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The Army of Death *Sign-ups*


Indigo Champion
Name: Sora
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Kali’s group)
Steed: A dark horse with a mane of flaming hair. It’s hooves are silver, while it’s eyes are a deep purple. It bares many scars on its hind quarters.
Description: His dark, jet black hair hangs down over his eyes and ends in beep, midnight blue tips. His eyes are a deep, poisonous green that pierce the night air. His gaunt face shows three long scars across his face. His upper body consists of a long black shirt that goes past his belt. The cuffs of his shirt are torn and frayed, with odd markings made of a silver substance. The top of his shirt ends in a blood red collar that goes up to his chin. His hands are skeleton-like, with rather long but thin fingers. His fingers have many assorted rings that bare anything from a skull to a cracked ruby. On his back is a large quiver of arrows and a bow, slung over his shoulder. From his belt down, he wears deep black pants. His boots go up to his knees and cover up his pants from the knees down. His boots are a dark silver color, with thick bottoms. The tips of his boots are skull-like, and have odd burn marks.
Personality: Despite his rather intimidating outsides, he’s a rather gentle person. His clothes do not reflect his personality. He loves being around the people he knows and being social, but because of his clothes and outside looks, he doesn’t have many friends. He is an upbeat person that is usually optimistic and caring, but catch him in a bad mood or get him angry and his gentle nature turns to bitterness and malice. He’s mood becomes dark and sulky and his bitterness will even turn on his friends. He’s gentle nature can also be covered by his sly personality and cunning. He cannot be outsmarted very easily.
History: Sora was born before the reign of King Augustus. He lived a normal life until the fateful day he was bitten. He made the horrid mistake of venturing into the lunar lands on the midnight hour. It is unknown who had bitten him, and he had no choice but to join them, as he was exiled from the family he was born into. He was brought in to live in the lunar lands and was trained in combat. He never developed a hostile or cold-hearted nature though. It seemed something inside of him was determined to hang on to the personality he was born with.

When King Augustus died and the new king came into rule, he was an elite archer for the Vampire race. As the new king became violent and started to rule with an iron fist, he still believed in the ways of King Augustus and joined Kali’s group, rather than join King Valentine’s group of ruthless warriors.
Other: N/A
RPG sample:

From "Harry Potter and the School of Fear"

Sora sat at his large oak desk in his room, looking at a piece of parchment that was wiped clean for the umpteenth time. He was trying to write down what was going through his mind, but nothing was connecting between hhis brain and fingertips. He got up out of his squashy, leather chair and stretched so far back that his spine cracked the whole way up to his neck. He walked over to his window and peered out of it, wondering what was going on in the deep midnight hour.

"Gah! Why can't I figure this out?" he whispered to himself.

All day, he had a strange feeling. A feeling that something amazing was going to happen. The arrival of his Hogwarts letter. He walked away from his window and threw himself onto the deep, midnight blue sheets of his bed. He rubbed his forehead which was sore from the lack of energy he had since he had been up all night.

He ventured out of his door and crept down the hall. He decided that a midnight snack would help calm his nerves and ease his wandering mind. Once in the kitchen, he shot to the fridge to see if there was anything leftover from supper.

"Hmmm.....this looks edible....I think..." he said picking up a muffin-shaped gob of chocolate, or what he thought was chocolate.

Suddenly, he heard a crash. He dropped what was in his hand in crept to the kitchen door to see what it was. He peered into the living room and saw a shadowy figure lurking about.

"Who's there?" he said, rather shakily.

"Sora? What are you still doing up?" said the figure.

"Sam? I tought you had to work late?" he replied.

"I did. I managed to get home a little earlier than I thought." she replied.

"Oh, alright. I'm gonna lay on the couch for a while." he said.

"All right, but don't stay up to late." she said as she was climbing the stairs into the second floor landing.

Sora went to the living and plopped himself onto the couch. He started thinking again, he didn't now how long he was awake because the next thing he knew was that his mom was shaking him awake.

"Sora! Wake up!" his mother said.

"Alright! I'm up! Geesh! Don't rip my head off." he said throwing her hands off his shoulders.

He peered at the clock and saw that it was about 7:00 A.M. He sat up and rubbed his weary eyes. He smelled the faint smell of eggs and bacon. He got up, stretched, and slowly started into the kitchen.

"Morning." his father said peeking over his paper.

"Morning." he replied, stifling a yawn.

