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The Aero Chronicles

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by houndoom15, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    I had the idea for a new epic, and before I knew it, the first chapter was done. Since not many people seemed interested in my Leo Epic, I figured I would post this. If you read it, PLEASE tell me what you think, and tell me whether I should continue with this or Leo. Enjoy:

    The Aero Chronicles

    I: Dome Battle!

    “Is that the best you’ve got?” says Dome Ace Tucker, his Salamence taking minimal damage from the challenger’s Flareon’s Fire Blast. “You should know that Dragons are strong against Fire Type moves!”

    As it turns out, the challenger does know that, but it doesn’t bother him. His current strategy, having beaten both Tucker’s Swampert and his Charizard, is to wear down Salamence until Flareon cannot anymore, and then he will use his Scizor to finish off the Dragon type.

    The challenger’s name is Aero, and he was originally from Saffron City. At ten, he started his Pokémon journey with a Squirtle, and went on to become the Youngest Kanto Champion in history. He went on from there, going to Sinnoh, where he again made it to the finals, but lost to the new Champion. After that, he went to Hoenn, winning another title. He came back to Kanto after hearing that the Battle Frontier was having its Twentieth Anniversary Challenge. The winner of the challenge will receive an ungodly amount of money and fame, a special Pokéball that can supposedly capture any Pokémon without fail, and a fully paid trip to the Grand Opening of the Pokéfest Battle Tournament, which is leading to be the biggest tournament in History. Aero is looking forward to entering the tournament, so here he is, battling the first Frontier Brain, on his way to conquering the Battle Frontier. First, Tucker had sent out Swampert, and Aero had countered with his newest catch, Treecko. The first battle was intense, and the fledgling gecko Pokémon managed to tire Swampert out before being hit by a powerful Hyper Beam and knocked unconscious. Next, Aero sent out Flareon, and she easily beat the tired Water Pokémon with a Solarbeam. When Tucker sent out his Charizard, the battle was fierce, but Flareon was more experienced, and downed the dragon with a Flamethrower. Now, against a true Dragon Type, Flareon was faring well, but would soon tire. Having been hit with a Dragon Rage early on, it had gone down hill fast from there.

    “Go Salamence, Hydro Pump!” Tucker says, and the blue dragon lets loose a torrent of water from its mouth, hitting Flareon square in the head. When the water stops rushing to the downed Pokémon, Aero sees that it is sufficiently knocked out. He takes out Flareon’s Pokéball and returns the Pokémon with a word of thanks.

    Slowly, Aero looks around at the stadium. On the other side of the stage stands Tucker, dressed in his flamboyantly colored suit, strange wing-like objects fluttering on his back. However funny his clothing looks, his face is determined and strong willed. He has been a strong opponent, just as everyone had said he would, but he would fall like the rest; Aero would see to that.

    In front of Tucker stands his Salamence, staring angrily at Aero, waiting for him to make his move. Not wanting to prolong the inevitable, Aero takes a green Safari Ball from his belt and throws it into the air. A large, red, humanoid beetle appears on the arena before him, and Aero thinks back, early on in his journey…

    “Come on Wartortle, you can do it!” Aero yelled, looking at the purple turtle in front of him, which was so tired it was practically falling back on its hard shell. They had entered the Safari Zone earlier that day, looking for a Dratini, but after being attacked by a vicious Scyther, his ideas had changed. Luckily for him, the rules for the Safari Zone had changed: because of the growing ferocity of the Pokémon inhabiting the Safari Zone’s borders, trainers were now allowed to use Pokémon to weaken the wild Pokémon first. As soon as the Scyther had turned around to continue the assault, Wartortle had hit him with a powerful Ice Beam, and the battle grew more fierce. Having just been hit with multiple Fury Cutters before he could react, Wartortle looked like he would rather be anywhere but where he was at the moment, but Aero knew he was close to catching the Bug Pokémon.

    “You’re doing great,” Aero continued, lavishing his Pokémon with praise. “I know this Scyther will help us beat Sabrina, so come one, use Rapid Spin!”

    Wartortle jumped up, filled with renewed vigor, and disappeared into its shell, flinging itself at the Scyther. The attack hit dead on, and seconds after appearing from within its shell, Wartortle used another Ice Beam from almost point-blank range. It hit the Scyther dead on, freezing it solid. As the frozen Pokémon fell to the ground, Aero tossed one of the special Safari Pokéballs at it, and within seconds, the Bug Pokémon was caught. As predicted, it went on to help Aero acquire a Marsh Badge, defeating his childhood friend’s Alakazam with many powerful fury Cutters and a well place X-Scissor.

    Since that day, they have grown closer, and in Hoenn, in a gym battle against Tate and Liza, it had evolved into Scizor. Since then, it has won countless battles for Aero, and its newest spotlight is the Battle Dome, against Tucker’s Salamence…

    “Now Salamence, Dragonbreath!” Tucker yells, as a burst of yellow-green energy comes from Salamence’s mouth and threatens to engulf Scizor in the blaze. In the moment before it hits, Aero shouts “Iron Defense!” and his red Bug/Steel Pokémon glows bright silver. The Dragonbreath hits him dead on, the force knocking him back, but as his glow fades, he is unhurt, and jumps at Salamence.

    “Scizor, use Giga Impact!” shouts Aero, and Scizor charges forward, glowing bright white. The attack hits Salamence hard, throwing him back into the wall. He doesn’t get up right away, but when he does, Scizor is frozen in the center of the arena due to the effects of Giga Impact.

    “That wasn’t a very smart move, kid,” Tucker says, laughter permeating his voice. “Go Salamence, Fly!”

    His Dragon Pokémon flaps its wings wildly, taking off into the air and dives down at Scizor. Still not recovered, from the Giga Impact, Scizor is helpless as the super effective Fly hits home. It sends him flying backwards, and he hits the ground hard. Miraculously, he gets up, all but unfazed, and ready to continue the battle.

    “No matter,” the Dome Ace says, sounding cheery, although Aero can sense a strain in his voice. “Finish him with another Fly!”

    Salamence sends himself into the air again, soon freefalling toward Scizor, ready for the kill. In the instant he would have hit, ten more Scizors appear in the arena, and the one hit by the Fly attack blinks out of existence. Eight more do the same, laving the real Scizor smiling behind Salamence, readying another attack.

    “Go Scizor, use Metal Claw!”

    Scizor’s pincer glows metallically and he charges toward Salamence, hitting him with the Steel attack. The dragon doesn’t back down far, but after the attack, it is hurting.

    “Now, Iron Head!” says Aero, and Scizor’s head spikes glow silver. He charges the stunned Salamence, and the dragon is caught in Scizor’s attack once more. Flung backward, Salamence falls into the side of the arena. He gets up slowly, more angry than ever.

    “This ends now,” Tucker says, his anger matching his Pokémon’s. “Salamence, Overheat!”

    As the Dragon type Pokémon readies a ball of fire, Aero shouts “Sandstorm!” and Scizor begins to make a cloud of dirt around him.

    In the same instant, both Pokémon let loose their attacks. The heat of Salamence’s final attack fills the stadium, but sight is cut off by the sand thrown by Scizor. After a moment, the dust clears, and both Pokémon are out cold.

    “This match is a draw!” says the referee, who is sitting safely in a box above the stadium.

    “I wouldn’t be so sure, ref,” says Aero, smiling. Tucker stares disbelieving at the spot where a downed Scizor once laid, replaced by a panting, very battered, but still standing Scizor, smiling at the astonished Tucker.

    “It’s not a very conventional move,” Aero said, returning Scizor to his Pokéball for a well deserved rest, “But Substitute does come in handy when you’re about to face a powerful attack like Overheat.”

    Tucker returns Salamence to his Pokéball, and walks over to Aero, no longer looking angry. The referee comes down from the box and hands Tucker a small folder, and Tucker in turn hands it to Aero.

