify.

    Before DM could respond, a booming voice was heard on all channels.

    Unknown Crew: Brave crew of the USS Pokeship, this is the flagship of the Contestship; we’re here to help.

    The Contestship hammers the other inferior ships, forcing a retreat.

    PokeProphet: Contestship Commander, we shall owe you eternal gratitude.

    Contestship Captain: No problem, with our recent flood of hints from the festival, we felt like sharing the wealth.

    PokeProphet: we, you saved our butts, and we’re thankful

    Join us next time, for the next epic episode, same Pokeshipping time, same Pokeshipping channel.

    Kojho out.

  8. pokeplayer984

    pokeplayer984 Banned

    Hey! I kinda like the charcter I'm playing. :)

    Anyways, this is pretty good. However, it would be nice to see who the captain of the enemy ships are every once in a while.

    I'll make my vote in just a minute.

    ;151; - *smacks Jojo upside the head for voting Meatloaf.*

    Next time, vote for the right thing. :)
  9. WaterTrainer243

    WaterTrainer243 Veteran Water Lover

    Hey wait a minute what about me? Meesa a pokeshipper too you know and this fic is kinda funny and myself also being a Star Trek fan it kinda adds the comedy.
  10. flygonboy69

    flygonboy69 Guest

    Yay, you posted it. I was waiting so I can post mine now. Cuz the spinoff can't cum first. Good job PP
  11. EXP:282

    EXP:282 Is Back!!! For now.

    Oh it has started!!! i like it so far
    Cant wait for you post ya next chapter!!!
    (i am wounded! Oh yay XD)
    Last edited: May 16, 2005
  12. Kojho

    Kojho Well-Known Member

    thanks for your reviews, and good job on the leagueshipping-spinoff.

    If any pokeshipper would like to be included, make yourself known on the pokeshipping general disscusion thread
  13. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    OMG, I just love what you an flygonboy69 have done while I was away. The fic is too good. I love it and can't wait to see more.
  14. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Ditto. I like it tons so far with the comedy XD The shield of ignorance was simply hilarious! XD

    Could you guys PM me once the new chapter comes out? I'm excited to know! =D Thanks!

  15. Kojho

    Kojho Well-Known Member

    Sure mistymix89, you're on the PM list/
  16. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull


    Looking forward to the Next Chapter myself. Heh. Heh. :33333
  17. ooh, i wonder who the guy is? lol! j/p

    i think you should also have cold_katanagirl in this!
  18. cold_katanagirl

    cold_katanagirl Link Master

    Me? I'm not an Anti-Pokeshipper! What gave you that ridiculous idea?

    If you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. But I think all of you got it.

    ... Anyway, I'm only going to read the next chapter. bcuz i gots no odeas
    l/l/ l-l 0 teh slasha is lololol.

    Seriously though, I'm curious about the next chapter.
    Last edited: May 23, 2005
  19. Juny

    Juny Savvy?

    XD Sorry, I had to press the meatloaf button... Anyway, your fic is funny :D keep up!
  20. PokeProphet

    PokeProphet Still believing!

    Okay everybody, here it is. Chapter 3. Before we start, I want to thank everybody for your comments on the story, and I hope you like this chapter as much as the first two. Let me take some time to answer your questions.

    You're on the radar system. The confusion is due to the fact that English is not my first language, so I didn't express myself quite well there.

    Sorry. It's just that there are so many Pokeshippers that it will be hard to give everybody a good character. But we'll see what we can do in the next chapters. Perhaps we can find some space to put you in.

    I wonder why :D

    Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Guess you'll have to keep reading to find out.

    One more thing. I'd like to dedicate this chapter to Water Spirit. She can't be here today, but she'll be with us in our heart, always. Pokeshipping forever!

    Chapter 3:

    We join the heroes of the U.S.S Pokeship, as they are about to rendez-vous with the crew of the Contestshipping Flagship.

    Dragonmaster13: I still don’t understand why I have to be nice to them.
    gladdecease: They saved our lives for goodness sake!
    Dragonmaster13: So? Their Contestshippers! That means they’re also trying to ruin my life! Take my precious May, will you? I’ll show them.
    PokeProphet: You’ll show them nothing but a polite smile and something to drink. It’s either that, or no videogames for a week for you!
    Dragonmaster: *grumble* Sorry ‘dad’.

    A light next to the elevator switched on, indicating that the officers of the Contestship had arrived.

    General Solcray: Officer on de…

    His jaw dropped open from surprise, as did PokeProphet’s. Pokeplayer984 looked shocked, and Dragonmaster13 barely managed to keep his glass of cola straight. Gladdecease smiled.