"Breakfast?" his mom said offering him a plate of some eggs and bacon.

"Sure." he yawned, grabbing the plate.

"Where's Sam?" he said through a mouth full of eggs.

"She's still in bed. She had a rough night." his mother replied.

"Well, I'm off to work!" his father said getting out of his chair. He walked over to his wife, kissed her on the cheek, and proceeded to give Sora a hug before he Disapparated.

"What time is it?" asked Sora as he finished his breakfast.

"Oh, a little after seven." she said peering at a clock above the sink.

"Okay. I'm going to go upstairs and get dressed." he said. He walked out of the kitchen and proceeded to climb the steps.

When he reached his room, he noticed how cluttered it was. He had piles of clothes strewn all over the floor, various pieces of paper were scattered everywhere, some old candy was lying in a heap on his night table, and his dresser was covered in clothes that needed washing terribly. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a black shirt, proceeded to the next drawer and pulled out a blue pair of pants. After he was dressed he slid down the railing of the stairs and overshot a little, crashing into the wall.

"Ouch. What a pleasant way to start out the morning." he said with a note of sourness in his voice.

I hope this is good!


Think Different
Full Name: Resu Haether
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Steed: Resu rides on a black unicorn named Twilight, he has provided his mount with much armour as he is afraid of losing him. The unicorn is covered in dark armour that seemingly strikes fear into those who watch Resu ride into battle.

Physical Description: Long Blonde hair falls lightly around Resu’s shoulders. It bobs up and down freely mimicking his every movement; never messy Resu’s hair keeps itself in place curling at the ends obediently, The golden hair always covers one of Resu’s cold ice blue eyes, though the eye it covers changes at Resu’s discretion.
Resu has a round face – his nose and mouth, soft edged, are small. He has thin cheeks but the edges are always hidden beneath his hair.
Resu is of an average build for his age, though perhaps slightly taller than many. He has long arms, which end in long slender fingers. He has particularly long fingernails as he has an aversion to cutting them.
He wears a semi-traditional elven cloak; cream with golden thread patterns that are weaved into the cloak. He wears a dark cloak when he is travelling so as to avoid sticking out and attracting unwanted attention, under his cloaks he wears a dark grey tunic with chain mail underneath. He has a leather quiver slung across his back with his willow wood bow attached to it.

Personality: Battle hardened and disgusted with the world Resu has a very cold approach to all who talk or come into contact with him. He has a brisk and formal way with most, this manner extends to all even those who would consider themselves his closest friends. He regards himself and others with very critical views and does not see anyone in his world as coming close to the perfect status that he believes everyone should strive to attain.
He is not a thinker, he makes most of his thoughts and actions based on instinct, he does however possess an amazing amount of creativity within him to make up for the lack of thinking. He demonstrates his creativity on the battlefield, pulling of moves and actions instinctively that would be beyond most even when they thought extremely hard about every decision that they made.

History: Raised in a small rural village Resu did not experience the real world for some time in his life, he whittled most of his hours away working on the farm or playing with his friends. He lived a quaint and happy life and he knew little of the darkness that seeped from the once great land. His parents were also ignorant of this and voluntarily signed themselves up to join the growing legions from the ‘noble’ land of Lorrette. The perceptions that King Harry was as good as his predecessor still held strong the lands that he had not touched yet.
Resu was left behind with instructions to look after the farm and to prepare to join the ranks of King Valentine’s armies. He balanced working hard on his farm with training’ he began to notice that he possessed some skill in battle. His archery skills far outstripped most people in the village and he had a knack for pulling of uncharted or unthinkable moves with his sword. But still battle experience evaded Resu, his village was so far out of the way that no armies or even thieves came near it.
But quite lives never remain undisturbed for long, Resu had grown in his training and he was now considered mentally and physically strong enough to join the Armies of King Valentine. Roughly two years had passed since Harry had ascended to the throne and recruited Resu’s parents. Resu looked forward to seeing his parents again and to help them in serving for the King. But Resu never got a chance to join the armies. Harry had begun his reign of terror and had moved into the lands that contained Resu’s village, the refusal of the land to submit to Harry’s will meant that he had begun to move his armies across the land and was attacking villages one by one. Eventually the fight was brought to Resu’s village and he finally got the chance to fight. He and his brothers took to the battlefield in order to defend their home. They fought along side the people they had grown up with, but despite the fight they put up the village fell at the merciless hands of King Harry.
Disgraced and unwilling to bend to Harry’s will Resu fled with his remaining friends and brothers in order to evade the rule of the King and to help those who wished to challenge it.

