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The Animal Lovers Club

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becstar xoxo!!

Credit to Mr. Yoshi


As it says, this is the Animal Lovers Club. This club is for anyone who loves animals. Here you can discuss anything to everything about animals.

How to Join

It's easy to join here at the ALC. All you need to do is either post on this thread or PM me requesting that you want to join.

When you ask, you must answer this simple question,
"What is your favourite animal?"


For this club, I will try something different though if it doesn't work, we will just have members. Basically, instead of members, there will be a food chain and you can move up and down it. The higher you are in the food chain, the more priority you will have over those lower than you. There will still be a co-owner for those wondering.

The Animal Lover’s Club – Rankings of members

Owner - The Spoinkster
Co-owner - crobatman
Co-owner - igsey
Co-owner – *Vacant*

Human - 1200 points

Great White Shark - 1000 points

Ikito (1000 points)

African Elephant - 850 points

Stallion - 650 points

Cow - 550 points

Armored Dragon (550 points)

African Wild Dog - 450 points

Cheetah - 300 points

Rattata the Mighty (300 point)

Peregrine Falcon - 200 points

Mechanos7 (200 points)

Pidgeon - 150 points

Shiney Mew (150 point)
SkinnySweatyMan (150 points)

Spider - 100 points

flame master 14 (100 points)

Bee - 50 points

BirdsandBoats (86 points)

Ledybug/Ledybird - 20 points

31st Funk (20 points)
KetchupO (20 points)

Worm (start)

Gliding Girl (14 points)
Totodile Charizard (10 points)
Shiny Rokon (9 points)
NightBlaze (8 points)
Xashlei (8 point)
Marikunon (8 points)
Lugia Girl (7 points)
Soul Lugia (7 points)
Simonferno 125 (7 points)
Mew 543 (7 points)
Senkrad (6 points)
The Nine Tailed Fox (6 point)
Eeveerose (6 point)
WobbuPal (6 points)
Uzumakikunai (5 points)
Espeon Fan (5 points)
~GreeN~ (5 points)
{fcc}stealth (5 points)
Pumped Aaron (5 points)
Pamizard (5 points)
Eclipse (5 points)
PokeClipz (5 points)
ninelifewriter5 (5 points)
Perfectly Annoying (5 points)
Pikachu20211994 (5 points)
pokemonbattlegrl (5 points)
KyogreKing (5 points)

Here is how to move up and down the ranks:

Joining= 5pts
Being active in this thread each month and obeying the rules= Up one rank
Every 10 posts=10 points
Submitting a banner= 100pts
Disobeying Rules 3+ times = -50pts


I don't like being strict on rules because I believe you don't have much fun so here they are:

1) Normal SPPF rules
2) No Flaming
3) No spamming
4) Myself, Co-owners and Stallion/African Elephant/Great White Shark/Human Ranked members are allowed to let others in.


I would be more than happy to accept any banners/userbars anyone would like to submit for our club. They will be displayed here and are free for anyone to use and if you want credit please indicate. Also, to get the code, right click on the Banner/Userbar and click properties.


Credit to Arceus Master


Credit to 31st Funk


Credit to Jakotsu

From now on we are having animal of the week. Please try to agree to some extent to make it easier.

Here is the Animal of the Week and Archive:

Diet Type:


Week 1) Cheetah
Week 2) Burmese Python
Week 3) Sailfish
Week 4) Jacksons Chameleon
Week 5) Leatherback Turtle
Week 6) Red Wolf

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Well-Known Member
Sweet! I get to be your first member (if you let me in).
My favorite animal is the Peregrine Falcon. I once thought of making a club like this, but I never got too it, and I could not think of a good name. I love animals, and I even worked with them when I volunteered at the Zoo. I am majoring in Biology now, so that I can continue working with the wildlife in my future.


becstar xoxo!!
Excellent, you can be the ALC's first member and interesting animal choice. Do you want to be co-owner or just a member starting in the improved food chain? Also, how was it working at the zoo?
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Well-Known Member
Sure, I'll be a co-owner.

