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The Army of Death *Sign-ups*


The Army of Death
PG-15 for Violence

Lorette, a kingdom of great beauty, once ruled by the great and kindly king, Sir Augustus Valentine, he had shown love to the common folk of his kingdom, allowing both men and women to live as equals. He saw all species of living folk as beautiful creatures in his eyes, from the magical elves of the Acroven forest to the horrid Vampires of the lunar land. These creatures were all at peace, even the carnivorous creatures such as Werewolves and Dragon’s, his land was truly a miracle.

The Vampires, though blood suckers, were granted permission to feed off of the animals who resigned on the outskirts of the lunar land, though they were forbidden to feed on that of humans, unless they wished themselves killed by holy silver. They agreed to these arrangements, they were even aloud to mingle with the likes of humans, but only if their promise was kept.

Werewolves lived along side the Vampires of the Lunar lands, and granted to same hunting permission, though in the past, there had been rumours of the Vampires and Werewolves having their territorial differences, but Humans and Elves were told not to meddle in their affairs unless they possessed a death wish.

All was running perfectly, until one fateful day…

“Look at it” The wise wizard stated, a hand placed on the shoulder of the young lad standing at his side “This is now yours, your father has passed away and now you own this great land before you and the peasants that live in it” he grasped the younger shoulder and watched as he scanned his newly acquired land.

Sir Augustus Valentine had passed away only two days ago due to a serious case of the flue, his will stated that the kingdom of Lorette be passed into the hands of his son, Sir Harry Valentine. But the young heir knew not of how to rule his own land and his stomach fluttered from the horror of the moment.

“But, I don’t know-” The young man was cut off with a harsh laugh from the aging wizard “Which is why I am going to help you, Harry. Do not worry I will teach you how to rule this land. Your father was a fool, he did not have the will power to teach these peasants the way to behave in his presence, but you will rule this country with power, I will help you, Harry”

Ten years later

The Kingdom of Lorette is under the control of the Iron Fisted, King Valentine who rules with power and fear. The land is not as it was ten years ago, no; now it stands as a waste land, crushed under the fury of the king and his most powerful army, the army of death.

Humans and demons alike run from the mere mention of his name, not wanting to fall victim to this unholy king and his cursed army. There stands no army in any other kingdom who can withstand his power, not with the Wizard stood at his side at least. Kings have fallen, Queens slaughtered and their army’s killed or taken for their own, many kingdoms have fallen to his might.

The Kings army is made up of many, from mere humans to powerful creatures such as the Undead and the cursed. They themselves seek power and bow to the king upon his word that they will get it. They have fallen under his control and now kill for pleasure.

The Forest of Acroven, home to the mythical Elven people and their steeds, is the only place left untouched by the king, as it is said to be protected by the fallen leaders of their kind. This holy sanctuary has become home to many rogue groups of humans as the Elven people have been kind enough to share their home for the time being, until the king has been defeated, for they believe that the king’s rain will not continue for much longer, and he will soon be over thrown.

The Lunar land has also been untouched, but only for the mere reason that the king offered them a prize that they could not refuse. If they were to join him in his rain over the land, he would allow them to feed off of the humans and creatures that refused to join him in battle. Eager to taste the sweet taste of human blood once again, most agreed eagerly to this and joined the king without though.

The Vampiric queen, Kali, pleaded that they not give in to such temptation, for she was a true follower of Augustus Valentine, and she knew that this was not his wish, she would not go back on her loyalty, no matter how tempting the offer…only few loyal Vampires stayed along side her in her decision.

Back at the castle, Princess Loretta, named after the mighty land itself could take no more of the selfishness of her brother, King Valentine and has fled from her home in search of Warriors who could help her take revenge on her brother and release the word from his wrath. Some say she is the descendant of Angels and possesses extraordinary powers, but if this is true, why has she not over thrown her brother and claimed rule over the throne…could it be her love that prevents her from brining harm upon her brother?

She now seeks all; Undead, cursed and humans for aid to overthrow her brother and his army of death and save the countless lives of those that suffer across the many lands her brother has claimed rule over.

Sum up:

Basically, you are one of the rogue creatures who have either fled to the forest of Acroven, or remain in hiding elsewhere in the Kingdom of Loretta (or another kingdom). You lead a rouge group of warriors who do not approve the rain of King Valentine and so pray for his downfall.

Soon, you will all gather in the forest of Acroven and prepare to make an Army worthy of Angels and Devils (Whatever path you follow) and try to overthrow the king and protect Kingdoms from the wrath of the Army of Death. The more Kingdoms you save, the more men you receive and the more powerful you get. Will you be able to overthrow the most powerful army in the land?

