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The Authors' Profiles V.4

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Treecko's Awesomeness

Treecko is claimed!
Name: Treecko's Awesomeness, or TA for short.

Age: Fourteen

Gender: Male

Fiction background: I was bored one day, sat down at my computer, and The Nova Travels (my first fanfic) was born.

Fandoms you write in: At this point, only pokémon, but I may change that someday.

Types Of Writing: I write in adventure and humor, with a little bit of everything sprinkled in. I'm writing a journey fic, and thinking about a sci-fi one, a tragedy, and a sort of adventure/war fic.

Strong Areas: I think my strongest area would have to be humor, although I try to to balance everything out.

Type Of Characters: I can get enjoyment out of writing any kind of character, although I find that awkward characters are the most fun to write.

Completed Stories: Colony 9.0: A sci-fi one-shot about how pokemon first came to earth.

Current Stories: Right now, I'm working on a journey-fic called The Nova Travels:\(credit to Gelatino95 for the userbar). It's basically the story of two teenagers fresh out of trainer's school trying to solve the mystery of why new pokemon keep appearing in the Unova region. At the same time, they have to deal with qualifying for the pokemon league, a bunch of jerks who want them dead, and stupid, stupid hormones. Let's watch, shall we?

Future Stories:

Battle of Trophies: A retelling of the events of the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, as told by a variety of characters.

Becoming Darkness: The story of the unfortunate life Kurayami, the main antagonist of The Nova Travels, From his birth to the point at which The Nova Travels ends, albeit with much space in between.

Screw it:
A comedy story about the kid who didn't get a starter from the professor, didn't stop the evil team, and didn't become the champion because he really didn't give a crap.

Explorers of Idiocy(title pending): The Mystery Dungeon Explorers games retold in comically insane style.

Writing Tips:
1. Don't force anything. The characters will tell you what they would do, so don't write something if it doesn't feel right.

2. Set aside a time for writing. It doesn't matter how much you don't want to write, if you have a routine, you'll get more work done faster, and it'll probably sound better too.

3. Read. If you read the works of other authors, not only will you be inspired, but you might learn something too.
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be creative
I can't believe I haven't done this here. ouo


Twenty. (at some point since I last updated this, I aged. D:)


Fiction background:
Which fanfiction? The fanfiction I write, and like now, or the posturing, little fiction I wrote back when I was 13, and hadn't a clue what I was doing? Roleplaying, initially, spurred my love for Pokemon writing and fanfiction. (oh man, 'Rise of Team Dark', 'The Reawakening', those times were fun..! >u<)

After three years, I began to write more. A lot more..! There is a story I'd link to, but for it's content. The author is Fallacy, on fanfiction.net. She awakened my passion for writing. >u<

Fandoms you write in:
too many. D: Whatever catches my interest! I dislike fandoms based off of books or real people, though. The latter... lets just say I've been linked to some awful things. |D If you look up Fallacy, you can see where my true fandom lies. *u*

Types Of Writing:
Dabbled in poetry a long time ago. x'D (was I ten?) My writing has always centered around drama, but has recently slipped into a romance kick. The supernatural (although not superstitious) also manages to sneak it's way in, and a lot of what I write can be quite dark. I love experimenting, with reactions and emotions, and that has dominated a lot of my writing recently! x'D

Strong Areas:
If you asked me six years ago, I'd have said first person. Currently? I'd say emotional pieces. There's nothing quite like living through what you write. >u<

Type Of Characters:
I don't think I'd be able to write a character that is the complete opposite of me, and my experiences, so I can safely answer what I can't write, more so than the characters I tend to write. Flawed to, arrogant - yet always strong in some way of their own convictions - I don't think I can write a fragile character. Or keep them around too long. >__>

Completed Stories:
newest -> oldest


a dark little tale with a dark ending.
While most are surprised that life isn't as peachy as they expected it to be, some predict their own end with remarkable accuracy.


an experimental two-part short story.
Two prisoners on a train. Not quite human.

a gift-fic for katiekitten, and the first post in serebii for several years.
"I may be many things, Eliza, but I am not a liar."

Current Stories:
newest -> oldest


chapter two complete: defective.

a new fanfiction of twisted time and mistaken love

Future Stories:
newest -> oldest

...my ongoing, secret project: Developments.

Writing Tips:

Never let another opinion hold you back, and keep writing.
Accept criticisms, even if comments can be harsh, but always keep writing.
Practice can only ever benefit.

