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The "All-Pokemon" Face-Off

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Oddish plzkthnxbai
I Love my swampert said:
oddish sucks i like vileplume but oddish sucks

why did you say that out of no where?

anyway I vote for magikarp, swampert and blastoise

Aerial Ace

We can't vote for the same Pokes twice in a row, correct? And it seems like Magikarp is gone...so...

My votes for today are Relicanth, Feebas (why has this not gotten votes yet?), and Clamperl. I've got no love for the Hoenn Water Pokemon (save a certain one that I won't mention for a certain reason). =/


You can vote twice! But you can't vote the same Pokemon twice!

Anyways.. Magikarp, The tribe has spoken!

Luvdisc, Feebas - 3
Milotic, Goldeen - 2
Barboach, Clamperl, Whiscash, Quagsire, Qwilfish, Seel, Kingler, Poliwrath, Cloyster, Corsola, Wooper, Swampert, Blastoise, Tentacool, Relicanth - 1
REST - 0

Everybody can vote again, and you can even vote your last choice now!


Yes I use MS paint
Goldeen, Luvdisc and Tentacruel gotta go
Keep Blastoise, Dewgong and Vaporeon!!!
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Blastoise(sorry, Starter350, it's just a big threat....Which is a good thing >>), Kingler, and Gyarados. Kanto cannot prevail.
*sobs* Why do you all hate Luvdisc so?!? *Hugs cute little heart-esque Pokémon* And Relicanth got a vote too ;o;.

SC~ out


Let's me see....I am gonna vote for Milotic, Mudkip and Corsola...


I own the 5th gen
Sheer Cold, just say the word, and I could help vote out certain popular water-types like, oh, say the starters, that overshadow and therefor threaten Lovecus's existance within this round. Just agree to my contract, and I'm under your every will for this round.

Feti, I hope you don't argue with me about the legality behind selling my unused votes to other people (because logically, it could be done in real life elections, similar to voting for someone just because their friend wanted them to or whatever), but I really hope that you keep any of my potential deal-holders in check come time for the Dragon-type round.

Aerial Ace

Today I'll vote for Luvdisc, Goldeen, and Milotic. I'd vote Feebas over Goldeen, but I voted for it yesterday.
...........Why, AA, why?!? With your vote, Luvdisc.........is gone........*violently stabs any and all who voted for Luvdisc* What a tragedy to see such an awesome Pokémon go.......*prepares Grudge votes*

Starter350, you've lost my respect......I vote out Dewgong, Blastoise, and Vaporeon.......*wears "I Love Luvdisc!" shirt*

SC~ out

Aerial Ace

Sorry SC, I just cannot stand Luvdisc. It's perhaps the weakest Water Pokemon ever, after Magikarp and Feebas. It's not exactly cute in my opinion. And I hate pink. And little heart thingies. x_x So....yeah.
Cyndaquil's No.1 Fan said:
Goldeen, Luvdisc, Remoraid. All hellish useless.

SC~ out
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