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The Authors' Profiles V.4

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Face Oblivion
Name:AquaRegisteel(Call me Aqua or Steel)
Age:13(Young Writer FTW!)
Background:I was inspired by a FF.net story called Forever & Always, a ContestShipping story.I started to write one based on CSing, and i got great feedback from my school class/set.I have now sprouted into a better writer after learning from certain mistakes i made in that first story.I haven't finished drafting it at all.

Fandoms:With only 2 Stories started, i have started to explore with Pokemon, and the other one was made up.

Genres i write in:I enjoy Romance, but i have taken an interest in:Suspense,Sci-Fi(Not much, it's in a new plot i have thought of),Action, and that's all.


Current:None are being typed up on here, but:

Unknown Title(As of yet)|Pokemon characters, but no Pokemon|:

May is back for a second year at Green-Leaf High, Drew has just started.They face an attractive seduction queen called Destiny as she trys to lure Drew away from May after D&M's first kiss.But Destiny goes way too far...

The Reddening Shadows/The Red Shadow(s)|Non-Pokemon|

Renoval, the King of the Lentrick Hills needs to be rid of an evil King Aldren of the Fernopian Fields.He chooses a young-ish Assassin, Sasuke(Sas-ook-ay)to kill him.Sasuke faces a task that decides whether he'll live when he returns...Kill Aldren, or be Executed...

Resistance(Thinking of Exact base plot, but this is my current idea):

NASA has tracked Comets for a few weeks since they entered the Solar System.They soon hit Earth,killing all but eight people:Colin,Kira,Casey,Lou,Faith,Belinda,Willie and Serena.They quickly discover they aren't the only things alive...
Soon, Blood,Tears,Lies,The Truth and possibly Romance will be spilled.But who will die?...

Future Stories:None.

Tips:None atm.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Name: Missingno. Master

Gender: Male

Fiction background: When I was still a newbie, I felt the need to make my mark in the fanfic forum, and so I churned out a few steaming piles of crap I tried to pass off as quality fanfiction. One attempt even got me banned. It was that bad. Well, that, and plagiarism was involved. But anyway, that little incident kinda put me off writing for a while. Fast forward to late 2009. I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, and a random idea struck me. There are some really bad fanfics out there. And I mean, real stinkers, crap that people just whip up in the reply box, no plot, no depth, no description. I thought it might be interesting to write about how the main character of such a fanfic might feel. The next day, I worked that idea into chapter 1 of The Adventure of Adventureness.

Fandoms you write in: Pokémon

Types Of Writing: Comedy

Strong Areas: Plot twists and running gags

Type Of Characters: Nothing specific, really

Completed Stories:
The Adventure of Adventureness: Jack, the unfortunate protagonist of a shoddily-written two-line fanfic teams up with the narrator to exact revenge on the author.

The Awesome of Awesomeness (sequel to The Adventure of Adventureness): In order to rescue the narrator from his author's wrath, Jack must explore the Kanto region and collect all eight Gym Badges.

The Random of Randomness (third story in the series): To give them more of a chance in the battles to come, Jack and his friends must explore the Unova region, deep inside Miror B.'s afro, and catch many new Pokémon. On their travels, however, they learn of a shady organization by the name of Team Plasma.

The Epic of Epicness (final story in the series): Jack and his friends arrive back in the internet and team back up with Miror B., plotting and planning for the final showdown.

Pokémon: An Unlikely Origin (completely unrelated to the Adventure of Adventureness series; a Pokémon/Supernatural one-shot crossover): A man arrives at a lonely moonlit crossroads to make an unusual deal with a demon.

404 Error (completely unrelated to the Adventure of Adventureness series; a trainer fic with a twist): Orange and Violet are two new Pokémon Trainers in the Tanko region, where Glitch Pokémon are just as common as the official ones. While setting out, they come across a strange boy...

Current Stories:
404 Error 2: File Not Found (sequel to 404 Error): When Red goes missing in the Hojot region, it's up to his girlfriend and a pair of rookie trainers to locate him.

Future Stories:
Nothing definite at the moment.

Writing Tips: Don't get discouraged because the first few fics you write get scathing negative reviews, or get ignored altogether, or get you banned, or whatever. Nobody's perfect, and very few people are going to turn out a nugget of literary perfection on the first try. The important thing is that you keep trying. Although, if a fic you write really does get you banned, try to steer clear of that area and write something different.