Sign ups:


Species: *
Steed: **
Description: (I would say this is set in the time of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table)

RPG sample: I want this from E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E


Humans: There are many rouge groups of humans left in the land, and so this would be the most common choice. You carry little weaponry and armour, but this will soon be changed.

Vampires: The only living group of Vampires who live in the entire land is lead by Kali (who will be played by me), so if you wish to be a Vampire, you will have to go under the rule of Kali, though I would prefer that you take rule over your own rouge group, this is up to you.

Elves: Loretten Elves live in the forest of Acroven, but there are other species of elves that live in the land, the Acroven elves cannot be controlled by anyone though, because they are all about peace and only give aid, they do not fight. If you wish to be an elf, then you will have to take control of a group that is from another kingdom.

Werewolves: Live along side the Vampires in the land of Lunar, but were too vicious and uncontrolled to be taken into the kings army if a full moon were to occur. Werewolves are a choice, but they will be quite hard to control during the RPG as the full moon brings about insanity, they will most probably attack their allies in these moment.

If you wish to be another species, then PM me with your idea and I will say whether or not it is approved.

**Steeds: Werewolves will not be in possession of these.

Horse: The most common steed will probably be used by Humans and Vampires.

Dragon: A rare steed that will be used by Humans who were once in the services of the King. These beasts comes in many shapes and sizes, their appearance is up to you.

Unicorn: A steed found only in forests that are inhabited by elves and can only be handled by those of Elven kind.

Hellhounds: Found only in the lunar lands, these beasts are usually faught against and devoured by Werewolves, but used as steeds by Vampires.

Controlling your group:

As you are the leader of a rouge group, you will have to take charge of all the members who form it. Though the leader will be the main character, you may have to give a status report on how your group holds off in battle; some characters may be used more than others though.

My sign up:​

Name: Kali Lagura (Kali= “The dark one”)

Age: Looks to be around 18, is in fact 244

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Steed: Deity

Description: Kali has long flowing black hair which bares silver streaks and to strands of which fall down past blood red. Her skin is a pasty white colour and bares no scars only strange markings which wind themselves around the sleek curves of her body. She stands at around 5’7 and wears tattered clothing, which consist mainly of rangers clothing; a black tunic and leather trousers accompanied by heavy boots with metal clasps, many black belts wrap themselves securely around her lithe frame and strange markings can be seen etched into the pale skin just above the collar of her tunic, some wonder whether her whole body is covered by the satanic markings. Secured at her belt are two sword sheathes which bare mighty, silver bladed swords with grand handles, though this lithe form is covered by a large, long flowing cloak which is some times held closed by a golden chain at the collar. The fangs that penetrate her pink gums are normally seen piercing the sensitive skin of her lower lip, drawing blood in the process which is usually licked up by an abnormally large tongue.

Personality: Kali is anything but lady like and will not stand down at the hands of men when she is told to. Her sarcastic and witty nature normally deprives her of true friends, but she is looked up to by many of her species for having the strength to lead a clan of her own as well as her glorious rain. She is caring only for her people and will show no mercy to those, whom threaten her, any companions she makes on her many journeys are normally forgotten in a heartbeat (Bit of Irony there because Vampires hearts do not beat XP).

History: Kali was bitten at the tender age of 18 by a Vampire named Vladimir, he cared for her for many years and taught her how to defend herself when in trouble and told her the ways of the Vampire nature. At the age of 100 she had seen more than what the great kings of that era had and was already skilled in the ways of battle. She killed countless through bloodlust and for a short while remained alone, fighting her own battles and pillaging from villages. When she came to the age of 180 she met with others of her species, and slowly began to create a rule of her own. Many looked up to her and counted on her for their blood, they killed countless at her orders and still do to this vary day. Kali is the leader of a bunch of rogue Vampires who were cast aside by the ones they loved after being turned by those their families hate so much.

When the Augustus became king, he announced that they be treated as equals as long as they secede their killing of humans. Wanting the best for her race, she agreed to this, and declared peace between the Vampiric race and the Humans race, she has been loyal to the king ever since, even fighting in battles along side him, her loyalty still remains for him, even in his death, multiple times had she offered to turn him into one of her own, but he simply declined, he had stated that God had made his decision and that he would die a human.
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Shadowfaith, could you reserve me a spot? I'll be using the normal black when RP'ing.


sounds fun ^_^

Name:Zairoth(most call him roth)
Species:elf/human(human part was a little asian looking. and had weird tatto like markings due to intense magic training.)

Steed: A Dark blue horse with some parts of dark blue scales(around the feet head and back) and horns.

