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The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis! (074)

I did not like that girl. The only thing I liked about her, was her accent. I hated that she stole credit from the gang. But, it was awesome to see Gengar absorbs the others and fight Alakazam.


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How in the world the Genger, Alakazam and Jigglypuff became that big? I guess that will remain a mystery.
I thought the giant Jigglypuff's personality was almost as same as the Jigglypuff who follows Ash and the others everywhere. Jigglypuff used it's mike to sing and the song made huge Alakazam and Gengar fall asleep. like the Jigglypuff that follows Ash, this giant Jigglypuff scribbled on Genger and Alakazam's faces.
Anyway, this was an okay episode....not good, but not bad either.
Even the large Jigglypuff got angry and drew on Gengar and Alakazam's face like the normal Jigglypuff does! Pretty funny!


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I re-watched this episode for Halloween a few weeks ago and it slayed. I loved how Ash and Brock battled each other at the start, and the COTD researcher girl was so charming. I especially liked how Team Rocket whispered their motto and I cackled at how nobody at the campsite heard the commotion that was made that night when the Dark Device was found. Seeing the giant Gengar walking towards Pallet Town made me scream, but I liked Oak, Krabby and Muk's cameos. I liked how Jessie got mad at Pidgeotto when he was absorbed, plus seeing Team Rocket and Pidgeotto applaud Jigglypuff's singing made me shriek with laughter. I was glad that the giant Jigglypuff got to save the day though; that was different.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow it was creepy when the big ancient Gengar and Alakazam materialized and battled, plus I liked seeing Oak make a cameo appearance. The end of the episode when Jigglypuff sang was funny. :D


I kind of wish Ash's Pokeballs had worked on the giant Alakazam and Gengar. If he had them on his team, he might have actually won the Indigo League with them. :cool:


This episode featured Gengar which I love and the whole plot was spooky and crazy toward the climax. I liked how the big Jigglypuff saved the day. 8/10
I thought that this episode took an eerie turn when the giant Gengar and Alakazam magically appeared + the giant Jigglypuff had a scary voice.


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"If they built temples to honor Psyduck, they weren't hidden, they were lost..."

shots fired from brock


This episode was what nightmares are made of. Takeshi and Satoshi discovering that relic seemed foreboding even in the beginning, and then the humongous Gangar and Foodin materializing at the camp gave this episode such a surreal vibe. The giant Purin being the savior was asinine, but in a good way.


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This episode was one of the greatest ever because it features Gengar and Alakazam. Luckily, Jigglypuff rises from its sleep and sings to both of them, with the conflict being over.


This episode was fun and all, but Ash needed to do some serious training. So I wish we had gotten a much more effective pre-League episode with no giant Pokemon.


Ironically enough, this was one of the few episodes from Satoshi's pre-League break where he did do some training. Granted, it was just a scuffle against Takeshi's Rokon, but it still counts for something.

It just wasn't enough. He should've been doing more to prepare himself for the League.
The ancient Gengar and Alakazam seemed scary so it's no wonder why they were sealed. Jigglypuff's singing being their kryptonite was kind of weird though.


Seeing Musashi nearly strangle Satoshi's Pigeon while inside of Gangar's soul or void or whatever that dark space was meant to be was honestly amusing. Poor Pigeon, though.


Call of Fate
This episode was alright. I felt sorry for Pidgeotto when Jessie lashed out at it. I was puzzled when Brock told Onix to use Bind on the giant Gengar and Ash told Pidgeotto to use Gust (a Normal-type attack back then), since they obviously weren't going to work.


KyogreThunder said:
I was puzzled when Brock told Onix to use Bind on the giant Gengar

I was too since I think Bind is a Normal-type move or it was in Gen I at the very least, so it seemed silly for him to think that it would affect Gengar. But since he hadn't encountered many Ghost-types so far, perhaps we're meant to think that he didn't know that Ghost-types were immune to Normal-type attacks.