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The Authors' Profiles V.4

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Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
I'm not very well-known, but here I go.

Name: Moonlight Amaryllis--formally Absol--, often nicknamed Moonlight, Moonsie, or MLA for short, but you are free to call me ShootieGirl as well. I'm AmeNeko on Fanfiction.net (means raincat in Japanese), and on deviantART, the name is DaBloodehDemonKitteh.

Age (optional): 13-25 years old.

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): I at first simply had daydreams of certain scenarios for different things I liked, and I began to write them down. Then I began to turn them into stories. I learned about fanfiction in around 2010, and thus began to write and plan them. I just starting publishing them, hence "not well-known".

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Umineko, Higurashi, Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, and The World Ends With You, thus far.

Types Of Writing: I tend to make emotional conflict and character psyche the focal point of most of my stories. Feelings running raw off the page is something that comes embarrassingly natural to me. Because of that, I don't write a whole lot of happy as the story moves along (although I try and give everyone the happy ending they deserve, once they earn it).

Strong Areas: The aforementioned raw emotions, and battle scenes. I've been told I give a very poetic flair with describing both (too much, actually...)

Type Of Characters: To be honest, I don't write about original characters much in fanfiction. On the other hand, in my fiction, my characters tend to fall under the "cute but mentally distraught" category. I am cursed to write a Dysfunctional Junction wherever I go...

Completed Stories:
Why Me?; Romance, Humour; Pokemon; One-shot. Oshawott learns a thing or two about love from Pikachu. Slightly fluffy.; Oshawott/Mijumaru & Emolga/Emonga; K+

Battered;Romance, Angst; Higurashi: When They Cry; Rena survives her beating from Keiichi, and tries once more to regain his trust; Keiichi M & Rena R.; T

Lost in Hopelessness; Angst, Hurt & Comfort; Hetalia Axis Powers; {HETAONI; SPOILER WARNING} In a past time loop, Italy's mind begins to crack as the final death and the need to turn back the clock once again arrives. The Thing is near, and the broken nation might give up the ghost…if something or someone doesn't stop him first!; N. Italy; T

Green Bird;Angst, Tragedy; Hetalia Axis Powers; The deadly Black Death left chaos in its wake, leaving every country it touched in tatters. This of course, included Italy.; N.Italy; T

Current Stories:
*embarrassed cough* Nothing to see here...

Future Stories: I'm currently working out several oneshots, and I hope to give a chaptered fic a(another) shot one day.

Writing Tips (Optional): Don't back off or get angry when you receive a truckload of critism. Simply shut down your story, restart, and try again. Their points are valid, and probably are all true. Read/listen carefully, and do what you can to fix your mistakes. Also, of you are having trouble, or your stuck, don't hesitate to ask another author/writer. They, if they've written many praised fics before, will certainly be capable of giving advice. Another helpful hint; Plan out your story before writing. It prevents things from getting unrealistic and confusing for you. It's much easier to write a story when you already know what will happen, you know.
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Ninja Bulbasaur

Well-Known Member
Name: Ninja Bulbasaur. You may call me Ninja or NB.

Age: That's my personal business XD.

Gender: Female...

Fandoms I Write In: Mostly Pokemon and Hetalia. But I also write a bit in Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Warriors, and perhaps Soul Eater.

Writing Genre: Crossovers with the fandoms above most of the time. Usually, Supernatural is a genre but I mostly write in Horror or possibly Suspense. But there's some Friendship here and there as well as some Humour. Not much, though.

Strong Areas:I can write those dramatic parts and I try to use words to express emotions of hate, love, grief, and others. I tend to use similes in my writing when it's hard to use imagery. Torment is strength I got from reading Higurashi and Umineko, so I tend to pass these on to my sister. But I use them as well. It's the situation that matters.

Types of Characters: Usually characters that readers can relate to without thinking that character is a bad one. An example of a handful are either happy, independent, narcissistic, sarcastic, independent or depressing. I draw a lot from my friends and my family to perfect these.

Completed Stories:

Is It a Monster?: Hetalis Axis Powers Human AU. Arthur is trying to fall asleep when Alfred tells him he can't because of the storm outside. Contains slight USUK and Child!Alfred. Contains major fluff.

Final Destination:A HetaOni doomed timeloop. Italy begins to panic after realizing an error he made in his ruse, just in time for the monster to slowly close in on him in his shaken state. Contains GerIta, character death, blood, and drama.

Current Stories: Nope.

Future Stories: Preparing two Pokémon oneshots and a Hetalia/Higurashi multichaptered fic.

