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The Aliance of Gods (sign ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by kawaiiconcept, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. kawaiiconcept

    kawaiiconcept TOP OF THE MORNIN'

    rated PG-13 because of war
    In the begining of time there were only two gods. The goddess of the sun and the God of the moon. They both hated and loved each other. During a time when they were in love they had Four children. Those children, and the parents, were allowed to create a race of creatures to serve in their name.
    The oldest was the Goddess of Earth, who created the land. Her comon name was Gia. She created witches and taught them to protect the plants and animals.
    Next was the God of water. He caused rivers and oceans to come into existance. His comon name was Lir. His creation was a race of people that could become either seals or otters if they wore the skin of that animal. They were the protectors of the water and were called the Kies.
    A goddes of wind was born next and was named Pan. She made it so all life on Earth could breath. Pan created a race of creatures that fly like birds and even wore thier feathers. She entrusted with them the duty of gaurding the sky. They were called Angelics, though they had no relation to heavenly Angles.
    The youngest child was only called Half-moon. He was never given anything to rule over, he was also born half blind for unknown reasons. In his bitterness he created the most flawed of creatures, Humans. Half-moon vowed to someday take over both the day and the night.
    After their children were born the Sun goddess, whose comon name was Aine, and the Moon God, comon name being Iah, created their own races.
    Aine created a race of creatures that could take the form of one chosen animal. She called them Wers. The Wers were taught to gaurd Aine's temples and places of worship.
    Iah created creatures that had to live by night and drink the blood of others. They were simply called the children of the moon. Iah's creations gaurded nothing but thmselves.

    Years later Half-moon became fed up with the unfairness of his situation. So he spread a rumor to the Weres that Iah was jelous of the majority of creatures enoying Aine's light. When the news reached Aine she contacted Gia and Pan to gather their races and prepare for attack. During this time Half-moon convinced Iah to believe that Aine wanted control over his Iah's creatures. Iah agreed to an aliance with Half-moon and Lir. The gods and their creatures prepared to defend their honor.
    The Gods are at war.
    Chaos begins.
    Who's side will you choose?
    -all SPPF rules apply.
    -signatures OK unless they are realy long.
    -Battles are to be reffed by me.
    -No hybrid creatures
    -Battles are turn based unless you are in a team.
    -You can only be allies with a creature from your side (Iah or Aine)
    -Witches are mostly peaceful and do not seek battle.
    -Please be as detailed as possible
    -this is an open rp but I must first approve you
    Sign up form
    Age: (all species age like humans)
    Gender: (you can be ungendered)
    Species: (please only pick from the races above. If you choose Wer or Kie please specify what you turn into.)
    Description/Personality: (at least a paragraph, please be detailed)
    *Witches only* Magik Profession: (spells, potions, psychic reading and fortune telling)
    Misc: (any other info)
  2. Venyos10

    Venyos10 Dark-type Master

    Name: Skarif
    Age: 57(But still kickin')
    Gender: Male
    Species: Were, Alt-form: Crocodilian
    Skarif is a war vet that used to fight on Tiamut's side, but quit so he could retain his last few limbs. He became senior advisory to Tiamat's military, and strategises battle plans against Bahamut. He is an irritable old man with an iron prosthetic leg and half a nose. Scars cover most of his face, arms and chest while his good leg remains strangely unscathed.
  3. kawaiiconcept

    kawaiiconcept TOP OF THE MORNIN'

    Edit: rejected, Your description wasn't long enough.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
  4. kawaiiconcept

    kawaiiconcept TOP OF THE MORNIN'

    starting a new RP
    this one is considered dormant

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