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The AI in Pokemon


Pretteh Kitteh Khat
We all know that the AI in Pokémon is not always skillful in battles. What is the dumbest, weirdest, or most awesome thing you've ever seen the AI do?

For example, in Gen 1 the AI was programmed to use a super-effective attack on you every time in battle, leading Lance's Dragonite to be able to be (slowly) beaten by a level 10 Zubat because it would always use Barrier.


Well-Known Member
NPC trainers having their Pokemon use Roar/Whirlwind on my Pokemon when there's no dis/advantage between us to speak of.

Then I end up sending out something that DOES have the advantage.
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I smash your Boxes.
The Dusknoir of doom in Battle Chateau Multi Battles that likes Will-O-Wisping its allies.
*Team Rocket grunts Electrode uses Self-destruct*

"I can't believe I lost!"


Well-Known Member
I once saw somebody finding a Rhydon in Stark Mountain that used Earthquake. Its opponents were Giratina and Claydol, two levitators. And the ally? A Magcargo.
You can't count that. Wild pokemon have no AI. They just have a 25% chance of picking any move.

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
I think the AI in Pokemon XD and Colosseum were really bad. They frequently attack my Pokemon with not very effective moves and, when they use a move that is super effective against one of my team, it's always against the other Pokemon.


Pretteh Kitteh Khat
Pokémon that spam Protect for no reason... Once, I had out a Swampert in the Battle Palace and the trainer switched to its Sunflora... I promptly Ko'd it with Ice Beam, but at least it switched to an SE type


Electrode exploded on my Skarmory


El Psy Congroo
I once had a battle on PBR where I had a Rhyhorn and my opponent used Delcatty. Delcatty used Sunny Day and I pressed the wrong button, so I can't remember what I used. Delcatty then used Rain Dance as I set up Swords Dance. Then it used Sunny Day and I set up another Swords Dance. My Rhyhorn wasn't fully EV trained, and took about three hits to kill the Delcatty - one those final three turns it was still alternating between Rain Dance and Sunny Day :/


Well-Known Member
In X/Y, there was a trainer who used Explosion (I think it was Ghastly, if I recall correctly) when I swapped in my Doublade. Free experience points and my Pokémon didn't take a scratch, and the opposing Pokémon had a few levels on mine, and it was their only one.

I actually felt bad for them.


Call of Fate
In Emerald,Anabel's Raikou doesn't have a single attack to hit a Ground type.When I sent my Swampert out to battle it,the poor thing had no choice but to keep using Rest/Reflect/Calm Mind.


Just another guy
I had a Claydol with Levitate use skill swap against my Slaking. i laughed so much.

The Mustache

Well-Known Member
Once in a battle someone used Explosion on it's Weezing and my pokemon was a chandelure... I was like: FACE PALM! -.-