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The Art Showcase~


This is a title.
Ladies and Gentlemen...

Welcome to Torosiken's art showcase~ ;255; ;172;

Wow, I feel like never visit this place for decades... xD and looks like SPPf changed so muuuch~

Some of you might remember me, some of you might not :p
I'm not active around SPPf much now. I guess I want to share some of my art with you guys now, eh?

Digital Stuff
Pii (My Pichu)'s attacks - link
Just some random pikachu art :3 - link
Gold Pokemon Special - link
Jirachi - link

Traditional stuff :3
Mew - link
Some Pokemon doodles - link

Actually I got more in my deviantART c:
But I guess I just gonna show them. Okay, until then~

~Toro ;255; c:

Miltank Lover

Breeder, Miltank Ftw
I like the Jirachi and the Cyndaquil doodle :) posting DA is a good idea a lot of people did it on these forums.