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//The Animal Lovers Club v.2\\

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Spoinky, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    As the title suggests, this is the Animal Lovers Club. This club is for anyone who loves animals. Here you can discuss anything to everything about animals.

    How to Join
    To join, simply answer the following question,

    "What is your favourite animal and why?"

    Owner - Spoinky

    Co-owner - igsey

    Members :
    • PurpleMew
    • Chelc
    • Honsy
    • AceTrainer Tim
    • Eclipse
    • Otter16
    • Sunraichu
    • SkinnySweatyMan
    • flame master 14
    • manaphee
    • Chii
    • Ikito
    • Xashlei
    • .:~Northen*Light*Suicune:.
    • pokemonmaster333
    • Enigma
    • 31st Funk
    • AuraWolf
    • celebitrainer


    1) Normal SPPF rules
    2) No Flaming
    3) No spamming
    4) No one liners. I will be strict on this as the last club was closed because of them.

    I would be more than happy to accept any artwork,banners or userbars anyone would like to submit for our club. They will be displayed here and are free for anyone to use, if you want credit please indicate. Also, to get the code, right click on the image and click properties.

    Credit to Arceus Master

    Credit to 31st Funk

    Credit to PurpleMew

    Credit to PurpleMew

    Credit to Jakotsu

    Credit to AceTrainerTim

    Credit to Honsy

    Credit to Honsy
    Credit to Spoinky

    We will be holding animal of an unspecified amount of time. Please try to agree to some extent to make it easier. The Archive will be continued from the last club because we only had 6 of them.

    Here is the Animal of the Unspecified amount of time and Archive:

    Name: The Giant Panda
    Habitat: Asian Rainforests
    Average Weight: 100 -115 kg/ 220 - 253 lbs
    Average Length: 1.5 metres / 4' 10
    Diet Type: Omnivore
    Diet: Bamboo, Honey, Eggs, Fish, Shrub Leaves, Fruit
    Average Lifespan: 20 - 30 years

    Week 1) Cheetah
    Week 2) Burmese Python
    Week 3) Sailfish
    Week 4) Jacksons Chameleon
    Week 5) Leatherback Turtle
    Week 6) Red Wolf

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2009
  2. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Can i join spoinky ?

    "What is your favourite animal and why?"

    My favorite animal has to be panda [​IMG]

    They are just so cool and have great big black patchs which makes them even cooler

    They are also cool because they eat bamboo which also rocks and one of my favorite pokemon spinda is based on a panda

    EDIT: Heres an image/ banner i made http://i32.*******.com/2qna4k9.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2008
  3. Hey Spoinky, what ever happened to V1? Ah well, can I join? My favorite real animal is the Platypus, but my favorite animal mythical or otherwise is the mighty Dragon.
  4. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    Wow, this was approved quick!!!

    Welcome flame master 14 and PurpleMew, thanks for joining!!! That is so cute PurpleMew, I will add it on the front page!!! flame master 14, the original club was closed during the "club sweep through" because we had too many one-liners which is why I will be strict on them. Your post just passes a one-liner so its fine however if possible, could you please lengthen your post next time, I don't want to take any chances.

    When we have 5 members we will start Animal of the Week.
    Now for 2 topics so there isn't any one-liners,
    What is your favourite Reptile?
    What is your favourite Marine Creature?
  5. Eclipse

    Eclipse I AM GONE.

    Hey, can I join? I'm pretty much an animal fanatic.

    What is your favourite animal and why?

    At the moment it's the Pied Commorant.
    I just think that they're cute and they have a beautiful song.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2008
  6. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member

    I'll re-join because animals > Your face. Lul. Am I one of the people who get to be co-owner from last club? D: anaywazyazyqvbydjvcTOANSWETHEQUESTRIONBECAUSEITISNEEDEDFORTHISCLUB

    "What is your favourite animal and why?"
    Panda. Pandas are awesome. They are so freaking cute and such. AND THEY EAT STICKS. HOW COOL?!

    Last edited: Jun 23, 2008
  7. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Glad to see you like the image and glad to see others joining x

    What is your favourite Reptile?

    I'd have to say lizard because they have those really long tounges and they are just overly cool

    What is your favourite Marine Creature?

    I'd have to say starfish they are so cool and hardly move and stars are great
  8. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    Welcome Iki :D And if you're not too busy with other stuff of course you can be co-owner!!!!

