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The Alpha Dex (rated PG)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Z-nogyroP, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Hello, everyone! This is a new fanfiction that I will be, well, writing. So, essentially, this is a fic where readers will give me requests on what Pokemon to use in a oneshot, and I will try to write about all 649. Also, after every oneshot, I will write my own Pokedex entry that the writers at GameFreak would actually use. For example, I can't write a oneshot about a Sneasel that likes parachuting for some odd reason, and then saying, "They enjoy parachuting."

    Here's an index of all the so far completed Pokemon:
    #000 [post=14756692]Missingno.[/post]
    #019 [post=14785121]Rattata[/post]
    #025 [post=15547437]Pikachu[/post]
    #042 [post=14732158]Golbat[/post]
    #043 [post=15213405]Oddish[/post]
    #044 [post=15213405]Gloom[/post]
    #045 [post=15213405]Vileplume[/post]
    #060 [post=14673066]Poliwag[/post]
    #081 [post=14788354]Magnemite[/post]
    #082 [post=14696460]Magneton[/post]
    #083 [post=14910661]Farfetch'd[/post]
    #093 [post=15366562]Haunter[/post]
    #099 [post=15547437]Kingler[/post]
    #100 [post=15022289]Voltorb[/post]
    #109 [post=15022289]Koffing[/post]
    #113 [post=14819785]Chansey[/post]
    #132 [post=14808277]Ditto[/post]
    #138 [post=14767624]Omanyte[/post]
    #139 [post=14767624]Omastar[/post]
    #143 [post=14850821]Snorlax[/post]
    #152 [post=15140510]Chikorita[/post]
    #153 [post=15140510]Bayleef[/post]
    #154 [post=15140510]Meganium[/post]
    #168 [post=14901646]Ariados[/post]
    #184 [post=14841793]Azumarill[/post]
    #189 [post=14910661]Jumpluff[/post]
    #206 [post=14775920]Dunsparce[/post]
    #208 [post=14735050]Steelix[/post]
    #219 [post=14714787]Magcargo[/post]
    #235 [post=14808277]Smeargle[/post]
    #242 [post=14819785]Blissey[/post]
    #254 [post=15683945]Sceptile[/post]
    #256 [post=14792847]Combusken[/post]
    #258 [post=15169533]Mudkip[/post]
    #278 [post=15404399]Wingull[/post]
    #299 [post=14788354]Nosepass[/post]
    #308 [post=14724353]Medicham[/post]
    #316 [post=14910661]Gulpin[/post]
    #321 [post=14745196]Wailord[/post]
    #328 [post=15169533]Trapinch[/post]
    #330 [post=15072682]Flygon[/post]
    #332 [post=15072682]Cacturne[/post]
    #336 [post=14901646]Seviper[/post]
    #338 [post=14714787]Solrock[/post]
    #346 [post=14767624]Cradily[/post]
    #350 [post=15547437]Milotic[/post]
    #351 [post=14732158]Castform[/post]
    #359 [post=15115052]Absol[/post]
    #360 [post=14701245]Wynaut[/post]
    #362 [post=14735050]Glalie[/post]
    #366 [post=14910661]Clamperl[/post]
    #369 [post=15536228]Relicanth[/post]
    #380 [post=14696460]Latias[/post]
    #381 [post=14696460]Latios[/post]
    #392 [post=14841793]Infernape[/post]
    #399 [post=14741849]Bidoof[/post]
    #400 [post=14772045]Bibarel[/post]
    #401 [post=14811305]Kricketot[/post]
    #420 [post=14763113]Cherubi[/post]
    #436 [post=14756692]Bronzor[/post]
    #437 [post=14780694]Bronzong[/post]
    #439 [post=15366562]Mime Jr.[/post]
    #442 [post=14815595]Spiritomb[/post]
    #446 [post=14792847]Munchlax[/post]
    #462 [post=14780694]Magnezone[/post]
    #469 [post=15115052]Yanmega[/post]
    #473 [post=14785121]Mamoswine[/post]
    #475 [post=14724353]Gallade[/post]
    #478 [post=14811305]Froslass[/post]
    #479 [post=14710122]Rotom[/post]
    #487 [post=14724353]Giratina[/post]
    #495 [post=14741849]Snivy[/post]
    #495 [post=14775920]Serperior[/post]
    #511 [post=14850821]Pansage[/post]
    #517 [post=14819785]Munna[/post]
    #518 [post=15072682]Musharna[/post]
    #534 [post=14689793]Conkeldurr[/post]
    #554 [post=15683945]Darumaka[/post]
    #555 [post=15705345]Darmanitan[/post]
    #560 [post=14756692]Scrafty[/post]
    #563 [post=14701245]Cofagrigus[/post]
    #569 [post=14756692]Garbodor[/post]
    #579 [post=15404399]Reuniclus[/post]
    #582 [post=14825612]Vanillite[/post]
    #583 [post=14850821]Vanillish[/post]
    #589 [post=15353065]Escavalier[/post]
    #594 [post=15536228]Alomomola[/post]
    #595 [post=14745196]Joltik[/post]
    #596 [post=14749366]Galvantula[/post]
    #600 [post=15404399]Klang[/post]
    #607 [post=14825612]Litwick[/post]
    #609 [post=14825612]Chandelure[/post]
    #618 [post=14689793]Stunfisk[/post]
    #624 [post=14673066]Pawniard[/post]
    #627 [post=15353065]Rufflet[/post]

    PM List: Zibdas, jeffdavid102, charizarddude

    So, without further ado, here's the first oneshot:

    Pawniard and Poliwag

    She slowly moved through the tall grass. Though she was too short to see where she was going, she knew prey was nearby. She wasn’t exactly sure how, but she could sense it. The Pawniard always followed her senses. She slashed through the grass, and she saw a large pond. Her group usually came here to get a drink, but this time, she was out hunting. It was her first solo job, so naturally, she was excited.

    She quietly walked around the pond, seeking out the prey. The feeling was getting stronger, until she saw it. On a log, there was a single, small, blue Pokémon. It had a long, flat tail, and short, stubby legs. Stealthily, she snuck up on the Poliwag. Closer, closer, until she was ready. She suddenly slashed out at the tadpole with her bladed arms.

    Poliwag jumped in the nick of time, and without seeing what was happening, she screamed at the attacker. Pawniard covered her ears, reeling from the noise. For such a small Pokémon, she had a heck of a pair of lungs. After the yelling stopped, the Pawniard glanced over. Poliwag had disappeared. Curious, she peered into the lake. She was welcomed by a blast of water.

    Spluttering and gasping for air, she blindly slashed at the water, until she heard a familiar voice. “Maria?”

    She blinked at the Poliwag, who had jumped out of the water. “Cheryl?” she asked.

    The Poliwag smiled and spun around. “Maria! I thought it was you! How are you? How’s the pack? Did you have a good hunting season? How’s that crush on Brian going?”

    Maria coughed out some water, and then responded. “Well, let’s see. Fine, fine, yes, and, well, you know.” She blushed a bit. Cheryl was being a chatterbox, as always. Then again, that was why they were friends.

    Cheryl grinned. “Well, I’m glad you could drop by. Sorry for yelling at you, but next time don’t scare me like that. Here, sit down,” she said warmly.

    Pawniard agreed, and sat down beside her blue friend. “Yeah, sorry. I didn’t realize you were my friend.”

    “So, what’s up? This is the first time I’ve seen you out here without the other Pawniard and Bisharp. Did you run away?”

    “Nah, I’m out hunting. I’m finally old enough to go out by myself, and I should be finding something for dinner. But, what’s a few minutes to catch up with an old friend? Besides, I can easily run something down and catch it when I need to go. Unfezant are reported in the area, and it’s been way too long since I’ve had poultry.”

    Cheryl laughed. “Well, I have seen a few Unfezant. They’re really snooty and uptight, but I have to admit, the guys don’t look half bad. Also, I hear there are some Farfetch’d around here-oops, hang on,” she said.

    Maria watched intently as Cheryl jumped into the pond. She noticed a dragonfly hovering over a lilypad. Dragonflies weren’t Pokémon, they were animals. As far as she was concerned, it was a really bad attempt to imitate a Yanma. But that didn’t matter right now. She observed closely, always ready to learn about how other Pokémon hunted.

    The Poliwag’s translucent body became almost invisible in the water. She slowly moved closer to the lilypad. The dragonfly cautiously landed on the bright pink flower. And without warning, Cheryl leapt out of the water and shot a disproportionately long tongue at the unfortunate bug. It quickly retracted into her mouth, and she swam back to where Maria sat.

