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The Ascension

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Dragon Master
Wow, this is the first time I've checked in in ages, and I see you guys are ridiculously active now, with even a new xat! I think you know that I left mainly b/c of inactivity (and about 4 buttloads of homework), so I think I can join up again now.


New Member
welcome Blaaz! ^^. ah yea i thought it was pretty fun...i dont think i could really beat anyone but *shrug* hey might as well give it a shot right? =3

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
I'm really glad to be seeing all of these familiar faces. Welcome back everyone.
whens the inclan tourney gonna start


Battle Fanatic
iol and gannon know each other irl, and pedo and I know each other. I also know sonofwiseii and (if anyone even remembers him) bulbafett. However, I do not know iol or gannon


Shady 2.0
Ok guys I've recieved enough applicants to start the tourney...

You will be assigned a number...this number will be used to match you up in the brackets...also the tourney will be on PO since not everyone has wifi...it's easier to do it on PO since most of you have it...

8)Phoenixchamp5(Lol you gotta post in the thread nao Phoenix ppl gotta know you xD)
13) - - -
14) - - -
15) - - -
16) - - -

Those spots(13-16 are vacant...if anyone decides to make a last minute entry then let me know as soon as possible...I'll post the bracket soon... quarter final matches should be completed by February 3rd... From the remaining participants I will decide which 4 members will join me in representing The Ascension in the Clan War Tourney... Good luck Guys ;]

Here's The Bracket:

So It's homestarhydon,ioliolk,scizor64 and madmarine0 with a bye...congrats you passed the round unless someone comes in at the last second then you'd have to battle it out...
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Nymph ニンフ <3
did u choose sciz, rhyrhy, and me to be "auto pass" cuz we're the best? LOL ;P


Nymph ニンフ <3
I forgot there were 4 open slots. Ok ioliol is also included as the "best" :3

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Sweet. Me vs. Archer. I look forward to this match. Good luck to everyone.
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