Description:dark greenish blue combed back spikey hair that goes into a pony tail. wears what looks like a dark blue priest outfit with a trench coat over it.
then has silver metal plates over that(shoulders,arms torso legs,etc.) but not everywhere just a few so u can see the weird outfit undernneath.
has tan skin and eye color like his hair

Personality:Very thougtful. thinks things through. always seems as if hes intensely thinking. like to be quick. and depending on what hes thinking about and how har. he could be very angry and commanding. or very calm and relatively happy.

History:during the reign of king agustus valentine. people were at peace. they could marry who they felt like out of love. but years later. Roth lived as a normal child mixed in with his practices of magic. soon the old king died and a new one took power. things got worst. Soon his parents were considered traitors for marrying one another. One day soldiers were approaching the house. his parents told him to run, but he was reuluctant. after some coaxing he ran ino the woods. he hen heard gunshots.... from that day on for 3 years he was an angry messed up person. until one day an old wizard came to him. the wizard started teaching him an ancient art of magic long forgotten. called alteration. it allowed him to alter himself and other things around him. to shapeshift and do other various tasks. he was now at an inner peace. he learned to imprison his emotions with in his own head. with the bad emotions locked away he became a rational thinker and a great leader. it was now time to rebel....

Other:his weapon is a bracer on his left arm that looks very ancient,(as in design) but in good conditions. its a dark blue stoney color. with some. ancient markings. the entire bracer has a serpent swirling up it (made of stone. it amplifies his magic and mental powers. and can generate mana arrows.

RPG sample:
Everybody was happily eating their meals except for roth.
"Ahh another beautiful night..." roth whispered to himself as he looked around and the bautiful dusk sky. Roth and his friends had stopped in a meadow for the night, for the next day was another mission.
"roth sir, youd better get some sleep, tomorrows a big day." calmly stated one of roths friends.
"yeah i suppose joshua.....,nights like these make me want to think"
the night sky let of a breeze of rose petals. roth sighed as he saw them elegantly dance by."ah nights like these......never last".
roths face went from a state of happines, to disdain.
"Tomorrow...is nothing to be happy about....who could die this time?...."

roth turned over in his sleeping bag and started to sleep.
"when will this all be over?......roth thought as he drifted into sleep cluching his weapon...


can i atleast ask why?

if its something i didnt understand i the directions. i'd really like to try again.
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Ski > You
I believe I wish to join this RP...
If not, I would piss you off by pointing out the typos you made in your above posts.
So, can I reserve a place?
(I feel like making a Werewolf...)


Exiled: Your punctuation for one, you don't use capital letters when need be. And your RPG sample is not up to scratch, I can give you a second chance to edit if you would like?

skiboydoggy: My spelling has never been the best, and I really couldn't care less for some typos, everyone does them...so I really couldn't give a **** whether you piss me off with them or not...I'm not in the best of moods today, and for that comment, I deny your reservation.
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Shadowfaith, could you reserve a spot for me? I just bailed out of another RPG to get into this one... I'll have the sign-up up today.


O'malley, no problem, get it up when you can and thanks for bailing on another to join this one =O *Feels honoured*


You're welcome. One question, though... what exactly are you looking for in the sample?


O'Malley said:
You're welcome. One question, though... what exactly are you looking for in the sample?
It can be anything you wish, you can even post a link from another RPG if you want. But I am looking for proper punctuation, decent spelling and of course description and imagination as this is an imaginative RPG.

The Army of Death discussion thread.

^Discuss anything there, the sign up thread shall be used only for sign up's and reservations from now on.
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Wow Shadowfaith, this is the best rp I've seen in a while. Do you think you could reserve me a spot. I'm sick so I have nothing to do but write the sign-up anyway so it should be up by tommorow at the latest.


Flygon: Thanks for the comment =D No problems and get well soon!

So reserved spots are:



Bring it.
Name: Getsuga

Age: Around 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Steed: He does not have a steed.

Description: A tall man standing at about 6'3 with long blood red hair that has raven black streaks. His hair is tied up into a long pony-tail, and his hair also covers his left eye. He is an intimidating man, just looking at him sends a chill down the spine of his enemies. He has blood red ruby eyes, and a scar that starts from under his right eye and goes all the way down to his neck. He wears a dark red shirt and ripped up black pants. He has a big silver belt that seems too big for him and is slanted on one side and wears a long cloak over him. Because of his pale skin he is often mistaken for a vampire, but he wears the Christian cross around his neck. The thing that really intimidates foes is the large pole arm he has strapped on his back. It has blades on both sides of the pole. The blades are in the shape of elegant cleavers and are at least an average man's hand in width and he has it covered with a large white cloth.