Also, play to your strengths. If your attempts at writing some serious drama story flop, give comedy a shot.
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Paper Wii

Active Member
Paper Wii's Profile

Name: Paper Wii. I also go by Paper, PW, and my real name is Erin.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Fiction background: Well, I guess because of reading other fanfiction and getting ideas that would be fitting for a character from that series.

Fandoms you write in: Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Sonic, SSBB... I made the 705Tsunami series, by the way.

Types Of Writing: I love writing adventure, but it's difficult to write action scenes such as fighting and such. I wish I could write romances, but I don't know how. XD

Strong Areas: Character development and design. It's my favorite part of making a character. I always like it when the character's backstory fits in with story line and somehow is connected with it.

Type Of Characters: I prefer younger, shy characters because they're really cute to read! :) I also love the characters that are cursed or have a dark past.

Completed Stories: I used to, but they were all lost, sadly.

Current Stories: Yami VS Hikari (Yu-Gi-Oh!), 705Tsunami (original), Dash's Story (chao),

Future Stories: I'm going to do one on a Zelda OC named Keaton. (He wears a Keaton mask all the time.)

Writing Tips:
For writers block - All you have to do to overcome writers' block is to keep writing! It doesn't matter whether or not what you are writing is good - you can improve it later. You just have to write. Write something; write anything!
Getting Ideas - · Watch the news and read the papers, if you're feeling angry, upset or you're glowing with elation write about it, dreams, observe people, read, etc.


There it is.
Name: My username is phoopes

Age (optional): 14

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): My teachers have always said that I'm a good writer, so when I saw a fan fiction section at SPPf, I decided to write.

Fandoms you write in: I've only written in the Pokemon fandom so far. I'm currently writing a fic called The Pokemon Saga. (link in my sig) At the time of posting, the 6th chapter has just gone up.

Types Of Writing: The current fan fic that I'm writing is in a dramatic style, with humour being thrown in at various places as well.

Strong Areas: I think my strongest area is coming up with original ideas. My current fic is about the adventures of a few Pokemon from the Pokemon's perspective. I think that the most original idea in mine is that it is the Pokemon trying to take down Team (insert name here), not humans.

Type Of Characters: My favorite character that I am currently writing about is Darkrai. In my fic, I try to portray him as a bad-*** sort of Pokemon. He's my most beloved character, and he's usually the one that provides comic relief in my fic.

Completed Stories: I currently have no completed stories.

Current Stories: Well, there's the Pokemon saga (link in my sig) which I've mentioned about a million times so far. :D Once again, it is about the adventures of a group of Pokemon who try to take down Team (insert name here).

Future Stories: Something that I'd love to write in the near future is a choose your own adventure type of story. It would definitely be a challenge, but I love challenges!

Writing Tips (Optional): I'm kind of a new author myself, but I'll try to give advice anyway. Don't be discouraged by flamers. All that matters is if YOU enjoy your own writing. If others don't like it, that's their problem. If you're having fun writing, then you're doing it correctly.
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┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐
Name: kjt (if you're wondering, it's just my initials - I got lazy)

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

Fiction background: Just took a look around the forums one day, found fanfiction. I read a little bit, decided that I was going to make a self-insert Sinnoh fic . . . I gave up on that terrible idea. I meet a friend who also writes Pokemon fics, and is indeed on these forums. I beta'd his work before beginning to write mine.

Fandoms you write in: I've only written in Pokemon so far; other fandoms that I like (and may write for one day) include Doctor Who, Code Geass, Buffy The Vampire Slayer . . . and Glee, but I think that would be hard to put into a fic.

Types Of Writing: I'm not really sure what genre my stories fit into, I'm not very good with that kind of thing. But I'd like to eventually try lots of different genres. As for Pokemon-genres, I've tried trainer fic and semi-trainer fic set in the real world. That one's sorta a Devil Survivor crossover-type-thing.

Strong Areas: I like to think that I'm best at description, though my modest-ness is telling me to say "but don't get your hopes up." I have been told that I over describe a bit. I've planned, but never written a full story, so I don't have much experience with plot/character development.