    She swallowed. “So, as I was saying, there are a few Farfetch’d here. I hear they’re delicious, but they’re also really rare. If you find one, give me the leek. It protects that thing with its life, so that can be its downfall.”

    Maria smiled. “Of course. I hate vegetables, but you love them.” Her species was exclusively carnivorous, although she knew Bisharp had a wider diet and would occasionally eat plants.

    The Poliwag giggled. Maria was tempted to continue the conversation, but the sound of wings flapping snapped her back to reality. “Oh my gosh! I just remembered, I have to catch something for dinner, or else I won’t be allowed to leave the group for another month. I have to go, Cheryl. See you around!”

    Cheryl waved with her tail. “See you!” she said happily. After a wave of goodbye, she went back to stalking her prey. She could sense an Unfezant around here somewhere.


    Pawniard: The blade on its head acts as radar. It attacks and subdues prey with its bladed arms.

    Poliwag: When in danger, it cries loudly. While its attacker is dazed, it leaps into a nearby body of water.


    So, what do you think? Oh, and as some of you may know, these were originally all supposed to be horror stories, but I decided to discard that idea. However, I didn't discard the stories I already wrote, so I will add a small disclaimer if I wrote the story when it was supposed to be all scary and demented stories.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2013
  2. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Wow, no one's requested anything yetas if I didn't expect that. Anywho, here's the next story! It involves two Pokemon you wouldn't normally see together, but I figured it could work well. Also, there is a small Smogon.com reference, but even if you don't use that site, it should be quite obvious.

    Stunfisk and Conkeldurr

    Way in western Unova, there was a small town known as Icirrus City. There, it was constantly chilly, and the cold attracted some select species of Pokémon. Some were there simply because they liked the cold, such as Vanillish. Some were there to test their endurance, such as Sawk. And some were there before it became ridiculously cold, such as Palpitoad, but either couldn’t or didn’t bother to move.

    Now, many trainers visited this town. Many were here to get their seventh gym badge. Some were attracted by the rare Pokémon. There were many Ice-types, like Beartic, and there was also a large tower where Golett and Druddigon were not uncommon. But they all had one thing in common-they all ignored one species.

    The species was known as Stunfisk. They were ridiculed by many trainers simply due to their appearance. They were forgotten, ignored, left in the dust of more memorable Pokémon. Many Pokédexes didn’t even recognize the species. But the Stunfisk didn’t mind. Being ignored by the humans meant they weren’t going to be captured, and so the population exploded.

    But one Stunfisk did mind.

    “But it isn’t fair,” Sammy complained. “Why do we have to take this? Why, we have just as much potential as Haxorus! As Excadrill! As Zekrom! As Choice Band Technician Scizor!”

    The other Stunfisk gave him an odd look. “You’ve been on that weird Koffing website too much,” Sophia said. “Anyway, it’s good that we aren’t noticed by the humans. Do you know what they’ll make you do if they catch you? They’ll force you to battle against really strong Pokémon, like Scrafty or Reuniclus! No thanks. I’d rather stay safe in our pond.”

    “But don’t you ever get cold in here?” Sammy argued. “If we went with a trainer, we’d get our own heated Poké Balls! Plus, they’d feed us. We wouldn’t have to forage in the mud for food. And I’d love to battle something like that. It’ll give me a refreshing challenge. I’m tired of beating up the Shelmet here.”

    Sophia rolled her eyes. Sammy usually overestimated himself, and made challenges that he couldn’t win. In fact, it was his endeavors that had drove them to build a small hospital made of mud on the pond floor. Every time he got out, he wasn’t gone for ten minutes before he was right back in the bed. But then again, you had to admire his resilient ego.

    Suddenly, they noticed footsteps. A trainer was coming. The other Stunfisk were already burying themselves in mud. They were ignored, but it never hurt to reinforce their secrecy. But not Sammy. He was swimming furiously towards the surface; the only thing holding him back was Sophia. “Sammy! What are you doing? You’ll get caught!”

    “That’s the point, you idiot! I have to leave this pond!” He thrashed and splashed, but Sophia had a firm grip on him. But unfortunately, the trainer had already noticed and was prepared to produce a powerful Pokémon.

    “Fine!” Sophia exclaimed. “I give up!” She let go of Sammy, and he burst out of the pond happily.

    But the trainer frowned. “Oh, it’s just one of those weird fish things. Maybe I can find a Palpitoad or something further out.”

    “No! Wait!” Sammy cried. “Take me with you! Don’t leave! Please!” But it was too late. The trainer was already long gone. Frowning, he plopped back into the pond, where everyone else was swimming away. “It’s not fair. Look! We’re fast!” He demonstrated by zipping from one side of the pond to the other. “They just underestimate us.”

    Sophia groaned. “Well, sometimes being underestimated is better than the alternative. You wouldn’t want to be matched up against someone you have no chance against. Plus… Sammy? Are you listening?”

    But obviously, he wasn’t. He was pacing around the pond, muttering to himself. Suddenly, he gasped. “I’ve got it! I’ll go fight that Conkeldurr that lives around here and prove that Stunfisk have potential! Bye, Sophia! Next time you see me, I’ll be a hero to Stunfisk kind!”

    Sophia sighed. She started cleaning out the hospital bed.

    Meanwhile, Sammy had barely managed to get to the cave. Though he was fast in the water, he had to resort to flopping around on land. It was tiring, and he was getting sluggish from the cold. But then he saw the Conkeldurr, and his blood heated up again.

    The Conkeldurr was presently smashing large boulders into rubble. He heaved his pillars into the air, smashed the rock, and then caught then without batting an eye. He wriggled around to get closer, and then called out, “Hey, clown-face!”

    The Conkeldurr turned his head. Spotting the mudfish, he turned his head back around and focused on smashing rocks instead. But Sammy refused to back down. “Yeah, I’m talking to you, Camerupt butt! What’s the matter, you a scaredy-cat? Or are you ugly and hard of hearing?”

    Conkeldurr grunted, but made no other signs of acknowledging the Stunfisk’s existence. But Sammy didn’t stop there. “Come on, you big baby! Fight! Or are you too scared that I’ll whip your sorry behind?” The yellow spots on his back crackled with electricity, and then zapped Conkeldurr. Conkeldurr winced, but it was clear he wasn’t going to battle this fish anytime soon.

    And yet, Sammy refused to take the hint. “Yeah! Eat that! Oh wait, you couldn’t eat that if you were spoon-fed! Zinger!” He continued to taunt and tease the muscular Pokémon, but Conkeldurr didn’t want to hurt the poor fish. But when he said something nasty about his mother, he turned around. Sammy smirked, and began flopping back and forth. “Oh yeah, you can’t hit a moving target, can you? You’re too slow! Or should I say, sloooooooooow?” He attempted to zap Conkeldurr again, but he stuck out a pillar and diverted the bolt.

    Conkeldurr narrowed his eyes. He tossed his two pillars thirty feet in the air without taking his eyes off Stunfisk. Sammy gulped, and finally realized that challenging Conkeldurr may not have been the best idea. Conkeldurr brought his fist back, and slammed it into the fish’s body and sent him flying back to the pond. He landed directly in the hospital bed. Good thing. He’d need it.

    Moral of the story: Think before you challenge a ridiculously overpowered Pokémon to a battle without having any sort of strategy whatsoever.


    Stunfisk: It lives at the bottom of ponds. Though agile in the water, it is pathetic and slow on land.

    Conkeldurr: It hones its skills by punching boulders. One can toss an anvil forty feet in the air.
  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Surprised no one's commented on this yet. I thought these were pretty cool. Pokedex one shots are a pretty neat idea. I think I like the Stunfisk and Conkeldurr the most because I thought elements of it were really amusing with the smogon and competitive battle references.
  4. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    I like that one more as well. Probably because there's a bit more humor in it.

    So, I got a request for Latias/Latios by VM. And believe it or not, I blanked on the idea of those two. So I added Magneton. And I got it worked out. For some reason, I seem to be better at strange mixes than ones that are traditionally put together. Oh, and just so you know, Bibarel's on reserve for Canada Day. It is a beaver, after all.

    So, here goes:

    Latias, Latios and Magneton

    The blue dragon streaked across the sky. He made magnificent ascensions and dives, all the while staying far above the skyline. Occasionally, he took a small risk and flew lower to the ground, sometimes brushing through oak trees. Flying high in the air, he had a beautiful aerial view of Altomare. It wasn’t much, but he and his sister, Latias, called it home. He smiled. “Gee, Latias, we sure are privileged to live in such an amazing place… Latias?” He glanced over, and his sister had disappeared. Latios sighed. His sister usually wandered off, observing some flowers or a shiny Beautifly. He flew down to the beach to look for her.