    “This is a Frontierfolio,” Tucker says, handing the folder to Aero. He opens it, and inside are seven circular indents, about the size of large coat buttons. The first is filled with a silver badge, an indent forming a shape slightly like a thin “H.”
    That’s the Frontier Symbol that shows you’ve beaten the Battle Dome, the Tactics Symbol. The Frontier Symbols are like Badges, except they don’t grant entrance to a championship. If you get all seven Symbols, you’ve beaten the Battle Frontier. However, as you well know, this year, if you’re the first to beat all seven Battle Facilities, you’re given a free pass to the Pokéfest Grand Championship. We figured such a special occasion deserved new Symbols, so they’re silver instead of gold this year.”

    “Well, thank you so much,” Aero says, holding out his hand. Tucker grasps it firmly, smiling his usual cheery smile.

    “It was the best battle I’ve had in years; probably since the day I fought a Corphish and a Swellow.” He laughed heartily. “Now that was a tag team, I’ll tell you!”

    Aero laughs slightly, but is eager to get on with his journey.

    “From here, you should probably go to Lavender Falls, to challenge the Battle Tower. It’s probably one of the toughest Facilities in the Frontier, but I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

    “Thanks again for everything,” says Aero, putting the Frontierfolio in his bag. He turns to the north, and begins walking up the road, heading for his next Frontier Symbol.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2008
  2. Legend of Lucario

    Legend of Lucario Songwriter

    This is really good.

    The only error that I spotted the easiest was that you put Finis and forgot the H which is no problem you get into the story you forget simple stuff like that! Anyways its a really good story and I can't wait for more!
  3. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Perfect paragraphs, good battles and brilliant descriptio. I can't find anything wrong with this and its a really good fic idea This could turn out quite well as it has good potential.
  4. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Thank you both for quick replies! I guess this story is a bit better than my other one, so I'm going to concentrate on this one. Chapter two should be up tonight or tomorrow!
  5. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Here's chapter two, it's different from the other one, because i needed to introduce the other main character, but the others will be more like the first:

    II: Lexa’s Journey

    “Now Gyarados, Flamethrower!” yells Misty, the Leader of the Cerulean Gym. Her beast of a Pokémon opens its gaping mouth, a spew of fire blasting the poor Ivysaur that finds itself on the receiving end. The Seed Pokémon is blasted backwards off of the platform it was standing on, and it falls into the watery stadium. It tries to swim back up to the raft, but it faints just before getting there.

    Lexa, the owner of the defeated Ivysaur, gasps in fear, but before the Ivysaur drowns Misty’s Gyarados nudges it out of the water with its head. The Grass Pokémon sputters, coughing up water, but it is okay. Lexa’s Pokéball takes it back inside, and the trainer pulls another from her a pocket inside her parka.

    “Now, go!” she shouts, and the Pokéball opens as she throws it into the air, a white light landing on one of the platforms in the water and forming into a small, white Pokémon, which looks at the giant sea dragon with wonder. Shaped vaguely like a small person wearing a white Kimono, one of the Froslass’s distinguishing features is the dark blue ice horns on its head, and the bluish fins on its arms.

    “Froslass!” the Pokémon shouts, and Lexa thinks back to her hometown of Snowpoint City, to a day when she was just nine years old…

    “Stay wear you are!” said the thief, holding the bag of Pokéballs at his waist, and his Carnivine behind him, intimidating the Pokémon around him. “If anyone makes a single move, Carnivine here’ll use his Bullet Seed, and the weak Pokémon around you will look a lot more worse for wear.”

    The thief had come into the Pokémon Center earlier that day, and immediately his Pokémon, an Altaria, a Combusken, and the Carnivine at his side had taken hostage the entire Center. Altaria was circling outside, making sure law enforcement couldn’t get to the Pokémon Center, and Combusken was in the back, searching for other Pokémon.

    Lexa and her father had come to the center earlier that morning to have Nurse Joy check on his Sudowoodo, and after that Lexa had wanted to stay after and look at Pokémon. About half an hour later, the thief had entered the Pokémon Center and began making demands. Now Lexa, along with half a dozen others, were tied together. A Zangoose ad a Muk were trying to stand up to Carnivine, but they were taen down quickly with a Power Whip from the Fly Trap Pokémon. Lexa was growing worried, but at that moment, she heard a crash from outside, and the thief’s Altaria fell to the snow covered ground, its strange golden feathers thumping against the ground as it hit. The thief turned, just as the doors opened and a small, dark Pokémon entered the Pokémon Center, wearing what looked like a small coat ans a very angry expression.

    Lexa stared at the Snorunt, astonished. She had played in the snow countless times with this very Pokémon, and it had come to save her!

    The small Pokémon had caught the thief off guard, and before he could react, had frozen his Carnivine with an Ice Beam. The only Pokémon left was his Combusken, but it was still in the back checking for more Pokémon.

    Now that he was virtually alone against this could-be ferocious Pokémon, the thief didn’t seem to confident. He dropped the Pokéballs he was carrying, the bag falling to the floor and the balls rolling out of it. He turned on his heel and returned both of his Pokémon to their Pokéballs just as Combusken came from a door, and they both ran away.

    “He didn’t seem to be a very good thief, did he?” someone said as the hostages, but Lexa wasn’t listening, as she went over to the Snorunt who was looking particularly pleased with himself. From that day forward, they were best friends, and they started their journey together a year later, traveling Sinnoh collecting badges. After losing in the first round of the Pokémon League, she traveled to Hoenn to challenge the gyms there, placing second in the Ever Grande Championship. Snorunt had evolved into a Froslass after finding a strange glowing stone, becoming even more powerful. After Hoenn, she had traveled to the Orange Archipelago, where she participated in the Orange League, defeating the Champion and winning the title. Most recently, she had begun her travels in Kanto, where she had beaten the Pewter City Gym Leader, Forrest, and was in her second Gym battle in Cerulean City…

    The memories fade as Lexa brings herself back to the battle at hand. Gyarados has size and power, sure, but Froslass has tricks up her sleeve, and Lexa doubts that Misty has had much experience with Sinnoh Pokémon. The expression on the Water Gym Leader’s face shows her that she is correct.

    “Gyarados, use Body Slam!” Misty shouts, and the monster jumps out of the water at Frolass. Unmoving, Froslass stands directly in the path of the assault, but nothing happens. Gyarados’ attack hits her, but the giant beast goes right through her body.

    “Didn’t you know that Froslass is part Ghost Type?” Lexa asks the Gym Leader Mockingly. “She’s not a sole Ice Type.” Gyarados comes back up, no doubt to try a different attack, but Froslass is too fast. “Go, Thunderbolt!”

    As Gyarados breaks through the surface of the water, Froslass lets loose a burst of lightning, hitting Gyarados hard. The Water Pokémon falls back into the water, knocked out.

    “The winner is Lexa, from Snowpoint City!” shouts the official, and Misty returns her Gyarados, looking crestfallen. She walks over to Lexa and holds out a small, blue badge shaped like a water drop.

    “This is the Cascade Badge,” she says moodily, thrusting it into Lexa’s hand. The challenger puts it in a pocket of her cat and thanks the Gym Leader, leaving the gym quickly. As she exit’s the building, she takes out her map and looks it over.

    “The power plant is west, Froslass,” she says to her partner, who walks next to her. “Maybe we’ll see some strong electric Pokémon there?”

    “Fros!” says the ice ghost, affirmatively.

    “Then it’s settled! We’re going to the power plant!”