Type Of Characters: Hmm . . . I don't really have any specific characters that I enjoy writing about. I haven't written much, but from my little experience, I'm enjoying writing a hot-headed-kick-***-take-no-bull-s*** teenage girl.

Completed Stories: N/A

Current Stories:

Absconditus Infensus (PG-13), a collaboration with moonlightning.
Did you ever wonder what would happen if Pokemon appeared in the real world? If these demons fell into the wrong hands? If Cece and Viceroy were unable to stop them? If you've asked yourself any of these questions, read the fic!

Unova: Broken Ways (Pg-13)
An Unova journey-fic based off the events off Black and White. It says ON INDEFINITE HIATUS, but I have been writing snippets lately . . . I might get back to it soon - you'll have to wait n' see! Otherwise, you're free to read four chapters of Blair n' Lea's travels in Unova!

Future Stories:

Closer To The Clouds (PG-13)

Sweet Dreams (PG-13)

Radio Personality (PG-13)

Writing Tips: Hmm . . . *get nervous when put on spot even though this is optional* . . . I suppose read the Fanfiction Rules, Advice For Aspiring Authors and Things To Note. These are all helpful. If if you want help, don't be afraid to ask! And if you want somebody to proofread yo' work (a "beta"), here's The Beta House
Name: You can just call me by my username or Star

Gender: Female

Fandoms you write in: I normally write in Pokemon but sometimes I write about other fandoms

Types Of Writing: I mainly write stories filled with adventure and mystery, as well as friendship. I tend to take awhile in updating due to life, other projects, and planning the chapter out good.

Strong Areas: I'm strong when it comes to plot twists, character creation, due to my imanginative mind.

Type Of Characters: I normaly go with all kinds of characters but friendly, serious, and mysterious are my most common.

Current Fanfics:


[Rated PG-13 for mild fantasy violence, peril, and themes of death]
Genre- Adventure, Friendship
Humans have long gone extinct, leaving Pokemon with no threat. However, soon Pokemon begin to disappear from their homes. Only some return with horrible wounds and no memory as to what happened; those who don't return are found motionless, their bodies turned to stone. A Riolu whitnesses an Absol corner a Pikachu and turn it to stone. The Pokemon in the valley where the Absol lives near excile him, a lone Eevee follows suit on her own. But, something bigger is going on...after all...not everything is what it seems.
Credits to Piplup-luv for the banner

Future Fanfics:

PMD: Explorers of the Elements

Genre- Adventure, Friendship
The Sinnara region has been peacefull, protected by the many Ranger Teams scatterred around the land. However, soon fire, water, and grass Pokemon begin to weaken mysteriously and the region is hit by many dissasters. Strong Ranger Teams are sent to find out the cause of this phenomenon...but never return. With the disappearance of the strongest Ranger Teams, Pokemon begin to fear the worst. But, one team, Team Silverblade stands up to the challenge.
Banner created by me
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Name: Aslynn♥Pokemon. Also known as Crystal, Star and Nikki. YEAH.

Age (optional): 12

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): The main reason I got into fanfiction was because I stumbled in on my sister. At the time, I was an OK author (pretty good at school, everyone says), but had never considered writing stories about fandoms. Anyway, I walked in on my sister, and she had this Harry Potter Fic up. Don't ask. Something about Harry being a baby or something. But yeah. She told me about it (because I'm awesome) and yeah. That and I watch a lot of shows, good fic fuel.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, DBZ (Never watched the show, but I tried), original stories, etc.

Types Of Writing: I usually write Fantasy and Action, but recently I've been drifting towards a slight Romance feel as well. Not something major like Shipping, but small things. Hehe.

Strong Areas: I reckon I'm OK in most areas, but an area I really suck at is character development. I usually use the same types of characters, those stupid goody two shoes who is the best/ You know what I mean. I'm trying currently to do a LOT of planning and character development for my awesome-sauce project, but we'll see how that goes.

Type Of Characters: My usually type of character is those goody two shoes. For protagonists, at least. I usually make them everything I want to be: Brave, smart and downright epic. For antagonists, I drift towards people that just hate for no reason. I'm a newb, gimme a break.

Completed Stories: Pfft, I wish!

Current Stories: No stories currently in the banks.