    He saw her, a large pink dragon inspecting a bakery on the boardwalk. She was apparently staring at cakes. Latios went wide-eyed and zoomed after her. “Latias! What do you think you’re doing?”

    She glanced over at him. “Latios! Look! The humans make these colourful things that smell really nice! Maybe they’ll give us one!”

    Latios began tugging on her shoulders, pulling her away. “Latias! We can’t let the humans see us! Now come on! We have to go!”

    Latias frowned, but went with him. “Aw, but I wanted to see one of the humans make those things.”

    “They’re called ‘cakes,’ Latias. You’re lucky that the bakery was closed, or we would have been toast. Can you please just act a bit more mature?”

    But Latias ignored him. Her thin feathers had all suddenly poofed up. “Latios! Follow me! I think someone’s in trouble!” She paused for a while, then added, “It feels like three of them!”

    Latios sighed. “Oh, for the love of-Fine, I’ll come.” They both flew off to the middle of the ocean. Latios saw that, for once, Latias was right. He could see electric sparks flying off from a single point. He could also hear three faint voices. Deciding it would be safer to observe from a distance first, he and his sister hovered a few metres away from the sparks, to make sure it was safe. They listened in on the voices.

    “Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, we’re going to DIE out here! We’re going to die, we’re going to die, we’re going to DIE!”

    “Calm down, calm down. It’ll be fine. We’ll get out of here eventually.”

    “WHEN? We’ve been stranded out here for weeks! We’re going to DIE!”

    “Just SHUT UP, both of you! Seriously! Just shut your mouths!”

    “But we’re going to DIE! Someone, HELP!”

    “NO ONE will hear you out here! So stop yelling! Just freaking SHUT UP!”

    Latias nudged her brother. “They sound like us, don’t they?” She smiled, and ruffled her feathers.

    Latios couldn’t help but smile back. “Yeah, I suppose they do. Come on, let’s go help them. Er, it. Well, whatever.”

    Latios and Latias flew out to the Pokémon. It certainly was a strange one, seemingly formed out of three Magnemite. The top one and left one seemed to be doing the most talking. And unfortunately, the one on the left- the one who’d get scared of his own shadow- noticed them first. “Oh my gosh, LATIAS and LATIOS! They’re going to kill us for being bad! HELP!”

    The top one clenched his single eye. “How many times have I told you that NOT EVERYTHING IS OUT TO KILL YOU!”

    As the two bickered on, the third one, the one on the right, actually addressed the two dragons. “Hello there. Please excuse the others, they don’t always… agree with each other. My name is Parker. The one beside me is William, and the one on top is Adrian. We are called…”

    “Magneton,” Latios said. “I’ve seen you guys around here. But, I always thought you guys had one brain?”

    “Nope. See, when we evolved, three random Magnemite united. And wouldn’t you know it, the three with the least in common were put together.”

    “Can’t you just pull apart from each other?” Latias inquired.

    “Sorry, no. See, we’ve tried. We just can’t. It’s like we gravitate toward each other. Pardon me a second.” He quickly zapped the other two, not harming them but bringing them to attention. “Excuse me, you two, but we have guests. Legendaries, nonetheless.”

    “’Sup,” said Adrian. “I’m the one who actually has any coolness. Say,” he said, motioning towards Latias, “you’re cute.”

    Latias blushed, but Latios stepped in. “I don’t think so, buddy. Not in this lifetime.”

    Latias, meanwhile, had moved over to William. “Hi!” she said cheerfully. She was returned by a harsh shriek.


    Latias floated over to Latios. “All I said was ‘Hi,’” she said, sounding hurt.

    Latios rubbed her neck. “Don’t worry. He’s just a bit high-strung, that’s all. It’s all right.”

    Latias sniffed, and then asked a more important question: “Why are you guys out here in the middle of the ocean?”

    Parker answered. “Ah, well, you see, we were floating over the ocean, looking for something cool. Adrian noticed this abandoned submarine, and suggested we check it out. Our magnetism landed us stuck to this tin can.”

    “Tin can?” Latias interrupted. “I thought it was a submarine.”

    “No, Latias,” Latios explained. “He’s being sarcastic. There is no tin can. It’s just his way of describing how frustrated he is with the submarine.” He turned back to Parker. “Continue, if you will.”

    “Well, we’ve tried zapping this thing to destroy it. There would still be some little bits left over, but we’d at least be free. But no dice there. It just reflects our electricity back at us.”

    “Hmm,” said Latios. He got closer, and suddenly, he fired off a cerulean beam of energy from his mouth. Sure enough, it bounced back. He barely managed to dodge. “Just as I suspected. It seems this submarine is coated with some sort of pseudo-Mirror Coat. It bounces off all special attacks, like Thunderbolt or Dragon Pulse. It surprises me that the humans could come up with something like this. Probably because of how many Water-type attacks are special. Anyway, let’s get this thing on land. We might be able to break it up there. Latias, come help.”

    Latias and Latios took a deep breath, and dived underneath the waves. They both resurfaced underneath the submarine, lifting it into the air. They flew back to the beach, Magneton in tow.

    Meanwhile, things weren’t going William’s way. A Mothim smacked into him, causing him to scream for mommy, leading to Adrian bonking him on the head, and Parker trying to calm both of them down.

    After a while of uneventful flying, they landed at the beach. Latias and Latios dropped the submarine on the sand and went over to Magneton. “So, do you guys know how to use Gyro Ball?”

    After talking amongst themselves for a while, William answered. “W-Well, yes, mister, Latios, sir, we-we do,” he said, his voice trembling.

    Latios smiled. “Well, Mirror Coat will break under Gyro Ball. Try it out. You’ll spin around and tear away the metal.”

    With William hesitating, and Adrian wanting to see what they were actually supposed to do(he never paid attention when they learned the move), Parker took off spinning at high speed. The others quickly followed. And sure enough, soon they were torn away from the metal.

    The Magneton bowed. “Thanks so much, Latias and Latios. If there’s anything we can do for you in return, don’t hesitate to ask.”

    Latios was about to decline the offer, but his sister spoke first. “Um, actually, I was wondering, could you get me and my brother one of those cakes from the bakery?”

    The Magneton let off a spark. “Well, we know the baker pretty well. I think we can pull a few strings and get you guys a cake. What do you think, Latios?”

    Again, Latios was about to say no. But then he considered what had just happened. He had always been about business and order. His sister, on the other hand, had a happy-go-lucky nature. She wasn’t anywhere near as smart as him, but he supposed that exploring the world could be more valuable than just knowing about it. So he decided, what the heck, I’ll try some. It could be a fun experience.

    Plus, deep inside, he really wanted some cake.


    Latias: Gentle and caring, its soft feathers sense trouble. It can fly at jet speeds.

    Latios: Highly intelligent, it knows plenty about the human world. It can fly at jet speeds.

    Magneton: Though it is technically one creature, it has three minds. Its natural magnetism prevents the three Magnemite from separating.
  5. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Ooh, I love your most recent one-shot. It's funny, and I like how you portrayed Latias as childish and caring.

    I don't know why, but this line made me crack up. XD It's just that it's hilarious to imagine a serious Pokemon like Latios wanting cake.
  6. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Hi everyone! I'm aware I posted L/L/M just yesterday, but I had some spare time today(shocker!), and I got some requests by PM. In order, they were Wynaut/Cofagrigus, Rotom, Golbat/Castform and Glalie/Steelix. Guys, don't be afraid to post requests here! I'll still do them, but I suppose I'd just like to see some requests here. Oh, and I'll be posting a new sort of index telling who I have finished but not posted, who I am working on, and who I will soon be working on. Anyways, on with the show!

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Rotom
    Soon: Golbat/Castform, Glalie/Steelix

    Wynaut and Cofagrigus

    There was a legend, a legend spread all through Unova. The legend was about an evil Pokémon, one who would kill those who entered its lair. It had four ghastly hands, and a devilish smile. And this was no ordinary smile. This was the smile of a liar, a deceiver. It was said this would be the last thing you would see before it sucked out your soul. Of course, there was no solid proof. No one had ever entered and came out alive.

    Trainers from many regions came to try to tame the savage beast. None of them came back out. Some of the more cowardly ones just sent in their Pokémon. None of them returned. Not even the Yamask. Since some people believed that it was a ghost, they employed a ghost to exterminate it. But the Yamask weren’t dead. Rather, they were enslaved, turned into mindless drones.

    But then there came a fateful day. A young trainer, no older than ten, had entered. He brought but a single Pokémon with him, a Wynaut. Its silly demeanor and constant grin convinced most people it was cute, and so it had no battling power.

