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The "All-Pokemon" Face-Off

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Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
Blastiose, moltic, clampearl


Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
Feti said:
Current Round:
Round #2 - Fire

It's like a game, to find out who's the best Pokemon for each type when all types only got one Poke left, it's be: 1 voted out a day, to see who is the last pokemon standing! (Ps. There'll be only Pokemon's 1st type.. except Flying, the last group, where all flying pokes get another chance, and then there's all the second place pokemons, who'll also get a second chance.. except the flying second place.. there it's his third chance..)
5 votes, and the pokemon is out, you can vote again when the next pokemon is out! (There will never be legendaries)


Sole Survivors:
Grass - Tropius
Fire - Torkoal
Water - Current
Bug -
Normal -
Electric -
Poison -
Ground -
Rock -
Psychic -
Fighting -
Ice -
Steel -
Dark -
Dragon -
Flying -
Second Chance -

All-Star -

Grass Face-Off: Page 1 - 8
Fire Face-Off: Page 8 -20
Water Face-Off: Page 20 - ??

EDIT: Oh, and you're voting Pokemon OUT untill there will only be 2, then you're voting for! :)

I'll do the next 3 after this ones done-which are Bug,Normal,& Electric is that all right?


Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
hellow just testing srry
Hello! Never posted here before, but it appears Blastoise, Tentacool, Kingler, Goldeen, Magikarp, Feebas, Milotic, Clampearl, and Luvdisc are all DEAD. Why must you continue to vote for dead pokes? I vote Carvahna, Seadra, and Gyarados for a kill!


Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
squrtile, totidile,barboach
squrtile, totidile,barboach


Pittsburgh Pirates 7th Super Bowl
ludicolo, todile, vaporeon


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Swampert Marshstomp and Golduck bye bye


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Marill, Azumarill, and Tentacruel. Final answer.

WaterDragon trainer

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I guess I'll vote for MARRILL, AZUMARRIL, and TENTACRUEL.
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