    Water Spirit: Hey everybody, did you miss me?
    General Solcray: Water Spirit!
    gladdecease: Water Spirit? Is it really you?
    Water Spirit: In the flesh. Wanna hug, gladdy?
    Gladdecease: You know I don’t do hugs. But it’s so great to see you again.
    PokeProphet: You’re a Contestshipper now?
    Water Spirit: Don’t worry, I’m also still an Pokeshipper. There is just more going on in Contestshipping right now, so I made a career move. And not a bad one. I made it to leader of the flagship.
    PokeProphet: It’s good to see a Pokeshipper veteran after so much time. Any idea what happened to all the others? Ryuu for example? He used to be my idol.

    Water Spirit’s face grew sad after the name Ryuu was mentioned. Her lip twitched, and gladdecease could swear she saw a tear welling up in the eyes of her old friend.

    Water Spirit: Ryuu is…gone.
    Dragonmaster13: What?!?!
    Water Spirit: He said he had lost hope. He left us.
    General Solcray: But he created the whole Pokeshipping thread! He was one of the most fanatic Pokeshippers around! How can he just have given up?!
    Water Spirit: I don’t know that! I just know he did.
    PokeProphet: How about the other ones. Minddripper? Little Wings? Startscream? Animefanatic73?
    Water Spirit: *whispering* all gone.

    PokeProphet took a minute to regain himself. All those fanatic Pokeshippers. All the people he knew and admired, before he ever got involved himself. Where they all gone? Had they all just left?

    PokeProphet: So, who has the supreme command right now?
    Water Spirit: Kiori. She kicked it up to moderator. She’s the highest Pokeshipper in rank right now. By the way, she wanted to speak to you and me. In private. I have a drive here, that will establish a direct connection to her.
    PokeProphet: Got it. We’ll contact her right away, in my restroom. General Solcray, you have the com. Pokeplayer984 and gladdecease, you go get some rest. I’ll send somebody to relieve you.

    With that, PokeProphet and Water Spirit left for the captain’s chambers to talk to Kiori. Pokeplayer984 walked away too. He needed some time alone.
    HER. Of all people in the infinite galaxy, it had to be her.
    Half way to his room, he heard quick footsteps behind him. He turned around, and saw gladdecease walking up to him.

    gladdecease: Hey, PokePlayer. Ehm, can I ask you something?
    Pokeplayer984: What?
    gladdecease: Well…
    Pokeplayer984: Spit it out!
    gladdecease: I was just wondering. When Water Spirit entered the deck, you and DM13 seemed a little, well, aggravated. Now I can imagine DM13. His origin as an Imagineshipper makes him hate Contestshippers as much as Advanceshippers. But I don’t understand why you seemed so angry. Wanna tell me why? Because you and Water Spirit always seemed so close.
    Pokeplayer984: *whispering* We were.
    gladdecease: What happened?
    Pokeplayer984: We got into an argument.
    gladdecease: About what?
    Pokeplayer984: About how we should behave towards the other ships. Water Spirit believed we could and would one day live in peace. That we should try to respect all the other ships. I disagreed with her.
    gladdecease: I don’t get it. You…wouldn’t like peace?
    Pokeplayer984: I would love peace, but the forums just don’t work that way. People that support different ships shouldn’t talk to each other, it just results in more flaming. And even if all the shippers could live in peace, there are still the anti-shippers. And people from other forums. There’s no way we can all get along. It’s not possible.
    gladdecease: But why did that make you two split up? You were such a great couple! And being friends doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything! It means you respect each other despite your differences. You should go talk to her, I really think that in the end things will work out and…
    Pokeplayer984: Dream on gladdy! That’s not the way the world works. Things like that only happen in fanfics!

    This would have been a great moment for Pokeplayer984 to slam the door. Unfortunately, spaceships only have sliding doors. So take my word that this door sounded very angry, as it slided open and closed again.

    gladdecease: *Sighing* Yup. Things like that only happen in fanfics.


    PokeProphet: But I don’t understand! They were just jokes!
    Kiori: A pokedex entry about Advanceshipping hints? Farfetch’d, as the Pokemon that symbolizes Advanceshipping? On the Pokeshipping thread? Jokes!?!? You have a twisted sense of humour.
    PokeProphet: But…
    Kiori: You willingly endangered the Pokeshipping thread! I can not allow this kind of behaviour of a Captain. So you can either follow my orders, or be removed of the U.S.S. Pokeship. AM I CLEAR?!?!
    PokeProphet: Yes, m’am.
    Kiori: Good. Kiori out.