Future Stories"

Untitled (working on it)

A story set in the world of Marsia, specifically in regions Sarmia and Atlantis. A crazy Scientist has been experimenting on mythical creatures (Like Dragons, Centaurs etc) and she has finally cracked the secret of their DNA, enabling type specific powers (Pokemon types, really.)

As a tes run, she takes the DNA of ten of the 17 mythical creatures she experimented on, and enjects one tube into 10 normal student at Starlit High. They gain powers, then hear of how Mythical Creatures are being kidnapped and imprisoned in large centaurs, so that they can be exterminated due to human jealousy.

They set out to stop these evil jelous humans, and have various excitement, love triangles and danger await them.

An Original Fic. (BOO YAH)

Writing Tips (Optional): I AM a new author. I'm supposed to give hints to myself? :p jk jk.

Try to keep at what you have. Keep telling yourself to keep writing, or you'll end up with a million unfinished stories like me. Also try not to start another story whilst writing another, because you might lose motivation for the first.

Always proofread. Should be obvious, but still.

Devil's Apprentice

~Orian Adventures~
Name: Devil's Apprentice (Call me Randall)

Age (optional): 14

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): Well, my father's a fiction writer - so my family has always encouraged writing. I've always loved pokemon, so it seemed like the perfect place to start.

Fandoms you write in: Devil's Apprentice Series, Orian Adventures

Types Of Writing: I try to dip myself into each major types of writing - adventure, action, fantasy, except horror - it's always seemed like kind of a cheesy subject to me

Strong Areas: Definitely plot. I feel that I can create characters, but not on my own - each person is based on one of the people I know in real life

Type Of Characters: I absolutely lock writing cocky people - they are so fun to create, having them think in their own ways, so sure of themselves, unlike most story heroes

Completed Stories: Devil's Apprentice Series - I don't have it on the computer, but I wrote five books about this kid named Dalvis Monroe who is "adopted" by Hades, one of the three deities at war.

Current Stories: Orian Adventures - Rising. It's the tale of a young pokemon trainer who meets Orian's Ex-Champion, who trains him to become a Pokemon Master

Future Stories: The rest of the Orian Adventures, at this point I have them all planned out already

Writing Tips (Optional): Always write what's fun for you to make. Even if only one person in the world likes the style that you enjoy, it's better than having everyone like something you didn't enjoy.

~Devil's Apprentice

Mrs. Lovett

Rolling writer
Name: Mrs. Lovett/Haruka of Hoenn. Lovett, Haruka, whatever you want to call me. :p

Age (optional): I couldn't think of anything clever.

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): I've always been writing stories, ever since I was little and learning English. My first venture into fanfiction was a so-fail-that-it's-win story called Pokemon Adventure. (I recently recovered the complete file from my old computer, and it surprised me how utterly dreadful it was, and how much I've improved since.) I don't remember how long I stuck with that fic... maybe for a year or two. But afterwards, I sort of gave up on fanfiction and stuck with original fiction for the next few years.

I didn't start getting serious about writing until I began Deeds of Darkness, which required me to concentrate like never before on characters and description. (Even though the first draft wasn't good anyway.) That fic really broadened my sense of characters and story, because it required me to think and work my way through problems. It also required me to listen to reviewers, and learn how to apply their words to improve myself. (Back in the early days of my writing career, I was incredibly sensitive to bad reviews.)

Eventually, I gave up on DOD because it was simply too dry for me. Writing it became a chore, so I dropped the project and didn't write fanfiction for quite a while. I tried to revive it a couple times and do rewrites, but they went down the same way.

Then, last summer I got the idea for Roots and began writing it. And so I became the writer you see today.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon's the only fandom I've ever written for. It's odd, I know, but my tastes are leaning more towards original fiction nowadays.

Types Of Writing: I enjoy uplifting stories. They're a pleasure to write and read, and are a lighter load than serious writing. However, I do have a dark side and I love to play it up in my writing. I haven't posted too many of those here, but I've been planning on making it my next big project.

Strong Areas: Plot and character development. That doesn't mean that I don't run into my fair share of problems, but

Type Of Characters: People with more to them than meets the eye. I always like to know more about my characters than my readers when I set out to write a story so I can twist them and bring out their true colors in surprising ways.

Completed Stories: I've never completed a fanfiction, so for now, this spot will remain blank...