    Welcome Eclipse! It's good to have some of the members from the old club back in this one.

    Since we have enough members, we will be having Animal of the Week this Weekend. Remember to be as specific as possible otherwise the information gets weird.

    What is your favourite Reptile?

    Thorny Devil, they are my favourite animals excludinbg cows

    What is your favourite Marine Creature?

    Manta Ray!

    Last edited: Jun 24, 2008
  9. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member

    What is your favourite Reptile?
    Are snakes reptiles? if so, Snakes for the sheer awesome of their freaky eyes and slithering.

    What is your favourite Marine Creature?
    Clownfish count? CLownfish for having pretty stripes and reminding me of one of my best friends. D:
  10. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Hey nice to see people joining x

    Heres another panda image i created for the club but i think it is horrible


    I will remake it later

    Bye Bye x
  11. manaphee

    manaphee 新たなる誓い

    Can I join?
    I love animals so much.
    I absolutely HATE animal cruelty.
    What is your favorite animal and why?
    I love all animals, and I hope there is nothing wrong with that.
    Sharks are cool. :) I got to pet some the other day at an aquarium.
    My favorite are wolves and dogs, because they are so awesome.
  12. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Hey Spoinky, can I join and be Co-Owner again?? It'd be awesome if I could :p

    As you may or may not know, my favourite animal is the TIGER. They're just some powerful, beautiful, cute and sleek at the same time! I love em' to bits :)

    Still no pets though :( My mum seems to think that if I get one I won't look after it.

    But hey :)
  13. Otter16

    Otter16 Leaf Storm

    Hi i would like to join this club

    My favorite animal are river otters.
    I like them because they are playful and care-free animals. I also like how they can swim real fast.
  14. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    Thanks for joining Otter16!!!

    Thanks igsey!!! And of course you can be a co-owner igsey, you were on of the best members from the last club!!!

    Welcome manaphee! It's great too see you like all animals too, I do aswell!!!
    That's so cute PurpleMew, thankyou so much for your contribution!!!

    Ok, well, today in science we had to watch Sharks mate which was interesting to say the least. I learnt most female sharks can die from mating.

    And I won't be here much on the weekend, my cousin who lives 4 hours away just got engaged and so we have to go to a party there and it's my brothers birthday. So since we have so many new members, I think it's fitting to have an animal of the week now.

    So to start of the votes, I vote for the Giant Panda:

    Animal of the Week
    Giant Panda 1
  15. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    I second that vote :)

    And thanks, Spoinky. I think "one of the best" is a little bit over the top, but hey. I'm not complaining :)

    Animal of the Week
    Giant Panda: 2 votes

    Anything interesting happening for anyone? Any new pets?
  16. Honsy

    Honsy Screaming Narwhal

    Hi, Can I join?

    My favourite animal has got to be Cats. I love them, they're so cute.

    I have a pet Cat, Part Blue Russian, and part...something else, I'm not sure.

    (also, I'm positive it's not just me, but did anyone else feel sick after watching that Hungarian "Art" in Misc.?)
  17. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    Welcome Honsy =D I fortunately have yet to see the Hungarian art in Misc, Misc people scare me :x

    But you were one of the most active members =D

    Remember to keep on voting for Animal of the Week everyone:

    Animal of the Week
    Giant Panda: 2 votes

    Uhmm, so there's something for others to answer:

    Favourite Type of Bear?

    By this I mean like Sun Bear, Moon Bear, Grizzly Bear. Anyway, my favourite is the Polar Bear, spraying disinfectant on their skin makes them purple =D
  18. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Animal of the Week I Vote Giant Panda


    Favourite Type of Bear?

    I think you all know it is a Panda, but i also like Polar Bears they are cool too

    I will also make some more art later for the club and how come you have chose the co-owners so quickly shouldn't you wait a while
  19. Otter16

    Otter16 Leaf Storm

    I vote Giant Panda

    Favourite Type of Bear?
    I have always liked Polar Bears the best. The look so strong and impressive when they stand on their back legs. But it makes me sad to hear that their numbers are falling.
  20. Honsy

    Honsy Screaming Narwhal

    I vote for Giant Panda too. Pandas are cool animals.

    Favourite Type of Bear?

    I like the Pandas, I also like Koala bears. I've only seen a few in real life, but I like them.

    @Spoinky - Haha, I never knew that (the disinfectant part).
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