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The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis! (074)

Wow what a creepy episode this ended up becoming huh. I didn't expect giant Pokemon to sprout from those ancient items and it seemed like the characters would have died had the giant Jigglypuff not shown up when it did. I liked how we got to see Oak in the distance when Gengar was heading towards Pallet Town and I thought Jessie bashing Pidgeotto was really funny.
Watching Brock help Ash train was great and it seemed like the ancient city that Ash and his friends discovered was a horrible place to live since they had giant Pokemon running around that could destroy everything. I liked how the professor was a girl and the fact that Jessie found the Gengar artifact and ended up getting swallowed by it was my favorite scene. But I also liked the part when Onix and Pidgeotto got absorbed into the Gengar. 7/10
Awful episode. The episode starts out great with Ash finally training but then The Demon interrupts. WTF it then turns giant. Possibly one of the worst episodes of season 1.