Personality: He is your average loner and does not make friends. Even though he could seem cold at times, he still has a heart of gold. He travels the lands only for one reason and that reason is to preserve the peace of the land. With his mighty blades, he would eliminate any fool who threatened any innocent person and he would sacrifice his own life to save the life of another.

History: Getsuga was a very hyperactive child. He had a father who was king of the kingdom known as Tenray. Tenray was filled with regular humans with super skill at the handling of any sword. They trained all their lives, and became extremely powerful. They were probably as fast as vampires, and strong as were-wolves. The king was also a master swordsman and started teaching Getsuga the ways of the blade when he was only five years old. He always thought his father was a good man. When Getsuga was to turn fifteen he would inherit the legendary Tenshou Pole arm which he carries on his back today. On his fourteenth birthday his little sister was murdered by an assassin and his father couldn't bear the pain of his little baby being killed so after that his father started to drink a lot. One night he returned from the local brewery extremely drunk with his sword in his hand. His wife scolded him for being so drunk and in the man's frustration, he slayed her. He then started going around killing all the guards and all the maids. The only one who was left was Getsuga. His father tried to slash his face, but missed only leaving a scar. Getsuga was terrified. Just as he was cornered, he grabbed the pole arm which was in a glass case beside him for protection but his father mocked him because he did not know how to use it. Just as the drunk man leaped at the boy, Getsuga stabbed the large pole arm through the man's body. The man just lay there with the weapon in his chest leaving Getsuga to know, he had killed his own father. The kingdom soon was destroyed by bandits because the kingdom was defenseless without a king so Getsuga took the pole arm and left the kingdom...

Sample: The evil man has just killed another innocent child and the lady beside him just looked at the dead corpse with a large grin. There were many children cuddled together terrified that all of their parents have been slaughtered. They were all alone with absolutely no one to save them. One by one the evil man and woman killed the children until there was only one left.

"Are you ready to die child?" the man asked unsheathing his blade. The lady then took out a frying pan.

"I'm going to cook your corpse and eat it and then I'll eat your parents' corpses too," the lady threatened.

Just as the man was about to brutally butcher the child a large wind picked up. The two murderers turned their heads to see a large man covered in a cloak approach them. They weren’t able to his see half his face because of hair covering it. He took hold of the long pole arm on his back and took the cloth on it off. He pointed it at the two evil doers. The lady then picked up a mace and ran towards the stranger.

The man wearing the cape-like cloth dodged the attack without any effort at all. "Those who disrupt the peace must be eliminated," he said sounding emotionless.

He then swung his blade and killed the female murderer. The man was outraged that his companion had been killed. He took out a second sword and ran towards the strange man and attempted to stab him, but before he could reach him the cloaked man jumped up and came down piercing the killer's head. The man dropped dead on the ground. The terrified child then walked up to the stranger.

"Thank you for saving me," the boy thanked putting out his hand.

"No problem," he said kneeling down taking the boys hand. "I will take you to the next village's orphanage," he offered.

The boy accepted and left the burning village with the man whom he met and considered a friend.
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Hmm, not a bad sign up, but watch your wording and also refrain from using so many full stops, try using a few more commas in your posts, read through your RPG smaple and you will see what I mean, so...I will accept you, because the sign up you provided was decent.


Name: Victor Lidérc

Age: 220 (22 In Vampiric Years Since 1 year In A vampiric Life is 10 In A Humans.)

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire ( And To Be More Precise, if You Want Race Of Vampire, I Am A Baali.)

Steed: Hellhound

Description: Victor's Lower Half Consists Of A Pair Of Jet Black, Silk Leggings That Are Covered In Steel Plated Legs. They Have Chainmail In The Joints For Flexibility And Are Hollowed To Become Lighter And Absorb More. His Feet Are Clothed In Black, Silk Socks, Over Which Is A Pair Of Black Leather Boots With Steel Studding. His Torso And Arms Are Covered In A Silk, Long Sleeved Shirt With Frilly Cuffs. On Top Of The Shirt Is A Light, Steel Chainmail. He Wears A Gold Plated Steel Chest Plate Over The Chainmail, Also, With More Chainmail Inbetween The Joints Of His Arms And Neck. His Head Is Covered In A Grand Looking Steel Helm That Covers His Entire Face, It Has A Red Plume At The Top. His Face Is Usually Hidden By His Helm But When It Is Off You Can See it. He Has Deep Grey Eyes And A Tuft Of SPikey Red Hair That Compliments His White Face. His Chest Plate has A Expertly Painted Black Flame On It For Decoration.

