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~The Animal Lover's Club~ Version 3

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by igsey, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Hello! Welcome to the Animal Lover's Club!
    As the name suggests, this is a club solely for people who love animals of any kind, a place where we can discuss everything to do with animals and make friends at the same time!

    To join this club, simply answer this question - "What is your favourite animal, and why?" We also have six rules:

    1. Obey the usual SPPF rules.
    2. No flaming, i.e insulting others because of their opinions, no matter how much you may disagree with them.
    3. No spamming, i.e posting things that add nothing to the current conversation, or have no relevance to the club.
    4. No bumping. This means no posting more than one month after the last post. This is what the ALC v.2 was closed for.
    5. No one-liners. This means don't post anything with only one line to it - flesh out your post, write about more than one thing, so that what you write isn't counted as spam. This is what the ALC v.1 was closed for.
    6. Anybody can start a topic, but please, no more than two topics running at a time.

    This is the list of all the members in the club. I will add to the list as new members join:



    Virtual Headache

    I will more than happily accept any artwork/banners/userbars for use in signatures to advertise the ALC - if you have some artwork you wish to be available, send me a PM with it attached. This is a collection of the art we have received from the last two clubs. If you use any, remember to give credit!

    [​IMG] - credit to Arceus Master
    [​IMG] - credit to 31st Funk
    [​IMG] - credit to Jakotsu
    [​IMG] - credit to Honsy
    http://i36.*******.com/2elts35.png - credit to Spoinky
    [​IMG][​IMG] - credit to Spoinky (this is two banners next to each other, so as not to break the signature rules.)
    http://i33.*******.com/11qs2ef.png - credit to Spoinky
    http://i35.*******.com/9a3fo7.png - credit to Spoinky
    http://i37.*******.com/29aqj6g.png - credit to Spoinky

    Here at the ALC, we used to have a poll for animal of the week, but due to inactivity, this has now been changed to... *drumroll*
    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period!​

    So basically, when we get round to it, we'll all vote on which animal is "best" for that unspecified time period. Then, a link to a page of info about that animal will be placed here, on the front page.

    The Animals of the Unspecified Time Period in the last club were:

    1) Cheetah
    2) Burmese Python
    3) Sailfish
    4) Jackson's Chameleon
    5) Leatherback Turtle
    6) Red Wolf
    7) Giant Panda
    8) Southern Pudu

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2009
  2. growlithe_master

    growlithe_master <-- Ain't it cute?

    woohoo! first post!

    my favorite animal is the grey wolf. they are so majestic and noble, and the pups are so cute! they are just awesome in every way imaginable.
  3. Pokemon-Dratini

    Pokemon-Dratini cutes.u.2.death >: )


    my favorite animal is the lynx---its an amzing creature and i love it because its so stong and i think it is the best big cat out there
    i love all reptiles too but i geuss i can only pick one animal XD
  4. shadeknight

    shadeknight pokemon master

    tigers rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Is that three requests to join I see? If so, welcome!

    I'm going to PM all the members from the old club(s) with a link to this version of the club, so we can get more members!
  6. Could I please re-join this club?

    My favourite animal is the Lynx aswell because of its beauty and because of this; *"The Lynx is an elusive, ghost-like animal that sees without being seen. Often called "the keeper of secrets of the forest", its magical appearance stems from the mystery that such a creature's secrecy can also be its strength. The Lynx teaches us that even the smallest can succeed in life, and that the world can unfold itself to those who stop and listen."

    But I also like: wolves, tigers, snow leopards, lions, horses, panters and cougars.

    *Source Wikipedia English version.
  7. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Of course you can, welcome back to the club!
    I'm also a big fan of lynx, especially because they're so elusive.

    And that's a really nice passage!
  8. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Damn that banner I made is so sick lmao, I think it is safe to say no one will use that xD;; Anyway hey igsey, I'd like to join again. I was in the last two clubs and sort of fell innactive so I'd like join again and give more input and artwork this time :) I love animals, I have several pets. My favourite animal is still the Panda ^^
  9. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Awesome, nice to have you back, Nick! Welcome to the third ALC =D

    And I meant to say, thanks for the happy birthday(s)!
  10. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    I will join again.
    I am working on getting a biology degree, so hopefully I can work with animals one day.
    My favorite is still the Peregrine Falcon.
  11. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Welcome back crobatman!

    Time we had our very first...
    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period!

