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The Authors' Profiles V.4

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The Authors’ Profiles V.4
Revamp approved by Dragonfree and Psychic
Okayed by CyberBlastoise​

Welcome to the Authors’ Profiles. The old thread has seemed to gone under inactivity and lack of updating, so I felt like handling the reigns for a while.

Previous versions
The Original owned by Ryano Ry
Version 2 owned by poke poke
Version 3 owned by CyberBlastoise

Alternatively, you may provide a link to your old profile. I have, however, added a couple of new questions and tweaked some of the original setup.

To quote CyberBlastoise, who quoted poke poke, the owner of v2:

poke poke said:
The basic idea of this thread is for authors to post their own profiles about writing, your style, your favourite genre, etcetera. It's also for posting what stories you have currently and yet to come. You can also link your authors' profile in your signature.
(You can also submit your current stories into Burrado_Aipom’s Fan Fiction Catalog entry thread.)



[B]Age (optional):[/B] 

[B]Gender (optional):[/B]

[B]Writing background (optional):[/B]

[B]Fandoms you write in:[/B] 

[B]Types Of Writing:[/B]

[B]Strong Areas:[/B]

[B]Type Of Characters:[/B] 
[B]Completed Stories:[/B] 

[B]Current Stories:[/B]

[B]Future Stories:[/B]

[B]Writing Tips (Optional):[/B]
Name: Your username, nickname, real name or any other name that you want to be called by.

Age (optional): Self-explanatory.

Gender (optional): Your gender.

Writing background (optional): Write a summary on how you first got into writing fan fiction.

Fandoms you write in: List what fandoms you like or have written for. You may also include original stories.

Types Of Writing: What type of genre to you like to write in? Fantasy? Horror? Humor? Romance? Etcetera. If applicable, what type of Pokémon-fiction genre do you like to write in? Original trainer? Pokémon-centric? Journey? PMD? Etcetera. (If you write in another fandom and your fandom contains fandom-specific genres, feel free to include these; however, make sure to include what fandom it is.)

Strong Areas: Which areas of writing do you feel you are good at?

Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you enjoy writing about?

Completed Stories: The stories which you have completed. You can include the link, a banner, a summary, the genre, and basically what you want readers to know about your story.

Current Stories: The stories which you are currently writing. You can include the link, a banner, a summary, the genre, and basically what you want readers to know about your story.

Future Stories: Include stories which you have not yet posted or are thinking of writing.

Writing Tips (Optional): Give writing advice to new authors here.

The Profiles (in alphabetical order)
Feel free to link your profile in your signature!
If I totally flubbed up your name or link, by all means yell at me. I like the abuse. ;P

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The magic of Pokemon
Name: FlamingRuby, but you my call me FR, Ruby or Ruby-san for short.

Fandoms you write in:pokemon (of course), Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, PreCure, Zelda, and (soon) Mario

Types Of Writing: Fantasy, slice of life, adventure, comedy

Strong Areas: I've been told my ideas are original and I'm good at comedy.

Type Of Characters: The unlikely hero, the wandering minstrel (and his modern equivalent, the storyteller), average Joes and Janes put in not-so-average situations

Completed Stories: The Things We Do For Love (comedy/romance)--when Brock shares a recently written love song, the Brocklings want to know the story behind it.

A Night at the Grand Market: Kissa's Tale (fantasy)--Set a year before Magic of a Melody, Kissa tells about how Ash and Brock met, not knowing the roles they would play a year later

One Night in Kesara: The Aura Knight's Story (fantasy)--Another prequel to Magic of a Melody, told from the perspective of the Aura Knight Misty

Current Stories: Pokemon: The Magic of a Melody (adventure/fantasy)--when young mage Ash is rescued by a minstrel with the rare talent of singing magic, he embarks on an epic quest, learning what it really means to be a hero on the way.

The Traveler's Tales: A Minstrel's Journey (slice of life/fantasy)--Set two years before Magic of a Melody, this is a sidestory detailing Brock's and Kissa's wanderings around the world searching for material and honoring Brock's fallen mentor

Future Stories: Here Come the Cupids (comedy/sports)--My first foray into the Super Mario Bros. fandom; a small Hammer Bro dreams of being on a star baseball team, but can he lead Daisy's team to the pennant and deal with Bowser on the way?

Kochou and the Beautiflies reboot (musical/slice of life/adventure)

Possible unnamed journey fic

Writing Tips (Optional):

--Anything can be inspiration!
--Music can help spur writing or inspire you
--Have a plan before you begin--that said, your plan isn't set in stone.
--If you're stuck on one part, work around it or work backwards
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Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Name: Shadow Lucario or Shadow/SL for short.

Age (optional): 20

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): I had been linked to SPPf from Google about four years back and found EonMaster One's Pokemon Revolution: Johto and I began reading it. After a few chapters I already knew I wanted to write my own fan fiction. After an unsuccessful attempt at a story I began writing my first decent fic The Sinnoh Adventure. I lost interest not even halfway through realizing just how big Sinnoh really is. I then began my Pokemon Academy fic and found great success with it. And that's how I got where I am now.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon only.

Types Of Writing: Journey, Romantic, Action, Mystery, OT.

Strong Areas: Characters and character development

Type Of Characters: The cocky one, modest but strong, shy and aloof. I can write about any character really.

Completed Stories:

Current Stories:

Future Stories: Fifth Hope, one shot prequel to Hero's Bond.

Writing Tips (Optional): Keep moving forward. Listen to your reviewers and you will get far. Improvement will soon follow.
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Lone Wolf
Name: Mem.

Age: Twenty-one.

Gender: I'm a guy.

Fiction background: I got started on FFN, wrote two awful stories, and I took them all down. After that, I wrote a decent M-rated fic, and I haven't looked back since. I found Serebii.net by pure luck, and I was pleasantly surprised by the stories I read here. So, here I am.

Fandoms you write in: I've written for Pokemon, Warriors, Call of Duty, Redwall, and I've also written some original fiction. Unfortunately, I haven't finished anything more than a oneshot, mostly due to a lack of time.

Types of writing: I write every kind of dark story imaginable (not necessarily Horror, but that's probably my favorite). If my fics can get in your head and give you nightmares, I'm doing my job right.

Strong areas: I'm great at character and plot development, but that's all I care to brag about.

Types of characters: This may sound very odd, but I absolutely love to write about psychopaths and other kinds of antagonists. Those kinds of characters give writers a ton of options to play with, and a fantastic evil guy/girl can make a good story great.

Completed stories:

Transfixed (PG-14/Tragedy)

For a few Pokemon, it's a crime to survive. All of those sad few are found guilty by humanity. Their sentence? Death.

Current stories:

Revenant (Rated-R/Horror)

The timeline is 200 years after the present day. Overpopulation has become a problem for both humans and Pokemon alike, and the government has decided to use colony ships in space as a result. Children are trained for jobs at the age of ten, given two Pokemon to be their companions for their entire lives, and sent on solo missions nine years after they begin training. The space business has a need for military space engineers - people who are sent to colony ships to respond to distress signals and fix anything that's wrong.

Claude Pokulok, a nineteen-year-old military space engineer with multiple demons, is going through his own trial-by-fire. His job is to respond to the distress signal of the S.S. Revenant. He thought that the job would have no problems. He also thought that his past had been buried deep enough to cover every mistake he made. He was wrong on both counts, and the truth that threatens to reveal itself could break him – if the entity stalking the ship doesn’t break him first…

Future stories:

Stacked Deck

The year is 1990. No Teams have been formed; there is only the Hoenn Mafia, who currently have their sights set on expanding into the volatile Johto region. They "recruit" a bitter young trainer for that purpose and pair her with an associate who's desperate to prove himself. If they succeed, the payoff will reward them beyond their wildest dreams. However, the price for failure is nothing short of death...

