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:~The Arbok Shop~:

Are you happy with your requested item you got back?

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some request

recolor: green blaziken, pink dratini, and green pikachu



aka Arbok
I hope you wanted this, BlazeShadow.

Darthmew, i made those for you:

Uuh Cell...
I'm sorry but i don't need any workers =3


Well-Known Member
Yay! That Was Exactly what i wanted =D
Thanx Arbok! =D


Well-Known Member
I would like a new fusion =D
Base: Ludicolo
Other: Onix/Steelix (Which one of them dosen't matter)

Can you fix that?


aka Arbok

I'm really sorry. I made your fusion now, but it is'nt my best one. I mean, it's almost my baddest one. Only because Onix/Steelix is ultra-hard to fusion.

More requests? I'm back!!
;201-a; ;201-r; ;201-b; ;201-o; ;201-k;


Cascade Trainer

Background: Kinda Purple
Biggest text: Kingiej~
Little text (may leave blank to get no little text): Dragon
Pokémon sprites on it (max. 4, leave blank for no sprites): Espeon and Eevee
Other Pictures on it (leave blank with same rule..): Meh,you don't have a little sprite of Gateon Port(Or a harbor?).


Well-Known Member
I want a banner too^^

Background: Kinda Green
Biggest text: BlazeShadow
Little text (may leave blank to get no little text):
Pokémon sprites on it (max. 4, leave blank for no sprites): Ludicolo, Shiftry & Clefable
Other Pictures on it (leave blank with same rule..):

I Heart My Shuckle!!!

Well-Known Member
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Recolours please.

Pok?mon to have been Recolored: Totodile
Pick the colors from:

Pok?mon to have been Recolored: Chikorita
Pick the colors from:

Pok?mon to have been Recolored:Cyndaquil
Pick the colors from:

If you can only do two please do cyndaquil and totodile.


I am Your Father
Please could i have a trainer card
Background: 6
Trainer: Youngster
Name: Flash
Pokemon standing behind trainer:pinsir
Badges: Kanto


Punk Rock > You
Can I request a trainer card, Arbok
Background Number: 1
Name to go on the TC: Brendan
Pokémon for on the TC: charizard venasaur blastoise blaziken parukia/rayquaza pikachu
Badges for the TC: Hoenn
All Pokémon have to be in/out their square?: Yes
name: MILLKY


<3 Cutie;
trainer card-8
trainer card name-unknown trainer
dragon type


aka Arbok
Ah... I have much to do =3

zimzimzims said:
a mix please all the stater sets fused please not together all in there genarations
Next time, you can better use the form... I don't know what you're meaning.

The Eevee Breeder said:
I need a fusion Dragonite and Charizard please.
Even not the form, but i'm able to do that. Here it is:

Kingiej said:
I did something like this... It's not that good, if you whant more things on it, or different things, like different sprites, just tell me! I will re-do it for you! I made two so you can choose for now. I did the normal game sprites, there where no sprite-links attached or something. If you whant another background, tell me: give me a link. I'm bad with backgrounds!:

BlazeShadow said:
I want a banner too^^
Ok, the same rules for you, as for Kingiej. Look above ^^''

I Heart My Shuckle!!! said:
me again this time id like a banner
Ok, here it is. Wrong things? Tell me please!:

Scizorlover said:
Please could i have a trainer card
Sure! Here it is: (Next time, please use the form. I don't know wich sprites u wanted; from what game... So i did Leaf Green/Emerald. And, there is a leaf green and a Emerald Youngster... I did the Emerald one.)

i don't know 2 A.K.A. quilava Lover said:
Recolours please.
I made one and i will do the others in now and 1 hour. Oh, and you can choose:

Ah, i was too late by posting this XD

Wich trainer sprite have to go on your trainer cards, Pojo and Alyssa?

More requests & Answers?
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aka Arbok
Ok, here it is. But, if you are gonna put it in you're sig or something, give credits to me AND CORONIS!!!

More requests & answers?