    To the west of Cerulean, on the way to the Tohjo Falls, Aero can see the power plant on the horizon. He points it out to his Treecko, which walks beside him, just as the ground rumbles, and the building explodes. Having blocked his eyes from the force of the explosion, Aero opens them in time to see a giant yellow bird fly from the wreckage and into the sky. Running forward, his Treecko at his side, he wonders to himself what has happened, and what it may mean for his Battle Frontier Challenge…
  6. Legend of Lucario

    Legend of Lucario Songwriter

    I never knew that Gyarados could use Flame Thrower and the funny part being that the water specialized trainer is using fire type moves but I'm not complaining because I think that the story is good and I like it,

    You are very descriptive

    You know your stuff about Pokemon and stuff.

    I can't point out anything wrong.

    Actually it is a little short but nothing bad! Plus you might make it longer and if you can make a good story in short chapters then more power to ya!

    Can't wait for more!
  7. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Thank you to all of you for reviewing this story! I'm glad you all seem to like it, and chapter 3 will probably be up tomorrow, sine I'm going to go to bed now : )
  8. Kacho

    Kacho You are next.

    I see grammar problems...
    but I believe it is lesser than Leo.

    I could send you a pm or post a long post to you if you want ;)

    I like how you use flashbacks, perhaps you can do more flashback to retell the trainers' previous histories? Maybe their previous battles and strategies and how it affects the current whatever battle they would be in?

    This is better. Still small in grammar ticks. This has a female character too! xD
  9. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Kacho, if you could M me that would be great, and thank you for the help, I appreciate you reading my stories and reviewing them!
  10. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Here's chapter three, I think it turned out pretty well, but you could probably say that I'm Biased : )

    III: Crossing Paths

    The smoke billows out of the wreckage of the power plant as Aero and Treecko arrive on the scene. A few Pokémon have made their way out, but Aero Doesn’t let himself hope that all of them have.

    “Blastoise, use Hydro Pump!” Aero yells throwing a Pokéball into the air and watching the first Pokémon he ever got appear from the white lights. The giant turtle points its water cannons at the burning building and shoots a geyser of water at it, putting out fires close to where they stand. As Blastoise points his cannons upwards, drenching the back of the building, a young girl appears from the route to the west, and run over to Aero.

    “What’s going on here?” she shouts, standing at his side and reaching to take out a Pokéball.

    “You need to get away from here, it’s way too dangerous for a little girl to be playing around.”

    The expression on the girl’s face turns to pure rage, and she throws the Pokéball she had brought out of her coat pocket. It opens, and the white light that fades away reveals a giant blue monster appears, roaring as it curls itself on the ground.

    “Gyarados, use Aqua Tail!” the girl says, and the Gyarados’ tail glows blue. It swings its tail toward the burning building and a cascade of water shoots from the end fin, falling on the building and putting out more of the fire. Working together, Aero’s Blastoise and the girl’s Gyarados put the fires out quickly, and as the smoke replaces the fires completely, both trainers return their Pokémon to the Pokéballs.

    “Well, I should probably get going,” Aero says to the girl. “I have an appointment, and I’ll probably be late now.” He begins walking away, but the girl grabs his arm.

    “I really don’t like your attitude, you know that?” she says angrily. “‘It’s way to dangerous for a little girl to play here?’ What’s that about?”

    “Listen, I really do need to be some-” Aero begins, but the girl takes out another Pokéball and interrupts him.

    “No, I don’t care where you need to be, we’re battling, and I’m going to beat you and show you that you’re not as much of a big shot as you think!”

    Aero smiles, and nods toward Treecko, who hasn’t left his side since they arrived at the power plant’s ruins. The girl throws her Pokéball and a small, red, duck-like Pokémon appears, breathing a little jet of flame as it falls to the ground.

    “This should be easy,” Aero says to himself, but loud enough for the girl to hear. “Even with the type advantage, your Magby doesn’t look like much.”

    “Hmph” is the only thing the girl decides to say, before Magby jumps into the air and she shouts “Go, Flamethrower!” the small Pokémon’s mouth erupts in a burst of flame, hading for Treecko, but the gecko Pokémon jumps out of the way nimbly, and uses a Bullet Seed attack, hitting Magby dead on and sending it back to the ground.

    “Are you sure you want to keep battling?” Aero asks, smiling as Trecko lands beside him with a smirk. Without a word, Magby sends out another Flamethrower, hitting Treecko hard and even singeing Aero’s shirt.

    “Whoa, hold on!” he shouts, jumping out of the way. The flames stop and Treecko gets up, however more slowly than before. Aero shouts “Energy Ball!” and a sphere of green power appears at Treecko’s mouth, and he fires it at Magby, almost missing but hitting it in the foot, sending it’s would-be escape jump into a tumble towards the ground.

    Magby gets up slowly, and, looking angry, starts to glow a bright white. The girl looks on, amazed, and o does Aero, but he becomes even more amazed as Treecko begins to glow in the same way.

    In seconds, Magby is replaced by a taller, stronger looking salamander Pokémon, flames covering the tip of its tail and it’s head. It flexes its muscles as Treecko’s evolution finishes, a larger gecko Pokémon with a long, green leaf trailing from its head and three leaves on each of its arms. The two evolved Pokémon stare at each other, and each jump into the air in one motion.

    Magmar starts with a Fire Punch, but it is countered by Grovyle’s Leaf Blade, the glowing leaves on its wrist hitting the flaming fist with great force. Magmar falls backwards, and lands hard on the ground. Grovyle, thinking he has won, lands beside him, but Magmar gets up surprisingly fast, and another Fire Punch meets Gorvyle’s midsection, sending him backwards and onto the ground.

    “Tree-, I mean, Grovyle, use Leaf Blade!” Aero says, but his newly evolved Pokémon gets up angrily amd prepares an Energy Ball, which flies through the air at the Salamander Pokémon.

    “Magmar, use Flamethrower!” says the girl, laughing at Grovyle’s disobeying of Aero, but the next moment she is also disobeyed by her Pokémon, as Magmar attacks Grovyle with a Shadow Ball. The attacks meet in midair, and the resulting explosion pushes both Aero and the girl backwards, both falling to the ground. Aero opens his eyes, but can see nothing due to a large amount of smoke caused by the two attacks. He gets up and, after the smoke clears, both Grovyle and Magmar are lying on the ground, unconscious. The match is a tie, and both trainers return their Pokémon to their Pokéballs.

    “That was a great match,” Aero says, walking over to shake the trainer’s hand, and he meant it. It was just as good of a battle as facing Tucker, possibly even better. The girl walks toward him, but does not take his hand.

    “Are you going to take back that comment from before then?” she says angrily, still upset about the “little girl” comment Aero made earlier.

    “I guess I have to,” Aero says with a smile. “That was definitely one of the best battles I’ve had in a long time.”

    Finally smiling, the girl takes Aero’s hand. “I’m Lexa, and I’m challenging the Gyms here in Kanto. Who are you?”

    “I’m Aero, and I’m taking the Battle Frontier Challenge.”

    “That’s cool,” says Lexa, as they begin walking north together, to Tohjo Falls. “I’ve been in a couple leagues myself, and I’ve beaten the Orange League. Have you beaten any Leagues yet?”

    “A couple” he says modestly. “I lost in the finals for the Sinnoh League, but I beat te Kanto and the Hoenn League. I lost the title of Hoenn Champion the next season, but
    I’m still considered the Kanto Champion.”

    “Oh, that’s cool…” Lexa says, excitedly. “Maybe if I win the League this year we’ll be able to battle again for the Title!”

    “That’d be cool,” Aero says, realizing on his way to the Battle Tower that he has found, for the first time in his life, a traveling partner.
  11. Legend of Lucario

    Legend of Lucario Songwriter

    Still good!

    I think it was a little short but I'm not complaining because I think it came out well so yeah!

    And o does Aero. I don't no what seems wrong but something ain't right with that phrase or maybe I'm just feeling a little dumb today.