Subject 130

The apocalypse has set upon the Unova region, thanks to a legendary stone that alters DNA. Mutated humans and aggressive Pokemon have forced the remnants of humanity to make their final stand in Opelucid. When even the gods of Unova have turned against them, humanity's one hope to make it out alive rests in the hands of a young nameless soldier. The problem? He's slowly turning into one of them, and he's not particularly keen on helping the people who hurt him...

Writing tips: Make sure to treat all of the characters you create with an equal amount of love and make sure that you can relate to all of them. I know that it sounds cheesy, but like people in real life, characters have their own motives for what they do. Even if a character seems like a complete and utter jerk, they have their own reasons for being that way, so just think about that before you create a character that can't be redeemed (i.e., a Mary-Sue).
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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Name: Kutie Pie, but I do go by KP.

Age (optional): 21

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): Strangely enough, I was writing fan fiction before I knew what it was. It was only after I was led to this website in eighth grade by a friend that I discovered fan fiction. From there, I've read enough I was inspired to write my own. It was mostly one-shots/song-fic-one-shots at first, then I gradually got into chaptered stories. (They will never see the light of day again.) As proven by the successful and well-received The Battle for Friendship, I continue to strive to improve my writing and creativity. I have so many original characters, I can make my own original stories, all thanks to fan fiction.

Fandoms you write in: Mainly Pokémon and Digimon, but I have gone into Kirby of the Stars, Looney Tunes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some Dragon Ball Z, How to Train Your Dragon, Whisper of the Heart, and Higurashi When They Cry. Stories I have of yet to bring to light are those of Invader Zim, Metroid, and Card Captor Sakura.

Types Of Writing: Mainly those dealing with friendships, family relations, and romantic relationships. Though humor has been snuck in, so I suppose I'll add Comedy to the list. And I'd love to do Horror one of these days. When it comes to Pokémon, I'm more of a Pokémon-centric, but I will do trainers if needs be.

Strong Areas: I'm always improving, but my description and grammar is well-done, and I believe I have good story ideas for a decent plotline. But according to my readers' comments, I do a wonderful job at touching on emotions. And I was told Forsaken is rather original when it comes to its content, which is surprising to say the least.

Type Of Characters: It depends, honestly. I have rather young, hyperactive characters I enjoy writing out, but I do have the angst in there with the romantics. So... I guess it just depends.

Completed Stories:

The Battle for Friendship

Genre: Friendship

Rating: PG for brief mild violence

Summary: It was forbidden, but a human girl befriends an Outsider amidst a war between humans and Pokémon. Mia, a young Mew kitten, has to keep her a secret, or both would be killed for treason.​

Current Stories:


Genre: Tragedy/Romance

Rating: R for language, peril, violence, attempted suicide and death, sexual themes, and religious undertones

Summary: The world has come to an end under the guard of the Legendaries. Despite their failure, Arceus gives them another chance, but at a cost: in the life before, they agreed to become mortal again should they have failed to uphold their duties. Along with that, they are commanded to repopulate and replenish the earth. As the majority of the Legendaries are male, frequent arguments are made as to who would get "first dibs", mainly for Mew because of her ability to create many species.

However, unknown to them, there is a dark power lying in wait, targeting Mew and Mewtwo to do its dirty work...

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: NC-17 for strong sexual themes and occasional language

Summary: Having been loving mates for five years, Mew desires for a baby, even though Mewtwo feels the opposite, believing he cannot have offspring. As strong as their bond is, receiving nothing but bad news and unfortunate events piling up higher and higher slowly tears them apart and pushes their relationship to the edge. A fragile heart can break in any hand that handles it for too long. It can be put back together as many times as possible, but it'll never be the same. Related to the "Fuzzy" and "The Sitters" one-shots.​

Future Stories: I'd like to have a Dragon Ball Z fic up, along with some Digimon focusing on the DigiDestineds and others I have mentioned above. I am also currently rewriting The Battle for Friendship, but it'll only be posted on FFN. I have also conceived an idea for a chaptered Higurashi When They Cry story, though it won't be worked on until after my current story is completed.

Writing Tips (Optional): Don't push yourself too much, or you'll experience a brain overload. Take breaks, have something to munch on as a snack, and if something comes to mind, WRITE IT DOWN. You may lose it and never remember it again. It also helps to have an entire plotline, or at least the basics of it, planned and written down so that you aren't accused of pulling something out of thin air. Because rarely do they work. If you aren't sure about your work's statuses, get yourself a beta reader, they'll be happy to help you out.

And always, always listen to feedback. They're not just fuel, they're your audience, your precious means of success. They're giving reviews/critiques for your own benefit which you'll need to take into consideration for future chapters or stories.
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Well-Known Member
Updated! Feel free to update your profile whenever you want. I should probably add mine too now that I won't be double posting it. ;P

Name: Breezy/Bree. I'm also br33zy on ff.net. On occasion you might see Breezeh.

Age (optional): OLD. 21. :<

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): I used to read ff.net like a madwoman when I was twelve or thirteen but never knew how to upload documents onto it even though I really wanted to post stories there. Instead I wrote a bunch of stories in notebooks, including a super, super early edition of HLBMA where I didn't know how to properly paragraph (glad I got a handle on it by the time I did figure out how to post on ff.net). I don't remember when or how I learned to upload documents, but somehow I did, and the rest is history. Discovered SPPf after someone linked me to here because someone plagiarized my fic. Lol.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon for now, though when I was younger I used to write in Powerpuff Girls. I think I tried Harry Potter but gave up on that relatively quickly. Oh, and I had an entire notebook of Hamtaro fan fiction!

Types Of Writing: I have never really written a straight out comedy fic, though I do like inserting humor into my stories. Probably adventure, too. I also like slice-of-life pieces. I love writing character-centric pieces. I love stories based on the player protagonists (Lucas, Brendan, npc!dawn, npc!may, etc.).

Strong Areas: People tell me I'm good at character development, so I'll say character development. I think I'm pretty decent at dialogue. My narrative is also starting to develop into a crazy mess, so I'll say that, too. =P

Type Of Characters: BRENDAN. POSSIBLY LUCAS, TOO. It depends, though I always enjoy writing as the player protagonists of the handheld pokemon games. I have been enjoying writing in the voice of a little kid, though. I also like 'em a tad cocky for some reason. This is starting to sound like a dating profile, so I'll stop there.

Completed Stories:

Roughly based off of the cresselia and darkrai event that takes place in the Diamond & Pearl games, though it also touches on other events. A better summary in the thread.
Rated: T (PG-14+) for explicit language, sexual innuendo, and violent imagery
Genre: Fantasy/Friendship

Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure (acronymed as HLBMA)
An adaptation of the Ru/Sa/Em games with some twists here and there.
Rating: PG for mild language, violence (non-graphic), and some innuendo
Genre: Adventure/Humor
Chapters: 65

Pokéballs are dying, and it's up to Maisy to stop it.
Rating: PG
Genre: Family/Friendship

Option Other
Post final N-fight. Hilbert questions Hilda's state as champion – or not champion. Hilda grins and dances around the question.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Genre: Friendship, slice-of-life

The Butterfree Effect
A retrospective piece of Ash looking at the possibility (and the consequences) of if his Butterfree stayed.
Rating: PG for implied character death
Genre: Hurt/Comfort

And Then There's Lucas
A look at the differences between Brendan and Lucas in the roles of the NPC researchers to their respected professors.
Rating: PG for mild language
Genre: Friendship

One Day
A mother's perspective of her son's first day as a pokemon trainer.
Rating: G
Genre: Family

There's something wrong with this girl ...
Rating: PG
Genre: Mystery

A simple one-shot about two boys, one girl, and approval that was not asked for.
Rated: G
Genre: General
Shipping: A bit one-sided Brendan x May (hoennshipping)

There are a few more, but ... eh, lol.