Sample:The horses were all drawn into the middle of the ring of trees, and guided to encircle the dying ashes of last nights fire. Despite it being daytime it was still dark and Resu hoped that they could put their foes at a disadvantage if they limited the light. Resu pulled his back against the nearest tree. His comrades turned to him and he acknowledged them by signaling for them to copy him.
Each of them pulled their backs to the ring of trees meaning they created a circle that could cover every member, each of them watched over the others shoulders knowing that they placed their lives in the hands of those who trusted them with theirs.
Dark shadows flitted in and out between the trees, very few of their foes revealed themselves and if they did it was barely for a few seconds. Resu watched carefully, he presumed the enemies to be of either human or vampiric descent, most likely vampiric due to the movement that they had. He raised his bow, his allies following him and they all began to place their sights. A sharp twang emitted from Resu’s bow and this signaled the opening of the fight. The arrow Resu had fired whipped through the trees and struck the approaching enemy in the shoulder, a second shot from Resu’s bow hit the disabled Vampire in the head killing him instantly. Resu scanned across the ring of trees, none of his friends had yet fallen and the rag and bones group of men and elves were holding off well against the assault of the vampires. But Resu knew that his group would eventually be drawn into melee combat, which is where the vampires sleight of hand and quick feet would give them the upper hand.
He decided that they would have to vanquish most of their foes before they encroached upon the ring of trees, hopefully he and the others in his party skilled with blades would hold off a reduced force.
Suddenly a scream pierced the air, a vampire hand dropped from the trees above and had already sunk his teeth into one of Resu’s party. Immediately the others swarmed to help the man, but even before they reached him the vampire had escaped. The vampires plan had worked; he had broken the ring of men and drawn them into melee combat. Resu placed his hand on his blade; his men followed him immediately drawing their blades as they prepared to defend their lives. The vampires had no mercy and leapt upon the allies, one leapt towards Resu it’s tattered cloak trailing behind him. Resu stepped back meaning the vampire had to attack him again, it leapt with its eyes ablaze and it’s knife poised in hand. Resu slashed his sword through the air; the vampire left the ground briefly in order to cover the distance thus leaving him vulnerable.
Around Resu the battle raged on and he threw himself into its midst, his sword swinging this way and that blocking, parrying, slashing, decapitating and dealing out carnage to those foolish enough to pit their wits against Resu.


Granadane Scinfell: A man of great height and power, he is Resu’s main melee combatant.
Destry Elecquo: An elf with superior intellect and reasonable skill in the arts of healing and medicine.
Ytinsk Dferald: An elf who possesses considerable talent with a bow, though he is lacklustre with a blade.
Tyfaul Haether: Resu’s older brother, an extremely able planner and keen engineer. He lacks much skill in combat, he is Resu’s second-in-command.
Ukuesk Ghalfwadar: A man with supreme skill for disguising himself and acting his way through most encounters. He is Resu’s intelligence man.
Hydack Drakano: A girl with deceivingly simple looks, she is skilled with both the blade and bow.
Jkarahn Remunsdy: An elf with a talent for looking after animals, she tends to the groups steeds.
Kilsna Gremputdo: An elf with the best survival instinct known to man, he is Resu’s closest friend.


Name: Miyako Midori Inoue

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Loretten Elf

Steed: A Female White Unicorn called Hikari. Hikari means light and she has long, blonde hair. She has a white, sharp horn, and long, white legs. Her blonde tail sways in the wind gracefully, and she runs preety fast.

Description: Miyako had long, silky, lavender hair, which fell just below her shoulders. Her hair sways gracefully when the wind blows against it.

Miyako has a round face, and is rather small for her age. She has violet eyes, and wears a traditional elven cloak; white in color. She comes from an average family, not rich, not poor. Her weapon is a traditional oak wood bow which is placed on her belt. She has a traditional elven bag, which is used to store her arrows. Sometimes she uses a small elven dagger to stab her opponents, but only for emergencies.

Personality: She is a hyperactive female elf, who tries to remain happy and cheerful all the time. She can be a good liar when facing her opponents. A female elf who usually gets what she wants, if she doesn't, she persuades her father to get her what she wants, but not everytime it succeeds. Now becoming a mature elf, she earns her own money and buys what she fancies. She thinks that sometimes battles aren't necessary, but if her opponent wants to get her, she fights.