Current Stories:

Roots // Professorfic


At the age of thirteen, Michael Rowan leaves home to find himself and his place in the world. Eventually, he gets pulled into challenging the Pokemon League, but his path is ridden with twists and turns, and he soon realizes that in order to embrace the future he must first come to terms with the past. Meanwhile, the rest of Sinnoh keeps watch on Team Galactic, an entity with ever-growing influence, whose space program and rivalry with Hoenn could at any moment make the headline of the decade.

The 1960s pass in a whirlwind of change. Change in society, change in technology—and for Michael, change in himself.

Future Stories: None that have solidified beyond the 'idea' status yet.

Writing Tips (Optional):

First off, I recommend reading the book On Writing by Stephen King. I know I'm not the first person to say this, nor the last, but seriously, read it. Even if his writing isn't your style, he has a lot of good things to say about the craft and (if you want to go that far) the business. And if you happen to stumble across any other books like this one, written for writers, by all means, read them too. They can only help.

While we're on the topic of advice, I'll also say this: Absorb advice/words of wisdom from as many sources as possible, but don't rush to change your own methods on the spot for every little piece you get. Ultimately, it's your craft, and your unique way of doing things. Your way will differ from someone else's. You might have a good way of doing things that works for you, but if you hear from another writer that their method of writing is good and you completely abandon what you had going on, you're only harming yourself.

If you think your writing isn't good, then make it better. Don't do it for anyone else but you. (Someone else CAN be an inspiration... but in the end, you will be unique. That's what makes fiction great: The variety of voices that give it life.)

If you read another piece of writing (fanfiction or otherwise) and the idea/story/writing/etc. is so good that you feel like you can't possibly amount to the author's greatness and give up, then consider this your complementary bop on the head. You can be good, but only if you keep going. And you can't keep going if you're pushing yourself down at the same time. So if that story is getting you down, just think: "Pshaw, I can do better!" And do it. There are lots of great ideas out there, and when you've found your own, stick with it.

And that's my advice! Make of it what you will.
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Name: [Imaginative]:[Clockwork], but since that's a huge pain to type, just IC, Imaginative, or whatever is fine.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Fiction background: I've been writing fan fiction for about four years now. I've tried to write a few chaptered fics in the past but they weren't finished and I try to just forget about them since they were a mess anyway. :p

Fandoms you write in: All the stuff I've posted has been Pokémon-related. It's usually more centered on non-Pokémon specific stuff, though.

Types Of Writing: The thing I've been trying to do recently is expand what I'm writing beyond one genre and just try stuff I might not have thought of doing before. It's mostly one-shots, though. Also, something I'm trying to work myself out of is writing depressing stuff. A lot of what I've posted is a lot more emo than I myself am so I want to try some lighter stuff.

Strong Areas: Haha, I'm honestly not sure what to put here. I like to think I'm pretty solid all around but there's not really one specific area that I feel I shine in. I haven't done much character-development in my recent works so I wouldn't say that's my strong point. XD

Type Of Characters: So far the ones that have been in most of my one-shots are complete sad sacks who could probably stand to cheer up a bit. The kind of characters I enjoy writing the most, though, are ones that are a bit brighter and more easygoing.

Completed Stories:
The Cold Path to Popularity



Smart Kids


Why did you die?

All one-shots so far.

Current Stories: None right now.

Future Stories: The only thing I'm actively writing right now is a chaptered journey fic. I know they're a little overdone in this fandom, but I'm doing my best to make it my own and keep it interesting. It's working title is "So I Won't Forget" but I really don't like that and probably won't use it.

Writing Tips: Honestly, just have fun writing. That sounds so cheesy but the reason my older works failed was because I got tired of repeating the same stuff each chapter. Just make sure that you're looking forward to the next chapter/project and don't let it get to be a chore.

That's really all the general advice I can give. XP
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Name: Feralninja, but on Fictionpress I'm Cole Culain

Gender: Male

Fiction background (optional): I'm a writer of novels. I'm writing the Blazing Heart Saga on fictionpress for three years now, along with another story called Sin, and I've done plenty of one shots. I started writing fanfics to relieve some writer's block this spring.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon is the only fandom. See above.

Types Of Writing: Original stuff is fantasy, with the occasional sci-fi. For pokemon, I use an original trainer, and they're journey fics.