    Anyways its good

    *gives an official good fanfiction cookie*

    PS (I'm rating with the stars on this thread! Or not because I can't seem to find them!)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2008
  12. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    So, here's chapter 4, and while writing it, i realized I made a mistake; for some reason, I thought that the Tohjo falls were in the Northeastern part of Kanto, but they're between Kanto and Johto. So, the Battle Tower has been moved to a new landscape, called Lavender Falls, just above Lavender Town. I'll be changing ths in the other chapters soon, so when you see Lavender Falls here, don't ber confused

    P.S>- After you read this chapter, all of the Pokémon that Aero has with him will be revealed so I put his trainer card up. After Lexa's next Gym battle, all of hers will be known as well, so I'll put hers up after I write that.

    Without further ado....

    IV: The Stuff of Legends…

    “I’m sorry sir,” says the receptionist at the Battle Tower’s front desk, minutes after Aero and Lexa walk into the giant building. “The Salon Maiden is not taking any challenges today. You’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

    Furious, Aero slams his hand on the desk. The receptionist looks fearful, but stands her ground.

    “If you come back tomorrow, sir, I’ll probably be able to fit you in in one of the morning sessions.”

    “No!” shouts Aero, as Lexa looks on, embarrassed by her new friend’s rudeness. “I cam here today, and I want to battle the Frontier Brain TODAY!”

    “Well, I’m sorry sir but that is out of the question!”

    “Alright then, where does this Salon Maiden go to train then? I’ll just go find her!”

    The receptionist, obviously extremely frightened and annoyed, looks at one of the papers in front of her.

    “Well, according to this,” she says, looking at the top paper and pointing, “she’ll be at the Top of Lavender Falls.”

    Almost before she finishes her sentence, Aero is out the door, running behind the Battle Tower and to the falls. A shout of “Wait up!” from behind him reminds him of his traveling partner, and he stops long enough for Lexa to catch up, panting and looking at him angrily.

    “Why are you in such a hurry to defeat the Salon Maiden anyways?” she asks as Aero begins walking briskly again, up the hill to the falls. Aero explains about the Pokéfest Battle Tournament being held later that year, and how the prizes awarded to the lucky, and very talented winner.

    “… and if I defeat the Battle Frontier in the fastest time this year, I’ll be able to go to the tournament completely free of charge, and that would definitely help a lot, considering it costs an arm and a leg just to get in.”

    As he finishes his explanation, they reach the top of the Lavender Falls. The water rushes by them, falling into a large lake at the bottom, but Aero pays no attention. He is too busy looking for any sign of the Battle Tower’s Frontier Brain. To his dismay, the only person at he top of the falls is a young girl, wearing a purple jumpsuit and wading knee-deep in the water.

    “Hey!” Aero calls to her, scaring her and almost causing her to fall in the water. “Have you seen any powerful trainers up here today?”

    “No one but me,” says the girl, and Aero smiles.

    “I’m looking for someone a bit stronger than a little girl,” he says, and the girl’s expression instantly turns dark.

    “Oh are you?” she says, getting out of the water. “Well, I don’t even care that this is my day off anymore, I’m going to show you what this Frontier Brain is made of!”

    Before the meaning of her words can even register in Aero’s mind, the girl blows on a whistle around her neck, and it signals the roar of an ancient and powerful Pokémon from the forest around them.

    “As Salon Maiden Anabel of the Battle Tower, I accept your challenge!”
    A fireball bursts from the trees, and out of the forest runs a giant red Pokémon, almost as old as time itself. The red fur of the Legendary Beast glows in the sun, and it jumps into the air. In awe, Aero can barely stand as the ground shakes when Entei lands upon it.

    “Are you alright?” says Anabel, and Aero finally realizes that he has frozen, and made no move to call a Pokémon.

    “Oh, right,” he says, finally closing his gaping mouth and reaching to his belt for a Pokéball. “Go Donphan!”

    As the elephant Pokémon appears, Aero thinks back to the day in the Hoenn Safari Zone, where he caught his Phanpy…

    It had taken most of the Safari Balls he had, but the elephant Pokémon was finally his. They had battled together through the rest of the Hoenn League, and Phanpy had made the final strike in the Ever Grande Championship match, sealing the title for Aero. In a battle later on, facing the would-be new Chapion of Hoenn, Phanpy had evolved into Donphan, taking out four of the trainer’s Pokémon before it finally fell, along with Aero’s title. He was crushed, he remembered, but he also had a feeling that today’s battle would go the same way as that last one had, without the four wins for Donphan…

    “Are you ready?” Anabel asks Aero, and he nods, unable to speak. “Alright then, go Entei, Flamethrower!”

    The gaint best opens is mouth and lets loose a barrage of purple flames, and before they hit, Aero finds his voice at last.

    “Go Donphan, Rollout!” he says, and his Pokémon curls up into a ball and rolls away from the flames, heading toward Entei.

    “Now Entei, jump and use Solarbeam!”

    Entei jumps out of the way long before Donphan would have hit it with his Rollout, and as Donphan uncurls from its attack, he looks into the sky just in time to see a huge strike of solar energy coming from the direction that Entei had jumped in. The attack hit’s the elephant hard, and at the end of the Solarbeam, it is clear that Donphan can no longer battle. Aero returns his Pokémon to the Pokéball.

    “Pretty good for a ‘little girl,’ isn’t it?” Anabel says, smiling, as Aero throws his next Pokéball. Flareon appears, looking determinedly at Entei, but the Legendary Beast only smirks.

    “Go Flareon, Shadow Ball!” Aero says, as Anabel says “You too, Entei, Shadow Ball!”

    The two attacks collide, and Entei’s pushes through, right at Flareon. Just in time, the Flame Pokémon jumps out of the way, and as she gets up, Aero shouts “Now, Flamethrower!”

    Flareon shoots a burst of flame from her mouth, and Anabel says to Entei, “now, finish it with Stone edge. Entei jumps up and crashes back down to the ground, dislodging boulders from undergoround, and hits three at Flareon. They go through the fire and hit her, and she falls unconscious. Aero returns her to her Pokéball as well and throws another one, a yellow, ape-like Pokémon appears, electricity jolting from its arms as it stares at Entei.

    This shouldn’t be hard,” says Anabel, and Entei looks to her for instructions. “just hold on for now, we’ll see what he does.

    “Now, Electabuzz! Use Thunderbolt!”

    Nodding, the antenna on Electabuzz’s head begin crackling with electricity, and an explosion of lightning charges at Entei. Instead of dodging, Entei takes the full blast. However, regardless of Electabuzz’s power, Entei doesn’t even budge. As the attack stops, Anabel laughs.

    “Alrighty-then, Entei, finish him with a Fire Blast!”

    Entei nods and shoots a powerful flame from its mouth, and it forms into a vaguely human shape. The flames moving quickly, Electabuzz has no way of escaping, and he is also knocked unconscious by Entei’s attacks.

    This is my last chance, Aero says to himself, throwing another Pokéball. “Go Blastoise!”

    The large Turtle Pokémon appears from the white light, and points his cannons at Entei.

    “Alright Blastoise, start off strong with a Hydro Pump!”

    Nodding, Blastoise shhots a burst of water from both of its cannons. Entei jumps away, but too slowly, ad is hit by one of the jets in the air. Dazed, but still going, Entei falls gracefully to the ground.

    “Use Sunny Day!” shouts Anabel, and entei begins to glow brightly, and in moments the sun itself follows suit, basking the battefield in its light and heat.
    “Use Hydro Pump again!” Aero shouts, and Anabel shouts “now Entei, Solarbeam!”

    The water from Bladstoise’s jets meets the solar energy from Entei’s mouth, and it appears at first to be a draw. Then, with another ounce of strength, Entei pushes his attack forward, cutting off Blastoise’s Hydro Pump and hitting the Turtle Pokémon with the full blast. As the attack ends, Aero knows that, like the three before him, Blastoise has fallen to the Legendary Beast.