Current Stories:

The Battle Frontier: A Brendan and May Adventure
Sequel to HLBMA. Some people have great stories to tell. And then there's these two.
Rated: PG-13 for language, sexual innuendo, and violence
Genre: Adventure/Humor

The Lost Chronicles of Johto
The characters of the Gold/Silver/Crystal game line have decided that since no one seems to like to write about them, then to hell with it! They will! AND YOU'RE GOING TO EFFIN' LIKE IT!
Rated: PG-13 -- Explicit language and sexual material. And a fakemon. A ridiculous, over-the-top fakemon.
Genre: Parody/Humor

A Fine Day in May
The third and final story in a series, eight years after that Team Magma fiasco, May is getting married! But not to Brendan! Or Wally either, weirdos. Desperate to woo back his childhood love, Brendan, with the help of a reluctant Wally, has thirty days to win back May's heart. If only that annoying fiancé of hers would stop getting in the way ... Speaking of which, there's something funny about May's fiancé and not in the cool, clown-like way either.
Fiction Rated: T (PG-13) for mild language and sexual content
Genre: Romance/Friendship/Humor
Shipping: Hoennshipping (Brendan x May)

Future Stories:

A one-shot prequel to Lull told from Dawn's perspective

A Brendan-based one-shot. I have no idea what it is about, but I wrote four pages of it.

Writing Tips (Optional): Write what you enjoy. You never have to write lineally. And I'll probably edit this later. =P
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Profile Re-Re-Write!!

Name: Diddy. Boring and in no way related to that rapping fellow.

Age (optional): Almost as old as Breezeh :<

Gender (optional): Male. Although Dramatic Melody thought I was a girl for aaaaaaages :3

Fiction background (optional): I read some stories on the site after I discovered this odd little button on SPP labelled "forums".

Stories about pokémon, I thought. Surely, I had dreamed... but dare I bring dreams into reality!?

I did, several times, and now I can't stop.

Fandoms you write in: Pokémon, because it's so versatile.

Types Of Writing: Anything that strikes my mood. If I'm feeling particularly violent then it might manifest into a slasher fic, if I'm feeling particularly lonely, it might drag my thoughts towards romance.

Although nowadays I'm more inclined to think about the latter.

Strong Areas: Coming up with plots. That's about it I suppose.

Type Of Characters: As before, whatever strikes my mood.

My characters are what they need to be in order for the fic to work.

Completed Stories: In reverse Chronological order...



Gardenia and Cynthia go exploring and one of them finds more than they bargained for.

Sheer Cold

It's a mini biography I suppose.

How Lorelei, The Ice Queen, rose to power and climbed the ladder of success.


PG-13 Horror

An interesting take on the 'Witch', an enemy character from the game 'Left 4 Dead'


PG-13 Comedy Drama

Gym Leaders lead(xD) tough lives. It's fair to assume they need to chill out and relax every now and then.

A Rose By Any Other Name...

R Horror

Mindless Torture or Karmic Justice?

Angel Of Mercy

PG-13 Romance, Thriller

Nurse Joy has a tough job, sometimes she wishes she could just escape...

The Masque of the Black Death

PG-13 Thriller

Adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe short story 'The Masque Of The Red Death' and deadly plague has hit Sinnoh but Mr. Backlot has gathered a hundred of the finest men and woman in Sinnoh and sheltered them in his mansion. But how safe are they really?

My Pathetic Fallacy [aka Descending Chaotic Majesty in C minor]

PG Angst

Something I wrote when I was in a foul mood with two certain people, as the title suggests, It reflects what I was feeling at the time.

I'm Dreaming Of A Red Christmas

R - Horror, Thriller

Set in my own universe where humans don't exist and pokemon take their place as dominant species on Pokearth. Ramirez, a reclusive Gallade living in a cabin in Ilex Forest, decides to spread his own brand of christmas cheer to a family living in the Azalea Township.

The Sanguine Rose

PG-13 Fantasy

Completely original piece that sees Ariana searching for a cure to her husbands deadly affliction.

Got fourth place in the Dungeons and Starships Sci-fi/Fantasy one-shot contest

The Yellow Delcatty

PG-14 Horror, Thriller

Another Poe adaptation, this time of 'The Black Cat' it follows a pokemon loving man caring for a wounded Delcatty but steadily finds himself loathing the creature and everyone else as time goes by in it's company.

Night Mare

PG-13 Thriller

A woman falls asleep and finds herself in a colourful garden, but as she approaches the manor, she starts to wonder if it really is a dream.

The Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

PG Thriller

Follow the life of Yuri Karkov as he strays dying through Red Square, Moscow, reliving his past as he finds himself slipping into darkness.

Serial: The Book

R Horror, Thriller

The Gallade, Ramirez, has had a tough life. Luckily he kept a diary, detailing all the favourite aspects of his life.

New Born

PG-13 Drama, Thriller

A song fic, the song being New Born by Muse, about a Gallade and Gardevoir who are just about to become parents. But what's that saying, ah yes, "Life's a Bitch"


R Horror

Anne Pretloe loves picking mushrooms for her friends to enjoy in her fabulously cooked meals. But little does she know that someone watching her would love just as much to see her blood coat the forest floor.

Ramirez' first and indeed my first foray into the fanfiction world.

Wow, I really have posted quite a few pieces. Almost all of them are one-shots mind you, but that's what I like.

Current Stories:

Nothing right now. I'm on a Pokéhiatus as it were.

Future Stories: I have so many eclectic ideas and fantasies that it's hard to tell whether I'll write something or not.

Writing Tips (Optional): Like I said in my other profile, Plot. Know where the story is going, otherwise you might find yourself getting bored of writing it.

Listen to reviewers. They criticise because they care.
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No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Name: Griff4815, but you can call me Griff.

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): I was lying in bed one morning and thought "Maybe I'll write a story about a Treecko." Everything went up from there.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon and Digimon, mainly. I've tried a few other fandoms before too.

Types Of Writing: The genre I like to write is Adventure/Friendship with drama, comedy, suspense and some deep themes mixed in.

When writing in pokemon, I tend to write any genre where the pokemon can be in the spotlight and aren't just mindless battle vehicles. So OT/Journey, Pokemon-centric and PMD. In Digimon, I'll sometimes have a Tamer/Digimon partner fic, but I also like writing Digimon-only.

Strong Areas: My strongest area is definately characters. It's just easy for me to slip into a character's head, figure out how they tick and come up with a rich backstory for them. I'm very diverse in the sort of characters I create. I'm also quite decent at developing those characters smoothly. I'm also decent at plot twists.

Type Of Characters: I don't think I can generalize the type of character that I like to write. I've grown to enjoy writing all sorts of characters. The collected badass to a lovable joker to a soft-spoken acolyte to an antagonizing, immoral ex-mercenary with a troubled past to a strong, brusque hothead. I've learned I can grow to like writing almost any character if I try it. A personal type close to my heart are calm, completely altruistic, self-sacrificing characters.