History: Miyako's mother died when she was five, and she only had elder brothers and sisters. Her father was the single breadwinner, but when she was seven, her eldest brother could started working and the family could settle in an elven village in the woods. She was taught how to defend herself by her elder sister and brother, who wanted her to be strong and not weak. She speaks fluently, and is frequently known as the chatterbox of the family. Now, when she turned fifteen, her father died, but most of her siblings were working at that time.

When she became sixteen, a forest fire was started, and she managed to escape. Most of her sibilings were killed in that fire, and she joined the remaining elves who were looking for other Loretten Elves to live with. Miyako herself uses the oak wood bow her brother gave her, and arrows were given to her by her sister. A few of her siblings suvived, and they stood together through this harsh time, until they met other Loretten Elves. From then on, Miyako started working for what she wanted, and stopped being dependent on her siblings, and became independent. She led a peaceful life from then on, until the war.

Other: N/A

RPG sample:

Miyako took a glance around the area, as her opponent approached her. She got ready some arrows and fired them at her left, where she thought her opponent was. As the sun started setting, Miyako started firing her arrows left and right, wanting to know who was her opponent.

"Hiya!" Miyako shouted, tossing the dagger she had into a nearby tree. She then spun around, hearing her opponent move in the nearby bushes.

"Take this!" Miyako said, shooting arrows quickly at her opponent. Her opponent dodged, and Miyako quickly removed the dagger from the bark of the tree, and she ran towards where her opponent were, and stabbed him from the back, piercing his right arm. Her opponent fell onto the ground, almost dying. It turned out that he was a Loretten Elf like herself, and she quickly took out a bandage, lotion and things that would help him. She cleaned the wound before wrapping the bandage over his wound.

Hope's that okay, Shadowfaith.


Taoist: RP sample and history to include meeting Kali or something and being accepted into her group of Vampires.

FlygonFirefly: Okies ^_^

Sapphire: Accepted

Triforce: Accepted

Sapphire 2 (XD): Accepted




Taoist: Pending (Depends on Edit's)
Shiny Flygon
The Burnt Shadow

The RPG will start tomorrow ^_-


Indigo Champion
Alrighty. Just to let you know, I changed my name. Won't be so confusing now. Hehe.


Well I finally finished it... sorry it took so long.

Name: Euclid

Age: 134 (If not acceptable then I will change it)

Gender: Genderless

Species: Centaur

Steed: Hooves count??

Description: Euclid is very ominous standing at a massive 6 foot 11 inches tall, and he is also about 5 feet long from head to tail. He has a head and half of his torso of a human, and the rest of his body of a horse. Euclid has long; black hair that reaches from his scalp to nearly the top of the horse half of his torso, and measured it reaches about 1 foot 2 inches long. He also has 4 hooves that are coated with metal armor made by the town blacksmith to protect his feet from the rough terrain of the forest. The horse part of his body is brown and his tail is fairly short (3 inches). The tail is also black as long with any body hair found along his body. Euclid wears light, brown archery armor on his human torso, and some steel, heavy armor on the horse part of his torso. He carries two weapons, one being a 6 foot long spear that is tipped with a sharp copper tip that increases stability. The entire handle of the spear is steel to avoid any high chance of the spear breaking. He has dark brown eyes and very light armor on his legs that mostly is just equipped to fit the rest of the set. He usually also wears a bronze helmet with a strand of blue feathers the coats the top to represent chiefdom in the tribe. He also has a case full of adamantine tipped crossbow bolts that are located behind his torso along with a basic mountain crossbow that he uses for hunting and fighting. He also has two arms just like an ordinary human. (Sorry everything was very out of place)

Personality: Euclid is very outgoing and is never afraid to take over a conflict or dilemma. With his age comes wisdom though, and though not old for a centaur he has learned from his mistakes that he has made throughout his life. Euclid knows how to be tactful though is usually outgoing and will pounce on an opportunity even if he knows there might be a risk of it turning out into a bad situation. He has a great skill at reading people and can tell fairly easily if they would be lying or trying to trick him. Again, though he is tactful and has the mind to be an elder of the clan, he has the personality of a warrior. He does not know how to be a follower, and if forced into a situation where he must follow, he will force his way into a situation that will in least challenge the leader’s leadership ability. Euclid is very goal oriented, and with the recent turmoil throughout the kingdom he has put the responsibility on his shoulders to try and stop the King and his army. (Sorry it’s so short; I’ve just never been good at personalities)