    “I forfeit,” says Aero, returning Blastoise to his Pokéball. Sadly, he realizes that there is no other option; neither Grovyle nor Scizor would stand a chance against Entei with the type advantage against them.

    “It was a good battle though,” Anabel says, and Aero snorts bitterly. “No, really, most trainer’s who’ve faced Entei couldn’t even land a hit on him, and you landed quite a few!”

    “So, this probably means that I won’t win the Battle Frontier’s Twentieth Anniversary Challenge…” Aero says, but Anabel shakes her head.

    “No, it doesn’t mean that. You still have a chance, because it no one beats Entei before you decide to challenge me again, you could still win!”

    The thought makes Aero a bit happier, but he doesn’t look forward to facing Entei again.

    “So, where do we go from here?” asks Lexa, who had been sitting along the water quietly throughout the battle? “Are there any Gyms around here?”

    “Well, there’s the Cerulean Gym to the east, and Celedon and Saffron are close to that.”

    “Should we go to Cerulean then?” asks Aero, “There’s another Battle Facility there.“ Lexa shakes her head.

    “I’ve already gotten the badge from the Cerulean Gym, but we can go south to Lavender and then west to Saffron. We‘ll go back to Cerulean later on.”
    “That would work for you,” says Anabel, as Entei walks back into the forest with a roar. “But be careful, the Gym Leader there, Sabrina, is one tough Pokémon trainer. She’ll definitely be a challenge.”

    “I’m all for a good hard battle!” Lexa says excitedly. With another word of goodbye to Anabel, she begins running down the hill, toward Lavender Town.

    “I just came from there though,” Aero says, annoyed at his friend’s lack of thoughtfulness.

    “I wouldn’t worry about it, Aero,” says Anabel with a smile. There’s another Battle Facility near Saffron City, so the trip will be worth your while.”

    “Oh, thanks a lot Anabel,” Aero says. The bitterness from their first words is lost in his voice. “I really do appreciate you batting me today, and I can’t wait to battle you again!” He begins running after Lexa, who is already down the hill and heading to Lavender, and the Salon Maiden smiles in his direction,
    “I look forward to it too, Aero,” she says, walking back into the water. “I look forward to it too…”
  13. Legend of Lucario

    Legend of Lucario Songwriter

    Good good but what do you expect your a good fanfic writer.

    A little short but not like bad short and nobody will mind it I don't think.

    It's all good and I cannot wait for more!!!
  14. Kacho

    Kacho You are next.

    I just realized this whole thing is done in current tense (I think that is called pretense, but I don't know xD)...

    Not the quotes when the people speak, but the rest of it were done in present tense (this is the one)
    I am not confident in this format, as most stories are usually done in past tense...

    I hope to send you the list of profreading tomorrow...
  15. Legend of Lucario

    Legend of Lucario Songwriter

    I don't think that should be a problem. I think the story will be fine no watter what tense he is using.
  16. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Kacho- Yes, it's all in the present tense, the reason being that sometimes it's more exciting for me. When I write in this tense it makes me feel more into the story, you know what I mean? It's like it's happening right now, instead of days ago, or years. That's just a personal opinion though, and I respect yours as well. And thank you in adnace for the list of proofreading, I really do appreciate the help.

    Legend of Lucario- thank you so much for reviewing after each chapter! I hope you're enjoying reading this as much as I'm enjoying writing it
  17. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    So, here's chapter five, a little earlier than expected, actually, because I didn't really have anything to do today (After I got my Deoxys from Gamestop, that is!) I hope you all like it!

    P.S.- After the next chapter, I'm putting up Lexa's Trainer Card! By the way, could anyone tell me what they think of Aero's?

    Here it is:

    V: Happy Together

    For the past fifteen minutes, Lexa has been grumbling to herself, and Aero honestly cannot blame her. They had reached the gate to Saffron City, only to be turned away.

    “Saffron’s closed today kids,” said the guard, and when Lexa asked how exactly they could close an entire city, the guard had gotten a bit… tense.

    “We were lucky to get out of there without being arrested!” Aero had told her, and they had argued for a time before deciding to take the Underground Path to Celadon City, where Lexa remembered that she could both have a gym battle and go shopping for days. Although happy for a moment, the rude guard was still in her mind, and she had been in a foul mood since they had found the entrance to the Underground Path. They had descended the seemingly countless stairs and now they were walking west, toward the end of the tunnel and Celadon City.

    “You know, it’s not that exciting traveling with someone who’s in a bad mood most of the time,” Aero says, beginning to feel grumpy himself.

    “This coming from a Trainer who has fought two ‘little girls’ in the past day and lost to both of them,” Lexa retorts, turning around and facing him.

    “I didn’t lose to you and you know it! We tied.”

    “Well, I would‘ve won if Magmar had listened to me!”

    “No, I would’ve won if Grovyle had used Leaf Bl-”

    “Aw, isn’t that cute?” says a voice from ahead. “The little lovers are fighting.”

    Aero and Lexa look forward and see two men walking toward them in the path. One has a tattoo of a flaming Charizard skull on his large bicep, his body almost too large to fit in the path. The other has a tight denim vest, slightly weedy looking and much smaller than the other.

    “Can we help you?” Aero say, instinctively moving in front of Lexa, but she pushes him aside and stands next to him.

    “Yeah, you can help us, by giving us your Pokémon!” says the weedy one, standing behind the large one for shelter.

    “And if we don’t?” Lexa says, standing tall and holding her ground.

    “If you don’t?” asks the big one, as if he hadn’t thought about that. “Well, if you don’t, then I guess we’ll take them!” He takes out a Pokéball from his pocket as his friend does the same, and out of the large man’s Pokéball comes a short, vaguely froglike Pokémon, its blue skin clashing vividly with the red of its gullet and claws. As the Toxicroak surveys the battlegrounds, the other trainer’s Pokémon appears, its small yellow head looking around, supported only by the twig like body.

    Aero and Lexa stare at the Toxicroak and the Bellsprout, and Aero is the first to laugh.

    “Well, they wanted our Pokémon, let’s give them to ‘em!”

    In unison, Aero and Lexa throw out their Pokéballs. In a flash, Aero’s Scizor appears in front of him, snapping his pincers rapidly and waiting for orders. Next to him appeared Lexa’s Pokémon, a tall, yellow, slightly dragon-like Pokémon, it’s red tail glowing with a bright light.

    The Ampharos falls into place beside Scizor, and once again, Lexa remembers
    the first time she saw her young Mareep, and the adventures that awaited…

    “Come on Vigoroth, use Fury Swipes!” said Lexa, frustrated at the Ape Pokémon’s lack obedience to her. Vigoroth yawns, then shoots a burst electricity from its arms into the sky. “Not Shock Wave, Vigoroth, Fury Swipes!” but her Pokémon continued to ignore her.

    “He would you like to battle?” said a voice from behind her. She turned to see who spoke to her, and a smile crept over her face when she saw it was her brother.

    “Tom!” she shouted, running to give him a hug. “Who’s this?” she added, looking at the small, sheep-like Pokémon that stood next to him.

    “Reeeep!” said the Mareep happily, as Tom looked at Vigoroth, who was still shooting off Shack waves, now aiming for a flock of Tailow roosting in a nearby tree.

    “Your Pokémon seems bored,” Tom said, holding back a laugh, and Lexa punched him in the arm.

    “He’s not bored,” she said defensively. “It’s just that… he doesn’t listen to me. I’m not a strong enough trainer yet, I guess, but he just won’t listen.”

    “I don’t know what to tell you,” Tom said, looking genuinely confused. Seconds later, a light seems to go of in his eyes and he snaps his fingers. “I’ve got it! Why don’t we trade Pokémon!”

    “Trade Pokémon…?” Lexa said, confused, and Tom nodded his head.
    “Yeah, you could trade me your Vigoroth for my Mareep, she’d definitely listen to you!”

    Lexa looked down at the Sheep Pokémon, and Mareep was jumping around, excited.