Tips: Okay, here's a dollar (*laughs*JK). Receiving critism that is heavy is actually a good thing in some cases. These reviews will help improve your story and characters, and could help you in the future for a writing career. And suggestively, when your describing an object or scene, try and include enough detail but not too much that its "flowery". And if your killing off a character, try and make them stay for a whole chapter at least so your readers can actually feel something when they die (like for Kanon; he got owned in the end of the third volume of Umineko and EVERYBODY was sad). Try and practice and when you feel a chapter isn't up to your standards, feel free to edit or rewrite it. Also, reread your work. Are you drawed in, or are you bored out of your mind?
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not bad
Name: Zibdas

Age (optional): Young.

Gender (optional): Male.

Fiction background (optional):

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. I have attempted to write for Cave Story, Portal, and Pikmin in the past, but they never worked out.

Types Of Writing: I don't know... COmedy, Adventure, Heroism, I guess.

Strong Areas: English, Typing, being random

Type Of Characters: Insane, the occasional sane, most of them are alive, etc.

Completed Stories: None yet.

Current Stories: Zub: The Adventures of Stuff

Future Stories: I'm hoping to one day finish my other Pokemon fic that I started, as well as writing a real Pikmin fic. I also have several ideas circulating through my head that I'm contemplating whether they should go in my current fic or should be recycled for a future one.

Writing Tips (Optional): Given that I'm inexperianced myself, I'm not sure that any advice I can give would be... well, good.


Emerald Mew
Name: My username is Ememew, short for Emerald Mew.

Age (optional): 24.

Gender (optional): Female

Fiction background (optional): I’ve written original and fan fiction since I was a kid. They were probably about the quality you’d expect from a kid (the first I really remember is a rip-off of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit starring cute spider people . . . yeah, never finished that one).

The first Pokémon story I wrote (back when I didn’t know it was called “fan fiction”) was basically an idea for a Pokémon game I had. I made a full region (before I knew the regions were supposed to be based on real locations), a regional ‘Dex of about 195 original species, and the main antagonist turning out to be a cynical Legendary Pokémon who wanted to make humans and Pokémon equal by turning all the humans into Pokémon through the regional team’s genetic experiments. I tried to make my main character seem super smart by coming up with convoluted plans to beat the regional team’s main Jessie and James inspired duo when they were causing trouble in the town-of-the-day. The thing is that on some level, even I knew that these super “smart” plans were so over the top and unnecessary that I usually interrupted them with another character coming in and just beating up the bad guys first, leaving my main character as just a witness to the events. Oh, and did I mention she could inexplicably talk to Pokémon starting around chapter 7?

Thank goodness I didn’t know fan fiction could be posted on the Internet back then.

The first fanfic I wrote knowing it was called a fanfic was . . . a Twilight story.

Don’t look at me like that. It was for a Gender Theory class. My main goal in writing the story was “make Bella less annoying” and it turned into her discovering that she’s the descendent of vampire hunters and an uncomfortable moment when she and Edward realize that in a matter of seconds she has gone from being his natural prey to his natural predator. How this change in the power dynamic changes their future interactions is left to the readers’ imagination, but the implication is that it doesn’t end well (of course, nothing in that series began well, either). Then I had to review my own fiction – referring to the author in third person as though I was reading someone else’s work – and point out the high points and flaws in it while applying one of the “lenses” we’d studied in class to the story. That part was weirdly enjoyable.

The assignment also made me a bit more confident in my fiction writing and inspired me to write in fandoms I actually enjoyed. I also write some original stories, mostly written in graphic novel form, and a few flash fictions (For those who don’t know, a flash fiction is a fictional story written in 1000 words or less), though only the latter have ever graced the Internet.

Fandoms you write in: For the longest time, Pokémon was the only story/franchise that ever compelled me to write in another person’s universe. I’ve brainstormed ideas for other stories with my sister from different fandoms (like X-Men: Evolution, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and others), but in the end she’s the one who makes the final decisions on and writes those. I’ve really only felt compelled to write original fics or within the Pokémon fandom . . . until I started working on a Deathnote/Pokémon crossover.

Types Of Writing: I tend to focus more on fantasy/adventure settings and plots, as well as a bit of sci-fi. I have done a slice of life or two. I’d like to write mystery, but am not currently sure about my ability to write red herrings and the like well. My graphic novels are drawn in manga-style.

Strong Areas: My English teachers have often told me that my writing style and grammar are my strong suits. I also like to think I have a good imagination and that I am good at keeping the rules and limitations of the worlds I write in consistent.

Type Of Characters: I noticed that I often write about shy characters, so I have begun trying to work more confident characters into my work. When writing Pokémon, I tend to stick to the games as a base.