Strong Areas: I'm good at battle and action sequences. You write a saga about a bloody war, you get good at that. Also, tragic deaths. I'm good at those. Also, I can balance the somber and grave characters well with the more loose ones. I think I'm pretty good at making characters do realistic things.

Type Of Characters: I like people with Hero complexes. Yeah. Also, kickass female heroines. And people who defy Fate. And death.

Completed Stories: Blazing Heart is done. You can reach that by clicking my sig banner. The summary is:
A boy with nothing but a sword and a name stumbles into a desert outpost. And so the story begins...
Also, on Serebii I have League of Heroes, a story about the (now inactive after the group shut down) Non-Competitive Trainer's Hangout League, and their war against Team Omega.

Current Stories: Currently I'm working on Scattered Sparks, the sequel to Blazing Heart, and Sin, whose summary is as follows:
The demon king has been killed by his fellows. Now, sixteen years later, his noble errand must be accomplished, lest the world fall to ruin. And the only way it can be done is to bring peace between humans and demons.
On the pokemon side of the spectrum, I'm working on Hero's Path, which takes place six months after the end of League of Heroes, and details Cole's journey to come to terms with what it means to be himself, and escape the shadow of the war hero he was.


take a byte
Name: kyogreblue3 (KB3)

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): I was watching an ep of Advanced Gen; the one where May and Drew are in a contest. At the end of the ep, I was drinking juice, and it showed Drew giving May a red rose. I spit out all my juice and went like, "WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?" and then I wrote ContestShipping fics, followed by regular fanfictions.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon and Bakugan

Types Of Writing: I write Humour and Adventure fanfictions

Strong Areas: I think I'm pretty good at plot. I get a new idea practically every day XD

Type Of Characters: Characters that are already made up lol (such as Ash, Brock, Misty, etc.)

Completed Stories: None (I've started a ton, but never finished them >.<)

Current Stories: Team Magma and Aqua

Future Stories: Team Rocket-X and Team Skye


Come at me Flower!
Name: Username is Sonic507, but you can just call me Tails, if you want.

Age (optional):wont tell

Gender (optional): wont tell

Fiction background (optional): uh... go ask Meta Knight?

Fandoms you write in: none

Types Of Writing: Adventure stories

Strong Areas: uh... I kinda dont know.

Type Of Characters: Nuts like that thing in my avi

Completed Stories:none

Current Stories: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=13142011#post13142011 when 2 heros meet, they have to save the World.

Future Stories: an adventure story, maybe.


Well-Known Member
Name: Manaphy72 (mana)

Age (optional): almost 13 so 12

Gender (optional): male

Fiction background (optional): i read the story roots and it inspired me to right a story aswell. i dont think if i read roots i wouldnt be filling this application out

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, animals, and no life happenings

Types Of Writing: i love writing all but horror is my favorite. its fun making characters be expressed in horrific ways

Strong Areas: actions that happen to the characters

Type Of Characters: i like writing characters from 1st person, and i like bringing problems with them

Completed Stories: Chapter 1 of experiences

Current Stories: Summary- Chapter 1 involves a 1 person point view. and through experiences(the story's name) will be trouble, Love, death, and hard times through the character.

Future Stories: Chapter 2 to experiences

Writing Tips: Even if your not the best author, keep writing. its your choice and nobody elses
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Eon Collector
Name: Slipomatic

Age: 21

Gender: ♂

Fictional Background: It all started from reading the Dragonriders of Pern by Mccaffrey. Although originally, I hated reading and didn't care for writing at all, since I was terrible at it. My first attempts at writing fiction were done on the non-existant Nintendo forums in which after they took it down, I lost all my works. But, in a way, I was glad since I originally wrote in script format and not narrative, which I now find much easier to do.

Types Of Writing: Fantasy, dragons, a bit of Sci-fi, pokemon.

Strong Areas: Plot outlines and character profiling.

Type Of Characters: Mostly Female characters, most of my characters being quiet or outgoing. Very few of my characters are aggressive or mean. Almost all the male characters I create have something similar. Probably because I got a little lazy on something.

Completed Stories: None

Current Stories: None

Future Stories: None for now. Currently sitting on creativity deadness.