The zoo was a fun place to work. I got to be a Mammal Keeper Assistant, and technically I still am. What that means, is I got to hang around the Elephant and Rhino barn, and help pick up poo! *Not exciting* I got to other things like feeding the mammals. I even did Gorilla observations, which is just watching them and taking notes on their behavior. One time I got to play with the Bonobos in their building. I even did some animal talks with the zoo guest. I like the education part of the zoo. Before I did keeping, they mostly used volunteers in events they had like Boo at the Zoo, and stuff like that.


becstar xoxo!!
Ooh!!! lucky you, except for the poo patrol part. Soon I wish I could work either at the zoo or a Reptile park. Reptiles are my favourite type of animal, especially lizards. I've even read every reptile book in 3 of our local libraries which is about 2375 books. Also, incase you were wondering, my favourite animal is the Thorny Devil which is also known as the Moloch or Mountain Devil.
Anyway, I hope we get more members soon because it's kinda quiet with only you and me.


Well-Known Member
I thought my suggestion in the Christian Alliance could work here. Welcome igsey!

I wish I could have worked with reptiles when I was at the zoo, but i never found the time to train for it. Maybe one day I will. I was thinking about joining a local Herpetological Society.

Are either of you interested in Wildlife Photography?


Well-Known Member
sorry for the double post, but I am going to find us someone to make a banner for this club, and work on recruiting in the games forums.


becstar xoxo!!
Welcome Igsey and thankyou so much Crobatman for helping recruit members. You truly are the best. Crobatman do you want to be the only co-owner or do you think we should have around 2 other co-owners? I will add you Igsey as soon as Crobatman replies.

I am interested in wildlife photography alot and have had some pretty good photo's of animals though most are from the zoo since there aren't alot of native animals where I live in an urban area. Though when we travelled to Sydney, I took photo's of local lizards and birds aswell as a picture of a snake.

Kitsune Winterheart

Wintry Lights
Me wants to joinie.

What is your favourite animal?
Wolves, foxes, and all the other beasts you can find from Finland. Snow leopards, too, and reindeers.

BTW, I have a cat named Salusiini :3 I love that [little] guy n__n


Well-Known Member
Welcome new people!

The Nine Tailed Fox, you have to say what your favorite animal is in order to join.

Man, my computer messed up last night so I was not able to ask for a banner. I bet Scenice could make us a good banner though if you ask him in his shop.

So, if you got any good pictures of wildlife show a couple then! I have a few pictures from animals in my backyard, but they are not amazing at all...

If this club gets big, then we would need other co-owners.
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Yes, I rock ^^
Yay! Thanks guys! If you agree then I would like to be a co-owner :D. I don't really do animal photography as here in england we get extremely exciting animals like - sheep. The only cool ones (badgers, foxes, hedgehogs etc.) come out at night, and then if I take a pic then the flash goes off and the fox sprints into the road and almost gets hit by a car. Whoops. I don't have pets either, but would LOVe to have a cat. They rock!

Also, a question - why is cow above cheetah in the ranking list???


Well-Known Member
Well duh. Cows are coming to the top of the Food Chain.

So, What kind animals live near your neighborhood? Or what kind of environment do you live in?

I live near the Ocean, so I live in the wetlands of America. If you ever heard of Florida, that is my area. The mammals we have are White-Tailed Deer, Wild Hogs, squirrels, rats, racoons, mice, otters, Bobcats, coyotes and rarely a Mountain Lion. Red wolves are only in captivity. We are supposed to have Black bears around here somewher too.
That was just a few of the mammals. Next time, i'll list some common Birds.


becstar xoxo!!
Thankyou and welcome everyone who joined. Igsey and Frozen Kitsune, you are now other co-owners. Also, TotodileCharizard, if our club become really big, I will allow you to also be co-owner though if any of you do not wish to become co-owner and just be on the food chain please let me know and I will change you.

The majority of animals that live around me are either birds like pidgeons or crows,spiders and insects including praying mantis' and stick insects. However, near where I live, there is a park called Piney Lakes which has a bit of a woodland area. we went there at night and were lucky to come across a bandicoot and a wombat.
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Kitsune Winterheart

Wintry Lights
Thankies~ Our house is surrounded by dark, deep fir forest. Owls are making noises during the day, and I think I saw a bear once @___@ Foxes, too. Woot for beasts overload, there's sometimes even wolves near us.
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