    And for the most part, they were correct.

    No, this trainer was not insane. Yes, he was sending a three-day-old Pokémon into the lair of something that supposedly ate and killed monsters like Excadrill, Hydreigon, and Gengar. But he believed in Wynaut. Probably not that smart of an idea. But he still wanted to believe his Wynaut would come out with that monster dead.

    Wynaut entered the dark hall. She slowly trotted along on her two stubby legs. And despite the fact that she was in a place where no one had ever entered and returned, she still wore that same goofy smile. She kept walking further and further down the hallway, until she came into a room flooded with Yamask. And in the middle, on an elaborate throne, sat a large sarcophagus. It had red eyes, a toothy smile, and a mask on top of its face. It had four menacing arms that weren’t solid matter; rather, they were gaseous.

    The Cofagrigus eyed the small, blue Pokémon. “So, I see I have a new victim. Come here, young one.”


    The Cofagrigus blinked. No one actually asked why, they just obeyed. “Because I told you to.”


    “Because I want you to come here!”


    This was getting nowhere. The Cofagrigus figured he may as well tell the Wynaut what he was going to do; she was too stupid to comprehend it anyway. “So I can feast on your soul!”


    “So I can empower myself!”


    “To rule the world by turning everyone into zombies!”


    “Umm,” he said. He never really thought about what he would do after he dominated the world. But he couldn’t let Wynaut know that, even if she was stupid enough to ask him the same question over and over again. “So I can have anything I want!”


    “Because there are some things I want but can’t have!”


    “Because I’m no longer human!”


    “Because I died and was reincarnated as a Cofagrigus!”


    This Wynaut was really getting on his nerves. “Stop! JUST STOP!”


    “Because you’re annoying! And wipe that stupid grin off your face!”

    The Wynaut nodded, and its ear-like arms were moved over its face rapidly, making a cloud of dust. When it was cleared, the Wynaut had somehow managed to turn its face upside-down. Cofagrigus was stunned. He slapped himself, and then said, “Okay, put it back. That’s just creepy.” Wynaut nodded, and rearranged her face.

    “Why is the only thing you ever say, ‘Wy?’”


    Cofagrigus tensed up. “Fine, you little punk, eat this!” Each of his four hands conjured up a dark ball of shadows, and threw them repeatedly at Wynaut. “Yeah! You like that? Didn’t think so! Boo-yah!” A cloud of smoke came up, and covered Wynaut. Cofagrigus crossed his arms, satisfied with a job well done. But when it cleared, Wynaut was still standing. She was coated in a blue aura.

    She waved an arm, and said, “Bye bye!”

    “’Bye bye?’ What’s that supposed to…” But Cofagrigus didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Wynaut formed a silver sphere between her arms, and shot a gleaming beam at Cofagrigus, nailing him between the eyes and blowing him up.

    Needless to say, that evening Wynaut returned with a coffin in her arms.


    Wynaut: It constantly smiles. What appear to be ears are actually arms attached to its head.

    Cofagrigus: It is said to eat people who enter its habitat. It commands its Yamask cronies to do its bidding.


    Author’s note: Remember. Wynaut ALWAYS wins. No matter what. Always.
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  7. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Oh no, I think everyone reading this thread died from reading Wynaut/Cofagrigus, either from boredom or laughter. Hopefully the latter even though I know it was the former. I also got a few requests. One was Magcargo/Solrock for the solstice, one was Bidoof/Snivy from a friend who is hopefully reading this and just not commenting, and one was Gallade/Giratina from my brother who doesn't yet have an account on Serebii. Anyway, today I bring you a Rotom crossover story with a certain fat cat. Today is Garfield's 34th birthday, and since he's one of my favourite comic characters, I decided to do Rotom with him. Garfield doesn't have much plot, making him perfect for a oneshot. Happy 34th, buddy.

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Golbat/Castform, Magcargo/Solrock
    Soon: Glalie/Steelix, Bidoof/Snivy, Gallade/Giratina


    “GARFIELD! Did you eat my pie AGAIN?”

    The voice woke Garfield up from a peaceful nap on the windowsill. Half asleep, the orange tabby reluctantly made his way over to the kitchen where his pitiful excuse for an owner, Jon, was waiting for him. The expression on his face told him he was about to be lectured.

    “Garfield! That’s the fifth pie you’ve stolen today! I’m ashamed of you!”

    “<But, Jon, I didn’t do it! I was asleep on the windowsill the whole time!>” And for once, Garfield wasn’t lying. He had slept through all five of the pie thefts. And now he was angry with himself. He should have sensed pie! But even so, he wasn’t about to be blamed for something he didn’t do.

    “You know, Garfield, those pies were for Liz. I had promised a homemade pie for her. Now I’m out of ingredients! I’ll have to buy one from the store and lie to her! I was going to give you the entire carton of chocolate-maple-pistachio-caramel ice cream for not stealing any food all week, but I guess that’s not happening. I can’t believe you.” He then stormed out of the room and got into his car.

    Ice cream? They had ice cream? Now Garfield was even angrier at Jon for not telling him. But if he wasn’t going to get it from good behaviour, he’d have to get it the old-fashioned way: stealing it. Fuming, he went over to the toaster to get a spoon(they didn’t own the most organized house on the planet), when he remembered there were cookies too. He reached into the back, and found nothing. Strange. He distinctly remembered putting three oatmeal cookies into the toaster, where Jon wouldn’t find them.

    But that was beside the point. He went over to the freezer to get his ice cream. He opened up the door, and was welcomed by a bolt of electricity. Falling on the floor, he looked up and saw the fridge had taken on a purple aura. It suddenly sprouted two almost-winglike arms, turned orange, and a small face appeared on it. It had a toothy smile, and two irises that were the same shade of violet as the aura.

    The face eyed him, and then the whole fridge levitated. It made a high pitched giggling sound, then opened up the top door, took out the ice cream, and downed it all in one gulp. It laughed again, and then the aura disappeared. In its place appeared a small, lightningrod-like… thing with two lightningbolts on either side of its face. It had a light blue aura, and the same cheeky smile.

    “<You!>” Garfield yelled. “<You stole those pies! I wanted to do that! And you ate all the ice cream! I wanted to do that too!>” In response, the orange thing stuck out its tongue and blew a raspberry. It flew off, with Garfield in hot pursuit. “<Stop! Stop, thief! Pie stealer! Pastry robber! Come back here!>”

    The thing flew over the table, still being chased by the overweight cat. It nimbly dodged a cream-coloured dog with a tongue instead of a brain, while Garfield crashed into him. But it gave him an idea.

    “<Odie!>” he said to the dog. “<Did you see that little electric thing?>” Odie nodded, getting some drool on Garfield. But he didn’t care. “<Good! Now get that pie thief!>” Odie saluted, and… he tackled Garfield.

    Garfield flailed around, trying in vain to get Odie off him. “<Off! Off, you stupid mutt!>” he yelled. Odie jumped off obediently. “<Not me, you slobbering idiot! That little orange thing!>” Again, Odie nodded, and raced after the thing. Unfortunately, the pie stealer was comfortable with the IQ of dogs, and it made a sharp turn. Odie slipped and fell off the table.

    Garfield sighed. He’d have to continue the race on foot. He ran after the thing, not about to give up on a dessert stealer. The thing leapt from the table to the sill, sill to the bookshelf, bookshelf to bed, and so on. Garfield followed its every move, until finally, he cornered it. At this point, Garfield was panting heavily, and his eyes were bloodshot. “<I’ve… got you… now… you little… thief…>” he croaked out.

    The thing was trembling, and giving off small sparks. There was one thing it could do. It probably wouldn’t work, but he’d have to try. He inhaled as much air as he could, and burped.

    And this was no ordinary burp. This was an all-out, full-fledged, no-holds-barred belch. It was so loud it rattled some of the windows. It went on for a good fifteen seconds before he stopped. Garfield stared. Then he smirked. He breathed in, and belched as well. His was just as loud and rude as the thing’s, but was twice as long. Then he looked at the electric thing, daring him to come close to that.

    Ask, and you shall receive. The thing absorbed electricity seemingly out of nowhere, spun around, and let out an even louder burp. But this burp had an electric beam that struck Odie, who was still struggling to get up off the floor. If it wasn’t a cartoon, he would have died. But luckily(or unluckily, depending on your point of view), he didn’t.

    Garfield smiled at the thing. “<I’m starting to like you, kid,>” he said. “<What’s your name?>”

    “Rrrotoooooom!” Rotom cried.

