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The ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game

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Gon: No, Pidgey are pigeon pokemon, not chicken pokemon...

Cel: Combusken McNuggets makes more sense, would you think?


The Abysswalker
Gargling saltwater ish gewd.

Don't roses smell like clocks?
A squared + B squared= a Platypus eating Radishes

Why do Platypus' like Radishes?


"Dark Lightning"
Because they often mean that the sentence is coming to an end.

Or did you mean that other type of period, the one where blood comes out of your v-*shot to death*?
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Child safety much?
well when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much.....

how did my action replay brake?
a week ago donkey kong was in battle with a giant-mutant-zombie-wasp and quite litterally hit the wasp into next week thus colliding with your AR.

What is the average velocity of a pretzel.


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Some sort of cat...
Why does Artemis Ignitan say Muurrrrrrrrr?
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