History: When Euclid was born it was in the middle of the dark ages. Technology had not advanced yet, and life was hard for the Centaur tribe. For his first 7 years of life the tribe was constantly uprooted and was being moved like crazy to escape the persecution of many ethnic groups including humans, vampires, elves, and many others. By the time they were finally rooted in one spot they had found a small tribe of suffering elves deep in the woods of Lorrete. Euclid was about 22 at the time and had started to develop into more of an adult. This is where he met the first member of his to-be tribe whose name was Caius. Caius was 15 at the time, but had already started to show signs of pure strength and a nearly abnormal desire to draw blood. Many misunderstood him, and thought of him as lost soul or tyrant, but Euclid noticed that he had great potential as a fighter and a defender of the militarily struggling tribe. He met Caius at a meeting to discuss military power, both were not paying attention and eventually it resulted in the two conversing. Both shared similar views at the time and both became good friends for a long time.

As Euclid matured the tribe was put into bigger and bigger struggle, disposing of great warriors in attempts to help the struggling tribe of the elves whose tribe was eventually completely wiped out. They were killed by werewolves who had gone mad in the awe of the full moon. Euclid still was not mature enough to give attention to the problems of the tribe, and though maturing as a fighter, he was still more in search of friends than for power and wisdom. That year he met a large part of his future team. They were a group of 6 friends that aged from 22 (Elpis) to 47 (Decimus). At this time Euclid was 31. He had found them on the wood town walls that were obviously anything but formidable. They were talking, not paying attention to their duty, but Euclid heard what they were talking about which was the fall of the elves tribe. He had not heard much about it so he decided to eavesdrop. Quickly he was spotted by the alert and wise Gallus. (34) Gallus showed little mercy as he swung around and put his spear to Euclid throat. As he did this all the others turned around to see what had happened. Euclid was taken off his feat as he backed up stuttering at Gallus’ question. “I was just interested in your conversation that’s all,” Euclid trembled as he slowly moved backwards. Amalric (29) laughed knowing that Gallus was over reacting. “I think I like him,” he proclaimed as he walked over to the fearful and confused Euclid. “Please don’t be scared of Gallus,” Amalric said as Gallus grunted, but he couldn’t help giving a smirk. After that Brynhildr (37) and Hesiod (42) started to converse with the new comer as well. After some time Caius was also accepted into the group, and this group was just showing opportunities for potential after other opportunities.

About 70 more years passed and the only thing that changed was the maturity of the group, the technology of the modern world, and the situation of the tribe. Centaurs had nearly forgotten the fact that other life still lived and who knew what could be happening outside what turned into their own world with no outside interaction. Finally interaction was made as a messenger came from the “outside” that heard of a ‘to-be’ plan to attack the elves, centaurs, and rouge groups of the humans. Euclid new that he had assembled a good enough force to try to stop the king before it became to late, but Euclid; alongside everyone else in the tribe, did not know that the king’s reign has become such a tremendous force. The warriors were each granted a title and special armor and weapons beseeching their personalities. (Sorry for the large skip of the 70 years just if I put that in I really don’t have that kind of attention span to tell you the truth xD) (#s in paragraph 2 symbolize age at the time)

Team : (I liked Triforces' idea)
Age: 125
Short Bio: Short, fast. Very cautious, but a good follower nonetheless… Elpis is the long range bowman that has accuracy but slow attack speed. Elpis Very useful as a fighter especially in clutch situations, but a very quiet spirit as well. Elpis is a very rational centaur as well.

Age: 150
Short Bio: The smartest by far of the entire group. Knows how to make decisions, and will often act as a counselor for Euclid. Decimus lacks great skill as a fighter but always helpful to have an extra man in battle. Mostly long range battle bow is what he uses which is a bow with very fast attack speed but low accuracy and mediocre range.

Age: 127
Short Bio: The one who most consider to be a weak link on the team, but everyone has faith in Caius, and in his predominant melee attacking skills. He is very outward and will usually be the first to charge into battle with little to no regard of his own health. Caius uses spears, knives, some swords and poles while in battle. Caius often gets hurt, but also has the second highest amount of stamina in the group.

