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The Airborne Aces

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Mr. amazing400, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Mr. amazing400

    Mr. amazing400 arcanine FTW

    Welcome to the Airborne Aces Clan!
    We are a clan based on flying-type pokemon. We have lots of battles here, and its a place to have fun as well!

    The Birth of the Airborne Aces:
    Its always been a bird pokemon's dream to be able to soar high into the skies, beyond our dear planet. The majority of the flying pokemon could barely make it to the clouds. But there were three pokemon who refused to give, who refused to say, "No I can't do it." Pidgeot, Swellow, and Togekiss spread out and expanded their wings as far as they could. They took off and blasted through the clouds and went far beyond the skies. Legend says that they never returned, but are always presiding in the stars, over all flying pokemon, hoping that they can find their hidden potential and soar through the skies.
    Table of Contents:
    ;227; Clan News and Announcements
    ;145; Clan Rules
    ;384; War Team
    ;149; Test Battles and the Ranking System
    ;083; Rank up System
    ;278; Re-test Battling Rank Up System
    ;284; The Points System
    ;042; Sign-up Form
    ;267;Job Opportunities
    ;012; Member's Ace Feather Count
    ;269; Airbourne Aces win/loss/draw table
    ;414; Clan Shop
    ;398; EV Training Service
    ;472; Breeding Service
    ;006; Clan Events
    ;178; Credit and Suggestions

    ;227; Clan News and Announcements: ;227;

    -We are officially open! Anyone is welcome to join!
    -gingbino is currently on a temporary leave, therefore I ( VetX ) have deemed thunder_dragon2 as her replacement on the War Team.
    -Serenity has stepped down as a leader and given her position to VetX
    -xVeteranChampx ( VetX ) has been officially made the AA War Team Captain. Any questions regarding war tryouts and challenges should be directed toward him.
    -the airbourne aces has a new rank..... skarmory rank is now open
    -Firestar has started an achievements event. Make sure you get them all completed ;)
    -*NEW*A new achievement and Event has been added! Go check them out!

    ;145; Clan Rules: ;145;


    1. All leader's decissions are final! They will NOT be up for discussion on ANY public area, forum or chat. If you have a personal problem with the decission made, PM a leader and it will be discussed there.
    2. No spamming or flaming.
    3. Respect all members of the clan.
    4. Be active. Post in the clan at least once a week.
    5. Don't post any complaints you have in the clan thread. Should you have any complaints, you can PM any of the clan leaders and they will help you out.
    6. All SPPf rules apply.
    7. Have fun!

    1. All leader's decissions are final! They will NOT be up for discussion on ANY public area, forum or chat. If you have a personal problem with the decission made, PM a leader and it will be discussed there.
    2. You may debate a topic but respect the other person's opinion and be mindful of their feelings at ALL times.
    3. Be mindful of other people's beliefs, if you think your opinion may offend someone on a personal level, keep it to yourself!
    4. Don't post anything that has absolutely no meaning whilst in a topic. For example: If someone is discussing the effects of items used in battle you CANNOT post "I liek babbies!!!11!" ammongst the conversation. This is classed as SPAM and will not be tolerated.
    5. No impersonating other members of the chat, AT ANY GIVEN TIME! This is confussing and will also not be tolerated.
    6. If someone says something that offends you, IGNORE THEM, do NOT reply. If it offends you on a personal level, tell a MOD or leader and they will be asked to stop. If they do not, firther action WILL be taken.

    Nintendo Updates Tab!
    The Nintendo updates tab is only for NINTENDO UPDATES and POSSITIVE disscussion of such updates. If you do not want to know about such things, STAY OUT OF IT!

    1. No hacks
    2. No Ubers
    3. OHKO Clause
    4. Species Clause
    5. Evasion Clause
    6. Sleep Clause
    7. Don't D/C

    1. Challenge Cup (CC) battles do not add towards your W/D/L count.
    2. Those who have WiFi access, only 10 wins each month will add towards your W/L/D count. After that, only AF will be given.
    3. No ubers

    ;384;War Team;384;
    These people will be called upon when we war with other clans. To get on the war team you must:
    a.) Have been active in some way over the past month.
    b.) Be willing to spend 350 AF per challenge.
    c.) Beat the member ALREADY on the war team, whom of which you wish to take their spot.
    For those on the Subs team, if you wish to challenge a member on the current team, it will only be 200 AF per challenge. If you manage to beat your opponent that current team member will then trade places with you and be on the Sub team.

    Current Team!
    xstricken wingsx
    thunder dragon2(exp)

    none atm

    well not atm

    ;149; Test Battles and the Ranking System: ;149;

    Once you have posted the sign-up form in the clan thread, it is up to you to arrange a time for your test battle with one of our battlers to determine your ranking. The current list of test battlers is shown below:

    -firestar319 (FC: 4855 2736 4563)
    - Mr. Amazing400 (FC: 3738 6931 3039)
    -gingbino11 (FC: 2021-2336-6264)
    -4kjayhawks (FC: 4984 8906 1424)
    -Darklord18 (FC: PO tests only)
    -o0oSerenityo0o (FC: 0174 5249 0050)

    The test battle rules are simple:

    -No hacks
    -Singles Battle lvl100
    -No Ubers
    -OHKO Clause
    -Species Clause
    -Evasion Clause
    -Sleep Clause
    -Don't D/C


    Once you have finished your test battle, the tester will place you in a rank based upon your battling ability. Shown below is a list of all the available ranks from highest to lowest:

    ;250; Ho-Oh Rank ;250;
    A rank only for the superiors, the leaders who must guide their members to their fullest potential." - Ace Lord Pidgeot
    This rank is only for the clan leaders.