    “She’d love it,” Tom continued, bending down to pet Mreep. “Sometimes my schedule gets too strenuous for her, and I know she’d rather travel around Hoenn with you and train to battle in gyms.”

    Seeing Vigoroth still shooting Shock Waves at trees, Lexa knew that there was no choice at all. Later that day, she and her brother went to the Pokémon Center and used the Trade Station. Soon, Vigoroth was being sent to Tom, and Mareep was Lexa’s.

    Throughout Hoenn, Lexa and Mareep grew closer and closer. In the gym battle against Winona, Mareep’s stored energy let her evolve into Flaafy, which gave her enough energy to defeat the Gym Leader’s Swellow.

    Then, soon after, Flaafy was fighting her hardest battle yet, against the Sootopolis Gym Leader, Juan. His Milotic was powerful, but nothing compared to Flaafy when if evolved into Ampharos. With a powerful Thunderpunch now at her disposal, she made quick work of the Water Pokémon Gym and earned her eighth Hoenn League badge, cementing her place in the ever Grande Tournament. After that, she had taken Ampharos with her to the Orange League, and most recently, Lexa had brought her to Kanto for the Indigo Plateau League…

    Now, as Ampharos and Scizor stand together against the trainers in the Underground Path, Lexa has no worries that her trusted partner will once again shine with her true colors…

    “Now, use Thunderbolt!” shouts Lexa, and Ampharos begins charging electricity in its tail, as Aero shouts “Bug Buzz!”

    Scizor opens its pincer as a sphere of greenish light fills it, and he shoots it toward the Bellsprout as Ampharos lets loose its Thunderbolt at Toxicroak. Both attacks hit home hard, and toxic oak gets up slowly. Bellsprout leaps back into action, and the weedy trainer shouts “Toxic!”

    The Bellsprout spits a purple goop at Ampharos, and before it hits, Scizor jumps in front of the blob. It hits him, but Scizor smiles as the poison drips off of his hard shell harmlessly.

    “Ha,” says Aero, bored already. “It helps when Steel Type Pokémon aren’t affected by Poison Type moves like Toxic, doesn’t it?”

    The smaller trainer looks at him, angry, as the larger one says, “Quick Toxicroak, Brick Break!”

    The Toxicroak’s fist glows brightly, and he jumps toward Scizor. Bracing himself for the impact, the Mantis Pokémon is stunned to see Ampharos jump in front of him, a glowing blue field in front of her. The Brick Break hit’s the field, and bounces off harmlessly.

    “Protect is a pretty cool move,” Lexa says to the lager man. “It allows Ampharos to protect itself, and anyone she chooses, from an opponent’s attack.”

    Both of the men look at Aero and Lexa angrily, and return their Pokémon in one fluid motion.

    “Well, if they’re no good, we’ll take your Pokémon ourselves!” shouts the larger man, running forward with the little one right behind him.

    Lexa and Aero put one foot behind them to steady themselves for the imminent impact with the men, but it never comes. A fist, crackling with electricity, meets the smaller man’s stomach, sending him backwards in pain, and a steel covered pincer meets the larger man’s head, knocking him on top of the smaller one, unconscious. Ampharos and Scizor stand in front of their trainers, looking fiercely at the downed man, but settle themselves when the see that the men are no longer a threat.

    “Wait, come back!” says the strained voice of the smaller man from underneath the large one. “You’re not going to leave me here, are you?”
    Ignoring him, Aero and Lexa walk with their Pokémon the rest of the way out of the Underground Path, commenting on the fact that even while they are arguing, their Pokémon are still able to work together as a team. Promising to each other that they’ll try to do the same, Aero and Lexa walk up the tall stairs and into Celadon City.
  18. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be

    Here's chapter six, and if you comment on it, could you comment on chapters four and five as well? I didnt really get any feedback from those two yet, and I'd like some. Thanks.

    VI: Of Flowers and Dragons and Mysterious Things…

    As they walk through the streets, both Aero and Lexa cannot deny that Celadon City is one of the cleanest cities they have ever been in. The fact does not effect Aero much, as he had traveled through Kanto before, but Lexa is amazed. At every street corner is a garbage can, and whenever they become full, a serviceman would run up to it and either empty it into a truck or have a Psychic Pokémon teleport it away.

    “The mayor of Celadon doesn’t like pollution,” says Aero, smiling at Lexa’s amazement. “There was once a swarm of Grimer that took over the city, and the new mayor vowed that it would never happen again.”

    They continue walking, stopping to gaze at a fountain in the middle of town, and Aero can see the familiar sights of the Pokémon center and the Rocket Game Corner. Suddenly remembering the voice of a trusted advisor, Aero stops in the road. Lexa walks for a moment, then realizes that Aero has stopped.

    “What are you doing Aero?” she says, turning to walk back to him, but he holds up his hand.

    “Don’t worry about it just yet,” he says, turning back in the direction of the Pokémon Center. You go have your Gym Battle, I’ll meet you back here when you’re done.”

    “But why aren’t you-” Lexa begins, but Aero cuts her off.

    “I’ll explain later, good luck against Erika!” without another word, he runs off to the Pokémon Center.

    “He’s such a strange kid,” Lexa says to herself, finally reaching the Celadon Gym. She pushes the door open and is immediately taken by the hand by two strangers. She tries to get away, but their grip is vice-like on her wrists.

    “Let me go!” she says, but the two women shush her.

    “Are you alone?” the first asks, and the other begins pulling her forward.
    “Yes, I’m alone,” Lexa says, reaching for her Pokéballs, to no avail.

    “You’re sure there aren’t any…men with you?” says the second, and Lexa shakes her head. With a sigh of relief, the women let go of Lexa’s arms.

    “I’m sorry we started you dear,” says the first, beckoning Lexa further into the gym’s entrance room. “We must check for men every time someone enters the gym.”

    “They’re not allowed, you see,” says the second, as they lead Lexa into an elevator. “The last time we let a man into the gym, it was almost burnt to the ground, and all the Pokémon killed.”

    “You’re here to challenge Erika, correct?” says the first, pushing a button as the elevator doors close.

    “Yes, that was the plan,” Lexa says, still a bit taken aback by the women’s behavior.

    “Well, she’s right in there.” The door of the elevator opens and Lexa steps out, onto a brightly lit, grass covered stadium. A young women stands across the field from where Lexa takes her place, and smiles.

    “I’m Erika,” she says, waving to Lexa. “I’m the Gym Leader of Celadon City, but I’m sure you knew that.” She lets out a small laugh and Lexa smiles uncomfortably. She finds Erika and the rest of her gym staff a bit too cheery (after the first impression, at least) and is eager to beat the Gym Leader and leave.

    “So, are you ready?” Erika asks eagerly, and throws out a Pokéball. Appearing in a flash of white light is Erika’s Vile plume lands softly on the grass and waves happily at both Erika and Lexa. Smiling and waving uncomfortably back to the Pokémon, Lexa wonders to herself when the cheeriness will end and the seriousness of the battle will begin. Regaining her composure, she throws out a Pokéball, and her newly evolved Magmar appears, ready to battle for her master’s third Kanto League badge.

    “Now Magmar, Flamethrower!” Lexa shouts. As the Salamander Pokémon breathes a blast of fire at the Vileplume, Lexa wishes Aero was allowd in to see her match…

    At least a year earlier, Aero sat at a videophone in Ever Grande City, speaking wit Professor Oak in Pallet Town. He was in a particularly bad mood, having just lost his Hoenn Champion Title to another trainer, but he had forgotten his troubles when Oak had told him something even worse.

    “Yes it’s true, Aero,” Oak said impatiently, repeating himself for the third time. “Team Rocket has been trying to genetically engineer a Pokémon, and they are planning on using it to attack Kanto as a whole, obliterating it from the map completely.”

