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The Art Club!


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The Art Club

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a club about art. And, most of you reading this are probably artists. But…what kind of art do we do here?

Basically all art is accepted here. GFX, traditional, pottery…all sorts of crazy stuff.

The reason I create this club is so that artists can go to one place to give out opinions on other’s art, gain feedback, and look for advice about art. Now, isn’t that what the Art Section is for? Well, the thing is, the art section isn’t all that successful(at least for me). Yes, you get a bunch of comments for the first week after you post your thread of art…but then what happens? Nothing. You’re thread is empty. Maybe you don’t feel like updating. Or maybe you feel you could use an extra comment or two.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have this problem all the time. So, I created this club so that artists who are lazy like me can basically compound all of their comments here.

Now, beyond posting art in here for users to give feedback on, we will also have some activities for all groups of artists. I won’t be making any until I see what kinds of artists pop up in here, but I will show some ideas.

Ideas for possible activities that we may enjoy/not enjoy

Collab- GFXers do the graphics of lighting effects and text and stuff, Trad artists could make creatures to fill the picture…maybe we could throw in a picture of a pot you made…

Comic- All members could invent characters for a comic, whether they be heroes or whatever, and with the combined powers of our artists, a fantastical comic could be made!

Contest- Yah. I hate these too.
Artists could compete to win badges, ribbons…or what-not. (All in sprite-like form.)

We also have discussion topics. Try to stuff in your post something about at least one of these.

Current Discussion Topic

-Welcome New Members!-
-Your Kind of Art?-


-Remember to follow all SPPF Rules
-PM forms to me.
-higher ranking is gained through participation and hard work. Not asking.
-Please, before annoying the mods with annoying questions, look at these.
-All art must be appropriate. So no naked-ness.
-Please do not whine at the advice/feedback/critique you get from other members.
-Please be gentle with the advice/feedback/critique you give.
-All art must be posted in links. NOT IMAGE TAGS.
-Discussion topics will be held, so please try and stick with those.
-Please plan on being active if you join.
-Basically, I roll on a three strikes system. If you mess up three times, you’re out. The bottom of this post should hold the strike list.



Mods of Group


Traditional Artists


Strike List

No one.

And who doesn't love club banners? I don't...but I haven't requested anything yet, so we don't have any...