Enjoy it. <3
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Combak Researcher
Update time
Name: Peters

Age (optional):

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): I began writing because i had a ton of ideas for a plot line for the pokemon anime, so i turned it into a book.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon

Types Of Writing: Adventure, Journey and comedy (If you would call it that)

Strong Areas: Plot line and Climax

Type Of Characters: Weird and annoying ones.

Completed Stories: N/A

Current Stories: The Weirdest Journey

Future Stories: Dunno

Writing Tips (Optional):


Writer's Block
Name: The name is catzeye. However feel free to just call me catz for short.

Age (optional): I'm 17 years old

Gender (optional): I'm a female

Fiction background (optional): I first started reading fanfiction when I was around 13. The first stories I read were on Fanfiction.net. They were in the Prince of Tennis fandom.

Fandoms you write in: I've pretty much only written Pokemon and Prince of Tennis stories.

Types Of Writing: I write humorous/romantic stories for shipping stories and Action/Drama stories for my Original Trainer fanfics.

Strong Areas: My strongest areas are characterizations and plot

Type Of Characters: I like writing about young, diverse characters who are reaching maturity.

Completed Stories: None

Current Stories:

Alexis Palmers is just your average 17 year old girl in the Pokemon world except for one thing; she has never been on a Pokemon Journey. She really wants to prove herself as a capable young lady but her dad won't let her. When she moves to the region of Arcana she discovers that the trainers there use an illegal steroid to boost their Pokemon's performance with sometimes fatal results. Now Alexis must prove herself as she joins the fight to keep the steroid usage from getting any more out of hand than it already is.

Future Stories:

Shimmer- A story about Shiny Pokemon.

Writing Tips (Optional): Don't stress yourself. Take your time. Have fun!
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The Compromise
Name: Katiekitten, astonishingly enough. x3

Age (optional): 19

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): First started writing back in 2005 on a small little pokemon forum - PE2K before finding Serebii, and I remained active here for about two, three years. x33 After that I began to slip away (into ff.net and different fandoms), and finally dropped off the forum all together about two years ago, writing sporadically for live journal roleplays and the like. I stopped writing entirely when my University course started, but a year later came back to it and became nostalgic about this place. x3 Summer holidays for the win~! :3

Fandoms you write in: Haha, Pokemon, Naruto, Hetalia and Inuyasha. :3 Once I finally get around to finishing it up, probably Avatar: the Last Airbender as well. x3

Types Of Writing: Prose, all the way - I can't write poetry for the life of me, and while I've dabbled in script writing, I've never really been interested. x3 On genres: I'm a sucker for romance, although I've always had a tragic flair. <3

Strong Areas: My description, I believe? D: I've been focussing a lot on characterisation recently, though.

Type Of Characters: No particular type, really. x3

Completed Stories: An army - literally - of oneshots spanning through out the years, all on here. None of them are recent enough not to embarrass me, however, with the exception of perhaps one. :x

Current Stories:

The Ember Days

A fantasy-based romance with a Pokemon twist.

It was all for the woman.

Tobias watched, perplexed, as the pup scrambled through the knee-high grass, struggling to maintain his human form, hands trembling as he thrust a path through the field. Faltering a few steps from the river’s edge, the boy collapsed with a yelp, his limbs twitching and jerking as he subsided back into the form of an amber dog, blue flashes of flame claiming his human flesh.

The great beast curled his lips back in distaste as the sour scent of the boy’s pain flooded the breeze, tainting the evening air.

The pup was a fool.

Future Stories: --
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Pain in Rocket side
B]Name:[/B] Morgan, or Flashwave in certain other fictions.

Age (optional): 19

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): Transformers mostly. Theatrical, and I do Model Railroading, which also requires spinning a back story. Dad and I used to improv stories with toys and characters to pss time on long trips.

Fandoms you write in: Transformers, Pokemon (here)

Types Of Writing: prose. Far as genre goes, mostly science fiction, present settings.

Strong Areas: Concepting. By that, I mean what's happening in my head is awesome, it's getting all the bugs out of it when it hits the keyboard I have trouble with.

Type Of Characters: I like the heroes, and am trying to tone them down. While I enjoy yhr uber powered possibilities, I really enjoy the challenges of "So, he's got a big stick. When and why does he use it? and what's the repricutions?"

Completed Stories: N/A

Current Stories: World Turns Which is an ongoing of my OCs, which will weave their ways through various canon in hopes ofd tieing as many strands together as I can. Most of my fictions will land under this header, much the way Chronicles did, so I don't count on this becoming "finished", nor do I plan to see too many other titles appear.