Completed Stories: Weak. In a one-shot set during Black and White while the player character is making her way to the League, Iris takes Bianca aside and tries to help her become stronger. Unfortunately, the two seem to be talking past one another. Can Iris convince Bianca that she can’t avoid her problems?

Mischief. A one-shot about the Ghosts of Lavender Tower after their home has been converted into Kanto's radio tower. What will they try to do to get their home back?

Current Stories: None posted at the moment.

Future Stories:

Dark Aura. This is a sequel to Pokémon Coliseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness set in a different region that the rest of the Cipher organization is based in. Enter Kyle, a trainer who has been sent to Kayno in order to defeat Cipher once more, and Ever, a boy from Sandstone Town who has reasons of his own for wanting to fight Cipher. As the two travel together, Ever discovers that Kyle has a few tricks up his sleeves, and more than a few secrets . . .

[Currently untitled]. Remember the mention of a Deathnote/Pokémon crossover from earlier? Yeah, that’s in the works and might even be posted if I figure out how to make the first chapter not make me want to facepalm when I reread it a month later. That’s as much of a sneak peak as I have for now.

[I hate coming up with titles]. A story set in Sinnoh before the landmass was united into a single region. Before the days of Pokéballs and modern training journeys, people would prove themselves by befriending a wild Pokémon as their partner in a coming of age rite. Unfortunately the newest youngster to leave Snowpoint has not returned . . .

[Title?]. A alternate future in which Team Plasma won and now rules the Unova region. In order to be allowed to train Pokémon, [main character] hopes to be accepted into the ranks of Team Plasma – the only people deemed worthy of fighting alongside the creatures. But once she joins the Team, she begins to truly understand that what they are really interested in is not the betterment of Pokémons’ lives, but their own power.

[Seriously, I need titles?]. Inspired by the series Baccano! and its style of interconnecting stories about multiple “main” characters, normal and legendary Pokémon alike have their turns at taking center stage. Set (for the most part) in a world of Pokémon without humans in it, a seemingly ordinary occurrence and the reaction to it set off a series of events that may change the future of the Pokémon World and Shared World alike.

Writing Tips (Optional):Let the story sit for a while before deciding you’re done with it. Write it and wait a day or so before you go to edit it. Rereading with fresh eyes can help you catch errors you might overlook if you just skim over it again right away.

Don’t be afraid of completely rewriting something if it isn’t working. I know your first idea will feel like your best idea, but this is rarely true. Sometimes it takes multiple rewrites to get a story to work right. This can include dropping problematic points or tackling an issue in a different way.

If you’re bored enough, try reviewing your own work in the third person like I did for that school assignment I mentioned earlier. The tricky part is that you have to find good and bad points in your own work. It feels fairly weird to review your own work as an outsider, but it can help you catch flaws before you offer the story up to other readers. Again, this is something I only recommend doing if you’re bored enough, because it eats up more time than you might think.
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jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
Name: jireh the provider (nicknameed as Jireh)

Age: 18 yrs old (freshman college)

Gender: Male

Fiction background: As to how I really began writing fanfics, All of it started from video games that I remember greatly. Legend of Legaia, Harvest Moon, Legend of Zelda, Madworld, Rogue Galaxy, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Fandoms you write in: Just in the Pokemon base. but I did try one with Madworld

Types Of Writing: I'm more of a hurt and comfort and biography (writes stories from personal experiences) type of writer. But I love mingling with Identity Quests, Family, Romance and Friendship. But I'm ok using some dark themes like angst, death, and oppression. In general, I realm the best with PMD fics and Pokemon centered stories. I'm not a fan of human heroes in Pokemon Fanfics.

Strong Areas: I'm more of a mixed typed of writer. Sometimes third person limited but More for 1st person POV (tell that to Zelda and Pikachu)

Type Of Characters: I'm more interested with characters who had to face and overcome the standards of society and build one's character.

Completed Stories:

"My writer pal once burned my books. Only for her to love writing and reading like me." -Author Colas
"I want to become the house of terror but it just gets too redundant. His writing passion gave me another view of the world." - Chandelure
A one-shot story about accepting differences and embracing them.

Current Stories:

Original Story:

Genre: Family, Hurt and Comfort, Adventure, Mystery,

Summary: Welcome to Vitandes. A world populated by being called Tivanes. Beings that were believed to be the unexpected evolution form human beings who were unwanted and mistreated. Unlike the millions and trillions that lived on planet earth, these Tivanians never knew what a human was, nothing more than a rumor. Tivanians are beings that are free from the corrupted human beings of human life, society, and governance. It won't take long when a tivanian child bears a human soul was born. With a human father searching for his missing child, a philosophical destiny from Feli, and a looming gloom of corrupted greed, one family was called by Feli to heed them their destiny.