    Garfield smirked. “<So Rotom, were you the one stealing the pies?>”

    Rotom nodded sadly. “Rrrrro.”

    But Garfield laughed. “<Dude, that was awesome! You’re so lucky you can splice with the fridge. Hey, want to hit that thirty-six pack of soda Jon bought and have the most epic burp-off this world has ever seen?>” Rotom’s eyes widened, and he nodded like crazy. “<All right, then! Race you to the fridge!>”

    And so, the two gluttons made their way to the refrigerator for their belch-off.


    Rotom: It infiltrates electric machines and manipulates them. It is quite elusive and mischievous.
  8. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Hello everyone! Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. And today, I bring you a Magcargo/Solrock story for the solstice. I also made some changes to the index, specifically I added Medicham to Gallade/Giratina. I also bumped that one up to the next story I post, so for those of you waiting for Golbat/Castform, you'll have to wait a little longer. So, without further ado, here you go!

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Golbat/Castform, Gallade/Giratina/Medicham
    Soon: Glalie/Steelix, Bidoof/Snivy

    Magcargo and Solrock

    They gathered at the small shrine. The Magcargo colony always came here on Sundays to thank their god for light and warmth. It was crafted after the one they praised and worshipped. It was a small wooden sphere with strange eye-like markings and eight yellow spikes. They didn’t speak; they were fully aware of what they had to repeat in their heads. They had learned this way of life as Slugma. They silently prayed, to keep the sun in the sky and continue to give them heat. And all the while, they minutely moved their bodies. They didn’t want to cool and harden.

    After the hour was complete, they separated. Maggie was particularly enthusiastic when they left, because she found the seminar tedious and boring. She was glad that she could finally leave. But then, she remembered that it was her turn. The very thought struck her like a Gyarados’s Waterfall.

    She was the one who couldn’t eat for the remainder of the week.

    She became hotter than she already was. The Magcargo had a ritual that to please their god, one of them would be chosen to fast for the rest of the week. She found it stupid and ironic, because Magcargo were anything but fast. She hated when it was her turn.

    But just because it was stupid and ironic didn’t mean she wouldn’t do it. If she betrayed her rituals, her family would disown her. And so, she endured the hunger pangs. She had to, if she wanted to keep her MagP3 player. But it wasn’t easy.

    By Saturday, she was starved. But Sunday was almost there, and then she would pass on the fasting stick to someone else. She was so close, but not there yet. Just a few more hours, she told herself. Just a few more hours.

    But then, she smelled something. It was an alluring scent. Taking a deeper whiff, she smelled the sweet aroma and identified it as limestone. The rarest of all delicacies. It wouldn’t be long before the rest of the colony found out. Now she had a choice. Keep with the ritual, or have some sweet, delicious, mouth-watering, mmm-mmm good limestone. In the end, the temptation was too much. She went over to the limestone wall and pigged out. Luckily, she got away before the rest of the colony found out. Now that she was full, she could sleep peacefully.

    Or at least, one would think so.

    She was fast asleep. She was dreaming about the savory taste of the limestone, and what she wouldn’t give to have some more. But suddenly, it disappeared. She blinked, or at least, her dream self did. And then, she didn’t believe her eyes. Standing there was their god. Solrock.

    “Maggie,” Solrock stated. She was trembling, but she couldn’t sweat. The most she could do was let lava run out her pores. “I’m disappointed in you. You, your family and your kin carried on that tradition for centuries. You are the first one to break it.” She tried to talk back, saying that he’d eat the limestone too if he was as starving as she was, but her vocal chords didn’t work. All she could do was listen.

    “Will you admit that you have done something wrong?” he asked.

    Finally, she could speak. “Well, it’s not like you wouldn’t have done it too! I was starving to death! I was considering committing suicide!”

    Solrock closed his eyes. “Very well then. You will be punished.” And then she woke up. She noticed there was a small pool of lava near her rear end. She started to move away, hoping no one would notice. But when she got outside, it was raining. It never rained on Sunday. She figured it was just a coincidence. It couldn’t be… No. It just couldn’t. They were forced to have the ceremony inside, without the shrine.

    She fell asleep again, and again she met with Solrock. “Well?” he asked. “Are you ready to apologize?”

    “No!” she exclaimed. “I’ll never apologize! Never, never, NEVER!”

    “Very well.”

    The next day was raining even harder than the last. This cycle continued for many days. Solrock showed up in her dreams, she refused, it rained harder. She started getting worried. What if she was the cause of the rain? And despite the fact that she knew it was her responsibility, she denied it over and over.

    But one day, one of the upper entrances started pouring rainwater into their nook in the mountain. The elder and priest noticed first, and they alerted everyone to move to higher ground. It didn’t stop raining all day, and when they went to sleep, the hill they moved to was almost completely submerged. And it wasn’t letting up.

    Again, Maggie met Solrock in her dreams. “Are you ready to apologize now?”

    She gave up. Solrock was too powerful. “All right. You win, you cranky meteorite. What do I have to do for your forgiveness and to make you stop raining?”

    “Simple. Admit openly that what you did was wrong.”

    “That’s it?”


    She grumbled about him under her breath, but still said it. “I admit that what I did was wrong, and I promise not to do it again. There, are you satisfied?”

    Solrock nodded. “Quite.” He started spinning, and disappeared in a flash of light. She then woke up. Maggie blinked, and looked around. The water was gone. It was sunny and hot outside. Everyone else was starting to awaken as well. Now, they’d be going outside for the seminar. She’d pay attention this time, just in case Solrock really was behind all this.


    Magcargo: If its stops moving, its body will cool and harden. Its diet consists mainly of rocks and minerals.

    Solrock: Since it never leaves its home high in the sky, it sometimes communicates through telepathy. It is said it has control over the sun and clouds.
  9. charizarddude

    charizarddude Pokémon Master

    A Solrock being a god to some Magcargo? That's new. And you do know Solrock can't learn Rain Dance, right? But then again, it was a good story. It's strange how no one comments on this.
  10. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    Mmm, creative! I really thought that the one about Latias, Latios, and Magneton was really funny, especially this part:

    Latias: Hi!
    Latias: All I said was "hi".

    I say to keep up the good work! The idea is very original, and how you write the skits is amazing. I can't believe how many people are missing out on this!
  11. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    @charizarddude: Now think about that. I never specified it was Solrock creating the rain, and it could just manipulate the clouds to cover up the sun. Now, what can learn Rain Dance?

    @Shadowy Arceini: Thanks! Latias/Latios/Magneton was probably the one I had most fun doing, especially Magneton. On the other hand, if any of those guys were me, I wouldn't be able to stand it...

    So, semi-regular updates from here on in. I'll be updating every one or two days, four day separation at the most. Gallade/Giratina/Medicham immediately gave me a good idea. I wanted to flip stereotypes and make Giratina a good guy, but I just couldn't incorporate it. However, that's not the same for Gallade...

    Any requests out there?

    Complete: Bibarel, Golbat/Castform
    Working: Glalie/Steelix
    Soon: Bidoof/Snivy

    Gallade, Giratina and Medicham

    one day their was giratina and he was all hapy with azurill and stuff but then arceus got all mad and he was all like im gonna ban giratino to another dimenshun for no raisin and he was all like no but arcues was like 2 bad poop face and giratina was all bored but then this random trainer and girl named cynthia and guy with blu hair cyrus all came in and he got cot from a gallade and MEdicham and he was like ya

    Nah, just kidding.

    It was a dark day. The shrill cry could be heard throughout the landscape. The cry of Giratina. The little Grass types ran for the forest in the hope that it would protect them. Flying types headed for the sky. Waters jumped into the river. But it was no use. He would find them all, and crush them. And if they hid well enough, he had his sidekick. Gallade.

    Gallade was generally stereotyped as heroic, noble, and brave. He stood out against this, because he had turned to the dark side. All the evil emotions from Giratina had entered his body and warped his mind, turning all his normally pink parts a deep black. Now he used his psychic powers to seek out Pokémon for Giratina to destroy.

    He walked through the grass, kicking away some of the dried-out blades. Suddenly, he felt something. He turned, and with a swift movement, he destroyed a large boulder to find some Gloom behind it. “Giratina! Here!” he called.

    The legendary smirked. He reared up, and released an enormous meteor from his mouth. It decimated the small group of Grass types. He continued to search out opponents for Giratina to beat. As far as they were concerned, no one could even come close to Giratina’s power, not since Arceus fell into eternal sleep and Dialga and Palkia were sealed away.

    As far as they were concerned.

    But there was one who could defeat both of them. She resided on a tall cliff to train her mind and body. She never descended. At least, she not until those three came up to her to ask for help.