Future Stories:

Writing Tips (Optional): Don't plan yourself out of a story. When I write, I try to narrate the story as the characters tell it to me. This may sound strange, but if you can build a good character, writing for them will be as natural as talking to them. The trick for you, is to capture as much detail from the show you are watching in your head as the audience needs, and to keep them on track. By on track, I mean doing the end-game you want. How they get there is more up to the characters than it is you. If you cannot see that scene happening as an episode of a show, if you cannot imagine it at all happening, it's not a natural scene and you need to revamp it. By that same token, don't let them get too far ahead of yourself, or you'll sell the story short by trying to play catch-up. Planning yourself too far can cause you to get so far ahead you lose the chapter you're trying to write. Snippeting is okay, to a point.

Xander Kaiser

Any cookies up here?
Name: XanderKestu

Age (optional): 16

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): I first started reading Rosario Vampire fanfics on Fanfiction.Net as recomemnded by Tv Tropes. I explored what else Tv Tropes recomended, and ended up finding the Serebii forums from there. I had some ideas, but at first didn't know how to convey them. Fanfics was by best bet.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon for now, but will soon get into The World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts, Zero no Tsukaima, and maybe some Legend of Zelda.

Types Of Writing: I'm a fantasy guy, with a little humor thrown in, with the ocassional poem here and there. Pokefic wise, I do like the trainer genre, just not when it's chock full of Mary Sues.

Strong Areas: Character, character development, details.

Type Of Characters: The one sane guy who in a world of fantasy are susposed to relate to(Tsukune Aono from Rosario Vampire). The stotic when he gets a little goofy(Death the Kid from Soul Eater.)

Completed Stories: Only two one-shots, She Was Late for Pokemon, and It Rests On His Shoulders for Kingdom Hearts.

Current Stories: Looking at my signature helps, but in the case I don't update it, it is now Pokemon Channel, The Short and Honest Version.

Future Stories: Haven't come up with titles yet, but working on a couple of one-shots for Pokemon, and a few songfics for The World Ends With You.

Writing Tips (Optional): Grammar. Spelling. Details. Write whatever, whenever, and however you wish, but please include those three.

My fanfic author enrollment here is solely for Pokemon, preferabley long chapter fics. If you wish to see my other stuff(2 Oneshots), you can check me out on Deviant Art and Fanfiction.Net.


Pokemon Slavedriver
Name: Ihavenot

Age (optional): ...

Gender (optional): ...

Fiction background (optional): ...

Fandoms you write in: Anything that perks my interests, for now Pokemon.

Types Of Writing: honestly, I prefer writing a bit of Adventure, horror etc. Something in a more serious tone.

Strong Areas: Probably the only strong point is my imagination.

Type Of Characters: anything, ranging from happy-go-lucky to insane murderous crackpots.

Completed Stories: none so far

Current Stories: None so far

Future Stories: Title yet to be set in stone, but I have my ideas out.

Writing Tips (Optional): Have fun writing.


Angel of Chaos
Name: chosen_one386

Age (optional): 20

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): First started reading PokeTalk by Thyplogirl here.

Fandoms you write in: Every story has Pokemon as a background/Angels and Demons (not really a fandom, but whatever)/Harry Potter/A million other popular TV shows.

Types Of Writing: Action/Adventure paired with supernatural and fantasy.

Strong Areas: My imagination and ability to put my characters in awesome situations.

Type Of Characters: Main character is always the Chosen One, with a father figure usually in the mix. ALWAYS have a group of people called the Legendary Team who help fight to save the world from the Shadow Forces.

Completed Stories: The Beginning of the War/Legends of the Past/The Powers of Land, Sea, and Sky/The Powers of Time and Space/The Last Battle/Aftermath/Shadow and Light/Angels and Demons

Current Stories: For the Sake of the World, Shadows of Elements, How to Save a Life, Shadow Games, and Aquapolis

Future Stories: Heart and Soul (sequel to Shadows of Elements) and a possible non-Aquapolian Sherlock Holmes fanfiction (sequel)
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Not a tool
Could've sworn I made one of these. Oh well, better get to work.

Name: Gelatino95, sometimes just Gelatino, and Gelo as a nickname.