    “That can’t be though,” said Aero, thinking of the chaos a powerful Pokémon like that could cause. “Didn’t they learn their lesson with Mewtwo?” he added, thinking of the cloned Pokémon that had caused so much trouble earlier in Aero’s life. Now, completely reformed, Mewtwo had taken refuge again in the Cerulean Cave, to be called upon by Professor Oak, and ONLY Professor Oak, should the need arise again for his awesome strength.

    “The fact is, Aero, I think they did. My sources tell me that this Pokémon will not com from another Pokémon at all, and will be completely molded by science into a true killing machine.”

    “Is there any way to stop it from happening? Could I stop it somehow?”

    “Well,” said Professor Oak, and Aero knew the answer already. “Really the only thing that could help is an invasion of Team Rocket’s base, but all of the known ones have been evacuated long ago. There could, however, be some information in one of their abandoned hideouts, but I wouldn’t count on finding anything there.

    “Do you want me to search in the Celadon Game Corner anyways?” Aero said, thinking of the hidden entrance to the Rockets’ base behind the large poster on the wall.

    “You could,” Oak said, stroking his chin as he thought. And there’s the mansion on Cinnabar Island, where they did some of the Mewtwo experiments, they could’ve gone back for some of their studies.”

    “Alright,” said Aero, making a mental note to himself to remember to visit both places. “Are there anymore hideouts you want me to check out?”

    “No, the rest are in Johto, and they were only temporary. There wouldn’t be anything important in those.”

    “Well, I guess that’s it then, unless you have anything else to tell me?”

    “Actually, I do,” said he professor, getting up from the phone and rummaging through a shelf that Aero could see in the background. He came back within moments, holding a blue Pokéball with red stripes on its top. “Inside this Great Ball is a Pokémon that I caught a while back, and it should be helpful when you’re sneaking around the Rocket Bases. Oh, and by the way Aero,” Oak added, before they hung up. “You could check out the Battle Frontier while you’re here, they’re having this special event for its twentieth anniversary…

    Aero stands in front of the picture in the Rocket Game Corner and sighs. He has just come from the Pokémon Center, where he picked up the special Pokémon Professor Oak had sent him. He pushes a concealed button next to the picture, and the frame opens, revealing a doorway. He travels inside, all the while wondering how Lexa is doing against Erika…

    After a Stun Spore from the Vileplume, which misses Lex’as Magmar, fortunately, Lexa decides she had had enough of this and wants to end it now.

    “Go Magmar, use Lava Plume!” she shouts to her Pokémon, who nods. The Magmar opens her mouth, shooting out a burst of super hot lave, hitting Vileplume, and knocking it unconscious.

    “Vileplume is unable to battle!” shouts one of the women, who is now serving as a referee. Erika takes out the Vileplume’s Pokéball and returns it, taking out her next Pokéball.

    “There’s no way you’ll beat this one!” says Erika, throwing the Pokéball, revealing a small, red footed Pokémon covered in blue vines. However small, the Tangela looks fiercely at Magmar, but Lexa returns the Fire Pokémon and throws out another Pokéball, revealing her Froslass, who stares back at Tangela.

    “Oh, such a beautiful Pokémon,” Erika says, coveting the Froslass. “That’s a Sinnoh native isn’t it?”

    “Yes, it is,” Lexa says, hoping beyond hope that the match will end soon. “Now Forslass, Blizzard!”

    Froslass’s eyes glow a whitish-blue, and snow begins filling the stadium. The cold temperature in the arena causes the grass on the floor to instantly die, and as the Ice attack hits Tangela, it freezes the Grass Pokémon solid.

    “Tangela is also unable to battle,” says the women acting as the referee. “The Gym Leader has only one Pokémon left.”

    Erika takes out her last Pokéball, and finally her epxpression changes from happiness to rage.

    “Well, if you want to play like this we can,” she says, throwing her Pokéball out onto the satdium, where it materializes into a giant blue dinosaur with a tropical plant on its back. The Venasaur roars, shaking the frost covered ground, and Lexa smiles.

    “This should be interesting after all…”

    In the basement of the Rocket Game Corner, Aero has managed to find nothing. The ghost Pokémon that Oak had sent him iss drifting in and out of the walls, searching rooms that Aero can not get to with his fleshy, and very solid, human form. Although he is invisible at the moment, the Haunter is not very stealthy; frequently he leaps from out of a wall, yell “Haunt Haunt!” and becomes solid enough to knock over the random objects left in the hideout long ago. So far from the wreckage, Aero has found a broken item finder, three empty Pokéballs (which he instantly puts in his pocket), and other, more mysterious objects that Aero does not want to touch, for fear of the consequences.

    “Haunter, quiet!” he whispers urgently to the Ghost Pokémon, which instantly falls silent for the first time. Aero swears that he heard a sound from ahead, but after Haunter stops fooling around and becomes visible again, near Aero’s left side, Aero doesn’t hear anything else.

    “Go check up ahead,” he says to the Haunter, who becomes invisible again and moves silently forward, through a wall and into a hidden room. “Do you see anything?”

    “Haunt Haunt!” yells the Pokémon, and Aero can sense the fear in its voice. Taking a Pokéball from his waist, he yells, “Go Electabuzz, Brick Break!”
    The electric ape Pokémon lunges forward as it appears from the Pokéball and hit’s the wall with shattering force. The wall crumbles away, revealing a scenethat Aero will not easily forget.

    The newly made doorway opens up to what seems to Aero to be a laboratory, stasis tubes on the walls and computers running the length of the back wall. It wouldn’t seem to strange, but the tubes are filled with Pokémon, asleep from the effects of the tube, but seeming to be ery much alive. A moment later, almost too late, Aero notices a man on the other side of the room, pointing a small handgun at him from across the room. Without a word, the man shoots it, aiming to kill Aero and eliminate witnesses, but a rapidly formed Shadow Ball from Haunter deflects the bullet, and a Thunderbolt from elect abuzz knocks the gun out of the man’s hand. Haunter disappears into the floor and reappears by the gun. The shooter tries to jump for his weapon, but a second before he grasps it, Haunter swallows it and disappears into the floor once more.

    “What are you doing here?” the man asks loudly, and Aero notices something he hadn’t before as he dodged the bullet; a small red “R” on the man’s shirt, signifying that he is a part of the criminal organization Team Rocket. “This is private property!”

    “Actually,” says Aero, with more than a hint of attitude in his voice, “this is public property, under the ownership of Celadon City, and what you’re using it for is illegal, at the very least.”

    “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into kid,” the man says, taking out a Pokéball and a black and yellow Ultra Ball from his pocket. “Go Poliwrath and Nidoking!”

    As he shouts their names, a blue tadpole shaped Pokémon appears, pounding the swirl on its chest with its large, muscular arms, and a large, purple dinosaur Pokémon appears next to it, roaring loudly and stamping its feet on the ground. Electabuzz steps over to stand in front of Aero, and Haunter appears from the floor, taking its place by Electabuzz.

    “Alright then,” says Aero, as the Rocket Scientist’s Pokémon begin running toward him. “Here’s to nothing… or to everything…”

    “Froslass is unable to battle!” the referee in the Celadon Gym says happily, as Lexa returns her Pokémon to its Pokéball. Since the moment Erika sent out her Venasaur, the tide of the battle had turned. Lexa had recalled Froslass to send out Magmar, only to have the Fire Pokémon be demolished by a powerful Frenzy plant. Surprised, Lexa had sent out Froslass again, thinking her most trusted partner would make short work of the Grass Pokémon. She had thought wrong, and Froslass had fallen to a Leaf Storm.