Age: 137
Short Bio: Gallus is the serious one in the group. He will not understand certain jokes and dislikes nearly everyone he has not learned to trust. Very defensive and has the most stamina and carries the heaviest armor in the group. Though Gallus is lacking the spear of a centaur and only having slightly above par attacking skills, but he makes it up while being nearly a tank for nearly any enemy.

Age: 132
Short Bio: Amalric is very laid back and many think he doesn’t understand the seriousness of anything he does, but him and the rest of the group knows that that is a completely ridiculous claim. Amalric is definitely an above par fighter, and is considered one of the better melee fighters of his time next to Caius. He does not care as much about his health than he does about the well being of his team and with his energetic personality has very explosive drives of power that people know could result in the close insanity of Amalric.

Age: 140
Short Bio: Brynhildr is the co-leader of the group. He knows how to take charge, and is above average in every aspect of himself. He is an excellent fighter, and excellent leader, he knows how to keep his cool, he is intelligent, and has a good mix of speed and armor. He knows how to mix up his styles of fighting and often throws enemies off track. Brynhildr is liked by most and is a pleasant guy to spend time with overall.

Age: 145
Short Bio: Hesiod is the guardsman of the group. Though he is quiet he will give everything for anything that he believes in. Hesiod is a playful spirit and can take jokes because he is often made fun of by others because of his ‘Elvin’ ears. Hesiod is the other crossbowman of the group, but he uses an eagle crow that is a special crossbow with the ability to launch 2 arrows at once. Hesiod is still a strong offensive force and his rational makes him a less talked about valuable asset.

RPG Sample: (This is an old post from about 1 year ago from an old site which was actually the first place I ever rped, this is not the BEST I can do in the category of description though)

Goki stared at the pedestal cracking and falling into the lava below him. Goki stared a bit until he realized the pedestal was giving way. "Damn it," he said as he focused all his energy but couldn't get enough.

Goki mustered enough energy to start flying but he couldn't do much more. He was out of energy and now there was one thing he could do. Either Goki jumped into the lava and hoped that he would live and that he could gather enough energy from the lava to stop it or go on the defensive yet again.

Goki knew that if he went to the defensive he would probably face his end so he did the unthinkable and plunged into the lava screaming in pain. Every second he was in there replenished his energy that was wasted creating shields from the heat and the burning lava.

Goki flew out of the lava with even less energy than before. He knew he couldn't survive longer so in a desperate attempt he blasted towards Hitokiri and dipped his sword in the lava hoping the sword wouldn't melt.

Sure enough the sword stayed intact and was literally on fire. He blasted farther and farther towards Kenshin falling upwards and downwards because of the dizziness caused by the heat.

Goki reached Hitokiri finally and started swinging blindly at him for he had no other choice. He quickly flew upwards; he had to escape the heat. Goki flew into the clouds above where even there was hot but he cooled down a bit before coming down with his one-eye-sword as he did the gambado earlier but this time with caution to make sure he hit.

With a snicker Goki let himself dropped and he laughed as he got closer and closer to Hitokiri. A few spurts of lava had to be dodged on the way down but nothing that would stop Goki from winning this. He wouldn't kill Hitokiri just because it was not his style but he would definitely win the battle, even if it did mean killing him.

Goki just kept thinking to himself and the guilt finally got to him and Goki stopped in front of Hitokiri "I don't have what it takes to win this, BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP," he said as he had one of mood swings and took out his sword putting his life energy into these blasts making them even more effective. From this range it would be pretty hard to dodge so many beams but just in case Goki left small trails of normal energy behind him if he needed a stalling method.

Goki snickered yet again and let all of his energy go as he screamed again in pain from the loss of his own life energy. The armor he had on was training armor and heavy so Goki couldn't stay flying much longer in the air with that on. Either these blasts hit or it was the end. Goki knew he had no more tricks this was a death match and Goki got his wish. He quickly said another prayer and waited for the outcome hoping he would not die.


Master of Magnetism
Woah...I came in here really late...I have to go to school, but can I reserve a spot?Gotta go!


Thank you... sorry it was up so late though... I love procrastinating.


The RPG has started, so hose who haev yet to post their sign up's, get them up as soon as possible. All further discussion goes to the thread in the RPG Cafe...merci and have fun, dudes!