Personality: Like Most Vampires, He Is Cold, Ruthless And Cunning At All Times, But In A Gracefull Way. Unlike Most Vampires Though, He Isn't Hot-Headed And Plans Things Through Before Acting. Although He Is Cunning, He Has A Loyality That Is Fathomless(SP), Proving Him To be Trustworthy To All He See's Fit Of It. In Battle, Instead of Rushing In With His Comrades And Fight, He Places Them In Positions For The Best Strategic Attack, Making His A Mastermind In Strategics, An Invaluble Member To The Throne's Rule.

History: As A Child, He Was Human, A Normal Kid Who Played With Other Normal Boys. One Night Though, He And His Friends Ventured To The Cow Feilds As A Dare. Unfortunately For Them, That Was Feeding Night For The Vampires. The Vampires Came At Them And Examined Them. Seeing Victor As The Most Mentally And Physically Strong Of The Boys, They Slaughtered His Friends And Gave Him A Choice, Join Them, Or Die. He Chose To Join Them. He Was Taken To The Vampiric Royalty's Castle Where He Was Sired By The King. After Being Sired, He Changed From A Nice, Young Boy Who Had Lots In Life To Look Forward Too, To A Cold Hearted Killer, No Reason For Being Except From Battle And Loyalty To The Throne. The Next Night, To Prove His Loyalty, he Was Sent To Bring His Parents To Them For A Feed. He Did As He Was Asked And Was Proved Trustworthy. But instead of feeding On Victor's parents, Due To his Loyalty, The King Gave Victor the Choice of Whether They Became One of Them, Or If They Had A Feast. Victor Chose Feast, And With An Evil Smirk, The King Congratulated Him.

RPG Sample:

Victor Walked Into The Grassy Cow Field, Where many Years Ago, He Chose His fate. As He Tread He Heard A Heavy Footstep,Not A Footstep of A vampire. He turned Around And Drew His Jewel-Hilted Blade. A Drooling wolverine, About 10ft Tall Was Standing Ominously above Him, Gnashing His Teeth.
"Hmm, Come Get It Boy!" Victor Called As He Smirked. The Lycan Ran Head-First At Him, About To Make Contact With Victor's torso When Victor Jumped,Spiralled In Mid-Air A Landed On Its Black. He Drove His Blade Deep Into The Creatures Skull And Ripped Back Out Through His Jaw. The Wolverine Dropped To The Floor As Victor Yanked The Blade Out Viciously, Sending Blood Spurting Everywhere And Sliced It's Face In half. Victor Was Dissapointed At The Wolverine's Effort But At The Same Time Pleased At His Feat. He Pulled A Blood-Stained Cloth From His Sheathe And Wiped The Blood Off.
"Oi Boys, We've Got A Meal!!" Victor Shouted To The Others As He Extended His fangs And Sunk His Teeth Into The Carcuss(SP). "Come get It Before Its Gone!"

Additional Info About MYSELF, Not Victor: This May Sound A Bit Like I'm Showing Off, But i Know Quite Alot About Vampires. Also, All You Damned People Who Think A Stake Through the Heart Kills Vamps, It Doesn't. It Merely paralyses Them.

EDIT: I Know It Pisses People Off Bad With My Constant Caps, But As I've Promised To Everyone, If You Want, i Will Not Use Full Caps In RP If I Am Accepted... Btw, Hold Jesus, this Is The Fastest Sign Up Thread I've Seen! Burjesus, I Mean, It Started 4 Hours Ago, And Look At All These Sign Ups! ITS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!! *Cries Self to Sleep*
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Well...I'm not keen on the caps at all, so you need to edit that in the sign up before you can be accepted, also I would like to point this out as well:

Vampires: The only living group of Vampires who live in the entire land is lead by Kali (who will be played by me), so if you wish to be a Vampire, you will have to go under the rule of Kali, though I would prefer that you take rule over your own rouge group, this is up to you.


Can I just not do caps into RP? I'll start now, it's just that it'll take ages to delete every single cap and replace it with a lower case...


Think Different
Could you reserve me a spot too?

By the way, the link to your steed's picture doesn't work and this RP looks excellent.
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Taoist: If you can edit your sample RPG without the caps I will think about it. Also, I would prefere that your character not be a Vampire as the only living Vampire tribe (that we know of) is Kali's tribe, and they have sworn not to feed off of humans and live in the Lunar land. Your sign up is fine apaart form the above, and I will trust you not to use caps in the RPG, but just edit what I have asked of you.

Triforce: Thanks for telling me, and your spot has been reserved.

Spots stand as such:




DKzM0mA: Depending on whether he agrees to what I have asked
Taoist: Pending (Depends on Edit's)