    “Master Medicham!” cried the Drifloon. “Please! The valley is suffering because of Giratina and Gallade! Please, we need you to help!” The two Drifloon at his side nodded. But Medicham didn’t even open an eye. She stayed in her meditating position. She focused on blocking out the world around her in order to achieve inner peace.

    “Please! Many of our kin have suffered and even died because of him! We can’t defeat him on our own!” This time, their cries broke through to her. Still without moving from her position, she teleported to where the Drifloon requested she go.

    Meanwhile, Gallade was chopping down trees with his arms, forcing the inhabitants to flee straight into Giratina’s Dragon Pulse. Gallade was about to through the bushes to look for new victims, when she suddenly teleported in front of him. Gallade smirked. “So, this one doesn’t even bother hiding. Giratina, she’s going to squash good.”

    But suddenly, Medicham spoke telepathically to both of them. Gallade, she said. If you have enough confidence that you can point out helpless Pokémon to your evil master, then battle me yourself. You are no match for me, I can already tell. His evil spirit has clouded your mind, making you flawed and weak. Battle me yourself. Unless, of course, you don’t think you can beat me and have to cower behind this embodiment of evil.

    “What did you just say?” Gallade said through clenched teeth. “Giratina, I’m taking care of this one.” He clenched his fists together and extended his elbows, and started spinning like a tornado. A bevy of psychic rings were shot out at the pink Pokémon. And without warning, they blew up. She had smashed each one to bits with perfect accuracy, not a single extra swing or miss. And her eyes remained closed.

    “What?” Gallade exclaimed. “Fine. Eat this, you psychic punk!” He shot out a multi-coloured beam from his chest, and again, Medicham blocked it by sticking out a single palm. It diverted in all directions, one even striking Giratina. Fuming now, Gallade ran towards Medicham, and prepared to punch her. But in a dramatic moment, she opened her eyes, and kicked Gallade in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, smashing him through a tree, and rendering him unconscious.

    Well? she asked. Giratina, your turn. I swore upon my soul that I will end your reign of terror. And it ends now.

    “In your dreams!” he said. He gave a high-pitched cry, reared up on four of his six legs, and focused a ball of shadows between his wings. He threw it at Medicham, but she brought up a barrier that destroyed the attack before it could reach her.

    You can’t defeat me. You have focused your power on your body alone, as did Gallade. I have balanced my mind and body, making me infinitely superior to you. You may have a large amount of power, but your mind is next to nothing. I will destroy you as you have many before me.

    And with that being said, she fully opened both of her blue eyes. She teleported away, and ended up in front of Giratina’s face. She focused her mental power and sought out weak spots. She discovered his weakest points were the red claws on his wings. She teleported again, and focused her physical strength on her arms. She grabbed the claw, and with mighty force, she hurled the beast of a dragon over. He shrieked in pain, and she slammed his immense body into the ground, causing some tremors. Then, she brought back her fist, and charged it with icy-cold power. She punched Giratina upside the face, and landed gracefully. It instantly knocked him out. It happened in a matter of seconds.

    Giratina’s once-almighty body slowly shrunk and morphed into a small orb shaped like a Revive. A Drifloon picked it up, and suddenly wild cheers erupted from the crowd of Pokémon. But unfortunately, she had to break the news to them. Only his body has been defeated. His soul still wanders, looking for a chance to resurrect. It may be here, it may be in a new dimension. But it will return.

    It got many gasps from the group of Pokémon. But fear not, she said. I swore I would fight him until he is so misshapen, he can never return. And I don’t intend to break that swear. She smiled weakly. She had fought the good fight, and protected the innocent Pokémon from falling prey to Giratina. Gallade would heal and return to normal as the evil soul left his body. And now, it was time to give up the ghost. The only way she could keep her promise.

    She took a final breath, and died a hero’s death.


    Gallade: It absorbs emotions from around it in its chest. Its sharp arms can puncture a basketball.

    Medicham: Hours of tireless yoga training has equalled its mental and physical powers. It can flawlessly predict its foe’s next move.

    Giratina: It once struck terror into the hearts of thousands, until a battle sealed its body. Its soul resurrected itself in a parallel dimension.


    Author's note: How many times did I use the word "focused" in this story, not including just now? Whoever guesses correctly gets a cookie!
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  12. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    The start of the story was hilarious with the jokes about Arceus and the event in pokemon platnium. I liked How you Made Medicham a Hero that defeated Girantina and his minion (gallade)
  13. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Hi everyone, I'm back! Well, I posted just yesterday, so I'm not really back.

    Where am I?

    Anyway, finally is the long-anticipated Golbat/Castform story. I'm not the best with battle descriptions, but I think this turned out well anyhow. Also, Glalie/Steelix is one of the hardest combos I've gotten, so it may be a few days before that one goes up.

    So, one of my school friends asked for the Joltik line and Wailord. I merged Joltik/Wailord, because someone was going to request that anyway. Galvantula will be on its own.

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Glalie/Steelix
    Soon: Bidoof/Snivy, Joltik/Wailord, Galvantula

    Golbat and Castform

    “Come on, Kennedy! Hold still!”

    Hold still, she says. Not the easiest thing in the world if you’re half mouth and you’re trying to fit a bowtie on. The name’s Kennedy. I’m a Golbat. My trainer here is Anna. She’s kind of… unfocused, but still, she has a good heart. Her mom was apparently a top coordinator, so that’s become her goal as well. And me? Well, I’m her second main Contest Pokémon, after her Prinplup. Sure, I may not be the prettiest Pokémon around, but I do my best. Prinplup and I have won quite a few contests together.

    So, after being fitted up, I got acquainted with the other Contest Pokémon. Some were new to me, like Beautifly or Gardevoir, and some I’ve had a rivalry with for a while, such as Togetic or Blissey. And while I was there, I was reminded of one newcomer I’d never forget.

    She had floated into the room uneasily. She had a big head compared to her body, and she also had some markings around her eyes like sunglasses. I had trained myself not to think highly of my competition, but I had to admit, she was pretty darn adorable. Obviously, this was her first contest. I wanted to make a good first impression, because I wanted her to let her guard down so I could crush her, and possibly stop her from participating again.

    So, I flew over to her and said hi. Even though I was a Flying-type, I can’t fly very well. It’s my stupid mouth. It’s not exactly aerodynamic. It have to fly facing the ground, and that makes it hard to see. Luckily, my ears, though small, can sense where I am, and prevent me from crashing.

    Anyway, she seemed nervous and jumpy, but still had spirit. “Hi,” she said slowly. Good, I thought. This one will be an easy Exeggcute to crack. “My name is Sheila. I’m a Castform. This is my first Contest. I’m kind of nervous. Have you been in many Contests?” she asked.

    “Well, I don’t mean to brag,” I said, “but I’m one of the best Contest Pokémon around. Just watch me, kid. I’ll show you how it’s done.” She nodded, and at that moment, we were called on stage. I winked at her, and flew off to the stage. Show time.

    I gave the other Pokémon a run for their money. I started off with a colourful Leech Life attack while spinning, like a faint rainbow was emanating from me. Next, I used Giga Drain on the Leech Lives, absorbing their colour and putting it on display in my wings. They looked like a tie-die T-shirt. After that, Haze shrouded me in a black smoke, but you could still see my magnificent wings. And I finished up by whipping it into a tornado with Whirlwind and using Leech Life on it, making a grand explosion of green. I received twenty-nine out of thirty, my personal best. And of course, Anna was overjoyed. But you never would have guessed what happened next.

    That Castform, Sheila, put on the darn best show I’d ever seen.

    She started out with Sunny Day. In a burst of light, the sun shone bright and she transformed. She became orange, with a small white cloak covering her body. Then she switched it up, using Rain Dance and turning her head into a water droplet and her white body gray. And then she changed again, this time with Hail. Now she vaguely resembled an ice cream cone, with a swirl on top. And she just kept switching forms, over and over.

    I started to wonder what she was getting at. But suddenly, it was sunny, and yet hailing and raining. Then, she brought a Weather Ball together, and suddenly shot a multi-coloured beam at the sky. And just as suddenly, the sky disappeared. It was replaced by a massive rainbow. And wouldn’t you know it, she changed again. This time, where her curl was in her regular form, there was a rainbow that streamed away into the sky. Her body was wrapped in a rainbow that also trailed off.

    She launched another Weather Ball, and hung it just above her head. She started spinning and spinning, until the Weather Ball exploded, showering her in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It was truly the most amazing performance I had ever seen. The judges gave her a thirty out of thirty, something most Contest Pokémon only dream about. And she deserved it. It was inspiring, amazing, and we were truly blessed to be able to see such a spectacle.