    -firestar319 (FC: 4855 2736 4563)
    -Mr. Amazing400 (FC; 3696 2402 3598)
    -darklord18 (FC: 5284 8664 5311)
    -xVeteranChampx (FC:N/A)
    -puretrainer (FC: 0002 7957 7215)

    ;492-s; Shaymin-S Rank ;492-s;
    "A rank for those aiding our members to gain their wings and unlock their potential." - Ace Lord Swellow
    This rank is specifically for those who have jobs for the clan and who frequently help out with the clan.

    -ElliotDX (FC: 1376 9902 1124)
    -KFC (Loonybin) (FC: 2923 1418 6495)
    -SW111 (FC: 1806 4615 8962)
    -GrovyleCelebi (FC: 2150 2331 8140)
    -SOCCER_PRO (FC: 1377 0128 2180)
    -o0oSerenityo0o (FC: 0174 5249 0050)
    -teh jonno (FC:3009 1919 2521)

    ;373; Salamence Rank ;373;
    "A rank where one has fully unlock their potential. They have sprouted their wings and can soar through the skies as us Ace Lords have." -Ace Lord Togekiss
    The rank holds the best battlers. They have proven to be those worthy of the wings they have.

    -gingbino11 (FC: 2794 4473 6340)
    -SOCCER_PRO (FC: 1377 0128 2180)
    -ElliotDX (FC: 2021 3936 3890)
    -Mail_Time (PO)
    -xStrickenWingsx (FC: HG 0647 1512 5271)

    ;018; Pidgeot Rank ;018;
    "A rank where ones really have to push to make it to the stars. They're almost there." - Ace Lord Pidgeot
    This rank holds some great battlers, and have shown that they can hold their own.

    -DoubleslapPWNS (FC : 2665 4923 8358)
    -Drake99 (FC: 2450 6837 6278)
    -Jdouble (FC:0045-1623-5632)
    -KFC (Loonybin) (FC: 2923 1418 6495)
    -Jb08045 (1677 5960 6321)
    -Mr.3D (FC: 0989 9798 5726)
    -dragonace373 (FC: 4984-9087-2471)
    -shuckle (FC: 5456 7112 1478)
    -rai777 (po only)
    -ExpEX (po only)

    ;468; Togekiss Rank ;468;
    "The skies are starting to get darker. You've prepared yourself to enter your tough challenges, but there are still some things you need to get there" - Ace Lord Togekiss
    This rank holds the members who can hang with the rest, but still under the best.

    -Shoey (FC: 2665 5428 4547)
    -o0oSerenityo0o (FC: 0174 5249 0050)
    -GrovyleCelebi (FC: 2880 3998 2111)
    -whattise (FC: tba)
    -thekid (FC: 3352 6540 8493)
    -mebesakura (1935 1363 5478)
    -DTrain5742 (FC: 2278 9159 9533)
    -mrbadguy096 (FC: 0775 2946 5078)
    -Col. Torterra (FC: 4469 5410 4242)
    -Abus0ru (FC:3224 0150 8695)
    -icrossus the wifi battler (FC: 4598 5496 7821)
    -Nico444164 (FC: PO Only)

    ;277; Swellow Rank ;277;
    "Ones in this rank have made it through the halfway point, but they still have to push more to attain greatness." -Ace Lord Swellow
    This rank holds the above average members and battlers, but still have some things they can learn.

    -Shadow XD001 (FC: 2493 6390 7509)
    -Mudkip43 (FC:tba)
    -Afllicted (fc:tba)
    -the magician (fc: PO battles only)
    -dragontamer98 (FC:0518 1236 4910)
    -MYSTICAL²ツ (FC: 4727-4291-9215)
    -teh jonno (FC:3009 1919 2521)
    -creation of pokerus (FC:3825-4305-7934)
    -Caterpie_lover_123 (FC: 2966 4356 9854)

    ;227; Skarmory Rank ;227;
    "A rank for those that are truly learning to use their new wings" - Ace Lord Togekiss
    Members in this rank have the knowledge of battling but arn't quite there in performance.

    -SW111 (FC: 1806 4615 8962)
    -SneaselClaw (or Tudor) (FC: 2064 1837 5048)
    -Cena_#1 (FC: 0861 1073 9049)
    -AmpharosOnAScooter (FC: 3782 1426 8009)
    -Amarant (PO)
    -donphan (FC: 4040 1918 3003)

    ;164; Noctowl Rank ;164;
    "Ones that have the capacity to make it to the end, but the others are just speeding ahead" - Ace Lord Pidgeot
    Members in this rank are decent battlers, but can't battle as effectively as those in higher ranks.