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Name: Drizzt (Dridst) Br'gar (Breh-gar)

Age: 75ish

Gender: Male

Species: Drow *Approved by Rachel* Someone told me your name o.o;;

Steed: None. Instead, in place of a steed, Drizzt has a magical figurine. No, not a figurine like a dancer. A figurine like a figure of something carved out of something. This particular figurine is made of Onyx, and it looks like a giant cat. A panther, to be exact. The figurine stands at about 4 inches tall, so it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Now, you might be wondering why he carries around a Onyx Figurine of a Panther. Well, Drow are naturally adept at magic. This figurine summons a panther of enormous proportions (read enormous as two times the size of a normal panther), who would protect Drizzt until he dies. (Drizzt, not the Panther.) The only way to 'kill' the panther is to smash the figurine. But good luck, Drizzt always carries it in a belt pouch so it is hard to access. The figurine looks like a Panther that just pushed its front legs off for a jump.

The cat's name is Taikashi. (Tie-Kash-ee). It looks pretty much like a normal panther. Yeah, it's pretty big. To summon it, all he has to do is speak its name. If the panther is too tired, it disappears back into the Astral plane. The Panther can stay in this plane for about 5 hours of normalcy, 2 and a half of battling without recieving wounds, and about a half hour if it takes alot of damage.

Description: Drizzt Do'Urden is a dark elf, commonly known as drow. Drizzt stands at about 5′6″ and weighs about 130 pounds (59 kg). His handsome features are sharp and well proportioned; and like other drow, Drizzt's skin is black and his stark white hair is long, thick, and flowing. Perhaps Drizzt's most striking feature, though, are his eyes, which are a lavender hue (quite different from the drow race's typical red, even when he uses his infravision, which normally causes eyes to glow red) and seem to glow fiercely when he is angry or determined.

His swords, scimitars by the names of "Icingdeath" and "Twinkle", fit into sheaths located at the sides of his body. The armour he wears is made of mithril, and is magically enhanced to take more blows than normal armour would. He also has a longbow nicknamed Taulmaril, (Tall-mar-ul). The bow is made of wood enspelled not to break or scratch, and the quiver for it holds 20 silver arrows; when one is used the quiver magically replaces it. Part of the weapon's (or the arrows' (or both's)) enchantment is that the arrows are imbued with crackling energy in flight that causes them to deal far more damage than would be typical for a normal arrow.

He normally wears a fur-collared green forest cloak and high black boots, with a necklace attached to a white unicorn head, the symbol of his godess, Mielikki. It has been more than 20 years since Drizzt first ventured into the surface world, but his vision, accustomed to the pitch-blacknes of the Underdark, has not completely adapted to the bright surface world. At present he is in the neighborhood of 70 years old, not even old enough to be considered an adult by elven standards.

For a better description, check this picture: Drizzt

Personality: Thoughtful and sensitive to others, Drizzt holds himself to the highest ideals but does not expect the same of others. Ever alert for treachery and danger, he speaks little but is apt to be polite (if terse) in his dealings. A perfectionist who yearns to be accepted into places and groups and to make friends widely.

When the situation calls for it, however, he can be incredibly daring, even reckless. In fact, several of his friends are convinced that someday he will leap into a situation that he will not be able to get out of. He harbors a deep love for the surface world, and cherishes his place in it, though many are still prejudiced against him, for the drow are known to be cruel killers without mercy.

History: Drizzt had originally lived in the Drow capital city of Menzoberannzan. That all changed when his family's house was destroyed because of his actions. Ever since then, he has been hunted by Drow seeking favor with the spider queen Lloth since fleeing from the Drow city. He has made many friends, and many enemies, while on the surface of the world. His travels have taken him many places, this land his latest stop. He was approached by elves to fight for their cause, to overthrow the wicked king that currently ruled.

His heart wouldn't let him say no. He joined the elven army, quite out of place with his dark skin and white hair, as most elves had light skin and golden hair. Time and time again Drizzt has helped out small bands of elven rangers who have performed hit and run tactics on patrols sent out by the king. Now, though, Drizzt is beginning to collect people he can count on as allies to perform one last attack on the king. The Army of Angels and Devils would be victorious, Drizzt is sure of it.

Currently, Drizzt has about 5 elves under his control, and is planning another raid on a small outpost.

Other: As a Drow, Drizzt has the innate magical abilities of one. He can cast a globe of darkness, which has a diameter of about 3 meters. He can also light his enemies with 'Faerie Fire', which is faeries that flicker to life on the body of an enemy, marking their position even if they are invisible. While made of flames, the fire does no harm to the person they are cast on.