    Now, she and her trainer are some of the most well-known coordinators. When we see each other, we usually strike up a conversation about recent Contests we’ve been in. And multiple times, she said that if it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

    Sometimes I wonder if that’s true.


    Golbat: Its large mouth prevents it from flying well. However, its ears are quite sensitive.

    Castform: Its appearance changes depending on the weather. It is able to create any type of weather.


    Author's note: Yeah, I made a Rainbow Castform. You gonna make something of it?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2012
  14. Shadowy Arceini

    Shadowy Arceini (insert title here)

    1. You used "focused" 5 times.
    2. I really like the descriptions and the opinions in your latest post. A rainbow Weather Ball could've been really something!
    3. I suggest you do something with Missingno.
  15. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Congratulations, S. A. gets a cookie. Missingno. huh? I think I'll merge that with Scrafty, Garbodor and Bronzor. I have an epic idea.

    So, Glalie/Steelix. One of the hardest requests I've gotten yet, and it took me a while to come up with something. This is the best idea I could come up with, and it's probably not what most of you were expecting. Kind of has a Romeo and Juliet base to it, except without all the dying. Anywho, on with the show!

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Bidoof/Snivy
    Soon: Joltik/Wailord, Galvantula, Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor

    Glalie and Steelix

    Sarah was curled up, asleep. It was late at night, and the rest of the Steelix were snoozing as well. But even though she was asleep, she was excited. Tonight was the night. Tonight, she’d be happier than she’d ever been. She just had to wait.

    Glen was waiting as well. He had said to his family that he would keep watch of the castle while they were out hunting. But that was just an excuse to keep him away from his family to meet his sweetheart. Unfortunately for him, his family liked to stay up late chatting with each other.

    It was a risky move on both accounts, as the Steelix and Glalie colonies were blood enemies. However, they could never feud. Steelix hibernated in inaccessible caves in the fall and winter, while Glalie disappeared in spring and summer. They hated each other, and that was pretty much it. But these two, they had somehow fallen in love. It was unthinkable, and yet it happened.

    Finally, his mother, the queen, called out to him. “Glen, this is going to be the last hunting night before spring. Are you sure you don’t wish to come?”

    “Of course, mother. Someone has to guard the castle.”

    After a nod of approval, the Glalie left the ice palace. After making sure they were far enough, Glen left for the rendezvous point.

    It was eleven o’ clock. Time to go. Sarah silently uncoiled, and slowly slithered off. She was supposed to meet with Glen at the old Sitrus berry tree. She sniffed it out, and made her way there. She was much slower than normal, since she was cold-blooded. That, plus the ice coating her body, made it almost impossible to move.

    By the time she got there, Glen was waiting. His white body was gleaming from the moonlight, and his bright blue eyes were clearly visible. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. “Cold, ice, you know. But I’m glad you didn’t forget.”

    Glen smiled. “I’m glad you could make it as well. I know what this temperature does to your body. But, there’s something I have to tell you. It’s kind of hard to describe.”

    Sarah looked confused. “What is it? You can tell me.”

    The Glalie looked down at the snow. “Today is the last day we can meet. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. And at the first moment of the first day of spring, I must leave this world. I’m truly sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”

    She gasped. “But… we met just three months ago! We have to stay together!”

    “I’m sorry, Sarah. If I stay for even one day in the spring, I will perish. I have to escape to the spirit world to survive.”

    “Will you ever return?”

    “Of course I will, on the first day of winter. I’m sorry that we can’t stay together.”

    The Steelix looked down at the ground, looking lost. “I… I can’t believe it. I thought I finally found the one I would spend my whole life with…”

    “Of course,” the Glalie said, “that doesn’t mean we can’t make our last night special.”

    Sarah sniffed. “What do you mean?”

    “Hang on,” he said. He left for a few seconds, and returned with a large rock. A blue beam formed between his horns, and shot at the rock. It was so bright, Sarah couldn’t see it. But Glen was fine. He carefully carved out the elaborate sculpture from the ice, until finally he was finished. When he moved out of the way, on the rock was a sculpture of them two of them, affectionately nuzzling each other. “Here,” he said. “Keep this as a reminder of our love.”

    “Oh, it’s wonderful… But won’t it melt?”

    “No. You see, in extreme situations like this, Glalie are capable of creating a special kind of ice that never melts, like our love for each other.” He stared into the starry sky. “Go. Take this. Hide it from your family. I must leave now.” He floated further away, and stared into her eyes. “Goodbye, Sarah. I love you,” he said.

    She barely held back a tear. “I love you too.”

    After a nod of sorrow, Glen spun around. He spun slowly at first, but little by little, he picked up speed. Finally, he was covered in a shroud of mist, and when it cleared, he had disappeared. Sarah delicately grabbed the statue with her tail, and slithered away to her secret little crevice in the cave, to keep the sculpture. A permanent reminder of her lover.


    Steelix: Its iron body is very heavy, making it quite slow. They hibernate during cold months.

    Glalie: They suddenly appear by the hundred at the start of winter. They disappear again in spring.
  16. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Ugh... too much candy last night. I stayed up till midnight, but I won't neglect this. I wrote this a few hours ago, and it's what some of you may call a "crackfic." Sorry about this, it's pretty much a mess. A funny mess hopefully, but a mess nonetheless. Major fourth wall breakage as well.

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Joltik/Wailord
    Soon: Galvantula, Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor

    Bidoof and Snivy


    Sebastian the Snivy opened one of his eyes. He yawned, and sat up. He went to see what the fuss was about. He saw his friend Bill sitting at the computer. He was an over-reactive Bidoof, and he couldn’t take a joke. “What now, Bill?”

    The Bidoof was fuming. “Would you look at this? I’m only tiered LC, and Bibarel is NU! What is an LC? How is Bibarel Never Used? I AM ENRAGED!” he shouted. Then he bit off a chunk of the desk.

    Snivy gasped. “Bill! I spent two hundred dollars on that thing, and you just eat it? Seriously?”

    He swallowed, and then looked at the floor. “Sorry,” he murmured. “I eat when I’m upset.”

    “Man, it’s just a website! I’m an LC on that too, if that helps any. Why do you care? It’s just a bunch of people rating Pokémon.”

    “But that’s what all the serious trainers use! You at least have a place in the metagame, a semi-reliable SubSeeder, since you get Glare and all that. What do I have? Nothing!”

    “Well, you have Simple Curse,” Sebastian offered.

    “Yeah, but my best move is Superpower, and that neuters Curse’s effects. Plus, you get an awesome Dream World ability in Contrary. That’ll push you up to NU at least when it gets released. What do I have?”

    Sebastian swished his tail and thought. “You know, that is a good question. What IS your Dream World ability?”

    The Bidoof huffed. “Yeah, like I’d get something decent, like Swift Swim or Unaware.”

    “But you already have Unaware.”

    Then, Bill clenched his teeth and ate Sebastian’s ornate table, doily and all. “Hey!” Sebastian exclaimed. “Bill! That was a gift from my girlfriend!”

    The beaver burped, and spat out a plastic vase. “Sorry! I’m just upset. It seems like everyone has their place in the metagame except for me.”

    “What about Magikarp?”

    At this point, Bill started crying. “Oh great! Now people are comparing me to Magikarp!”

    “Sorry, sorry!” Sebastian said quickly. “My gosh, you need to learn to relax. Cool down, bro. No one actually uses that site anyways. Not real trainers, at least. There are those kids who are too young to be trainers, but when they grow up, they’ll learn every Pokémon has value.”

    Suddenly, Bill gasped. “I’ve got it! I’ll blackmail those stupid people at GameFreak into giving me a kicks-butt Dream World ability, and then I’ll show those stupid people!”

    Snivy groaned. “Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you.”

    And so, Bidoof confidently strode over to GameFreak and said if they didn’t give him an epic ability, he’d tell all their girlfriends they’re cheating on them, their mothers that they’ve always hated them, and their bosses that they think they’re a dumb cactus buzzard. And so, they granted Bidoof Moody.

    Bidoof thoroughly enjoyed it. He was with the big shots in OU, with Snorunt and Glalie, Remoraid and Octillery, and Bibarel. He fell asleep one night to fame and fortune, and woke up again in Sebastian’s house. “Wha-What happened?! I thought I left this Raticate hole!” he exclaimed.

    Sebastian was neatly making the bed. “Didn’t you hear? They deemed Moody broken, so they banned it. Welcome back, buddy!”

    Bidoof went wide-eyed, and proceeded to eat Sebastian’s bed.