    -Outkin (FC: 3610 3390 0692)
    -DeathTheKidKageStar (Kid) (FC: 3094 7000 6269)
    -zoraboy (FC: 2794 4684 7440)
    -adagen (FC: 4769 4002 7789)
    -lloyd094 (FC: 0775 8504 3828)
    -Milanek (FC: 2535 0596 7991)
    -Torp (Torpoleon) (FC: 1505 8011 3184)
    -Stardastarly (FC: 1504 4647 9130)
    -CuffsMcgraw (FC: 1377 1178 9088)
    -Mitchss (PO)
    -Ronney (FC:1935 6475 4954)
    -Citron0 (FC: 3610 7232 4579)

    ;207; Gligar Rank ;207;
    "Those who are having a hard time staying afloat in the skies. They have a lot to learn to make it towards an Ace" - Ace Lord Swellow
    This rank is mainly for the beginners. They don't have the battle ability yet, but have the potential to make it to the top.

    -theblade180 (FC: 4855 8628 5536)
    -Javaker (FC: 5199 5460 9223)
    -Robert(backtorob)(FC: 0475 0059 6944)

    ;177; Natu Rank ;177;
    "They haven't even grown their wings yet. The best flyers are gonna have to get them up to seed and par."
    Members in this rank have yet to be tested. PM a tester so that they can battle you and determine your rank.

    -Stbn~ (FC:5457 1934 7308)
    -Curvee (FC: TBA)
    -Name: xRattlehead (David = gamename) (FC: 2450 8014 6010)
    -Jordan (FC: 5027 8438 2048)
    -JPMD64 (FC: 3825 2347 1988)
    -cayetanoaldaba (FC: 4426 5766 0751)
    -Jalpath (FC: 3395 7990 3644)
    -Mrfcrhys (FC: 0775 7686 2403)
    -purplepikachu (FC: 2879 7813 6457)
    -Dondärhösen (FC: Pokemon Online only)
    -centipod128 (FC:4985 0280 5303)
    -Eeveelutionsandmewlover (FC: Diamond: 0087 1260 1411, SS: 2107 0914 74630)
    -PhlyingPhish (FC: 3911 1780 3777)
    -Wallace (Blindninja) (FC: SS: 0990 3952 2178, Pearl: 3093 6960 9033)
    -Joey (itsxjchivs) (FC: Pearl: 0087-5880-1734, HG: 0904-6483-8444)
    -Klingkan (FC: 4898-4823-9622)
    -supsir (FC: FC: 2493-3848-7999)
    -GreenEspeon (FC: 2364-3240-3203)
    -Calm Pokemaster (FC: :2536 3632 4456 or 2494 0321 7044)
    -Tesseh (FC: N/a)

    ;083;Ranking Up;083;
    In order to rank up, you must have a certain number of points:

    -Gligar to Noctowl (200AF)
    -Noctowl to Skarmory (325 AF)
    -Skarmory to Swellow (410 AF)
    -Swellow to Togekiss (550AF)
    -Togekiss to Pidgeot (750AF)
    -Pidgeot to Salamence (1000AF)

    Once you have enough points, you must challenge a member in the rank(s) above yours. Be sure to declare your challenge in a post. If you are successful in the battle, you are awarded to the next rank. If not, you must recollect your points and try again. If you lose 3 times in a row, then you must wait one week before you can have another rank up battle.

    ;278; Re-test Battling Rank Up System;278;
    In this section, you can request to battle one of the rank-up battlers. These are similar to test battlers, who will
    're-test' you and give you a new rank. Please be aware that this can also allow you to be moved down a rank, if you were to
    appear a weaker battler than before. To avoid constant battle requests, the cost of this service 650AF & you may only have one of these "re-test battles" once a month. To apply for a battle, please fill out the form below:


    ;284; The Points System ;284;

    Once you become a member of the Airborne Aces, you will receive 150 Ace Feathers (AF). Please note that the Leaders will start with 250 AF. In the Airborne Aces, you can redeem your AF for either items and/or pokemon at our Clan Shop, or trade them in for special services that we offer (see the EV Training and Breeding Services section). There are multiple ways for you to obtain AFs. Here's how:

    - Defeating a member of the clan (50 AF)
    - Defeat a clan leader (125 AF)
    - Referring another person to the clan (50 AF)
    - Ranking up (100 AF)
    - Banner Making (300 AF)
    - Donating Pokemon to the Clan Shop (??AF)(The value depends on the quality of what's being donated)

    ;042; Sign-Up Form: ;042;

    In order to join the Airborne Aces, you must fill out this registration form.

    Battling Experience (Rate from 1-10):
    Reason for Joining:
    Referred to this clan by anybody (if yes then who):

    ;267; Job Opportunities: ;267;

    Since we are a new clan, we have various jobs available and need them filled up. So if you want a job in the clan, then please fill out this form.