    So, I think I'm going to vote Bald Eagle, since they're so powerful and actually really good looking too.

    Bald Eagle - 1 vote
  12. yani~sakura

    yani~sakura i had to be you...

    Hey Igsey! i'll join again and yes Igsey you do rock!

    My Favourite animal is a tiger like you and they rock. I love there patterns. but most of all there eyes. i would love to have eyes like them i stead of the broing brown i have.
  13. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Welcome again Yani! Try not to get this one closed down ;)

    And Mrs Parrett would have a fit if she saw the English used in that post, but never mind ;)
    Please all vote in the new poll:

    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period!

    So far, we only have one vote - me.

    Bald Eagle - 1 vote
  14. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Lmao that may be a big ask :) I am stuck for choice of the Animal of the Unspecified Time Period! but I am going to have to go for the wonderful and go for the Blue Tit, I saw one the other day on a nature program lol and it's really pretty ;p

    Topic time, approved by Igsey ^^

    What animal do you like the look of best? (Is it the colour? shape? cuteness?)

    I just had to do his topic because then I can tell everyone why I love Rabbits o: Well I love the fluffyness of them and the colours are so cool, even grey makes them look so awwwww c:
  15. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    Hey guys. First, I guess I owe you an explanation as to why I wasn't posting in the last club. Besides having the flu and not coming on here as much as I used to, I don't know if many people noticed this, but on about 4 or 5 occasions the club had been bumped from m ore than 1 month of being dead. Now, being the "goody-goody" that I am, I didn't want to get in trouble :)@) for posting in a bumped topic, so I figured that I would just let the club die. But people kept bumping it back up, and I didn't know what to do. It seemed like such a waste to delete the club, so I just let it die. Also, school recently has become quite busy for me, and so I don't really have a huge amount of time which I could spend being the owner, so I decided it'd be better to let igsey become the owner. Sorry for any inconveniences or anything ):

    Anyway, may I please join?

    My favourite animal is either the cow with black and white patches or the thorny devil. The reason I love cows so much is actually quite odd; I was playing this game on my friends mobile, and I misinterperated what she said. She said to duck under seagulls, but I thought she said seacows, so I started mooing. From there is how I started liking cows. I like collecting cow merchandise a lot, and so I have a special place in my room where all of it goes.

    The reason I like Thorny devils, is, well I don't really know. I just really like their appearance, and the fact that they're found exclusively near Perth (Which is where I live for those who don't know).

    Other animals which I like include Siberian Tigers, all types of Turtles and Glass Squids, all of which are for their interesting patterns.
  16. growlithe_master

    growlithe_master <-- Ain't it cute?

    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period? That would have to be the Grey Wolf.
  17. igsey

    igsey Yes, I rock ^^

    Of course you can join, Spoinky! Welcome back to the club!!

    Okay, so as it stands -

    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period

    Bald Eagle - 1 vote
    Grey Wolf - 1 vote

    Also, growlithe_master - please re-read rule 5.
  18. SkinnySweatyMan

    SkinnySweatyMan Well-Known Member

    Hello! May I please join again? I like all animals, but I always say a rabbit is my favorite animal when I'm asked. I'm not really sure why. I don't really have any favorites, and a rabbit was the last favorite animal I had, so I suppose I just stuck with it.

    It's nice to see you around again, Spoinky! Just for future reference though, if you PM the people bumping the club, it might make things a little easier.

    Gee igsey, giving your friend special treatment I see?
  19. crobatman

    crobatman Well-Known Member

    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period
    I don't get this? Do I just say a random animal and we vote on it? what is the limit on the amount of animals?

    What animal do you like the look of best? (Is it the colour? shape? cuteness?)
    I could just say my favorite animal again. Peregrine falcon. I like it's color, and how cool it looks. However, the animal I thinks looks the best is the Platypus!!! It is just so wierd.
  20. Spoinky

    Spoinky becstar xoxo!!

    What animal do you like the look of best? (Is it the colour? shape? cuteness?)

    The animal I like the best because of it's appearance would be the glass squid. My favourite thing about the Glass Squid is it's orange polka-dots on it's bubble thing, I think it's really cute.

    Animal of the Unspecified Time Period

    Umm, to be completely honest, even as the owner I didn't really understand the process of nominating animals for it ): I guess I'll vote for the grey wolf though.

    Also, I have a question, is Animal of the Unspecified Time Period a topic? Because I have a question to ask the club about my pets ):

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