    Now, with both combatants at one Pokémon left, Lexa taks out a special Pokéball, a turquoise one with a black, netlike pattern on the top. She throws it, along with a prayer, onto the field, and in an explosion of white lines, also shaped like a net, a long, blue Pokémon appears, the orbs on its tail glowing as brightly as the one on its neck, its hron shining on its head. The Dragonair’s calming aura instantly puts Lexa’s mind at ease, and she is ready to finish the Gym Battle at hand. Erika looks at the Dragon Pokémon, but doesn’t seem to impressed.

    “This shouldn’t be too hard,” she says, as the women standing by the stadium giggle. “Now Venasaur, use Frenzy Plant!”

    Her Pokémon roars, summoning thick, thorny vines from the grass stadium. They attach themselves to Dragonair, but the slender Pokémon manages to slip from their grasp. Another barrage of vines follows Dragonair into the air, but she evades them all and turns to face Venasaur.

    “Now Dragonair, Ice Beam,” Lexa says from the ground, and her Pokémon shoots a stream of super cold ice at Erika’s Venasaur. The attack his home, and it looks at first as if Veasaur is down, but the dinosaur-like Pokémon gets up from the ground slowly.

    “Leaf Storm!” Erika shouts, an vivid green leaves shoot from the flower on Venasaur’s back, hitting Dragonair in the sky. She is hit hard, but she remains in the air, and begins circling around Venasaur rapidly, waiting for orders to strike. She doesn’t have to wait long.

    “Now Dragonair, finish with a Dragon Rush!”

    Circling faster than ever, Dragonair makes a dive straight for Venasaur, her body glowing a bright, reddish orange. The force of the attack as it lands causes Venasaur to fly off of the arena and into a wall. It stands, shakily, on its legs, but in moments falls again to the grassy floor. The referee names Lexa the winner as Erika returns her Pokémon to its Pokéball, and Lexa returns her Pokémon to its Pokéball as well. She leaves the gym with barely a word after a sulking Erika gives her the Rainbow Badge, and goes to meet Aero at the Pokémon Center…

    “Can we end this soon?” Aer says to the Rocket Scientist, as Electabuzz shoots a bolt of lightning at the criminals Poliwrath. His Nidoking had already fallen, only to be replaced with a Kadabra, which easily took down Aero’s inexperienced Haunter with a Psybeam attack. Replacing Haunter with Scizor, Aero had brought himself back into the game, and wasn’t planning on losing.

    “Now Poliwrath, Submission!” shouted the scientist, and the Tadpole Pokémon jumped forward at Scizor. In a flash, twelve Scizors replaced the one real one, and Pooliwrath’s attack met a copy, as the Real Scizor hit him hard with a Metal Claw. Returning the unconscious Tadpole Pokmon, the scientist brought out a Quilava, which immediately sent a Fire Blast in Scizor’s direction. Only with an impossibly fast Iron Defense does Scizor avoid most of the fire’s damage, and after the Fire Blast ends Scizor sends a Flash Cannon at Kadabra, just as the Psychic Pokémon finishes attacking Electabuzz with an Ice Punch.

    “Alright guys, regroup,” Aero says to his Pokémon, and they come back to his side, waiting, as the Kadabra and Quilava go back to the scientist’s side.
    “Are you giving up?” the scientist says, puffing out his chest a bit to make the “R” more pronounced. “They just don’t make Pokémon trainers like they used to, I guess…”

    “How is your boss making a Pokémon from scratch?” Aero asks loudly, and the scientist’s expression turns from mocking laughter to anger.

    “How do you know about that?” the scientist says, clearly shocked that the surprise was spoiled.

    “That doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you tell me what’s going on!”

    “Yeah, I’m just going to tell you all of my boss’s business secrets.” the thief looks down at his Kadabra, who nods as its eyes begin to glow. In a flash, the Kadabra uses Teleport, and the scientist and his two Pokémon disappear.

    Swearing loudly to himself, Aero goes over to one of the desks that the scientist had been working on when they arrived. He finds nothing that could condemn the scientist to prison, but he takes all of the papers on the desk; some have seemingly random images of various Pokémon, others have strands of DNA, and still others have random words… Meteorite… Attack… Tentacle… and other words that make no sense to Aero. He takes the papers, making a mental note to send them to Oak later, and leaves the basement. As he exits the secret passage into the main room of the Game Corner, the desk clerk rushes up to him panicky.

    “What was going on down there?” he says, as the patrons of the Rocket Game Corner look on, interested. “We could hear yelling, and explosions, and walls falling in, and-”

    “Have the Celadon Police do a thorough sweep in every room of the basement,” Aero says taking out his trainer card to show the clerk his authority in the situation. “Special Agent Aero Matthews. I did my own small investigation of the man rooms, and found clear evidence of continued Rocket activity. When the police come, do not mention my name to them, as I won’ be available for commenting, and make sure they’re careful when they do their search.”

    “Alright,” says the desk clerk, “but- wait! Where are you going?” he adds, as Aero turns and walks out of the casino.

    Making his way to the Pokémon Center, he feels a tap on his shoulder, and there is Lexa, staring at him with a mixture of happiness and anger in her eyes.

    “Where have you been?” she asks, fire in her voice. I’ve been waiting at the Pokémon Center for almost fifteen minutes, you said you’d meet me there!”

    “I’m sorry,” Aero says, almost at a loss for words due to her fierceness. “I had some busniss to take care of first.”

    “Oh, business, is that what it was?” She looks at the Game Corner, having just saw Aero leave it, and snorts. “Business at te Game Corner, hm? Tell me, how much money did you win there?”

    “I wasn’t gambling,” Aero says defensively, “I was just having a look around.”
    “Oh, and what were you looking for?”

    For a moment, Aero considers telling Lexa everything, from his role in Professor Oak’s special agency, to his activities in the Rocket Game Corner. He ultimately decides against it, however, telling himself that there would be time later.

    “Nothing really,” he says, and begins walking. He hears Lexa mutter something incoherently under her breath, but she fall into step beside him as they walk westward. “I figured we would go south now, on to Fuchsia City. There’s a Gym there, and by the Seafoam Islands is another Battle Facility, so we’d both get something out of the trip.”

    “That sounds good to me,” Lexa says, and Aero can tell from her voice that she is still annoyed by his disappearance.

    “So, how’d your Gym Battle go?” Aero asks, as they leave Celadon City and enter Cycling Road. They stop at a vender’s stand and rent bikes, getting on them and pedaling downhill.

    “It was actually pretty easy,” she says, pedaling just behind Aero. “ wanted to get it over quickly though, those women in there were freaky cheerful.”

    “Yeah, I know how you feel,” Aero says, remembering his challenge to the Celadon Gym. “I had the same problem when I challenged Erika.”

    “They let you in? thought men weren’t allowed into the gym at all.”
    “Well,” starts Aero, embarrassed, “Lets just say they never knew I was a guy… kimonos can cover a lot when you want them too…”

    The sound of Lexa’s laughter seems to fill the Cycling Road completely, and she speeds past Aero, wanting to get to Fuchsia before him, and win her next Gym Battle.
  19. Kacho

    Kacho You are next.

    So I read it earlier, but only forget to comment. xD

    I don't really know what comment on this except that finally there is some MAJOR plot development...

    to me, OT fic with gyms and all that are a bit minor plot...

    anyways, excellent gym battle scenes.
    But then, already two gym battles within like two or three chapters?
    I think the speed of progression is quite good.
    (some people, probably ME, would slow down a heavy fic. xD)
  20. houndoom15

    houndoom15 Pokémon Writer To Be


    Thanks for the praise, and yes, I agree that gyms and such are "secondary points," but I wouldn't call them "minor." Both of the plot points introduced are going to be important, although one will definitely have a larger impact on the story as a whole than the other.

    On your other point, yes, I'm trying to go a bit fasterwith this, because I want to get all the Gyms, Battle Frontier Facilities, and League Matches (If they get that far!) in there before anything disasterous happens in their world.

    P.S. I edited the first pot with your corrections, and I'll start working on the second one today probably. Thanks again for al the help proofreading!

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