Completed Stories: The stories which you have completed. You can include the link, a banner, a summary, the genre, and basically what you want readers to know about your story.

Victory or Death

Rated PG-15 for violence, gore and language.

Fandom: Pokemon

Genre: Pokemon-centric, drama, tragedy, war.

Drezdk, a gentle but conficted and frightened Beedrill, lives with his swarm to "protect their home", as he's been told. With his best friend Talvoc, he and his team have been sent to attack the hive of another Beedrill, supposedly for the protection of their own hive, though Drezdk has his doubts. The brutal society that he lives in states that retreat is punishable by death. He has no choice but to fight... or else he'll die.

Awards won:
One-shot of the Year (At PE2K) [2009]

Awards nominated for:
Placed 5th out of either 11 or 13 one-shots in the Tragedy One-Shot Contest.

[Banner made by Anastasia R.]


Rated 14A for language and gore.

Fandom: Digimon. (A prequel to the Digimon RPG Digimon Civil War)

Genre: Suspense, friendship, drama, one-shot.

Strom, a Spinomon, is in a world wrought with conquest. The Dramon Empire is attempting to usurp the Harmonious Republic so that Dramon may rule and prosper. However, they meet fierce resistance in the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic. Although Strom is from the neutral Paleozoic Sovereignty he feels that the Dramon are in the moral wrong and that it's wrong to sit back as the world is pulled into chaos. He goes off to join the rebellion with his closest friend, Ranney. What he doesn't know is that the Dramon have their eyes set on him...


[Banner made by Northern Lights]

Dracocide: Eternal Hate

Rated 14A for language, violence, gore, and sexual situations.

Fandom: Digimon. (An expanded universe sequel to the Digimon RPG Digimon Dark Reign). Digimon: Dark Reign is the sequel to Digimon: Civil War.

Genre: Drama, mystery, suspense, crime, action.

It is after the end of Dracul Samhain's Blackest Night and somebody is murdering Dramon citizens. These rumours fall on the ears of Erebus Artorius, Cyberdramon and a member of the digimon Avengers. He begins to investigate these murders but soon finds out that he's up against more than he bargained for.

[Banner made by Kamotz]


Rated 14A for violence, language and mature themes.

Fandom: Digimon. (A sequel to my one-shot Scars as well as to the Digimon RPG Digimon Civil War)

Genre: Drama, friendship, action

The civil war between the Dramon Empire and the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic has finally ended and a Spinomon named Strom is trying to deal with the price it took to win. Meanwhile, the troubled world is trying to mend itself, but one digimon full of sorrow and anger refuses to let that happen. Will the world remain in the light of peace? Or will the flames of conflict be ignited once again?

[Banner made by Kamotz]

Current Stories:

Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place

Rated 14A for violence and gore, language, and sexual innuendo.

Fandom: Pokemon

Genre: OT/Journey, action/adventure, drama, comedy, suspense, friendship. Highly character-driven.

A kind but emotionally-driven and insecure teenager named Jeff partners with a strong and cool but rebellious and stubborn Treecko on his quest to collect the badges of Hoenn. On the way he makes several friends. Throughout their journey, their bonds and friendships are tested. As they work to collect badges, they might just stumble onto several dubious plots unfolding behind the scenes of the seemingly tranquil region of Hoenn...

Awards won:
Best Non Human Supporting Character (Treecko) [2008]
Best Non Human Villain (Daggerback [the Oppressor!]) [2009]
Fanfiction of the Month: October (on Pokecommunity) [2007]

Awards nominated for:
Funniest Character (Corphish) [2008]
Most Suspenseful Scene (Trying to resuscitate Treecko) [2008]
Best Character Development [2009]
Funniest Character (Corphish) [2009] <- Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. =P
Best Pokemon Chaptered Fic [2010]


[Banner made by Scenice]

In the Shadow of Ideals

On hiatus

Rated 14A for violence, language and mature themes.

Fandom: Pokemon

Genre: Adventure, drama, takes place in a PMD-esque world.

Zekrom has been exiled by Arceus for intervening in the common pokemons' world. Stripped of his powers, he must figure out how to adapt and get his powers back with the help of an ambitious rescue team. Meanwhile, other plots are being hatched behind the scenes.

[Banner made by Mew_]

A Dragon in Shining Armour

Rated PG-15 for violence, mature themes, and some swearing.

Fandom: Digimon

Genre: Adventure, drama.

Examon, the defender of the United Dramonic Coalition, is invited to join the powerful and noble digimon team, The Royal Knights. He accepts, but soon finds that he's not as well-received from some of its members as he expected. However, their protests are the least of his troubles, as various digimon scheme for power and control of the Digital World.


Future Stories: I'm considering writing a PMD fic at some point. I'm not sure when that will come into fruitation.

I also have another PMD fic in mind centered around Grovyle.

Also, two more digimon stories.

Writing Tips (Optional): -You can have a great plot, but without interesting characters it won't mean much. Characters are vessels for the audience, so if they can't come to relate to them or even understand them, then you can't expect them to stick around for the rest of the story
-Pokemon are characters too. Pokemon should be given personalities just as rich as any human character is given. As sentient beings with great and differing powers at their disposal, there's really no excuse for a pokemon to have a flat personality which is basically nothing aside from "loyal".
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Pokemon Physiologist
Oh, a new Author's profile... I'll do my first rewrite :3 (Old profile)

Name: RoflLuxRay, but you may refer to me as simply LuxRay (Ignore the capitalization)

Age: 19 Years old

Gender: Male

Fiction Background: Well... I always loved writing, i figure it was only a matter of time before i began writing fan-fiction. At first i read a lot of fan-fiction, mainly shadow Lucario's work. But my inspiration for writing finally came with the 2010 soccer world cup...

Fandoms you write: I'm loyal to pokemon, but I've done some of James Bond too...

Types of writing: I'm good at drama, action with a slight comedy touch. All of this in a good, interesting police novel. I enjoy writing police novels, because I feel they are really versatile.

Strong areas: Plot and character develpment

Types of character: I enjoy writing traitors (don't ask me why, I just do). Also, I like to develop deeply troubled-traumatized-weird philosophy main characters. It gives them a sense of inhuman strenght, but hate themselves for it.

Completed stories: Heritage: One-Shot. Pryce's last moments with his apprentice

Current stories: Kyle Miller's Life and Warfare: A young, former Ranger fights against the world to regain its country past glory. Rated PG-15 (says 14, but It is 15)

Future Stories: Sins. A ranger with double personality disorder, presumes to be possessed by an evil entity (Rated R for various religious POV)

Glory Days. Coordinator journey fic, a girl struggles against herself to triumph in the harsh coordinating world.

Writing tips: Believe me, the best way to learn how to write is to read.
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Well, this seemed like fun so I figured, why not?

Name: Nothing of much, actually ^^; I suppose Blitzy would be a proper answer, otherwise, I'll go by 'Lucas' just the same (coincidence, ain't it Breezeh? =P)

Age : 16, days away from 17

Gender: Male.

Fiction background: Unlike many of my age nowadays, I've enjoyed reading ever since I was young. Evetually this led to me thinking of my own stories. Ever since I found Serebiiforums, I've quietly improved my writing by reading others' works. I hope to be part of this place for many more years =P

Fandoms you write in: Just Pokémon, man =P

Types Of Writing: I'm not funny enough to try my hand at humor and I can't stand Horror (though I have a morbid, rather strange interest in it from time to time). I mostly just write journey fics where I try to implement various things; I've tried my hand at romance before. Recently, I wanted to see if I could delve into deeper stories as well, that are less optimistic and can also reflect the more serious reality. Still, I enjoy just writing a piece of feel-good literature where stuff remains relatively kiddy and optimistic.