As for this story, this one story will also be my very first story that I will turn to a video game series of its own (I am a student in Animation and Video Game Development). This is inspired by real life experiences, Philippines, American, and Japanese cultures, and the following Video Games:

-Pokemon Main Series
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series
-The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
-The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks
-Harvest Moon Back to Nature
-Legend of Legaia
-Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
-Assassins Creed Series
-Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and Radiant Dawn
-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Pokemon Series:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Nomad Seekers

Genre: Family, Adventure, Mystery, Friendship,

Summary: A tale of one Family living on the mountains of Nomalia and ventures the world with their very unlikely child. A Jirachi. Behind the young family's peaceful scene lies a shadow seeking Jirachi's hidden enigma.

Author's note: This story is in general the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon of my original story series, Feli Chronicles. To be honest, every important character in Feli Chronicles reflects a certain Pokemon.

Valiant Emblem

Genre: Crime, Tragedy, Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Summary: An angst/tragedy fic of recognizing one's ignorance of one achievements. Follow Motto as one Butterfree changed the way he fears bug type pokemon. At the cost of his own friends.

Author's note: I think this is currently my Darkest Pokemon Centered fic.

Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Bloodlust?

Summary: Jirachi normally would have forgotten about every pokemon and human that she befriended. but one particular human gave her a glimpse of what happened to those who loved her to the point of having her as their mate. Will she be able to recover from her hidden dilemma? One man may be able to help her. but will be be able to win her heart as his future mate?

Warning though. This Jirachi DRINKS blood.

Future Stories:


Black Scizor (A Madworld, The Godfather, and Pokemon Crossover)

Genre: Crime, Mafia, lots of bloodshed, Family, Tragedy, Business

Writing Tips (Optional): Use your joys and sufferings in life to write your stories. I did just the same thing with my Feli Chronicles.View attachment 6676
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Read My Fanfiction!
Name: Spiral Breeze

Age (optional): Too old for Pokémon, but who gives a damn.

Gender (optional): Female (I don't know why people keep thinking I'm a dude.)

Fiction background (optional): I began writing Pokémon fanfiction way back in the day when my mother told me to grow up and stop with the Pokémon crap. Not liking the fact that Ash was still ten, I needed him to grow up, so I started taking my beloved children's show characters and putting them in rather adult situations.

Fandoms you write in: Pokémon, and I've dabbled in Harry Potter, albeit unsuccessfully (I don't think people appreciated the fact that I wrote about Harry having PTSD.

Types Of Writing: I write very adult type stories dealing with the taboo. Since writing for the official Pokémon forums, I've had to tame my writing quite a bit, which is actually proving to be a challenge since I can't even say hell. But that's ok, cause it forces me to come up with stories that kids can read and enjoy.

Strong Areas: I like to think that I have an excellent way of making something grotesque sound beautiful.

Type Of Characters: I switch them up, I can write an angry hell bent on destroying the world Ash, or the lover of Gary Ash, who is calm and not quite girly, but just sort of laid back.

Completed Stories: I have completed stories on fanfiction.net under SpiralBreeze. My most popular was It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Way, which is an Ash Misty and Tracey story, where Misty is unbeknownst to Ash pregnant with his baby, and she is cheating on him (sometimes right under his nose with Tracey, who every one thinks is gay, because he's only ever had one girlfriend and a slew of non serious male "companions". My next most popular is The Researcher's Apprentice. And man does that story have a tale to tell. It began as a challenge on Pokémontcg.com, where I had to make it EXTRA squeaky clean to get by the mods. So, the mods never said ANYTHING about it. I even got away with Ash and Gary kissing. Then there is the R rated one on ff.net, where they can drink beer, and pet eachother, and curse. THEN, there is the all out smut on aff.net, because I just couldn't help myself.

Current Stories: Night in Strange House, it's the only story I'm working on now, even though I have people begging for a story called It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Way. It got banned from ff.net, and I haven't had a chance to edit it. Not only is it sexually explicit, but there is just so much going on betrayal, and cheating, and one person even yelled at me saying that I shouldn't have written about cheating because cheating destroyed her family and it's not ok. And? Don't like it, there is such a thing as the back button. Don't read anymore. Anyway, Night in Strange House is my return to true Ash and Misty romance novel writing, since I've messed those two up for two long now, there will probably be three versions of that by the time I'm finished as well.