    The screen blinked off. PokeProphet sunk into his chair. He couldn’t believe it.
    Water Spirit stepped forward. She hadn’t said very much during the discussion. But now, she could feel PokeProphet needed some support.

    Water Spirit: Hey, look at it from the bright side! How many 21-year olds have a babysitter?
    PokeProphet: Very funny.
    Water Spirit: I’ll assemble the crew. Do you want me to bring them the news?
    PokeProphet: No. I’ll tell them myself.

    Fifteen minutes later, all the Pokeshippers were gathered on the bridge. Dragonmaster13 couldn’t even remember the last time that had happened. Some news this should be.

    PokeProphet: People, I have something to tell you.
    Dragonmaster13: Good, I wasn’t called out of bed for nothing.
    PokeProphet: I am, no longer your commander.

    For a moment, it felt like the temperature dropped ten degrees in the second after he finished the sentence. Everybody but Water Spirit was staring at him in disbelief. It took thirty seconds, ‘till somebody said something again.

    General Colcray: Why?
    PokeProphet: I did some stupid things. Things that endangered Pokeshipping. Kiori thinks it is best that I step down.
    gladdecease: But who will command the U.S.S. Pokeship?
    PokeProphet: Water Spirit will. She, and a few of her crew members of the U.S.S. Contestship will be transferred to this ship. Coral Eye, Water Spirit’s sister, will take over the U.S.S. Contestship.
    Dragonmaster13: But what about you?
    PokeProphet: I will still be the executive officer, meaning I will still have control over the bridge. But Water Spirit has the authority to overrule me any time. She is now the captain of the U.S.S. Pokeship. If you’ll excuse me now, I have to clear out my cabin.

    With that, PokeProphet turned around and walked away.

    The next days were spend with transferring some contestshippers to the U.S.S. Pokeship. After that, the Contestship and the Pokeship each went their separate way.

    Coral Eye: Good luck, sis!
    Water Spirit: Yeah, you too. Oh and Coral?
    Coral Eye: Yes?
    Water Spirit: May the force be with you!
    Coral Eye: *sweatdrops* Errrrr…right. Thank you.
    Water Spirit: *giggles* I always wanted to say that.

    After the goodbye’s, the U.S.S. Pokeship set course for a safer location. Their ship was heavily damaged from the long journey and the fight, and they also needed some supplies. Pokeplayer984 thought he had plotted a safe route to their destination.
    He was wrong.

    gladdecease: Capta… I mean Sir! Im picking up an enemy vessel on the radar.
    PokeProphet: What type are we dealing with here?
    gladdecease: SLASHer, type RX9. A pretty big one too. Probably one of the flagships of the Slash Star.
    PokeProphet: Firing capacity?
    Dragonmaster13: The usual for slashers. Few hints, but compensated for by a tremendous flaming capacity and huge STFU's.
    PokeProphet: Do we have a fighting chance, in our current condition?
    Dragonmaster13: Do Togepi’s fly?
    PokeProphet: If you throw them hard enough.
    Dragonmaster13: I meant no.
    PokeProphet: Have they tried hailing us?
    General Solcray: They keep repeating the same message, but I can't figure it out.
    PokeProphet: What is it?
    General Solcray: "Roxanna owns you by tenfold, foolish Pokeshippers".

    PokeProphet shivered, as he immediately realised who they were dealing with. HIM. Of all people on the forums, they had run into the Tormentor himself.
    Of course, the Tormentor was one of his nicknames, like he had many. The Anti-n00b. Slash Vader. The Merciless. But those were just nicks. PokeProphet knew who and what he really was.
    He was the leader of the Slash Six.
    He was the self-declared nemesis of Pokeshipping.
    He was the reason no Pokeshipper OR Advanceshipper never showed their face on the GLshipping thread.

    He was Alfonso.

