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The Authors' Profiles V.4

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8000 MMR
Name: matthew11, matthew

Age (optional): 17

Gender (optional): Male

Writing background (optional): I was inspired by many fanfictions about Pokemon, so I decided to write my own.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, for now.

Types Of Writing: Romance, Humor, for now.

Strong Areas: I was told recently that my writing style is cute and fun to read, and I'm really good at romantic stuff.

Type Of Characters: Characters who are really funny, characters who push the hero/heroine towards the hero/heroine.

Completed Stories: None

Current Stories: Feelings, Confessions, and Eureka
First Fanfic! Read as Satoshi and co. take a break in Miare City from traveling, and a confession will happen later on, but who? An Amourshipping (Satoshi x Serena) Fanfic.

Future Stories: I'm thinking about writing fanfics about famous Animes like Fairy Tail and games like Golden Sun.

Writing Tips (Optional): Cute writing can be super effective sometimes if you're writing romantic and/or comedic fanfics. Writing in a particular character's point of view seems to work sometimes to give more emphasis on the character's current feelings. And music can help you be creative in writing.
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