Future Stories: Croconaw Monsieur which is a twist on a good old brothel tale, mixed with the movie "The Freshman", oh yeah and the Striaton brothers are involved with each other. I have many more, but unfortunately, my Mac is with my sister who is in grad school, I'm on my old iBook, which doesn't have my newer stories saved on it, there for I can't update on aff.net or ff.net.

Writing Tips (Optional): Proof read. Always, also read. I'm not just talking fanfiction here, I mean the classics. Time honored good old fashioned Brit Lit. I'm not kidding. There is a reason that the first fanfiction was of Sherlock Holmes. Great story telling point blank. Look at Rowling, she ain't no Homer, but she penned a great story. I think that's what keeps people coming back it's not necessarily how it's written, but WHAT's written. Except in my case, where I think people just want to read smut... but I'll get over that, one day.


Previously Iota
Dan, or Daniel Whale (obviously, also Iota)

Age (optional):

Gender (optional):

Fiction background (optional):
I've always been interested in creative writing, and I still have things I started writing from back when I was like seven.

Fandoms you write in:
Generally Pokemon, but I have also written for Final Fantasy, as well as having Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Mortal Kombat, Dynasty Warriors, Monster Rancher and a boatload of other fandoms I've written for.

Types Of Writing:
I'm definitely a fantasy kind of guy. The real-life novel I'm writing at the moment as heavily fantasy-based. When it comes to Pokemon, I pretty much always do OT fic's.

Strong Areas:
I'd like to say my description, but I think the readers would really need to determine that. As for a weak point, it would be romance! I suck at romance!

Type Of Characters:
I love writing all kinds of characters, but I guess it usually involves a head-strong main character along with at least one outspoken/comic relief guy.

Completed Stories:
None :( I've always stopped partway in. I think the furthest I got was Totally Sinnoh, which I think got to like...17 Chapters or something.

Current Stories:
None anymore :(

Future Stories:
Hopefully at some point, I'll bring something else on here, but as I said I'm concentrating on my real-life writing right now.

Writing Tips (Optional):
I'd honestly just say make sure you have fun with it, to make sure you want to always continue with it. Don't plan too far ahead, because that has stopped me a LOT before.


Name: SceptileFan; My real name is Michael

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Fiction background: I always have crazy fanfic ideas running through my head. I have ever since I got into Pokemon. I got into writing in middle school where I wrote a series about an electric superhero named Shockboy. Then I began to (and still) write about another superhero Mutant Mike. I tried starting a few fics a little while back, but none ever really panned out. Now that I'm a senior and things have slowed down, I have more time to do things like write fanfiction.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon. And some original stories that aren't on here (mainly Mutant Mike).

Types Of Writing: Most (if not all) of my stories are action stories with comedy and a bit of romance thrown in. Those are my favorite types of movies and shows, so therefore they're my favorite types of stories.

Strong Areas: Dialogue. I'm very good at that.

Type Of Characters: Confident ones. Low self-confidence has always been something that bothers me, and I don't like writing about characters that bother me. I also enjoy clever and witty characters too, because those are the types of people I like.

Completed Stories: Mutant Mike is a series, so there's multiple episodes completed, but since those aren't on here they don't really count.

Current Stories: "Stopping the Apocalypse" Tyler, a sixteen-year-old trainer, has returned to his home in Pacifidlog Town after four years of travelling the world, competing in League tournaments, and finally winning the Unova League. However, after his friends and he explore a mysterious, undersea chamber with a struggling archaeologist who asked Tyler for help, some ancient and seemingly-invicible Pokemon awake and begin wreaking havoc across the region. And Tyler is the only one who can stop them.

Future Stories: After I finish "Stopping the Apocalypse" I want to continue to write about Tyler's adventures. I really like his character and I want to continue to develop the relationships introduced in Stopping. Maybe a one-shot or short story series?

Writing Tips: Never stop writing. Even if you write something and hate it, just write it again. You'll improve if you stick with it.

Shadow Lucario 50

Shadow Pokemon
Author's Profile by Shadow Lucario

Name: Shadow Lucario

Age (optional): 18

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): Creepypasta

Fandoms you write in: Pokémon

Types Of Writing: Adventurous, PMD

Strong Areas: Character Development

Type Of Characters: Extremely Random Characters

Completed Stories: Pokemon Hearts, Princess Cadence's Big Day, If the Dress Fits

Stories that were Lost/Not Long/Completely Terrible: Doomed Forever, Nidoking's Revenge, Wings to Scootaloo's Scooter

I don't blame myself for having so many bad stories. It's only until now that I have finally gotten better.​

Current Stories: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Domination and Liberation

Future Stories: None

Writing Tips (Optional): Time to put a bunch of quotes from me!

"There will always be room to improve. Never stop improving!"