Age (optional): Sixteen

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): One time when I was an avid Spore player, a dump truck filled to the top with inspiration ran into me. I started writing The Odyssey of Beltuga. I made many chapters of that fic, but then a cargo plane filled with inspiration crashed into me after reading The Adventure of Adventureness by Missingno. Master, and since I wasn't getting much feedback on The Odyssey of Beltuga, I started writing Supernova using a lot of ideas from my fakemon forum, New Gen Pokemon.

Fandoms you write in: Spore and Pokemon, also some original fiction

Types Of Writing: A healthy mix of adventure and comedy. They have to be in perfect harmony in order to make a good fic.

Strong Areas: From a totally subjective viewpoint, I'd have to say character development. I'm careful to make sure that I include plenty of room for characterization.

Type Of Characters: I like to make characters that represent parts of my own personality. Sometimes they're rambunctious and spontaneous, but sometimes they're calm and collected. Sometimes a combination.

Completed Stories: None, yet. I'm fairly new to this writing stuff.

Current Stories: The Odyssey of Beltuga and Supernova.


An underground group of criminals known only as Team Nova are up to something in the Fushi region. A young boy named Kenny is recruited to join the team, but he escapes and is constantly on the run from them. Can he stop Team Nova from completing their dastardly plans while rising against the challenge of the Pokemon League?

Future Stories: I have a one-shot that I have plans for in the future. It's called A Day in the Life and, as the title implies, it outlines a day in the life of a pokemon (specifically Archeops, for no particular reason).

UPDATE: I just got a ton of inspiration for another fic. It involves Gentleman Walter, an NPC in Hoenn in the route next to Lilycove (the guy with the Manectric), and how he is sent on a journey to unlock they mystery of the Regi trio. But his story is rife with danger, deception, and plenty of pokemon battles. I also have an idea for a sequel to that which involves Meloetta, but that's all I'll say about that.

Writing Tips (Optional): Don't make your story solely based on action and adventure. If you're writing a pokemon fic, don't make it so that most of the story is just pokemon battles or something like that. Something actually has to happen in the story, and remember that not all problems have to be solved with a pokemon battle. Also, be sure to leave plenty of room for characters' personalities to build. You may have a good idea of what your character is like in your imagination, but other people may not, so make sure you have a lot of opportunity for characters to act according to their personalities. That's the best way for people to understand your work.

Also, make sure you do a lot of thinking about your story so that you get a good image in your head and get all the framework and such. If you just delve right into it after getting a burst of inspiration, you're likely to miss some key parts. Let your ideas fester and rot inside your head for a while. The longer the better.

Just one more thing: don't be afraid to go back and edit.
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Gamer Extrodinare
Name: Nightfall715 (Preferred Mid)

Age (optional): N/A

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): After reading Dark Raid in this website called pokéfarm not too long ago, I came up with my idea for a fan-fic called Crystal Clear.

Fandoms you write in: Sonic The Hedgehog Series and Pokémon Usually.

Types Of Writing: Preferred Adventure, but sometimes do humor.

Strong Areas: I think I'm pretty good at cliffhangers. (And character development.)

Type Of Characters: Serious, modest, and possibly timid. I prefer to do characters that are serious, not goofy-like ones.

Completed Stories: In another website, this story called Death.

Current Stories: Uno, Dos, Tres

Future Stories: N/A

Writing Tips (Optional): Don't focus your writing in one plot, spread it out to make it good-rounded. If you are struggling, do not be afraid to ask for help.
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Name: My username is CrystalBlush (Duh...) but you can call me CB.

Age: Born on May 29,2001.

Gender: Female.

Fiction background: I started my fan-fiction career because when I started reading Dimensions of Darkness by GalladeRocks, I decided to write my own pokemon story.
I was impressed by my story because I write pretty plain, so I made a serebii account. (no not just to post my story). So basically my career was started by a story.
Very special thanks to GalladeRocks for inspiring me to start fanfiction!

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Non videogame stories and a lot of other stuff.

Types Of Writing: All of it!
I've been known to write in all genres and quite enjoy it.

Strong Areas: Fantasy. I always have some kind of fantasy genre writing but sometimes I just keep it on my pc until I feel like posting it. I am very creative in fantasy writing.

Type Of Characters: Pokemon, video game-ians, and often made-up characters.

Completed Stories: None yet.

Current Stories: Darkrai's Nightmare

Anyway, it starts when the planet was accidentally frozen by an energy released by Jirachi when it awoke. This time around, Mewtwo became jealous of Darkrai because he was a hero for 'saving Alamos town and what-not'. So He wanted to destroy everone except clones. Again. I think he has some anger issues...