    Bidoof: Though it is cute, it has an insatiable appetite. It will eat anything wooden.

    Snivy: Its demeanor is calm and intelligent. It moves its tail back and forth in a slow rhythm when thinking.
  17. Victinifan100

    Victinifan100 V-create Everything!

    I like the Competitive battling tiers you put in this story, and your right Moody is Broken, but you forgot Smeargle in the list of pokemon that got Moody. but this is overall a great story.
  18. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    @Victinifan100: Thanks! I didn't include Smeargle purposely, because Smeargle already sees some usage in OU. It was kind of slaughtered with the introduction of Prankster and Magic Bounce, but people do still use it.

    I'm not feeling that well today either, but better than yesterday. In regards to this story, I feel it's okay and could be better, but there's no point in stretching out a short idea. It will also be one of the shortest stories I'll write. This one was based off a certain author's style of writing. I do like how it turned out, but I honestly feel it could improve a lot.

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Galvantula
    Soon: Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor

    Joltik and Wailord

    On the isle of Widder-bo-Jidder, there lived a teensy-weensy Joltik and a great large Wailord. Joltik was a very tiny yellow spider, and had long fluffy fur. Wailord was a huge whale that only lived around islands. The teensy-weensy Joltik lived on the back of the great large Wailord. The great large Wailord liked diving and splashing, and the teensy-weensy Joltik liked lazing around and eating. Joltik got a free ride on Wailord’s back, and in return, he ate up many Electric attacks that Wailord didn’t like. And they were happy.

    But one day, the Wailord named Wally was splashing around and having fun, and the Joltik named Jordan was sitting around on his back, eating annoying little pests that wanted to sip Wailord’s blood. Suddenly, a there was a mighty crash. Jordan ate up one more pest, and looked over Wailord’s great blue body. Wally wasn’t in the clear blue water anymore. He was on the hot dry land.

    Jordan became worried. If Wally was out of water too long, he would get too hot and that would not be good. So the teensy-weensy Joltik climbed down the great large Wailord and tied a strong stretchy string to his tail. Then the Joltik started pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling.

    But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

    So Jordan the teensy Joltik ran over to a silly brown Dodrio and tied three strings to his heads. Then he shocked the silly Dodrio, and he started running away into the water. Jordan followed, and they were both struggling and pulling and buggling and googling.

    But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

    So the weensy Joltik found a pretty Beautifly and tied a string to its head. Then he shocked the pretty Beautifly, and she flew out to the ocean. They started pulling with the silly Dodrio. And they stretched and they hollered and they fletched and they bollered.

    But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

    So the Joltik who was very weensy found a mighty Machamp, and he tied a string to him. Then he shocked the mighty Machamp, and he started pulling with the silly Dodrio and the pretty Beautifly. They pushed and heaved and gushed and teaved.

    But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

    So the itty bitty teensy weensy Joltik was about to tie a string to a golden Donphan, but he heard a squawk from high above. He looked up, and saw a large yellow bird flying in the sky. It was making teensy bitty sparks from its wings. Joltik ate some, and they were really good. But suddenly, he felt stronger. The sparks were giving him power. So he pulled and heaved and struggled and hollered and stretched and pushed.

    And Wailord started to budge.

    He kept on pulling, and soon, the great large Wailord slid happily back into the ocean. Wally started splashing and crashing, and Jordan sat back on top of Wally and started eating itty weensy bugs from his back again.

    And all was right on the isle of Widder-bo-Jidder.


    Joltik: It is the smallest Pokémon. It feeds on electricity and stray sparks, as well as insects.

    Wailord: It lives in warm, tropical waters. It can cause massive waves when it leaps into the air and dives back in.
  19. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    This one was inspired by a documentary about spiders. It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.

    Anyone else got a request?

    Complete: Bibarel
    Working: Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor
    Soon: No one.


    Hello, and welcome back to “Wacky and Wild.” I’m your host, Hugh Quivel. Today, we will be observing one of the most successful species of Pokémon on the planet, Galvantula. Galvantula can adapt quickly to virtually any environment, and their success is owing to their naturally powerful abilities. They survive on whatever meat they can find, being scavengers or active hunters. They can also wield powerful electrical abilities, aiding them in both hunting and self-defence. Today, we will be observing four different species, and watch how each has evolved to fit their environment.

    Our first subject is known as Galvantula electrotytilus, the common Chargestone Galvantula. This is where the species originated, and where the original hunting methods began. Watch this alpha male. He must provide for his wife and children, and so he begins to spin thin webs made of transparent but insanely strong silk. This silk is used in making many children’s toys, by the way, such as Poké Dolls.

    Now watch. He releases over ten million volts of electricity into the web. That’s enough power to instantly kill anything that comes in contact with it. This is a major aid in the Galvantula’s hunting, because without these electrical powers, they would have to spin their prey into cocoons with extra silk, and the thrashing of the food would most likely destroy the web, forcing them to build a new one. Here, they can stay with the same web for weeks.

    The Galvantula now hides in a small nook to wait for prey. Galvantula are masters of patience, and will wait for extremely long times for prey. Fortunately, this one won’t have to wait for long. A school of five Eelektrik is floating through the cave, seeking out prey as well. They don’t notice the web, and this is their downfall. As soon as they make contact, the electricity immediately chars them black and kills them. The Galvantula then skewers them on his arms, and brings their dinner back to his home. Fried fish, anyone?

    Now, we observe Galvantula pratilare, the grassland Galvantula. This Galvantula doesn’t rely on webs; rather, it is an active hunter, working with lures instead of webs. Watch as she goes to a Sitrus berry bush, and picks one. She places it in an open field, and hides behind a bush. She has spotted her prey. Now it just has to take the bait. The blue bug, a Karrablast, slowly makes its way toward the berry. He looks around, to make sure no one else has claimed the berry, and grabs onto it.

    In a flash of yellow, she blasts out of the bush and clamps onto the Clamping Pokémon’s horn. He tried to fight blindly, but it is a losing struggle; The Galvantula shocks the life out of it, and he drops dead.

    Though he is crisped black, its natural body armour prevents the Galvantula from immediately breaking through it. This is where the creativeness and resourcefulness of a Galvantula comes in handy. She spies a moderately sized rock, and ties a string to it. She climbs up a tree, and pulls the rock over the bug’s body. She then drops it, not squashing the Karrablast, but causing some chunks of armour to break off. From there, she gorges herself on the bug’s insides.

    Now, the third Galvantula investigation. Here we go to northern Unova, a frigid place. Here we see the elusive Galvantula arctisical. This is one of the few arachnid species that can survive the extreme temperatures, and it is so because of the long, thick fur it has grown. It has also become lighter in colour to camouflage in with the snow.

    Now, watch. It waits for a Magikarp to leap from the surface, and then catches the fish. It then ties a string to the fish, places it in the middle of an iceberg, and then buries itself in snow. It keeps its blue eyes above the snow, to watch for prey.

    A large Sealeo suddenly leaps onto the surface, lured in by the smell of the fish. Galvantula prepares itself to discharge. Sealeo claps a few times, and bites into Magikarp. And is hit by over ten million volts of electricity. The string tied to the Magikarp was still in the Galvantula’s mouth, and he released the power when the Sealeo bit in, killing it. He shakes off the snow, slices the poor seal’s stomach open, and begins to feast on its guts.

    Finally, we watch Galvantula arideus, otherwise known as the desert Galvantula. Its electrical powers are slaughtered in the desert, and this has forced it to become like to above three combined. It actively stalks its prey, it camouflages with the sand, and it works with other Galvantula. Here, we see a pack of six Galvantula working together. They are currently stalking one of the most dangerous desert Pokémon, a Darmanitan. She has no idea that the spiders are surrounding her.

    Slowly, one moves ahead. It ties a string to a cactus, and slinks back. The ape-like Pokémon continues walking, completely oblivious. That is, until she trips over the string. The Galvantula all suddenly reveal themselves and begin tearing at her flesh and skin with their powerful claws. She tries to resist, but it is hopeless; they soon kill her.

    The Galvantula then begin dismembering her body, and eat it. They will use what little electrical power they have to cook the meat, and quickly eat their fill. They bury the remains in the sand so that scavengers don’t mooch off their meal. And so, this concludes this episode of “Wild and Wacky.” Tune in next time for… wait, are they looking at us? They’re getting closer… OH NO!


    Galvantula: They are carnivorous by nature, and can release over ten million volts of electricity at once.
  20. charizarddude

    charizarddude Pokémon Master

    So much death...but I liked it. It did kinda seem like something you would see on the Discovery Channel, and that was your goal, so good job.

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