RPG sample:
Old Eragon RPG Thingy said:
After the mercenary was struck by the arrow, Drizzt didn't act like his companions and immediatly go to his rescue. Something had fired that arrow, and that something was still here. Shifting his eyes into the infrared spectrum, Drizzt glanced around. Normal heat signatures, until a spike in it cause him to momentarily go blind. Crying out in pain, Drizzt shielded his eyes from further assault. Someone had apparently known he was a drow. Someone asked him what was wrong, but he didn't answer.

Sliding Twinkle and Icedeath from their sheathes, he slipped out of sight, hoping that he wouldn't be noticed. That blast of energy had faded from his eyes by now, and he could see correctly. It had come from the north, and he assumed that whatever it was was more dangerous than a pack of Kine. It looked like the work of...a Shade.

Drizzt had fought a Shade, a long time ago. It had won, by a large margin, but that was before he had his Dragon. He stopped, looked around, and then peered straight into the sky. He opened his mouth, and long forgotten words escaped. "Shira mo huja yora tor, disthin molen!" He hadn't spoken those words for a long time. A roar filled the air, and Drizzt knew that Draco had understood. He started his slow movements yet again, edgeing silently down the street, using cover to his advantage.

He saw a figure clothed in black talking to a Kine, apparently ordering it to do something. The Kine hissed, and the man started to leave. "HALT!" Drizzt cried. The Kine looked around, as did the man. "So, an elementalist. This should be interesting. This Kine is the leader of the pack sent after you." A voice, cold as ice, whispered from underneath the cloak. The Kine snarled, holding up a sword, advancing on Drizzt's position. It reached for another weapon strapped to its waist, and that was when Drizzt struck. Calling upon his innate Drow magic, he conjured a small globe of darkness about three meters in diamater around the Kine, and followed it with a strike straight at the Kine's stomach.

About the same time, the man in the cloak struck. Another globe of darkness was cast around Drizzt who was taken aback. Only drow could use this ability. He lept back, hoping to escape the globe, but this globe was much larger than his. Apparently the man wasn't a man at all. Another drow seemed most likely. He called upon another of his innate abilities and floated upwards, just as the Kine struck. It fell, off-balance, as it had expected Drizzt to be confused and to stay still. Now outside of the dark area, Drizzt could survey the two assailants. Both globes vanished, and the Kine snarled again at Drizzt. He dropped to the ground swiftly, and parried a thrust the Kine threw at him. Back and forth the two went, Drizzt realizing this Kine was stronger than most. They were evenly matched, to say the least.

The Kine was starting to get tired, as was Drizzt, but neither showed it. Unmercifully they struck again and again, scoring minor hits on each other. Drizzt lept back from a particularily rough attack, and called forth a small amount of electrical energy, which he zapped the Kine with. It screeched in agony as it was jolted, and Drizzt brought Twinkle down in a diagonal cut. It sliced open the Kine's shoulder, blood and muscle flying away. Its left arm dropped dead, as did the dirk it had held. It fought with renewed vigor even as blood dripped from its wound. Drizzt barely blocked a strike that was aimed for his neck, and dropped to his knees. He thrust Icedeath into the Kine, and it let out a soft moan. Pulling it out, blood spewed from it, making the street slippery, and Drizzt struck again, using his sword to lop off the creature's head.

Panting, Drizzt turned to the cloaked person, who was standing silent. And most amazingly, he applauded Drizzt. "Ahh...finally, one who can stand up and fight. Would you believe that Kine has killed over 500 people by itself? Amazing creatures, Kine." That voice whispered again. "Ahh, but I have not introduced myself. My name is Cecil, and I work for the Emporer, if you have not guessed that by now. Congratulations on this small victory, but believe me, we have much more in store for you. This is just a taste of our ability. Goodbye, elementalist. Tell the others what you have seen." The man raised on arm, snapped his fingers, and a Dragon flew down from the skies, scooped the man up, and flew away. Still panting, Drizzt stared after the man. That arm had changed coloring. From Wood-elf...to Drow. There was something strange about that person, but he couldn't quite place it.

Replacing Twinkle and Icedeath in their sheathes, Drizzt started to pick his way back. He didn't like to admit it, but he had sustained heavy damage in that fight. His arms felt like they were about to fall off, and he was bleeding from a dozen minor cuts, and couple major ones. He also had to warn the others of these super-strong Kine, and the one leading them....

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