Strong Areas: It'd be easier to list what I feel I'm not good at ^^; I dunno, description perhaps? I really couldn't say.

Type Of Characters: Characters with funny little quirks that I find relatable. I feel most connected to 'dreamers' and 'thinkers' since that's what I am myself. I feel I might not be able to realistically portray people and their emotions that I can't understand as well. I do mostly teenagers, though I want to write realistic, older characters in the future.

Completed Stories: None, my first one died ^^;

Current Stories: None again.

Future Stories: Many teeny, little ideas that jump around in my head; the problem is developing them. Knowing that there's a chance my interest will disappear in any of these ideas, I won't write down any of mine, since, possibly, these will never be developed and written.

Writing Tips: Any good writer needs a solid basis of literature he's read, be it official, published novels or fanfiction.


Pokedex Researcher
@Breezy and Diddy: You are not old :p

Name: Ysavvryl, or Ysa

Age: 30

Gender : female

Fiction background: I got into fanfiction due to the sprite comic Bob and George, hence my earliest internet work is a crack fic (hehe). But after that comic ended, the fan board slowed to a crawl and I had started to get ideas for a Pokemon story. So I jumped over here, started POS, and I’m still around. But I’ve been writing for much much longer than that.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Mega Man, Animal Crossing (those are my big three right now, but there’s others, mostly video games)

Types Of Writing: Lots of fantasy, soft sci-fi, psychological and philosophical studies. And sometimes pure and cuddly fluff!

Strong Areas
: Reviewers of mine often go ‘I wouldn’t have thought of that!’, so that’s one.

Type Of Characters: I write all sorts, but I tend towards artistic/creative characters.

Completed Stories: Many, but here you can find Pokemon Mage Ruby, The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo, PMD: Loopholes, and various one-shots. May expand later...

Current Stories: Pokedex One-shots, likely my most famed project, is trying to cover as many Pokemon as possible, working towards writing for them all. I can almost guarantee that you’ll see more Pokemon in that thread than most fanfics!

Also, Six Spirit is a journey fic with fakemon, but not like others out there. It has a strong religious theme and the main character is an adult who faces both normal and supernatural problems.

Future Stories: Most of my unposted projects aren’t in the Pokemon fandom.

Writing Tips: If your writing feels like a chore, then you may need to reconsider the story or take a good break from it.

JX Valentine

Name: Jax. JX or Valentine's also acceptable, but I consider Jax to be more of my name than either of those. Idek.

Age (optional): 26. asdfghjkl; THAT IS NOT OLD, BREEZY AND DIDDY. >8|

Gender (optional): Female.

Fiction background (optional): I started writing fic (as opposed to daydreaming it, which I did all the time as a kid – and really, who didn't?) at around eleven or twelve after I discovered it thanks to Anipike. Yes, kids. I'm so old this was before FFNet got super-popular. When we wanted to read fics, we had to find them via search engines and link lists. *shakes cane at all of you whippersnappers* My first fic was a Mary Sue crapfest featuring four lovely Sues all following Ash… for some reason. Multiple beatings via concrit and actually reading guides later, and I eventually metamorphosed from WTF-filled author to the sadistic twerp you see today.

Sometime during this, I stumbled across SPPf (mostly due to the fact that it's one of the fic forums I haven't tried in my escapades in the fandom), and I stayed because I happened to know awesome people already here.

No, I can't remember when I started writing fiction in general. I've always had a thing for telling stories, to be honest.

Fandoms you write in: It's… probably better if I just offered the fandom list. But for a brief run-down of the fandoms I've written in (and actually like), there's Pokémon, Good Omens, Sherlock Holmes (general fandom, not just the books and don't ask me about the BBC series), Shakespeare's plays in general, Ouran High School Host Club, Ghostbusters… I don't know. There's really a massive list.

Types Of Writing: I'm okay with a little bit of everything, but I tend to gravitate more towards science fiction, just because I like shiny spaceships the combination of real-world sciencey things and fiction. Somehow, this also winds up with me writing a lot of creepy things or outright horror. I don't know. Blame it on watching a little too much B-rated sci-fi. Other than that, my one-shots tend to include either a lot of angst, a lot of fuzzy humor, or a lot of sex. The latter will not be posted here, sorry.

Pokémon genres? I sneeze in their general direction. (However, I do love me some canon-character-centric. Is that considered a genre?)

Strong Areas: I've usually been complimented in characterization (developing deep disturbed interesting characters who have interesting character interactions) and original plots… even when I'm shamelessly ripping off writing a homage to something else. Lately, I've also been told I'm good at creeping people out. Huh.

Type Of Characters: At the risk of reusing an old joke from another forum, y halo thar, pet character. Seriously, like genres, I experiment with a little bit of everything (in ways that don't sound as dirty as I just put it). However, for my protagonists, I like going for or creating characters with pretty ordinary, average-joe mentalities. This doesn't necessarily mean they can't be special in some way (because, y'know, pet character is a genius and all), but it means that if given a choice between saving the world and going home and having a cup of tea, they'd probably rather just go home and have a cup of tea… even if the rest of the world sort of needs them to save the planet. They're also the kind of characters who worry about pretty ordinary things, who don't even get that they're caught up in something pretty big, who react to things without considering whether or not their actions are heroic… things like that. Pretty ordinary people, basically.

As for antagonists? All kinds. It depends on what my plot needs. But I'm very fond of Xanatos Gambits, folks with blue-and-orange moralities, and Sixth Ranger Traitors. Among other things.

Completed Stories:

Horror/Supernatural | One-Shot | PG
There are certain rules one must follow while traveling through Ilex Forest. First, should you consider doing it, never stray from the path. Ever.
(Nominated in 2010 for Best Pokémon One-Shot, Best Horror Fic, and Most Frightening Scene)

My Reasons
Drama/Tragedy | One-Shot | PG (for implied character death)
Even if all the world becomes your enemy, I will still protect you.
Other Notes: Written for Pokeprompts' eleventh prompt, (no) regrets. May perform a rewrite soon.
(Nominated in 2011 for Best Human Supporting Character, Best Non-Romantic Relationship, Best Pokémon One-Shot, and Best Characterization in a Short Story)

Retroactive Continuity
Angst/Horror | One-Shot | PG (for literal insanity)
N understands the rifts are there for a reason.
Other Notes: Written for Pokeprompts. The prompt in question was "reality shift."
(Nominated in 2011 for Best Pokémon One-Shot, Best Canon Character-Centric, Most Original Overall, and Best Writing Style)

The Leaf Green Incident
Horror | One-Shot | PG-15
No one remembers Leaf. It's because she saw something she shouldn't have.
Other Notes: Written for Pokécommunity's Small Writing Contest 2012. And yes, it won first place.
(Won Best Original Fic and Most Frightening Scene in 2012. Nominated in 2012 for Best Pokémon One-Shot, Most Original Overall, Best Writing Style, Best Expansion of Canon, Best Characterization in a Short Story, Most Suspenseful Fic, and Best Human Main Character)

Book of the Hermit
Drama | One-Shot Series | PG
Five short fics about a boy.
Other Notes: The fifth fic is actually located in its own thread.
(Nominated in 2012 for Best Pokémon One-Shot, Best Characterization in a Short Story, and Funniest Character)

Down Sunnyside Lane
Drama | One-Shot | G
You travel to the ends of the earth for her, yet no matter where you look, you just can't find her.
(Winner of Best Pokémon One-Shot in 2013; nominated in 2013 for Best Characterization in a Short Story)

There're also a bunch of one-shots and mini fics that aren't available here but may be cleaned up and posted in the future. You can find them here, here, here, here, here, or here. YES, I KNOW I PRETTY MUCH THROW MY WORK EVERYWHERE.