Writing Tips:
  1. Spell check
  2. Check Grammer
  3. Always proof read to see if any sentences needs revising.
  4. Plan ahead of your chapters and make sure you get outlines for future chapters as it will help you keep on track.
  5. Brainstorming and/or taking suggestions from readers/critics can help you get through writers blocks.
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Mr. Soul Stealer
Hello! I've decided to post my Author's Profile here after the recent success of my one-shot (the three people who posted there both thought it was pretty good. I call that a success!)

Name: FireTypeLover

Age: All I'm saying is I'm younger than you might think I am...

Gender: Male

Fictional Background: It started in 2008 where I wrote several sucky fics and some of them were so horrible they got locked. Nowadays, I consider myself a better writer and decided to post one of my one-shots on the forums. It was pretty successful and this encouraged me to post my other one-shots on the forums! (Which I will some day, including a remake of an old one)

Types of Writing: Eh, whatever comes to my mind and that's usually Pokémon stuff.

Strong Areas: I don't know, writing crazy people? My reception was warm for i love pokémon and in a PMD chaptered fic I may or may not post on the Internet, I wrote in some crazy guys too.

Types of Characters: You know, I just realized a lot of the characters I wrote of had a troubled childhood...other than that, I like writing some pre-made characters in comedic fics, though I do write other types of characters.

Completed Stories: I'm gonna completely ignore the aforementioned sucky fics and put the fic I posted this year here; [thread=538874]i love pokémon[/thread], which, from what the few people that reviewed my fic said, was more disturbing than it sounded. That's what I was intending, so success for me!

Current Stories: None at the moment

Future Stories: I've got a lot of ideas in my mind...maybe way too much...

Purpose explains the reason why the ten-year old boy with the red hat (as he's called by the citizens of Viridan and everywhere else, basically) is travelling all alone. The poor boy is trying to find purpose in his life after an incident destroys it forever. (Followup: Hypnosis) (Status: FINISHED, just needs some heavy editing)

The Origin of the Universe is the remake of the aforementioned fic I said I'll remake. It was originally titled Giratina's World and obviously focused on Giratina, but now I changed it to be an origin story, though Giratina is still an important character in it. I read a lot of Sinnoh myths for this, and I did change the myths for a lot of the story. (Currently thinking of combining it with Escape by making it the prologue, but who knows?) (Status: FINISHED, just needs some heavy editing)

Giratina's World: Escape involves the escape of Giratina from the Distortion World, where Arceus banished him. It occurs after The Original One, so I have to heavily revise that first...anyways, Giratina breaks out of the Distortion World and enters Earth right into the place where Regigigas was exiled as a statue for trying to rule the world, the Snowpoint Temple. Regigigas assigns Giratina to find all three Regis to revive it, in return for Giratina's safety from Dialga and Palkia. It's a chaptered fic and I think I'll divide it into two parts, plus an epilogue. (Status: Not sure if I'll do this one until I finish all of my one-shots)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Darkghost Domination: This fic involves an over-optimistic Zorua named Sara, an over-pessimistic Charizard ironically named Cheery (which will be explained in the story) and a clean freak Delibird named Claus (which will also be explained in the story and note I didn't get the name Claus from Mother 3) When Sara reads the newspaper, she finds that a Hypno mysteriously vanished in the Apple Woods. Sara convinces the rest of her uncertified explorers (who failed because of Claus) to join her on her quest to find Hypno and prove to the Wigglytuff Guild they're good enough explorers to join the Guild. However, the mission might be harder than it appears...

And, like the games, it has a main story, then a post-game story (or more accurately...post-story story?) where the main characters' backgrounds will be explained and I will write chapters involving their backgrounds, plus more stuff. Oh, and because I spoiled too much, I won't tell you why I renamed the fic Darkghost Domination but it'll be pretty obvious at about the seventh chapter. (Status: First few chapters finished, but I plan to restart this fic maybe after NaNoWriMo)

The Death of Samuel Oak: Or something like that. I think I had this idea in my head for the longest time out of all of these, except for the Original One, and it involves, like the title implies, Professor Oak dying. Two cops in the PTPD find this death very suspicious and attempt to investigate. Gent's the serious one and Tom's for comic relief, as far as I wrote anyways. Gent and Tom are constantly crossing paths with Oak's grandson, Blue, who has the same idea in mind...yeah, I might give this away with that Fic Idea Adoption System because I can't even get past the first chapter... (Status: For now, this fic is finished)

