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The Ape Escape Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Tundrayen Tenshi, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the club for the Ape Escape series, known as Saru Getchu or Saru Get!You in Japan! Ape Escape is most known as a game series but in Japan there is also an anime series as well as a manga series. Here you can discuss anything about the series - whether you need help finding that one last monkey you need to catch in a stage, you want to discuss your favorite shipping, or you're speculating about the next game to come out, you'll find a place to do it here!

    • The basic rules of SPPf - no spamming or flamming, etc.
    • The only kinds of codes you may discuss are the ones that do not involve a cheating device - for example, talking about the secret password monkeys in the third game is perfectly fine.
    • Don't talk about anything illegal, for example, please don't ask where you can get the episodes of the anime online...you'll have to import the DVDs when they come out from a place that carries those types of things (discussing the anime itself is fine though!).
    • Don't bash someone who supports a shipping you don't like, in fact there should be no bashing at all.
    • Be nice to everyone else.
    • You don't need permission to join.

    Also, when you join, tell me what character you want to represent you. This is in case we ever do an RP in the RP forums and it's also just for fun. If a character is already taken, you'll have to choose someone else. You can also be a generic Pipo Monkey or your own original character(I have some limits though, but most should be okay as long as they are not supposed to be Specter's currently non-existant girlfriend...I'll allow monkeys that are the same type as him though). If you don't specify someone, I'll just put you as a Pipo Monkey, unless you really don't want to be anyone in which case I won't put anything. It's entirely optional. You can also change your character at any time as long as you aren't in the middle of RP'ing with that character and someone else hasn't taken them. Just tell me here or PM me.

    (Format: Username - Character Taken)
    Tundrayen Tenshi - Spike/Kakeru

    Co-owner 1:
    [Position Open]

    Co-owner 2:
    [Position Open]

  2. Well, I haven't gotten any replies yet because this never got on the first page. The rules say it's okay to bump it after no replies get posted so I'm bumping this. Anyone who wants to join is very welcome to!
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