Current Stories:

Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT

Sci-Fi/Canon-Centric/Suspense | PG-13
Mild-mannered researcher Bill McKenzie thought he was handed an amazing opportunity when the Japanese government recruited him to study a new extraterrestrial Pokémon. ... And then he was kidnapped and forced to become its host. Now trapped in Hoenn with a new body, a voice in his head, and a steadily growing list of enemies, Bill is bound and determined to get himself and his traumatized little sister out of the region in one piece. Unfortunately, the alien symbiont inside him has plenty of other plans and a strong dislike for the word "no."
- Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic (2013)
- Best Plot (2013)
- Best Original Species (2013)
- Best Non-Romantic Relationship (2013)
- Best Horror Fic (2013)
- Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Fic (2013)
- Best Canon Character-Centric (2013)
- Most Frightening Scene (2013)
- Best New Pokémon Chaptered Fic (2013)
- Best Human Main Character (2013)
- Best Non-Human Main Character (2013)
- Best Non-Human Villain (2013)
- Most Heartbreaking Scene (2013)

Anima Ex Machina: Codename Adam
Sci-Fi/Canon-Centric/Suspense | PG-15
Original version of the above. To be updated on irregular frequency.
- Best Original Species (2009, 2011)
- Most Frightening Scene (2010)
- Most Suspenseful Fic (2011)
- Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy (2011)
- Best Horror (2011)
- Best Romantic Relationship (2012)
- Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Fic (2012)
- Best Cliffhanger (2012)
- Best Plot (2009)
- Best Chaptered Fic (2009, 2010, 2012)
- Best Non-Human Main Character (2011)
- Most Original Overall (2012)
- Best Original Species (2012)
- Best Human Main Character (2012)

Mary Sue Must Die!
Comedy | PG-13
A professional Mary Sue hunter sets off to track down and kill the biggest Sue out of Pallet Town yet. Unfortunately, when the universe deposits a slacker from our world literally right on top of her, things start to get complicated.
Other Notes: Something I'm writing between chapters of AEM. Hence the sporadic updates. Sorry!
- Best Comedy Fic (2012)

Future Stories:
Far too many WIP one-shots and short chaptered fics to count. Seriously.

Writing Tips (Optional):
I could say a lot of different things that people will (or have) already told you, like how to write characters, how important your reviewers are, how to plot and worldbuild successfully, and so forth, but I think the biggest thing you'll want to know is that there's no big secret to writing well. If you're in a fanfiction forum and reading this part of the form for actual tips, chances are you're an amateur. But don't be ashamed of that because we all were at some point -- and some still are. What matters is that all fanfic writers improve from the point where they start writing fanfic, and as such, you'll receive a lot of good advice from reviews to you, reviews to other people, discussions, essays, examples -- you name it. Keep an open mind and have an insatiable appetite for those to start things off.

In the meantime, also realize that a storyteller is an entertainer. You stop being just a writer and become a storyteller when you share your writing with other people. In this case, when you stop keeping your fics to yourself and start sharing them with thousands of anonymous folks online, you become a storyteller, not just a writer. This isn't something to be intimidated by because all this means is that you've captured your own audience. It's up to you from there to work to keep that audience's attention, and to do that, be prepared to work hard. If you show your audience that you're working hard on your writing, you'll be more likely to get feedback that will help you shape your skills further and garner more attention. That and if you keep your audience in mind, you may find a lot of the basic problems you'll encounter easier to solve. Don't know if your description is well-written enough? Imagine that you're someone in the audience and reread your description. Can't find the motivation to write? Imagine that you have an audience waiting for the next installment. In short, we're here for you, even when that "here" part isn't even literal.
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Name: Moonlightning (A terrible screen name I came up with ages ago. I would like to change it, but I can't. Maybe "Cheesegrater_Waterslide?"

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Fiction background (optional): I read "Lurking in the shadows: Lisa's Ultimate Challenge" and I was instantly obsessed with fan fiction. I then went on to embarass myself with a piece I deleted called "Nyu Jirando".

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon.

Types Of Writing: I'm dramatic and I love a good plot twist. I either write poetic kind of stuff or action and adventure.

Strong Areas: I've been told I'm good at battle scenes and such. Also I have good cliffhangers and can write a good tear-jerker if I'm in the mood.

Type Of Characters: No preference here. I like writing all different kinds of characters, though you will struggle to find a mould that you can name any of them in because I try to keep them realistic and multi-sided.

Completed Stories:

When The Grave Calls (It's due for an entire re-write. Really hard to follow and terrible grammar.)

Current Stories:

Pokemon Match: The Martial Way

Future Stories:

Absconditus infensus - A collab project with KJT.

Writing Tips Be upbeat and lively or gritty and dark. Anywhere in between is kind of boring.

Updated 28/05/11 dd/mm/yy
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JX Valentine said:
23. asdfghjkl; THAT IS NOT OLD, BREEZY AND DIDDY. >8|
Ysarvvyl said:
@Breezy and Diddy: You are not old :p

Blitzy said:
Name: Nothing of much, actually ^^; I suppose Blitzy would be a proper answer, otherwise, I'll go by 'Lucas' just the same (coincidence, ain't it Breezeh? =P)
Name: DDT (because fail username is fail)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Fiction background: Well, reading and writing have always been my favorite things to do. So after rediscovering Pokemon, I was browsing the internet as usual when I came across this little thing called fanfiction and immediately went "OMG people actually write stories about it :eek:" and set my heart on writing some myself. And I've been doing just that ever since. :3

My earliest fanfics were pretty terrible. I remember how the first one I ever wrote had to do with this virtual reality Pokemon game in the future, and somehow players got more than one starter to begin with, and the character was such a blatant Mary Sue that she managed to capture Zapdos before her fourth badge and ... yeah. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. Luckily for me I was cautious enough to browse through decent fics to see what they should actually be like before posting my own. And luckily it was this community I first stumbled onto, rather than FanFiction.Net. *shudder*

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, though I also have that Harry Potter crossover going on.

Types Of Writing: Fantasy, supernatural and horror are all big ones for me. I guess it's my love for the weird stuff that lets me be as wildly creative as I want. And then, on the other hand, I also have plenty of adventure, drama, romance and friendship going on in my stories ... which, combined with those first three genres, makes for a pretty funky combination of light-hearted fluff and angst/blood-fests. So yeah. o_0

Strong Areas: Plot and plot twists, most definitely. There's never a dull moment, and it keeps conflict and suspense alive, which keeps the story moving, and so on.

Type Of Characters: Psychos. XD It's often hilarious writing out how they see and interact with situations, and they can have pretty surprising insights too. Then there are the snarky characters, who mock other people or certain situations and can usually get away with it. I also try to make my villains likable, or at least have a light-hearted side.