"When in doubt, always go to other writers. They might help! ... Or... Not... Might want to go to other writers if they aren't helping... Heh..."

"What's in the pond? Is it just water? Or are there fish, underwater grass, rocks, dirt, moss, and blood of a certain [character] that was just pounded into the water, mixing in with the water?"

"There is justice, and there is mercy. Justice is taking action upon the wrong-doer, doing the same wrong-doing to the wrong-doer. Mercy allows someone else take the justice being placed upon you, or having it held back ... How does this relate to writing? Well, you either have characters that have done wrong suffer, or you allow them to continue until a certain time the mercy will be no more for them, having the sufferer of their wrong-doing coming back for them."

"Have no fear while writing. Just write what you want to, and don't allow people to sway you from your original design."

"Be open to constructive criticism. Allow yourself to take some advice, while you take other into consideration. And remember, 'you stink' isn't constructive criticism."

"You have a choice. Either make a story that will be remembered through the ages or make a story that won't even be remembered five minutes after reading."

"Think about how you would react if you were the character. If you were asked out by the person you love a lot, would you freak out and say yes? Or would you say no and run off quickly? Or would you think about it to sort your feelings? Always think about the character and their reactions."​

Well, that's all I'm writing tonight. Maybe I'll edit this post and add more later.

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Updated for the first time in nearly two years. Thanks for reminding me Breezy.


I'll do my Lilliest

Name: PPL, PiPa or Poppy... PPLyra too :3

Age: 4.7 + 2.6 + 7.4 + 5.3 + 1.0 = My age.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Slayers and my own fanmade FanFic: La La Land (Named after Demi Lovato's song). Also starting to do Resident Evil Frozen now.

Types Of Writing: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Action and Friendship... Dark as well.

Strong Areas: Thinking up ideas, so probably finishing a Fic is my weak point XD

Type Of Characters: Probably my favorite ones in the show. Pokemon is quite complicated to write about since there's a million characters in the show. In Slayers, it's pretty damn easy since there's only a few. Resident Evil... Hm, its in the middle coz I just started to write about it, but they're AU since Rachel isn't alive anymore. Now focusing on Frozen c: Also finishing up Re Fics along.



Drabble: Everything will be all-knight (Amelia/Nama)
Drabble: Knightfall (Amelia/Nama)
Drabble: Love Story (Xellos/Amelia)
Drabble: Priceless Princess (Amelia/Lina)
Drabble: Silly Boob (Amelia/Lina)
Drabble: Stalker (Xellos/Filia)
Drabble: You Boob! (Amelia/Lina)
One-Shot: A Princess' Protection (Amelia/Lina)
One-Shot: Boundaries (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: Dare (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: Don't Bother (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: Forsaken Feelings (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: Keep it Dark (Xellos/Filia) *
One-Shot: No More Secrecy (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: Princess-Sitting (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: Sluggin' It Out! (Amelia/Lina) *
One-Shot: The Princess' Presence (Amelia/Lina) *
Three-Shot: In Another Life (Amelia/Lina) *
Three-Shot: Never-ending Lust (Amelia/Lina) *​

Two-Shot: Ill-usions (Amelia/Lyra) *​

Resident Evil: Revelations:

Drabble: Chuckle-late (Elsa/Anna)

Fanmade FanFic:
Multi-Chapter: La La Land *​

Dared Drabbles:

Resident Evil:
One-Shot: Be Your Valentine (Jill/Rachel)
One-Shot: Bittersweet Courage (Ada/Carla)
One-Shot: Bittersweet Fears: Rachel's Revelation (Jill/Rachel)​

Fanmade FanFic:
Multi-Chapter: La La Land: Prismatic PiPa​
Writing Tips: Inspiration is everywhere, especially from yer dreams. So have a pencil and book with ye all the time xD or an iPhone like me. Also listen to music, that matches with the story ye write - it's helpful and don't get distracted. Concentrate. I tend to write backwards - I start at the end and finish on the beginning XD nya~

I have FanFic.net account: PPLyra.

* means they're properly edited.
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hello, im back sorta
Name: Chapter; Chapter of Charizard

Age (optional):

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional):

Fandoms you write in: Currently Pokemon only. Hoping to write a Legend of Zelda one soon. Possibly other Pokemon stories too.

Types Of Writing:

Strong Areas: Creativity, Imagination, Possibilities; Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary

Type Of Characters: Smart, Creative, Clever, Tempered, Calm, Quiet, Silly, Hasty, and more. Mostly first three.

Completed Stories: None yet.

Current Stories: Across the World, And Back Again

Future Stories: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Based, Pokemon stories.