    What job do you want:
    How active are you on SPPf:

    The list of available jobs is listed below:

    - Clan Artist
    -Clan Breeder
    -Clan EV Trainer

    ;012;Member's Ace Feather Count:;012;

    -firestar319 (825 AF)
    -darklord18 (895 AF)
    -Mr. Amazing400 (4175 AF)
    -SOCCER_PRO (1225 AF)
    -GrovyleCelebi (138 AF)
    -AmpharosOnAScooter (600 AF)
    -SW111 (2110 AF)
    -ElliotDX (950 AF)
    -gingbino11 (2000 AF)
    -outkin (300 AF)
    -o0oSerenityo0o (1825 AF)
    -DoubleslapPWNS (350 AF)
    -4kjayhawks (1975 AF)
    -Shadow XD001 (575 AF)
    -Stbn~ (300 AF)
    -Loonybin (650 AF)
    -DTrain5742 (625 AF)
    -Torpoleon (350 AF)
    -drake99 (1885 AF)
    -Kidkagestar (465 AF)
    -Shoey (1120 AF)
    -Jdouble24 (425 AF)
    -javaker (875 AF)
    -FourHorsemenJPFlow (300 AF)
    -Zoraboy (250 AF)
    -afflicted (1425 AF)
    -jb08045 (250 AF)
    -MR.3D (525 AF)
    -whattsie (250 AF)
    -adagen (150 AF)
    -lloyd094 (0 AF)
    -theblade180 (150 AF)
    -mebesakura (150 AF)
    -teh jonno (815 AF)
    -milanek (1525 AF)
    -kimabfmy1 (150 AF)
    -Cena_#1 (150 AF)
    -Mrfcrhys (150 AF)
    -mrbadguy096 (675 AF)
    -purplepikachu (150 AF)
    -col. torterra (150 AF)
    -dragontamer98 (825 AF)
    -shuckle (225 AF)
    -pure trainer (1710 AF)
    -blue blur (300AF)
    -xveteran champx (1050AF)
    -mystical (1015 AF)
    -Abus0ru (150 AF)
    -The magician (275 AF)
    -Dondärhösen (150 AF)
    -stardastarly (200 AF)
    -Eeveelutionsandmewlover (650 AF)
    -CuffsMcgraw (200 AF)
    -Mitchss (150 AF)
    -mail time (200 AF)
    -donphan (150 AF)
    amarant (200 AF)
    -icrossus the wifi battler (150 AF)
    -rai777 (825 AF)
    -creation of pokerus (700 AF)
    -kligkan (550 AF)
    -caterpie lover 123 (1155 AF)
    -xStrickenWingsx (150 AF)
    -GreenEspeon (FC:150 AF)
    -ExpEX (850AF)
    -calm pokemaster (150AF)
    -citron0 (425AF)
    -nicko444164 (325AF)

    ;269;Airbourne Aces win/loss/draw table:;269;

    This table will be updated after every battle, the person with the best w/l/d record after every month will be given a secret prize. The prize will vary every month!


    1.) firestar319
    2.) darklord18
    3.) Mr. Amazing400
    4.) SOCCER_PRO
    5.) GrovyleCelebi
    6.) AmpharosOnAScooter
    7.) SW111
    8.) ElliotDX
    9.) gingbino11
    10.) outkin
    11.) o0oSerenityo0o
    12.) DoubleslapPWNS
    13.) 4kjayhawks
    14.) Shadow XD001
    15.) Stbn~
    16.) Loonybin
    17.) DTrain5742
    18.) Torpoleon
    19.) drake99
    20.) Kidkagestar
    21.) Shoey
    22.) Jdouble24
    23.) javaker
    24.) FourHorsemenJPFlow
    25.) zoraboy
    26.) aflicted
    27.) jb08045
    28.) MR.3D
    29.) whattsie
    30.) adagen
    31.) Lloyd094
    32.) theblade180
    33.) mebesakura
    34.) teh jonno
    35.) milanek
    36.) mr badguy
    37.) col. torterra
    38.) dragontamer98
    39.) shuckle
    40.) pure trainer
    41.) blue blur
    42.) xVeteran champx
    43.) mystical
    44.) abusoru
    45.) the magician
    46.) Eeveelutionsandmewlover
    47.) stardastarly
    48.) CuffsMcgraw
    49.) Mitchss
    50.) PhlyingPhish
    51.) Wallace
    52.) Joey
    53.) Amarant
    54.) Ronney
    55.) Robbert
    56.) Mail_Time
    57.) donphan
    58.) amarant
    59.) icrossus the wifi battler
    60.) Rai777
    61.) creation of pokerus
    62.) Genesis28
    63.) caterpie lover 123
    64.) StrickenWingsx
    65.) green espeon
    66.) exp
    67.) calm pokemaster
    68.) citron0
    69.) nicko444164

    1.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    2.) 1 win 7 loss 0 draw
    3.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    4.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    5.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    6.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    7.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    8.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    9.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    10.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    11.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    12.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    13.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    14.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    15.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    16.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    17.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    18.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    19.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    20.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    21.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    22.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    23.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    24.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    25.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    26.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    27.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    28.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    29.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    30.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    31.) 0 win 1 loss 0 draw
    32.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    33.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    34.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    35.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    36.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    37.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    38.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    39.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    40.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    41.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    42.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    43.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    44.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    45.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    46.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    47.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    48.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    49.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    50.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    51.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    52.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    53.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    54.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    55.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    56.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    57.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    58.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    59.) 0 win 2 loss 0 draw
    60.) 3 win 1 loss 0 draw
    61.) 0 win 4 loss 0 draw
    62.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    63.) 8 win 3 loss o draw
    64.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    64.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    65.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    66.) 3 win 2 loss 0 draw
    67.) 0 win 0 loss 0 draw
    68.) 4 win 3 loss 0 draw
    69.) 2 win 1 loss 0 draw

    ;414; Aces Nest Clan Shop ;414;