Completed Stories:

The Core of Fairy Tales
My first ever one-shot. Did you ever wonder how the Pokedex entries could sometimes be so bizarre? Because, at least in this case, the truth is far more horrifying — and more tragic.
Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Fantasy
Rating: PG-13

An Age of Light
One-shot. She should have remembered that old saying about curiosity, for the lesson comes at a steep price.
Genre: Tragedy/Supernatural
Rating: PG-13

Post-HGSS one-shot. Thirty years have passed, but the preacher still remembers. His choice: forgive the killer, or walk away.
Genre: Spiritual/Drama/Tragedy
Rating: PG-13

Current Stories:

Blazing Frost
The world is going to end. Well, maybe not, but nobody really wants to risk that chance: the Twins of Fate are bored, which is seldom a good thing when one's game board is the world. The potential savior they've chosen? Leaf McKenzie, a trainer just starting out from Pallet Town, ready to take on whatever the world can throw at her ... or so she thinks. Now, on her rather insane journey, she will be forced to save the world from the influences of an apocalyptic Pokemon with the cliched title of "Lord of Evil", while simultaneously dealing with a sarcastic legendary, a gym leader with a haunting secret, two less-than-sinister Rocket admins, and a Pokedex that just won't shut up. And that's just scratching the surface.
Genre: Journey/Adventure/Drama
Rating: PG-13

Project Valentine
AKA the craziest and most futile project of all time, this fic aims to write a one-shot on every Pokemon pairing in existence. Originally intended to be a simple writing exercise, it unexpectedly grew to ludicrous proportions when eager FF.Net reviewers requested an enormous amount of ships to be written. A large cast of characters is featured in these loosely connected stories, including an exasperated Gardevoir, a nonconfrontational Leafeon, the Pokemon world's equivalent to Mystery Incorporated, and the idiot hero himself: Ash Ketchum. Varying degrees of silliness and emotional intensity guarantee that wackiness will ensue — you have been warned.
Genre: Romance/Friendship/Parody/Drama/everything-but-the-kitchen-sink
Rating: G — PG-13

River Styx
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/Harry Potter crossover, post-PMD2 and -OotP. When an amnesiac Houndour awakens in the middle of a field, he soon finds himself involved in a world he could scarcely have imagined. Mystery dungeons threaten to overcome the wards which keep their evils locked within, and the eldritch gods are planning to annihilate mortals once and for all as war brews on the horizon. It will be up to him to discover the key to averting these threats, with only his name — Sirius — to set him on his path.
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural/Fantasy
Rating: PG-14

Future Stories: I have many, many ideas for these, though the only one that's definitely going to happen is Blazing Frost's sequel, Thicker than Water.

Writing Tips: When looking over your work, put yourself in your readers' shoes. If you just happened to come across a story like the one you're writing, would you be interested in what's going on at the moment? Would you be confused or bored? Remember that just because you are super interested in every last detail of what your character is wearing, doesn't mean that anyone else would be. Just something to keep in mind.
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D. Scott

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Name: My username is IanDonyer. If you can't read that, then I don't know how you're reading this, because you're either:
  1. Blind
  2. Illiterate

However, I prefer to simply be called Ian. This is not my real name. My real name is never going to be given online. *shrug*

Age (optional): 24,602. Minus 24,585. Equals batman symbol.

Gender (optional): Male.

Fiction background (optional): I was, and still am, a fan of written fiction. I have been a reader since the moment I was taught. I have impressed teacher upon teacher with my skill in it. But this wasn't enough: I wanted to try my hand at it.

This is the result.

I have improved a lot since then, as you'll later say. That was my two-chapter crack at it, and I didn't write again until about a quarter of a year ago, when I first posted my first draft of "Best Laid Plans" on fanfiction.net. I have been writing since.

Fandoms you write in: I have written for Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Ball Z. Two out of those three genres are posted here; the Zelda fanfiction is on my fanfiction.net profile.

Types Of Writing: Humor, Romance, Adventure, Drama - with Pokemon fics, I like to write journey.

Strong Areas: Plot, description (note, this is what I like to think - others may not agree. :p)

Type Of Characters: Anything. I'm up for writing the happy-go-lucky kid, the depressing teenager, the average-every-day-normal-guy (DON'T SUE ME, LAJOIE). Anything.

Completed Stories: Absolutely none! This is my worst weak point. I try my hardest to keep a commitment, but this attempt sort of leads to me having four projects at once. o_O;

Current Stories:

Sinnoh Stories - The Legend of Volkner! - Resident of dreary Olivine Volkner Denzi is tired of it all. He has a nagging mother, no LIVING friends, and wants to drown it all away in the one solution he can think of besides suicide: going on a Pokemon Journey. He begins to sneak out, only to be met by a mysterious girl who makes him an offer: she will do him a great favor, as long as he does her one first.

Best Laid Plans - Yo, name's Chris. Chris Avrich. I'm a fourteen year old boy who's relatively normal: I like to watch TV, play with friends, play video games, and watch movies. I once heard the following quote in one of said movies: "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray". Heh. I passed it off once I heard it: little did I know just how well that quote would soon fit my life.

Alabaster Daze: Unova Chronicle - Join Blair, a Nuvema Town native, as he goes through the journey of a lifetime throughout the broad and exotic Unova Region!

Summersville - Jordan and Catherine Durham are your normal human beings. Living an average life in an average, small town called Summersville. But the night their father leaves for a military ball, their lives are rocked: and theirs aren't the only ones. The entire foundation of Summersville will be rocked forever.

They Also Serve, those who Stand and Cater - Chili is a young man in an old, but crime ridden Opelucid City. He finds himself stealing just to survive day to day - one day, he steals from the wrong place at the wrong time and he and a young man named Cilan who works at a local restaurant find themselves in life-threatening danger.

One-Shots/Shorts - A collection of one-shots/drabbles that are written from a list of prompts.

Future Stories: As of the moment, I plan on a few one shots.

Untitled Short Backstory - Lisa Cohen is a resident of Olivine City. She is happy with her normalcy: she goes to the grocery store once a week, visits a friend occasionally as well as family, but is otherwise unseen. Setting her eyes upon a blue-eyed blonde man will flip her life upside down. (Romance, Drama)

Untitled Oneshot - Carl Winston, also known as "Crasher Wake" to his sea buddies, lives the high life as a member of the royal Sinnohan naval forces. During wartime, he stops at a harbor town, and meets the girl of his dreams. (Romance, Angst: songfic-ish, inspired by song "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by The Looking Glass.

And one possible long story.

Come Out Tonight - Sabrina Syfus and Giovanni Russo live two entirely separate lives. One lives as a high-class prissy miss, waited upon hand and foot - with her snobbish attitude, only her Abra, Abbie, serves as a friend. The other is a poor boy, son of immigrants from Italy. The two go on their own separate journeys with their own separate goals. But soon, their separation shall be no longer. (Romance, Angst, Drama; socioshipping)
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Written Insanity~
Well, I suppose I might as well get in on this. I have nowhere to keep track of all my works, so this would be a good place to start. For anyone that reads this, feel free to check out my stuff and tell me what you think. :3 Hahahah.

Name: Dawn_Hero's my username, but feel free to call me either Dawn, Hero, or Zach.

Age: Seventeen as of 3/21/2011.

Gender: Male

Fiction Background: Well, mostly, I just wondered what it would be like to go on my own Pokemon adventure with my friends and stuff. Ideas started racing through my mind of all the fun things that could happen and the troubles we'd face together. Once I realized I could write a story about it my mind just about blew. Hahah. Ever since I've really been trying to focus in on my main journeyfic and uncovering different aspects of the games no one ever really goes to think about (Red's Mom, Nurse Joy, et cetera).