Overthrowing Giovanni: After Jessie, James, and Meowth find out that Giovanni hates them, they vow to overthrow Giovanni. In comedic script form! However, things kind of derail after that until around Chapter 8 where Ash, Misty, May, Brock, Dawn, Cilan, Tracey, and Iris help Jessie, James, and Meowth because, let's face it, Team Rocket would be much less threatening with these three idiots in charge...anyways, the fic follows anime canon, except for the fact where Team Rocket is actually good at being evil. (Status: For now, this fic is finished)

PokéCraziness! Black vows revenge on Cheren after he goes on a date with Bianca! He plans a devious plan to get Bianca's attention! By, of course, getting in a giant, bad Mudkip costume and pretending to date White, who loves Black. However, things get bad at the romanticest restaurant in town when N enters ("I thought this was my castle...") and White goes on a date with him! Then, of course, a giant portal appears out of nowhere and gets them all sucked into the real world. (Status: Wow. This was a stupid idea of mine, so it's finished for now)

Sanity is a sequel to i love pokémon. Unlike that one-shot, it's in a third-person perspective, except for two parts in the middle and the end. It involves Henry burning down Castelia City and finding a beautiful Gardevoir. He slowly gains his sanity back after they marry (Gardevoir doing it to try to save the world from Henry's insanity) (Status: Writing right now. Trying to finish as much as I can before NaNoWriMo)

The Plasma Series 'cause I couldn't think of a better name. Anyways, this series chronicles the journies of the most important members of Team Plasma after the game ends. They are N, the Shadow Triad, the Seven Sages, and Ghetsis, and I might include Concordia and Anthea. So, the first one-shot in the series is called Legacy and its main characters are N and Hilda, the second one-shot is called Redemption and its main characters are Hilda, Looker, and the Shadow Triad, the third one-shot is called Imprisoned and its main characters are the Seven Sages and the Shadow Triad, and the fourth one-shot is called Monster and it involves (you guessed it!) Ghetsis. (Status: Parts of Redemption is completed, but other than that, I'll wait until after I finish Sanity and The Zubatman and all my other fics before I start writing these four)

Ozone is an idea I have about Rayquaza terrorizing the world because it's mad its home is getting destroyed. (Status: Waiting until after NaNoWriMo...)

Dream World Stories is a series of stories chronicling something I read from TV Tropes. Yes, I said TV Tropes, its WMG page for Black and White to be exact. Anyways, it involves the Junipers, Fennel, some other random scientists, Hilda, Hilbert, Cheren, and Bianca getting sucked into the Dream World. And, like the Pokédex One-Shots, this fic is just a series of one-shots involving every Pokémon who have Dream World abilities (and some without...) and explaining how they got them. And also an arc involving the main cast trying to get out of the demented Dream World. (Status: Working on the intro)

The Zubatman: No Man's Land is a fic I plan to work on during the NaNoWriMo. It involves a Zubat with Batman-styled gadgets facing against a few original villains and a few Batman villains turned into Pokémon. Enough said. (Status: Saving for the NaNoWriMo)

Oh, and a sequel to The Zubatman! Yes, I thought of a sequel to a fic before I even started writing it!

A Slice of Pallet Life is the prequel to Purpose. It features Satoshi in love with Leaf, who is Blue's brother. As the title suggests, it's like a slice of life fic, but not quite since this is the Pokémon world and all.

And, on that note, I'd like to do some other fic resembling slice of life stuff or the crazy kind of writing I did in i love pokémon since that was a heavily praised aspect.

Writing Tips: Keep trying! If you get bad reception from everyone who reviews your fic, try to read other fics and improve! Speaking of reception, you should read the reviewers' reception because they only want to help you improve in your writing skills, for the most part. And always remember, don't use overused quotes don't worry about getting embarassed or anything and try new things! Ironic how I violate(d) everyone of these tips once or twice or even more in my writing here.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I put Hilda into mostly every Plasma fic, it's because I wanted her to have a light relationship with N. Nothing so shippy that anyone that hates FerrisWheelShipping (or any shipping) will turn away instantly. And if you're wondering why I put Hilda into everything with Hilbert in it, it's because I felt like it.

(On that note, Natural Harmonia Gropius is a stupid name)
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