Writing Tips (Optional): I like to revise what I work on. Edit the things that don't make sense, or look up replacements for poor words.

~Demon Maxwell~

The Clever Girl
Name: Jesspikapal - call me Jess. That's my name. :)

Age (optional): 15

Gender (optional): Female Biologically anyways~ xP

Fiction background (optional): I have been writing stories since the age of four, believe it or not. Obviously not the standard nowadays though! My teacher described me as having a "Strange fascination for the world of language." And that my capabilities were "Second to none." - Of course, I don't know if this is true or not, but I don't write because of this, just because I love it. It helps me get out of my head for a while and be in my own little bubble. Plus, I've always been into books and reading too, which has helped me to dream about writing one of my own (or even more) from quite a young age. I've also been messing around with a fictional character called Platy-Fox.

Fandoms you write in: Nowadays, it is my own original work I specify in (I always have mind you), but I write for Pokemon (Wishfulshipping and my own made-up shipping, Strawberryshipping - Chili/Ruby(OC).). I USED TO write for iCarly, Pirates of the Caribbean, even Penguins of Madagascar at one point... yeah, I went there. What a dark, dark place that was. But it was fun, and I regret nothing in the end. Phineas and Ferb also.

Types Of Writing: Romance! It's my main genre and always has been! Even when I was little, I would have Platy-Fox rescue the Bunny-Pus and they would live happily ever after, and blah blah blah. I also write Friendship, Adventure, Fantasy (DEFINITELY!), and, to some extent, Angsty type stuff.

Strong Areas: Creativity, Imagination, Vocabulary and Description. I say these because I've been told many a time by my reviewers on Fanfiction.Net... so yeah, it isn't really my input here. As for personal input, I'd definitely say the ability to make something out of nothing, since I do things called "100 Themes Challenges" and they often give me difficult-to-work-with topics, but I always manage.

Type Of Characters: Oh, I have all sorts! Here's a few bios of just SOME of my OC's. Here:

Name: Alice Little
Age: 10
Personality: Small, sweet, unintentionally outspoken. Determined when she is thrown into a difficult situation.
Likes: Sweets, rabbits, lava lamps and ribbons.
Dislikes: Bullies, the colour red, wet towels and sharp card.

Name: Ruby Cooper (I still use this girl frequently today - she is the Ruby in Strawberryshipping)
Age: 15/16, depends on the story I'm writing.
Personality: Mean, sarcastic, outspoken and stubborn. However, is sensitive, and a lot smarter than she lets on.
Likes: Music, Playing Guitar, People Playing With Her Hair and Scented Pens. Pineapple too!
Dislikes: The colour Pink, Dresses, Girls who think they're "All That", being accused of liking Chili (though she does).

Name: Robyn Parker *NOTE*: She is a human/fox type deal.
Age: 23
Personality: Happy, Outgoing, Loud and Reckless. Loves to have fun, but doesn't like people joking about her, even friendly jokes.
Likes: Correcting people when they're obviously wrong, drawing, studying and Literature. Books also.
Dislikes: People joking about her, open spaces, when people are laughing and she doesn't know what about, hair ties.

They're just three of the many! If I listed them ALL, you'd be here all year! XD

Completed Stories: Well, I have a couple of completed challenges on FFN. A Century's Worth of Memories, Flirtatious Tendancies, The Words That Fit, Simply Seddie, and a few more.

Current Stories: The Locket, but by God, I haven't updated this in God knows how long! People have been complaining about it too... but I just don't have the motivation to do it, despite having endless comments on it. >.<
I also have one I'm working on in my book that I'm calling: "And That's How It Happened...", which describes the tale of my childhood hero, Platy-Fox, how he came to be, what his motives are, how he got the job of being a hero and a lot more.

Future Stories: I recently (just yesterday actually) played a game called Limbo and completed it. The creepy, eerie setting persuaded me to write something about a little boy being trapped in an endless forest too - similar to the game, there are various tasks to complete in order to avoid death and such, but there will be twists, turns and differing characters too.

Writing Tips (Optional): Anybody wants to feed back, sure! I've been told to watch my sentence length a little sometimes... I never really pay attention to how long they are and sometimes people get a little lost. But I'm working on it!

Also, in the famous words of Dr. Suess: "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter." <-- I LIVE by this, and if somebody is judging how you write, then you definitely should too! Pay them no heed if the critism is needless and just there to be troublesome; that's how the best people come about.

That's all from me then!