    Here, you can trade in your AF for the various items and pokemon at our clan shop. Prices will vary depending on what kind of pokemon/item you are getting. Should you want anything from our clan shop, just post in thread and we will be certain to meet your request. Please keep in mind that we also accept any donations that you would like to give to the shop. Should you want to donate, please PM any of the clan leaders and staff, and provide detailed information on what you're donating. Now onto what's in the shop:

    These people came 3rd or 4th in the clan tournament & will get a one time discount on anything in the shop. i will remove you from the list once you claim your discount...
    -serenity will get one thing free from the shop due to comming 2nd in the doubles tournament

    These are worth 175 AF each
    Mewtwo lvl: ?? UT
    Nature: Docile

    Ho-Oh lvl: ?? UT
    Nature: Rash

    Lugia lvl: ?? UT
    Nature: Bold

    Raikou lvl: ?? UT
    Nature: Lax

    Entei lvl: ?? UT
    Nature: Naughty

    Suicine lvl: ?? UT
    Nature: Docile

    Corsola lvl: 40 UT

    Stantler lvl: 1 UT
    Nature: Timid
    Egg Moves: Calm Mind and Energy Ball

    Snorlax lvl: 1 UT
    Nature: Naive
    Egg Moves: Curse and EQ

    Hippopotas lvl: 1 UT
    Nature: Modest
    Egg Moves: Slack Off

    Tailow lvl: 1 UT
    Egg moves: bravebird

    Apiom lvl: 1 UT
    Egg Moves fakeout, pursuit

    Torchic lvl: 1 UT

    Pineco lvl: 1 UT
    nature: Impish
    Egg Moves: toxic spikes

    Chansey lvl: 16 UT
    Nature: bold

    Chansey lvl: 1 UT
    Nature: sassy
    Egg Moves: aromatherapy

    Chansey lvl: 1 UT
    Nature: serious
    Egg moves: aromatherapy

    Bagon lvl: 1 UT
    Nature: careful
    Moves: hydro pump & dragon dance

    These items are worth 15AF each
    100X pokeball
    [bold]2X[/bold] tm 45 (attract)
    [bold]5X [/bold]tm 32 (double team)

    These items are worth 25AF each:
    1X Amulet coin
    10X netball
    4X luckyegg
    1X adament orb
    1X tm 92 (trick room)
    1X tm 87 (substitute)

    These items are worth 75AF each:
    1X exp.share
    1X Dubious disc
    1X deepsea tooth
    10X leafstone
    10X firestone
    10X waterstone
    10X duskstone
    1X kingsrock
    3X tm 15 (hyperbeam)
    1X tm 13 (icebeam)
    1X leftovers

    These items are worth 100AF each:
    9X masterball
    1X sacred ash
    4X focus sash
    9X choice scarf
    9X choice specs
    10X choice band
    2X tm 26 (earthquake)
    1X tm 52 (focus blast)

    These Pokemon are worth 200 AF:
    (due too image limits i have had too remove some pictures)

    Skarmory Impish@ leftovers
    252 HP 252 Def. 4 Atack
    -Brave Bird

    Blissey bold @leftovers
    252 HP 252 Def. 4 Speed
    -Seismic Toss

    Tyranitar Jolly @ lum berry
    252 Attack 252 Speed 4 Hp
    -Dragon Dance
    -Rock Slide
    -Fire Punch

    dragonite rash
    116 Atk / 200 SpA / 192 Spe
    -Draco Meteor

    Pachirisu (Chipa) lvl33
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Run Away
    EVs:252 HP/ 6 Sp. Atk / 252 sp. Def
    -Light Screen
    -Super Fang

    Elekid (Hanno) lvl100
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Static
    EVs: 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd
    -Charge Beam
    -Signal Beam

    Magby (Kahimato) lvl100
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Flame Body
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Flare Blitz
    -Focus Punch

    Typhlosion (Firestar) lvl63
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Blaze
    EVs:6 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd
    -Hidden Power
    -Sunny Day

    Xatu (Clockwork) lvl62
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Synchronize
    EVs: 36 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 222 Spd
    -Night Shade
    -Signal Beam

    Gyarados (Kraken) lvl44
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Intimidate
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Stone Edge
    -Ice Fang
    -Dragon Dance

    Bellossom (Daisy) lvl36
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    EVs: 252 HP / 114 Def / 144 Sp. Def
    -Energy Ball
    -Sleep Powder
    -Stun Spore

    Grovyle (Nightmare) lvl66
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Overgrow
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd
    - Dragonbreath
    -Energy Ball
    -Hidden Power [Dragon]
    -Leaf Storm

    Torterra (Monstah) lvl48
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Overgrow
    EVs: 252 HP / 6 Atk / 252 Def
    -Leech Seed
    -Wood Hammer
    -Stealth Rock

    Tangrowth (Vinyl) lvl54
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    EVs: can't remember but trust me its EVd
    -Stun Spore
    -Sleep Powder
    -Power Whip

    Tropius (Brachio) lvl51
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Aerial Ace
    -Leaf Blade
    -Swords Dance

    Gastrodon (Swampthing) lvl100
    Nature: Relaxed
    Ability: Storm Drain
    EVs: uncertain
    -Mirror Coat

    Venusaur (Bruteroot) lvl35
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Overgrow
    EVs: 252 HP / 6 Sp. Atk / 252 Sp. Def
    -Energy Ball
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder
    -Sludge Bomb