Future Stories: I will be writing a story called The Dragon Masters after I finish Darkrai's Nightmare. It's about 2 young teens and how they have to save the dragon realm. They both have a friend; 2 dragons who were abandoned by their parents. The dragons living in the village guard the world, but the planet has shown a strange aura from its core, and there have been rumours of a dark dragon.

Writing Tips: Take others' advice, it could help your story. Who knows, you could make it great all because you listened.
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Weird Person
Name: AudinoGlitch

Age (optional): 18

Gender (optional): Male

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon

Types Of Writing: Adventure and Fantasy

Strong Areas: Depends on the day.

Type Of Characters: Strong and loyal.

Completed Stories: None

Current Stories: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, The Tale of Blitzle

Future Stories: Unknown

Writing Tips (Optional): Take all the constructive criticism that you get, it will help.


Feathered Dino Lover
Name: ga'hoolefan, also known as gahoole, Ga'HooleFan, TheDinoDude, or GHF
Age: 15

Gender: Male

Fiction background:At first, I just made up abstract stories about the lives of dinosaurs for my own amusement. Then, I wrote a story for a writing contest. It got third place. Since then, I've been interested in writing as a serious thing.

Fandoms you write in: Sci-fi and dinosaurs, generally, although I'm currently trying to do a Johto retelling. I'm also doing a quite literal dinosaur space story.
Types Of Writing: Sci-Fi, Pokemon, and Prehistorical Fiction (with dinosaurs)

Strong Areas: My vocabulary, grammar skills, and maybe my knowledge of the things I'm writing.

Type Of Characters: Generally nice people that have something to do with animals or Pokemon (or just a specific dinosaur/animal/Pokemon that I'm focusing on in a story).

Completed Stories: Nigel and the Time Machine, Danger Cave, Steve the Pterodactyl, Tyrant's Forest, Triceratops vs T. rex, A day in the Life of Tyrannosaurus rex, A day in the Life of Velociraptor (none of these are on Serebii quite yet)

Current Stories: Team Raptor (a sci-fi story about dinosaurs flying spaceships), Pokemon GleamingGold and ShiningSilver (a Johto retelling), an unnamed story about aliens, an unnamed story about a scared and confused dinosaur running from a lab, etc.

Future Stories: Jurassic Park: Life and Death(Jurassic park fanfic) (possibly), Pokemon ChaoticBrown Version(trainer fic), The Fourth Wall(a humor story where the fourth wall gets broken continuously) (possibly), The Claw (a story of a dinosaur loose in Yosemite National Park) (possibly) Guardians of Ga'Hoole fic(very unlikely)

Writing Tips (Optional): None really, just take advice from your fans and always use Spell-check for non-Pokemon or dinosaur names. XD Also, never EVER forget to do your research! Whether it's for a Pokemon battle to find out which Pokemon has a higher Speed stat or if it's to find the contemporary species of Turanoceratops, research is extremely important. I simply cannot stress that point enough. If you know lots of interesting and important things about what you're writing, it makes your story so much more awesome.
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Petals and Leaves
Name: Qymaen

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Fiction background: I first got interested in fanfic writing after I wrote a short piece for my English class. Then after a short stint in RPing I decided to try out writing fanfics. I'm currently working on two different ones.

Fandoms you write in: So far Star Wars and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I want to write a fanfic for Criminal Minds as well.

Types Of Writing: I am unsure as I am quite new to writing fanfics.

Strong Areas: Description of events taking place around a character.

Type Of Characters: I am unsure as I am quite new to writing fanfics.

Completed Stories:
Current Stories:

Future Stories:
  • Ultimate Challenge- A fic following the journey of Krigare, a native of Viridian City, through Kanto-Johto. (Pokémon)
  • Warzone- A fic set in a land torn apart by civil war within Equestria. Follows a new, all male, Mane Six. (MLP:FiM)
  • Merchant of Death- A fic following the journey of Darth Aapho as he seeks revenge against both the Jedi and his Sith enemies. (SW:TOR)
  • Unnamed Criminal Minds Fanfic- I dunno yet. (Criminal Minds)

Writing Tips:
  • Never turn away from or ignore criticism, helpful or not.
  • Don't mix dialogue into a paragraph. Separate dialogue and descriptions/actions.
  • If stuck in writers block step away from the story and come back to it later with a clear and focused mind.
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