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The Ash/Satoshi Shippings Poll

Your favorite Ash Shipping is...

  • PokéShipping (Ash X Misty)

    Votes: 47 23.3%
  • AdvanceShipping (Ash X May)

    Votes: 56 27.7%
  • PearlShipping (Ash X Dawn)

    Votes: 47 23.3%
  • NegaiShipping (Ash X Iris)

    Votes: 8 4.0%
  • AmourShipping (Ash X Serena)

    Votes: 110 54.5%
  • SitruunaShipping (Ash X Bonnie)

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • PalletShipping ( Ash X Gary)

    Votes: 13 6.4%
  • ComaShipping (Ash X Paul)

    Votes: 13 6.4%
  • CaféMochaShipping (Ash X Cilan)

    Votes: 5 2.5%
  • BoulderShipping (Ash X Brock)

    Votes: 4 2.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
I'd have to go with Pearl. Dawn is the only girl that really felt like Ash's equal to me. Not just in her presentation (her journey getting about as much hype as Ash at the time), but their relationship seems a bit more balanced than most of the others...They'd bicker at times, but not so frequently like Misty or Iris. She admired him as she was the newcomer, but he was inspired and supported by her just the same. The high fives, cheer-leading, battle training, etc. Loved it all.

Plus they have that one theme song together ;025;;393; High Touch from the movie was epic.

I have a liking for Advance, but her whole thing with Drew kind overshadowed it for me. lol.
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*Aggressively wishes for an option of Respectshipping (or hell, I'll take "other" ;__; )*

It's not on the poll but Respectshipping is my all-time OTP/favorite Ash ship... started out as a joke with an old friend from here on the AG love triangle (Ash/May/Drew) which turned haywire. Both of them didn't care for each others presence at first and eventually realized there was more than just being May's rival/May's friend.

Any way to prevent going off-topic, if it's considered that way, going with Amourshipping as the top favorite Ash ship in the thread. I know it's completely one-sided and I'm hoping Ash at least gives some attention to Serena's feelings or like all ships, returns the feelings back somehow. It's possible since she baked cookies for him and he was pretty thrilled.

Other ships I will vote for Comashipping (because good ARCEUS that destructive rivalry), CafeMochashipping (I think it spoke for itself when Cilan was too interested in Ash~), Negaishipping (their arguments were really cute), and Pearlshipping (this warmed up to me because I found the way they tried to cope with each other sweet).

Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Why is there no option for Respectshipping? Oh my god, I ship them so hard.

That aside, Pearl gets my vote. This is my Pokemon OTP after all. They are super cute together and they had such a deep bond. Their high fives are proof of that. Plus, Dawn is the only girl to ever wear a cheerleading outfit to some of Ash's gym battles. Ash never missed any of her contests. Then there's High Touch, which is the ultimate hint in my opinion. There are some lyrics in that song that just scream Pearlshipping. So yeah, I'll support this pairing till the day I die.

I also really like Comashipping as well. They had such a heated rivalry and Ash was cracking Paul's shell, it was not that hard to see that. Ash is like the only rival Paul ever paid any mind as well. Pretty obvious huh?

To a lesser extent, I also support Poke, Amour, Baseball, CafeMocha, and Pika as well. But Pearl and Coma take the cake for me.


I ship in advance
Advanceshipping was my number 1 choice. The problem with this shipping was that AdvanceBattle was the first to change the main girl. When May came along, a lot of people did not like the change since "Ash and Misty were the best together". May is closer to his age, while misty could practically be his older sister. They also threw out a lot of hints during the movie Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea showing how much they actually care about one another. Don't get me wrong, I have NOTHING against pokeshipping, I just believe that Advanceshipping is underappreciated
I like Poke, Advance, and PearlShipping. Ash and Misty had a great love/hate relationship, and Ash and Dawn had great chemistry, and May's just a great character XD
I voted Amour for obvious reasons, but if I could go back and revote I would also add Pallet, because one cannot deny the bromance between Ash and Gary- especially when they're talking at night during the Silver Conference. Also if he were to come back at all- which needs to happen because of the high possibility that he interacted with Serena at his grandfather's camp- we may get another bromantic moment if Gary teases Ash about Serena's crush on him (and such a scenario would almost certainly spawn quite a few Amour hints as well, so double whammy ftw).

I would have also voted Boulder, because there was definitely some bromance in the air between Ash and Brock.

And I'll admit it, I was somewhat of a Pokeshipper back in the day, before I even knew what that ship was called, much less what shipping even was.
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