The Teller

King of Half-Truths
Name: The Teller
Why?: Because I tell things. Stories, mostly.
Age: Definitely not a wet-behind-the-ears high schooler. I'd put myself somewhere in the 20s.
Gender: Masculine. What? You didn't ask for my sex.
Fiction Background: This is my first time writing fanfiction "fo' reelz." It's mostly to prove to myself that I can write fanfiction.
Fandoms You Write In: P-O-K-E-M-O-N (Party!)
Types of Writing: Outside of Pokemon, I write mostly slice-of-life stories (happy ending not guaranteed). Inside of Pokemon, I write journey/original trainer, with a tad more emphasis on the humans than the Pokemon, with shoutouts and references to the Pokemon anime, Special manga, main games, side games, and meta stuff you only find on the internet, with special rules that only apply to my in-universe.
Strong Areas: I've been told I write natural dialogue conversations well and can write pillow talks like nobody's business.
Type of Characters: Human. That is, someone with many strengths and weaknesses, faults and worthy attributes. Typically around the upper teens or lower 20s. I almost NEVER give out physical descriptions of my characters, leaving it up to the viewers to imagine them how they want.
Current Stories: Happenings Between Goals (link in sig).
Writing Tips: My magnum opus had an unsympathetic main character who didn't really grow up and learn to become a paragon to society in a matter of days or months (it's implied he never really sheds his cynicism). Guess what? That happens in real life. Just because something isn't a pleasant truth, doesn't mean you're forbidden to write about it. Here's another thing: be interactive with your readers. How? What I did was open a Q&A where readers could directly ask my characters questions about anything, and the characters would respond to the readers (really just me responding in-character). Readers loved that.


Gone But Not Forgotten
Name: marioluigifan05
Age: 16-ish (ha)
Gender: ...Male
Fiction Background: I really don't write much, really only just to get an idea outta my head, or when inspired by someone.
Fandoms: Pokemon, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros.
Types of Writing: Adventure and MSTs
Strong: Grammar, Ideas
Character Types: Those that are not one dimensional, and not cliched.
Current Stories: Back to Basics, The Eye Sores of the Pokemon World (if that counts)


Staff member
Name: xEryChan but you can call me Ery for short.

Age (optional): I'm in 20's, that's all you need to know.

Gender (optional):I'm a girl.

Fiction background (optional): I started writing when I was in school. I was in high school at the time. I have not been able to stop ever since then. I love writing.

Fandoms you write in: Pokemon, Big Time Rush, and High School Musical are my main ones.

Types Of Writing: I write all kinds. Romance/Angst/Adventure/etc

Strong Areas:

Type Of Characters: It varies. I have all different kinds of characters,

Completed Stories:

Some Drabbles I wrote

One Shots

Big Time Rush

One Shots

Current/Future Stories:
Current Stories


Big Time Rush

Future Stories​


  • One Shot: Invisible (Ash/Dawn)
  • One Shot: Worldwide (Ash/Dawn)
  • One Shot: Snowed In (Hugh/Nate)
  • One Shot: [Untitled] (Nate/Yancy)
  • One Shot: [Untitled] (Nate/Yancy)
  • Two Shot: Vulnerable (Ash/Dawn)

Big Time Rush

  • Multi-chaptered: Beyond Broken (Kenjo, & Lamille)
  • Multi-chaptered: Innocent Bloodshed (Kenjo & Lamille)
  • Multi-chaptered: [Untitled] (Kenjo, Lamille, CarlosxOC, JamesxOC)

Writing Tips (Optional): Have fun with writing, inspiration is everything when it comes to fanfiction.

That's all I can really give.


Blazing Flowers
Name: Quilava42(lavaquil in other terms)

Age (optional): Not too young, but not that old.

Gender (optional): Male

Fiction background (optional): I started in fifth grade. Like we used to have writing assignments and I wrote though. Then we had those in sixth grade which made me want to write more, then in seventh grade I was inspired by a one-shot, which made me write my first story in DeviantART. Some found it sad, although it's weak. I wrote more, and I realized that I have potential. So I wanted to write. I'm known as a writer in my classes, though most of my classmates never read it because of the "fandom" that I write about. Then I saw a person do a Flipnote series which made me want to write my original story, but when I wrote the latest one on another forums website, I get ripped off for it. But still I write.

Fandoms you write in: Mainly Pokemon, and a bit of Final Fantasy.

Types Of Writing: Adventure. I tried comedy but it comes off stupid.

Strong Areas: I don't know. Maybe plot?

Type Of Characters: About excited ones.

Completed Stories: Check "Completed Stories" in the FF section.

Current Stories: I'm rewriting a story. I put one story on hold but I might rewrite it.

Future Stories: I have no plans for one.

Writing Tips (Optional): Write for yourself, not for viewer's sake. Try your best.
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