    Gardevoir (Ballerina) lvl70
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Trace
    EVs: 252 HP / 68 Sp. Atk / 158 Sp. Def / 32 Spd
    -Thunder Wave

    Corsola (Stonewater) lvl42
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 HP / 6 Def / 252 Sp. Atk
    -Calm Mind
    -Ice Beam

    Swampert (Finny) lvl100
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Torrent
    EVs: 252 HP / 6 Atk / 252 Def
    -Stealth Rock
    -Stone Edge

    Surskit (Arachno) lvl 32 [yes, an EVd Surskit]
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Swift Swim
    EVs: 252 Sp. Atk / 6 Sp. Def / 252 Spd
    -Hydro Pump
    -Ice Beam
    -Signal Beam

    Crawdaunt (Crabclaw) lvl44
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    EVs: 28 HP / 232 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Swords Dance
    -Night Slash

    Blaziken (Ultimo) lvl75
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Blaze
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    -Blaze Kick
    -Sky Uppercut
    -Swords Dance

    Cyndaquil (Cynda) lvl67
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Blaze
    EVs: 6 HP/ 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd
    -Hidden Power

    Electivire (Striker) lvl65
    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Motor Drive
    EVs: 38 Atk/ 252 S. Atk/ 220 Spd
    -Cross Chop
    -Ice Punch

    Nature: Timid Ability: Forewarn
    252 Special Attack and 252 Speed
    Ivs: 5, 29, 23, 27, 31, 31
    -Ice beam
    -Focus Blast
    -Calm Mind

    Nature: Timid Ability: Compound Eyes
    252 special attack and 252 Speed
    Ivs: 31,31,31,31,31,31
    -Bug Buzz
    -Energy Ball
    -Shadow Ball
    -Sleep Powder

    Nature: Adamant Ability: Insomnia
    252 Attack and the rest is a mixture of Hp and special defense
    Ivs: 27, 31, 18, 24, 30, 24
    -Sucker Punch
    -Poison Jab
    -Toxic Spikes
    -Bug Bite

    Nature: Modest Ability: Levitate
    252 Special Atttack and 252 HP
    Ivs: 31, 6, 31, 19, 25, 25
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Fire Blast
    -Dark Pulse

    Evs: 252hp 100atk 156sp def
    Abiliy:clear body
    nature: careful

    Ampharos (Adrammelec) lvl66
    EVs: 252 HP/ 58 SP. ATK/ 200 SP. DEF
    Ability: Static
    Nature: Calm
    -Signal Beam
    -Light Screen

    EVS: 232 Atk/ 24 Spa/ 252 Spe
    Dragon Dance
    Fire blast

    Togepi w/lucky egg
    EVs:hp 252 sp attack 152 speed 104
    Ability:Serene grace
    -nasty plot

    EVs:255 hp 255 sp attack
    ability:Shell Armor
    -confuse ray
    -ice beam

    Evs: 252 SP.ATK/252 SPD
    Ivs: hp-3 attack-17 defense-0 special attack-31 special defense-31 speed-31
    -tri attack
    -dark pulse
    -ice beam

    Mantine (Misty) lvl100
    EVs: 252 HP/ 6 SP. ATK/ 252 SP. DEF
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Nature: Calm
    -Hidden Power [Flying}
    -Sleep Talk

    Manectric (Houngi) lvl100
    EVs: 6 HP/ 252 SP. ATK/ 252 SPD
    Ability: Static
    Nature: Timid
    -Hidden Power [Bug]

    Electivire lvl100
    EVs: 6 HP/ 252 ATK/ 252 SPD
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Nature: Adamant
    -Cross Chop
    -Ice Punch

    mewtwo lvl 75
    evs: 255sp atk 255 speed
    ability: pressure
    nature: mild
    These pokemon are worth 325 AF.

    moltres (queto) lvl 56
    evs: 255 speed 255 sp atk
    abiliy: puressure
    -ancient power
    -air slash

    aerodactyl lvl 35
    evs: unclear
    ability: puressure
    nature: jolly
    -rock slide
    -arial ace
    Shiny Starmie (Firestar) lvl100
    EVs: 6 HP/ 252 SP. ATK/ 252 SPD
    Ability: Illuminate
    Nature: Timid
    -Ice Beam

    These Pokemon are worth 300 AF.
    shiny sneasel ( lonely nature lvl 1)
    shiny wailmer ( modest nature lvl 31)
    shiny gallade (? nature)
    Shiny Butterfree (Calm nature lv16 T)
    Shiny Cranidos (Naive nature lv1 UT)
    Shiny Eevee x2 (Quirky nature lv 16 UT)
    Shiny Gulpin (Calm nature lv1 UT)
    Shiny Kricketune (Lonely nature lv22 UT)
    Shiny Lunatine (Modest nature lv35 UT)
    Shiny Magmar (Modest nature lv30 UT)
    Shiny Marill (Jolly nature lv23 UT)
    Shiny Sceptile (Timid nature lv36 UT)
    Shiny Shinx (Jolly nature lv1 UT)
    Shiny Sneasel (Naive nature lv1 UT)
    Shiny Snover (Bashful nature lv1 UT)