Fandoms You Write In: I exclusively write Pokemon and non-fan fic stories, though I suppose one day it would be fun indeed to do a Resident Evil fan fic. I don't see that happening anytime soon, though.

Types Of Writing: I love to write horror, mystery, tragedy, and journey stories. I also love to write a good story with a surprise twist ending. xD Hahah.

Strong Areas: Well, I don't know what specifically I'm good at, but judging from reviews I've gotten from stories it would be character interaction and dialogue. I feel somewhat happy with my plot-making and plot-progression abilities as well, but I don't know if they're actually good or not.

Type Of Characters: I absolutely adore the beautiful, kind, totally psychotic type of characters. The kind that donate to children hospitals and then go home and kill their butler and his family. I also enjoy creating tragic characters and those who've been pushed to their limit and are about to break.

Completed Stories:
Pokemon One-Shots

My Silent Song- Explore the tragic tale of Red's mother ever since he left her to begin his journey. Just what fate is left for her now that her only son is gone?

  • Nominated for Best One-Shot in the Bulbagarden Spring 2011 awards
Prey- As a toxin spreads through the city and kills Pokemon after Pokemon, delve into the mind of one Nurse Joy who's had more in her life than she can take.

Non-Pokemon One-Shots

The Carol of The Bells- (PG-13)- Alice had been living on the streets for a year now after her parents had died Christmas morning and she had no where to go. As she lays in the snow freezing, she soon realizes just how much one small chance can change a person's life forever. In the end, is it truly better to choose life without love... Or love without life?

Wendigo- (PG-13)- Jess was a happily married mother with the daughter she'd always wished for. It's true that bad things happen to good people, but no one should have to see just what it is that goes "bump" in the night.


Who Do You Think You Are?- Long, long ago in a kingdom far, far away there lived a friendly but naive Queen. Never allowed to leave her castle in fear of getting hurt, she falls in love with the boy she sees in the fields next to her castle each day growing up. When the day comes for her to finally marry, she realizes it's him that she needs at her side for the rest of her life.

Current Stories:

  • Honorary Mention for Best Journey Fic in the Spring 2011 Bulbagarden awards.
  • Zach Oxford was nominated for Best Main Character in the Spring 2011 Bulbagarden awards.

Zach Oxford was the shy, talentless child of a mother who was a professional Pokemon Trainer when he left on his journey to travel Johto with his friends Ashley and Duncan. A mysterious nightmare soon opens his eyes to a plot hidden within the world that will shake Johto to the core. Now, as a Darkrai continues to try and deliver him further messages while mysterious disappearances rise, murders happen daily, and people begin to fall into nightmarish slumbers left and right, Zach and his friends are in for a brand new adventure that might just leave all of them dead before they can even truly start their journey. Will Zach be able to save Johto, or will the region forever be trapped within their own nightmares?

Future Stories: I won't lie, there's definitely ideas for an Officer Jenny one-shot in the making. It almost seems like it would be fun to turn it into a multi-chapter fic, but I'm not sure. It really just depends on what people would enjoy reading. Regardless, it would tie in to my main fic, "Within My Own Nightmares," but it would still be able to stand on its own two feet.

Writing Tips: For your beginning chapter when it comes to a fiction you intend on making quite a series, try to make it both captivating and short. That way you have plenty of room in your original post for a chapter list and you also captivate your audience quickly and effectively; you give them a small dose and make it worth reading, hooking them in to your story and begging for more.

I would also suggest making sure that you make your fic well-organized. As I mentioned just a second ago, chapter lists do well for that type of thing. By clicking on the post number in the upper-right of any post you make, you can go directly to that post and only that post in a different window. Copy that url and include it in your original post like this: [.URL="link"]Chapter Name and Number[./URL] . Just remove the periods. It makes it easy for people going to your fic to go directly to your chapters.

Aside from that, there's not much else I can say. If you're unsure of grammar, get a beta reader. Don't change yourself because a reviewer tells you to do so; if there's a certain way you like to write, don't let people take it from you. You don't need all the detail in the world for a story to be good, despite what some people say, et cetera.

Well, that wasn't so bad. Guess I'll try to make sure and keep this up to date as best I can hahah.
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Name: Gallyrat

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Fiction background: Hoo boy. Long story. The short version is that I read some really crappy fanfiction, then expanded off that until I found some actually good fanfiction. I started writing it sometime after that.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Naruto. I also have an Original Story currently in the works.

Types Of Writing: I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi when I'm writing original works (urban fantasy especially) but when doing pokemon stuff I prefer original trainer fics with a dash of everything - mainly friendship and action stuff, but with hints of romance, humor, and other such things thrown in from time to tome.

Strong Areas: Well I don't mean to brag or anything, but from reactions I've gotten I think my strong points are my characters and my dialogue.

Type Of Characters: I love the everyman - the person who is completely normal until one day a chance comes along and they grab it. Characters who are "destined" to do things just aren't as interesting in my mind. The best type of character is the one in completely over his or her head.

Current Stories: Beat the System- Kent is young, too young for the Pokemon league. But that doesn't mean he's going to stop, even if things would be a hell of a lot easier that way.

Future Stories: Not sure. I'm focusing on Beat the System for the moment.

Writing Tips: Listen to reviewers! There are some mean spirited people out there, but most of the time the people who say there's something wrong with your story genuinely want to help you write the best story you can. There's nothing more helpful than a well written review.


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Name: Galaxy_Hunter or just Galaxy or GH for short.

Age (optional): 18 (soon at least)

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): Well, I wrote a short book for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and after it was over I decided I wanted to keep writing. Long story short: after a couple of months I came up with a good idea and decided to write about it and here I am.

Fandoms you write in: Well, I've written my own 100% original story for NaNo, and now I'm writing about Pokemon with a different take on the subject. Other than that I'm a fan of Michael Crichton books, Star Wars, and a whole bunch of other sci-fi/technology/horror series.

Types Of Writing: Pretty much writing about sci-fi or horror is fun for me to write, as well as action.

Strong Areas: I feel I'm best with the plot ideas, coming up with good technology explanations and really getting into action sequences.

Type Of Characters: I enjoy creating characters who are smart, devoted, and strong. I don't make them too perfect and they do make mistakes and they have to live with the burden for most of the story.

Completed Stories: None so far, the book for NaNo isn't even done... But I will finish it someday when I'm a better writer.

Current Stories:

First Contact (PG-13)

As Earth dies, humanity looks across the stars for a new home and find it in the shape of a near-perfect planet for humanity to colonize. Looks can be deceiving however, and when the first settlers arrive they discover a nightmarish world filled with creatures whose powers and biology defy explanation. Cut off, alone and without support the humans must use any means necessary to survive and settle on the new world, living under the constant threat of total extinction. In order to secure a place for their species on the surface, a lone squad of marines will face suicidal odds and nightmarish conditions to broker an unlikely alliance that may bring peace to the warring sides, or trigger a global apocalypse.

Future Stories: I've got a sequel in mind for this story, there is much more to tell about it. Not much else to say until I get this part done though.

Writing Tips (Optional): My only piece of advice is write. No matter what keep writing and when you finish with a chapter, read through it several times. Imagine how the scene looks in your head and how the characters act. Go back and change parts if necessary. Then go and put in preview on the Serebii forums and read it one more time. Looking at it out of the context of the text editor can really make a difference. Then post it and pay close attention to what the reviewers say, and work with them to improve yourself. All of that and Good Luck!
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