    General Solcray: Sir, the Captain of the Omega Slasher is hailing us.
    PokeProphet: On screen.
    Alfonso: *grinning* Greetings, PokeProphet.
    PokeProphet: Hello Alfonso. Still supporting nevermets, I see.
    Alfonso: Still being an ***, I see.
    PokeProphet: What brings you here?
    Alfonso: Oh, the usual stuff. Things I like to do, when I’m feeling happy. Like reading posts. Writing posts. Checking out some fanfics. Making you Pokeshippers die a horrible and painful death while I laugh my brains out.
    PokeProphet: So, you’re going to try and kill us. I’m surprised you didn’t try sooner.
    Alfonso: Well, I would have. But the U.S.S. Contestship complicated things. I’m actually quite fond of Contestshipping myself, you see. So I didn’t want that ship to go down. Unlike some others. Prepare the flames!
    Grunt: Flames are loaded Captain. Do you want us to target the warp core?
    Alfonso: No. That way, it will all be over at once. Target their bridge. That way, the ship will spend some time drifting before is perishes in flames.
    Grunt:…Aye, Captain.
    Alfonso: Well, I guess this is goodbye, PokeProphet. So long!
    PokeProphet: Wait!
    Alfonso: Oh, you’re not going to beg, are you? I hate the begging.
    PokeProphet: I thought that maybe, we can make a deal.
    Alfonso: A deal! *Laughing* What could you possibly have that I want? Some bad fanfics?
    PokeProphet: During our journey back to the shippers section, we passed a link to an interesting site. I took some samples.
    Alfonso: How very nice. Now, if you’ll please be polite enough to shut up and die!
    PokeProphet: It involves some gym leaders.

    For a split second, PokeProphet could swear that Alfonso’s eyes widened. Then, it turned back to his ever determined face.

    Alfonso: G…Gym Leaders?
    PokeProphet: Gym leaders! In various positions.
    Alfonso: Positions?
    PokeProphet: Positions that would ruin a political career. I’m transmitting a sample now.

    Alfonso disappeared from the screen. A few seconds later, he turned back. Dragonmaster13 could swear his face was just a little bit redder than it was a minute ago.

    Alfonso: I see. How interesting.
    PokeProphet: I could send you more. If you let us go, that is.
    Alfonso: Okay. As soon as you’ve given me the fanart, I’ll let you go. You have my word.

    A few minutes later:

    PokeProphet: Well, the pics are transmitted. I’ve kept my part of the deal. How about yours now?
    Alfonso: *staring at pics* Huh? Oh, right. Well, I would love to keep my part of the deal, but there is just a tiny little problem.
    PokeProphet: And that is?
    Alfonso: I hate your guts. So I’m going to destroy you anyway. Goodbye! Fire flames at three, two, one….

    Dragonmaster gasped. So this was it then. He saw his whole life just flash before his eyes. Playing Pokemon Yellow at elementary school. Playing Pokemon Silver at junior high. Playing Pokemon Ruby at high school. Wow, he certainly played a lot of Pokemon! He closed his eyes…
    …and opened them ten seconds later, noticing that they hadn’t been vaporised.

    Alfonso: WHAT THE…
    PokeProphet: I kinda figured that you wouldn’t keep your part of the deal. So I added a little virus to the files I sent you. By now, not only has you’re ship lost firing capacity, your shields are down too.
    Alfonso: This can’t be…
    PokeProphet: Yes it can. And guess what I will use to finish you off? The goodbye-scene from Misty. The American one!
    Alfonso: Dub-added. You *******. Just wait, my friends of the Slash Six WILL get you!
    PokeProphet: I think you mean the Slash Five. As off now. Dragonmaster13, fir…
    Water Spirit: STOP

    She leaped up, and walked towards PokeProphet.
    Water Spirit: This is enough. There will be no more killing today.
    PokeProphet: But…we have a chance to finish him off! He would do the same!
    Water Spirit: I said no! We have a chance to end this conflict without anyone getting hurt, and we’ll take it.
    PokeProphet: Do you have any idea how many Pokeshippers will perish, because we let him go now? This is insane!
    Water Spirit: That will do, sir PokeProphet. You will stand down now. Pokeplayer984, continue our course. Captain Alfonso, we will send you a tool to remove the virus, as soon as we get to a safe distance from you.
    Alfonso: How kind. To show you my gratitude, I will kill you quick and painless the next time we meet.
    Water Spirit: I’ll take that as a compliment. Water Spirit out.

    Author’s note:
    I had to think of a way to not be the captain anymore. I mean, when I wrote the sig this all started with, I just figured ‘What the heck? My sig, my rules.’ However, now that it’s becoming a fic, I think it’s kind of arrogant to make myself Captain. So now, Water Spirit is. I hope she likes it.
    About the subplot between Water Spirit and Pokeplayer984, well, I always had my suspicions about those two. Will they ever make up? Well, I guess you’ll find out if you keep reading this fic.
    Many thanks to Alfonso, for agreeing to be in the story. I hope that after reading this, you’re open for another appearance. There are also some other people who I’d like to star as villains in this story, but I’ll PM them personally first.
    Kojho, the bridge is yours.

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