    These pokemon are worth 250 AF.
    10th ANIV Latios (lvl 70 gentle nature)
    10th ANIV Suicune (lvl 70 lax nature)
    Oblivia Deoxys
    Sinjoh Giratina with Griseous Orb
    NZ Jirachi
    10 Aniv Mew
    PBR Electivire Adamant LV 50 UT
    PBR Magmortar Modest LV 50 UT
    TRU Dragonite Mild LV 50 UT
    10ANIV Entei Naughty LV 70 UT
    10ANIV Raikou Hardy LV 70 UT
    MATTLE Ho oh Serious Lv 70 UT
    TRU Regigigas Hardy Lv 100 UT
    TRU Shaymin Mild Lv 50 UT
    Ranger 2 Darkrai Jolly Lv 50 UT
    Ranger 3 Deoxys Attack, Defense, Speed, Normal (in order of from from attack to speed is Jolly, Calm. Quiet, Quiet) all lv 50 UT
    Ranger 3 Heatran Quiet Lv. 50 UT
    Ranger 3 Shaymin Serious Lv 30 UT
    WC 09 Shiny Eevee Hardy Lv50 UT

    These Pokemon are worth 150 AF.
    Winner's Path Bronzor x2(ones with Trick Room) Hardy Lv 5 UT
    Winner's Path Horsea (one with Muddy Water, comes with Dragon Scale) Modest Lv 5 UT
    Yellow Forest Pikachu (ones with Flail) Calm and Jolly Lv 13 UT
    Pikachu from pokewalker lvl: 10 UT
    Poliwag Nature: timid from pokewalker lvl: 15 UT

    In this special service, one of the clan leaders, Mr. Amazing400, is offering a batch of mystery eggs at 125 AF per egg. If you purchase 5 eggs at once, then you'll get the 6th egg free, so don't miss out. You'll never know what you're gonna get...

    ;398; EV Training Services: ;398;

    In this section, you can request to have a pokemon of yours EV trained by one of our EV trainers here in the clan. The cost for our EV training services is 200 AF. Services in addition to the EV training (i.e Movesets) will cost 50 AF extra. If you need the EV trainers to clear the EVs off your pokemon, that costs 15 AF. Use the EV training request form below to place your order.

    Pokemon to be EV Trained:
    Moveset (costs 50 AF extra):

    Once your order has been placed, one of these EV Trainers will get to your order.

    -Loonybin (Doesn't do movesets) (2923 1418 6495)
    -4kjayhawks (FC: 3524 3465 9559)
    -teh jonno (FC:3009 1919 2521)

    ;472; Breeding Services: ;472;

    In this section, you can request to have a pokemon you want bred by the clan's breeders. Our breeders can breed natures for you and egg moves. Breeding Pokemon will cost 150 AF. Having to do a breeding chain for a specific egg move will cost 50 AF extra. Use the breeding request form below to place your order.

    Egg Moves:

    Once your order has been placed, one of these breeders will get to your order.

    -GrovyleCelebi (FC: 2966 1368 9140)
    -firestar319 (4855 2736 4563)
    -DTrain5742 (FC: 2278 9159 9533)
    -mrbadguy096 (FC: 0775 2946 5078)

    ;006; Clan Events: ;006;

    In this section, we will put any special events that this clan will have.

    AA Hall of Fame!
    We've decided to open the AA Pokemon Hall of Fame. Basically what this is, is that we are gonna document pokemon in this clan that have famous and/or infamous to a lot of the members in this clan. In order to put up pokemon for nomination, you must use this form:

    Top 10 Pokemon nominations (1 being the best. Also, you must state which member owns the pokemon):
    Why these pokemon are being nominated:

    If we see one pokemon with a majority of nominations, then we'll PM the owner, and the owner will mention any historical feats or battles that their nominated pokemon has done. You can nominate whenever you want and as frequently as you want. However, doing so will cause your original nomination list to be null and void. Now lets see who will make it into the AA Hall of Fame! If you're submitting a nomination, you cannot select your own pokemon.

    Pokemon Achievements!

    WE're going to have a set of pokemon-based challenged for everyone to complete (When I think of a catchy name for the event, I'll let ya know). Basically, this'll function like achievements on the Xbox. Once you complete the challenge, you'll get a rank title associated with the challenge. Unfortunately at this moment, no rank title names have been created yet, but they will be in a day or two. You'll still be able to complete challenges. There are 2 forms of challenges: Normal and Advanced challenges. Normal challenges are for everyone in the clan. Advanced challenges are only for those in the Salamence Rank. The current list of challenges are:

    -Have all 493 pokemon in the pokedex. (Must have pictures of your pokedex e-mailed to Firestar, or make a video with your forum username somewhere in the video title, vid description, on within the video itself)
    -Obtain 5 shiny pokemon that have the same OT
    -Win at least 3 Master Rank Contests in different categories using the same pokemon
    -Win 3 clan tournaments

    -Defeat an OU team with only NUs
    -Win a battle without using any items
    -Win a battle using moves that don't get boosted by STAB
    -Win 10 battles in a row

    * 5 regular battles
    * 1 with UU pokemon only
    * 2 with NU pokemon only
    * 1 using at least 2 NFE pokemon
    * 1 using only pokemon with natures the increase both defenses

    More challenges will continue to be added.

    ;178; Credit and Suggestions: ;178;

    We are not a perfect clan. If you have any suggestions that can help make the clan better, then please feel free to PM any of the leaders and we'll see what we can do.

    Credit goes out to:

    -SPPf for letting us host our clan here
    -jahz for our awesome clan banner
    -miscellaneous pokemon-based sites for the sprites
    -SOCCER_PRO for our awesome rank userbars
    -All of you for taking the time to read everything =D
    -And to everyone else I may have forgotten =p

    Shown below are userbars for the rank you are in for your sigs. Just copy and paste the code!
    Here are banners for your sigs if you wish and don't forget, just copy and paste the code!

    Last edited: Nov 22, 2010
  2. AmpharosOnAScooter

    AmpharosOnAScooter New Member

    hooray for being back up :D Obviously I'm rejoining :) woop
  3. Stickworld111

    Stickworld111 AA Clan Artist

    Hey! I'm glad the threads back up. I'm rejoining. This clan is too awesome to not rejoin! :D
  4. ElliotDX

    ElliotDX Well-Known Member

    Rejoining :)
  5. Mr. amazing400

    Mr. amazing400 arcanine FTW

    all three of you are members once again....yay
    you will be keeping your previous ranks so no test battles needed
  6. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Welcome back guys. I'm trying to update the post with the previous info, but this internal server error keeps popping up when I try to save the changes, so except the updates sometime later today.
  7. ElliotDX

    ElliotDX Well-Known Member

    Recently, I acquired a Japanese Pikachu over the GTS for a Wigglytuff which I didn't really want, just for my Pokedex (the wigglytuff). Due to Yellow Forest, I have several other Pikachus. I can breed these, with the Masuda method.

    Maybe the eggs could be used as a sort of lucky dip thing? Buy one and hope for the best, sort of like the lottery. Though...

    Odds of Winning the Lottery: 1 in 14 Million
    Chance of shiny from Masuda method: 1 in 2048


    Me and SW111 have had a clan battle, which is overall our forth battle. (only two have been clan)

    This time I pulled off a close win, with me having a 21 HP Gyarados and then Pidgeot left. I got lucky though, I had a move miss once, though his missed quite frequently.

    Also his Tyaranitar's Special Ability turned against him, when it ended up KOing his Feraligatar.

    Good match :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 28, 2010
  8. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    great welcome back members.

    I going to have a offical battle with Stickworld111 later (one Stickworld111 come on)
  9. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    You you're suggesting to sell the eggs with hopes that a shiny will hatch out of it? Personally, I like the idea, especially since the Masuda method works in better in getting shinies than the Pokeradar I think.

    And your AF count has just been updated.
  10. Witch of 'Cos

    Witch of 'Cos i love the pee pees

    Name: gingbino11
    FC: 2021-2336-6264
    Battling Experience (Rate from 1-10): A fair amount, I'd say a 2.
    Reason for Joining: I just think it looks like a nice clan to join up to.
    Referred to this clan by anybody (if yes then who): Nope.
  11. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Welcome to the Airborne Aces Clan! Be sure to PM either me or Mr. amazing400 to arrange a test battle to determine your rank.
  12. GrovyleCelebi

    GrovyleCelebi Pokemon Resistance

    sorry for late reply but I'm rejoining.
  13. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    I just had a test battle with gingbino11 and I didn't even need to think about what rank they deserved. That battle was absolutely amazing and their skill is high ly impressive. Therefore, I'm awarding gingbino11 with the Salamence Rank. Congratulations!
  14. darklord18

    darklord18 Cheekyshipper

    had a battle with SW111

    SW111 did pull of some good moves but also need to improve on some areas. but overall a fun matach and a close one.

    major espeon stall lol

    anyway score was 1-0 my way.

    great match SW111
  15. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Your AF count has been updated.

    And how do you stall with Espeons?

    EDIT: Getting ready to have an official clan battle against Mr. amazing400. Let's see how this one will turn out....
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010
  16. ElliotDX

    ElliotDX Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's what I'm hoping. Plus eggs of the same type of Pokemon with different ID numbers make eggs a lot quicker.

    Also, me and AmpharosOnAScooter should be having a clan battle soon.
  17. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Awesome then. Hopefully you'll get shinies popping out of those eggs.

    And speaking of clan battles, I just had one with Mr. amazing400 and he beat me 1-0 in perhaps one of the greatest stall wars ever. And its official: Blissey is my number 1 most hated pokemon ever, Wish Blisseys especially. Good game dude. And I thought of an episode title for the battle: The Great Stall War! Umbreon vs. Blissey!
  18. Mr. amazing400

    Mr. amazing400 arcanine FTW

    WOOO....my first win against firestar gg man gg

    now thats a stall war for the ages (it came from 3-1 firestars way to 1-0 my way) & as winner i get 125AF

    i will also take this oppertunity to welcome gingbino11 to our clan...good going getting put in salamence rank...
  19. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Stupid stinkin Blissey did me in again.....

    Oh and your AF has been updated
  20. ElliotDX

    ElliotDX Well-Known Member

    Me and AmpharosOnAScooter finally got round to having our clan battle. It was a brilliant match which I got totally psyched about. I did have the advantage of knowing two of his Pokemon from the start (Ampharos and Flygon) but I also had type match-ups that were perfect. I think these contributed to my win.

    EDIT: Hey can I buy the "10ANIVO Celebi Lax Lv 70 UT"? I have enough AF now

    Plus I want to do the special event in Ilex Forest.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010
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